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tv   The Faulkner Focus  FOX News  July 1, 2021 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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idea is now you can do a plank instead of sit-ups and push-ups and somebody texted and said a very important thing. it is not about looking good or staying in shape but protecting your life times warriors need to be the tip-top shape. >> dana: joey jones said if he wasn't fit he wouldn't have survived the blast that took his legs. >> harris: let's pick up with a fox news alert. republicans are calling former president trump the real border czar. he just went to the center of the storm. and this is a stark comparison to vice president kamala harris who seemed to refuse to go there. i'm harris faulkner and you are in "the faulkner focus". the former president got a firsthand look at the crisis in mcallen, texas, overwhelmed by illegal immigrants pouring into america. trump along with texas governor greg abbott and a group of republicans toured unfinished
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portions of the border wall and met with sheriffs and border agents there. they say president biden's policies are fueling the crisis. >> you have an open, really dangerous border. more dangerous than it's ever been in the history of our country. all biden had to do is go to the beach. if he had done nothing we would have the strongest border we've ever had. >> things have changed to quickly and dramatically under the biden administration it has been disastrous. people of texas has been pleading for us to step up and help restore safety and security in their lives and that's exactly why texas is stepping up and doing a job that is truly the federal government's job. >> harris: republicans are saying trump is the one still meeting on this issue and the biden team is ignoring american's concerns. >> my takeaway is the real border czar is president trump. this federal government of ours has failed the state of texas,
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has failed to provide for the common defense and our president and commander-in-chief is not faithfully executing the laws of the land. >> president biden's border policy is about as popular as a sinkhole. number one, either president biden misled the american people when he ran and he truly does believe in open borders, or number two, the people that he has put in charge of border n a hot dog stand. >> harris: let's start with that, shall we? ken paxton texas attorney general traveled with president trump to the border yesterday and is now in "the faulkner focus". great to see you, attorney general. let's begin by just looking at the stark difference between kamala harris, the vice president at the border in el paso, texas last week. the former president, donald trump, at the border this week. >> so if you are asking for a
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comparison, it is amazing the difference of going to el paso and going to a place where things are actually happening where we're actually having issues. the president came to the place where the action is happening. where the illegal crossings are occurring and where border patrol, sheriffs, local law enforcement are having to deal with real issues. not just human trafficking and people coming across the border but all types of crime including the drugs coming across in large measure. >> harris: you know, you are having to deal with the repercussions of changing policy. it does come down to legalities when you are talking about a title 42 and how you handle people who come into your state of texas. when the president says it would have been better had biden just gone to the beach and done nothing, what is he talking about in terms of how things really have changed? >> as a border state the president is exactly right. if biden would have just left
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things the way they were. the way they were under the trump administration where catch and release was no longer happening. where the border patrol were allowed to do their job, where you didn't have a president inviting people to come across and saying we won't deport you and eliminating the stay in mexico program and eliminating building the wall. that's a lot of stuff that was working. if biden would have just gone to the beach and done nothing we would still have -- we would still be progressing towards better border security instead of undoing all the good that happened under the trump administration. >> harris: i want to get into just a little bit how the messages are different. when the vice president went down to the northern triangle visiting guatemala and mexico she said don't come. then she flip-flopped on that and went back to more of a biden policy which is more open door. how does it differ to what former president trump says we have to do right now? >> this started day one with
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the biden administration. he invited people to come and they obliged. the numbers and facts show it. the improvement, the massive improvement from the biden to trump administration and now this falling off that happened really fast. just look at the numbers from a year ago to now, all of them whether it's crime, drugs, whether it's illegal immigration, it's all changed in a very dramatic way. the president is right. i love the comment about him being called the actual border czar. >> harris: one of the numbers we're hearing about this week that are stark in some areas the amount of fentanyl coming in across the border has risen by 4,000 percent. that comes with crime, that comes with a whole lot going on in this country. this is a wave now that will take years potentially to undo if they don't start moving quickly. a texas democrat says quote, let's make one thing clear, the narrative of a violent and
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insecure border region is blatantly false. the border is not a war zone and the wall, abbott and trump are trying to get texans to pay for is not only a waste of their hard earned money but also an unamerican symbol of hatred. attorney general paxton, what is your reaction to that? >> my reaction is simple. if you talk to the people that are dealing with this every day, border patrol agents, they like the wall. the wall was built the way they wanted it built. trump took their advice and went to the people dealing with this as professionals, not as politicians but officials following federal law. the border patrol agents who do this every day would disagree if i had the chance to be honest. we've talked to them. they would disagree completely with that statement by that democratic congressman. >> harris: i caught the way you put that. you choose your words carefully, i know. if they had the chance to be honest. how are politics at play here? >> there is no doubt that they
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are encouraged not to talk. i know that because i have talked to them. i talked to them during the obama administration and i knew they were not supposed to talk. now trump they could talk and now they aren't allowed to say what they think. they would lose their jobs if they do. there is an attempt to keep transparency from the american people from the people who know best. >> harris: now what's very transparent is what you and the governor of texas are having to do with deal with this. south dakota governor kristi noem answered the call coming from texas loud and clear from the governor sending national guard troops to the border to help out. here is what she said today. >> typically securing the border would be the responsibility of the federal government. our federal government is not doing their job. the governors of texas and arizona have asked us for help and this is a mission national guard is trained and equipped and does with excellence.
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when they made the request to me, i started running the protocols, asking if we had volunteers in my national guard that would want to do this mission and had more than i could possibly anticipate. >> harris: attorney general paxton. this is not a good look for the biden administration. it would seem that governors in the great states across america are willing to do more than the actual federal government to help out the state of texas. am i getting that right? >> good bless kristi noem and ron desantis and our attorney general friends in indiana trying to figure out how to help us. they realize that we have a severe problem that isn't going to just affect us. the fentanyl problem doesn't stay in texas, the smuggling of human beings and human trafficking doesn't just stay in texas. it's a very sad commentary the biden administration will not help us. just the opposite. they are doing just the opposite of what needs to be done to help us, they are
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hurting us. >> harris: from what you've been sharing and what we know from other leaders is that the american people, unless they see coverage of a former president whose policies were flipped, unless we have these kinds of conversation, and i have them with democrats, too, they are not going to know how bad it is from this administration. we started with kamala harris and where she went. >> thank you for president trump for coming to the border. it brought attention to a massive problem along our border that will not just stay in texas or arizona. it will affect the entire country and it will be very costly from an economic standpoint and social standpoint. i really appreciate that he came. i appreciate the governor put this together, governor abbott. it was a success in highlighting the problems at the border. >> harris: i have had representatives in the house they weren't invited to be with vice president kamala harris.
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maybe that could change if she does go back in the future. from the great state of texas, attorney general ken paxton with me today in focus. >> have great day. >> harris: president biden is in florida on the massive condo collapse. 18 people are confirmed dead including two little sisters. official s have to halt the rescue effort because they're concerned about the remaining structure. >> we were forced to halt rescue efforts due to the concerns about the standing structure. we're doing everything we can to insure the safety of our first responders is paramount and continue our search and rescue operations as soon as it is safe to do so. >> harris: a reminder the president was due to go to the site. he will not be going there.
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he is meeting he and the first lady are meeting with first responders this hour at another location where he was speaking. you can see the meeting there. we're getting some shocking new video. look at this. allegedly shows debris and rushing water, you can see that in the center of your screen, pouring into the building's garage just moments before it fell. the cameras are everywhere these days. phil keating is live in surfside with more. so many questions and so much heat around this issue, phil, of what they knew and when they knew it, the people who might have helped those in that building before this happened. >> we learned overnight from the "washington post" reporting that five of the seven board members all resigned in the same two weeks back in 2019 because they were so upset with the residents unwilling to pay for these $16 million in repairs. for each condo owner it would
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have been $80,000 to $100,000. there was pushback and it glad the work. it will come up into this investigation including the one by the grand jury that the state attorney in miami-dade county formed. the president and first lady finished their command briefing 10 blocks up the street. on hand was the governor as well as the two senators for florida, marco rubio and rick scott. they're going to now make their way to meet with the first responders, congratulate and thank the search and rescue crews and also try to console as best they can with the families. but a very, very bad day for the search for survivors because of this brown tower you see there. that's all that's left of the surfside condo tower that did not collapse. overnight it determined the remaining tower is too fragile and poses a threat to the hundreds of people digging around the clock through the pile. >> due to additional concerns
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for building stability. it was based on the experts of structural engineers. 6 to 12 inches of movement in a large column hanging from the structure that could fall and cause damage in the garage area. >> a major letdown for families still with hope their loved ones will be found alive. 18 people now confirmed dead and two young discovered yesterday were siblings. two sisters, a 10-year-old and 4-year-old. more search and rescue teams are coming from other states and more boots on the ground as probable storm elsa could hit south florida next week. today is day eight of the search for survivors, one week to the day since half of surfside's 12 story champlain towers south pan caked to the ground. convoys of trucks have been leaving with did disaster zone with rubble and steel and
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concrete. a federal investigation is underway by the national institute of standards and technology to look into structurally what caused this building to collapse. they did the same thing after 9/11. they rarely do these investigations. searching for survivors is now halted and no time frame for when it is resumed. president biden wanted to pay for the first 30 days of this massive operation. >> harris: before i let you go. you talk about an indefinite break as they have to look at that second tower to make sure what, you say it's fragile. is anybody talking about how they will shore up that building? >> it's unclear what they are going to do. the engineers are assessing the situation and trying to establish a time frame when the searching and rescuing could still resume. >> harris: it's not a weather issue or a compromised pile issue. that is the other structure
8:15 am
that north tower is too fragile for them to continue. we'll keep our eyes on it and, of course, keep our eyes on the situation with the president's visit. we'll shift gears but we will still talk about president biden because his son, hunter, is back in the news. the new report evidence photograph which suggests that president actually was more involved in hunter biden's business ventures that he so far has admitted. and then there is this. >> are there any examples of republican members of congress saying they want to defund the police? >> most people would argue actions are more important than words, wouldn't you say? >> harris: the white house still wants to accuse republicans of defunding the police. but jen psaki can't get the specifics of that, you mean the facts? is this strategy blowing up in the administration's face? jason chaffetz is in focus next.
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>> harris: a lot of americans are living this nightmare. violence plaguing the streets of large cities nationwide. in brooklyn a pair of bikers attacked a 57-year-old postal worker in broad daylight on a busy street. look at this. that is disgusting. the two punching and kicking the man until some bystanders finally stepped in. police say no arrests have been made in any of this. despite all of that, the biden administration is still attempting to turn the tables politically and accuse republicans of defunding the police. here is the argument they are waging. >> there are lots of examples of democrats explicitly saying they want to defund the police. are there any examples of republican members of congress saying they want to defund the police?
8:22 am
>> i think most people would argue that actions are more important than words, wouldn't you say? >> you want to defund the police >> actions speak louder than words, peter. if you oh pos funding for the cops that was dramatically cut by the prior administration and republicans supported and you vote against a bill that has funding for the cops program, we can let other people evaluate what that means. >> harris: jason chaffetz fox news contributor, former republican congressman from utah and fact dude as i like to call him. all right, let's call out where facts are in that. the bill doesn't say you have to use this money for police and law enforcement, even jen psaki knows it allows for it. they could use the money that way if they wanted to those cities, lawmakers. >> yeah, it was 1.9 trillion. there is a lot of reasons why to be opposed to that bill. to the point that mr. doocy was
8:23 am
asking can you name a single republican who stood up and said i can't do this because it would provide more money to the police? it is laughable what jen psaki said and what the democrats are trying to do. that is political spin that is laughable. it doesn't meet the basic smell test. you can look at very specific examples across the country where police departments have been defunded like new york and portland and los angeles and those are not republican actions, those were democrats that made those moves. >> harris: jason, we had a list of 20 to 22 we put on the big wall. it has gotten longer wall. we have it scrolled. if the bill says it allows for the spending, what would change the minds in the democrat-led cities to start spending money on police? it doesn't mandate it. >> you would think that the compelling crime numbers, the rapid rise in murders and homicides and violent crimes
8:24 am
and the videos we see day after day maybe in new york city when you take 500 police officers, under cover police officers off the street and people are afraid of walking down the street in times square or out on a busy sidewalk like this, you would think it would be compelling enough but no, democrats have tried to have it both ways but the reality is they have advocated on the far left side of the party very specifically defund the police. it is core to the black lives matter mission as an organization. i think the toughest part for republicans quite frankly, harris, are those republicans that said we support the black lives matter organization because that's part of their mission. i don't know how they answer that question. >> harris: there is a difference between blm the organization and they are having their issues, now and the movement. and people that in the middle they want to support the movement and be there with the
8:25 am
peaceful protestors but it is the organization right now that's front and center. the controversy around hunter biden's reported laptop just got hotter apparently. this is what we call a receipt, photograph, which reportedly shows then vice president biden meeting with mexican businessmen in his office alongside his son and that he reportedly flew hunter and his business partner in air force 2 to mexico city for meetings. the "new york post" miranda devine writes at some point the biden white house will have to confront evidence of the president's involvement in his son's overseas business dealings. joe biden insists he never knew a thing about hunter's lucrative deals in countries where he wielded influence as vice president but evidence abounds of hunter's abandoned laptop of joe's involvement. how much of a problem is this for joe biden? >> it is off the charts a
8:26 am
problem. first ukraine there are problems with china and hunter biden flying on air force 2, government resources and what he did and didn't do in china. add mexico to this list and joe biden was a candidate but said he never participated. never even had a discussion about hunter biden's businesses. but when we now see multiple pictures of the vice president meeting with hunter biden's potential business partners in an official capacity, it begs the question what did joe biden know, how did his family benefit from this, what deals were they trying to strike? because he is one of the highest -- the number two official in the entire united states government and there is hunter biden taking his business people in front of the vice president, providing access, providing the pictures, giving credibility to some of the wealthiest people in the world and you have to believe
8:27 am
that, you know, the bidens have got to come clean on this. somebody needs to ask the question and the bidens have to answer these questions. so far joe biden has lied. >> harris: former chairman of oversight what would you want to see done immediately. we need a commander in truth. >> i would want to see all of those documents surrounding that particular visit. who came in, how was it arranged, who else knew about it? any whistleblower did they try to say mr. vice president you shouldn't take this meeting? then i want to have joe biden asked the specific question what did you mean when you said you never met with any of hunter biden's -- didn't even have a discussion with hunter biden about his business operations, that's just a lie. >> harris: what did you mean? did you forget? not telling the truth? a lot of follow up questions. jason has this amazing podcast jason in the house. he asked me to do a special discussion. i didn't know what i was going
8:28 am
in there. military family discussion, how i grew up. at one point the record hit the needle. see the young folk don't know about that because everything is digital. he asked me who my first celebrity crush was and i couldn't tell him because i said he has been an "outnumbered" and he doesn't know. my husband knows so i can at least go home. you will have to listen up. jason, thank you for being with me here and for having me on your podcast. take care. britney spears' request to have her conservatorship removed has been denied. a judge ruling the singer cannot remove her dad's control of her estate. judge jeanine reacted this way. >> there is something that is very wrong here. whether britney needs new attorneys or whether there needs to be a judge here who makes more sense than this particular judge. she is almost 40 years old and she is not being allowed to
8:29 am
make basic decisions about her own body and about whether or not she can redo her kitchen. this is bizarre. it is absurd and unfair. >> harris: christina coleman has more about what happened here in los angeles. good to see you. >> good to see you, too, britney spears' attorney made the specific request to have her dad removed from the conservatorship last november. the new court documents filed yesterday show the judge's ruling. they state the court found britney is substantially unable to manage her financial resources or to resist fraud or undue influence. now, this comes a week after the pop star's explosive testimony where she slammed the conservatorship and her father. she said quote my dad and anyone involved in this conservatorship and my management who played a key role in punishing me, they should be in jail. britney also said she was forced to involuntary medical evaluations, rehab, medication and said she was forced to be
8:30 am
on birth control even though she still wanted to have another baby. britney's father jamie spears who was co-conservator of her estate and manages her finances. he is asking the court to investigate britney's claim and any possible role jody montgomery may have in his daughter's personal life. jody montgomery is the conservative of britney's person. she also denies britney's claims. a number of legal experts say an investigation is needed to get to the bottom of all of this. >> i believe that britney spears conservatorship has been a categorical circus. how can jody montgomery be the personal conservator when she is bickering with jamie spears publicly across the country? this is completely illogical and it is shocking. >> britney has yet to file a
8:31 am
petition to terminate her conservatorship. >> harris: thank you very much. damage control. squad member congresswoman ilhan omar trying to clear up her latest remarks on israel. why her critics say they don't buy it. it is a long part of a pattern. what will come next for her? was she for it before she was against it? the flag waving photo raising questions about an olympians --
8:32 am
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>> harris: doing the walk back. congresswoman ilhan omar trying to soften her language after remarks called anti-semitic. the squad member herself former refugee highlighting the historic ties between the black
8:37 am
and jewish communities saying fleeing war and persecution to find refuge in the united states of america is the jewish american experience. this binds us. this comes just one day after she doubled down on her controversial remark. >> do you regret these comments? >> i don't. i welcomed any time my colleagues have asked to have a conversation, to learn from them, for them to learn from me. i think it is really important for these members to realize that they haven't been partners in justice. they haven't been, you know, equally engaging in seeking justice around the world. and i think i will continue to do that. >> harris: wow, she talks in circles. she compared the united states to a terrorist group. republican congressman lee zeldin said he believes omar needs to face consequences finally. >> i don't believe that she
8:38 am
really even understands what the problem is with what she said. she tries to equivocate anti-semitism with all sorts of other things. she references xenophobia, islamaphobia or more. there is a 100% chance it will continue and be removed from the foreign affairs committee and there should be consequences. >> harris: we have two panelists today. leslie and jason, great to see you today. i'll begin with you, jason and get your top line thoughts on this with omar. >> thanks for having us, harris. ilhan omar knows exactly what she is doing. there is a pattern here. she is emboldened by democratic party leadership and their inaction in reining in her. she should be expelled from congress. look at the pattern. she said it is all about the benjamin, baby, israel
8:39 am
hypnotized. the world. saying her jewish colleagues are not partners in justice. she compared america and israel to hamas and the taliban. okay. the real question comes down to when is her party, the democratic party and her constituents, going to say enough is enough? >> harris: leslie, every time i talk with someone from the left they say well, you know, we're a big tent. she can say what she wants. clearly she can't because somebody is talking with her and she keeps walking stuff back like she is about to back off a pier. >> i think that she is looking at perhaps court of public opinion in addition to her constituency but i would disagree with jason here. she is an elected official. it is the voters in her district and her state that decide whether she stays or goes. she hasn't violated with free speech or even hateful speech and speech that may be distasteful to most of us in
8:40 am
our party. might have party in the democrats don't equate one of our top allies, israel, the terrorist organizations hamas and hezbollah. >> harris: why didn't see the comment of steven king, former committee holding congressman because the then g.o.p. leadership dealt with some of the things that he was saying. i'm just curious to know why you see it one way for a member of your party but not the same way for the members of the other party. a quick thought and we'll move on. >> i would disagree. steven king had years of comments before anything was done by those in his party. and with regard to ilhan you have had nancy pelosi and other members of congress and not just jewish members of the house, come out and speak up and not -- >> harris: not pull her from committees. >> she continues to clarify what she has said. >> harris: hasn't said the words i'm sorry.
8:41 am
nothing they're doing is costing her anything. i'll get to this. the old photograph of hammer thrower gwen berry smiling with a u.s. flag going viral now this after she courted controversy by turning her back on the stars and stripes during olympic trials. critics are saying this exposes gwen berry as a big fraud. one tweet it looks like her entire activist athlete bit is an act. another says looks like the american flag didn't offend gwen berry a few years ago. jason. >> she is clearly from these new photos a phony, a fake, a fraud and she went woke to cash in and she is probably trying to get a nike deal. but the bigger question is why do we reward those that disgrace our country, our national anthem and our flag? that's the real question. and you have to understand when she puts on her uniform and competes on the world state in the olympics she represents
8:42 am
america and everything that she stands for. so if she doesn't like america and the national anthem and she doesn't like the american flag and thinks we're systemically racist she shouldn't represent us in the olympics. >> harris: leslie. >> i couldn't disagree more. one of the things that stands out about this country and makes the united states different than any other nation greater than any other nation in the world is you can turn your back on the flag, you can turn your back on the anthem. i don't think it makes her anti-american or hypocritical. >> harris: let me give you an example of how she might be anti-american. >> maybe she changed her mind over time. this woman has won a bronze medal representing our nation in the olympics and we should support her and even if we don't like what she is saying about the flag or saying about the anthem, support the freedom to do it. that's what makes america great and makes us stand apart from every other nation in the world. >> harris: it is more about the other two americans on that
8:43 am
dais. price and anderson deserve their moment. jason. >> you are 100% right. she is stealing attention from frankly those that came in first and second and beat her but the bigger point is why if you don't like america, why would you ever represent her? that's the biggest problem i have. why are we putting athletes on world stages if they disgrace and hate america? that's the problem. >> harris: as i said, leslie, the example i was going to give it feels unamerican not to care about your other americans. your last quick thought. >> i wouldn't say it is unamerican. it is attention grabbing, no question about that. i don't think if you don't like something about something whether it's a flag or a nation you throw the baby out with the baths water. i don't agree with my husband 100% of the time but i'm not going to divorce him.
8:44 am
i don't agree with everything that happens in my country and that has happened in the history of the nation. i love it and i'm proud of it and i believe she is too. we should be proud of our athletes even if they aren't proud of political statements we disagree with. >> harris: the great guy you married of course. both of you have such beautiful families. as we move on. the olympic judges not the judges necessarily but that panel, they aren't going to put up with this sort of thing from any country. we'll have to see what happens when she actually gets to tokyo. u.s. air force candidates will no longer be required to run among other changes coming to the physical fitness test being. even i could pass it, i think. i shouldn't be able to. i'm not special or forces. plus this. >> nobody wants to work for number two, okay? even in the secret service and the staff. combine that with the fact that
8:45 am
kamala harris is uniquely untalented for this position, no skills whatsoever. >> harris: dan bongino. critics we acting to an explosive new report alleging lore morale and abusive environment for staffers inside kamala harris's office. they talked to 22 people on and off the staff right now. fox across america host jimmy failla is in focus ahead. scient. and here. which is why the scientific expertise that helps operating rooms stay clean now helps the places you go too. look for the ecolab science certified seal. riders, the lone wolves of the great highway. all they need is a bike and a full tank of gas. their only friend? the open road. i have friends. [ chuckles ] well, he may have friends, but he rides alone. that's jeremy, right there! we're literally riding together.
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>> harris: staffers in vice president kamala harris's office are facing low morale calling it an abusive environment. the allegations are being made in a report from "politico". one source says people are throwing us under the bus from the very top. calling it a place where people feel treated like we can't put it on tv, fill in the blank. the vice president's spokesperson says, quote, we're not making rainbows and bunnies all day. what i hear is that people have hard jobs and i'm like welcome to the club. whoever has something they would like to raise they should raise it directly. jimmy failla host of fox across america on fox news radio. your take. >> wow, this harris thing is
8:51 am
hilarious. she is the ellen degeneres of vice presidents. she laughs at everything and dances on the outside and behaind closed doors she is a monster. first and foremost on the outside she has been compassionate and tolerance and inclusion. for her to be hypocriteically horrible behind closed doors is such a parallel to everything else we know about this woman. it is someone who brags about being hard on pot smokers as california attorney general and then turn around and brag about being a pot smoker when she ran for president. she is a joke and that's a problem. nobody wants to work for a joke. she went to el paso, 900 miles away from the border christ. come on. >> harris: women sometimes can get a hard wrap being a boss. you report from things coming from 22 people. that would be women, men, that could be everybody. >> can i add to that? when you talk about everybody.
8:52 am
it really does read like someone within the biden administration wanted her to look bad. you've heard that narrative. they gave her the border because they thought it was impossible. they gave her s1 voting rights which didn't go anywhere. it wouldn't surprise me if joe biden heard the momentum building up for her to replace mr. mag oo*. i think somebody within the administration doesn't like her and that's what this reads like. the administration could stop something like this. "politico" always has the democratic party's back. >> harris: wow, all right. fired up about this in particular i know that you are. the u.s. air force set to announce changes to its physical fitness test and will no longer require candidates to have to run instead of the push-up requirement, candidates can hold themselves in a raised plank position. for the core they can choose between planks and sit-ups.
8:53 am
members will have to be able to do a shorter shuttle run or walk instead of running a mile and a half. your quick take. >> what's next? do we fight combat on xbox and change war to call of duty or fortnight. this is embarrassing. an army that can be defeated by name calling. come on, man. >> harris: one more point and having grown up military i wonder about this. we have people in the military and we have categories of them. they are all incredible but we have the green beret, special forces, navy seals, so on and so forth. people whose acumen physically has to best the people on the battlefield. they have to be faster than me or you. >> no participation trophy in war. you get it. i don't think the people running this administration do
8:54 am
and it is horrifying. it really is. your job is to kill. you never open up a restaurant and say we look for chefs who can't cook. that's the gig. people who can do the gig. >> harris: let's get to cnn real quickly. they're taking some heat being mocked as the communist news network for glowing coverage of the chinese communist party's 100th anniversary and star leader xi. one critic tweeted this, xi nn, another tweets no mention of how many chinese people the communist regime has killed. another tweet. can this be distinguished in any way from the king of propaganda, that ccp itself might put out? >> it is pathetic. china is the biggest human rights abuser in the world. they have know fox will pick it
8:55 am
up and make fun of them. people that are trapped in airports. hello no everybody in an airport. thanks for having me. >> harris: jimmy failla always speaks his mind. great to have you on the program. he can hit every topic. thank you for watching "the faulkner focus". "outnumbered" after the break.
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click or call to bundle today. ♪ ♪ >> harris: we begin with the fox news alert, and bill cosby, a serious national debate raging right now after he walked out of prison a free man. that's following the pennsylvania supreme court overturning his sexual assault conviction. protesters called the decision insulting to abuse survivors and took to the streets outside his home. others say bill cosby was a victim of mob justice and was not allowed due process. you are watching "outnumbered." i'm harris faulkner. here today, my cohosts, emily compagno along with kayleigh mcenany. and former


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