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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer Dana Perino  FOX News  July 1, 2021 6:00am-8:00am PDT

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going to p ha in the next couple minutes, you'll see coverage in the next hour with america's newsroom, right here on fox news channel. ainsley: we'll be watching it. brian: i'm going to simulcast for the next show talking about what made america great brand new season. steve: you'll be unveiling that. brian: that'll be exciting.
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>> the attention of the state, of the country, and in some respects the world and rightfully so. this is a team mission. one of the most important in the state's history. >> trace: our detectives have been working around the clock to reach every single person who we have been told may be missing. >> we're exhausting every avenue. it is a very dangerous situation. >> it is an extraordinary lifesaving emergency effort unlike anything we've ever seen in the state of florida. >> this will go on until we pull everybody out of there. our number one effort. >> dana: charles watson is live
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in surfside with the latest. >> good morning. there is still a lot of questions in terms of what caused the partial building collapse. there are competing theories as the focus remains on the building's pool and parking garage below. an engineer speaking to the "washington post" says there is a possibility the pool collapsed first bringing the huge section of the tower down with it. scientists and engineers from the national institute of standards and technology, the federal agency that probed the fall of the twin towers on 9/11 with investigating as they try to make an official determination of what caused that condo building to come down. we spoke to a rescue team member from the israeli defense force who says he believes this investigation is in good hands. >> i really want to emphasize my impression that the american teams are very professional. they have the best equipment in the world, i think. they have the best men here working.
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>> ms. rodriguez recorded this video in 2018 showing leaky pipes in the garage below. rodriguez's lawyer said in part quote, it was her effort to truly get somebody to listen to her and other residents as they found clear examples that the garage was falling apart and dana, there are at least five lawsuits against the champlain towers south condo association and a grand jury investigation that will be conducted. the condo association has hired a p.r. firm that promises to fix the impossible. >> dana: we'll be watching for the press conference as well. >> trace: legal setback for britney spears after a judge denies the singer's request to remove her father from his role as conservator of her estate. christina coleman is live with more on this. good morning to you.
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>> good morning. britney spears' attorney made the specific request to have britney's dad removed from the conservatorship last november. no court documents file yesterday show the ruj's ruling. it states the court found britney spears is substantially unable to manage her financially resources or to resist fraud or undue influence. granted, it is a legal setback for the 39-year-old pop star fighting to get control of her life back. that fight is likely not over considering that just one week ago she testified for the first time in open court to try and end the now 13-year long conservatorship. she accused her family of being abusive and says she was forced to medical he having a waitions, rehab and medication and forced to be on birth control even though she wanted to have another baby. she said i just want my life back and it has been 13 years and it is enough. it has been a long time since i've owned my own money and it has been my wish and my dream
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for all of this to end. also, britney's father who was co-conservator of her estate and manages her finances denies britney's allegations and asking the court to investigate her claims. jody montgomery, the conservator of britney's personal also denies britney's allegations. her attorney says montgomery has had no say in who the pop star marries or in regards to her having more children. so all of this is leaving many of fans and experts questioning. britney has yet to file a petition to terminate your conservatorship. >> trace: thank you. >> dana: let's bring in our legal panel. jonna spilbor and tammy bruce. jonna, tell us on the legal front. is that the next step to finally file this petition to
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end the conservatorship? >> yes, absolutely. so a judge can only do what a judge is requested to do on paper. so the next step would be. we know what britney wants. she doesn't want to just get her father off the conservatorship she wants to be out from under it and i don't blame her. the next step is file to proper petition. i have to add this. with the judge hearing what she heard i would also want to remove this judge from this conservatorship proceeding. the judge is not doing britney any favors. >> dana: how do you see it this morning, tammy? >> there is also some questions i completely agree with what our friend just said but there are questions about britney's lawyer as well. in one of the statements, in the statement she had last week she claimed that she had no idea that she could challenge the conservatorship and that brings up the question what has her lawyer been saying? the people surrounding her have been making a lot of money.
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her father allegedly from what forbes is reporting over $5 million. she also alleges that besides not being in control of her person, she has been forced to work when she doesn't want to work and when she has worked her father has made more money, her lawyer, other conservators and people involved have made more money. this becomes one of the larger issues. remember a lot of people might not know what a conservatorship is for. britney is 38 or 39 years old. normally you would have this when someone is completely unfunctional. if someone is in a coma or has alzheimer's. in this case as she noted in her own statement she is working, she has employees, she is able to perform, she has been performing since she has been a child. look, a lot of people also, dana, mismanage their money and they are allowed to lose everything. the elvis presley estate has
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been effectively lost. other people decide to retire and quit and move to alaska and live in the wild. people are allowed to not manage their money well. other people may be interested in an estate being built but that doesn't mean you get to take to have control over someone and keep them moving because sthe is a money machine. >> dana: she said i shunned be in conservatorship. if i can work for myself and pay other people, it makes no sense. so we'll keep an eye on this and keep people updated especially if that petition is finally filed. i want to ask you about bill cosby. his spokesperson. what happened yesterday when bill cosby was set free in the afternoon. >> this is bigger than bill cosby. this is about reforming the criminal judicial system. it was all racially motivated against mr. cosby. mr. cosby has always used his
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entire career to elevate women. >> dana: the "new york post" says v for villainy. >> this was a victory not just for bill cosby but for due process and fundamental fairness. when you combine those two things they apply to all of us, not just bill cosby. i am taking issue with a lot of analysts have called it a technicality. that minimizes what our constitution does. our constitution protects us all because of those, quote, technicalities. the technicalities and t not crossed is not what happened here. big cosby, the more you dig into this ruling you'll see. bill cosby should not have been prosecuted at all because the evidence that was used against bill cosby was completely contrived by this informal,
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very odd immunity deal from the original prosecutor. it is fascinating, interesting and infuriating at the same time. >> dana: last word from you, tammy. >> well look, this is a dynamic which had already gone to an appeals court. the verdict was upheld with the same argument. supreme court in pennsylvania was split a 4-3 decision. when we talk about reform, this is a prosecutor who made a deal and said we're not going to prosecute you. it was unwritten during the civil case, not a criminal case. when people say technicality what they are telling victims around the world in this country and the dozens of alleged cosby victims, this is not about a fact of the matter in the case. that a jury found him guilty. there was nothing wrong with that finding based on what was presented to them. that this was about a deal between that was again stated, not written, between a former prosecutor and bill cosby. so you've got split decisions effectively, message has been
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sent to victims around the country that there is no safe harbor for you when we talk about justice reform and that's something i want to reaffirm to women is that this is one situation. it is not necessarily over. it is why i think mr. cosby said nothing at that press conference. you have to remember that if you can prosecute, to do so early. >> dana: it was notable he made no comments at all himself. we appreciate it. i believe he called in to abc news to the anchor there to give a few comments but not on camera. >> trace: i was surprised his spoke person used the racial thing saying it was all about race. bill cosby has spent a good portion of his life saying you shouldn't be blaming things on race. that was surprising to me. the white house distancing itself from ilhan omar after the progressive lawmaker stood by her comments comparing the u.s. and israel that terrorist groups. jen psaki calling her stance
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false and unacceptable. anita vogel live from the nation's capital with more on this. >> that's right. the spokesperson for the president jen psaki didn't even need to circle back on that one. she made it crystal clear the white house did not agree with those remarks in the slightest. take a listen to this exchange with our own peter doocy. >> what does the white house think about congresswoman omar does not regret comparing u.s. and israel to the taliban. >> any attempt to do that with a terror group like hamas or taliban is false and unacceptable. representative omar has said that it was not the intent of her comments. >> the whole controversy started tuesday when she doubled down on comments she made comparing the u.s. to terror groups around the world by essentially pointing her finger at her jewish colleagues
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in the house for not doing enough to promote justice around the worlds. those remarks received blowback from around capitol hill and beyond. later on she softened her language a bit with a series of new tweets saying i'm someone who has survived war and experienced injustice first-hand, who is alive today because i was welcomed into this country as a refugee. i know many of my colleagues both jewish and non-jewish deeply share that commitment to fighting injustice. that seemed to appease a number of jewish lawmakers and jewish organizations but many republicans on the hill are still calling for her removal from the house foreign affairs committee. so far no word on what speaker pelosi will do about this but she does have a briefing this morning right here in d.c. at about 10:30. you know we'll be listening in on that. >> trace: indeed you will. anita, we'll have much more on the fallout from congresswoman
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ilhan omar when lee zeldin joins us in the next hour. >> dana: fox news alert on a situation going from bad to worse. vice president kamala harris says she sees progress at the border. we have exclusive new video showing a far different story. >> trace: severe drought hitting the west coast. how it could send food prices highers and california's resistance to many trump-era policies might be partly to blame. >> dana: after a year of lockdowns, looting and emotional debate to teach our nation's history new fox polling showing fewer people think the u.s. is the best country in the world to live. what it means for our country. >> we saw riots and violence happening in every other state. south dakota stepped up and hosted a celebration of people that love this country. how much money can liberty mutual save you? one! two! three! four! five!
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>> trace: a massive explosion rocking a los angeles neighborhood after an l.a.p.d. bomb squad attempted to detonate explosive devices. 17 people injured in the blast including nine officers, the bombs were seized along with 5,000 pounds of illegal fireworks. investigation as you might imagine is now underway into exactly what went wrong there and you know because of the pandemic, they kind of put a lid on last year's fourth of july things. southern california all over the nation a lot of fireworks are out and about. >> dana: let me ask you something. the camera shot. what was happening? somebody was watching that live? >> i'm not sure. >> dana: then they pull out. that wasn't just like surveillance footage. >> trace: it was a news helicopter. you have a news helicopter that is hovering. >> dana: you see that a lot in l.a. very scary.
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new york city mayoral candidate eric adams. the board of election threw out 135,000 test ballots after mistaking them for real votes. david lee miller is live in new york with the latest. david. >> dana, there is at least one thing that all the candidates in new york's democratic mayoral primary agree on, the city's board of elections is a mess. the board botched the city's first effort at rank choice voting. last night released corrected results and apology. new numbers are not final. they do not include more than 120,000 absentee ballots. numbers were revised after it was discovered 135,000 test ballots were mistakenly included in the. the leader is still eric adams. still in second place is former sanitation commissioner kathryn garcia.
6:22 am
not far behind is progressive candidate maya whiley. under state law candidates who want the challenge the election must do so within 10 days after the primary. on wednesday adams filed a lawsuit to preserve his right oversee and review ballots. all three frontrunners released statements and adams said our campaign was the first choice of voters on election day and leading the race by a significant margin. garcia told supporters we remain confident in our path to victory and whiley who supports gutting the police budget said this election is still wide open. the outcome of the election won't be known until mid july when absentee ballots will be counted. the mishandling of the election so far has undermined confidence in the democratic process. consensus among new yorkers now is the big loser in this contest is the board of elections. dana. >> dana: hopefully it won't be the citizens of new york.
6:23 am
thank you, david lee. >> trace: a statue of princess diana is being unveiled moments from now on what would have been her 60th birthday. today's event is small with close family members comes as family tensions continue to divide prince william and harry. greg palkot is on the ground live for us there. good morning or good afternoon. >> trace, good afternoon. we are told just about now the unveiling of that statue should be happening behind us, behind this crowd of people, behind the trees and bushes here at kensington palace. it has been 40 years since princess diana became princess. all eyes are on her two sons princes william and harry. the first time they've been together since the funeral of prince phillip back in april. relations between the two and all the royals have been frosty
6:24 am
since harry and meghan markle gave interviews and took swipes at the family. it is a small gathering due to covid restrictions and maybe to the tensions as well. no queen, no prince charles or no meghan and no princess kate. she is said to be a bit of a peacemaker in the family. we've seen harry out and about coming out of covid isolation. he appeared yesterday at a charity event. any kind of reconciliation between the two, that is the big hope and also seen as a long shot. perhaps the charitable spirit of their late mother might bring the two together. right now it is closed to both the press and the public. we'll be getting images in a few minutes and looking at them closely for some signs. back to you. >> trace: looking forward to those. greg palkot back to you as the news breaks. thank you. >> the united states of america was built upon the rule of law. what the biden administration is doing is not enforcing the
6:25 am
rule of law. >> dana: texas governor greg abbott blasting president biden as construction at the border wall is abandoned. what texas is doing to take the migrant surge into their own hands and the u.s. air force making changes to its fitness test. candidates walk instead of run. i have moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. now, there's skyrizi. with skyrizi, 3 out of 4 people achieved 90% clearer skin at 4 months, after just 2 doses. skyrizi may increase your risk of infections and lower your ability to fight them. before treatment, your doctor should check you
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veteran homeowners. the past four years have seen ♪♪ interest rates drop to record lows while home prices have just gone up and up. giving you a once in a lifetime chance to turn the equity in your home into cash in your hand. the newday 100 va cash out loan lets you take out $50,000 or more, by letting you borrow up to 100% of your home's value. make the call while rates are still near all-time lows! >> trace: we have been bringing you shocking statistics for several months on the border crisis. sometimes pictures capture the video from the border showing a high-speed s.u.v. chase with 13 migrants packed inside. let's bring in lieutenant
6:31 am
christopher. we have seen crashes for 24 migrants stacked like cord wood. it is difficult when you talk about sexual assault and the other things that happen on the trip up to make the argument this is not a very dangerous journey. >> that's what we're seeing in the rio grande valley. the epicenter for human and narcotics smuggling and these vehicles who are bold and desperate to get these migrants across by passing the checkpoints. you can see in the video they have no regard for the safety of who they are smuggling or the motoring public and at times we see crashes with serious injuries and times we see people killed by these human smugglers. it is dangerous what is taking place because of the current surge taking place now on the
6:32 am
border. >> trace: when you consider the video. i want to put up the numbers comparing this may to last may. last year you had 23,000 encounters at the border. this year 180,000. and you take that and listen to what kamala harris said on friday. watch. >> in five months we've made progress. there is still much more work to be done but we've made progress. family reunifications, incredible work that we've seen that they have expedited the process. improvement of the facilities and made progress in addressing root causes. >> trace: she talks about making progress. we have crews on the ground every single day. except for getting some of these unaccompanied minors into facilities faster there has been very few signs of progress, lieutenant. >> that's correct. we see it every day, day in and day out. our men and women of law enforcement who work the front lines day in and day out work
6:33 am
extended hours away from their families see it every day. there is no progress being made. we see it every single day. the videos and photos show it. the numbers speak for themselves. the only way you'll find a solution to this problem you have to visit the epicenter and get to the rio grande valley and visit with landowners and ranchers and farmers and visit with the men and women of law enforcement so you can find a solution to this problem and work together. the important key is communication and leadership. that's what governor abbott has done since march by launching operation lone star. and now putting up barriers so we can take this enforcement action. >> trace: you mentioned governor abbott. former president trump went to the epicenter yesterday. a quick sound bite from them and your reaction on the other side. >> we have on open, really dangerous border. more dangerous than it's ever been in the history of our country. and we better go back fast. >> you look at this border and
6:34 am
you look what you see, you see an unfinished border. this is biden's fault because president biden is not continuing what president trump began. president biden needs to start right there and finish building the border wall that president trump began putting back up. >> trace: the biden administration is not about to reimplement the trump policies. quickly, what's the remedy in your mind? >> trace, as it is right now it's out of control right now and if this continues it be will more out of control. what governor abbott has done and great leadership is leading the charge. we aren't going to stand down and wait for the federal government to take action. the state of texas will take action and that's what we're doing right now. >> trace: you are doing yeoman's work down there. thank you for your time. >> always a pleasure, thank you. >> dana: the white house sticking to its script on defund the police accusing republicans of being the party that is calling for it because
6:35 am
the g.o.p. voted against the stimulus bill? our own peter doocy asking jen psaki for any evidence to back this up. >> which republican ever said that they did not like the american rescue plan because they wanted to defund the police? >> well, first let me just note that president ran and won the most votes of any candidate in history on a platform of boosting funding for law enforcement. after republicans spent decades trying to cut the cost programs. >> any examples of republican members of congress asking to defund the police? >> actions are more important than words. if you oppose funding for the cops program, something dramatically cut by the prior administration and many republicans spoertd and you vote against a bill that has funding for the cops program, we can let other people evaluate what that means. doesn't require them to speak to it or to shout it out. their actions speak for themselves. >> dana: our next guest warned democrats defund the police would cost them in the ballot
6:36 am
box in 2020 and she was right. elissa slotkin of michigan joins us now. what do you think of the white house's spin? can you get on board with that? >> it is all a lot of washington conversation right there. i think what people want is a strong police force at home that prevents crime. that's what they want. so i don't -- i just think it's a washington conversation like who said defund and who didn't. people want a strong police force. a lot of us are trying to get more resources to them and fill their billet. >> dana: you will be in a fairly tough race in 2022 and will be one of the issues. you aren't saying defund the police. colleagues of yours are? take a listen to what some of them have said and get your reaction on the other side. >> not only do we need to defund but we need to dismantle and start anew talking about the reduction of our nypd budget and defunding the budget.
6:37 am
>> yes, i support the defund movement. this is about the investment in our communities which have historically been divested. >> i am for defunding the police. >> defund the police does not mean abolish the police. it means a dramatic reduction in the number of police in our poor communities. >> i imagine that your opponent whoever that might be here in 2022 is going to use that kind of rhetoric to try to tie you to them. how will you separate yourself? >> it was already starting the last time in 2020 and i think again it's important to watch what we actually do. as someone with a former c.i.a. officer and pentagon official who worked my life to prevent homeland attacks i'm not looking to defund anybody who is in law enforcement helping to secure our communities. so you have to make that point. to me it's about watching the dollars move, right? i've worked hard to try to get more money. we have a big project we're trying to do with the lansing
6:38 am
police to try to get more crisis response, more social workers, more help with soeft extreme cases they're seeing. you have to hope that people turn off their squawk boxes and watch what's going on in their communities. >> dana: we need all the viewers we can get but i hear your point. nrcc when they will target you and 10 other democrats they think your seats are winnable and aim to take back the majority. they aren't just talking about defund the police but also talking about economics including the line. democrats harmful economic policies are making everyday goods cost more. people see things like milk and meat go up and gas prices as well. do the democrats have a plan to deal with that reality? >> i think what's interesting is there is always going to be attack ads. i've always been in tough races. the poll test, whatever works and try different things.
6:39 am
what's important is going back to people and asking how they feel about the overall economic security. do they feel they can do well and their kids will do better? the very american idea we should be able to work hard, stay out of trouble and succeed. that is to me what people judge a plan on. are they feeling optimistic? i think coming out of covid we feel optimistic. it is our job to make sure those gains are solidified through the assistance we give ut through economic policy. i think it's our job to make that point to the american people and show them not with words but actual deeds. >> dana: to your point you have been in tough races before and won them and i admire you for coming on the show to talk about it. we hope to see you again. >> thanks so much, dana. >> trace: the air force is revising its physical fitness test. the standard includes push-ups, sit-ups and 1.5 mile run. soon candidates will have the option of walking instead of running. they can also plank instead of doing push-ups and sit-ups and stuff like that.
6:40 am
>> dana: what do you really think about this? >> trace: i have a hard time believing you can keep lowering standards and raise performance in the military. >> dana: only 1.5 miles. what would you choose, plank or sit-ups? >> trace: sit-ups. i'm not planks are easy. sit-ups is the common thing. my father is 87 year old and did 22 push-ups. if you're a recruit you can do that. >> dana: i hope we do this topic tonight on the five. it might be in our rundown coming out soon. the long knives could be out. reports surfacing of growing turmoil inside the office of vice president kamala harris. details on the palace intrigue and the families of those missing in the condo building collapse in surfside, florida, waiting and praying for the best. we talk to the brother of rosa
6:41 am
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>> dana: we have sad news to report about one of the biggest names in our nation's recent history. donald rumsfeld, former secretary of defense has died. he was 88. best known for leading the pentagon during the war against terror during the 9/11 attacks. former president bush paying him tribute saying all his life he was good humored, big hearted and treasured his family above all. a than exemplary public servant and very good man. i can second that. it was a pleasure and honor to know him. he has a book called rumsfeld's
6:47 am
rule. wonderful mentoring for men or women. i recommend it. look up the speech of the known knowns and known unknowns on youtube. >> trace: he was a remarkable man. president biden and first lady landing in florida moments ago where they will be briefed shortly on the situation on the ground after the condo sol appears in surfside. the search for survivors continues. despite the lack of progress so far the city's mayor is not losing hope in the recovery or rescue mission. >> there has been some talk by the families and have asked me if the search is going to stop. are we going to turn this from a rescue to a recovery? and i appreciated the governor's comments a few minutes ago where he basically said we're not leaving anybody behind. this is going to go until we pull everybody out of there. this is our number one effort. >> trace: one of those people still missing is rose, a long
6:48 am
time resident of the surfside community and her brother ignacio joins me now. your sister wasn't even living in the condo complex. she was a visitor that night. day after day you go through this with very few encouraging developments. what hopeful signs as you visit the site do you look for, sir? >> well, i am in new york. i have not actually visited the site but my two nephews. my sister's children have. and at the moment we are hoping that my sister's remains are found. i personally don't think my sister will be found alive at this point. i don't think any human being can last seven full days without water or nourishment. at this point we just hope that my sister's remains are found so that we can have a proper funeral service and memorial to honor her and recognize her. >> trace: the rescue teams we should point out are not giving
6:49 am
up. miami herald had a great line about your sister rose. if you live in miami and leave your house you probably know her. it is kind of a testament to what kind of a force she is or was, sir. >> my sister was an extraordinary human being. she was very compassionate. a wonderful sister, mother, daughter, friend. she had a lot of people around her that she cared about and she was a very, very special person. i feel lost without her because she was very dear to me and i am just glad we were able to celebrate her 70th birthday a few months ago at a resort in the dominican republic with one of my other sisters. i have a big family, there are eight of us. that we had a moment to honor and recognize her for the very special person that she was. >> trace: very tight family as well. some of the families are frustrated by the slow pace of the rescue but they say they have to be precise. i want to share this with you. one of the rescue teams said
6:50 am
sometimes all you can do is find a small, quiet corner and cry a little while and let out some of the pressure you have building up. we each have our moments of strength. we each have our moments of weakness. it is a historic effort being put forth to find any hopes of survivors. >> yes, i agree. i think we all have to be patient because the rescue teams are doing the very best they can. these people have had every obstacle thrown against them. thunderstorms, lightning, gas leaks, fires, flooding, collapses, fireman fell 20 feet and nearly injured himself. so we all have to understand that this is like a plane crash and it is devastating and we have to trust the people on the ground to do their best. that's all we can do. >> trace: we are hoping they come up with some hopeful signs in the near future. thank you for joining us, sir. >> thank you for having me.
6:51 am
for honoring my sister. >> dana: historic drought gripping the west coast with a big impact on your grocery bill. we talked to a farmer who said one state's water policy is making things even worse. a major update on the legal case against a fan accused of causing a chain reaction crash at the tour de france. that's straight ahead. ♪♪♪ i'd like to take a moment to address my fellow veterans because i know there's so many of you who have served our country honorably. whether it's 2 years, 4 years, or 32 years like myself. one of the benefits that we as a country give our veterans is eligibility for a va loan for up to 100% of your home's value. so if you need money for your family, call newday usa. with automatic authority from the va, we can say yes when banks say no.
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veteran homeowners. three reasons to do a cash out refi right now. home values are high while rates are low. newday lets you borrow all of your home's value. and you could take out $50,000 dollars or more.
6:53 am
>> personnel. 59 individuals have rej terd for assistance. the florida department of transportation has removed almost 1400 tons of building material from the site. now, obviously last night there
6:54 am
was issues with the remaining structure and our state assets are being provided to miami-dade in terms of engineering know how so they can look to see what their options are to handle this. obviously we believe that continuing searching is something that's very, very important. so we and the florida department of engineering workers working. the fire department and county are getting different options how to handle this. but of course we'll provide whatever resources they need to be able to allow the searches to continue. thank you. >> thank you, governor. lieutenant governor nunez. [speaking spanish]
6:55 am
>> dana: we have an update now right before president biden is going to arrive at the site. governor desantis was giving an update and briefed president biden and the white house this morning on the flight down to surfside and said that they've been in touch with the authorities in florida since the very beginning. that they thought today was the best day to go and have a chance to comfort people and to provide some hope and find out what else the officials there might need in terms of federal resources. >> trace: if you look at the big picture, you talk to the man whose sister is missing. he said we don't really think she is still alive. a lot of the families have shared the same sentiments. they don't think their loved ones can survive seven, eight days under the rubble but who knows? that's why this hasn't switched from a rescue mission to a
6:56 am
recovery mission, even though, you know, the odds are long. it looks very bleak. you talk to some of the rescue workers. we did it in oklahoma city and 9/11 and talk to them and they'll give you the odds and give you what the parameters need to be to survive and in this case, a lot of those have not been filled. you talk about how buildings fall and this fell in that pancake form where everything collapsed on top of each other and what they look for when these structures fall is look for them to fall in a jagged pattern whereas you would have openings, airways to be able to speak. let's listen to the mayor of miami-dade county. >> we were forced to halt operations on the collapse in the early hours of the morning due to structural concerns about the standing structure. we're doing everything we can to insure that the safety of our first responders is paramount and continue our search and rescue operation as soon as it is safe to do so.
6:57 am
and our engineers are continuing to monitor the structure as we pause operations to evaluate the situation and all possible options and next steps including the assistance of the state engineers. i want to stress that president biden's visit today will have no impact on what happens at the site. the search and rescue operations will continue as soon as it is safe to do so. the only reason for this pause is concerns about the standing structure. we have already informed the families this morning who are waiting and waiting about this development and we have worked to answer all the questions that they have about the operation. and we will continue to keep the families and all of you informed as we get new information throughout the day. the chief is going to join me for a more detailed update on
6:58 am
the activity at the site. [speaking spanish] >> dana: the mayor of miami-dade county explaining there is going to be a pause in the rescue efforts there because they are concerned about the stability of the structure as the guest you talked to just before mentioned. these rescue people have been under incredible circumstances trying to deal with the collapse and mother nature is not cooperating in any way. >> trace: you had that wonderful video, the mayor on the left side of the screen and some of the workers crawling up the wreckage on the right side. the rubble and ruin and it gives you an idea what they are going for. they are gingerly approaching this thing so they don't push any more collapse and why they aren't bringing in the heavy equipment to get the stuff out of there. they could bring in the heavy stuff and get the stuff out but
6:59 am
you risk this stuff collapsing further and any chance that somebody might have had diminishes. you see what these rescue crews are going through and it is notable when you hear one of them say you know, every once in a while we just walk off and we cry and we wonder, you know, we wonder what's going on and how this can happen. it is as hard on the rescue teams many occasions as it is for those families and loved ones that are waiting for any kind of word, hopefully some good signs or noises that can at least give them some hope to come back another day. >> dana: president biden is there on the in miami and will be there soon. there might be additional resources the state needs and he will be meeting with governor desantis. fema is on the ground as well. this is the deputy press secretary saying they are going to be focusing today on how they can offer up even more
7:00 am
help and again comfort for everybody there. we'll stay on top of this and get you more as soon as president biden is there. fox news alert now president biden again as i said is right now in florida to visit the site of the deadly condo collapse as crews continue digging through the rubble. 18 people are now confirmed dead. the supreme court wrapping up today. final decisions expected any minute including the key case on voting rights. >> trace: william and harry reunite for the unveiling of a statute honoring their mother. today would have been her 60th birthday. >> dana: the white house facing claims of republicans want to defund the police. what the administration is saying now when asked to name names. >> trace: good morning to you. i'm trace gallagher, bill hemmer is off. white house press secretary jen psaki doubling down when asked to identify republicans who support the controversial anti-police efforts. peter doocy live at the white
7:01 am
house. was the press secretary able to provide you any names? we saw the question of the republicans who wanted to defund police. >> technically they think there are lots of names, trace. their argument is name any republican who voted against the american rescue plan, that covid stimulus package, $1.9 trillion and that's a republican who voted to defund the police. >> are there any examples of republicans, members of congress wanting to defund the police? >> i think most people would argue actions are more important than words, wouldn't you say? >> we asked a couple of different times. no specific names of republicans from the press secretary and can't find any republicans who said they voted against the stimulus package because they wanted to defund the police. we did find lots of republicans who said they thought the package was too big. had too much money for things not directly related to the pandemic recovery and relief but the white house does not think you can separate those two things because there was some money a fraction of the
7:02 am
cost for police budgets. trace. >> dana: i will jump in, peter. the list of democrats who called for defunding the police is long. is the white house saying anything about that story that's in "politico" that the vice president's office is not a quote healthy work environment? >> yes, i spoke a little while ago to an official in the vice president's office about that story that says there are some staffers alleging that their highers up have short tempers and abusive work environment. official pointed me to a quote, the communications official for harris, sanders said this. we are not making rainbows and bunnies all day. what i hear is that people have hard jobs and i'm like welcome to the club. we have created a culture where people, if there is anything anyone would like to raise there are avenues for them do so. whoever has something they should like to raise they should raise it directly. that story details some hurt
7:03 am
feelings among unnamed staffers because they did not know until the very last minute that the vice president was going to make that trip to the border and anita dunn, who works at the white house quoted in the story saying it was a closely held trip but the people who needed to know knew. dana. >> dana: now that's them. okay, peter, thank you. congresswoman ilhan omar appearing to back pedaling. she said this: new york congressman lee zeldin is co-chairman of the house republican israel comments. her comments, this is not the first time and it happens repeatedly.
7:04 am
how do you think of it now? i'm assuming that people are a little bit fed up and not thinking that these sort of fixes that she tries to do after making these statements are actually hitting the mark. >> we all know it is going to happen again. there was a history of statements before ilhan omar came to the house and then all of the statements since related to anti israel and anti-semitic hate. before she came in she was talking about how israel has hypnotized the world. since coming to the house she has said if you support israel it is because you've been paid off by jews. paraphrasing how she worded it. she says it's all about the benjamins, her words. then there are the non-anti-semitic anti-israel hate statements that have raised concerns. she is a member of the house foreign affairs committee. she has blamed our foreign policy, u.s. foreign policy for
7:05 am
the suffering of the venezuelan people instead of blaming maduro and she said at 9/11 some people did something. she was asked a question this week do you understand why you have colleagues, including jewish members of the house, who are upset by the statements that you have made, specifically citing israel hypnotized the world and it is all about the benjamins and she went on the attack against those members. in the tweet threads that you just referenced in another attempt once again to partially walk back some of her statements, she is still not answering the question. so i don't believe that she really even understands what the problem is with what she said. she tries to -- she references xenophobia, islamaphobia and more. i think there is a 100% chance
7:06 am
this will continue and she should be removed from the house foreign affairs committee and there should be actual consequences. >> trace: why do you think she is walking it back. cnn a couple of days ago she was adamant and not about to say that she had any regrets at all for comparing israel to the taliban and to hamas and then suddenly she has this change of heart. what is the motivating factor in your assessment for that? >> behind the scenes conversations with people like speaker pelosi and others. she has had these conversations in the past. the position is that she will not apologize. there is no regret for these statements as she moves forward. this is something that rashida tlaib her colleague started to press passionately over a year ago and many cases ilhan omar has stayed true to that. you referenced the most recent
7:07 am
scandal from a couple of weeks ago equating u.s. and israel with the taliban and hamas. a member of the house foreign affairs committee. if your standard is that marjorie taylor greene should be removed from her committees and steve king shouldn't be able to serve on committees when he was here. let's see you have one standard, not two, and apply that equally. what we're seeing from ilhan omar is far worse than any other member that i've come across during my entire time that i've been here in the house. >> trace: she has gotten a great deal of pushback. congressman, thank you for joining us, we appreciate it. >> dana: the u.s. supreme court, the last day that they are in session and they basically have a brand-new ruling. this has to do with voting restrictions in arizona. there is a decision and i believe we have shannon bream standing by to help explain to us what just happened, shannon. >> dana, there were a couple of provisions passed by arizona as a state law regarding their
7:08 am
elections. one of them is this out of precinct idea if you show up and cast your ballot at a precinct that is not the correct one you were assigned to you can cast a provisional ballot but if it wasn't the right precinct they'll throw out the ballot all together. the second one was ballot harvesting whether third parties can bring in the votes. in a split decision as you would expect the court has upheld both of those provisions of arizona state law saying they don't violate the voting rights act. the lengthy opinion. we'll look back through it. for now they say both of those things don't violate section 2 of the voting rights act. that's big. right now we have the department of justice suing georgia over its law, over its state elections law. we'll dig through this and see if this gives guidance as to that legal fight that's coming. for now the justices found that this was entirely within arizona's power as a state to
7:09 am
uphold both of those provisions. the dissent by justice kagan is heated. she talked about the fact that the founding of our country were noble and strong but democratic practice is different. she actually says although the law was written the declaration of independence was written to give life to this country she said for first century it benefited white men and minorities get a chance to vote. she dissented along with breyer and sotomayor feel like the provisions in arizona don't pass the test. the first opinion of the day. one more to go. dealing with political speech and privacy in speech with regard to political donors. whether or not california can force different charitable groups to cough up the names of their donors. a lot of people worried that it would quell political speech.
7:10 am
that's the next one up and we'll get it in a couple of minutes. the first one is in and we're standing by. >> dana: that's very interesting and we're fortunate to have arizona attorney general with us now. you just got the decision. this was all about what happened in your state. let's get your reaction. >> dana, we're very pleased with the result. thank you for having me on. it's not often that a case is not only named after you but i got to argue that case to the u.s. supreme court. we felt very confident that we were right. the reality is we want to make sure we do everything we can to make sure every person that's eligible to vote can vote. we also want to make sure there is integrity in the process. and the people have confidence in the results. and shannon was just talking about out of precinct voting. a majority of states have the same law. district of columbia and limits on ballot harvesting no less than jimmy carter said ballot harvesting the one of the
7:11 am
greatest threats to election integrity. this is all about protecting the integrity of elections and making sure that states have the ability to conduct the time, place and manner of their elections the way they want. >> trace: i'm curious, attorney general, when you talk about these states. we have done these stories so many times about ballot harvesting problems and republicans in a lot of states that are controlled by democrats have the same concerns. does this give them a leg up in some of these blue states to be able to take these matters to court as well? >> here is the deal. part of the test that i argued, we argued at the u.s. supreme court is if you have any sort of law like the lawsuit against georgia it has to have a substantial impact and that the law itself causes that impact in diminished voting for minority groups. so everyone is entitled to their own opinions but not their own facts. we have to deal with reality. every jurisdiction is different. what happens in manhattan, kansas is different than manhattan, new york.
7:12 am
and so we have to under our system of federalism the states are allowed to enact common sense election integrity measures. as simple as that. what we've seen from the left with hr is and s1 is an attempt to nationalize elections and concentrate power in washington, d.c. i'm a first generation american. i believe in the constitution. the constitution created a system of 50 laboratories of democracies. the states created the federal government. it is not up to chuck or nancy or anyone else in washington, d.c. to tell arizona or anyone else how they should conduct an election. >> dana: the fact that you had been there to argue the case and i know that obviously is a huge honor for you and your family was very proud as well and then to win. what did you think about that day? did you anticipate that you would win? were there questions that the justices asked that led you to believe that this would be the result? >> i think about the fact that
7:13 am
my family fled communism. to me to be the chief law enforcement officer and argue to the u.s. supreme court. we don't have a national religion and people can't spell my name to be arguing to the court and making case law that my kids may read about in the future is humbling. we felt confident and felt if we argued the law and stuck to the constitution we were going to win. so often now these issues related to voting have become so highly partisan and highly political and they shouldn't be. i know during the argument we had put in our briefs and justice roberts actually alluded to jimmy carter warning about ballot harvesting and mail-in ballots. i thought it was a great sign justice roberts was aware there was a time when even democrats were in favor of election integrity. >> dana: because the democrats are determined to try to pass s1 the big election bill or now
7:14 am
the john lewis act is coming forward with similar things, would either of those laws, if they were to pass right now there is not the votes. let's say they passed, given this decision that we just see today, would those laws actually hold up in the supreme court under this decision? >> john lewis was an amazing human being and shame on the democrats for trying to use his legacy to tar or do anything to undermine voter integrity because there are a lot of people like john lewis even here in arizona there was testimony during the trial from african-american leaders in phoenix said there were people going around saying they were government officials and they were worried about ballot harvesting and worried the impact it would have on the african-american community. the problem i think, dana, in this country is we cannot and shouldn't rely on washington, d.c. solving our problems. i do think that if hr1 or s1 tries to pass there are serious
7:15 am
constitutional questions about it. it is not only a bad idea i think it is unconstitutional. >> dana: congratulations to you and thank you for being here with us today and we'll go back to shannon bream now. shannon, you have another opinion you could add to it? >> we do. this is the final one. this is that california law that was going to require charitable organizations to turn over their donor lists and names. many of them are political groups. think about giving to a group you think is maybe not in the most popular part of pop culture right now. this is an interesting case because it brought together groups like the aclu and heritage foundation saying we don't think groups should be forced to give up the names of people who have donated to political causes or groups. 6-3 again. the conservatives and liberal wings at odds with each other saying the california law cannot stand. there are all kinds of fractured additional concurrences and kinds of things that there are -- everybody wanted a piece of
7:16 am
writing something about this. a bit from the opinion, majority opinion says when it comes to the freedom of association the protection of the first amendment are triggered not only by actual restrictions on an individual's ability to join with others to further shared goals. the risk of a chilling effect on association is enough. that had been the argument. people don't want their name out there. they may stop engaging in political causes and donating to things they personally feel connected to if they are worried it would be used to dox or shame them. the california law requiring donor's names to be turned over has been struck down. we'll continue reading through it. the dissent is authored by justice sotomayor and kagan and breyer. >> trace: princes william and harry getting together in
7:17 am
london. >> this has been away from the public but we have been watching it closely. the images coming out and we've been watching william and harry together. william and harry watching this statue being unveiled of their late mother, princess diana. we are looking for a reconciliation moment and frankly there was a warm feeling between the two brothers. there was talking between the two brothers and also some warm feelings that you can get from the images. let me read you a quote from what they had said in some manner today. today on what would have been our mother's 60th birthday we remember her love, strength and character. qualities that made her a force for good around the world. changing countless lives for the better. every day we wish she were still with us and our hope is that this statue will be seen forever as a symbol of her life and legacy. today would have been the 60th birthday of the late princess
7:18 am
diana. this is marking that. she was 40 years ago she was made princess, 25 years ago or so she lost her life and this a couple years back was commemorated and aimed at by the two brothers to remember their late mother. it has been a couple of years in the works. it has been stalled by covid lockdowns. today it is happening in a very different feeling in the royal family. that is tension between william and harry. harry as we know has left for california with his wife meghan markle. said several things in interviews that have upset the royal family and have really caused quite a frosty nature between william and harry and they got together for the funeral of prince phillip. they are getting together now and frankly we're looking for signs. it is hard to tell but certainly it is a warm feeling.
7:19 am
they are very much behind the event we're seeing today. >> dana: of course, they've been trained since they were very young to hold their emotions pretty close to the chest when they are in the public eye and knew the video will be coming out. a small crowd and wanted it to be private and covid concerns. this was one of her favorite spots. maybe you could tell us about that and then just because i'm naive, i don't know, will the public be able to visit this spot? >> thanks, dana. sorry, yes, this is the sunken garden at the kensington palace where diana, charles, when they were together and the two children lived. this was one of her favorite spots. they actually occupied the northern side of the palace and she would gaze to the garden and go into the garden and asked the gardners about the flowers. it meant a lot to her and
7:20 am
prince harry announced his engagement to meghan markle in this spot. it was prepared lovingly, restored in honor of princess diana. we're looking at the sculpture. she is standing with a girl and a boy. she is quite youthful. we haven't had a hard description from the sculptor exactly what he was going for but remember princess diana before she became a royal was a nanny, a kindergarten aide. this almost gives the impression of that era. it is a very youthful looking diana. to answer your question, dana, the public will be able to see this starting tomorrow. today has been a private event even for us. we are looking at images just like you are even though we're standing 30 feet away. it is meant to be viewed by the public. there is no admission or anything and people will be coming. we have had a lot of people walking up to us saying when can they see this because 60 years after her birth again, 40
7:21 am
years after becoming princess, princess diana is still very much an icon and very much beloved for all of her work on charities and good deeds. that is being focused on here and that's exactly what the brothers want to focus on. as you know, as we all know the media is focusing on something else, a rift between the two brothers which analysts say princess diana would not have approved of at all. it was hoping for at the very least it might be the two brothers together. they might even have a private moment of reconciliation. we don't know that for sure. we waited a while for the images to come out. there might have been a 20 or 30 minute before they left. the images were coming out after they left kensington palace. some warm images that we're seeing from kensington palace. >> dana: thank you, greg palkot live on the scene as the statue was unveiled. i know the brothers -- you
7:22 am
could say you are proud and you could see the unveiling there as prince william pulls down -- harry, there, taking down the drapes and covering in order to show the world their statue they commissioned. >> trace: prince charles was not there nor was meghan markle and you have a lot of the royals watchers looking at the body language and seeing how they interact. william and harry and who knows maybe they sit down. >> dana: i hope so. daily giving us more insight as to the fact that the statue has been a long time in coming. she is still a beloved figure across the u.k. and maybe around the world. get your thoughts on that before we talk about william and harry. >> absolutely. this is an emotional day. emotional day for fans of princess diana, especially her own family. it is an uncomfortable day for prince charles. remember, he is the future king
7:23 am
but splashed across the newspapers today would would have been her 60th birthday. polls showing that 2/3 of brits don't want his wife camilla to become queen. that's the back drop here. as you talk about what everyone is hoping for these iconic shots of harry and william with diana overlooking them would bring the boys together because right now their relationship is at rock bottom, which is not what their mother would have wanted. >> trace: i'm curious, dan, when you look at this. a couple of questions really. we look at the statue there. greg palkot alluded to this. a boy and young girl. is this kind of harkening back to her time as a nanny and as a school prep or is this something else? do you know the genesis of this? >> there are three children there. one you can't see in the shot.
7:24 am
it's hidden under diana's dress. absolutely this is very unique and different. something the brothers were personally involved in to show diana was a humanitarian. she started off as a nanny but then some of her most passionate work was about children, especially the victims of land mines in africa. and i think it's a unique touch that represents the nature of diana and remember both brothers have been working on this behind the scenes for many years. it was delayed initially because of the covid pandemic and then because things have been so strained between them. >> dana: dan, we appreciate you being on the show with us as we get a chance to see the new statue unveiled for the world. thank you so much. >> >> dana: former president trump touting his record on immigration.
7:25 am
he slammed the current president saying the border has never been more dangerous. biden ended many of trump's border policies. griff jenkins is live at the border with what's going on today. hi, griff. >> good morning. it has been a very busy morning here in la joya, texas, part of that rio grande valley sector ground zero for the border crisis. we have our drone in the air now. along the fenceline 30 minutes ago a large group of 65 migrants, many from honduras, came up from the river a mile behind me to this location and were trying to find -- they are working another group, helicopters has been passing behind me they tell me there is 20 to 25 in that group. two hours ago when we got here a group of 15 migrants walked out of the bushes and we had to call the border patrol to get them. they are that busy. so many groups out. in this sector alone they've
7:26 am
had 2,629 apprehensions so far in the last 24 hours. up 548%. not just humans that you are seeing the increase. also drugs, narcotics. yesterday governor abbott at the round table briefing says fentanyl seizures are up 2,000 percent. we were able to speak with a sheriff from ft. worth, texas, a county 500 miles from where i'm standing. he says the problem is exacerbated in the last few years. >> just a few weeks ago we seized 5,000 fentanyl pills at 30 grams apiece and what happens is they use these pill presses so kids think they're prescription drugs. we have seen i believe the number is three times as many overdoses this year as we did last year at this time. >> for perspective eight hours west of me in el paso in that sector in 2018 they had just
7:27 am
one pound of fentanyl seized. so far this year they have 41. a 4,000 percent increase and the cartels know while they are moving so many humans it distracts agent's abilities to stop the narcotics coming across the border. >> dana: everybody should be worried about that. as former president trump draws attention to the border crisis will the gop make next year a referendum of immigration. biden says guns are the problem but others say there are other issues driving the crime crisis. we'll talk about that and more with steve hilton. veteran homeowners, this is the best time in history to turn your home equity into cash. because home values have climbed to all time highs. and so has your equity. turn it into cash now, while mortgage rates are near all time lows.
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>> trace: former president trump and republicans are spotlighting the historic surge of border crossings as the party looks to make immigration
7:33 am
a top issue in 2022 let's bring in steve hilton. it is always great to see you, my friend. you look at this visit yesterday. you had the former president trump there and texas governor greg abbott but 12gop house members. it really is, you know, this idea that the border is topic one for 2022. >> i think that's exactly right, trace. it should be. i'm pleased to see that. it's encouraging. if you think about everything that the democrats are trying to push through and get done in congress beyond this issue using their very, very narrow majority in the house, no majority in the senate. the massive expansion of government they're trying to push through. taking back control in those mid-terms is really important. immigration works two ways for them. first of all, the issue itself is very powerful as we saw with president trump because it
7:34 am
speaks to people's concerns about the government not being in control of events and specifically on immigration. the idea if it's uncontrolled you have people coming, too many people coming into the country taking those economic opportunities that actually many americans are looking for right now. think about how many people have lost their jobs because of the pandemic. what is it 9 million or 10 million people who are still looking for work and then what we'll do is import more low-wage workers to take those jobs. it doesn't make sense to americans across the country. the issue itself is powerful but secondly the crisis at the border caused by biden's policies speaks to the incompetence, the general incompetence of the biden regime and that's a powerful message, too. >> trace: you'll be fascinated to hear this sound bite and i'll get your reaction on the back side. it's a quote. let's make one thing clear, the
7:35 am
narrative of a violent and insecure border region is blatantly false. it's not a war zone and the wall they are trying to get americans to pay for it intimidates our communities, harms wildlife and en coaches on landowner rights. you think we don't have the pictures of thousands of people crossing. you might as well say republicans want to defund police. who will believe the statements when we're watching it? >> exactly. don't believe your lying eyes. it is unbelievable. these are the people that accuse republicans of pedaling false narratives and being detached from the truth and a war on truth and so on. it's unbelievable when you look at the images every day. the testimony from people in the border patrol, people living in the border communities. it all adds up.
7:36 am
people can see what's happening and why it's happening. this surge has been caused directed, happened as a result of the policies of the biden regime. who was it that said we want to see a surge of people coming to the border? that was joe biden himself in the election campaign. that's one promise he has delivered on. >> trace: i want to get your take quickly on the crime wave across america and how this might be topic two in 2022. congressman danny david said family values can help cure street violence. the values start at home. once outside the home if values it's hard to convince a child something is appropriate or inappropriate that wasn't talked about at the beginning. that's a fair assessment that a lot of people are saying two-parent households do have a big impact on children. >> there is so much evidence to support that, trace. this is a point that i made on
7:37 am
my show on sunday night which is that you've got to look not just at the immediate causes of the crime surge clearly again you can say what do you expect if you bring -- if you retreat from the police and defund and demore allize them and make them off the streets and make the criminals they have free run you'll see crime surge. longer term we have to look at the deeper causes. there is no question that if you take a sense of respect and discipline out of the lives of so many young people growing up, then a few of them will turn to crime. bringing that back, that sense of respect and discipline and decent values at the center of that, a stable home, parents who raise a child together. that's what we have to get back to. that's a long-term campaign but it is republicans who can lead that because it is their ideas, not just in the family but if you think about the role of schools and school choice, they've got all the arguments here. so i think they should really press this one as well. >> trace: studies would back up that assessment.
7:38 am
quick programming note the next revolution with steve hilton is on sunday at 10:00 this week, not 9:00. make sure you write that down. reset your devices. steve, thank you. >> thank you, trace. >> dana: he makes a good point about the root cause. remember on both immigration and crime last week the biden white house tried to talk about root causes but missed the mark. talking about root causes is what can one, solve the problem and be good politics for 2022. >> trace: i was saying the studies. there are so many studies if you go into these cities and kids are mentored and given equipment to play athletics and keep them busy between 2:00 and 6:00 and two-parent households, the outcomes. >> dana: as long as the police have what they need to provide the space to do this. a grand jury reaching a decision in the case of a texas doctor accused of stealing precious covid vaccine and giving it to his family and friends. the fourth of july celebrating
7:39 am
america but a growing number of americans are down on living in the usa. how can that be? brian kilmeade on the new poll numbers and what it means for america the beautiful. there he is. ♪♪♪ new projects means new project managers. you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do. when you sponsor a job, you immediately get your shortlist of quality candidates, whose resumes on indeed match your job criteria. visit and get started today. people everywhere living with type 2 diabetes
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get ripped and feel great with leanfire. rush to walmart and find leanfire in the performance nutrition aisle. >> trace: house speaker nancy pelosi has just announced the members of the january 6 committee. to look into the events of january 6. they include democrats adam schiff and bennie thompson who will chair the committee. includes lofgren of california as well as stephanie murphy, jamie raskin, and we should also note liz cheney is on the committee as well. we'll give you any breaking information on that. any surprising names to you in that thing? i'm surprised adam schiff is on the committee considering he got so much pushback being on the impeachment committee leading these other russia collusion things. >> dana: see a troublemaker when it comes to pelosi. better to put him on the committee maybe.
7:45 am
reportedly kevin mccarthy house minority leader told republicans if you want her to put you on this committee she can put you on all the committees. i don't know if liz cheney who took a stand and stripped as conference chair is probably glad to be on it. >> trace: president biden is now in florida. [no audio] >> president biden: including i think i have the power to be able to get 100% of the cost for the county and state. i think i'm quite sure i can do that and so we are going to do that and there will be a lot you want. this could be a lot of pain and
7:46 am
anxiety, suffering and even psychological help in the days and months to follow. so we aren't going anywhere. for real. but again, i just want to, you know, start today that you can brief me and tell me what you need. both the senators and congresswoman and anyone to pick up the phone. i'm not joking. we have another group of teams coming from fema today. how many people will it be? >> 500 on the ground. >> president biden: 500 on the ground. so again this is your show. we just want to make sure that whatever you need. and you know, including --
7:47 am
anyway, i am talking too much. >> mr. president, i cannot thank you enough for being here with us, for showing your primary support from day one. you called me that morning. you said whatever we need and i said bring fema and here they are on the ground. it's been an incredible collaboration from the beginning with federal, state we had our florida emergency management director here immediately. the governor has been here every single day. senators i believe the same and our state and municipal leaders as well. collaboration from elected leadership to the police departments, all the mooun is pals under the leadership of our incredible police department and our director and without a doubt the fire department and our fire chief
7:48 am
who has led the effort of the first responders who are in the world's hands. everybody is watching these incredible men and women as they proceed every day. they are here to save lives. that's what they live for and it is truly humbling. so we all know that this is an unprecedented disaster unlike anyone has ever seen. it shocked the world. the fact we all come together is what gives us hope and strength and inspiration. it does for me every single day as we talk to family members as you will soon do. they are waiting and waiting for news of their loved ones as you said. also those who have been displaced. it's a crisis all around but we're working together to handle the crisis, to get the answers about what happened here and we can update you on that and we are going to be
7:49 am
examining every inch of this catastrophe with the full might of the federal, state and local governments to do so. we want to make sure, the world wants to make sure that a tragedy of this nature never, ever happens again. we have a briefing for you and i want to start with our governor and i want to thank governor desantis. you have been amazing and your team has been amazing. >> dana: you are watching a brief with president biden in miami-dade county. one of the things they're saying is biden made a little bit of news who told the governor and mayor that he believes the federal government will be able to pick up the cost. there was a look of relief on her face at that time. >> trace: the president going down there, they free up federal dollars to help in these disaster situation. it is interesting the meeting here. unclear if the president will actually go down to the condo
7:50 am
collapse site in surfside. this apparently is at a hotel somewhere in the vicinity of the site. we don't know if he will meet with the families later on. we assume that he would and then we got word they were going to have this briefing in the hotel and it's unclear what the next step would be. >> dana: we'll continue to monitor the briefing and we'll take a quick break and be right back. shouldn't something, you know, wacky be happening right now? we thought people could use a break. we've all been through a lot this year. -that makes sense. -yeah. so... ♪♪ now's not a good time 3/5ths of nsync. are you sure? you have us booked all day. -read the room, guys. -yeah. right? -read the room, guys. -yeah. hi, verizon launched the first 5g network, and now we want to be the first to give everyone the joy of 5g by giving every customer a new 5g phone, on us, aha!
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>> dana: brand-new fox news poll finds fewer americans think the usa is the best country in the world to live. 59% say there is no better place down from 84% 10 years ago. the number of voters who say it's not the best more than doubling from 12% to 26%. brian kilmeade is co-host of "fox & friends." i'm curious about your thoughts. you have a great series on fox nation and with your books you talk to a lot of people. does this track with how you see people feeling about
7:56 am
america today? >> yeah. it doesn't surprise me. if you drill down on the numbers further. we're at 83% a few years ago in 2015 and a little higher than that the year before. but if you think about it, 54% of people under 45 answered the survey and say they have a positive feeling. think about it. all you are hearing is the negativity. all you are hearing about is slavery and how hard it was for women to vote and impossible to vote until the turn of the last century and then you see how inequal and systemic racism and watch cities burn and someone walks up to you with a clipboard and say do you think you're in the best place on the planet? no kidding. number one i say travel. compare it to another country. number three, just automatically human nature in my opinion it's hard to appreciate what you've always had. they didn't come here as a first generation refugee. they don't necessarily have somebody in their family
7:57 am
raising them with an accent from another country that talked about what they were running from. like they did in cuba in the 1960s. so you look around and think what's wrong. you have somebody on the outside go everything is right about this. north korean escapee that was imprisoned and held as a slave in mongolia for awhile that escaped and comes to columbia and says it's the best place on the planet. i think these people are ridiculous to compare it to anything else. it is hard to appreciate what you have unless you go out of your way to see how far we've come. >> dana: we'll check out the special of you. you are very special. thank you for being on. thank you so much. >> i wish trace felt the same way. >> trace: i concur. >> dana: fox nation is offering veterans and military a free year on the platform. all you have to do is go to fox sign up for free now.
7:58 am
there is so much great content on there, trace. this has been quite a show. >> trace: we had huge breaking news, scotus had two decisions. saying ballot harvesting, you can't do it. where you pick up ballots, third party picks up ballots and brings them to a precinct and the supreme court said no, that's out. the other one. >> dana: free speech and there was a case in which nonprofit organizations would have been forced to disclose their donors and that would have included political nonprofits. well, the supreme court said no, free speech should be protected. that did not happen. this is reflective of a conservative court. these are wins. you have to imagine a lot of the conservatives are feeling good taking a quick glance at twitter. liberals are not happy i guess you could say. a good friend of mine conservative guy says home runs all around for conservatives and the media is fully melting
7:59 am
down. >> trace: it is interesting that both the heritage foundation and acl came on the same side. the court came down 6-3. almost along ideological lines. that was fascinating. other breaking news you have president biden in surfside, florida, not at the site of the condo collapse. he was holding a news conference with the miami-dade county mayor along with governor ron desantis saying that the federal government may pick up a significant maybe all of the tab for what is going on down there. yeoman's work the rescue effort in its eighth day. >> dana: one of the things you see for as polarized as america might be in some cases governor desantis, very popular republican and president biden together. apparently in regular communication working well together when it comes down when it really matters. we'll provide any more updates on that and also news about the air force changing its fitness requirements.
8:00 am
trace is not happy. >> trace: listen, the whole idea is now you can do a plank instead of sit-ups and push-ups and somebody texted and said a very important thing. it is not about looking good or staying in shape but protecting your life times warriors need to be the tip-top shape. >> dana: joey jones said if he wasn't fit he wouldn't have survived the blast that took his legs. >> harris: let's pick up with a fox news alert. republicans are calling former president trump the real border czar. he just went to the center of the storm. and this is a stark comparison to vice president kamala harris who seemed to refuse to go there. i'm harris faulkner and you are in "the faulkner focus". the former president got a firsthand look at the crisis in mcallen, texas, overwhelmed by illegal immigrants pouring into america. trump along with texas governor greg abbott and a group of


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