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tv   Gutfeld  FOX News  June 30, 2021 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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senator i hope. >> that's all the time we have tonight. catch my show justice with judge janeane every saturday 9:00 p.m. eastern. greg gutfeld is next. >> you got to identify the problem. we won't see that in this presentation. >> it's also classic barack obama under statement. i would say one party is not tethered to reality. it's hair on fire moment. you often bring up. >> greg: i don't think he understands the hair on fire moment. [applause]
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what a great show we got. we have emily campano. what a trooper. always trying to stay in shape. [indiscernible] she laughs at it. we got jimmy, glad to see he's dressed up. he has a meeting with his parole officer. i'm not really sure. every time i see one of his outfits, i think the circus must be back in town. here he is at his day job. ♪♪
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we got a newcomer. casey mcdonald. she does the fox nation show called "monsters across america" here's some of her best work. >> it's a creature that appears to have no arms no torso. [laughter] >> greg: that's star material. all right. to the monologue. something funny happening to the democrats right now. they realize they screwed up. it's clear on their faces. except for pelosi's. great job. after year portraying police is murderly racists, they're now out of excuses. they try, don't they.
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>> the president never mentioned leaving money for police in the american rescue plan. >> the president did mention american rescue plan, state and local funding, lot of democrats who supported and voted for the bill, could help ensure local cops were kept on the beat in communities across the country. didn't receive single republican vote. >> greg: to believe that you need to be dumb as that studio audience. how can you forget the last year when you heard crap like this? >> i support the defund movement. this is about the investment in our communities which have historically been divested. not only do we need to defund, we need to dismantle it allows us to reimagine what public safety should look like. >> i'm actively engaged in advocacy for is the reduction of
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really truly talking about the reduction of our nypd budget and defunding $60 billion nypd budget. >> greg: before you say, greg, they're just the fringe. if that true biden administration contains more fringe than cowboy swayed jacket. >> we got to reexamine what we're doing with the american taxpayer dollars. are we creating healthy and safe community? that's a legitimate conversation and it requires a really critical evaluation. i applaud eric garcetti for gong what he's doing. >> greg: for democrats that's middle of the road. >> any amountsful harm is unacceptable and too much. i also want to make sure that the hysteria -- and we look at these numbers in context.
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so we can make responsible decisions about what to allocate in that context. >> greg: thank you professor moon bat. we should defund boston university for giving her an economics degree. last year i got emotional about what i saw especially in my city. fewer cops in the streets meant more violence and more victims. to the liberal hacks surrounded by more armed security, it was a big joke. >> democratic cities are in chaos now. this is what you want from joe biden and ethey're going to take your country away and they're taking down the statues and crime is rising. it's so bade and they will defund the police. >> greg: i love the sigh. that clip should get old but it won't. i will play it forever.
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it's like chris cuomo flexing for twitter. it shall live forever. remember don lemon's great investigative slack into the crime wave? >> if you watch a certain state tv and you listen to conservative media, would think that entire cities are brawled in fights and fires. we went out to have a great dinner in new york city tonight. people actually said thank you for it. i watch you every night. they had to do a double take. i was hanging out. new york city was not -- [indiscernible] >> greg: who care about the crime. i'm famous. that was a special moment for don. private time with his one remaining viewer. maybe that's why their ratings from in free fall. all their viewers are getting killed. now with trump gone, they can no
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longer use racism. it's been a month since trump left. it was never his fault to begin with. they laughed about the riots because they knew the violence might scare voters. to aren't talking about violent white supremacist any more. the media never bother to question that big lie. now it's collapsing faster than a human pyramid with joy behar on top. may be we can focus on the real terrorists who stormed the capitol. they sentenced a granny to 100 hours of community service for standing around the capitol. instead of playing with her grandkids, she's picking up
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trash on the freeway. that's justice democratic style. it's one, racism. then racism and then racism. when in factor the root cause is them, them and them. crime is rising, people are dying and what's the cause? liberal policies. despite violence only in cities run by liberals. the dems reject law enforcement in any actual prison time. they threw out bail and called it reform so repeat offenders can repeat more. they grew increasingly more brazen and violent even in daylight. they knew that democratic leaders would let them twist in the wind. now you're left with a befuddled president who gets all his crime solutions from reruns of murder
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she wrote. biden is such a mess. he suggested cities could use leftover covid money to hire more cops after allowing local governments to defund the cops. may be we can give the leftover masks to the criminals while they're at it. it's good for robbing banks. we got problems. the problems are solvable unless we continue to elect idiot democrats. the dems treat the american people like they are groupies. you will be there for them. when they no longer need you, they don't care whether you live or die. because there will always be more groupies as long as they can evade the gunfire. let's welcome tonight's guest! she has right to remain silent. never uses it. our cohost, emily campano.
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fox news radio show jimmy. she's cracked terrifying creatures like big foot, the jersey devil and brian kilmeade, casey mcdonald. she was made in detroit and then recalled due to safety, fox news contributor. once again, i'm the most attractive person on the panel. i can barely look at these people. emily, good to see you. >> good to be seen. >> greg: you are obviously were a d.a. you love to defend murderers and rapist and just criminals in general.
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you must be excited about the decline in our justice system. >> everyone is innocent until proven guilty. if this is what kills me. we all know that the democrats have been calling for defunding since the beginning. it's the city council's that primarily did so unilaterally across the west coast. by the other side of their mouth, democrats keep talking about meaningful reform. they say it comes in the form of federal intervention. we talk about the decent decree. they say yes, this is what is needed. it last years. both cities are engaged in those agreements. take seattle, for example. after the city council defunded the police, the judge says, you taken us back three steps. you made not only the city less safe, obviously you made my job harder.
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you've taken back 10 years of what we've been working towards together. the police ranks have been eroded. also, those actual steps towards meaningful reform has been eroded too. that's all on democrats >> greg: the reaction to the police in terms of reform now requires that they have more police. which is exactly what they didn't want. i summarized everything you said in a bite size piece. [applause] jimmy, i was curious, what store did you loot to get that jacket? i'm thinking either merry go round. [laughter] it's to see they didn't defund the passion police. i'm starting a miami vice cover
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band. we're not pretty enough to do miami. so it's jackson vice? >> i get lot of question about my boots. the most popular one is do they come and miss. first and foremost, to the point of the biden administration, if they was serious about cutting crimes, -- [indiscernible] america doesn't have a crime problem. it has a stupid problem. we have people who can fight crime. they are called the police. they gotten crime rates to a 30-year low in the last decade. then stupid people got elected. they got other stupid people to follow them along. if you have the facts, -- the democrats have been pounding the table on racism for year and a half. at no point did they show a fact. it's disgusting. when we live in new york, they
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have these famous walking tours, they are now called running tours. it's bad enough that i would become a cop. they have this thing called the background check. i couldn't become a cop at this point. it's their fault. it's stupid people. our problem is stupid people. >> i believe the movie that you're directing later is called "pounding the table" [laughter] casey welcome to the show, i apologize. you do a show called "monsters across america" is the democratic party the real monster? >> i haven't had them on a season yet. we tour the country. if you have any suggestions -- >> greg: there's this crazed person west side of manhattan. they call her the vaping widow.
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>> that's the vendor i'm trying to go on. >> greg: when your husband mysteriously disappeared, do the vaping widow. what are your thoughts on police in general? what's your take on all of this stuff? >> everything, just my take on everything? my take on everything is yes. let the police be police. let them keep the streets safe. i've. filming all around the country. coming back to new york, there's this sense of, yes, liveliness, you're going to eat. you do look over your shoulder when you're walking. you got to get a handle on it. that's the problem. >> greg: it has changed.
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what's your solution? i hate to bring up the libertarian. that's too far. >> guess what, i wrote a column that came out on about this very thing. i think part of the issue is, this is just an example of the democrats blaming republicans for defund the police. which is ridiculous. so much of our discourse is focusing on blaming people for problems. when this first started, polls were showing that most americans agree they wanted to change things about policing. most americans, including 81% of, black americans wanted the same level or more police in their neighborhoods. there was so much agreement. there's no room for any nuance. just about political partisanship and trying to blame other people. the amount of imagination that
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it must have taken to blame this on republicans, lot of wasted energy that could have been trying to solve this problem. it's a matter of life and death. >> greg: up next -- ahhh! get out of here mouse. ahhh! ♪♪ don't flex your pecs. terminix. so then i said to him, you oughta customize your car insurance with liberty mutual, ♪♪ so you only pay for what you need. hot dog or... chicken? only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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>> greg: can they hide their brown nose. vogue magazine declared dr. jill biden a first lady for all of us. she met with students that calls her a joy multiplier.
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here's a line from the piece. we have been through this enormous collective trauma. here's the first lady who has driven tirelessly and effortlessly popular. it's true. i too think of myself as a doctor without ever going to med school. the cover line was pure corn syrup. a first lady for all of us. we got our hands on a few that they pass on. dr. jill biden, ron desantis wants you to destroy america. dr. jill biden, every president has a woman behind them reminding them that they are president. dr. jill biden, the wife not the sister. in case joe is reading this. speaking of alternate titles, former national security advisor john bolton had a different idea for his book, "room where it
8:23 pm
happened." >> it was the room where it happened. the original title for that book, ambassador bolton wanted to call it hard pounding after the battle of waterloo. we told mr. bolton some people might think hard pounding might have a sexual connotation. [laughter] they were right, that's where everyone's mind goes. i still think they could have compromised between hard pounding and the room where it happened. how about the room where the hard pounding happened? or may be, the hard pounding in the room where it happened. or maybe they should have just have gone with, nobody mustache rides for free. kat, you know what, you will never be in vogue. you're on the wrong tv show. isn't that true?
8:24 pm
they treat people differently. not fair. >> i'll be okay. i do want to talk about how john bolton wanting to call that book bad it's probably partially your fault. it's hard pounding is his book. he's got his new one coming out called "don't pull out, the case for keeping troops in iraq" [laughter] nicely done. casey, try to keep it clean. what do you think about the vogue cover? >> i did accidentally google the original title. the vogue -- dr. jill is an accomplished woman. i don't care what you say, you
8:25 pm
are lying to your face if you don't think melania is the best dressed first lady. >> greg: that is true. how about you emily? what's your take on vogue and a hard pounding? >> are they separate? >> remember the magazine "sassy." remember how you can get your photo taken and put on like the cover? i did that when -- [indiscernible] i was a cover girl. every year every month. i was so stoked. it was fake. that's how i feel about this. i'm sure everyone is stoked. let them have their victor lap. we see exactly what's happening.
8:26 pm
we know to your point that it's the -- that is so my mom. all of these phrases from the renaissance era. accurately. how it's meant to be phrased. my sisters and i are like, she's like, this is the mail carriers used to do. >> greg: i don't see the problem. '69 is the year. literally. it's century there's a 69. there's a joke about your jacket and hard pounding and being a porn director. say something thoughtful to end this round. >> there's a lot to be said. your alternative title, that's actually a presidential memoir from the clinton years.
8:27 pm
that is not the worst clinton joke i can tell. it's close but not close at all. the jill biden thing. it's absurd double standard. melania is superior first ladies of all the first ladies. melania speaks five languages. joe biden speaks english and joe. [laughter] she is the joe whisperer. no one in america is drinking harder every night than the sign language interpreter for biden's speeches. you have to come up with words that don't exist. >> greg: we got so much to go. up next, what do 20 something say when asked what do they do all day?
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♪♪ >> greg: when young adults were asked what they do 1 in 5 said not much. the lockdown demand have led to idle hands. according to report by the center for economic policy and research, almost 1 in 5 americans age 20 to 24 were neither work or school in the 1st quarter of 2021. they still complained when i tried to harvest their organs. most of the increase doing nothing came from joblessness. there was increase in campus. experts worry about what the trend may do to the economy down the road with such a large percentage of youth missing out on gaining the necessary skills to contribute to it. like making eye contact and putting on pants.
8:33 pm
they say that lack of purpose can be a breeding ground for social unrest, known as rioting, setting things on riot. experts call it living in seattle. it's a tough situation for like my uncle always said, when the going gets tough, buy a hooker for an hour and steal her drugs. [laughter] it is sad. casey, what were doing in your 20s? do you think people can come back from this? >> i started working at 22 right out of college. i didn't go out on fridays. i was working at qvc. >> thank you for your service. >> you're welcome. it's got ad to be appreciated. it's hard being an ainspiring
8:34 pm
inspire --aspiring tik tok star. >> greg: you can see how well and how rich everybody is. which crews with your brain even more. [ bleep ]. try to think back 20 years when you were in your early 20s. >> i can't imagine how he made you feel. >> greg: there's nothing safe about millions of people with nothing to do. that's how we have revolutions and wars. >> it's also how you ruin your life. my personally, a lot older than my 20s. i'm more mature than i was in my 20s. if i'm not busy, i will get
8:35 pm
myself into trouble. i can start doing bad girl stuff. >> greg: i hear you. >> you're not kidding. too gusting for the air. now i'm busy with my healthy marriage and my wonderful budding career and i'm staying out of trouble. i really worry, because ewhen you're idle and you don't have a purpose. >> greg: exactly. what's his name? i'm losing my brain. scary thing is, that now, you're delayed. in your 30s, you're going to have less experience than people in their 20s. to the extent that people get
8:36 pm
this. my neighbor only found out there was a lockdown two days ago. he's been jamming away playing siege and whatever he does. >> they want to get paid to do that. >> greg: they have a scientific word for people who don't do nothing. it's called congressman. this works for the agenda in washington. they trying to usher in an era of codependency. universal base income will be an easy sell. i'm concerned. i feel bad for people who get a late start. lot of times you get a late start, you never start. you can quote me on that. >> it's really good start. i feel terrified for my future. when these guys all grow up, what are they going to do.
8:37 pm
i feel like to everyone's point, picture everyone playing fortnite, this is work. they believe what they are doing is of value and necessary. >> greg: there's an idea for fox nation show. it's still a 30 minute program. 29 minutes of silence. which you have to get to the middle of the show. there's one piece of information. anyway, i don't know. they want to bring down the hammer on your racist english grammar. [applause] this is the sound of an asthma attack... that doesn't happen. this is the sound of better breathing.
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>> greg: whatever you say, think or write, it's racist if you're white. they hold anti-racist pedagogy symposium. the thing that unite us, divide us. one speaker claimed that enforcing standards marginalized black language. saying, anti-blackness that is used to diminish black language in black students is not separated from the anti-black racism on black people in society. now all words are as racist as the n-word apparently. another speaker said, the repeated standard language -- they said this using correct grammar. federal judge in the bronx, had thrown out the case of a known
8:43 pm
gang member involved in a shooting because the grand jury once diverse enough. this is nuts. what does that mean for other cases in which the juries can be seen not diverse in retrospect? this could open quite a pandora's box. is it a can of worms? if you lie down with at the dogs, you will wake up with fleas. in my case, some very odd looking puppies. [laughter] now it's addicting that grammar gram ---- >> it's so infuriating for me. the reason the educational system isn't working for student of color -- something about the powder i found in this blazer. [laughter]
8:44 pm
it's so stupid. you realize how we're failing again. we're failing people in life by pandering to them. the average school kid in high school writes with a grammar -- i say that as a community college graduate. i was skipping intro to xbox. what we are doing to them is so infantilizing and it's hurting them. this is where the left is awful. >> greg: if a judge tosses a gun crime and that guy is on the street, he's going to shoot somebody else in his neighborhood. it's likely going to be a non-white person. >> that's exactly right. if i can reference that case, everyone with breathe easily. a different grand jury indicted him. that went before a different judge. this guy had a rap sheet. it goes back to the '90s. it includes attempted murder,
8:45 pm
assault burglary, weapons and drugs. what he'll probably get sentenced for ten years sentence for this one which was just holding ammunition as a felon. those policies they are so compassionate. ultimately it's rule to the rest of us. >> greg: it's so hard, isn't it easier to make list of things that aren't racist? >> i would think so, yes. it is hard. you have to be understanding of everything. you have to be listening and learning. to your point, with the grand jury, where does it end? you will keep doing it? >> greg: that's what i worry about. you don't have any answers, emily.
8:46 pm
kat, what are your thoughts? >> i was reading this. it's racist to ask student show their work in math instead so they can do cartoon or tik tok video. there's things involving numbers and objectivity that you need in the real world. my landlord wants the rent check, i can't put a cartoon in the envelope. >> greg: you will need math. only job you'll have after this is only fans account. you will need to count the money. >> taxes. i do my taxes, here's my tik tok video. >> greg: up next, should you be considered a felon for making pizza out of melon? [applause]
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>> greg: it's the segment that has people asking why do you do this segment? ♪♪ two stupid stories. a group of scientists in new zealand, there's a story! the scientists in new zealand.
8:51 pm
they claimed new way to prevent your teeth from opening. wiring your jaw shut. it beats their over invention. they saw the jaw locking device. they believe jaw locking device allows them to open their mouth to 1/16-inch. so you can't eat solid foods. a chef has gone viral for constructing a pizza made out of watermelon and barbecue sauce. >> would you try it? >> greg: that pizza was widely panned. i still got it. it has millions of views on tik tok. a place for people to get attention for being stupid. which is why it's popular with teens and democrats. if that's what you like to eat, who am i to stop you? it's like what benjamin franklin
8:52 pm
used to say. eat to live don't live to eat. take off your pants on the guy who discovered electricity. he said that. he didn't say that. what do you make of the mouth device? >> i really don't get mad at anything that tries to control obesity. it is the biggest killer in our society. when you look back at the covid cases, 77% who died from it were obese. we champion the body power of world that makes you feel good inside. but it's harming your body. all of these kinder, initiatives are harming society. there's a study that says 40% of kids are obese. back in the day, every pat kid would have known they were fat. we got -- >> greg: lot of bullies are fat too. >> but they are horrible.
8:53 pm
>> greg: chubby bully is just adorable. you want to pinch their cheeks. >> this mouth device, suddenly becomes really kind of tentlating if someone else controls it. >> greg: right. from the makers of a hard pounding [laughter] >> because, you open your mouth enough to talk but really like you talk like this? do you smile like this? what if you're just getting killed by a murderer? how do you scream? very dangerous. >> greg: is this actually nutritionally helpful for anybody? >> i got a wedding in december, i read that on average you can lose 14 in two weeks. [laughter] >> greg: weddings are the best weight loss tools, right emily? that's when everybody decide to
8:54 pm
lose weight. >> i don't see what the big deal about this thing. it's just like what a stomach staple does. this is physically restraining you because you can't mentally restrain yourself. i'm not judging. i feel like if someone wants to wire them, go for it. >> greg: i have an idea, it's called the gut tube. you have a side tube installed so it's like a freeway off ramp for your food. you eat and it comes down. instead of going to the stomach, it goes out right into like a trash can. you can enjoy the eating and goes out into the trash can. thank you. >> the taste -- i think you still get half the calories.
8:55 pm
you would chew a snicker bar and spit it out [laughter] >> greg: snickers, spit out. don't go anywhere. be right back. you oughta customize your car insurance with liberty mutual, so you only pay for what you need. oh um, doug can we talk about something other than work, it's the weekend. yeah, yeah. [ squawk ] hot dog or... chicken? [ squawk ] only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ [swords clashing] - had enough? - no... arthritis. here. new aspercreme arthritis.
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thanks to emily compagno, casey mcdonald, our studio audience, with shannon bream's next. she's evil. i'm greg gutfeld, and i love you, america. ♪ ♪ >> shannon: hello and welcome to "fox news @ night." i am shannon bream in washington. breaking tonight: we have new preliminary vote tallies from the chaotic mayoral primary in new york city as we took a leading candidate eric adams is mounting a legal challenge. we are going to try to make sense of it with the dream team panel. the surprise ruling by the pennsylvania supreme court


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