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tv   Fox News at Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  June 30, 2021 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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mcdonald, our studio audience, with shannon bream's next. she's evil. i'm greg gutfeld, and i love you, america. ♪ ♪ >> shannon: hello and welcome to "fox news @ night." i am shannon bream in washington. breaking tonight: we have new preliminary vote tallies from the chaotic mayoral primary in new york city as we took a leading candidate eric adams is mounting a legal challenge. we are going to try to make sense of it with the dream team panel. the surprise ruling by the pennsylvania supreme court makes
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bill cosby a freeman tonight. we are going to dissected and discuss it. former president trump spent wednesday of its own border, hear what he is saying tonight about the crisis and who is to blame. we get in surfside, florida, with the latest on the search and rescue efforts in the rubble of the collapsed condo building. correspondent matt finn is on the ground in surfside. what can you tell us? >> shannon, it's shortly after midnight and this is still an active scene. officials have made it clear that the search and rescue is happening 24 hours a day around-the-clock care. the remnants of the champlain tower over my shoulder. we see crews coming and going as we get closer to the one week mark. the latest numbers this evening sadly 18 people now confirmed dead including two children. 139 unaccounted for. 125 accounted for. tonight we have a new survivor
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account for you. the person in the middle moved in the building in 2003. her dream was to retire on the beach. on the night of the collapse she woke up on the floor and a portion of the building they did not fall. she said the building suede like paper. she called her brother and checked on other people in the voice mail from her brother recorded some of her horrifying experience in real time. here's a portion. >> oh, my god! the whole entire building is gone. >> rodriguez's attorney says this is her home-video from 2018 showing some type of leak that appears to be causing flooding in the garage of the champlain tower. rodriguez's attorney says "this is extremely disturbing video that our client recorded in 2018. her effort to get someone to listen to her and other residents as they found clear
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examples that the grouch was falling apart." rodriguez has joined a class action lawsuit against the champlain towers condominium association. we saw crews physically using their hands to pull off the rubble and debris. large cranes and machinery. there are tunnels and voids being uncovered where a person could theoretically be breathing. detectives are working around-the-clock to confirm every slow name attached to the condos. it is a slow and methodical process. it's considered a search and rescue. officials say they've gone through at least 3 million pounds of concrete at the site but no one has been found alive since shortly after the collapse last thursday. tomorrow the president and first lady are scheduled to visit the site, and we will bring that to you, shannon. >> shannon: matt finn live on the scene in florida. bill cosby is a free man, released from prison after the pennsylvania supreme court
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overturned to sexual assault conviction more than two years into a three to 10-year sentence. correspondent bryan llenas to cover the cosby trial in 2010 has the latest for us tonight. good evening, bryan. >> shannon, good evening. a month ago, 83-year-old bill cosby was denied parole and said to carry out an up to 10-year prison sentence, the result of the first high-profile conviction in the me two era. cosby is now sleeping in the comfort of his own bed. bill cosby signaling the v for victory sign as he emerged from his suburban adelphi home a free man after pennsylvania's supreme court overturned his sexual assault conviction from 2018 based on allegations made by former temple university employee andrea constand. the justices ruled cosby did not receive a fair trial because back in 2005 prosecutors agreed not to criminally prosecute him
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in exchange for his cooperation in a civil suit filed by andrea constand. cosby agreed and made incriminating statements that were then used against him in bringing criminal charges. in a 79 page majority opinion the justices said it violated cosby's fifth amendment rights, writing cosby must be discharged in every future prosecution on these charges must be barred. cosby said nothing in front of the cameras today, instead tweeting his thanks to supporters in the pennsylvania supreme court, writing "i've never changed my stance nor my story. i have always maintained my innocence." >> this is an unwanted vacation mr. cosby never asked for. in hindsight we are happy he got it because he was able to pull the covers off the corruption in montgomery counter. >> the actress felicia schott who played cosby's tv wife tweeted "finally, a terrible wrong is being righted,
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miscarriage of justice is corrected. the decision a stunning blow to the more than 50 women who accuse cosby of drugging and sexually assaulting them, lawyers for constand writing that the ruling is not only disappointing but of concern and that it may discourage those who seek justice for sexual assault in the criminal justice system from reporting or participating in the prosecution of the assailant. it is important to stress that cosby's sexual assault conviction was overturned because of a technicality and not because of guilt or innocence. shannon. >> shannon: who we are going to dig into that later. bryan llenas, thank you so much. former president trump got a firsthand look at the current state of the border crisis today along with texas governor greg governor greg abbott who is promising to finish a border wall without federal help. on hannity, the 45th president sounding off on what was one of his top issues in office and on the campaign trail. >> it has to be stopped now. this can't go until 2022. they say we are going to win
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back congress. this can't go. they have to do something immediately. people are storming out. you look at some of these caravans where they are 15 and 20 and 25,000 people. you don't know who's in those caravans. in those caravans are some of the worst people on earth. he's a tremendous cost and its monetarily a tremendous cost. you are talking about trillions and trillions of dollars. >> shannon: the white house and struggling to get traction with the argument that republicans are the ones to blame for defunding the police. white house correspondent kevin corke is digging into the details. good evening, kevin. >> there's a huge and i mean huge difference between calling for defunding police and not voting for a massive spending bill that a lot of critics call simply a giveaway to blue states in poorly run democratic cities. apparently that's not so if you're the white house press secretary, at least it seems that way. today it seemed she was think if
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you don't back those big spending bills you are in effect voting to defund police whether you know it or not. >> if you oppose funding for the cops and you vote against a bill that has funding for the program, we can let other people evaluate what that means. >> the conclusion, it is republicans, not democrats who supported defunding the police. in other words, ignore your eyes and ears for the past year and a half. it's republicans who took to the streets and in many cases got their way. cities from coast-to-coast opting to take money away from local cops. from los angeles where $150 million was siphoned away from the l.a.p.d. to baltimore where the city council voted to reallocate $22 million for fiscal 2021. to minneapolis where the council there took steps to remove a million dollars from the police department to hire so-called violence interrupters. critics are accusing the
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white house and jen psaki in particular of gaslighting, a form of manipulation where victims are deliberately and systematically fed false information that leads them to question what they know to be true. >> every place they defunded the police you got a rise in crime. democrats have gone further than defunding. they want to eliminate police altogether. >> an assertion that may be a bridge too far but worrisome nonetheless for some lighthouse majority whip jim clyburn who told "the new york times" that are "cutting the throats of the party. we aren't against policing," he said. "we are against ron police officials." some democrats are concerned about party messaging with her spiked along order, the white house is hoping its emphasis on giveaways will more than, the cost of any secondary concerns over policing. with biden increasingly touting his american families plan as a temporary safety net for struggling americans, even as
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republicans and some economists are warning it could inspire a long-term dependence on government handouts. >> will you apologize about january 6th? >> this as former president donald trump today visited the u.s. southern border, another potential political powder keg for democrats who are increasingly concerned about the crisis and the simmering resentment over the white house's unwillingness or inability to solve the problem. that's precisely the sort of messaging concern that has democrats carefully examining the areas where they know they are underwater with voters and obviously border security is one of those areas and when you add that to the lack of success on green policies which is frankly has angered many and the democratic base had no real tangible success on a crime bill or infrastructure to .2 and you can see why the hand-wringing here in washington has reached a fevered pace. >> shannon: after we get through the news of the day, we are going to need to have some
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positive news. >> just ducky. see you later. >> shannon: okay, kevin. the trump organization and its chief financial officer had been indicted on charges on the unpaid for trump that's according to the associated press. weisel berg's is expected to shoot himself in. several panels of witnesses weighing in on possibly increasing the number of justices. life tenure and bringing hammers to the courtroom. the commission claims to meet again publicly on july 20th and again in november on track to issue a written report to the president by november. we are following breaking news and we have brand-new video, and
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explosive seizure of illegal fireworks by police in los angeles, that's the moment it happened, the bomb squad and the l.a. fire department were on the scene. the truck was full of fireworks we are told. it exploded, injuring at least nine people. five being evacuated from the area. 5,000 pounds of illegal fireworks were confiscated by l.a.p.d. at some point today and apparently earlier today they responded to the scene and they were trying to take things out safely. there were questions and concerns about the stability of some of the explosive devices or materials they reportedly found. again, you're watching the aftermath of the bomb. the truck trying to store or take some things out of the area. we are going to continue tracking it is we get more information about potential injuries and exactly what happened. the new york city board of elections releasing a new round of preliminary results for the democratic mayoral primary tonight. showing eric adams leading catherine garcia with more than 125,000 absentee ballots still
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outstanding. the numbers come after the race ran into cast by a 105,000 test boat discrepancy tuesday. the city's first attempt at ranked choice voting. adams is not satisfied with the explain agencies gone, petitioning the court to review a regular possibly fraudulent return from for election testing. let's discuss this. fox news contributors guy benson and deroy murdock. great to see you. >> great to see you. >> shannon: the headline from "the boston herald," an opinion piece. ranked choice voting disaster in yorkshire with my liberal elites were wrong. they made the change for the system. saying that the darling of the wealthy liberal elites ranked choice voting was used for the first time in eric's primary now it's an unmitigated disaster with mistakes plaguing count and vote are still in the dark about which candidate won a week after the contest. it may take even longer until we
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get answers. >> deroy, can you hear me? yeah, you. >> is that to guy? >> shannon: i'm not sure he can hear me. deroy, if you can hear me. >> i can hear you absolutely. i was at an election night party for curtis fleetwood, a republican. fortunately he won and that's pretty clear. a week later, i live in new york city. we don't know the democratic nominee is going to be so it's a giant mess, another example of what happens when the democrats in the left touch something. it turns into a disaster. the border, defund the police, we had a system for centuries where you pick the one candidate you think is the best person to lead in that position and set of one man, one vote, we created essentially one man, five votes. you pick among five candidates make out the first rate people.
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the second to the fifth people were not going to be counted until four days after election day. we may not know the answer until july 12, 20 days after the election. absolute nonsense. we should go back to what we had before which worked just fine and not engage in these ridiculous, bizarre, left wing, crazy schemes. >> shannon: congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez said this is a disaster, so did the mayor, bill de blasio who said that it was structurally broken and said that it's a bad system. glenn greenwald saying liberal spent hours maligning and spearing eric adams for questioning the new york city election results when those questions were completely vindicated. guy, what's the purpose of doing it this way and what could be the impact for eric adams, especially as he has questions and has filed a legal filing as well. >> i don't even know how to analyze an election where we don't know if any of the results
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are legitimate yet. there is preliminary results. as more than 100,000 ballots still to be counted, the reports from certain precincts that ballots from election night having been counted. this is an absolute cluster i believe is the technical term. speaking of smug liberals, we saw a lot of them in new york, politicians, journalists, smearing georgia, attacking texas, calling the system is terrible rotten and racist and suppression and right under their own nose we have this debacle in the largest city in the country, this is a new york fiasco, sort of a national embarrassment as well. i'm not even sure it's the ranked choice voting issue. the new york board of elections when they had gone ranked choice voting last time there is a democratic primary took weeks and weeks and weeks to get some of those votes counted. new york has had a very serious problem counting the votes with so much ineptitude for many years and yet it just keeps
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going and the scrutiny strangely isn't there, not like for red states, maybe because it's a blue state so they get a pass but my goodness, that my finally change. >> shannon: guy, you mention georgia, the department of justice says it's going to sue georgia because it isn't like it's state election laws. the rnc chairwoman ronna mcdaniel tweeting and saying new york city admits to counting over 100,000 test ballots, retracting vote totals week after primary election day yet the doj's suing georgia? want to give you a bite at that. we will start with you. >> this is based on the whole idea anytime you have election reform, especially with republicans involved, that it's racist and it's a giant plot to hold down black people and critics like to point of this idea that there was an effort to dehydrate black voters because they can't get water while they are waiting in line to vote. it's absurd. water can be given to them by election officials, that's fine. it's as if donald j. trump is
9:18 pm
running for president in 2024, he and his campaign staff cannot hand out bottles of water that they vote for donald j. trump within 150 feet of the polls. however if 151 feet away, they can do so. perfectly willing to do so. mrs. anti-electioneering rule that applies to democrats and republicans. it's not a plot to hold down black people and restore jim crow which is the basis i suppose of the biden administration's litigation introduced in court today. >> shannon: guy, final word. >> some of the analysis that i read is that this is a political investigation and lawsuit from the doj going after republican states because the democratic base is angry that they want to talk about suppression and ineptitude and incompetence and undermining faith in democracies, i wonder if the doj will sue new york city. i won't hold my breath. >> shannon: okay. trust me, we will reported here if they do. thank you both so much.
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>> thanks, shannon. >> shannon: former secretary of defense donald rumsfeld has died. he served under four presidents and work nearly a quarter-century in corporate america. he leaves quite a legacy. youngest event secretary everyone he served under president gerald ford and then became the then oldest under president george w. bush from 2001 to 2006. >> the messages that there are known unknowns. there are things we know that we know. there are known unknowns, that is to say there are things that we now know we don't know. >> your faith and your values and your experiences all contribute to decisions you make and your approached things and your judgments about the kinds of things you're engaged in. i suppose that's true of everybody. >> shannon: he was a member that someone who ran straight to the crash site at the pentagon on 9/11 try to help at the scene
9:20 pm
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kick pain in the aspercreme. >> shannon: it's a burger. it's a plane. it's a car and i want to. first-ever flying car completing a test flight. traveling 35 minutes in the air, the prototype is made up of bmw engine equipped with a propeller allowing the vehicle to go from the road to flying sky high. flying cars are here, people. now i know what i want for christmas. it's an easy commute. a french astronaut whipping together a space crepe using
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strawberries and chocolate. looks delicious. not enough to get me up there. terrifying images from southeast arizona where the telegraph fire has consumed more than 180,000 acres in the national forest. residents in the area bracing for approaching floods. incoming rain is expected to help douse the flames, he could threaten a nearby city. we are going to continue to monitor that situation. let you know how folks are doing out west. finally, a missouri mother who took her toddler to an interview now going viral. her 1-year-old son milo looking sharp. look at him. he is adorable. he apparently did his own resume. this video highlighting the child care challenges some parents are facing. in case you were wondering, she did get the job offer and she plans to post updates on tiktok. love this mom, love this toddler and love the employer that they saw the value in this woman and
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have offered her job as well. totally cute. hit us up @shannonbream or @foxnewsnight on social media if you have videos you like to share. los angeles city council taking new action tonight to limit the growth of the city's widespread homeless encampment. correspondent jeff paul has that story from the west coast newsroom. good evening, jeff. >> good evening, shannon. the process still has a ways to go, l.a. city council overwhelmingly voted to draft of new rules that would prevent homeless people from camping in many public spaces. in a 12-3 vote, council members requested the city attorneys to write up a new law. the proposed law would ban tents and encampments from blocking sidewalks in violation of the americans with disabilities act. the measure awaits a final vote. frustrated resident say it's a
9:28 pm
step in the right direction. >> it's taking way too long. it's hurting the economy down here. people are afraid. >> some folks, especially those who live in or near venice beach are fed up with the lack of action. they don't feel city leaders like l.a. mayor eric garcetti have done enough or seen what's going on. >> i'm here. i've been here quite a bit. i just don't call the grass when i do it. >> how many times have you been here? >> countless times to venice. >> in seattle a county council member has proposed condemning a city-owned park that has a large homeless in canton. the county would take over the park, moving those who live there too transitional or permanent housing. in san francisco the homeless department is asking for another $15 million to fund an additional 260 tenths. safe sleeping villages. the city has already spent
9:29 pm
$18.2 million on 260 already existing tents, $60,000 per tent, roughly double the median cost of a one-bedroom apartment. >> shannon: jeff paul out west, thank you very much. breaking tonight, the journalist who conceived the 1619 project for "the new york times" will get tenure at the university of north carolina after all. the unc board approving nicole hannah jones following weeks of back-and-forth uproar over her hiring as a professor with tenure in chapel hill. let's bring in the author "woke in" vivek ramaswamy, to talk about the latest drama. welcome back. good to see you. reporting on this in "the washington post" they say the decision to award tenure to hannah jones could defuse what had become an expert in her shirt on over the academic
9:30 pm
appointment and the degree of influence of politicians and donors and faculty affairs. that decision to deny tenure could have lunch took on plunged chapel hill into deeper acrimon. what do you make of how they eventually came to the decision and what it sounds like motivated it? >> a good decision for her, good basis to deny tenure originally wasn't the fact that you had controversial ideas for the fact that she had one view of american history. i think all of you should be welcome on college campuses including liberal arts universities like unc chapel hill. in my opinion, good reason why she might've been denied tenure initially is that a lot of her work in american history is pretty shoddy. it's been overturned in terms a lot of the work has been outright false. i think the idea that our colonists declared independence from britain because they wanted
9:31 pm
to escape the institution of slavery has been proven false. shoddy work was a good reason for her to be denied tenure. if she was truly deny tenure because of her political perspective because they didn't want the controversy, that's a good reason for her to have been denied tenure and i think they might've reached the right decision by at least giving into allowing her to express her ideas even though i disagree with a lot of what she has to say. >> shannon: to our next story, a question, is the u.s. the best country in the world to live? these are the results. compared to now versus 2015 and back further to 2011. yes, this is the best country to live in number has dropped a lot over the last few years and no, this is not a good country to live in is up. what do you make about this? i don't know home and people have lived in other countries. i have been a lot of places in the world and there's nowhere else i'd rather live. why are people losing confidence in the idea that this is the greatest place to live? >> i share your answer to that
9:32 pm
question but it's no surprise to me that the survey data is going the direction it is because if we continue to teach our kids the fact that this country is imperfect, the fact that we have fallen short of our ideals, we have forgotten what those ideals were in the first place. not only teaching our kids but even reminding ourselves or teaching ourselves the false narratives about our history is a good way of making people feel ashamed of our country. that's what we are seeing the survey data. part of what defines america isn't the geographic space we share. it isn't even the economic comforts or privileges we share. it's the fact that america is a set of ideas and ideals that bind us together the more we question those ideals, the last ideal of a place that america seems like it we want to live in and so i think it's not a surprise in elite and academic institutions and schools have adopted this self-critical ideology that more people see america is less desirable. the good news is the way we describe america actually affects the way america works. i think we can turn that ship
9:33 pm
around hopefully the next decade. >> shannon: hope you're right. before we go, i know you wanted to comment on the gwen berry case he says the national anthem doesn't represent her and she turned away during the medal ceremony. >> the thing that bothered me most about her comment was that reference to the expression of "my people." she said it was her love of my people or her people, she was referring to people who shared her same skin color and i've about had it with people using that expression as americans to refer not to their race back to our commonality as americans. if anyone is going to refer to their people as americans, it to be our olympic athletes who are representing us on the global stage. do i think she should be banned from the olympics because of what you said or did? i don't. i am proud to live in a country where people who say awful things about the country can still have the freedom to do that. that something that can't be taken for granted in most countries around the world.
9:34 pm
at the same time, i think i would like to see our culture moved to a place were some of those my people, they mean the american people as a whole, not just the people who share their skin color or their melanin content. >> shannon: at the end of the day we do have more in common that we don't and i hope we can find that place. thank you so much. >> good to see you, shannon. >> shannon: how the accusers of bill cosby are reacting tonight's seven release from jail after conviction on sexual assault charges was tossed. ♪ sometimes you wanna go ♪ ♪ where everybody knows your name ♪ ♪♪ ♪ and they're always glad you came ♪ welcome back, america. you've been taking it smental health meds,you.
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>> knew all along he never should've been prosecuted for this. had every right to rely the prosecutor's word. they pulled the rug out from underneath him because of politics. >> shannon: one of bill cosby's lawyer speaking after the famous comedian was released from prison today, summing up the argument that convinced the pennsylvania supreme court to throw out his 2018 sexual assault conviction. let's take a closer look at the
9:40 pm
finer legal points. an attorney who has represented seven women who sued cosby for defamation, joe cammarata, good to have you with us. >> good to be with you. thanks for having me. >> shannon: it comes down to the court found that an earlier conversation in agreement with the prosecutor years ago was enough of an assurance to mr. cosby he wasn't going to be prosecuted. the fact that this proceeded and he was convicted violated his due process. joe, how are your clients feeling? a lot of people to understand how this is possible. >> it is a bit perplexing, how a jury verdict finding mr. cosby guilty of various counts of sexual assault can be overturned. on procedural grounds. but it's important to remember despite the angst that many of the victims, alleged victims of mr. cosby's sexual assault are feeling.
9:41 pm
but here we are talking about not a rejection of the truth that has been spoken by 60 women, not rejection of the truth that has been spoken by five women who testified in the andrea constand trial, not a rejection as well of the verdict by the trial in the i andrea constand trial. we have here is a decision by the supreme court of pennsylvania reaffirming very important constitutional principle. that's guaranteed by the 14th amendment of the constitution as well as the state constitution of pennsylvania. that we are all entitled to the production of due process we have interaction with the government. in this particular case, because of the decision that was made publicly by then commonwealth attorney bruce castor not to prosecute bill cosby and his subsequent reliance on that, the court found that in all fundamental fairness, mr. cosby's due process rights
9:42 pm
were violated. as a result, there needs to be some remedy. >> shannon: yeah. listen, i've said it again and again. you've got a hold on to due process in this country. something everyone of us may need at some point in our lives and will be grateful it's there. have you heard from any of the women you've worked with? we are starting to get reaction from a number of people who worry about how this may impact other women who've been through some kind of sexual assault and their unwillingness to now come forward, where they may end up in this same situation if i can get a quick comment from you. >> i have and let me say generally yes they are concerned about what this means in terms of going forward but if you put it in context, it didn't undermine the fact that the people who are victims of sexual assault to not have a forum where their cases can be tried. the court didn't say that, far from it. that principle is still alive and should be used by all people
9:43 pm
who feel that they are victimized. >> shannon: yeah. professor jonathan turley, familiar to our audience, said bill cosby is the ultimate example you don't have to be entirely innocent to be wrongly convicted. a lot of folks learning a lot about our legal system and whether -- how it works and whether we like it or not. thank you so much and good to see you again. >> good to see you. thank you. >> shannon: taints real news roundup, judge denying britney spears request to have her dad removed as conservator of her estate. this comes after spears testimony claiming the conservatorship was abusive. as another hearing on this matter, we are told it's possible she will petition to have the conservatorship terminated. french media reporting the spectator who caused the massive crash at the tour de france had been arrested. the pileup happened after she
9:44 pm
jumped out in front of writers with a sign. she faces a 1500 euro fine. the air force having changes to its fitness test allowing airmen to substitute walking or running, playing's first set ups, and raised ten push-ups for traditional push-ups if they prefer. the air force has new options are "based on scientific and analytic outcomes and that airmen are expected to maintain a high level of fitness." a federal judge in florida blocking a law that would have barred social media companies from suspending political candidates. writing that it would have compelled providers to host speech that violates their standards. the w.h.o. and the cdc of disagreeing on mass guidance over the delta variant. dr. marty makary it is here to separate fact from fiction.
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[swords clashing] - had enough? - no... arthritis. here. new aspercreme arthritis. full prescription-strength? reduces inflammation? thank the gods. don't thank them too soon. kick pain in the aspercreme. >> shannon: want to bring an update with story. this video of an explosion in los angeles, the l.a.p.d. tweeting saying "our bombs clawed officers were in the process of seizing over 5,000 pounds of illegal fireworks. some of them were being stored
9:50 pm
in our bomb squad trailer as a precautionary measure, unknown at this time what caused the explosion. we are told nine people were injured, there's been some evacuations in the area, a lot of damage and we are going to continue to follow it as we find out more but apparently they've been called to the scene to get rid of some illegal fireworks that was the result of some of the stuff being stored in the bomb truck. more confusing messaging on covid from the world health organization and the cdc. the w.h.o. urges masking for the vaccinated. let's bring in fox news medical contributor dr. marty makary. great to see you, doctor. >> good evening, shannon. >> shannon: more of the w.h.o. saying fully vaccinated people have to continue wearing masks and keep taking other measures to prevent infection. the cdc says fully vaccinated americans don't need to wear masks indoors or maintain
9:51 pm
distance. it's a break between two big organizations. people don't know which one to listen to. >> here's the deal with the w.h.o., they painted themselves into a corner by getting into the business of approving vaccines and they approved the chinese vaccine which has an efficacy around 50%. if you have been immunized with the chinese vaccine which a lot of the world has, you really do need to wear a mask after vaccination but it's different in the united states and that's why we can disregard that information. >> shannon: okay, fact and fiction on the delta variant. i hear there is a lambda variant. what are we to make of these and how worried are you? >> i'm not concerned for people that are immune even from vaccinated and unity or natural immunity. if you're not on the unit at risk of getting the infection you're probably more likely to get it now than ever because it is more contagious but not more deadly. we were told be 117 from of u.k.
9:52 pm
variant was probably more deadly. it turns out it was not. he was. if your moon if your immune >> shannon: i want to ask you about somethingk twice about giving the covid vaccination to help the kids based on the data there's no compelling case for it. it is something parents are struggling with, kids trying to go to school and camp and trying to get into college. what are they to do about vaccine requirements? >> i think it's an individual decision but for healthy kids the case is there but it's not compelling and i think one dose is reasonable for kids who have not had the infection in the past. the cdc is getting a lot of criticism in the medical establishment because they misrepresented data. they did not establish healthy kids from kids at risk of covid. kids with a pre-existing medical condition like obesity. that's where 99 plus percent of the deaths are probably
9:53 pm
clustered. when they made that broad recommendation was like saying that women benefit from mammograms, therefore men and women should have mammograms. it was an overly broad recommendation. it wasn't based on the data. they also used inflated hospitalization rates because you test every kid who comes in now with a broken arm even though it's unrelated to covid. we are probably over testing people who are immune in the united states right now. >> shannon: and asymptomatic. doctor, always appreciate you giving it to a straight. thanks again. see you soon. good news before we say good night. an unexpected visitor caught on a doorbell camera, check it out. he finally got home. he had gone missing the day before after getting spooked by fireworks. the family searched for seven hours. they went home totally discouraged but at 3:00 a.m. the family was startled awake by the doorbell ringing. they have no idea how the dog figured out how to ring the bell.
9:54 pm
they'd never seen her do it before. when she was home, she was ready to come in. i love this so much. >> i am such a dog lover, i'm like, yeah, way to go, so proud of you. it's great stuff. let me take you to california. a police officer comes to the rescue of some adorable ducks in the picturesque town of eureka. several baby ducks trapped in a storm drain. how did the officer do it? using tongs to extract them. the ducks were taken to the humboldt wildlife care center. for saving the day, a good news good night salute to the officer. >> shannon: we love them. they get dragged into so many things, super dangerous but also super charitable and they take care of our animals and they do everything else. officers never know what they're going to face, i love that story. we have a big day tomorrow, at the supreme court for a big day.
9:55 pm
we don't hear any retirement rumors. pressure on justice breyer. i think he is sticking around but we will see. we will have the day's news and back here tonight we will get folks up to date on "fox news @ night" tomorrow. >> have a great night, shannon. >> shannon: you too, kevin. that's it for us tonight. shannon bream. to give you exceptional care and 20% off your treatment plan. new patients, take the first step with a complete exam and x-rays that are free without insurance. because our nationwide network of over 1,500 doctors at 900 locations all have one goal — to make you smile, today. start now. call 1-800-aspendental or book online at
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