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tv   Hannity  FOX News  June 29, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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"don't hate, facilitate." to facilitate? what does that mean. we are not sure but it sounds like a pickup point. when chris cuomo asked her to facilitate online, turn off the ipad and get back to dinner with the family. nothing good can happen next. that is it for us tonight from amazing interview with the chinese for all it just who said the coronavirus came from a lab. tucker carlson today tomorrow. we will see you. john sean hannity. >> sean: your president sippy cup joe biden is not doing well yet again. earlier today, struggling yet again with another public event, more of that creepy whispering came back into play, trouble with the teleprompter and, of course, plenty of mass confusion. we will play the little lights coming up here at plus china's puppets and the w.h.o., the world health organization in california, gavin newsom, they
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want you to put your mask back on. apparently indefinitely. but first tonight from american cities are in crisis. look at the statistics. they are everywhere, rate, robbery, assault, murder skyrocketing and important the murder rate 100%, minneapolis up by a whopping 56%. philadelphia, washington, d.c., los angeles, new york, chicago, also now suffering through major spikes and violent crime. no, what do all the cities have in common? one, they have all been run and have been for many years by far left democrats. number two, the same democrats that vilified law enforcement,/police budgets, defunding the police and failing to defund dismantle as well and acting soft on crime policies like no bail reform, refusing to prosecute people that we have video of rioting and looting involved in arson. and other violent criminals during the summer of 2020, they
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bent a need to angry mob and divide the reality playing out before the entire country. minneapolis, city leaders allowed police precinct to be burned to the ground. seattle, entire city blocks were ceded to rioters and criminals for weeks. downtown portland was lit on fire almost every night for months. and all across the country, the police were assaulted. a bricks and frozen water bottles and rocks and molotov cocktails. several other cities experienced arson, looting on a massive scale, looking at your screen, santa monica, california. widespread looting and broad daylight. in chicago, new york, los angeles dozens and dozens of storefronts smashed and looted. times square over the weekend, a marine was hit with a stray bullet. in oakland or the city council, where they voted to defund the
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police. a gunman tried to rob a camera crew during an interview with the city's crime prevention chief. at city hall here in pretty brazen. a few weeks earlier in san francisco, in other crew was robbed at gunpoint in broad daylight, take a look. >> at the car came up here while we were about to do an interview in three guys jumped out, one had a gun and put it to my face and said we are taking the camera and do my camera. >> the whole encounter with a block in his face took less than a minute. >> my whole thought at the moment, let's become and not get this guy excited appeared he's got the gun. i don't. you take the camera. it is yours, but he. >> sean: the violence is out of control and happening in many cities all across the country. instead of cracking down on crime and restoring law and order so that we can be safe secure and pursue happiness. the police budgets are being slashed. officers are being restricted. they are told to stand back and
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stand down. many criminals who loot, riot, and steel are not getting arrested. most of those locked up that quickly let out of jail. and all charges even with videotaped evidence is dropped. for example, 118 individuals arrested in new york city during last year's looting spree come almost every single case was just dismissed. tons of evidence. now after a year of chaos and violence and mayhem, no one in america supports this insane defund the police movement and only 18% according to a recent poll. meanwhile a brand-new harvard harris poll shows an overwhelming majority, nearly 70% of americans have, in fact, a favorable view of police. according to a pew poll, minorities including african-americans are worried about crime and cuts to police funding. obviously, these are not good numbers for the democrats that have sat idly by and silent and
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spent the last year themselves vilifying the police, defunding and dismantling. about tonight, the biden administration have a new plan, they tell us. unfortunately, that plan has nothing to do with making your city safer. instead, the geniuses and the new administration are accusing republicans. they are saying "they are the ones that want to defund the police." okay, not making this up and we have the videotape to prove it. take a look. >> look, republicans are very good of staying on talking points who say defund the police, but the truth is they defunded the police. we funded crime, intervention and a whole bunch of other things. >> part of this announcement is also ensuring the specific guidance to communities across the country to ensure they have funding to get more community police around the country. something supported by the american jobs plan that was voted by democrats just a couple of months ago.
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i might say the other party was for defunding the police. i will let others say that. >> sean: that is what you call an outright lie. you can even call it a conspiracy theory if they actually believe that crap. and where are the so-called fact-checkers fake news cnn or politifact. maybe they want to weigh in on this one? this might be the most blatant site in modern american politics. but you don't have to take my word for it because we actually have proof. it is called videotape. thank god for videotape. take a look. >> yes, i support the defund the movement because this is about the investment in our communities, which have been extort glee devasting end. >> historically defected end. >> and we truly are talking about the reduction of our mit budget and defunding $60 billion
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nypd budget. >> not only do we need to defund but we need to dismantle and start new allows us to reimagine what public safety should look like in our community. >> you know many cities in america one-third of the city budget goes to the police. so we have to have this conversation. what are we doing? >> sean: remember last year of the democrats, they wouldn't call riots riots? the same democrats never mentioned it at the dnc. all that had gone on last summer. kamala harris herself even promoted that bail fund to get violent criminals out of jail. during the dnc, no mention of last summer's violent riots, even joe biden himself said the police have become the enemy. he agreed the cities should absolutely redirect funds away from law enforcement. they are now blaming republicans for this, but we have more videotape to prove they are wrong and outright lying. take a look.
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>> surplus military improvement for law enforcement. they don't need that. the last thing you need is a humvee coming in with like the military impeding. they don't know anybody and become the enemy. they were supposed to be protecting these people. my generic point is that... pico can we agree to redirect some of the funding? >> yes, absolutely. >> sean: at least he didn't say "come on, man come are you a junkie? "this new deal democratic party demanded that the police be defunded. they did it. democratic leaders in the house and the senate, joe biden, kamala harris, they all agree your local democrats on the city state level then billions of dollars out of police budgets. new york, los angeles, and minneapolis, that is just a start. they reduced the size of the police force. they let violent criminals out of jail. they stopped prosecuting a multitude of very serious crimes, including violent crimes, and predictably violent
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crime is sky rocketing. democrats want to blame republicans? okay, my memory might be short but not that short. the democratic party thanks lee the american people must be gullible and stupid. at the same time, this is the guy that they put in the white house. take a look thank goodness for videotape. >> please, please sit down. i once said that to a big crowd of the evening. i said, "please sit down." and there were no seeds. they were on the football field. the press pointed out biden is losing it. i can see you all have seats. despite partisan it was a great deal for the american people. not just for folks in cities, red states, blue states, but for everybody. this job, this job, the jobs are going to be crazy or. largely we know the blue-collar workers. >> sean: this job, this job,
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the job okay, we have shown you tape from joe biden in 2012, 2016, does that seem like the same guy to you? do you trust joe biden with safety and security? do you think you will come up with a plan to reduce violent crime in america? i don't think so. we will let you decide, he barely knows what day of the week it is. his radical new greendale socialist based, they seem to be in charge and make no mistake, they are hell-bent on dismantling the law and order. you can tell by their actions, here with more center ted cruz, senator, i don't know. i don't recall you denying riots for riots last year. i don't know any republican that wasn't out there saying we need to restore law and order and i don't know any conservatives saying we need to defund and dismantle the police. if you remember, please tell us because my memory is pretty sharp on these issues. >> well, sean come i have to say it is remarkable the white house
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has apparently employing comedians. there is an old munition word for that good spot. for them to run out and claim republicans want to defund the police is like an arsonist showing up at the fire and blaming the firemen. that is like the chinese blaming the americans for the wuhan virus. that is like o.j. saying he's going to help find the real killer. that is like democrats saying they are the ones that want to build the wall. it is absurd. it is ridiculous and they know it, but you know what, they were counting on the media all encircling joe biden and sagging "poor uncle joe, he doesn't want to defund the police." the last time bill de blasio the democratic mayor of new york can cut a billion dollars from the nypd. and de blasio on that same democratic stage with joe biden. you might not remember it but de blasio was there appear at last i checked, he was a democrat last i checked omar is
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a democrat, last i checked the summer of love, remember you had a democrat going come at us just the summer of love. i want to see the democrats make the case to the american people. put us in charge like the mayor of portland can say, put us in charge and a polish or police. if you don't like the murder rate, we can increase it eight times, 800%, look the democrats understand they are in trouble. abolishing the police is stupid. the american people know that. by the way, african-americans and hispanics overwhelmingly oppose abolishing the police. suddenly, the rich, white liberals who said let them be without the police are realizing, oh, no, this is unpopular and so they are trying to claim these are not what you are looking for an ever supported it. it is absurd to come it is ridiculous. sean, you want to know what joe biden thinks, look no further than to the senior
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officials he appointed for the department of justice. they are two of the leading advocates for defining and abolishing the police. last year in writing a congressional testimony they advocated it. biden appointed to the two top positions of the justice department and the vote for the confirm of both of him, all 50. every single democrat voted to confirm vocal advocates for abolishing the police. that is who is helping running the department of justice right now. >> sean: let me ask you as a constitutional attorney that successfully a great track record actually argued before the united states supreme court and even alan dershowitz said you are one of the brightest students that he ever had, the honor of having in his class. you know, i understand that our constitution, and you step in and correct me any point i am wrong, i understand it to be the foundation for our rule of law
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in this great democratic republic that we live in. when we have laws come i always thought, you know, we get to pick and choose which ones to decide to obey. your state of texas and all of the border states are now living with record lawlessness. the highest number of people coming into the country illegally. not only are they just being processed and allowed to enter, but then, it seems joe biden and kamala harris' policies aiding and abetting lawbreaking as they then disperse and give travel assistance to illegal immigrants to other states all over the country. is there anything legal about that, senator? i will be down at the border with greg abbott who i'm fond of and president trump tomorrow. >> >> as you know it is complete lawlessness and the biden administration refuses to enforce the law. a couple of months ago, i brought 19 senators down to the border to see firsthand what was
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happening. i've been to the border many, many times and border patrol and night control commit is worse than it's ever been. over half a million people have crossed illegally and i have to tell you for many people crossing illegally, they don't have to be apprehended by the border patrol. they seek out the border patrol and turned themselves in because of kamala harris, and joe biden, kamala harris are the last mile of the human trafficking network that is resulting and abusing thousands of little boys, thousands of little girls. it is utterly lawless and striking so one of the things that president trump is taking to the border, and we are glad to welcome him in texas. if kamala harris finally discovered we had a southern border and travel to the southern border but amazingly enough she did not go to the rio grande valley. she did not go to the epicenter of the problem. she meant to el paso which is a wonderful city, but it is 800 miles away. it is chicago is closer to
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washington, d.c., than el paso to the rio grande valley. and there was a reason, sean, kamala didn't go to the rio grande valley. because if she had, she would have had to have seen the biden cages. you have seen for biden cages. cage after cage after cage of little children appeared and she didn't want the news media to cover it because the media toda, they don't pretend anymore. they are the praetorian guard protecting biden and harris. she went to el paso to sase them i went to the border and everything is fine here while ignoring we are on pace for more than 2 million people to cross illegally as a crisis. you want to know how bad it is? mcallen, texas, down a great city in the rio grande, historically bright blue, 80% democratic they elected a republican mayor because the people said enough already with this chaos that joe biden
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and kamala harris has given us. we need to enforce the law and secure the borders. >> sean: senator, that would be a good start. i never knew you could pick and choose the laws and i never thought the president and vice president could pick and choose either. i get to be in the home state of texas. and i think this will be my 15th time being down there rio grande all the way through san diego at the actual border, by the way, just in case anyone is interested. center, look forward -- >> buy property in texas we want to see you. >> sean: i'm getting out of here come i promise it is coming. stay tuned, joining us with more of the host of the brand-new show here on the fox news channel called "bond chino filtered. i'm sorry, "dan bongino unfiltered." of course it is unfiltered. from a law enforcement
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standpoint, you were with us last summer, dan. and we watched as over 3,000 police officers were hit and hurt with bricks and bottles and rocks and molotov cocktails and we saw it with their own eyes but now with the states like new york have made a decision that even if mobbed and looting and arson and throwing bricks and bottles at police officers come even though we have all the incontrovertible evidence, your video, your face doing it, we will not prosecute you? how does that not result in more of this behavior? >> listen, it is time to stop screwing around with this. i think too many republicans, not you were me but too many republicans have been too delicate. this whole cutesy time. it's not my bag of doughnuts. it is time to speak the truth here, sean, we know what works and law enforcement because we have tried it. we have been there. i was a cop in the giuliani here in new york and had a policy on
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rioting, very simple. the first person who throws a rock goes to jail. the second person who throws a bottle, sean, you know what happens to him? he goes to jail. a pop quiz, what happens to the third person? nothing, because there is no third person! that is why we didn't have significant rioting back then. it is not a complicated policy. just don't let people riot. it's not hard. not only that, we know that works. they threw that out the window. they said stephanie rawlings approach. let them blow off steam and blow off some steam while burning down your building. it is interesting people with no skin in the game want people to burn down other people's buildings. what makes it worse, this is why this cutesy thing is over. we need to call the democrats out for what -- a couple of things, the dumbest people on the planet earth, which i don't believe. i would love to say that but it's not truth. or they are deliberately destroying american cities. option 2 is more frightening
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because they are not stupid. they saw the broken windows the police implemented across the country. bill bratton, jack maple, rudy giuliani and others across the country. when they enforce low-level crimes, you know what happened, sean? when you take the low level criminals off the street, they are not on fifth street to commit high-level crime. you have to understand this was a revolutionary thing, and i have lived through it as a police officer at the time purity cleaned up new york city like that. so what does that say to you that they are throwing that out the window? they are willing to watch people die to make a political point? that is really sick. >> sean: apparently, they are in a state of denial. if you don't prosecute the people and have the evidence of them committing crimes, how is there any other outcome except you will get more of that behavior? it is pretty much a get out of jail free card. you know, you will not get in trouble cord. why wouldn't we expect more of it? it seems like the obvious conclusion.
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>> you know isn't it weird that you and i have to have this conversation. >> sean: kind of, yeah. >> we are decent and intelligent guys, i'm not stephen hawking or albert einstein but i have to say let's let criminals out of jail and not prosecute for the crime and you said to me "well, more crimes will happen. right?" yeah, more crimes will probably happen. and democrats, but there are democrats... oh, my gosh my hannity is a genius. >> sean: you know, it is funny but it is also sad but you know why? because every week and i can come on to show every monday and get out the statistics. of human being shot. many of them minorities, many of them whose names we will never hear, names i have scrolled sense the biden/obama years. and nobody ever cares about because they can't politicize it. >> sean, you are the only one --
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nobody cares! no one! if you are at the police, you support and if cops arrested there is a process going on. it doesn't matter. i see the name scrolling now. they will go crazy. yet, you are scrolling and you look a bit names, swift, hampton, these are real people, folks. sean is not making these names up. he did not pull these out of a phone book, hey, let's put that segment on the show to get people rolled up in the eyeball. that is a person. that is a real person who is dead. why doesn't matter? these are real people with families. they don't matter? why not? why don't they matter? >> sean: hey, dan... >> it doesn't matter to these other people. >> sean: it matters to us. we have to keep fighting. all right, thank you. the success on the show, when we come back, sat down with former president trump and called out the left for covid agenda.
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we will have that. also, renting back militias reportedly firing rockets at our forces in syria following this week's air strikes, lindsey graham reacts and the great mark levin's fired up and we will tell you about what when we come back
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♪ ♪ >> sean: yet again come up for lip leaders in the country to places like california yet again threatening more lockdowns and mass mandates on the show. we have exposed night after night the dangers when you politicize science and the dangers of distorting information for political reasons. a little like flip-flop fauci downplayed the lab leak theory politically and warned privately as early as january 31st, 2020
6:28 pm
privately. anyway our own dr. nicole saphier sat down with the 41st president of the u.s. donald trump to unpack all of this. let's get his take. >> trump suggest dr. fauci, all the heat he is taking. >> he is a great promoter and a much better promoter and a much better promoter than prognosticator because he didn't want to close the borders to china. then he said very graciously that president trump didn't do that we would have lost hundreds of thousands of people more. he needs to speak horribly about masks. i remember he was saying masks are terrible and are wrapped around three masks on every part of his face. >> sean: you see the full interview on where if a veteran, you get a year free. here to explain dr. nicole saphier. doctor, i say to early, politics and medicine intersect, politics always wins.
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now when you talk about ivermectin, regeneron and operation warp speed and shutdowns, can we look back to the prism out of history and realize the politics in many instances won? >> well, sean come of course, the whole reason i wrote the book "panic attack" i wanted to bring all the ways the crisis politicized. you saw day one from hydroxychloroquine, face mask, children in school with vaccines from everything they destroyed with partisan politics. major anti-trump is made it worse. you see it going on right now, we have house republicans trying to convene to look into the origins now that more data continues to come out. we have speaker pelosi saying she will not be holding out any juries on this because it is a diversion. i will tell you what, sean, national security is not a diversion pier that is what they are paid to do. they need to get together and look at this so something like this does not happen again.
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even recently, sean, the nih deleted viral sequences at the request of chinese scientist. why would they do that? actually come if we have those earlier sequences, that would actually potentially give credence to the national spillover theory. but instead, chinese scientists that they wanted them deleted. if they don't have something to hide and if the virus did not leak out of the lab come away with they want them deleted? that needs to be investigated. >> sean: they talk about vaccine hesitated and my understanding, dr. saphier, the people who got the vaccine were told you would be protected regardless of what other people do. has that changed or is there something they are not telling us? joe biden, joe biden, nancy pelosi will still wearing the mask indoors fully vaccinated? >> no, sean, and more about the variant that hasn't changed, the fatality rate with a variant has not gone up which is great news.
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and it looks like being fully vaccinated is still very protected, even against most recently circulated a variant. you have to look across the country. it is not one-size-fits-all and various countries and that is going to happen. i really hope we don't see horrible searches in the winter like we did over the last winter. but if the states can't get these vaccination rates up, they will probably have a rise in cases and unfortunately with the rise in cases come restrictions. >> sean: we watch the full interview on fox nation, dr. saphier thank you. developments oversee. militia firing rockets at u.s. forces in syria following this week's air strikes. savages still being assessed at the u.s. base in eastern syria. so far, no injuries reported. south carolina senator lindsey graham. senator come i'm not sure if i'm allowed to talk about and off
6:32 pm
the record conversation we had to, but this is exactly what you predicted to me would happen. >> yeah, so here is the game plan. number one the iranians are playing president biden like a fiddle. the ayatollah, sean a religious. hitler wanted a master rate appear the ayatollah once a master religion. they are trying to drive us out of syria and iraq to dominate syria, iraq, iran. they are trying to build a weapon to hold the world hostage and one day destroy the state of israel. they are on the path to accomplish all of that unless we make a correction now. i've never been more worried than i am right now about a war between iran and israel. >> sean: i think the biggest and most underreported story was the trainees, the russians are now giving weapons to the iranian so they can fight their proxy war and the rest of the middle east. i don't know, am i the only person on national tv that seems
6:33 pm
to notice that is a big problem? >> you are the only one that talks about a lot of things. number one, the russians and the chinese believe that what is bad for us is good for them here they are making a mistake with fauci. again they iranians have to dominate syria from iraq, and iran. they want to build a weapon to hold the world hostage and destroyed the state of israel. the state of israel is in a bad spot here. how much longer do they wait before they act? i don't think you can trust the united states with israel security. what biden doesn't understand who the ayatollah is here the ayatollah has a game plan that doesn't include christians,, moderate muslims, she wore sunni. this is the most important event since the 30s and we have a chance to keep iran on the ropes and a chance to keep them in a box but everyday they get stronger because biden doesn't understand the nature of the threat. >> sean: you know, if i'm
6:34 pm
right and my observations and the observations of many people are correct that joe seems out of it on a regular basis, those are questions about how strong he is and how capable he is of even understanding it, then it raises questions who was making the decisions. i would imagine that these hostile regime from russia to china to north korea to the iranian and erratic islamic groups, they are feeling somewhat emboldened now. is that a wrong observation? >> we are cutting our military budget, increase spending by 17% pure different spending less than inflation. we are withdrawing from afghanistan where we had a few thousand troops to keep al qaeda and isis at bay. here is my message. the iranian regime are religious's. they would kill all the if they could appear they would dominate the mideast with a former
6:35 pm
religion to make the world unbearable place to live and come after us. they are trying to drive us out of the mideast and they understand that biden is weak and making the world a dangerous place by showing weakness. when trump killed sulla meaning it resets a relationship with iran. everything trump has accomplished by this undercutting. >> sean: a scary scenario and thank you for keeping us updated. when we come back fired out the great mark levin and the recent crime is going up around the country. that and more as we continue. thank you for being with us.
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♪ ♪ >> sean: all right, no sippy cup president joe continues to make a blunder after blunder after blunder, spending and a million different directions as democrats defund the police.
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disaster is leaving cities, let's say more violent than ever before. he the amount here to break it all down, mark levin on the fox news channel, see that book american marxism, i am the only person besides his publisher that has read cover to cover. i have interviewed you for all of your books and may i dare say that i can't choose between them. but i think this is your best book, the great one. welcome back. >> thank you. i think it is the most important book and i hope people will jump in and preorder. you know, sean, you may not know this and i don't think i ever told you this story, but joe biden and i have a special bond. a few years ago i was on a amtrak train and he rides the amtrak kids like kids right disney rides. dr. joe walked in with the patient and i sat down and pretty much ignored them but i had to go to the men's room.
6:41 pm
i'm walking by him. this is true and i said to joe biden, i said "hello, mr. vice president." and he responded "you are a smart is pretty much what he said." we go way back. i want to say something to joe biden given our bond. i want to say it in a way joe biden understands given his speech or whatever it was last week. "joe, you are a screw up." you were screwing up immigration. you were screwing up the economy. you are screwing up female sports, the price of gasoline and what else? you will destroy our economy with taxes from successful people an opportunity and all the rest of it. joe and the democratic party have blood on their hands. what is going on in the inner cities putting everything else aside is utterly avoidable and unacceptable. these are democratic party
6:42 pm
policies. war on the cops, the world the cops as a result on were on innocent people in the inner cities. black and hispanic people, in particular, murder is going through the roof. murder is going through the roof. we have systemic murder taking place in our inner cities. and the reason the democrats can't do anything about it, it is their policies. you heard these frauds on the sunday show, including some of the hosts come i'm embarrassed to say, say the republicans didt vote for trillions of more dollars. within that bill, they could have used money to help the cops -- wait a minute. they slashed the budgets of the call it spirit was an matter of a lack of resources. form one major resource to another. they slashed the cops budget and what did joe biden say about it? nothing! what about the riot throughout the summer. what did joe biden say? nothing. what did kamala harris do?
6:43 pm
she supported the rioters. what did nancy pelosi and james clapper do when donald trump sent law enforcement to the courthouse to protect the third branch of government? they called them stormtroopers. the only time they support the cops is when the cops are protecting the capitol building. then they called them the national guard. but what about average citizens? the fact of the matter is, please, listen america, the democrat party has put policies in place that are costing americans lives, particularly black americans and hispanic-americans in our inner cities. joe biden gave incoherent, rambling, babbling speech, in other words, one of his usual jobs last week. what do they want? they want to go after gun dealers? they want to go after gun dealers. they want to go after gun manufacturers. i have an idea if we will sue gun manufacturers and eliminate immunity for cops and sue cops,
6:44 pm
how about we sue democrat city councilman? president biden waive immunity so we can sue him too for the policies? these are policies the democrats put in place. you know people like aoc, others, bernie sanders who talk about these grand marxist themes, we need to provide for children. we need to provide for women. we need to provide for the elderly. we need to provide for the poor. they never talk about individual human beings. they don't believe in compassion for individual human beings. they don't know the names as you did when you scroll down with our buddy dan. the names of the people murdered here they have no idea who these people are and who their families are. bernie sanders goes back to vermont, not exactly a state that is that diverse peer of the others go to places they don't live in these inner cities where of them represent these folks. they are doing the same thing on the border. you have chaos, anarchy, you have the complete lack of compassion. they don't treat human beings as
6:45 pm
individuals. the reason kamala harris didn't go down to the right place on the border is, she caused this! the reason why joe biden won't address crime in a serious way, he has caused this! the democrat party controlled the cities. the reason why education sucks in the inner city is because the democrats control it with their union buddies. they don't leave and school choice. the reason why you can't find jobs in the inner cities is because they destroyed small businesses to the democrat. with taxation and all of the rest. the democrat party is a disaster. it was a disaster during the confederacy and disaster during gym crowed in which joe biden knows a lot. it is a disaster today because it doesn't embrace americanism. it doesn't embrace capitalism. it doesn't embrace individual human beings. it talks about groups. it seeks to push racism. it seeks to push socialism. because it doesn't leap in the
6:46 pm
american people. the democrat party has blood on its hands. that is it. >> sean: the great one, mark levin, two weeks the first interview will be right here and it's called ""american marxism"." life, liberty and leaven. on the fox news channel and the biden border crisis continues to escalate and republicans are mobilizing the law enforcement relief to texas and arizona, many states joining in, jim jordan, reince priebus they react and that is next.
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[swords clashing] - had enough? - no... arthritis. here. new aspercreme arthritis. full prescription-strength? reduces inflammation? thank the gods. don't thank them too soon. kick pain in the aspercreme. ♪ ♪ >> sean: tomorrow night, the show will be live from the epicenter from the biden/harris border crisis, yes the one they created in south texas.
6:51 pm
the latest developments on the ground come on the southern border and with texas governor greg abbott and 45th president. president donald trump. i promise you do not want to miss it and developing tonight the republicans are mobilizing to send law enforcement relief to texas and arizona has this crisis gets worse and worse and worse. here with reaction, we have republican congressman jim jordan with chief of staff reince priebus. i have been down there, jim jordan a dozen times from the rio grande to san diego. not away from the border, but on the actual border. we now are on the record for illegal immigrants and joe and kamala processing aiding and abetting lawbreaking. how did they get away with that? >> they created this problem and think and a broad sense, the president won't go to the border and vice president harris only
6:52 pm
went to the border because president trump announced he was going to go. >> sean: she didn't really go. >> she didn't get to the border and secretary mayorkas when he went to the border he would not let the press and the facility he was touring and tomorrow secretary of state blinken, the guy looking at the root cause of migration, tomorrow he will announce what? that you can choose your gender on your passport. these guys are out of touch and both governors have to step in and send law enforcement down there to help with the situation because the biden administration mark levin said cause this problem and clueless how to fix it. >> sean: the policies are failing reince priebus, filling with energy, feeling with inflation, feeling with covid and sending mixed messages. and now even the radical squad feels like nothing. where did they go from here considering they don't really have another agenda but that
6:53 pm
radical agenda? >> >> you have been touching at it all night, sean, which starts with just six months with the democrats have done and heading into the sort of destruction of everything that was built into this country. you talk about shooting up cops. you have illegal immigrants pouring over the border. you have olympic athletes turning their back on the flag. you have men competing as women, breaking weight lifting records. this is all to be applauded by the democrat party but it will catch up with them because 80% of the american people in a poll last month said illegal immigration is a serious issue. and 68% of those people said it was joe biden that was encouraging illegal immigration. last year, 6,000 people immigrated illegally, illegally across the border. this month or last month, 178,000 people did the same
6:54 pm
thing. but the issue is all found in a way to fix this in the executive order that donald trump signed january 25th. in that executive order, not just that he addressed the issue, but it said continued illegal immigration with a clear and present danger to the interest of the united states. in that document, the reason why we didn't have to do what these republicans are trying to do today was that in the executive order, it gave authority and directed the secretary of dhs and the attorney general to work with states and to fund the protection of our border, which isn't happening today. and so, we have gone 100 to 80 degrees the opposite direction. >> sean: jim, what is the motivation here that you see? >> well, i mean i'm a who knows. it is a different policy than president trump's. it seems like that's all the
6:55 pm
motivation democrats need. but i think you are right, sean. one reason the democrats talks much about january 6th, what else can they talk about? they have to talk about the crisis on the border were inflation or the tax increase was coming or the crime in our urban areas? they have nothing to talk about so they talk about that all the while the problem on the border gets worse. so again, that is why republican governors are stepping in and say, we have to deal with this because individuals are coming across and either a plane ticket or bus fare to some community in our neighborhood. that is a concern to the governors and rightfully so. >> sean: and the governors don't have the authority to even stop. that is the federal government's role. we will be down there tomorrow night, jim jordan, thank you, reince priebus thank you. when we comeyo back, we will hae more "hannity" after this. stay with us. and here.
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♪ ♪ >> sean: before we go tonight, a programming reminder, former president chong, texas
7:00 pm
governor greg abbott joined me for a special hannity tunnel at the u.s.-mexico border. you don't want to miss it tomorrow night. exclusively, right here. unfortunately, that's all the time we have left this evening. as always, thank you for being with us, set your dvr, never miss an episode. in the meantime, let not your heart be troubled, judge jeanine in for the vacationing at laura ingraham. always great to have you. >> it's always great to be on here. >> sean: thank you, your mono monologues on the weekend occasionally scare me. >> i couldn't scare anyone. >> sean: i don't know. it's always great to have you, judge. >> i'm judge jeanine pirro in for laura ingraham tonight, and this is the ingram angle from new york city. we have a big show for each night, let's get into


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