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tv   The Five  FOX News  June 21, 2021 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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as it sits today. and make sure that those who ar committing crimes are held accountable because right now, there is no consequences for that's why the violence is up a. >> things went, we will continu to follow that story with great interest. that's it for tonight. here is the five. >> hello, everyone. i am gutfeld glenn youngkin, with greg youngkin. it is 5:00 p.m. in new york cit and this is the five. it is crime and no punishment i america's biggest city as violent spikes all across the country. a number how new york city was rocked by looting last summer. prosecutors are dropping charge for hundreds of people that wer arrested.
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the new york post some of the situation this way, let them loose. more brazen crime caught on camera police naming a suspect in this terrific video showing man getting shot after falling with two children on the sidewalk. luckily no one was killed. out in chicago during a puerto rican pride parade celebration at 24 -year-old man was shot in the head at point-blank rate an a woman in his car was shot in the neck. at last report she was in critical condition and the man died. former police chief dreams the rice is on the lack of common sense. >> i've got to just start by saying that our professional profession is in crisis right now. you talk about issues like bill reform, the courts are not usin common sense, they are putting these violent criminals back in our communities, so that is the common thread receipt and all o our cities. >> lawrence, i know you were ou and about covering the george floyd protest last year and all across america, there was
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looting, but here in york apparently if you did it, your likely to get off scott free. >> it said. when i started working in the juvenile justice department i wanted to help these young people get off the street and make sure they didn't go into the court system. the judge was very strict, so i say lawrence, you there is a resource to get them brought give them or it's going to be the same thing over and over again. this is how we train our children to know that there are consequences for their action. what we hafted right now with the democrats is an ideology. they don't believe people shoul be behind bars. i been in the criminal justice reform movement for a movement. i don't know when they decided two shift this narrative. getting some disparity whether it's over policing or if there was targeting in some cases. that is no longer the mission. these das have a mission and they believe people should be back on the streets. are jail system was created for people who are risk to society,
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they don't believe that to be the case. they believe everyone can be reformed. what we've seen in the you know it's going to happen, eventuall people are going to get fed up and democrats and republicans are going to have people in there that are going to be strong-armed, and then they're going to swing all the way to the right and democrats are going to be really mad, but that's going to come when peopl get fed up with their conditions . >> where do the business owners go to get their justice? >> definitely not from the medi and not from the democrats. they reflected every day existence like a random step here or a fight in the bar. to date reflects environment. where they roamed the streets and you hear a new weapon that happens to one of eric adams volunteers, but this happens an
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because the left, and what's coming out of academia, our reinterpreting actual cartel assistance assistance as oppression purred so when andre wang at the debate says we really need to get these folks off the street into the hospitals because they're hurting themselves and others, you get some idiot like michell goldberg at the new york times that claims that is somehow selfish and it's alienating. you want to help the homeless and you want to help the citizens. the real obstacle is that the media who portrays concern for families and businesses is a lack of compassion, their weapo eyes and compassion to stifle speech, and that reflects about what that reflex allows for is no adult solution. there is no response, the only way forward is down, so i wrote my notes i have four reasons, one the advancement of we talke about that, prison and vail incentives.
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to leave the deranged life on the streets, but then you have finally though woke distraction distraction, mayors and governors and bureaucracy get b with this criminal neglect by waiving the right flag, by celebrating the right holiday, by using the right pronoun, by supporting the right parades, somehow, that deflects from there just degradation of the cities that they run. >> you said something i thought was so interesting and i wish you could expand on it or maybe say it again. the weaponization of compassion. that has been going on. we talk about families who are asking please help us, we know the red flag laws, all of these things, and that doesn't ever seem to help them and then you. >> if you say, if we reduce crime, and that somehow sides with republicans, you aren't compassionate.
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so what ends up happening is that eliminates even the democrats from coming up with a solution. >> they're not allowed to. >> we will go to jessica, this is the atlanta mayor, she has thoughts as to why this is all happening. >> i think there are a couple o things that you have to compare. remember in georgia, we were opened up for the rest of the country, even before the cdc said it was a for us to open. >> is that the reason? time is up. , they post something similar not long ago this is because people are hungry. like they need. people taking nikes, it's not, it wasn't a threat. obviously, if someone is a
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member of the democratic party, i don't believe that we are a program or that we agree with anything, but what i will say t the points that were made earlier about there becoming a pro and orator democratic constituency, it is the primary day for the mayoral race. that's what propels eric adams to the top he didn't get the endorsement at the police union. but the background in law enforcement as a new york city police chief captain and lookin at the first black women police chief in orlando, there is a lo of compassion there, but they are also smart solutions and things that have we all at this table know that reform is needed . that is across-the-board and every one of the city so we don't end up with another joint floyd situation. >> i think the problem is democrats our in charge right now. they can implement policies to protect people, and i find it
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troubling that democrats aren't particularly upset that the people that lou did, the distracted from a movement that was supposed to be for justice, our upset. >> i understand that point and lived in the high leading neighborhood, it was scary. we did have a lot of problems under mayor giuliani who was a republican mayor here he they i police chief, we went too far with a lot of these tactics so we need to start the right balance. i think that. >> how about locking up perpetrators and siding with th business owners. who has had their livelihoods destroyed. who over and over again have been arrested dozens of times, somebody's nose gets broken, th perpetrator gets desk appearanc ticket and then he's back on th streets.
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and he's attacking elderly asia woman. the democrats and liberals, par of the problem is they are cherry picking the lawlessness the outrages them. last summer, mostly peaceful, don't worry about those businesses that are being burne down, but then the capitol hill riots the world is coming to an end. now, that metropolitan mayhem, the police are the problem or the republicans or donald trump if your listening to james carville. democrats think that some crime is okay and they think that som crime is not okay. if you look at the capital, after the capitol hill riots democrats came out and condemn that violence. that people are being prosecuted . its 480 defendant so far, up to 550 people will be prosecuted b the attorney general and by the justice department and unprecedented in scale case according to the attorney general.
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it is what lawrence was talking about, she was talking about, she is mad that the cvs on her corner is locking up that laundry detergent. the ice cream, the beer, the razor blades, haircare products you name it. she said so many families can't make ends meet right now, i can't imagine thinking the way to solve the problem is people stealing basic necessities out of desperation is to prosecute them. they think this is an attack on the poor, that is the solution is to allow people to steal. instead what happens is all these businesses wind up shutting down and these neighborhoods become vast wastelands, so if the family needs diaper, at the last minute , that store isn't going to be there any longer. just like walgreens was closing stores in san francisco. >> and they blamed walgreens.
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>> the criminalization of poverty in a. >> i was nights a night a cynthia nixon, but just to thei bristol congresspeople in the republican party that say they were a bunch of tourists walkin through there and then voted to. >> nobody in leadership and nobody on tv that is can. >> not at this table. where is aoc this mad about her constituents basically being. >> the bottom line, i know we'v got to go. those people are being prosecuted. to get this is not happening. >> 500 people are going to be prosecuted pretty. >> if you have a political will there is a way. we are not mad, we're going to go. republicans limning the white white house and accusing president biden of going way to soft on china.
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>> the white house undergoing pressure to hold china accountable for the pandemic, but it doesn't look like that's going to happen. we are not at this point going to issue threats or ultimatums. when it turns out that china refuses to live up two its international obligations we will have to consider our responses at that point. >> doctor max v5 is trying two say that attacks on him are attacks on science. doctor max p5.
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>> it's essential as scientist that you evolved your opinion and your recommendations based on the data as it evolves. that is the reason that people then criticize me about that ar actually criticizing them so science. i put very little weight in the adulation. in very little weight into the craziness of condemning me. >> you're crazy if you condemn him. no one is there to see him anymore, he's like that 1981 issue of highlights that still in doctor siegel's office. it served a purpose a while ago but now it's just lying in a corner like the eight arp magazines. >> can i defend him without defending him? >> the reason he is acting this
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way is we put him on a pedestal. i think the most telling thing is wasn't just fauci was a national security advisor. there is no more time for opportunity. how do we move it forward. we don't get the truth when it comes to china and margaret hav an actual conversation about putting some pressure on china in the right way. getting by and acting like we'v got to pull the band-aid off, and we need are allied to do that as well. the problem is it going to cost us in nobody wants to pay the cost for it. there is a premium associated, if you make it in another country, that is associated.
2:19 pm
nobody ever wants to have that conversation at any cost. >> also, jessica, to that point lebron james can have a discussion about certain things happening in america, but because of this cost and this investment, he can't have that discussion in china which makes him look like a filthy hypocrite , jessica, why are you so pro covid. >> i didn't see that twist coming. but now we're here. a few weeks ago, we were talkin about how could we actually exercise some pressure on china that would be effective. money is it's. that's all we care about and we continue to cook pushback nc what we had going on for years, but it's got to be money and if it's got to be money it's got t be money is got to be these private corporations. we're looking at nike, apple, a the athletes that represent them , et cetera. i think that is probably where we're going to end up after we get through this latest round o
2:20 pm
the who report. part of the blessing and the curse with working with coalitions is that you can step out of line with what because w want to be united. so you have to temper your response with what your allies are comfortable with bird that is part of participating in the. >> you shouldn't participate, g it alone part. >> that was a beautiful g7 there . >> it was very. >> you are such a globalist, it jessica. you make me sick to my stomach. that's a fair point, what can b done at this point with any of it has been tossed away, and we are involved with the lab as well, so what do we do? >> does american money go to basically unleash a virus that
2:21 pm
killed 4 million people around the globe? it is on the private corporations and not just the companies that make it in china it is all of the global multinational that viewed china as kind of the golden goose. they will literally do anything to curry favor with the communist party of china other than maybe send us banana. and gift certificates to bass pro shops, but you saw what the nba did. the nba backtracked, all of hollywood does that. they constantly edit film to make sure they're okay with the communist party. the comments that were made on taiwan. this one quick thing, i think money kind of plays upon our greed, and money, it's not just the g7 that will take private corporations, it really will require dozens of countries.
2:22 pm
i want to point really quickly to the prime minister of pakistan that we did an interview with a jonathan swan in xes, and he literally said h would not condemn china's treatment. he said, but it's jenna genocide , it's forced assimilation, its sterilization and he said we have private conversations very china has been one of our greatest friend in difficult times we were struggling economically. they will not can in that country. >> the wuhan institute of neurology is deserving of the nobel prize. why are we waiting after this conversation. at think they provided he said
2:23 pm
will give you 90 days until the community comes back to me. finally thinking about what happens on the 91st day. if it comes back and it is either inconclusive or it leads you to believe that it did star in the lab or it was an acciden or on purpose, then you have to do something. >> you know it is, we forget about what got us here. >> china was protected for months with the media, the entertainment industry labeling any criticism. >> dan rather went after jon stewart. he was basically saying you are attacking the very idea of science. >> why is he still around. >> up next, if you think the crisis at the border is bad, president biden is about to ope the floodgates.
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we're made for. ♪ usaa ♪ ♪ >> welcome back. as the ragged of insurgents as our border. at least 60 migrants into the u.s., president biden is about to make it worse. the white house reporting to ge rid of the cold hold title 42. they turned away migrant families due to public health concerns. so dana, even if they believe i this, is this the right time to do it from a communication standpoint? to get maybe we should call the good doctor bear had what does the science tell us? the science tells us we are not at the goal at 70 percent vaccinated all although attempting to get 70 percent. getting close in some places.
2:29 pm
you think they got vaccine on their walk through mexico? they did not. so one, that's not going to help . i don't understand why the administration continues to tak the things off the table they could help them. one was a the remain in mexico policy. is aoc going to complain that you are denying people to come in because of a public health emergency? really? you have to conclude may be the want to do this i guess. this is going to swamp the border patrol, they don't have enough resources as it is, but remember when kamala harris was in guatemala inside do not come here. this is just another thing of they don't really mean it. now we can possibly go if we take our children were not goin to separate us were going to be able to be together and covid i not a concern anymore. >> is it the ideology that is leading the way, just open borders, come all, come all.
2:30 pm
the winds are there and they ar refusing to take these winds. why remove this? >> 11 easy when. that is part of my day job. the white house is not said yes it is this edc decision. that's how democrats win elections especially in border states it. there are a lot elected along the border because they are tough on these issues and compassionate. >> on the border, there are republicans that are now winnin these districts that they didn' win before. i'm not talking about actual races, but local races. >> we thought we were going to take back the statehouse and. i'm not saying that it would be overwhelming representation, bu people are looking for smart compassionate solutions to what everybody agrees is the border
2:31 pm
crisis. that is something that bill clinton did so welcome he identified there was this demographic, and national security monch, americans are going to vote on this issue, an that's what we need to do it again and we need to come up with smart solutions for the these people so we can be concerned and compassionate. >> joe biden did it as well, bu you are seeing the change, what changed? ticket nothing is going to change, their policy is and the want say it is the trip down to the border by the vice president , that was just to make it seem like they care when the have no intention of making any changes and when they get rid and allow these families to com in and get rid of title 42. here is the messaging you will hear from the white house. mexico has the second-highest observed case fatality, this is humanitarian. when they have no, they're just
2:32 pm
going to bring as many illegal immigrants into this country as possible. that has been the goal all along . >> you know, dana s a question, who it why are they taking thes sensible solutions off the table ? it's what i cultlike to call th weaponization of compassion. i'm going to use it every singl day. if you like to remain in mexico or title 40 to our any thing that seems constructive. to say it's lacking in compassion. it's what they just said about how they will spend this. it makes you wonder how they really want the question is three times a week. beyond these two camps, it seem like it is a never ending game of rhetorical ping-pong. there was one moment of persuasion that left beyond
2:33 pm
these two compassion and proces that we seem to be locked into. we all know where locked into it , and that was the wall. it was symbolically and practically perfect persuasion solution because you put it up there, and it actually blocked traffic and it sent the message at the same time. the message was seek legal recourse if you want to enter america you can't do it. that was the best way to do thi but because it was trump, every solution now is always going to be, but trump. remain in mexico, but trump pai title 42. so now there is no way to go, but down. there's only one solution, and that is you can't do anything about it because were evil. >> we have been doing it, and you actually see the polls that came out friday. the one issue where biden is wa underwater, like he's in the 30 s in terms of on the border
2:34 pm
and that's because if your bein called the democrat you don't want to say anything negative about it. they're also trying two take on some water on crime. where they announced this week biden and harris will be at the white house into a big thing in the afternoon about how they ar addressing crime all across america. the one issue that is dragging them down overall, it's a mystery. >> it is a mystery, dana. >> we will see when it changes. >> until then we're going to do this topic every day. >> up next, the media and the mayor being slammed after jumping to conclusions about pride ♪ limu emu & doug ♪ oh! are you using liberty mutual's coverage customizer tool? sorry? well, since you asked. it finds discounts and policy recommendations,
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>> the democratic meter of fort lauderdale, florida getting called out for rushing to judgment about a deadly crash o a pride parade event this weekend. instead of just waiting for all the facts to come in, the mayor jumped to this conclusion. >> we saw in a terrorist terrorist attack on the lgbt community. this is disgusting and we will not stand for this. this is not going to happen in my city or any city. >> the mayor was forced to backtrack after police say it appeared the tragedy wasn't was accident. >> i regret the fact that i sai it was a terrorist attack because we found out it was not. but i don't regret my feelings. i don't regret that i felt terrorized. >> oh, please. >> greg, when the mayor said that, the venomous immediately
2:40 pm
spread it around and it came into a homophobic attack that was caused by rhonda santos, th governor of florida, and i'm no joking. >> so that's not true? there go my talking points. the guys should have just stopped before he said, but. i mean look, we have all been suffered in by our own cognitiv biases when you see as story online and you just go and it gives you, his cognitive biases led to wishful thinking representing his facts, the mayor did not know that attack was an attack, but he wanted to be in attack. they indulged bias, again, we can say that this happens to us. the problem in our current climate right now is that socia media rewards those who assume the worst intention. imagine if everybody on twitter
2:41 pm
imagine the best intentions. there would be no twitter. it would be gone, there would b no trend, but he assumed the very worst, that there is a massive underground homophobic movement that is sending cards. meanwhile this story not being discussed was the puerto rican parade in which a puerto rican couple was pulled up >> may be in terms of the bias, okay. here we go. basically, he had a reckless disregard for the public's trust . and also you have to ask if somebody is an elected official if their first pot isn't innocent until proven guilty. if that's not your first but then you may be the wrong line of work as we've heard the last couple of weeks.
2:42 pm
part of the problem is these lives the false narratives whatever you want to call them. the pulse nightclub shooting happened about five years ago. this politicians and activists every year talk about that it was an anti- lgbtq hatred. it was a hate crime. that is not true. you had u.s. senators senator duckworth was the worst, but that's not what happened. he was motivated by rage over president obama's bombing campaigns in syria, iraq, and syria, there are court transcript about it commit literally u.s. senators every year are tweeting about it was this hate crime and he picked i at random and didn't know it wa again nightclub. again, the lie lives on, and it's dishonoring the victims frankly.
2:43 pm
>> i'm not sure, many of the parents of the pulse nightclub shooting victims don't feel tha way because it was still a little large amount of people that were killed and they were members of the lgbt plus community, but i understand the difference between motivation and results, but the result was 49 people are dead, and i don't want to say everybody was a member of this particular community. somebody walked into a black church and shot it up because they're mad about what's happening down the road, to get they did it with intent. >> i understand. >> it's important. i'm going to say this. the first thing you do in polic training, the hardest thing is they want to know why and who did it. even if you have some type of evidence, you're told not to do it because your end you just don't know. you can because other people to be hurt. i get some politicians have the luxury of just putting out misinformation out there. it's hurtful, it's bad for the victims, it's bad for the
2:44 pm
community, it's bad for the justice system. >> can i add to this, and this was the point i wanted to make about the social media issue. so much pressure on people in positions of power to have answered so quickly. we all sit here waiting for a press conference while i want t make sure i can talk about this. why didn't someone cannot give us a press conference and then when they say were still following the facts, where stil angry and mad about it because we don't have answers and these things are complicated, but for a tiny bit of defense of the mayor, and you should have raised this is an issue, we are seeing a spike in crimes agains lg lgbt keuka mary dickens. if you want to have a conversation about that that he was. >> that is that false argument. it didn't happen here, but it happens over here. it was used for a fake hate crimes. this one didn't work out. then, no, you can't do that.
2:45 pm
>> also, senators using the pulse nightclub shooting, year after year with a false narrative for their own political gain. there is nothing more disgustin than that.
2:46 pm
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♪ >> welcome back. it is time for they are furious after being stranded all over the country. that's because american airline canceled more than 300 flights this weekend thanks to staffing and maintenance issues. the problem could get worse thi summer because of a pilot shortage. dinner in a commune of the most about this, it. >> because i'm a loser and a nerd and i just cram facts into my head. part of the problem is that the furloughed pilots need retraining, but american slogan should be making you hate us even more than you already do. all these got barrel filled out
2:50 pm
by u.s. taxpayers, tens of billions of dollars, it was lik six figures per employee, and they can't get their act together, screwing us over at every turn. fly delta. >> that's right. to get your and american airlines frequent flyer. >> i prefer delta, but sometime you're forced two take american because you need to go so i'm forced two take american and every single time there's a problem because there's some sort of incompetence. i don't even think they treat their workers fairly as well. >> all he can think of right no is american corporate pr. but, the other issue is, they will say again say the flight, but they will rebook you on sunday. but that means i missed the wedding or i have childcare or dog care issues. then when you call a reservist, they say oh, there is five-hour
2:51 pm
20 minute wait. and we will call you back but will only do it once and if you don't pick up, that's the end o that. >> since jesse watters is not here, i am going to be the jess watters at this table and defen american airlines because i wan to be upgraded and i want to be treated as special as i am, and i'm going to say we're all goin through very difficult times. a lot of these companies, this is the first time for a pandemic . they don't know what to do and they don't want to put pilots u there that aren't properly chained. so for us to say american airlines, please fly with less competent pilots and if we dykema were going to sue the pants off he appeared to your only saying that because you fl private. >> i haven't flown private in years. as bernie sanders would say, they're too bumpy. thereto bumpy. >> it's true,. >> one more thing is up next.
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now you know. sir, do you know what you want to order? yes. freestyle libre 14 day. try it for free. ♪ >> it's time now for one more thing. greg? >> greg: all right. let's do this. greg's what does dana's dreams look like, part 2. all right. here it is. this is what taken that's dreams look like, part 2. she doesn't know where she is. it's mysterious. and then dogs. here come the dogs. >> dana: that's so fun. >> greg: is it really fun? i had the craziest dreams this weekend. i don't know if it's the melatonin. i only take three milligrams every other day. my dreams are so insanely vivid. >> dana: you remember them. >> greg: i move back to my hometown in san mateo i need a car to get around and i don't have one.
2:57 pm
>> dana: from the patriots there tom brady? >> greg: we end becoming next door neighbors. yeah. >> dana: so sweet and go sip coffee together? that's a lovely dream. i wanted to do a little weekend shoutout to friend of ours. the fritz's. lawrence loves them. >> greg: i hope you is a a lot of pictures. >> dana: caroline there with jasper and ella and stella. those are the mermaids. check them out. >> this is the new baby. he is a cute one. you have got hudson very patriotic young man. hudson then you have got ry-ry being held up in the air by his dad. >> greg: that's not safe. >> dana: this little one is leyton. they have welcomed us into their home and we appreciate it. >> greg: better late than never. >> dana: dagen? >> dagen: a small dog causes a lot of chaos in the streets of lima, peru.
2:58 pm
this dog named moochie, they were chasing her all around in the street. drivers, delivery workers, neighbors, trying to catch her. they even shut down part of the road. they never could catch her. she eventually, because she is smarter than those humans, ran into a veterinary clinic where she was captured and then reunited with heir owners, i called this my friends trying to get me out of the bar and get me home. i. >> dana: i will keep that in mind next time. all right. lawrence? >> lawrence: the final round of the u.s. open was last night. golfer louie. >> greg: that's how how you pronounce it, lawrence. >> lawrence: don't do that trying to force a playoff against jon rahm. checking up this putt on the 17th hole which would have kept him one stroke behind rahm. he made the shot, but a tense moment cliff hanger. take a look at this. oh, no. as the ball was rolling to the hole the local nbc station broke in with weather warning.
2:59 pm
so he wound up missing the crucial putt and a chunk of iowa golf fans were shut out from maybe the most pivotal shot of the year. >> dana: my sister and i in parker, colorado where we were growing up we regarded greece on a vcr tape and like in the middle of one of the coolest songs every time we played it there was a tornado warning. beep beep beep. >> lawrence: can you imagine? i would be ticked. >> greg: ruined the whole experience four didn't it, grease? >> dana: my mom didn't buy it we had to get it off the tv. >> jessica: big weekend for olympic trials no one attracted more praise than shah carrie. the dallas texas native bolted past the competition. far enough ahead that she pointed at the clock with 30 meters left to go. as if it wasn't enough of a.
3:00 pm
richardson revealed she had lost her mother a week before. she said my family has kept me grounded this year crazy from me going last week losing my biological mother and still here. she is definitely still here. can't wait to cheer you on shah carrie. sha' carri. >> hair, makeup and whole thing. >> that's how we do it in texas. >> dana: bret, you got your nails done. >> bret: thank goodness i wasn't nbc that would have been frustrating. the great american crime wave, violence raining across several u.s. cities on this the first full day of summer. many attacks being caught on cell phone and surveillance cameras. the white house press secretary today saying president biden will speak about the issue of crime later this week. chicago is picking up the pieces from another bloody weekend on its streets at least 8 people were killed. 46 other


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