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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  July 1, 2021 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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and jimmy garcia how are you? senator -- i hope -- i am kidding. i'm not. jeanine: that's all the time we have tonight. judge janine. go every saturday at 9:00 pm eastern, don't forget to set your dvr every weeknight at 10:00. greg gutfeld is next. >> we never had it better and now we've never had it worse in the history of our country. >> donald trump sitting down for a fiery fox news townhall after touring the southern border and held nothing back when it came to president biden. jeanine: jillian: illegal fireworks explode unexpectedly leaving more than a dozen people heard including several police officers. the new details we just learned overnight. todd: the country can't stop
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talking about first bill cosby walking free, same can't be said for britney, "fox and friends first" starts right now. >> it was a busy news day and it is continuing today. it was always happened on thursday. i know what happened yesterday but for us it is thursday. jillian: it is thursday. you are right. >> hopefully we will get back faster. >> "fox and friends first" on thursday morning. >> we begin at the southern border were donald trump sees the crisis unfolded into the biden administration firsthand. >> success of allowing lawlessness to the land.
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>> the former president received a briefing from border officials in west waco texas, nearby mcallen in the southern part of texas before actually touring the border with texas governor greg abbott. is this is the border comes just days after the vice president kamala harris visited el paso with homeland security secretary allie mayorkas last friday, donald trump says now is the time to continue building the border wall you see right there in that video. >> it has to be stopped now. this can't go until 2020. if you look at some of these caravans with 15, 20, 25,000 people, daughter and those caravans are the worst people on earth. >> always a lot of rhetoric when it comes from both sides of the island talking about border apprehensions and border security but these are hard numbers right here from customs and border protection, 180,000 plus apprehensions in may, that is up 674% from last year alone.
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>> the united states of america was built on love law and with the biden administration is doing is not enforcing the rule of law, first it happens for all the people they are better in, they know they're getting away with filing the rule of law that will erode the united states of america. it must be stopped. >> not everybody sees it that way because you are looking at congressman, democrat from texas who says let's make one thing clear, the narrative of the violent and insecure border region is false. the border is not a war zone and the wall is not only a waste of hard-earned money but also an un-american symbol of hatred. governor abbott is working on state funding and possible crowdsourcing, public function at the border wall, donald trump wrote in an op-ed yesterday that he believes it is up to the federal government, not the states to pay for that wall.
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>> thank you. >> louisiana senator john kennedy says the president either supports open borders or his team of appointees can't handle the job. take a listen. >> president biden's border policy i think is about as popular as the sink hole. that is because the american people aren't stupid. they understand one of two things are going on, number one, either president biden misled the american people when he ran committee truly does believe in open borders, or number 2, the people that he has put in charge of the border security are not qualified to run hotdog stand. most ordinary americans support immigration but they also support border security.
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>> we are talking to ken cuccinelli and mike johnson who went to the border with donald trump. to a fox news alert a memphis police officers in critical condition after being dragged by a car. police say the organized crime officer was serving a subpoena when the driver backed up and hit the officer with an open passenger door. he ended up dragging the officer hitting a patrol car. the passenger in the car got away, the driver is facing several charges. jillian: 7 people heard including 10 first responders after fireworks unexpectedly explode. the los angeles police department was in the process of confiscating the fireworks when something happened causing the bomb squad truck to blowup. the explosion smashing windows of nearby homes, even flipping a car. officials say everyone should survive. the lapd teasing 5000 pounds of fireworks and improvised explosives from the 27-year-old man who was under arrest and facing charges. >> the extreme heat being blamed
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for causing hundreds of deaths this morning, 63 people have died in oregon, another 20 have died in washington state and in canada almost 500 people have died from the record high temperatures. the conditions fueling wildfires across the west but firefighters on the frontline are making good headway in containing the flames and some of those areas. >> eric adams remains ahead in the mayoral primary. that was numbers show him leading by 14,000 votes against former sanitation commissioner katherine garcia after the board of elections admits to botching the previous count by accidentally including 135,000 test ballots. adam called the step unfortunate. is asking the judge to oversee and review ballots if necessary. todd: yesterday a wild news day. this was the reason, two blockbuster legal bombshells, first bill cosby released from prison after getting his sexual assault conviction overturned. >> a judge denied britney spears's request to remove her
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father from her conservatorship. the public reacts to both battles. >> pretty fired up about both of these. 83-year-old cut av for victory to news crews when he got home from being released from a pennsylvania prison. bill cosby denies any wrongdoing tweeting i have never changed my stance or my story. i've always maintained my innocence thanks to all my fans and supporters who stood by me through this ordeal, special thanks to the pennsylvania supreme court for upholding the rule of law. this is hours after supreme court overturned his sexual assault conviction which served 3 of the 10 years he was in 4, more than 60 women of accused him of sexual assault. however, his spokesperson said his release, quote, it is a beautiful day and it is a beautiful day also for women. his accuser his testimony landed him in prison, released a
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statement saying today's majority decision regarding bill cosby is not only disappointing but of concerned that it may discourage those who seek justice for sexual assault was the pennsylvania da responded to the decision to release him saying that decision will not dampen the reporting of sexual assault victims. actress felicia russia is getting a ton of backlash for this tweet, quote, finally a terrible wrong is being righted, a miscarriage of justice is correct. she backpedaled that saying she does support survivors of sexual assault coming forward. another shocking decision in court. a judge decided against britney spears's request to remove her dad jamie from her conservatorship. last week in a 24 minute testimony to the judge spears said she shouldn't be in a conservatorship if she can work and provide money for herself and pay others. jamie spears has been in control of her $60 million fortune since 2008.
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jillian: thank you. todd: donald rumsfeld has died, he served as the gun's chief twice under president gerald ford in 1970s and george w. bush nearly 2000s. he's known as being the architect of the war on terror and tracking victims out of the burning pentagon in september 11th. former president bush praising his heroism in a tribute writing, quote, on the morning of september 11th, 2001, donald rumsfeld ran to the fires of the pentagon to assist the wounded and ensure the safety of survivors. for the next 5 years he was in steady service as a wartime secretary of defense, a duty carried out with strength, skill and honor. donald rumsfeld was 88 years old. jillian: kids as young as 5 mason be eligible for pfizer's covid 19 vaccine. the companies looking to request emergency fda approval for 5 to 11-year-olds by october. currently aids kids can get the
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shots, as promised. mississippi state blows out vanderbilt to win the first college world series final. >> pushes the third. what a way to end it, national champions. todd: the bull dog winning knife-0. very excited as mississippi state alum and cowboys quarterback frank prescott is loving every moment. jillian: don't know if i've been living under a rock but last time was carried off the field so emotional. that was emotional too. good to see him. todd: it would be weird if he was cheering like that when he got injured. time is 10 minutes after the hour.
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social justice still in session in portland where teachers are undergoing antibias training. >> our society speaks racism. it has spoken racism since we were born. of course you are racist. todd: our next guest is the group every black and white matter, this only teaches kids how to hate. we will claymore next. >> and crenshaw double down on his criticism of gwen barry is a new photo shows she may be hiding her picture. ♪♪
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i hated sticking my fingers, then i got the dexcom g6. i just glance at my phone, and there's my glucose number. wow. my a1c has dropped over 2 points to 7.2. that's a huge victory. >> reporter: our society speaks racism. it has spoken racism since we were born. of course you are racist. >> school is out for some of the
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critical race theory is not. was one documents provided to fox news show portland public schools now starting and i racism teacher training to get educators ready for the fall. here to weigh in founder of every black life matters, how frustrated or frightened i should say should every american be that any teacher in our country is being trained like this? >> thank you for having me. every parent and every teacher, every educator should be concerned about this because fundamentally what we are asking our children to do or literally teaching them to do is to hate one another. a very early age before they even have the opportunity to form thoughts and opinions about how to embrace one another we are encouraging them to do things, when doctor martin luther king encouraged us to do budgeting one another based on content of character, no, no, no, for these people who happen
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to lack melanin as others may have we need to hate them all, we need to castigate them, demonize them, reject them. this is a learned activity and it is child abuse for us to do this. we don't want you to grow up with your innocence, we don't want you to grow up basically accepting one another based on content of character. instead we want you to learn how to hate and when we teach children how to practice evil than that in itself is evil. jeanine: look at the flyers included in the portland public school training. white this, white privilege means you actively benefit from the oppression of black indigenous people of color, and educator in a system of oppression is either a revolutionary or oppressive. that stood out to me.
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are teachers in china focused on revolution or math and science to become number one in the world and defeat the us? >> exactly. our friends and foes abroad are laughing at us because literally we are teaching the next generation how to hate, how to not unify, not be better based on cultural differences, how to connect and maximize those differences and make a better united states. we are saying we want to completely eliminate whiteness and therefore we want you kids to learn how to hate what would otherwise be friends or family members even. this is a very dangerous trajectory we are on. i believe it is child abuse. one of the things, when we had 911 we encourage children we don't want you to judge an
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entire group of people that happen to be from the middle east based on the actions of a few. the chinese virus last year, we encouraged our children again please don't overlay hate on the entire asian community. we want you to embrace them because you can't overlay before they do that but when it comes to race, late all of the guilt, every thing that happens onto whiteness and therefore reject. >> a fascinating point you just made. what is the end goal? maybe you can answer that question in a few minutes or have a whole segment or show about it. appreciate your time and insights. >> 18 after the hour. the vice president of minneapolis the council claims she was held hostage by
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protesters. >> we are not asking, we are demanding. jillian: wait until you hear what was on their list of demands. gas stations running out of fuel just days before the holiday weekends because of lack of drivers. the co-owner of jc trucking joins us live. ♪♪
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>> minneapolis because the vice president claiming she was held
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hostage by protesters while attending a pride celebration over the weekend. >> do you agree? >> i said yes. >> the cost to reopen it. >> we are not asking more, white lady, we are demanding. >> protesters blocking andrea jenkins's vehicle until she agreed to sign a list of events which included dropping criminal charges against writers, she called their behavior fundamentally wrong. california blacklight manager for accusing the city of santa monica of violating of civil rights, alleging city officials imposed curfews to block demonstrators during last year's for test, blm claiming the looting and vandalism that occurred was not in the area of its protests and was not connected. >> prices at the pump are soaring to a 7-year high at the
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busy july 4th holiday weekend and lack of truck drivers is one major reason why. more than 43 million drivers prepared to hit the road this independence day and some gas stations are already running low on gas. you to discuss is co-owner of jk trucking, nice to see you, thanks for being here. why is there a shortage of drivers? >> the driver shortage has been intensified by the pandemic, 25% of drivers are short. it has happened, the gas tanker drivers, these drivers were working all the time and here comes covid, we shut down, there is no more need to deliver so much fuel so these drivers, not only did not have a job but were also furloughed so supporting a family you go find a job somewhere else and this is what happened at this point and it is
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causing a big gap to get all this fuel where it needs, we are starting to have these shortages. >> are you surprised when you see these numbers, 42% spike in gas prices compared to this time last year and then look at the 20% of tank trucks in the us being parked due to this driver shortage. i wonder what happened to this profession going forward. i know oil tank drivers specifically have a special set of qualifications, how far do you think recruitment will be in this field then? >> for tenure drivers it is hard because you are hauling gasoline, diesel, extremely flammable, hazardous, has to be above average, to get someone to do this will takes training and skill because it takes a little bit longer to haul gasoline and diesel flammables other than
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home goods. there is going to be a problem in the future. not only that but a lot of these truck drivers, much older people, it is going to take -- is going to take over the jobs when all these drivers retire. >> a big question. when you look at those numbers we just pulled up and already seeing a gas shortage in some states if things don't change and more people don't come back onto the job almost immediately due see this getting worse in the upcoming months? >> definitely getting worse, not the first time we've run out of fuel, the pipeline was shut down, we ran out of fuel, texas ran out of fuel and it wreaked havoc, not only do these diesel fuel to move these trucks but for example us, we use it to cool and refrigerate the perishable products that we
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haven't. not only the trucks. but these products will go back. jillian: let's hope that doesn't happen, thank you for joining us, appreciate your time. todd: a stunning ruling from the pennsylvania supreme court letting bill cosby leave prison a free man. britney spears's exclusive testimony wasn't enough to convince the judge in her conservatorship case, breaking down both cases next. a decision from the ncaa changed college sports forever, what it means for student-athletes. - i'm sure you've heard how grammarly improves your writing, but let me tell you how grammarly business helped my sales team. look at simon. since simon's team started using grammarly business, we've closed more deals. with suggestions to sharpen his writing clarity and overall confidence, simon's pitches always stick the landing,
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jillian: back with fox news alert, president biden and the first lady will head to surfside, florida to visit with families of condo collapse victims. todd: ramping up to find those who are still missing.
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>> the president, will arrive, trying to give comfort as the default rises to 18. >> they will be thanking first responders and rescue teams and families forced to endure the terrible tragedy. >> wednesday four more bodies were pulled from the collapse including two young girls, the names added to the list are herrera, and emma guerrero, anna rodriguez and 21-year-old and rea polly. of search and rescue efforts extended today 8 first responders are using 3-d images by the israeli defense forces to
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help rescuers identify where victims and even survivors could be as questions continue to swirl about what caused the tower to come crashing down and engineers with the washington post says there's a possibility the pool collapsed first bringing a huge section of the tower done with it. a woman who lived in the building reported this video showing leaking lights in the garage below and in the statement of fox news rodriguez's lawyers is, quote, it was her effort to get somebody to listen to her another residents as they found clear examples of the garage that was falling apart and there are 5 lawsuits filed against the condo association. there will be a grand jury investigation was the condo association oil the pr firm that
1:33 am
promises to fix the impossible. >> charles watson, appreciate your coverage, thank you. >> despite a surge in crime new york city is not hiring additional officers, the city instead agreeing to shift 200 officers to the streets. the department will receive an additional $200 million but that will be spent on new technology as well as internal reform. the mayor is because allocating $5.4 billion to the nypd. san jose, california makes a radical move to combat gun violence, requiring to pay a fee to cover taxpayer costs associated with gun violence, the first law of its kind in the nation. officials have not yet said how much it would be. it is debated shootings cost san jose $63 million per year. >> bill cosby sleeping in his own bed for the first time in 3 years after the pennsylvania supreme court overturned his sexual assault conviction in a stunning ruling.
1:34 am
>> he was given almost 3 year unwanted vacation but as we have always said this isn't about bill cosby but reforming the, judicial system. >> mister cosby has always used his celebrity, his name, his likeness -- >> you to break it down is, defense attorney robert bianchi, thanks for being here. you say in their first 3 conviction to satisfy the me too movement the prosecutors lost sight of what would happen on appeal. explain. >> from the beginning of this case those of us who really do try work as lawyers were shocked that the amount of evidence the judge allowed in the second trial, the first trial they allowed a little about as we thought was wobbly. and the second trial the judge reversed themselves and allowed a lot more evidence, character assassination evidence to be introduced. the thing the court found here,
1:35 am
cosby got duped. back in the day when the first district attorney was reviewing this case the district attorney indicated they were not going to file criminal charges against bill cosby. therefore he did not have a fifth amendment right to remain silent which compelled him to speak in the civil case filed against him where he made certain admissions that later on a new prosecutor came in, we don't agree with that first prosecutor, we will prosecute cosby and to add insult to injury we will use the same deposition testimony as evidence against him in the trial that ultimately the supreme court reversed. they said that was a violation of fundamental due process that cosby was duped into giving the civil deposition and they reversed course and used it against him and that was unfair. it was unbelievable to me, this was a judicial spanking, not
1:36 am
only reversed the conviction but won't allow prosecutors to re-prosecute them and hours later is he is back home at his dining room table. amazing. >> have you ever seen prosecutors act like this? the first prosecutor acting like a broker to facilitate a civil settlement and in the second case the prosecutor going back on the deal the first agreed to. >> when i took over the prosecutor's office when i was appointed prosecutor the rule is you abide by the decisions of the previous office, it's not about the prosecutor but the office. when i came in i may not have liked certain things my predecessor in done but the fact was as a matter fundamental due process i accepted them because it was the office that offer that i didn't reverse course on that. >> the phrase but for, or you legal books when you go to that, bill cosby would not have given that testimony.
1:37 am
judge denied britney spears's request for her father to be removed as conservator. if you gave this decision to the people jamie spears would be out, britney spears would be in charge, the judge in this case saw something, in a typical conservatorship what rationale could the judge have had to say we've got to keep jamie on? >> greg us the question that way. it is not about what the public thinks. i understand is a lot of passion on both sides of either of these issues but this is about what the law says that the fact is with this conservatorship it is being monitored by the court and the court is basically saying factually she still needs the conservatorship because britney
1:38 am
wants to be relieved of any conservatorship. this judge is finding factually she still needs a conservatorship and with regard to her father, he's doing everything that is appropriate and it is being reviewed by the court so there's no need for the change. >> i wonder if society takes a look at conservatorships in general because i don't think 99% of american new what one was before britney came to before but we will see. we appreciate your time. >> 37 after the hour, trouble appears to be brewing in vice president kamala harris's office, staff members reportedly dealing with low morale into internal tensions. unnamed age tell politico it is an abusive environment where people are thrown under the bus. harris at stop spokesperson pushing back telling politico, quote, we are not making rainbows and bunnies all day. what i hear is that people have hard jobs. welcome to the club. the search is over the woman sought for causing a crash during the tour de france. local authorities arresting her on the west coast, she caused this major collision by holding up a sign on the side of the road. the woman could reportedly face
1:39 am
up to a year in prison. starting today and to aa college athletes will be able to benefit from their name, image and likeness. the ncaa introducing an interim policy that will suspend the old rules for all upcoming and current student athletes. for now colleges and universities will follow the policy to fit their programs. so far 20 states have passed legislation with 7 taking effect today. jillian: 39 after the hour. which party push to defend police? >> are there any examples of republican members of congress saying they want to defund police? >> actions speak for themselves. jillian: the slogan backfires on democrats. todd: from our friends at fox that download the super 6 apps and play for a chance to win 10,$000. all you need to do is predict outcomes in the super 6 quiz show.
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shannon: house majority whip jim clyburn taking a stand against the funding. the democrats as the progressive movement is hurting his party. todd: carley shimkus here to explain. >> the congressman did not mince words while discussing the defund the police movement. he believes it is a problem in the democratic party. the congressman spoke to the new york times and had this to say. what i tried to do is demonstrate by precept and example how we are to proceed is a party was when i spoke against
1:44 am
things like burn baby burn in 1960s and defund the police which i think is cutting the throats of the party, i know exactly where my constituents are. they are against that and i am against that. jen psaki is doubling down on claims that republicans want to defund the police. >> are there any examples of republican members of congress wanting to defund the police? >> if you oppose funding for the cops, something that was dramatically cut by the prior administration and many republicans supported and then vote against the bill that has funding for the cops program we can let other people evaluate what that means. their actions speak for themselves. >> reporter: that at the white house's perspective but jen psaki was not able to name any republican members of congress who say they want to defund the police. jillian: this next story continues -- i don't know what is at the center of it. there are people on our network who said the same thing. the only one with this opinion. >> during this interview dan
1:45 am
crenshaw did he even said i can't believe i became the face of this controversy but he did receive a lot of backlash after saying she could get kicked off the libertine for protesting during the national anthem. he's not backing down from that criticism. here's the latest he had to say on the subject. >> if you're going to represent team usa, you should likely usa. the notion of supporting the united states shouldn't offend you. if you're going to be on tv. >> on this front there is a picture of barry probably posing with the american flag that has gone viral on social media. tim young on twitter says the pr team forgot to update her website. it is unclear when the photo was taken but some social media users are wondering what changed.
1:46 am
>> it is pete davidson's folder 20 put dan crenshaw on this, he's a lightning rod and i'm kind of making a joke but also being truthful. he has been a lightning rod for everything. >> people pay attention to what he says and does. >> a royal reuniting. carley: the statue unveiling, princess diana's statue unveiling marked what would have been her sixtieth birthday, it will be a pared down ceremony that includes the prince and princess -- the brothers relationship is going to be the focus of media attention. one royal commentator said it is probably going to be awkward but both brothers hope to put aside their differences to honor their mother. the statue unveiling happening later today.
1:47 am
>> texas residents speaking out against homeless camps in an austin neighborhood. one of them joining us live on how it is affecting their quality of life. jillian: governor cuomo's impeachment probe heating up, the move lawmakers made in the ongoing investigation. ♪♪ ♪♪ wake me up when it is all over ♪♪
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todd: new york state assembly approves the impeachment probe for governor, witnesses have to testify under of, the problems in march against the embattled governor following his decision to send covid positive patients
1:51 am
into nursing homes during the pandemic and allegedly covering up a number of deaths. cuomo faces sexual harassment allegations. in florida against and temporary blocking a law that would punish social media companies if they remove content or ban politicians, the regulation was specific affected able to lobbying further represents companies like facebook and twitter challenge did say it was unconstitutional. governor ron desantis calling the decision disappointing and failing to appeal. >> residents fighting city hall as lawmakers consider allowing homeless intelligence right near their homes. you to discuss, stephanie, thanks for being here. we had a couple photos if we can pull them up and people can take a good look here. these photos in or near your backyard. can you tell me what you are facing every day? >> these photos show what is behind our back fences in south
1:52 am
austin. every day fires, verbal assaults, the smell of drugs, burning plastic. it is very noxious and being in the backyard is very uncomfortable, the children who live next door are afraid to sit in their backyard because of the verbal assaults, people yelling, looking through fences, hearing people walking back and forth within feet of our fence and all the buildup you are seeing the photos of trash, just within feet of our back fence and it is a vulnerable state for fires, at a constant level here. >> unbelievable to see these images that are beyond the fence in your backyard, you talked about the biggest issues you are facing. i'm curious, is your biggest concern safety for family members and kids in the area? >> yes. our biggest concern is the wildfire risk, not just for
1:53 am
ourselves but folks were experiencing it back there. it's not safe for either residents in a broader them in the incumbent area where it is not a safe space. it's not open, there's not a 25 foot area for fires to be started. when we call the fire developed fires won't get put out because they are either cooking or warming fires which is very concerning, feel like we can't leave our homes unless someone else's home. jillian: you had conversations with one of your city councilmembers, is what she says, quote, so what i'm advocating are permanent solutions. how do we get our announced neighbors into actual houses that have the support services needed to go into housing, mental health services, addiction, trauma, counseling, all the things that would help our neighbors get back on their feet and if we pull up this graphic you will see 45 potential locations for homeless
1:54 am
and camdenton is area. do you feel as though your concerns are being heard and enough is being done? >> fuentes has been alongside us the whole time, she has been a great advocate for us in this district, she met with us to walk through the encampment and met a lot of the neighbors back there, we were able to really give her an idea of the risk we are at every day having that behind us and she has been a great advocate and she's been going to the city to go to bat for us. it backs up to the residential area, and we appreciate her being on our side in that cause we've been going through. >> one of the neighbors or people in your neighborhood has had a break in. any serious things that happened outside of that?
1:55 am
>> we have fires within 5 feet of our fence every day, there are break ins every once in a while. the most that we experience is the smells of the fire and the drug use and the verbal assaults, people yelling constantly and it makes you not want to go anywhere, mowing the lawn i threw up because of the fires, whatever they were burning was so noxious it made me sick and that is not a fun way to have your first home especially in a city like austin which is amazing to live in. jillian: you moved into that old four years ago, you move to austin from wisconsin. keep us updated. thank you for sharing your story, appreciate it. todd: that is unreal. still had donald from terry into president biden's border policies during the fox news townhall. >> all biden had to do was go to
1:56 am
the beach. if he had done nothing he would now have the strongest border we have ever had. >> that video, we will have out for you. son mike johnson traveling with the former president for firsthand look, he will join us live with ken cuccinelli and lawrence jones. "fox and friends first" continues in the next hour. ♪♪ don't blame it on the ♪♪ don't blame it on me ♪♪ display but i me
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>> thursday july 1st back to the border, donald trump taking on the white house over a nonstop surge of illegal crossings and before he left he sat down for an exclusive fox news townhall. we have the highlights. todd: 17 people hurt after a bomb squad


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