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  Hannity  FOX News  June 30, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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irrational, then you and i would be in trouble. [laughter] >> depending on the judge. but that is for psychologist/psychiatrist to say. judges are in a position to assist with evidence and not form their own opinions whether or not someone is competent. it is based on evidence and scientific evidence. i'm not seeing any of the era but in fact, the opposite. >> tucker: judge, we will see at 10:00. thank you so much. ♪ ♪ >> sean: welcome to "hannity." we are broadcasting from the south texas airport and only a few miles from the u.s./mexico border for the entire hour. we will be joined by 45th president of the united states, donald j. trump with texas governor greg abbott and we will also asked president about
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questions of the day. of course donald trump no stranger to the southern border after predecessor barack obama left a mess. president trump made it a priority to restore the nation's borders. that means enforce laws, protect sovereignty, protect the borders. restrict ohmic restrict asylum cases, stopped obama's catch and release program. he instituted what was known as the state and mexico policy for new migrants and negotiated deals with several american countries to expedite the deportation of illegal immigrants. he successfully built nearly 50s here this is important because he told migrants around the world, do not come to america illegally. he was very clear. and he will make this dangerous trip. don't send your children unaccompanied through mexico come across the rio grande and the desert into the border.
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make no mistake president trump's actions are rhetoric or as effective as they have ever been a purity for example, look at this headline, "trump immigration policy showing results with illegal border crossings plummeting." another from axios, illegal border crossings fall as u.s. enforces asylum agreements." in another quote "like him or not, it trump policies are reducing illegal immigration. sadly after joe biden sworn in them he reversed almost all of president trump's border policies. now you might remember this. biden and harris told migrants, "come to america and seek asylum in america" on the campaign trail, biden literally telling migrants to search the border. let's roll the videotape. >> what i would do as president is -- things would change. i would in fact make sure there
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is a surge to the border. all of those people seeking asylum deserve to be heard. that is who we are. and nations as you want to flee and fling depression, you should come. >> sean: president sippy cup seemed a little more alert in 2019. the results of the border surge have been catastrophic. in february illegal immigration more than tripled. 100,000 and illegal immigrants apprehended in february. 170,000 in march. 178,000 in april. and a whopping 180,000 inmates. by the way, that is only the number of people we caught. record-setting numbers, a 30-year high for illegal immigration. and get this, more unaccompanied minors are now crossing the southern border than ever before. it is a crisis of a monumental scale. border patrol agents, i spent a lot of time with them here they are overwhelmed, overworked, dangerous cartels and making
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millions in human trafficking and taking advantage of the fact that all the resources are being used two basically processed people illegally into the country. that gives free reign to the drug dealers, the human traffickers. we know where 90% of america's heroin comes from, our southern border. we know the fentanyl crisis. the number of deaths that happen each and every week about 300 all across america because of these drugs. migrants facilities now operating at over 300% capacity. with the help of the biden administration, illegal immigrants are being relocated all over the u.s. in exchange for in your promise to show up to a court date if that date is even given out. this crisis has no end in sight but instead of reinstating the successful policies have donald trump, joe biden with whole border duties he punted to kamala harris for months and months flat out refused to
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visit. she finally decided to make a stop in texas. she had time to stop by el paso for a couple of hours on her way to los angeles. one big problem: el paso is not where the current crisis is happening. it is happening right here where we are. according to a new harvard harris poll, they rate kamala harris performance as poor on immigration and a poll 68% of voters believe the biden administration are to blame for this urge. 61% also blaming biden, the surge of unaccompanied minors. a 55% think donald trump's border policies never should have been undone. 80% think illegal immigration is a serious issue, but it's not clear at the biden administration is able or willing to secure our southern borders. actions speak louder than words. to that end, during his presidency, donald trump visited the southern border all by
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himself six times. joe biden has never visited, not once. let's think about that. tonight i'm a we are here with a crowd of great americans, including many friends of president trump. i see my friend is in the crowd. congressman billy long is because purity governor abbott will join us on the stage. but first, joining us right here in south texas, the 45th president of the united states, donald j. trump. [cheers and applause] >> former president trump: wow! what a crowd. [chanting] >> former president trump: thank you, thank you. thank you, everybody. thank you. what a group.
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thank you, everybody. [cheers and applause] >> sean: grab a seat, sir. okay, i have one minor complaint. i did not get that reaction when i came out. [laughter] thank you, mr. president. [cheers and applause] >> former president trump: nice. >> sean: boy come i guess one question my asked this crowd coe are you missing me yet? i think i know the answer. [cheers and applause] from day one, the day you and melania trump came down the escalator, you talked about securing the country's borders. you had a fight hard to get the
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money to build 500 miles of wall to stay in mexico policy. you built the wall. you ended catch and release. now we see what is happening. your reaction to all of it. >> former president trump: well, there's never been a better time six months ago and never a worse time. we had the tightest security and you could come to our country illegally. you know what else massive amounts of drugs, human traffickers commit bad, bad people criminals emptying their tails into our country. other countries are emptying their jails into our country. we never had it better and now we've never had it worse in the history of the country. i just saw the governor, lieutenant governor, a whole group come i think the largest contingent of congresspeople evr at the border from what i understand. i think they are mostly here too, by the way. i see a lot of them. [cheers and applause] we had the largest -- we even have dock, the doctor in the white house who became a congressman. >> sean: by the way, ronnie
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would you give joe a cognitive test? [laughter] resident sippy cup come i don't know how well he will do but i won't get you in trouble. >> i think i can say i a state. >> sean: he didn't get one question wrong, 30 out of 30, wow! [cheers and applause] >> former president trump: and they are getting a little more difficult. >> sean: i heard the first three questions are -- >> former president trump: they take the first two or three questions and they put them in, but let me tell you, they would not get those last 15 right, certainly not the last ten i can tell you but anyway. we have a border that is very bad right now and dangerous for our country. fortunately, we have a lot of great people in texas. [cheers and applause] >> sean: you know what is fascinating, all of a sudden biden is blaming you for the current crisis.
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>> former president trump: i know. a little misinformation. they have done it for five years, six years, russia, russia, russia. i told shawn the story. i go around and people are saying, "sir, do you know anything about russia? "and this was years ago when i was running. months ago, do you know anything about russia? another guy do you know anything about russia? what is going on with russia? a russian hoax, misinformation. now they say the republican party want to defund the police. do you hear that i'm a bill lee? billy is not a big defender of the police. the republican party want to defund the police. that started yesterday. i don't know how they get away with that one. the good thing with you, you take the old eclipse clips. it's been when i all. when you look at what else is happening too. and it is interesting in states like florida, south dakota, many
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others, they are offering texas and arizona support health. and there are law enforcement in the dark of night, they are taking illegal immigrants, flying them into the states. now the states are responsible for food and shelter and health care and education. >> former president trump: and the states don't even know they were coming. they bring people into in the states don't even know it. take this commit is an allotment. it is called an allotment. and the republican governors -- by the way you look at the well-run states, it is all done for the most part republican governors. all of them. [cheers and applause] there is a crime in terms of everything else. we have great republican governors, we really do. >> sean: the policy is to has been reversed. joe hasn't come to the border. you have been here many times and kamala harris didn't come to the border but it seem like a photo up to me. what would you want them to know that they don't know or maybe they do know but don't seem to care about? speak to wouldn't come.
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i was invited by the governor. and i said yes and very proud. we've built over now i guess 50l build an extra 200. we would do an extra 200. and nobody's ever done this. and all they have to do is go another two months and the wall would be totally completed. by the way, they have to paint the wall. i will give that job to brian. you have to paint, congressman, you have to paint the wall. because it is starting to rust. it is supposed to be painted. they don't even want to paint the wall. it's so disgraceful. two more months, everything would be completed and just like the keystone pipeline, they will not do it. 48,000 jobs and an environmental pipeline, much better than other forms of transportation for the product. when you look at what is happening, inflation is going to
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be the killer of them all. inflation will destroy our country. the border will destroy our country and you know what else will destroy our country? predilections come up on elections will destroy our country. [cheers and applause] >> sean: i want to talk about all of that if donald trump and we had a hard time getting videos, congressman and i know louis was part of it, ted cruz and many others, and i'm ignoring a lot of you. i know if it wasn't for them, they wouldn't allow cameras in the new cages for kids but in 2018 they accused you of putting children in cages. it turns out the video was from 2014. you were not president. now joe biden is building these pages in the middle of a pandemic, high rate of positive cases of covid. and kids living on top of each
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other. imagine for a second, what with the press have been like and that democrats have been saying that these new cages? >> former president trump: but i really had that because in 2018 and even after 2018, they came out with these horrible pictures. somebody came up and said, "well, who is the contractor?" i built those cages in 2014 during obama's administration. it wasn't trump. it was obama that built those cases. i got a little bit lucky. after he said that come all of a sudden, the cage went away. they are building them again because so many kids are coming in and you know many of the kids are on suicide watch, something we have never heard. think of it, it is so miserable. it is so hard. it is like. i will say come although right now i think it is harder in new york than texas, 101 degreen
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new york. but the kids are on suicide watch. >> sean: 80% of the hero one crosses the southern border. now fentanyl, two big fentanyl boast in the history of the country. we are losing 300 americans a week and some cases more. >> former president trump: and sheriff joe said in a meeting with a round table, the sheriffs are incredible. the law enforcement in texas and other places. [cheers and applause] he said, and i didn't even know this, he said, "towards the end of my administration, we had fentanyl virtually stopped." now he said is coming in at levels he's never seen before. it was nasty. getting through the border, especially with 500 miles of wall, it was nasty. and these people, i gave them the right to stop people. now, they are not allowed to talk to people. you are not allowed to talk to people.
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but again, people coming in is bad. prisoners in real, serious criminals, murderers walking in it. i will never forget, i'm watching of all places, cnn, okay? this was a short-term watch and they had a reporter -- no, this was -- >> sean: i can't hear you. >> former president trump: now the ratings are down 79%. [cheers and applause] i'm watching cnn and a woman reporters asking what did you do, what did you do? a very famous clip, and murder. she said, what? murder. she immediately, they cut off the camera and that was the end of that. but we have thousands of hardened criminals. like we don't even have in this country practically. ms-13. we took them out by the thousands. you know my told the story just now he had the border. three countries primarily guatemala, honduras,
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el salvador. ms-13 and other criminals were coming up and they wouldn't take them back in the obama administration. they refused to take them back. they would have planes on the runway so when the planes want to run, they couldn't land and they would stop the buses. to be paid these countries any money? they wouldn't take them back. the three countries and i know the heads of the three countries are very street smart dictators come okay? but they are very street smart people. i like them and we get along here and spit on you know they are evil but they are not dumb. >> former president trump: look, we got along. how much to repay those countries? what is i have to do with it, sir? everything. we didn't pay any more. we didn't pay. and then i was called... we stopped payment. we stopped payment and then the next day i get a call from all three. president, you stop payment? no more money coming into the three countries. i said, that is right.
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you are not taking criminals back but we would love to. we would love to take ms-13 back. they are wonderful people. i said, fine. we sent them back by the thousands. they took them. by the thousands. [cheers and applause] but nobody has ever done that before. nobody did that before. >> sean: do you have a theory and an idea because i can't really think of one except that, you know come in years gone by, i would argue republicans wanted illegal immigration because they get cheap and democrats want great work which would be amnesty citizenship. >> former president trump: you do have rhinos. >> sean: a lot of rhinos out there. [boos] >> former president trump: these people you don't have any rhinos in this. about 45 congressman here and women. you don't have any rhinos. but you have rhinos come i called him weak republicans. they walk into the white house. i've been watching for four weeks now.
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they walk in and they meet biden. he doesn't know what the hell is happening. they are sitting and talking about infrastructure. and then finally, they walk out and they have a deal. the deal is a terrible deal, but it is a deal. it sort of reminds me of being in there a long time ago. we have a deal, we have a deal and you remember the deal with german question work it did not work out too well. it reminds me we have a deal, we have a deal and typical come a couple of good ones in there. i don't know how they got roped in. they have a deal and biden canceled the deal because a radical left said you can't make that deal. no good. we want to spend $6 trillion spirits be when they would back door for think they didn't get in the deal. they would back door through the reconciliation process. >> former president trump: you need better leadership. mitch mcconnell can no longer do the job. >> sean: it was a very typical process because i was covering it every night.
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that was congress was not assisting you for the money, for the border wall, which was a signature promise you made in 2016. but you found a way to to get the money and build the wall. >> former president trump: so what i did is i got a big lead terry budget and i took it out of the military. the way i look at it, this fence i spent two and a half years winning lawsuits. we won all of the lawsuits, 11 every one of them. i started building the wall. it is two months for completion and this guy, that is tragic. it is dangerous for texas, arizona and every other state. it is tragic. >> sean: all right, we will take a break. when we come back we will be joined by the governor and the great state of texas and also sara carter will bring us an exclusive report from the southern border with migrants literally have been and continued to die taking this perilous journey. governor abbott will be here and much more, much more president trump as we continue
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south texas. we are glad you were with us. ♪ ♪ [cheers and applause]
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♪ ♪ >> sean: all right, the great state of texas at the southern border tonight. thank you for being with us and we are with former president donald trump peered at her conversation with him continues in a few moments. but first sara carter reporting about the crisis at the southern border. and by dense border prices damaging to the country but pref
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a perilous journey for those crossing and trying to enter this country illegally. watch this. >> jesse come on this road sheriff's deputies at brooks county along with a judge are recovering a body of a migrant. what they are saying the dehydration, the hot sun, heat, as well as the elements, other elements and in fact a few of the bodies recovered have been tested covid positive. so they are dealing with a lot out here. just remember this is one county. >> any time you recover a body in six days, that is a high volume. and that, we are testing for covid and we have two that were positive out of that group. so you know very well there are others contaminated who are walking through and made it through. these were left behind. >> we have the bodies in the back of the truck. they are getting ready to smuggle them across. >> people in this heat,
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especially under the extreme weather conditions. is that part of your mission to rescue, report, and recovery? >> a lot of times, often, [indistinct] i don't know where i'm at. and now with the technology, where they came from. we can go there and flag them. >> they get lost and lost in the elements with the south texas heat. they don't have water and they get dehydrated and you see these fatalities taking place in this specific area. we are in brooks county and counted 49 deaths this year. which is a lot to. >> sean: joining us now with more fox news contributor an investigative reporter sara carter. sara, you have interviewed kids that are out there alone. you have talked to ranchers that recover dead bodies. this is not uncommon when you
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are reporting. >> no, it's not from a sean. it is not uncommon and it is tragedy. if you think about it we have over 22,000 kids right now plus being held in camps all across the united states. that journey to take over, they found this year over 202 bodies. those are the ones that they recovered. think about all the people that never recover because either the elements take them away, the animals, the environment. there is a lot of difficulty for the law enforcement when they are trying to do recovery operation. i want to put it to you this way, in 2019, 250 people were recovered. this year we are only halfway through the year and it is over 202. sean, this is a very difficult time. this is a perilous journey. a lot of children lose their light before they make it to the border. i can't imagine how many more lose it and we don't know that are here right now. >> sean: all right,
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sara carter, thank you. we are back with president trump. also joining us the governor of the great state of texas, god bless texas, governor abbott. [cheers and applause] you have been very generous with your time coming on the show often. you have pointed out that you couldn't even send in your child protective services to check on and do their jobs to check on the kids but you know about ranchers finding dead bodies on the ranches. and we know the perilous journey. but the government will not allow you to enforce the laws that they refused to enforce. now you are left with building your own fence? are these permanent? >> governor abbott: we in texas have been left with our own devices to fend for ourselves. like we are an outpost with a territory that the federal government doesn't care about anymore. it is not like it was with
6:30 pm
president trump. he cared about taxes. [cheers and applause] he cared about lawlessness. >> sean: i'm having a hard time and i'm sure everybody here is having a hard time with this. we are supposed to be a nation of laws and president trump, if he jaywalked, they would want to impeach him, right? let's be honest. but joe biden and kamala harris are picking and choosing not to enforce the laws of the land. and you don't have the authority as a governor to enforce it for them. so now what, the next best thing? >> the first error at the biden administration is making is they have a band and the rule of law that they are not enforcing the immigration laws passed by congress. and hence a complete over border policy. the mistake is the apprehension of the border patrol to make but we would turn them over to the federal officials who believe in catch and release. so what texas is doing because i have declared a disaster, the penalties have increased for
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anybody trespassing, anybody who analyzes anything. they will go to jail. we are working with sheriffs, mainly men and women and the white house behind me. sean, real quick, what i've been working for the last several weeks with the sheriff's on, we will start arresting people, putting people behind bars, putting them in jail and giving them what that biden administration has been giving them. >> former president trump: i love the governor and we had a great relationship with a lot of people in this room from texas and other states withhold fairness. very special what texas has been doing. it was over. we stopped a lot of the drugs coming in, which is very tough to do. they have some real criminals bringing for stuff in. they are the toughest people, these cartels, they are tough, smart people. they went to the wharton school of finance and graduated number one in their class. but they never did that but they would have graduated number one.
6:32 pm
they are very tough and smart. what they have been doing with human trafficking and drugs and all of the other things is a disgrace. we had it largely stopped. and in two months, three months, they ended. state in mexico was so great. stay in mexico. and they ended it. [cheers and applause] you take a look at catch and release. i hand at that. that is where you catch a criminal and release them... and our country. they are supposed come back for a trial three years later. i don't think they come back for trials. you would never see them here it is that correct, he is a great congressman, too. he might be tougher. but i will say this, look. we had the relationship. everything was good. you need the federal government. they need help from the federal government. i gave it to them times ten. we did it. then comes in and stops building the wall. all you needed was two more months. we would have had it completed.
6:33 pm
even so, will be built almost 500 miles of wall. it really had such a huge impact. and that people had an impact. and the sheriff's and law enforcement generally in texas has been an unbelievable job. but they are getting no support. >> sean: all right, we have to take a break. we will come back. more up with president trump and greg abbott as we continued close to the texas/mexico border and every state is facing. we will tell you how other states are stepping up to help the great state of texas and arizona next. [applause] ♪ ♪ hi, i'm debra. i'm from colorado. i've been married to my high school sweetheart for 35 years. i'm a mother of four-- always busy. i was starting to feel a little foggy. just didn't feel like things were as sharp as i knew they once were. i heard about prevagen and then i started taking it about two years now. started noticing things a little sharper,
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>> sean: all right, we are broadcasting from texas near mcallen. and former president trump and the governor greg abbott. this is a town hall. we will have some questions. ma'am, welcome to the program. >> sean: what is your first name? >> my name is janet brown and i live in eddie berg. >> sean: welcome. >> i am hispanic. i actually came from nicaragua and south american. i am very familiar with south america and i live two years in honduras and then nicaragua. i came to the united states in 1960. i won't tell you my age. but anyway, i came here legally. and it is really sad to see what is going on at our borders here. my question is, president trump,
6:39 pm
what long-term damage and destruction will be 18 open borders agenda due to the country, and what is it costing law-abiding u.s. taxpayers? >> former president trump: so, it is a very fair question. and i know you know the answer probably as well as anybody in this room. it is incalculable how bad this is. we have not hundreds of thousands, but millions of people storming into the country. some of them as we discussed are from prisons and arpad and murderers and all the things that i said before. there is no way to judge that kind of damage. you know, getting them out is an ordeal. in all sorts of things will happen. it is going to be very hard. but i will say this commit has to be stopped now. this cannot go until 2022. oh, we will win congress. this can't go. they have to do something
6:40 pm
immediately. people storming up and you look at the caravans with 15,000, 25,000 people and you don't know who is in the caravans. dotted in those caravans were the worst people on earth. and it is also monetarily. you were talking trillions and trillions of dollars. the >> governor abbott: janet, what is happening is the erosion of the fabric of united states of america. united states of america was built on the rule of law. what biden administration is not enforcing the rule of law appear at all the people leading and they are getting a buy with the rule of the law. it must be stopped. >> i agree, i agree. [cheers and applause] >> sean: let me pick up, thank you, ma'am. thank you. [cheers and applause] >> sean: i don't know
6:41 pm
governor. >> governor abbott: we believe stage and it will be all trump. >> sean: who are up for governor in 2022. i like president trump. all of my opinions and all the fake news journalists are objective and we know they are not pure they have an agenda. you have done a great job for the state. i support your nomination. but i guess the question is, let's talk about 2022. a really good chance you will be reelected, house return to republican. and we look at the state races and i don't think it will be bellwether, florida, georgia, north and south carolina, new hampshire. we have ohio, wisconsin, arizona. those are all states we are familiar with. how important is it for republicans to take those key senate races? >> former president trump: without weak republican rino leadership, you would win every one of them. >> sean: everyone. >> former president trump:
6:42 pm
darted in there are people you would say almost don't like thi. they don't like the republican party. strong republican leadership in georgia, the united states will win every one of them. without them, you won't. >> sean: governor, this is your last segment with us. what it means to you to be the conservative governor of texas. >> governor abbott: remember this texas like people like beto o'rourke. [boos] so what we have... what we have instead of texas is a battle for the soul of our economy. are we going to be capitalists or socialist? we have seen the socialist agenda with beto o'rourke, fidel castro and people like that. texas must prevail. we must keep texas capitalism. let me do this one last thing, capitalism. not socialism. more people lifted out of poverty than all the socialist
6:43 pm
program in the history of the world. [cheers and applause] >> sean: i will say this about texas. and it's so telling. if you take a u-haul from california to texas come about $2500. if you take it from texas back to california, it is about $300. you are doing u-haul a favor. i know texas is very inclusive, but if people come from california and new york to texas, i think it is fair to say they need to leave their liberal policies behind. they are? >> governor abbott: fair enough. >> sean: governor, we always love having you. >> governor abbott: thank you very much. >> sean: when we return a few other questions for president pro-trump and the town hall. thank you for being with us.
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♪ ♪ >> sean: all right come as we continue "hannity" "hannity" with president former president donald trump. we don't have a lot of time, but let's talk about your future plans. [cheers and applause] now... let me ask the crowd of everybody here, would you like to see the president run again in 2024? [cheers and applause] >> former president trump: thank you. >> sean: you are not going to answer but i have to ask, where are you when the process? let me ask you this without giving the answers, have you made up your mind? >> former president trump:
6:49 pm
yes. [cheers and applause] be when i think you got it right. [laughter] when you look, you know what is funny because i have known you 25 years and i remember you first talking about running. we actually argued, remember we argued about iraq in certain words and everything. and then you became president. i remember when i supported you i said, "you will govern as aco" people didn't understand. crazy, endless wars where we are losing so many wonderful, beautiful people. and we are not hiding, we are sort of there. isis what we did over a short period of time, i wiped out
6:50 pm
isis. i wiped out the caliphate. it was getting worse and worse and worse. but we have to bring our people back. 21 years in afghanistan. 21 years. so we rebuilt the military. it was totally depleted. it was terrible. we had jets 40 years old. jet fighters 40 years old that they don't make parts for anymore. they had to go to the deserts to get parts. the airplane graveyards. we now have all brand-new planes, homemade in the usa. we have to get ourselves set. we have to reorient. but the middle east has been a disaster for this country. we have spent trillions and trillions of dollars and got nothing. the beauty is, we didn't need the royal anymore but we need to roil again because we will not be energy independent. i don't believe we are now. when i left a
6:51 pm
gallon for gas and oil $3.50. >> sean: just a dollar $0.30 more since joe is president. let me ask you a question because i would argue and i did argue on air come off at that treated the whole different standard for you. if you had sons that lied on a gun permit and threw the gun in the dumpster, smoked crack, got money from ukraine with no experience, kazakhstan, no experience, russian no experience, $100,000 shopping spree and $1.5 billion deal with the bank of china with military connections, i have a funny feeling that the media would go after you. it would be unrelenting. why does joe biden get a pass? b to the democrats get a pass. hillary clinton got a pass. the democrats get a pass. a guy like bill barr they said they would impeach him. once impeach him, he became afraid. he became afraid. i said, "what is wrong with
6:52 pm
you?" we became scared appear they go after people. they go after them so hard and viciously. all of a sudden that is what happens. not in all cases. we have some people that are incredible. you get some people brought over the other side for fear appear to be can't have that appear to be have to fight. they go after me, mueller, this one from impeachment and i call it impeachment hoax one and two. all of this nonsense. in fact they were the ones guilty. they would come after me new york radical left prosecutors come after me. you have to wheeze fight appeared to be have to keep fighting. it is a disgusting thing. [cheers and applause] >> sean: i guess they don't call politics that for no reason. you move forward and you know how difficult it is. you seem to reengage in that battle. >> former president trump: it's not that i want to pier the country needs it. we have to take care... i don't want to at this time.
6:53 pm
fighting constantly, fighting always, i mean, the country what we have done is so important. when i say the greatest -- they want to double your taxes the senate and the house but the republicans and the senate have to fight hard that they don't give up because that will be terrible for the country. >> sean: i have known you for years and watch you from trump tower and all the years in the white house. you sleep may be four hours a night, four and a half, five max. never stop working. joe biden averages less than one scheduled event a day. he gets up at 9:30. he gets his warm milky and sippy cup around 7:00 p.m. if he's good he gets a night-night story. [laughter] l, in all seriousness, we saw what happened at the g7 where he just was paralyzed. you see what happens, how he
6:54 pm
struggles to communicate. i asked you and you punted the last time you were on, do you see cognitive decline in joe biden? what does that mean to america question works be to let me save a little bit differently. he is surrounded by vicious people that are very smart, but they don't stand for the values of the people in this room's vamp. [cheers and applause] he didn't campaign or debate well and didn't make good speeches. >> former president trump: i want to month a state of the union get up and speak. it was terrible. i don't want to go into that but that was terrible. and i thought he was going to get killed. i had to watch your competition just to see what they were saying. fdr was a great speaker, he remember the speeches he made were incredible. and the only thing to fear is fear itself. that beautiful and they compared him to fdr. [laughter] now, the good news is they lost... be when they were not watching
6:55 pm
"hannity." >> former president trump: but no, look, there was nothing good. it was embarrassing. they were comparing him to fdr. now, it was so embarrassing to watch that come i couldn't believe it. i was impressed. i watched specifically because i said he was going to get killed. he didn't get killed. nancy was sitting behind me with the single biggest mask i have ever seen. a large one that covered her entire face. i've never seen anyone like that. >> sean: i have to run. >> former president trump: she didn't rip off his speech either. >> sean: mr. president, thank you, thank you. [cheers and applause] more "hannity" on the ground and up next. ♪ ♪
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unfortunately that is all the time we have left mel. if you're in sarasota july 3rd
7:00 pm
he is going to in sarasota. >> by the way texas could you have a good time to make lex? let your heart not be troubled we will see you back after the fourth happy holliday weekend god bless texas and thank you for being with us. i'm in for laura and come tonight and this is seeking fro angle from new york city. britney is not free but still cosby is. complete legal analysis ahead. raymond is going to be here a bit later to document the most troubling moments for biden. first back in march the president-elect of the american people to believe that july 4th