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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  July 1, 2021 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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call to bundle today. ♪ ♪ >> harris: we begin with the fox news alert, and bill cosby, a serious national debate raging right now after he walked out of prison a free man. that's following the pennsylvania supreme court overturning his sexual assault conviction. protesters called the decision insulting to abuse survivors and took to the streets outside his home. others say bill cosby was a victim of mob justice and was not allowed due process. you are watching "outnumbered." i'm harris faulkner. here today, my cohosts, emily compagno along with kayleigh mcenany. and former state department
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spokesperson, morgan ortagus. in the center virtual seat, ben ferguson, host of "lee ben ferguson podcast." let's get to bill cosby. controversy raging over the opinion the court found that the prosecutor was bound by his predecessor's decision not to charge for the sexual assault of andrea constand in 2004. she called it disappointing. another is also blasting the ruling. >> my stomach is lurching, and i am deeply distressed about the injustice of the whole thing. you know, he is a sociopath. he is a serial rapist. this is a man who has no conscience, he has no sense of remorse. >> harris: cosby took to twitter, or somebody did on his
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behalf. "i have never changed my stance nor my story. i have always maintained my innocence," and that we are hearing from cosby in his own ws shortly after release. >> you can see how powerless many of us feel, because this is my mantra. it's not what they're doing to you, it's what you are not doing. because this is not just a black thing. this is for all the people who have been imprisoned wrongfully, regardless of race, color, or creed. >> harris: okay, my mind just blew up, ben, because he brought in race and i know his attorneys dead, too. i thought this was a rape thing, a man who did some things he said he did, and the prosecutors said they let him off the hook, and they lied, and they went
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after him. i thought they were 58 women who came against bill cosby with accusations. ben? >> ben: it is sick, first of all, for the victims having to know this guy is out there not only a free man, but running his mouth. let's be clear, bill cosby is not innocent. he's out because of a technicality, because of a deal that was made that probably should have never been made, and then that deal allowed for prosecutors to actually go after him in a case. this is not innocence for bill cosby. play the race card all you want to, say you are being persecuted all you want to. the fact of the matter is this is a man who should not be free in society, should not be trusted, and i hope there's some way other women can get together and put him back in jail where i would argue he clearly belongs. >> harris: morgan ortagus, does this have the possibility or the power to set back the #metoo movement? it's not all over the country,
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but let's just start with hollywood where he made his fame and fortune. >> morgan: you know, a couple years ago, harris, i was on "outnumbered" with you when the movement was really hot. we were talking at the time, i remember this quite well, about how important it was in the movement to make sure that there was due process, to make sure that there was the ability to hear people out, to follow the law, and i think, first of all, it's obvious that this guy is a total creep. when almost 60 women accuse you, that is even more accusers than bill clinton has, so that's a record. when you have as many women accusing you, there is no doubt you are a creep. but the problem is, i think this happened during the heat of the #metoo movement, and the new prosecutor felt political pressure to charge him. unfortunately we still have laws in this land, so when they ignored the deal that the prosecutor made in 2005, when
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they ignored some of the technicalities in order to get a political p.r. win in the moment, then suddenly the supreme court looks at it and says, "it doesn't matter what a creep this guy is, you have to actually follow the law." that's why i was worried that things are running hot in the movement in a way that would end up not being beneficial for women. >> harris: wow, that's a really interesting point. kayleigh, he brought up a point yesterday, because this was breaking on "outnumbered." we talked about it as it was unfolding, and kind of the disbelief that we are going forward with this when he already said in his own words what he did. >> kayleigh: right! 58 accuses going back nearly half a century. think about that, half a century. that's an extraordinary period of time. >> harris: prolific creep. >> kayleigh: that's exactly right. he admitted to giving women quaaludes in order to have relations with them. here he is walking free. what is disgusting to me is you
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see this sycophantic outpouring in defense of him the same way as you saw with o.j. simpson. one stood out to me in particular, his former cohost, phylicia rashad. "finally a wrong has been righted, a miscarriage of justice has been --" imagine being a student sexually assaulted by someone who admitted engaging in criminal behavior and seeing your college dean to eat this. how many women youruniversity? >> harris: let's talk about money. i'm curious what's going to happen with bill cosby. who knows? he is an older gentleman, maybe he didn't have a lot to say, maybe he's getting ready for a fight. do you think he'll try to claw back some of that cash that all of this has cost him? maybe he would have been working in this time, we don't know. >> morgan: he has that option, and i think that is one more thing that is hard to
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stomach. to your point, kayleigh, we heard from his own mouth that he was not innocent. she kayleigh to ben's point earlier, this is a classic example of someone not innocent in contrast with the sycophants are saying. the conviction is vacated, which is something different. yet he would be eligible to bring a suit for wrongful conviction. that is really hard for us to take, because we understand the prolific nature of his predatory behavior. frankly, we can say that. again, out of his own mouth it's been corroborated. there are 35 states that allow for wrongful conviction lawsuits against the government. pennsylvania is not one of them, ironically. however, the government has allocated money for wrongful convictions. so speaking would essentially have to see under common law, which would be quite difficult, and he could technically see for maybe malicious prosecution, another uphill battle. the irony is that it would be a classic example of not innocent,
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and yet he technically has on the books a case for a suit of wrongful conviction. >> harris: what makes this so different, though, is he is not one of everybody else. right? i mean, he is famous. he is big famous. huge. what he lost, i would imagine, he would argue, is also a very special. so i could see a fight that wouldn't look like a fight that maybe someone else with an average attorney or average means -- clearly the fight he just wage wasn't average. yes, ben? >> ben: psychos always do psychotic things. i would totally expect that this psycho, which is bill cosby, will do exactly what we are talking about. what i hope comes out of it is that other women that maybe didn't want to be in the limelight, did not want to come out and tell their story, because they assumed that bill cosby was going to be in prison until he died, will now come forward and say, "okay, i'm now going to tell my story. i'm going to add my name." maybe we see new cases brought
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against him. i hope that's what comes out of this. that's probably people out there that thought he's never going to see the light of day again. "i don't have to go through this." >> harris: let's talk statute of limitations quickly. >> emily: just to clarify, pennsylvania is two years, california is 3. the conversation has been, will this meet people, does it depress the #metoo movement? i see this as encouragement. if anything, women should come forward immediately, because based on what happens when they don't. in terms of this particular situation, i don't see a simple suit. clearly not a criminal case happening again. >> harris: the statute of limitations running out on cases we know about. i'm sure there's a lot we don't know. >> emily: he's been incarcerated for three years so the statute of limitations is within that. >> harris: within that, okay. straight-ahead, bill cosby is free, but britney spears is not? our legal team dropped the ball. plus, it happened when she was
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senator, when she ran for president, and now that she is vice president, kamala harris' office is once again rocked by claims of a toxic work environment. the shocking allegations, this time around. ♪ ♪ veteran homeowners. while mortgage rates are still near all time lows, home values just keep going up. now's the time to refi and take out cash. the newday 100 va loan lets you borrow up to 100% of your home's value. you could take out $50,000 or more, to pay down credit card debt and other expenses. and lower your payments $600 a month. the newday 100 va loan. only from newday usa. i brought in ensure max protein, with thirty grams of protein. those who tried me felt more energy in just two weeks! [sighs wearily] here, i'll take that! woo-hoo! ensure max protein. with thirty grams of protein, one gram of sugar, and now with two new flavors! introducing aleve x.
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♪ ♪ >> kayleigh: president biden threatened to fire anyone who didn't treat others with respect back in january. but it looks like his vp's office didn't get the memo, as kamala harris is once again linked to a toxic work environment, political reporting this. "people are thrown under the bus from the very top. there are short fuses and it's an abusive environment that," sd another person with direct knowledge of how the office is run. "it's not a healthy environment
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and people feel mistreated. it's not a place where people feel supported, but a place where people feel treated like --" i will let you fill in the blank. it's on the first time she has faced accusations like this. during her white house bid, when her campaign directors resigned, writing, "this is my third presidential campaign and i have never seen an organization treat its staff so poorly. i know longer have confidence in our campaign or its leadership. the treatment of our staff over the last two weeks was the final straw." back when harris was senator, "the sacramento bee" editorial board called her after claiming she was completely unaware that a senior aide she had known for 14 years was serially harassing colleagues. ben, all of this, and i seem to remember on day 1 president biden said this. roll tape. >> i'm not joking when i say this. if you ever work with me and i hear you treat another colleague with disrespect, talk down to
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someone, i promise you i will fire you on the spot. on the spot. no ifs, ands, or buts. >> kayleigh: should be expect a >> emily: firing on the spot? >> ben: probably not. all of this is probably happening during his naptime so he doesn't see it. [laughter] look how she interacts with the media when i asked her not even a tough question. how angry and irritated she gets. can you imagine behind closed doors but she's like? the part of this that also is just laughable is the fact that simone sanders is implying now that the reason why people are making this accusation against her is that she is an african-american woman in a position of power. you hired your staff. you are now saying the staff you hired is racist toward their chief of staff and their boss? where is the story on that one? you are literally looking at the people you decide to hire and saying that, if you complain, we are claiming you are a bunch of racists and hate us because we are african-american and a
9:17 am
woman. this is a problem that won't go away for her anytime soon, and it's one the media should dig into. when you're only 160 days end, you got 22 staffers willing to go on the record and say, "here's our story," this might be a mad house when the doors are closed. >> kayleigh: morgan, that's what stuck out to me. we have not seen a lot of leaking from the biden administration, but have 22 sources in kamala's world, both in the white house and before, she's made a lot of enemies to have a story like this. >> morgan: and so quickly. in our jobs, kayleigh, it is so frustrating when you are working with people and all of the sudden you pick up a newspaper or open a website and you see that your colleagues are leaking things. right? so i understand how simone sanders is feeling. that's frustrating. but to call the people you work with cowards every day, these are 22 people, as you all pointed out, that you are working with. the level of frustration that these people must have felt, and the quote that you read, the
9:18 am
beginning of the segment, kayleigh, from the campaign, about the abusive treatment, that the serial pattern of mismanagement. when someone has that, including the person in the office who has been harassing someone for 14 years, when you have this type of behavior over and over and over again, it is indicative of a pattern of leadership. it is a very poor pattern. the final thing i would say is remember what happened the last time the democratic party coronated their nominee. it didn't end so well in 2016. they might start smelling blood in the water and say, "maybe i will run if joe biden doesn't, maybe i'll test the waters and see what happens." because she of course did so poorly in the primary. i can't think of a single thing that she hasn't fumbled out of the gate so far in her vice presidency. >> kayleigh: bold prediction, kamala harris will never be president. my bold prediction. she's left a lot of victims in her multi-decade's quest for
9:19 am
power. wright, emily? >> emily: that's right, and she hit the nail on the head when she said mismanagement. being a californian, we saw a district attorney and also ag, there is an explosive case that came out of her office, one of her closest aides of 14 years, a lawsuit was filed against him for sexual harassment. they settled, and the details of that remain closed to the public, but kamala harris maintains that she knew nothing about it. at the time, "the sacramento bee," for example, these are more favorable toward her, but she said she owes her voters more. silly and trust to her a leadership to manage her employees to a standard we can believe in, and she has fallen short. she owes us more than a 4-where denial on the steps of the senate, and frankly it was also unbelievable. i think that is what it was hard to stomach as a californian. what do you mean you didn't know? that means you are either a poor manager or you are lying. there were so many details about it and 70 things that flowed
9:20 am
from it, and it also calls to mind back in 2010 something that occurred in the d.a. office where office was formally rebuked by the doj by withholding information in the drug lab. this is indeed a pattern of mismanagement on many fronts. >> kayleigh: and when asked about it she says, "we are not making rainbows and bunnies." >> harris: we are not making rainbows and bunnies. what i hear is people have hard jobs and i'm like, "well welcome to the club." if there's anything anybody would want to raise, there are avenues for them to do so, so on and so forth. that is just a real gift for no self-awareness on symone sanders' part. and certainly not leadership there, either. when you take responsibility and say, look, the vice president and i have talked about this. if there are people who feel that this is a toxic work environment, we need to speak with them. so we are not going to publicly tell you what these conversations are going to be like, because we want to make sure we make it right so the next time you talk to us we have
9:21 am
all the facts. like, you know, communications for some of us is actually what we do. i don't know what she's doing. bunnies? they are making cookies. a quick follow of you, emily. it's interesting, you have a little inside view of what it was like to live in california while she was ag. did she ever offer -- maybe she didn't want to apologize, maybe those weren't the words. "i'm sorry," she would use those words. she would prefer, "i didn't know about it." but was there ever an effort on her part publicly to say, "even if i didn't know about it, this was wrong, potentially crime." "let me work on this if it is, in fact, true. this person a 14 years that i've known, i apparently didn't know him as well as i thought, but that doesn't change what happened to the victims," or whatever. did she say anything like that? >> emily: no, that would have been a perfect communications message to put forth. she is falling in that
9:22 am
department. after she became a senator, the settlement with the next attorney general, the irony is she wasn't held to the fire to stay on it. she wasn't held to the fire to actually address it, so her fore word, denial, is what stands. that's a pattern for her, saying she is committed to victims of sexual assault, for example, toxic workplace victims, et cetera. but her actual behavior is totally opposite. >> kayleigh: an apology would have been an admission of guilt and that would have been an acceptable. no accountability yet again. just ahead, the white house doubling down, still accusing republicans of defunding the police. but where's the proof? ♪ ♪
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and enhance nerve communication. and, alpha-lipoic acid, which relieves occasional nerve aches, weakness and discomfort. live your life with less nerve discomfort with nervive nerve relief. at philadelphia, we know what makes the perfect schmear of cream cheese. you need only the freshest milk and cream. that one! and the world's best, and possibly only, schmelier. philadelphia. schmear perfection. ♪ ♪ we made usaa insurance for veterans like martin. when a hailstorm hit, he needed his insurance to get it done right, right away. usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. usaa >> are there any examples of republican members of congress that want to defund the police? speak i think most people would argue that actions are more important than words, when you say? >> emily: the white house
9:27 am
still trying to accuse republicans of defunding the police even though press secretary jen psaki can't name a single g.o.p. lawmaker who wants to take money away from cops. as crime surges in many cities across the country, liberals are blaming republicans, the media, even the police themselves. everything but their own policies. >> we are seeing these headlines about percentage increases. now, i want to say that any amount of harm is unacceptable and too much. but i want to make sure that this hysteria isn't driven and we look at these numbers in context. >> republicans are very good at staying on talking points of who says defund the police, but the truth is they defunded the police. >> we now see across these 18,000 police departments, they are butthurt because they can't run willy-nilly and with reckless abandon, so this stepping away from special
9:28 am
units, too cowardly to quit outright. >> emily: and chicago mayor lori lightfoot says 99% of those criticizing the job she's doing are motivated by racism and sexism. >> they held a session with people they didn't disagree with. rahm emanuel was a polite guy who was a uniter? no. women and people of color always held to different standards. i understand that, i've known that my own life. >> emily: morgan, this is a mayor, however, who two years ago campaigned on diminishing the, quote, "unyielding violence" and her communities only to see them rise by 50%, for example, in her second year. 's she admits her policies are failing and she is failing, for example over memorial day weekend there were 49 shootings, which she called a bloodbath and unacceptable.
9:29 am
how is it that she can criticize the violence and yet no one can criticize her on that basis? >> morgan: yeah, i think there needs to be some personal sensibility here. when you are the mayor, the governor, the president, this stuff happens on her watch. she brought up rahm emanuel. listen, chicago has been mismanaged and poorly managed for decades. it's always had a high crime rate. in fact, rahm emanuel they not get the ambassadorship he wants to japan because of some of the controversies of while he was mayor of chicago, which are well-documented in the media. the statistics in chicago speak for themselves. every time i look at the statistics, i think about the segment that you did last week, when we showed that the young couple, the parents dragged from their cars and that were murdered, and that their children are now without parents, the stuff that is happening in chicago is just -- it looks like a scene from a war-torn country. not a scene that should be happening in america.
9:30 am
listen, i would just finally add that i think democrats are really in between a rock and a hard place on this issue, because they know, the president and his team certainly know, that if these crime rates continue around the country, it's going to be devastating for them in '22 an '24, because, shockingly, people want to live in safe communities. at the same time, the squad still wants to defund the police. it's very much part of their platform and the super left platform. so i think they are in a really tough position. if they actually try to do something to solve and empower the police department, to solve these high crime rates, they are going to totally piss off they left base. >> emily: that's exactly right. ben, aoc talks about needing context, calling this hysterical. what context you need other than it is a homicide? it is death. >> ben: let's talk about
9:31 am
lightfoot's role in my second year. if you don't like being criticized, stop sucking at your job. [laughter] you are nine times more likely to be killed in chicago if you are a minority. nine times more likely to die. you have shootings that are up 59% since 2019. when she acts like nothing has changed. it's not a safe city. if you don't want to be criticized, and actually do your job and give people protection. you want to talk about black lives matter connect the majority of people murdered in chicago are african-americans. and the majority of them are being killed by african-americans. so for you to sit back and say, "well, they are criticizing me because i'm an african-american woman," no, they are criticizing you because they are dying. that's why they are criticizing you. wake up and understand and realize it. to imply nationwide that republicans are somehow defunding the police, i will clear it up for everyone watching: we love police. we want to fund police. we want more than enough police to have safety and security for
9:32 am
all americans, full stop. that's it. >> emily: right. to ben's point, 73% of the homicides there and chicago are young black men. they are youths. >> harris: ben is pointing to the black on black crime, that really matters. he say black lives matter, why did the only matter when a black person is killed by a white cop? why is that the case? i really want an answer to that. because until we can get to that part, then we can get to, well, why are you in the streets? last weekend, 74 people shot and chicago. 74. >> ben: and mass shootings. >> harris: think of the last time you went to the grocery store and you saw 74 people. he said it was crowded, that's what you said, no matter how big your acme is or whatever. that's a lot of people in one weekend. but where the protests connect blm, not just the protests, but the movement. where are they with all of that?
9:33 am
you can't get to you -- i'm going to sound like kamala harris -- the "root causes" if you are not willing to look at what's driving it. you are in new york city, democrats want to talk about gun control, that's fine. they could talk about that in washington and argue with republicans about whatever. okay, go to times square where stabbings are the thing right now. try the subways where stabbings are the thing. you want to outlaw knives connect and live to see how that looks. how are you going to do that? you have the change what's happening from the inside out. i don't know how many operas there are to proselytize to the criminals. >> kayleigh: you have aoc talking about context, context doesn't matter to 8-year-old maia how, whose family left this beautiful girl 46 hours ago, 48 hours ago. it is matter to these little children's families who are lost. jen psaki, i would just say this, he can't name one republican who has said
9:34 am
defund the police? there are a whole lot of people in your administration who have said it. your hud secretary has said it, your labor secretary took $12 million from the boston pd, you may not have an example, that we have a ton of examples, and they run throughout the biden administration. >> emily: that's exactly right. he brought up new york comment that the mayoral race right now, there democrats recognizing that hideous concept and calling to refund the police, to invest in the police in a meaningful way, as are the west coast cities. >> harris: and they are leading the poll pearl s, like eric adams. they are doing better than those calling for defund. we'll see how it shakes out. >> emily: exactly. up next, britney spears loses her bid in court to remove her father as sole conservator of her estate. despite her shocking testimony, why her own legal team may be to blame. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ defund a legal setback for britney spears, a judge denying the pop star's request to remove her father's controller for $60 million estate, despite her explosive testimony last week. that's when she shocked the world when she said she's not allowed to get married or have a baby, has been forced to use birth control, and even take medications she doesn't want. spears telling a judge, "i just want my life back. it's been 13 years and it's enough. it's been a long time since i've owned my money, and it's my wish in my dream for all of this to end." her attorney was expected to file a petition, and the judge reportedly said she would make space in her schedule for the hearing, but for reasons not made clear, spears' lawyers has
9:40 am
waited months to file the proper paperwork. kayleigh, you don't have to be an attorney to see why this is frankly so atrocious. what we heard from britney spears' testimony when she said, "i didn't know i could petition to end this, even in this moment in his hearing and not filing the petition technically, i'm just saying i want to get out of it." and we have learned her attorney still has yet to file it. >> kayleigh: for forced birth control, to me that is one of the greatest attributes of being a woman, getting to be pregnant and get married and be a mother. that was deprived of britney. she has two kids, but she wants to move forward with life with her boyfriend she's been with since 2016, and she can't, and it's egregious. he made the point about the attorney, she didn't take this attorney. it is a court-appointed attorney who didn't inform her, reportedly, that she could petition to end the conservatorship. he got $373,000 in 2019 alone. $3 million since he started
9:41 am
representing her in 2008. no wonder he didn't want it to end, the money stops coming in. >> emily: to be clear for viewers, this decision by the judge was based off of a november hearing. so it is unrelated to the explosive testimony we heard last week, we now know her sister's attorneys have filed to launch an investigation into britney's claims for last week. the next hearing is in two weeks, so i think the moral of that story is that this is not over. it may be just beginning, but 13 years later. >> harris: i think the moral of this story is something i talk about all the time. she needs to fire her inner circle. she does. fire that attorney. look, i don't know what's going on with the family members outside the dad. we can read about what the conservatorship is really about, and you know he's getting paid. but as everybody? i think you need to start cutting some people off from your life and let them go find jobs. he can't be the sole provider for everybody. i don't think the paperwork says that, but i don't know, you are
9:42 am
the attorney. maybe in the small print it says, "britney shall pay for people until the day she dies." i don't know. but if she needs a new evaluation, which she has pushed against, the psych evaluation, get a new attorney, see what you can work out. in her inner circle, anybody who didn't speak up before last week on your behalf, down, out. not in your inner circle. you are ready technically have alone right now, space it seemed. i don't know this women but i feel like they want to treat he. just give her some great girlfriend/mom advice. start fresh with those people who have your back, he really have your back. whereas i say for military days, who is watching your six. whatever it is, she needs to start with core britney. she can't do that in two weeks but she has time. it doesn't sound like the judge or anyone else right now is going to bend. she needs to take time and build back her life with people who really support her. again, if you haven't heard from them and they are just now, some of these "mickey mouse club"
9:43 am
people coming out for the first time, "i believe in you, girl." i'm sorry, who are you?" >> emily: that part of what is so heartbreaking about this. this poor woman had no idea. she literally is paying those who she claims are essentially keeping her captive with no idea how to terminate anything. because of the law, she is helpless to do so. she literally has her hands tied until and unless this judge makes a determination otherwise. >> morgan: i agree with you, emily. i thought about something we can all do. when you cd situations and they seem so helpless, i love going to britney spears' concerts. i've been to a few of them, i wanted to see here in vegas, i think she is fantastic. when this news came out when she did the testimony, i thought to myself, i'm not going to another concert of hers while she is under this conservatorship. all i'm doing is paying for all these people in her life that are harassing her. it may not be a lot, but the one little thing i think all of us
9:44 am
can do, as long as she is under this terrible predatory conservatorship, is to refuse to go to these concerts so they can't make her perform. we've got a lot of people on this show today that are claiming sexism and other things when it's not happening. this is an insar in her situatid they allow a conservatorship of an almost 40-year-old male pop star for 13 years? i don't think it would happen. i think there's definitely some sexism going on here against britney. >> emily: that is such a great point. ben, usually conservatorships have to do either with the finances are the ability to care for oneself. she is literally under both in application, 13 years. as morgan pointed out, would this have happened otherwise if this wasn't a now-infantilize, frankly, female? >> ben: yeah, i don't know. but i do know is this. yep someone who clearly deals with mental health issues who is now being abused because of those issues. and that is wrong.
9:45 am
a judge should be able to see this. people are taking advantage of her, and her struggles, and they are making millions. an attorney that can't even file the paperwork on her behalf on time, getting $3 million? i would argue that is the type of guy that should be disbarred, because you are not working in the best interest of your client. you are sucking the life out of your client and using their mental health to your advantage. i would argue the same thing for everyone else hanging on. if they want to do a real investigation, my advice to her sister would be that you need to start exposing the people on this gravy train and are holding her hostage, and holding her in this horrible life that they have created for her. they have done all of this to her. she didn't do all of this to herself. they have set this bubble up which is a prison for her, and it is sick. >> morgan: the way the law is right now is such that it continues until, again, it is petitioned to be ended otherwise. but think about the regular parole meetings we have for the
9:46 am
incarcerated. there are plenty of other analogous situations where there are regular check ins, and upon that determination is when you make that call of, "okay, this stays, this doesn't." if this hadn't happened, it literally would have continued. perhaps it is incumbent upon lawmakers to add checkpoints for all these conservatorships. the 1.3 million that are currently existing in his country, to ensure this doesn't happen to anyone else. all right, moving forward. just ahead, british princes william and harry appearing together for the first time since april for the unveiling of a statue of their mother, the late princess diana. but the royals' ongoing feud may shadow the event. that's next. ♪ ♪ one, two! one, two, three! only pay for what you need! with customized car insurance from liberty mutual! nothing rhymes with liberty mutual.
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>> john: the supreme court has a huge victory to states passing new voting laws. the arizona attorney general will join us to talk about the imprecations of his win in the highest court in the land. chris rufo has become a punching bag to the left over his opposition to critical race theory. how does he respond to his critics? he'll be here to tell us. grover norquist will join us to talk about president biden's tax
9:51 am
and spend policies and we will speak to the district attorney he said he would not prosecute bill cosby. bruce castor will be here to explain his decision, and the fallout from cosby going free. i'm john roberts. join gillian turner and me at the top of the hour for "america reports." >> harris: some good reasons to tune in! an awkward reunion and made a very public rail feud. british princes william and harry appearing together for the first time since april for the unveiling of the statue of their mother, the late princess diana, at kensington palace. they have reportedly not been on speaking terms since harry and his wife, megan michael, criticized the royals in interviews. the statue unveiling marks what would have been princess diana's 60th birthday. along with kate middleton, she did not attend. emily? >> emily: i just love it so much. okay, it's hard to tell from their body language. they seem sort of separated.
9:52 am
>> harris: covid restrictions? speeeighteen maybe for the photograph because the statue was behind them. i thought maybe they were doing that purposely. i couldn't see them really chatting, and then i saw prince william sort of striding ahead. my hopes are of course for reconciliation and good brotherly love that i just don't know if you can tell that from today thus far. >> harris: kayleigh? >> kayleigh: it is such a sad metaphor to me. because william was 15 when he lost his mom, harry was 12. this was their childhood home, they were returning to the garden where, together, in 2017, they commissioned a statue in honor of their mom. you can see this brother had just fell apart as they return to their childhood home, it is so sad. i think megan michael is directly responsible for this. she seems to be the x factor that came in and blew up this relationship, and the two of them, they have a habit of going to different countries and destroying institutions whether it is meghan trying to destroy the monarchy or harry trying to destroy the first amendment.
9:53 am
>> harris: you know, morgan, when i look at this passion have to stay with your days in the state department he may have seen some of these people up close. it's always hard to guess what someone is feeling and going through with loss. she was such a huge loss the family all around, an advertisement for the top of the crown because we learned how badly they treated her eye didn't protect her from the paparazzi. so there's a lot we don't know. but what do we know, that you see? >> morgan: when i was with mike pompeo in london we are normally hanging out with boris johnson and not the royals. royals. >> harris: [laughs] fair enough! >> morgan: i was also thinking, harris, why do we care about this so much? and then i thought, this family is just messy. i think a lot of our families can be messy. we all have family drama. even though they have all of the fame and money and prestige, a thousand years being on the throne, they are still human beings like the rest of us. they can still get in fights amongst their family members.
9:54 am
and i think sometimes it may be comforting for us to see when another family is a hot mess, similar to our own. [laughter] on a serious note, you never want to see anyone in conflict. i hope the two of them can work it out. actually knew megan michael for a while when she lived in new york, we went to iceland together on a trip before she started dating harry. she was always very kind to my husband and nice to me, and i feel kind of bad for her. she was like a normal girl and i was hanging out with her in new york. i feel kind of bad now when she has to go through. >> harris: i've been reading that some of the people in britain don't support the idea of the second wife of prince charles, there is that scullybutt going on, too. is it scullybutt connect i can remember. [laughter] >> ben: don't take advice from someone who has a hot mess on her own hands with her family. just your member that.
9:55 am
second thing, you only have one family. third, you only have one family. so maybe just sit down with your brother, say, "i probably shouldn't have done the interview with oprah, i should have implied that all of y'all are racists, i'm sorry, i'm your better, and i need you." because they don't have the mother. it's never a good idea to do this in public like they did. sit down, you have a brother, you lost your mother. you guys got along really well until this went public. get along. >> harris: ben ferguson with a whole lot of wisdom. we'll be back in a moment. ♪ sometimes you wanna go ♪ ♪ where everybody knows your name ♪ ♪♪
9:56 am
♪ and they're always glad you came ♪ welcome back, america. it sure is good to see you.
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>> emily at harris and i are still on the couch debating the royals. have a wonderful fourth of july. harris and emily, i will see you tomorrow. but for now, here is "america reports." >> john: and thank you so much. in america's system appears to be on full display as many wonder why britney spears is still under a conservatorship while bill cosby is freed from prison because of a technicality. we will do a deep dive into both cases on this busy afternoon on "america reports." >> bruce castor is the former montgomery county pennsylvania dea and he offered cosby an initial deal. he's going to join us to respond to the critics saying he is the reason that the convicted has been set free. also miranda devine, ari


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