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tv   America Reports With John Roberts Sandra Smith  FOX News  July 1, 2021 10:00am-12:00pm PDT

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>> emily at harris and i are still on the couch debating the royals. have a wonderful fourth of july. harris and emily, i will see you tomorrow. but for now, here is "america reports." >> john: and thank you so much. in america's system appears to be on full display as many wonder why britney spears is still under a conservatorship while bill cosby is freed from prison because of a technicality. we will do a deep dive into both cases on this busy afternoon on "america reports." >> bruce castor is the former montgomery county pennsylvania dea and he offered cosby an initial deal. he's going to join us to respond to the critics saying he is the reason that the convicted has been set free. also miranda devine, ari
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fleischer, and mark brenner. >> john: it would begin with i got punch to families of those still missing is the search for survivors in florida comes to a sudden stop. the big fear now is that the rest of the building could come down. a major setback as president biden arrives surfside to meet with victims families. hello, this is "america reports" and it would got a busy afternoon for you. i'm john roberts on welcome back, hope you're feeling better. >> i'm gillian turner come in for sandra smith. president biden met with the members of the families of the grieving and surfside, it's been more than a week since a building collapse that shocked the nation. as of this hour, 18 people are confirmed dead and 145 people still missing amidst the rubble and at least for now the search mission is on hold temporarily due to those safety concerns that john just mentioned. >> john: this as the water is
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pouring out of the condo's parking garage ceiling just moments before the whole thing came down. fox news correspondent phil keating is live on the ground and surfside, florida. that was a very -- i guess you could say, late early warning sign. >> absolutely. at the president and first lady arriving here on the worst day of this massive search for survivors and it has stopped, it's not happening right now. there's nobody on the pile of rubble and it's all because of that brown tower that you see behind me. that is the half of the condo tower that plummeted down to the ground, but did not fall. engineers and fire and rescue have been worried about it all week long, thinking it could also fall down. overnight they decided the danger is just too great. >> 6-12 inches of movement and a large column hanging from the structure that could fall and cause damage to the support columns in the sub terrain
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garage area. >> if the president and first lady received a command briefing up the street this morning. they also met with first responders, search and rescue teams and also consoling as best they could do family members of those 145 residents who remain unaccounted. the president also pledged to tap into federal funds to pay for the first 30 days of this catastrophe. >> president biden: we understand, what you're doing is hard. i just want to say thank you. thank you, thank you. >> 18 now confirmed dead and to discover yesterday were assister's, a 10-year-old and a 4-year-old. their parents also died in the collapse of the building. more search and rescue teams are coming from ohio, indiana,
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pennsylvania and new jersey. more boots on the ground as tropical storm else i could hit south florida next week. that's exactly one week to the day since half of the building pancakes to the ground. the federal structural investigation is also now underway launching yesterday, it's a rare investigation nationwide but the same team to the same thing after 9/11. john? >> john: phil keating on the ground and surfside. >> gillian: the supreme court -- the first is a major victory for conservative profit with the high court room. the state of california can compel mother of the groups major donors. the second ruling on arizona's voting law prevents about harvesting. these decisions come amid swirling questions over whether justice stephen breyer is planning to step down eminently
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opening of course the supreme court and see that president biden would then fill. mark brenda fitch is standing by in just a moment but first we go to chief legal correspondent and anchor of fox news at night shannon bream. hi, shannon. >> 26-3 decisions today caught along ideological lines. it brought together an interesting collection of growth from the left and the right ball fighting that california law that would have required charitable organizations and many of these political groups to turn over the name of their biggest donors. so the court is saying no to that. chief justice john roberts riding for the majority of the opinion and he said this. the protections of the first in are triggered by not only actual restrictions on an individual's ability to join with others to further shared goals. at the risk of a chilling effect on association is enough because first amendment freedoms need breathing space to survive. so while it's being celebrated
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by nonprofits across the political spectrum, chuck schumer calls the ruling a jaw-dropping decision today making it much harder to expose the evils of dark money in a dark political system. so over to the arizona case, the justices considering to state law provisions, one that discards voters ballots if they cast them in the wrong precinct. the other one band valid harvesting, the concept of one-third party was out there collecting and turning in someone else's ballot. the supreme court upheld both provisions and president biden said he is deeply disappointed in that ruling and justice kagan did not hold back in a very lengthy dissent. part of it said this. if the majority the lesson of the law cut down to its own preferred size and the majority creates a set of extra- textual considerations to sap the ax strength and to save laws like arizona's, clearly not happy about that decision today. the minority of the dissenting
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wasn't. i guess your next guest will have something to say about that as well. in the meantime you mentioned this is that they would typically watch for retirement, nothing out of the court but because it's the final day of the term we are keeping a close eye on that front as well. >> we will have course come back to you if we hear anything right away. >> john: we saw a few hours of for that to happen. joining us now, arizona's attorney general mark brenda bra fitch. the fact that the supreme court upheld the arizona voting law. >> thank you for having me on. i think it's a great date for the constitution, the rule of law and anyone who believes in voter integrity and that's really what this case was about. and the resounding answer is yes. >> mr. attorney general on that point, democrats claim these voting bills are all about restricting the right of
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minorities and racial discrimination. republicans insist that it's really about preserving states rights as measured up against federal rights here when it comes to setting building regulations. what do you believe it's at the core here or is it possible that there is room for a bit of both? >> i was fortunate enough to not only bring this case but argued the case and what this case was always about where these common sense integrity measures and at the end of the day the hypocrisy of the left is being fully exposed because they essentially want to nationalize elections. we see that with s1 and hp one. regardless of who you are, this was coming up during the oral argument. jimmy carter coauthored a report that said absentee balance is one of the greatest revelation.
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"the new york times" wrote an op-ed in 2012 they were accusing republican healing voting results. the left is so hypocritical, and they would say to themselves wait a minute. arizona length allows no excuse, all these northeastern states don't. they don't seem to have a problem with that and i think that just shows you that this is all about power for the far left. i have always maintained it's important to go back to the constitution, what does the constitution a lot? and let us not forget the states were design, and an attorney or attorney general. this was a rare occurrence. any ballots that are dropped off at the wrong precinct would be discarded, and it gets rid of the idea of valid harvesting and
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really restricting who could drop off a ballast in somebody else's name. the department of justice is suing the state of georgia over its voting which contains -- if supreme court pretends for other states being taken to portable or voting laws? >> just to put it in context, even the out of precinct voting, the majority of states have the similar limits or restrictions and even the district of columbia does. once again, do you see at the department of justice suing washington, d.c.? no because it's all political. so if i was in the state of georgia, because we gone through this, you need to push back. if you need to fight back. don't let the far left that the narrative. the department of justice shouldn't be weaponizing this process and punishing states were trying to enact measures that protect voters. once again, put george's new law in context, they allow about 17 days of early voting and new jersey only allows nine.
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the left is so hypocritical, why isn't the doj going after massachusetts or new jersey or delaware? i think the answer speaks for itself because what they are trying to do is intimidate red states essentially. >> gillian: justice elena kagan issued this fiery dissent today, accusing the court of gutting section two of the voting rights act which she said is historically the most important piece of jurisprudence put in place to protect the vote of minority americans. what's your response to the justice? >> i think it's important for everyone to remember the history of the country and even the history involving the voting rights act and why it was passed. that being said, everyone was entitled to their own opinion but not their own facts. there's a ten day trial in arizona and there was testimony from african-american leaders that wanted these types of voter integrity measures. what she's doing essentially is echoing the far left talking
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points and if you accepted her logic, no state anywhere would be able to enact any sort of integrity measures. it's really a false dichotomy. you have to have more voting or you can have election integrity measures. we want more people to vote, we want to make sure everyone exercises a franchise but we want to make sure that we have integrity and competence in the results and it's not an either/or competition. >> john: i suspect we might hear more from the democrats on an effort to rebalance the court. good to talk to you today, thanks for joining us. >> gillian: historic heat is baking the pacific northwest. oregon has seen in 63 deaths from heat related issues since the start of a record high heat wave. 45 deaths alone in portland where temperatures have reached 116 degrees. one utility company is shutting off power to residents and spoke cana, washington and what they
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say is all time high electricity's. meanwhile tropical storm elsa is turning near to south florida. elsa is expected over the weekend to hit jamaica and cuba. they are hoping it will fizzle out before it hits the u.s. >> john: changing the name and your passport requires proof and a whole process but changing our gender is as easy as checking a box. the big changes at the state department just ahead. >> gillian: also, unc has reached a decision after a weeklong dispute involving the controversial 1619 project, a major booster of critical race theory. we got reaction ahead from chris rufo, one of the first investigative journalist to draw attention to it. >> john: and president biden picks for the justice department as crimes or just from coast-to-coast. stay with us as "america reports" and rolls on.
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>> john: what do today's supreme court ruling say about the democrats on devoting and political process? our political panel sounds off on that and just a moment. but first, eric adams, the front runner in new york's messy mayoral race is suing over the botched primary vote count. if he he filed a lawsuit to ensure a fair election process took two years and the board revealed it had accidentally included 135,000 test ballots. the lawsuit calls for a judge to oversee and review ballots. oh, boy, is the shoe on the other foot? >> that's a hot mess it sounds like. >> john: he first brought it up as a discrepancy and he was hammered saying, the big lie
10:19 am
isn't confined to republicans. and he was right. >> gillian: 's hunch was spot on it seemed. even mayor de blasio said this is more than an embarrassment, this is a debacle that needs to be contended. >> john: somebody brings up a potential discrepancy in a ballot count and automatically there is slant. >> gillian: and there you are conspiracy theorists. it also raises the question whether ranked choice of voting. as such is something completely different, the top story of the hour, the supreme court has upheld voting rules challenging republican measures. republicans are -- we are working to get guy benson but here with us is mo elleithee, a
10:20 am
former dnc communications director and also a fox news contributor. we will let you know if we get guy back up and running but for now it's just you and me. so let's get going care. take a listen to what attorney general mark brenda batch told john and i a few minutes ago about the arizona ruling. >> with this case was always about them with these sense election and integrity were about, and at the end of the day the hypocrisy to the left has been fully exposed. we see that with s1 and letter hb one. but the reality is, we want to have faith in the process. >> gillian: by the magic of television guy benson is not with us. moe, i want to get your reaction to it the attorney general just said. essentially they are saying this
10:21 am
is not about race or preventing minorities from voting, this is about states rights with the federal government. >> john: there's no question the democrats are in the ruling today. we should be expanding opportunity and make it as easy as possible for people to vote with all the appropriate and necessary's safeguards but not restricted and not making it more challenging. people will argue that this arizona law makes it more challenging by going after solutions where there was no problem. we do have an issue with what the attorney general said in terms of protecting the integrity of the election process because what we are seeing coming out of a state is the exact opposite.
10:22 am
the complete and total concerted effort to undermine the process with the same audit that was going on in the legislature. but putting that aside, what democrats i think we are going to do now is continue with legal challenges and other states whenever they feel like state legislatures are restricting in some capacity the right to vote, and i think you will see them double down on the legislative fix in order to -- one that's consistent with past court rulings, and that makes it harder for states to make it restrictive. >> gillian: so some of the justices on the court certainly agree with what mo just laid out, there's a very fiery ascent in which you accused the court of essentially gutting the voting rights act here by making it harder for certain groups of american minorities to vote. what do you say and defense of the guidance issued today?
10:23 am
>> first of all if we want to talk about undermining faith in the democratic process, i think the real fiasco right now is in new york, there's not a single republican in power anywhere. so i think that would be one point to make and he were just discussing that before i segment. as for arizona a major piece of that law was ballot harvesting. i'm all for having as many people voting as possible so long as they are eligible citizens and we can actually know for certain that the people who are casting the ballots are who they say they are and are in fact eligible. when you have ballot harvesting, outside of third parties collecting ballots, i think that is a real area of concern when it comes to the chain of custody and making sure that we do have integrity in our voting system and the supreme court and the majority that goodness agrees and that particular statute was upheld, a lot of the court observers that i've spoken to and read are not surprised by this outcome and they also add
10:24 am
that today's decision is likely a debt now for the doj's, i think, politically motivated pursue. at >> gillian: gentlemen, thank you so much for joining us in spite of the technical difficulties and we will talk to you both again soon. >> john: u.s. passports are getting an overhaul starting immediately. applicants can simply check male or female as their gender, no need for any medical certification or proof, like if you are changing your name. soon, there will be a third gender option. rich edson is live at the state department was born. >> of the state department of fulfilling pledge by president biden when at the time he said he would remove barriers to make sure that transgender individuals would receive documents that i care israel reflected their statement. secretary of state antony blinken did acknowledge that the
10:25 am
bureaucracy would take some time here. he said "the department has begun moving towards a gender marker applying for is a gender marker and that's technologically complex and it will take time for an extensive system update. until yesterday come with the state department required a doctors signoff stating that a person applying for a document from the state department had either fully transitioned or was in the process of doing so. the department also acknowledged that this process as you mentioned is going to take some time here and, with that, that's a focus and foundation of a number of the criticisms from republicans on this. congressman tim bridget tweeted it "officially processing the enormous passport application backlog takes a backseat to woke p.r. stunts at biden
10:26 am
state department. a lot of that has to do with the covid-19 issues so the wait time is months to currently get a different passports. on top of that, that's what's being done including canada, argentina and australia which have similar policies when it comes to gender and passports. >> john: i won't comment on that but i will comment on the backlog, just got my passport renewed and it took about three months. and we've got new reporting from miranda devine claiming president biden attended meetings with the mexican business associate. and she joins us just ahead.
10:27 am
>> it you are playing a series of word games. if you would let me get a full paragraph out about this. >> john: christopher roof facing harsh criticism from the political media as they paint him as a phase of the anti-critical race theory movement. he standing by with the reaction coming up next.
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>> gillian: some top stories we are watching this hour, burris fox has learned the fence surrounding the u.s. capitol here in washington is going to start coming down just a week away. officials installed that fence after the january 6th riot, and the source tells him "we don't know that we are actually in a better position than we were on generally fifth. >> john: and check out the scene in los angeles were 17 people were hurt while police were trying to safely explode about 5,000 pounds of illegal
10:32 am
fireworks and homemade explosive devices. police put the fabrics and devices in a truck which was meant to contain such an explosion. the police chief says they will look into why the truck blew apart instead of the explosion. >> gillian: meanwhile the trump administration's chief financial officer is set to appear in court on the next hour. if he turned overnight to the mountain district attorney's office ahead of expected it criminal indictment related to tax fraud and evasion. he does plan to plead not guilty. that we will give you more information as we got it. we will give you more information as we get it. >> john: nicole hannah jones has now been granted tenure at
10:33 am
the university of north carolina at chapel hill. the tenure process has been suspended for weeks amid growing questions over here teaching credentials and involvement in the 1619 project which has been largely criticized as revisionist history. our next guest is one of the leading opponents of critical race there. i'm a senior fellow at the manhattan institute, christopher rufo joins us now with his take on what this decision means for concerned parents and students. chris, it's good to see you today. her tenure had been put on hold sparking student protests, did you and ck to the pressure? >> absolutely. the important thing to understand, this is not really about nicole hannah jones is an individual. this should be about the university system more broadly, departments of journalism across this country are a hotbed of ideological and very far left views. this doesn't surprise me in the least, but i think the attention should focus beyond the individual story of this writer and it really thinking about the structural form that we might
10:34 am
need in a university system which should be, especially when we take public funds in the interest of the general public but all too often they serve the interest of an ideological minority that takes taxpayer dollars to fund their private political activism. >> john: now nicole hannah jones praised the decision saying it was a win for journalistic and academic freedom. obviously journalistic freedom is a basic tenet of the country but as we pointed out the 1619 project has been criticized as presenting revisionist history. >> i think that's a crucial distinction to be made, and that's not entitled to a tenure track position that receives public funds. this is really two separate arguments, and someone is a conservative journalist would have never gotten the offer is
10:35 am
like hannah jones did not focus on individuals and deeper structure your stomach structural reforms. now 69% of people say it's the best place, in 2015 it was 83% and 2011 was 84%. what do you think is behind that? >> i think you've seen for the last few years especially the narrative that the united states is systemically racist and it's founded on white supremacy and all of our institutions today according to critical race theory are still founded on racial oppression. in those narratives, including of social rigor or a social scientific are deeply persuasive and demoralizing for people across the political spectrum. so what we are seeing that has
10:36 am
been pumped through our airwaves and into the newspapers over and over these vicious attacks on the united states are starting to have an impact and starting to demoralize people but hopefully when the fourth of july rolls around people will remember that this is one of the greatest countries on earth. if not the greatest country on earth and these founding principles that we strive to live up to more and more every day. >> john: your favorite punching bag to the left, he managed to get yourself on the joey read a program on msnbc but you weren't really allowed to make your point. let's play that interview. >> this is that dialogue. this is how i want to do it. >> what you're playing as a series of word games. do you know, these things are all deeply related. >> john: she had accused you of making "white man demands" to get on and debate her. what do you say to your
10:37 am
detractors? >> is a thing to know about the interview. it was a 13 minute interview will supposedly where she was going to ask the questions but she actually spoke for 10 minutes and it was kind of an unhinged monologue. but it actually backfired. if you go on msnbc's own youtube channel they post of the video thinking they had somehow schooled me, but the commenters, tens of thousands of comments and thumbs down so that jory reid's plan to filibuster and play this childish game of i'm going to take my ball and go home, did it work? because here's the simple truth. critical race theory is a pernicious ideology that has taken root in our institutions and our k-12 schools. the only defense that we have is to yell and scream at wave our hands. the american people have awoken to the threat and taking action in school boards across the country and we are not going to let joey reads on-air antics stop us one bit. we are fighting and we are going to win. >> john: i have a feeling we
10:38 am
have a long way to go in this debate. thanks for joining us today. we appreciate it. this really has become a political wedge issue, and it energizes the base. if we were to go out and ask most moderates what critical race theory as they would be able to tell you but the base certainly knows. >> i'm glad you played the clips that you did of his interview with joey rita such as it was because to me it underscores regardless of what your personal opinion is on critical race theory. proponents are now advocating that we institute this wholesale, revise the way that u.s. history is taught to american students nationwide from kick him through college with no national conversation around it. he wanted to be put in place and we can pack up and head off, and that's what's amazing to me. >> this will be a big topic of discussion between now and november 2020.
10:39 am
>> gillian: a new fox news poll is showing us that the majority of americans think the irs has too much power shockingly. republican sources tell fox news that if president biden has his way, the agency could soon have more access to america's bank accounts. we have grover norquist on top to join us on that. >> john: plus the centers for disease control in los angeles county are at odds over wearing face masks. people in l.a. telling them to wear them inside even if they are vaccinated, this as a spike in covid cases from the so-called delta variance. we will settle some of that confusion around masks at the ngtop of the hour. if you're thinking about buying a home if you're thinking about a cash out refi whatever you're thinking with a mortgage, you should come to newday usa first.
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♪ and they're always glad you came ♪ welcome back, america. it sure is good to see you. ♪ it's grilled cheese time. ♪ ♪ yeah, it's time for grilled cheese. ♪ ♪ after we make grilled cheese, ♪ ♪ then we're eating grilled cheese. ♪ ♪ because it's time. ♪ ♪ yeah. ♪ ♪ time for grilled cheese. ♪ >> john: is president biden weaponizing the irs? we will start with grover norquist, president of american tax reform. plus another twist in the britney spears road to freedom, a los angeles judge should end
10:44 am
on the superstars bid to remove her father from her conservatorship. at least for now. her father has controlled her $60 million fortune for more than a decade now. spears' attorney had asked the court back in december to replace him with a wealth management firm instead. spears gave shocking testimony last week when she called her father's control over her life "traumatic and abusive." her father says he wants an investigation into those claims. so the court order that came out was not a result of what happened last week. it was a month-long process that was first filed back in december. she wanted to get a trust company involved in her conservatorship and the judge allowed the trust company to keep her father in there as well. >> now it will be interesting to see what impact -- people have been protesting against this verdict. not just in the united states but all around the world.
10:45 am
hundreds of thousands of people, it will be interesting to see what impact that has. >> we will talk more about this in the next hour but we should point out that britney has not fired filed a new petition to have her father removed. >> gillian: we will see, that could come. meanwhile 130 countries have signed an agreement to create a global minimum corporate tax rate. supporters say it's meant to stop businesses from cheating the system but opponents say it's ordinary americans that are ultimately going to pay the price when companies respond by jacking up prices. all this comes as fox news reports, the irs is starting to make moves now under the biden administration to collect tax revenue from people the agency says are avoiding paying taxes. the administration is seeking to increase import, enforcement as well as give the irs greater access to taxpayers bank accounts. this all comes as a recent fox news survey finds 35% of voters think that the irs is
10:46 am
just straight up to powerful. we have grover norquist joining us now, president of americans for tax reform. i want to get your take first on the new fox news poll line. 65% of americans and the finance chiefs and biden administration are trying to come up with ways to essentially imbue them with even more oversight powers. >> people understand the dangers of the irs under obama and under clinton, the irs targeted people politically and it's really problematic. i served on a commission that looked into this and the irs is completely stonewalled on questions on how and why they targeted of certain and individuals. what we do have though is this is part of the obama-biden administration's, or on small
10:47 am
businesses. they say they are going after corporations and rich people but as you saw after the stolen data from the irs was made available to rich pay exactly what they owe in taxes, not abuses and not paying taxes but paying them, where they are going to go after and where the irs says they are going to go after our small businesses that by necessity use a lot of cash. those restaurants, nail salons, barbershops. those are food trucks. the corner stores in your neighborhood. these are taxed businesses and the irs says give us more power, that's who we are going after. they want $80 billion which is what the democrats are going to give them and 87,000 more for the irs agent. >> gillian: on the flip side of the coin, some americans say $80 billion over ten years, it's not that much money. they really want to do, what the irs wants to do with the money is forced americans who are cheating the system to pay their fair share. what's wrong with that? that sounds pretty reasonable.
10:48 am
>> for one thing when we look at the data, they find the rich people are paying the taxes they were legally required to. they didn't find people cheating, they found them not cheating and we know from the irs itself who their targets are. smaller businesses that deal in cash and your corner grocery store, your barbershop, that's who they are going to target and that's who they say they want to go after. and the biden obama administration have a history of targeting people and companies for political purposes. it was leaked to a left-wing organization, nobody got fired and nobody got arrested during the obama administration. the irs agents were licking people's personal contribution so they could be attacked for giving something that the hard left didn't like. they didn't punish that abuse, nobody got fired, but the lessons are keep doing it irs,
10:49 am
and he has the money. >> gillian: it also looks like the sentiment or is not partisan or individual. i want to bring this up so our viewers can see it, 65% of those americans who say the irs is to powerful break down this way. 74% of republicans 56% are democrats so it's certainly not just conservatives that feel the irs is too powerful. >> this is a very extreme position that biden has taken. he is out of the mainstream even of his own party issue. >> gillian: grover, we got to leave it here. >> john: i'm moving moment at kensington palace in the u.k. this morning. prince the princes of reunited
10:50 am
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>> john: princes william and harry putting aside their royal rift, at least for a time, to unveil a statue of their late mother, the late lady diana come at kensington palace. it's been 24 years since diana died in a tragic car crash and today would have been her 60th birthday. senior ford foreign affairs greg palkot is outside of kensington palace and some differences were put aside at least for the moment. we saw family drama play out. it was a small gathering due to covid restrictions, prince william and prince harry, close members of the family, a sculptor and others associated with the statue. not present, the queen or
10:55 am
prince charles, and all eyes were on the two brothers. at since the recent interview things have been a tad frosty between the two of them. this time, they looked warm, they chatted, they joked and they seemed united behind the project. they put out a joint statement that reads in part we remember her love, strength and character, qualities that made her a force for good all around the world. we saw publicly the two, about 20 minutes. the talk was that maybe after this public session we would have a private reconciliation act question. we don't know for sure, we are watching it. >> john: a couple of pints at the pub could've smooth things over a lot. greg palkot at kensington palace. i >> gillian: bill cosby walked out of prison a free man after a pennsylvania supreme court overturns his
10:56 am
conviction for sexual assault. a former prosecutor had promised him he would not be criminally charged in the sexual assault case involving a former temple university employee. we will talk with that prosecutor bruce castor coming up next. we have all that and a whole lot more in the second hour of "america reports." ♪ ♪ neutrogena® for people with skin. veteran homeowners, this is the best time in history neutrogena® to turn your home equity into cash. because home values have climbed to all time highs. and so has your equity. turn it into cash now, while mortgage rates are near all time lows. the newday 100 va cash out loan lets you borrow up to 100% of your home's value. you could take out more than $50,000. use it to improve your home. pay off high rate debt.
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11:01 am
>> john: but first a spike in code cases sparking concern and confusion. the governor says the delta variant is what's driving at. doctors say the strain is highly transmissible and that's why los angeles officials are now telling people to mask up indoors even if they are vaccinated, which directly contradicts guidelines from the centers for disease control. >> gillian: as we approach the holiday weekend now with tens of millions of americans prepping to travel, can we put some of this confusion to rest? some new data, but death and hospitalization rates from the virus are way down as more and more people worldwide get vaccinated. that's even with the delta variant circulating. >> here at home, that's the data that matters here.
11:02 am
they are suggesting new restrictions. fox news contributor dr. marc siegel joins us now. we see the spike in cases in arkansas which is being attributed to the delta variant. how much of an issue with this b.s. we had into the long holiday weekend particularly if you take the u.k. as a potential model here? >> she just set this up perfectly, let's look at the u.k. and i will tell you why we shouldn't be afraid if we are vaccinated. it's a mixed messaging for los angeles county to be saying put your mask back on indoors if you are vaccinated. you know what? they are wrong. the cdc's right to stick to their initial guidelines. let's look at the u.k. out of all of the hospitalizations in the united kingdom right now, many thousands of hospitalizations, less than a thousand are due to covid-19. 14 deaths in the united kingdom. 26,000 cases but almost all of
11:03 am
them were mild. very few hospitalizations and almost no deaths. because in the u.k. 86% of the people have had at least one shot and more importantly 65% of at two shots. what does that mean? if you are vaccinated fully against covid-19, and new data came out on the johnson & johnson shot. if you have that johnson & johnson shot, one shot, or two of the modernity shots, you most likely will not get ill. so 26,000 cases in the u.k., almost all of the mile because of by vaccination rate. the problem in the united states right now is in the south end in the west there's a lot of areas of low vaccine compliance. they are trying to get people to take the vaccine so far with more a success. >> the vast majority of these infections are among people who
11:04 am
haven't been vaccinated and now the state health commissioner in arkansas is saying, if you only had one shot come in and get the second. even if it's past the typical 21 day window. some of it is from other countries and i don't know if it's just to cover the shortage of vaccines. they potentially waiting longer than the second shot may actually confer greater immunity than if you do it on the three week schedule. what do you know about all that? >> that's so true the last point, pfizer has studied that end waiting more than three weeks may confer more of an immunity. myocarditis is very rare but i believe the delaying of vaccine in our young teens is wise because they may have more of a hyper immune response. but, delay not too much. great britain, 87,000 hospitalizations and only 1,000 from cobeta, it would be closer to zero if everyone in the u.k.
11:05 am
had two shots. another point is if you had natural immunity from having had cobeta, i think you are protected against the delta variant, too. if you take covid and take one shot in addition to that, covid plus one i call it, you have super immunity which clearly protects you against the delta variant. >> john: i'm going to ask you this is a parent because my 10-year-old twins asked me this just yesterday. they said daddy, we are hearing about the delta variant, how dangerous would it be for us because we are too young to get the vaccine? so what do we do about children under the age of 12? >> i'm going to go back to old vaccine science. you make sure everyone around the children are vaccinated, that's called community immunity. you want the community to be
11:06 am
vaccinated. the third point is that even though the delta variant is affecting more than previous variants, your children should know that it still very, very likely to be very mild or asymptomatic case. >> john: so when we ultimately be able to bring this all behind us? >> i think when we start counting on natural immunity and everyone start stepping up to the plate, we will be out of it overnight, that's the issue. 87% of the country was vaccinated, and they haven't had a case in iceland. they are completely wide open and we can get there, too. >> john: iceland is a beautiful place, i'm jealous. thanks for joining us today, i appreciate it. >> gillian: if you are one of the americans who is planning to fly this holiday weekend, are you going to have to wear a mask
11:07 am
aboard the plane? a group of bipartisan senators is now urging the cdc and the tsa to make a decision on mask requirements for americans on public transportation and make it soon. jacqui heinrich has all of the answers and she joins us from capitol hill. >> back in may the cdc lifted general requirements for fully vaccinated american saying they would update the requirements for travel guidance as soon as possible is emerged. but we haven't heard anything since then. now this group of bipartisan senators want some answers from the cdc and the tsa within the next 12 days. last week, democrats blocked a bill that was led by republicans and would have prohibited federal mask requirements on public transportation and planes and they were saying at this stage, where most everybody has access at the very least to a vaccine, the federal government shouldn't be imposing these rules. but now some democrats are saying it is time to get new
11:08 am
data so the rules can possibly be revisited. democratic senators claude senator klobucharsaid it would e traveling public. in the meantime the cdc director dr. rochelle walensky said vaccinated people are safe adding that local officials should be making their own rules. >> we have two-thirds of the adult population that is fully vaccinated and really quite protected from the variance that we have circulating here in the united states. that said, we have always said that local policymakers need to make policies for their local environments. >> so the senators want to know if the country is this protected, what exactly is it that's keeping the mask requirements in place. we will wait to hear from them. >> fair question. >> search and rescue efforts are on hold that collapsed
11:09 am
condominium due to structural concerns. today marks a week since the disaster and president biden is in florida see that devastation firsthand. he also met with first responders and victims families. the number of people confirmed dead stands at 18, more than 140 still missing. for the time being, searches are being held back due to safety concerns. fox news correspondent phil keating is live on the ground in surfside florida. we heard the desperate pleas from the family members of potential victims to hurry up and get this done and now it's on hold. they have to be disappointed. >> they froze at this morning. and that's big news. that overshadows the visit because of the stoppage of the search and rescue operation. the reason is that brown tower that you see right there, that's how the half of the surfside
11:10 am
condo tower that collapsed that remains still standing, fragile leg. engineers and fire and rescue have been worried about it also falling down all weekend overnight the decided the danger is just too great for the lives of those still looking down below for survivors. >> 6-12 inches of movement and a large column hanging in the structure that could fall and cause damage to the support columns in the sub terrain garage area. >> the president and first lady received a command briefing first thing this morning and then with search and rescue teams. >> president biden: you have to understand, what you are doing now is hard as. it will affect a lot of you. i just wanted to say thank you. thank you, thank you, thank you.
11:11 am
>> the president and first lady also met with family members in just the past hour of the 145 loved ones that still have yet to be found dead or alive. consoling them as best thed. that was closed to the press. at the disaster scene 18 residents are not confirmed dead and two discovered yesterday were young sisters, children. a 10-year-old and a 4-year-old. their parents also died in the buildings collapse. more search and rescue teams are coming in from ohio, indiana, pennsylvania and new jersey. no booths in the ground as far as this is what's going on, but also tropical storm and exactly one week to the days since half of surfside's 12 story champlain tower south pancake to the ground. everybody knows that time is of the essence and that's why this 12 hours so far stoppage in searching is really bad news for all the family members still
11:12 am
really hoping for a miracle. the president was maybe going to come visit in person to see for himself because of the danger. >> john: it you have to wonder with that being the hanging precariously, that support pillar, how long it will be that they are off the pile. >> gillian: let's bring in ari fleischer here, the former white house press secretary to president george w. bush. he's also a fox news contributor. you've been on many trips with president bush to the sites of tragic events. once the most important message that the president carries with him to surfside? >> the most important messages love and compassion to the family members to gather and listen to the president and hopefully give them summary of hope. that's what these families want to hear. they want to talk, they want to talk about their loved ones and the opportunity to talk to the president of the united states
11:13 am
and have him listen as you describe your husband, your wife, your mom and your dad is and that they come alive one week later. it's the hardest listening that the president has to do. >> gillian: whenever the president decides to travel to the site where something tragic has befallen americans there is a purist of political debate about whether he's hurting or helping by inserting himself into the process. take a look at into miami-dade's mayor, i want to hear what your response is on the other side. >> i want to stress that president biden's visit today will have no impact on what happens at this site. the search and rescue operation will continue as soon as it is safe to do so. the only reason for this pause is concerned about the standing structure. >> gillian: and she also went on to say ari that not a minute
11:14 am
of the officials time that was involved in this investigation was going to be diverted because of the presidential visit. does that strike you as a realistic thing to say, do you buy that? >> it certainly does, i do by that. when the president travels he travels with the massive arsenal supported by local police and local enforcement for traffic control and things of that nature. those are not the people that are sifting through the debris and search and rescue efforts, it's a different group of people. we should be a nation, i don't care what party you are, when the president comes to town after a tragedy like this, it should be consoling. i don't begrudge him one thing about going to that site, that's where the president should go. >> gillian: i want to call your attention to something else, we have this new fox
11:15 am
polling, among people who are asked if the u.s. is the best country in they want to live in, it looks like in 2011 and 15, the yeses were in the 80th percentile and now and 2021 that number is down to 69%, and 26% of americans say it's not the best country in the world to live in. what gives? >> if they had asked me i would say yes, america is the best country to ever live in and we are the greatest country on earth. we've gone through a pretty miserable year though and i guess i understand if there are some people, after the murder of george floyd with the racial strife in the united states that is inspired by some people who push it way too far, covid shutdowns, i can understand why there is a sense of angst or anxiety. but at all times america is a self-correcting democracy and what sounds to me the most is
11:16 am
anyone who misinterprets what july 4th is all about. america was founded on the greatest breakthroughs on earth as we separated ourselves from the europeans which were in intolerant tyrannical group of states to promote religious liberty and tolerance in the united states of america. this was the essence of our founding. for anybody to think that america was found or any other reason or any other purpose doesn't understand the history and greatness of america. we've always been different, and god bless our country and thank goodness for our founding. >> gillian: as politicians, both sides of the aisle have been pointing out these days that we've always been perfect as a nation. what entity on earth has ever been perfect? you ride the wave and hopefully some people will be feeling good and proud to come back to the united states after 90% of americans have been vaccinated or whatever that biden administration wants to do.
11:17 am
ari fleischer, thanks so much for joining us. >> john: it was good to see ari. bill cosby is a free man after a pennsylvania supreme court tossed out a sexual assault conviction. coming up, a fox news exclusive. we will talk to the prosecutor made a deal with cosby that the supreme court said was a reason he should get out of jail. >> gillian: plus this. broadway's beloved hit hamilton's cashing in on pandemic relief funds. the show is reportedly eligible for millions of dollars in aid that is of raising some eyebrows in the entertainment community. >> john: and new findings from hunter biden's alleged laptop. we will talk to miranda devine who has been digging to the documents. stay withui us. into cash while rates are near all time lows. the newday100 va cash out loan lets you borrow $50,000
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11:23 am
>> gillian: bill cosby we now know admitted under oath to drugging and having sacks with andrea constant button he's now walking out of jail in broad daylight, his conviction overturned because of a deal he struck with the d.a. back in 2005. so what does the d.a. have to say about the case now? we got him on tap and he standing by to talk to us and just moments. but for small businesses across the country have been struggling for over a year now to make ends meet but american aid is going to make a half a billion dollar broadway blockbuster millions of dollars richer. hamilton we are learning has already raked in $30 million from one federal grant for an additional $20 million more. the $15 million payday is raising questions about pandemic relief and who exactly is getting it. we are joined by hillary vaughn from the fox business network and she's checking this today.
11:24 am
>> most alive venues were sourced to shut down from the pandemic so now there is a federal taxpayer money funded program to help them start back up. small business associated comic association has a program for shuttered venues like theaters, sediments, clubs and other reporting centers. but they weren't the only one getting multimillion dollars in a payout of taxpayer money, we scrubbed through over 2,000 groups and at 250 received more than million dollars each. it is a sample of some of them. regency theaters in calabasas, california, got a whopping $9 million and a nonprofit in laguna breach called festival to be arts got $4 million. the iconic hollywood movie premiere spot the chinese theater raking in $6,000,000.9 million for a broadway production company with productions like "phantom of the opera" and moulin rouge. you mentioned that broadway hit
11:25 am
hamilton getting $39 for three touring productions and they made over 650 million since they began in 2015. the late producer jeffrey seller is defending the cash grab it telling "new york times" that none of the monies will go to show producers or investors saying remember when chrysler and gm were about to go bankrupt? that's the same way the federal government came into bailout auto companies and it's doing the same thing for all of show business with this legislation but, the sba tells me that these groups are allowed to essentially double dip, and if they received the ppp loan this year they are still allowed to apply for aid from the program. the catch is the money they got in the ppp loan is deducted from this final what could be multimillion dollar amount in this aid. >> gillian: $50 million no matter how you slice and dice it is a lot of money for any broadway show. i think part of the problem here is having a producer compare his show hamilton gm and chrysler,
11:26 am
it's not really a path that you should be wanting to go down right now. sort of shoring up the behemoths in the entertainment industry while ignoring the other guys. those other numbers you pointed out, a couple million there and up to 5 million therefore small, local theater companies to keep them in business and keep the doors open, it sounds reasonable. this sounds like throwing money after money. >> and chrysler gm had thousands of americans employed comes down to just the employees it doesn't really add up. >> it doesn't really make sense. thanks for picking the numbers down for us, we appreciate it. i have not seen hamilton come and have you? >> john: i saw the digital presentation. it's a great show.
11:27 am
>> got a fox news alert, breaking for us. this is the chief financial officer alan weitzel berg and apparently we are getting information on that he has just pleaded guilty to charges -- not guilty, sorry. got to get the information correct. he has pleaded not guilty to charges that were filed against him by the manhattan district attorney cyrus vance's office. he was supposed to come down with charges against weitzel berg and the trump organization. we do know that president trump will not face any charges it for the time being so again alan weitzel berg pleading not guilty, not guilty and the new york courtroom for charges brought by the minute district attorney. an update on the story that we brought you breaking at this time yesterday, bill cosby
11:28 am
walking free from prison after the pennsylvania supreme court throughout his sexual assault conviction. in 2005 cosby made a deal with the prosecutor who told him he would not be criminally charged in a case involving emily constanza. a former temple employee who accused cosby of drugging her and sexually assaulting her. but in 2018 a judge sentenced cosby to prison. castor you will remember also represented former president trump in his second impeachment trial earlier this year. it's good to be with you, thanks for joining us. if you are taking some heat from a lot of people who say you are the reason why bill cosby walked out a free man yesterday. what do you say to that criticism and why did you cut that deal with cosby back in 2004? >> thanks for having me on the
11:29 am
program. i heard the reporters lead in and also you are lead-in and both of you used the term deal and agreement but that's not what happened. i made a decision not to prosecute cosby and i made that decision on behalf of the commonwealth intending to bind the commonwealth. as a result of that as a matter of law he lost his ability to claim the fifth amendment privilege against self-incrimination when he was required to testify at the civil case and get four depositions come up that i understand he leveraged, or the plaintiff leveraged into a multimillion dollar settlement. so there is no -- i didn't need any agreement from him, it was the decision that i made and did it with the specific intent of removing him from having the
11:30 am
ability to invoke the fifth amendment so that i could get some measure of punishment, because as a criminal matter there wasn't enough evidence to arrest and prosecute crosby. there isn't enough evidence today. so i come back to come up back in 2005 i had two choices, i could do nothing and hope the case got better and i try to set the board up so civil lawyers who knew what they were doing would make a civil settlement for all the woman who complained. i chose to do something rather than nothing. >> john: let me if i could come back -- let me come back to this idea of whether or not there was a "deal" because even the justice of the supreme court saw there was a promise to not prosecute justice george
11:31 am
saylor -- i'm sorry, justice thomas saylor said of a press release that you sent out in february of 2005, he said i respectfully disagree with the press release that contained in an unconditional promise that the commonwealth would not constitute perpetuity. the majority of the supreme court thought that there was at least an inherent promise in your decision not to charge cosby. so did they get it wrong? >> no john, you are not using the words correctly. i promised on behalf of the commonwealth not to prosecute cosby but that's not an agreement. he gets a say in that, decide that. and that i didn't get anything back from him.
11:32 am
and once that was cemented, cosby could no longer claim that anything he said could require him to testify. so just saylor disagreed. justice saylor was 1 of 7 and the other six agreed evidently with the majority opinion. and even just as he thought the case could be reversed, he had done it on different grounds. >> john: so was it your intent for that promise of not prosecuting him to lost in perpetuity and do you believe that they violated that promise? >> yes. it was my intent that it would
11:33 am
be in perpetuity because that was the only way i could be sure that the shield of self-incrimination was stripped away from cosby. the only way to guarantee to a person claiming the fifth amendment, it will be unable to do so and there's no chance and i intended it to buying my successors in perpetuity. but as i understand that the case still hadn't improved. and i found another solution to get a positive outcome and to this day the case hasn't gotten any better. just because 80 people came forward and said they were molested by bill cosby, they didn't go to the police and press charges and that evidence is not admissible. so i came back to 2005, i can
11:34 am
sit there and do nothing and hope the case gets better, like get a confession, and one was this promise that you talked about and those are sort of bad behavior witnesses in his second trial. what did you think of the prosecution bringing forward those witnesses? >> i think the supreme court would have ruled that those witnesses were ineligible to testify but they didn't have to reach that question. the answer to your question is, i thought there was no chance that they would be allowed to testify and the judge would be overruled because i know what
11:35 am
pennsylvania law is and i knew what that decision was. i was sure, people asked me if i was surprised that the supreme court reverse the case, the only thing that surprised me was that they discharged cosby which is so unheard of in pennsylvania law. i've never seen it in my 35 years as a lawyer and mike county and i can only remember it happening one other time in all of pennsylvania. that's reserved for only the most severe governmental violations. we got the legal aspect of this and the due process aspect of it but we have the human aspect as well. what do we say to all of those victims who thought that a serial had finally been put in jail right now watching him walk free? >> what i would say to anybody
11:36 am
who is a victim of a crime would go to the police and report it. and the prosecutor can convict that person and can't commit any more crimes. so you tell me that you have all these victims of cosby from all these years, they didn't go to the police. so there was no opportunity for law enforcement to do their job and the constitution is applied to everybody whether it's the highest of the high or the lowest of the low. and when the government goes back on its word especially when the government gave its word as i did in order to get something, which is a way to take the constitutional right, the government needs to be required to keep that promise and that affects everybody because the public needs to know that when the district attorney says he's going to do something, he does it. and that's money in the bank,
11:37 am
you can take that to the bank. in this instance the district attorney made a good decision, a good outcome occur to come up not best, but a good outcome occur to the complaining witness. and even though you've got a good outcome, and we are not going to honor that promise and we are going to go on prosecute him and use what he said against him. here is into court and the united states that would have allowed that to hold up. >> certainly the pennsylvania supreme court saw it exactly that. >> i'm glad you pushed him on that last point. procedure, procedure, protections for all americans, but what about these victims that go completely without any sense of justice and the victim.
11:38 am
i'm glad you kind of held his feet to the fire on it. >> john: he saying that cosby should have never been in jail in the first place. >> gillian: he's also saying the victim should have come forward to the police. we all know that in an ideal world that that would always happen but we are smart enough to know that there are many different reasons why the victims of sexual assault don't often go to police right away? it's important that somebody says that. we are continuing to follow breaking news come up that story, as well as a live look at the courthouse downtown. they pled not guilty to tax crimes along with a not guilty plea by the company's longtime finance chief. >> this is the first criminal case resulting from a two-year investigation into the former presidents company. fox news crews are live on the scene looking over the just unsealed documents right now.
11:39 am
eric shawn is live at the court, tell us what you know so far. >> does not guilty pleas just a moment ago in the manhattan supreme court, the headquarters of the manhattan district attorney, and that pled not guilty to grand larceny and also a scheme to deal with the tax avoidance. basically prosecutors say that weissberg was involved in a 15 year long tax scheme that avoided $1.7 million in taxes on not reporting benefits that he received as an employee of the trump administration. he has served trump family and started as a bookkeeper.
11:40 am
and at one point had to take his handcuffs off and appeared, court officials say, a bit nervous. and they tried to expand a wider investigation and they had deflated the tax burden and that was all part of a potential investigation as it has been reported. the trump organization last out of this prosecution calling it a "scorched earth attempts to harm the former president." calling the work of radical left prosecutors he said, they will do anything to stop the movement even if it involves
11:41 am
prosecutorial misconduct and harassment of a political opponent which they are using at levels rarely seen before. having politically motivated prosecutors, of course that's a very dangerous thing for our country. likely it referring to attorney general who is in court with mr. vance. she campaigned for attorney general in part on trying to prosecute donald trump. this is part of the first opening salvo and not investigation. he could receive up to one year in prison, and perhaps other officials organization learning in the prosecutor's cross hairs. >> john: you mentioned that the attorney there cyrus vance may be looking to expand this
11:42 am
investigation to include a wide will do "whatever is protected bottom line. and that's private school tuition for at least one of his grandchildren, three apartments and leased cars. this seems to be personal post to karin. is there any indication that there is any way that fans could expand the investigation to investigation into the person doing? >> the corporate wrongdoing already has this charge. it's the corporate wrongdoing charge and the lawyers pled not guilty to that scheme to defraud and granting all of these parks are part of an alleged scheme to
11:43 am
defraud from taxes. but you do have a point that these are personal issues and personal items, there's been no evidence or any indication that any of this so far reflect directly. >> john: we are inflating the value of buildings to try to sell them and deflating in terms of tax purposes. >> we will zoom in for a second, we heard the court session is over and waiting to see if he will give a statement. there is nothing in the current charges in terms of that obligation about inflating and deflating the properties with tax purposes. this discussion and there have been reports about seven springs and that's the legal team that
11:44 am
we will see, we are seeing him get into this suv. at some them, have signs that say, stop eating us. that will take him presumably home and he bleeding out on bail. we will get details in a few moments. >> gillian: eric, this is gillian with john in the d.c. newsroom. these charges center around a trump scheme to pay compensation and other benefits to weitzel berg or other employees of the trump organization off the books. what's the likelihood that others are going to get ensnared in this case as it moves
11:45 am
forward? >> they haven't mentioned his son who's been that of security for the trump administration. i think perhaps the lawyers will take issue with the term "off the books" all the because it was apparently on the books with the trump organization. of course the question is did those recipients treat the gifts and the benefits that they received as taxable income, as the law says that they would be taxable income? getting a free apartment for many years and that apartment eventually sold for $2.5 million in the trump park building which is on central park south. so we will have to see when we get the indictments, if indeed the trump organization had routinely, as a matter of fact, given routine compensation to executives.
11:46 am
executives and many corporations get lots of perks, corporations often report those as part of the routine operation of doing business. but the question is did the recipients, did they report them as taxable income or are due prosecutors in new york say that in his case he did not? >> john: every time we see a case lodged against somebody who is informed the president trumps orbit, people always talk about this idea of, are they trying to use the threat of charges or prosecution as a way to squeeze a witness into dropping a dime on his boss? that's what the whole michael cohen thing was about and there was nothing that michael cohen had to drop on president trump that had any kind of effect on him. meanwhile, he went to jail but was later released because of covid concerns. so we talked about this idea of president trump immediately not being in the cross hairs in terms of indictments from cyrus vance, are people again raising
11:47 am
this prospect, that they might use these charges against alan weitzel berg to try to squeeze him to go for a bigger fish? >> that is the perception of this but mr. waffle berg is someone i'm told is very loyal to the trump family and he will likely not spill anything if he indeed has anything to spill at all. we don't know if he does or if there has been any other further wrongdoing. you have to remember when he got out of pace university, back in 1973 he went to work for mr. trump's father, fred. and eventually his employment transferred to donald trump in 1980, and the turned the commodore hotel into the gleaming hotel that it became. so we do not know if indeed
11:48 am
mr. barrasso berg has anything on the corporation that would be worthy of the prosecutor's attention in the first place. >> a spokesperson for the trump organization put out a statement about weitzel berg. it was very praise full and said he's a loving and devoted husband, father and grandfather. he worked for the trump administration for 48 years and you mentioned, it seems unlikely that a witness like this would, as john asked you about, squeeze to the point where he's going to turn on his boss of 48 years. >> the first question is has anything been turned on.
11:49 am
others have been pointed out the mic pointing out that this type of charge would carry approximately one year in prison and since it's such a rare type of charge with fringe benefits, most defendants when it is charged get probation. so likely that may be what happens here. >> we want to go outside of the court room, a member of the trump administration's legal team is speaking. >> these types of cases are typically resolved in the civil context. why? because a law on compensation on fringe benefits is murky. it's difficult and complex and you can have experts disagree. so these charges are going to be vigorously contested and they will be vigorously contested by people who are experts in the field and know the law very well. >> this is a lengthy -- >> we
11:50 am
have no concerns going forward and that's all i can say on that. the indictment alleges that amount of money was from 2005 through 2016 and or 17 but again, the question is, what is that about? is it about apartments? is it something that's properly an expense of the company? these were complex questions, never charged in a criminal case and they shouldn't have been here quite frankly. >> i've been a lawyer a long time.
11:51 am
also, they talk about it often and they resolve things. what could i say? your own human experience tells you to answer those questions. we are way before any kind of -- all i can tell you is all of our common experience could tell you that civil cases, people usually get in a room and figure out what the issues are and they resolve them. that's what happens. >> what about organizations that are affected by this? it could be very damaging to the organizations. >> the company is very, very optimistic and we are certainly hopeful that there will not be a significant effect. i do remind you all that there are large financial institutions in new york city.
11:52 am
very well-known financial institutions that were the subject of criminal prosecutions and that are regulated entities, banks and financial institutions and they have all survived very, very well. what i would tell you all and something that isn't reported is that, what is the company? the company is about 3500 employees worldwide and many of those are in the united states of these properties, hotels and golf clubs. i visited some of those. the people that are employed are waiters and bellmen and busboys and they clean the rooms and fix the meals. if they are maintenance people and they take care of the grounds. they are people of all walks of life and every country on the planet and they are good
11:53 am
hardworking people and those of the people that are behind this company. and you also know that. >> based on -- do you think -- former president trump? >> i would answer that by saying, certainly, given the unprecedented nature of these charges that certainly that's the reason they were brought to. if the name of the company was something else i don't think these charges would've been brought. in fact, i'm fairly certain they would have not been brought if the nameless different day the answer is no. i'm going to speak out to always talk to you about today. i'm finished, but that was what i had to talk about this afternoon.
11:54 am
thank you. >> john: and that is alan pewter fast, a man i spoke with on numerous occasions over the course of of the trump administration. >> this case is truly unprecedented and the attorney general's office and the district attorney's office brought a they dislike donald trump. they subpoenaed millions of documents from him internally and pressured witnesses so that those witnesses, trying to make those witnesses tell them things that donald trump, that they wanted to hear, that donald trump had done things criminally which they did not do, the witnesses did not do because i could not do. although perry done in court said this is not a political
11:55 am
prosecution, i think you can all see what has happened in the press with what you've seen over the last years and the comments that the attorney general letitia james has repeatedly made. she campaigned on a promise that she would get donald trump. she repeatedly said she would use all areas of the law to get donald trump and this is a joint prosecution. while she was attorney general and while president trump was in office, she sued him 70 times using new york taxpayer money. she called him and e-and to bring this together to bring this unprecedented prosecution. the d.a.'s office may say that none of the president unprecedented but they cannot .2
11:56 am
any case where a corporation has been prosecuted based on a a few individuals in the corporation who allegedly on their personal tax returns made a mistake or did not pick up fringe benefits on their personal tax returns. there is no such case that we have been able to find and we do not believe there is any such case that they have not been able to find. you cannot say, like the d.a.'s office said in court, we brought the case because they didn't cooperate with us. that's not how it works. you bring the case, principles or corporations of liability and when the corporation has done massive wrongdoing, that's what the ds office guidelines for corporate reliability and that will bring the case against the trump company, it's never happened before. we will win this case but this case should have never been
11:57 am
brought. it is a political prosecution where people are targeted criminally because of prosecutors disagree with their politics and it happens and corrupt company, countries. it should not happen here in new york city, the greatest city in the greatest democracy in the world. should not have occurred and it's a sad day in new york when it occurs. thank you, i'm not answering any questions. >> john: that was susan nationalists one of the trump administration attorneys and alan pewter fast before that. that was a man i spoke with many times over the trump administration and the various things that were going on. both saying that these charges should have never been brought in a criminal proceeding, they
11:58 am
should have been civil litigation. the reason they brought charges is simply because they don't like former president donald trump. he said it given the unprecedented nature of these charges, the reason why they were brought is because the name of the organization is the trump organization. again, it was suggested, are they looking for the bigger fish here and if they think they can get to him if they push hard enough. >> gillian: both attorneys just now made the case that they believe there is no precedent for this type of charge, a charge against the corporation for failing to file taxes and
11:59 am
the prosecution disagrees but they both pulled on that thread. >> john: at one of the narratives going on during all of this, is that going to bring down the trump organization? futerfas asked what effect this could have and he said it he hoped there would be much effect. there are plenty of institutions across the united states and he talked about the global reach of the trump organization that have gone through things like this and have survived quite well. so while he said that i hope this doesn't have too much of an effect but it was obviously the ceo or district attorney that he believes with trump administration we will be able to weather this. >> gillian: he made one note but this is one top tier person. >> john: at the top of the organization is fairly narrow. >> gillian: he said the majority of these employees are
12:00 pm
good hardworking people from all of the world and they have nothing to do with this so singling out one employee no matter how senior, seems to be unfair somehow to the entire organization. they pled not guilty to charges brought by the manhattan district attorney cyrus vance. >> gillian: and that doesn't rust this afternoon, thanks so much for joining us. i'm gillian turner in for sandra smith and she's back tomorrow. >> john: i'm john >> martha: thanks very much.i'm martha maccallum. me details of reported hunter arranged business deal involving his father. this time with mexican executives appearing in this 2015 picture that appears to be taken at the vice president's residence, the naval observatory and reporting by the daily mail. the images of the bidens getting
12:01 pm
not very much attention


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