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tv   Hannity  FOX News  June 17, 2021 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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he's demented to come of theset people. in q4 joining us. that's it for us tonight unfortunately but the good news is we willgh b be back tomorrow night at 8:00 p.m., the show that is the sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness and groupthink. sean hannity is going to take over the 9:00 p.m. hour from an undisclosed location. >> sean: that is true. i'm going to places with lower taxes and less burdens of regulation to be announced shortly. tucker, thank you. come to "hannity." straight ahead, multiple major exclusive, hannity show disturbing results. sex trafficking, young kids and operation even of the young porter, and shall be back with more from her border tool, contour, the texas officials. the crisis is even worse than we
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thought and now tonight we have discovered that anyone who simply makes an application for asylum, in other words, we haven't confirmed to come up application. joe, his radical socialist, they are going to pay for airor transportation for their entire family to come to the united states. he will pay for that. later explosive allegations out of west point. we have anlu exclusive report on how unvaccinated cadets are being targeted with threats and harassment and tonight our video of the day will give you chills. go islanders, there's a hint. [crowd singing the national anthem] s >> sean: is a message being sent without. without a doubt, the nhl has
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some of the best fans in america, and will play the full video, you don't want to miss it. but first we start with president sippy cup, president joe biden probably resting comfortably after his big summit with vladimir as predicted by any objective measure, the meeting was another train wreck. put and basically joe nothing. he made not a single concession there were zero agreements and after the beginning, and he mocked and crossed the make one at length. then took a handful of questions from as always preselected reporters and then got very cranky and it lashed out at reporter's which tends to happen when you don't get your warm milk. defendant stephen colbert, radical that he is, brutally mocking grandpa joe. but don't worry.
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joe proudly announced that he presented putin with 16 critical areas of american infrastructure that vladimir and the russians better not target with a cyber attack. that includes telecommunications, health care, food and energy. okay, first point. dumb is it to give a hostile act or evil guy like vladimir putin 16 specific things plus a road map that would cripple the usa? that's pretty dumb. second, russia has already launched just in recent weeks not one but two cyberattacks against our energy sector in our food sector. biden didn't respond anyway. so question. what would stop from going after all the other sectors? and joe, that already should be off limits. that you should have him wildly.
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there should be consequences, not waivers to build pipelines. really, really dumb even for by then. but as per usual, the mob, the media, they are trying so hard to keep the biden protection program going. although we are starting to see cracks here and there, even late night comics are beginning to realizeic the sky is not really with us, is he? >> sean: you show yourselves again, stubborn optimism. biden wiped the smoke off of putin's face. okay. of course the high praise continued on fake news and tv networks all around the country. take a look. >> i can't think of a more successful, diplomatic trip in the 21st century than this one. >> my hindsight yesterday was there was kind of pulitzer in his prose.
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>> i think this contrasts that we saw today between president trump and president biden is an attempt for the administration to say, we are the adults in the room. >> i think joe biden is the man of the moment and yes he turned on caitlin collins. fine for a moment, then he apologized. he such a nice guy, then he apologized. did you ever hear once in apologized to a reporter? >>ou i thought he was basically trying to be above it. and explain it, look. he's playing a game. >> sean: i'm having a really hard time not reaching to my left, picking up this trash barrel and puking. jeff's felony continued writing "joe biden carried himself with a seasoned air of confidence that new president seldom was us. on the essay and then reporter rare moment of honesty because he didn't go after caitlin collins, he was very mean to
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her. >> what we have not seen him do his answer questions like that withouter his aides screaming at him to stop. i've never seen a president covering the last four of them so protected by his age in terms of not wanting him to answer somean questions. i can't take another question, i can't take another question. why? because anyone with common sense and knows what's going on here. he gets agitated at the drop of a hat and gets cranky without his warm milk he and his pickup, frequently forgets what he saying midsentence. at times he seems totally lost, dazed and confused and that's why sippy cups staff prevent him from answering any questions because they hate cleaning up that mess that hee makes. tonight our country needs a
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capital, capable were leader and not a mumbling, bumbling idiot. the crisis at our southern rising threat of china, iran, russia, war in the middle east and spiking inflation. 70% of americans think biden policies are making it worse and of course inflation is not a concern for the big guy because the biden family syndicate business is booming. zero experience hunter is now an artiste and despite no formal training, there expected to fetch up to $5,000. the buyers will remain unknown us of o course. they have to keep up this pay to play scheme they got going.ce unser once again is selling access just like he did with the ukraine and paris' moldings with no experience, just like the
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$1.5 billion deal of the bank withthhe china, i'm going to has get $100 spree. three and a half million dollars with the russian oligarch, former first lady of moscow, and then there's the catholic oligarchs that he got money from.s he's too corrupt to be in nato, and did millions up with the end that whole thing seems corrupt. no legitimate, no entity would pay hunter biden for a single expertise in anything. hunter is a long time degenerate, crack addicts, banned from the southern california hotel.ou allegedly kicked out of a d.c.
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strip club. it's kind of hard i wouldin imagine to get kicked out of a strip club, just guessing because i don't grow. he repeatedly called his third tax these need to denied at first and then try to abandon his newborn child. then he did something really incredible.. he kicked the mother of his child off of her health insurance. hunter also reportedly lied on his gun application, that would be called a felony. and later he took the firearm and ditched it in a dumpster. reported confronted hunter biden is seriously troubled but that never stopped his father joe biden from losing his son to fill the biden syndicate family
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coffers. and of course joe biden denies this. on multiple occasions he claimed never, not one time ever did he speak to hunter biden. zero experience hunter, about his foreign business dealings. not one, he said. >> mr. vice president have you ever talk, and -- doing business. >> ideas stand by your statement that you didus not discuss any f your sons overseas business? >> yes i stand by that. >> sean: joe biden we know is going. the picture emerged in the last two weeks and a picture speaks a thousand words. this picture shows joe and hunter together with hunter's foreign business dealing from kazakhstan most of -- hunters
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laptop revealed the big guy joe was an integral part of hunter's activities while he was vice president. highly unethical, definitely corrupt. now, the important part. that actually compromises our country and puts our country at risk. at the very least the appearance of impropriety is through the roof. we all know that the media would treat this differently if it was a trump and by the way, the good decent human being would not exploit his troubled son for his own financial gain. these pictures are emerging in the last two weeks which means joe biden lied about ever talking to hunter. not one time about his foreign business dealings. you and charles grassley, if you a deep dive. he discovered kazakhstan
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oligarchs, the russian oligarch, first lady of moscow, chinese national shopping spree, the bank of china, paris smile. now he's the commander in chief. mrs. conflict of interest? >> of course it is, and it was e back then even though the press declared that it wasn't. joe biden out right lied to american public repeatedly about the fact that he didn't discuss with hunter the overseas business transactions but, we proved that they lied in our report. recovered a vast web of foreignness jon's but, he by the way at dinner with joe biden. he said the bidens are compromised. i have to admit, it's pretty imaginative scum of the way they are figuring out how to cash in on the family name. we know the bidens are shameless but the press will call them ons it. >> sean: i'm a little bit troubled about this because we
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know that joe got nothing with the summit of vladimir putin.nt if though that he not give support to the nordstrom pipeline which will allow us to get rich again an end and he signed off on the pipeline but the extra twist is he did it while simultaneously canceling the keystone xl pipeline and along with it high paying career energy jobs. now i'm having a hard time understanding. vladimir gets a waiver to build this pipeline. our workers get pink slips. what i be wrong to interpret that thought, maybe, joe thinks that russia has him compromised.
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what really concerns me is all the policies that moderate joe biden is an acting, radical joe biden, is weakening america. the spending spree, i must trillion dollars in deficits that he has already pushed and proposed, but what is proposing in the future, there are few car america, and of course the nordstrom to pipeline would put enormous geopolitical pressure on ukraine and other european nations and really put vladimir putin in the driver's seat from that standpoint so all the actions he's taken, it weakens america and strengthens our enemies and puts our nation at risk. >> sean: we are about to do to investigative reports on the border. when the president of the united states not only doesn't
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and too bad, that they want to go to. now if you make a claim of amnesty we will fly you and your family to be with you when you enter the country illegally, and we haven't been able to sort through if that asylum request is valid. what is washington to do when an administration does not uphold the laws of the land? >> well we need to push back on it. over the last three months we've apprehended about 6,000 people per day, each and every day for the last three months. we have probably about a thousand got a ways that we know about, we don't know how many other people get away. as you are pointing out the human depredation or humanity of those individuals that are in
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the hands of human traffickers, sacks, and all. biden knows all these things and yet he still basically facilitating that evil business model, multibillion-dollar business model and some of the most evil evil people on the planet. that's what kamala harris and joe biden are facilitating with full knowledge. >> sean: senator, thank you. keep up the good work. we have a lot to peel here. you can watch by the way senator johnson speech at the faith and freedom coalition's road to majority policy conference on today through saturday. we turn now to the southern border and breaking today a memo from biden's associate attorney general which will now expand just who is eligible for asylum. this is what i was asking senator johnson about including those fling their own relatives. we are getting reports that the federal government is now paying for flights for illegal
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immigrants that just entered our country without respecting our laws, borders or sovereignty. this is likely we get another draw for migrants who continue to pour across the border in record numbers while the journalist is taking hern. pictures. an exclusive tour of the border, and in fact conditions of the worse.have never been >> is there anything different now? i know it ebbs and flows and changes but does this feel different in any way? >>f it does in terms of sheer number and volume of immigrant traffic. i've never seen one this wide open where the numbers were overwhelming so fast. when ing was for us down here there was nothing to hide, it was broad daylight and they would bring boats loaded in broad daylight with no pressure.
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now today, ten or 12 years later, there is a lot of pressure. and you have helicopters, you have airplanes, you have arrow stat, you have uav, you have horses.. as layers and layers of assets and the tools and it's still not enough. >> what does that say? >> the influence iss overwhelming. i don't think the general population quite understands how organized these people are. one of the things that i see down here, i call suicide loads. there are three stolen vehicles and they love them all right in front of you because they know that you can only stay with one of them. so they will sacrifice that load. i've actually seen suicide loads where they are like, give your best shot. you might get one or two.
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>> president biden: and the one thing we know for sure is that when the board is wide open the way it is now at cartels have so little fear of law enforcement, it's more. >> sure. the way it's going right now, you know, it's a successful business model for them. it's about commerce and they are charging 4-$8,000 per head, then look at the numbers of what's known, do the math on that. you can figure in a little bit of math for what the got away is. >> sean: joining us now is laura logan. the american people need to know, is this a problem that they will be able to solve? >> have to recognize that it's a problem in order to solve it. in fact what you have this time around that has never happened in the lifetimes of any of us or any of the agents work on the
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border is that you have an administration in washington that first created the problem and then denied that there was a problem and then it's refusing to take any other action because the only other action they've taken is to create the problem that obviously they want. there are plenty of things they could do but they've chosen not to.n we turn now to sara carter and she joins us now with her exclusive and shocking report about the rise of sex trafficking over the border. everything i've learned from people i've interviewed over the years, we are talking about teenage girls in part that have been sold into. >> we are talking about children as young as eight years old sold into, it's just horrific. think about this. more than 25 million people are subjected to human trafficking and slavery. in the united states, it's tens of thousands.
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when you think about the number of people coming across the border and flooding into our city is, those that we don'tee even know that even those that have been apprehended, women and children who are being released and border patrol agents, i've reported on this in the past, i've said we release them and we don't even know if these are the real families. many times in texas and particularly in houston which happens to be a hub for human trafficking, we find that out. i want you to listen to the texas department of safety lieutenant craig cummings as he talks about some of the horrifying operations that they've been on. this one in particular. ten women were rescued and i've got to tellcu you, for those of you who are sensitive to information, just watch when you listen too this. >> they had a human trafficking operation going on, we had some women that would become pregnant in this particular case.
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>> they were pregnant women being forced to work the sacks trade? >> one of them was actually meight months pregnant and beig forced to engage in sacks for money here. >> and all of these women were.? illegal and traffic into the u.s. to do this specifically? >> yes, they were traffic into the u.s. to engage in the sex trafficking. the sad part is they were required to work six days a week to pay off the debt and if they did not get to work all six days, whatever money they would have made that would have went to pay thatt that is erased for that week. >> are they paying that human traffickers back for basically for their entry into the united states? >> that's exactly what's happening. folks here are engaged in human trafficking and are forced to pay back that debt to come into the i united states. >> how old are these women? >> a lot of the women are younger than 18 come up to about
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25 or so. they are coming here and it looking for a dream and find a this.are in places like >> it is a nightmare and those nightmares are happening in neighborhoods all across thein united states. this cantina and particular was right in the middle of a neighborhood here in houston and it was in operation for years before the texas vps along withh the federal state and local agencies were able to find someone to reported. b this happened all across the country and this won't be the end of our reporting, we will do this from texas all the way to the midwest. >> sean: plus all the resources dealing with a 25 year record, the influx of immigrants. now of course those resources are not available to deal with the drug cartels, human traffickers and gangs. sad but good report, people need to know. unvaccinated cadets at west point are being subjected to a harsh disciplinary action at the hands of leadership, even their own classmates.
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three concerned parents of west point cadets join us with reaction, straight ahead.
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♪ ♪ >> sean: breaking news tonight out of the west point military academy where multiple sources tell this program exclusively, unvaccinated cadets including those with natural immunity are being subjected to punitive covert restrictions, harassment, and coercion from west point leadership and even from fellowcadets. restrictions being put on these cadets is more coney an end more restrictive than at any of their point during the pandemic. for example these cadets are allegedly under stricter mask requirements than s ever. look at your screen.
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official mask rules issued by west point for the summer, cst training which include strict instructions for unvaccinated cadets to wear masks while in the shower, the bathroom how do you wear the mask in the shower? can it even went swimming if not 6 feet apart. west point tried to clarify osaying unvaccinated cadets "are required to wear a mask when not performing personal hygiene." and get this, several cadets this month will formally disciplined in what's called a negative counseling report for sitting outside on bleachers one wearing a mask. we are also told that unvaccinated cadets at cft have been segregated into their own platoon for summer training. in other cadets have allegedly been instructed not to socialize with them and they've been repeatedly called names like dirty and other. when they return to campus they suffered under isolation
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retirements and that was around campus divulging personal medical information of those who were and m were not vaccinated. they were evaluating the scope of the dissemination. perhaps the most explosive allegations around the behavior and the conduct of medical officer and covid coordinators on campus. the name is colonel laura dawson, cadets allegedly threatening them and calling them selfish and even suggesting that they may have to get the shot or get out and leave the academy entirely. west point did confirm to us in a statement that the official policy is that vaccines are optional. many of these cadets already have natural immunity, they have antibodies. west point also p said in a statement in part, "any harassment, abuse, threats, and
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targeting them on vaccinated personnel. parents are speaking out and demanding answers. joining us now, we have three parents, the lead up peru sect who herself is a graduate of west matthias simpson served 20 years active duty in thewe u.s. army d brian mcdonald who is also the father of a west pointmc cadet. i think the two of you for yourr service. brian, let's start with you. and by the way i understand you run an mma academy, that's my passion, i do it five days a week and an hour and a half a day. your daughter is going there and she has natural immunity. they keep saying all of the science and didn't the cleveland clinic say if yous hae natural immunity that you don't need the vaccine? that's what i read. >> that is correct, that's our current science and i don't understand what the leadership at west point is doing right now. so a quick thing on my daughter,
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she loves the lord and she loves her country and all she wants to do, her dream is just to serve both at west point right now. she's in a position where she had covid, she recovered from covid, she has antibodies from covid and west point is putting a ridiculous amount of pressure on her to take the vaccine for covid. now my understanding is -- >> sean: they are not following the science. read what they came out with last week. >> is clearly not about the science anymore, i don't know what it's about, this is a whole new field for me but as her father and very worried for her. i will tell you more importantly, and while i'm on this show, i think is an american citizen i'm deeply concerned about what's happening in the military academy right now. >> sean: let me go to you. by the way, your son is in his
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final year at west point and i bet you are very proud. he went to west point, god bless you and thank you for your service. he has covid antibodies, so why is he being pressured? whatever happened to follow the science? and at work were told that everybody if they got the vaccine, he didn't have to worry about people that might be infectious at that point? so everyone has the choice to take if they want to. >> that's correct. my son is a first-class cadet and he is very much looking forward to be being an officer and defending the rights for american and his right to not take the vaccine is different than all the other that we've had out there, but he didn't want to take the vaccine so he didn't take thee vaccine. it was tested there on poston has antibodies so he was counseled before he left west point based tactical officer told him that because he
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chose to exercise his right to not take the vaccine that he would be called a susceptible status, he'd have a susceptible status and he would have to submit to a restriction of movement throughout the summer which meant that he would have to give up some of his leave. it's exactly seven days that the cadets have to return back early from their leave and if you know anything about this past year they've been lucky to spend some time att home so he was punished with having to come back 70s early and then submitted to -- i would call it isolation, he had to be in his room for 23 hours and he was allowed to leave for an hour to exercise but it wasn't allowed to talk to anyone or interact with anyone for seven days. and no one in the chain of command came to visit him or anything. to be one none of this makes any sense. let me go to you.
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by the way 20 years active duty in the u.s. army, including, you were in afghanistan. now, your daughter never got covid and she's been doing that doesn't sound like what i know 'tof west point. and that young people are not as susceptible to the real harm as older people are more people with pre-existing conditions or comorbidity or compromised immune systems. isn't that her choice not to take the vaccine? >> exactly, mr. hannity. a it is her choice. thank you mr. hannity for giving us this opportunity for speaking on behalf of our cadets. my daughter has valid concerns about this vaccination, concerns pertaining to fertility and long-term effects. the cdc nor west point have
11:36 pm
answers to thesein concerns. >> sean: i understand. it's so u sad. first of all, very proud of my kids. your kids have made his decision to serve their country. an incredible decision. everything that defines their decision is based on courage and bravery.y. i'm going to ask the people at west point, follow the science only these kids alone because these kids have the right to medical privacy. they have a right to make their own medical condition in consultation with their doctors and this is not getting not getting draconian. you are putting these kids in a horrible position and it's not fair. i wish all of you the best and our prayers are with your kids and all the kids at west point. thank you. coming up, buckhead and atlanta, they want to separate from
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atlanta. they want their ownan city. following a recent crime surge, the great want to mark a live-in there, growing in this country something called irreconcilable differences. we will talk about it and the constitutional aspects of it, next. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> sean: we are also learning more tonight about buckhead, it's a suburb of atlanta, part of atlanta. he is to do my radio show from there one point in my career to try to separate from atlanta at the city over the recent crime surge. the nation is so divided with so many issues, prosperity, freedom, capitalism versus socialism, new green deal is over energy independence, open
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borders and amnesty versus secure borders, defunding the police versus "law & order." it's a trend now that we apparently are seeing mark will make more and more of, and apparently it's the way they look at the country, it's almost unrecognizable from the lives they are living. separating one from another with the country literally dividing itself. the federal resolution that admitted the state of texas into the union contains language that actually indicates that texas if they wantedve could split into fivent different states. of course for that too happen it would likely still need congressional approval but that's up for constitutional review which is why we brought in the great one, the host of the number one show, "life, liberty and leaven. end." of that book the antidote and
11:43 pm
salvation for this country. mark levin, great one. we've had our differences throughout this country but i want it to be the great united states of america and i know you do, too. but i hear this chatter, this talk. you look at buckhead and they don't want to be part of atlanta. the democrats in fact, i've heard aoo lot of people talking about texas separating into five separate states.s. any truth to this? let's talk about the legality and constitutionality thereof. >> it's not so simple. we fought a civil war so whatever statute was passed might not mean anything it was put into play with century cities and sanctuary states and a nullification which they barred from their democratic party ancestors during the confederate comic confederacy. i think the problem here is the centralization of power and the
11:44 pm
effort to destroy federalism in lithis country. federalism is the glue that keeps the country together because people are mobile. if you like high taxes and loss of l crime and you don't support property rights, you could move to california or new york. if you don't like liberty or low taxes and that sort of thing you could move to florida or tennessee. so the failing states and feeling ideology of the democrat party is seeking to universalize and devour all those who disagree with it. you can see it in their proposals, centralization of power, centralization of health care, centralization of courtnt decisions. open borders no matter what the states think and this is obviously quite contrary mike contrary to the constitutional construct. you mentioned my book, "american marxism." we have the chief of operations whose name is admiral michael
11:45 pm
gilday. he needs to be fired butut he won't be fired because he is joe biden's lackey. this personnel in the navy to read one of the most racist books in modern times, by this fellow by the name of kendi. he's not writing about civil liabilities or civil rights or real diversity or anything of the sort. people need to understand something and i want to take a minute here. when we do the this later, want to take notes. it's nothe about race but it abt destroying existing members of society using race, using gender, using the claimant's, using integration or whatever it is. it was developed by marxist and berlin, some of those who came to the united states and some who became tenured professors. he was behind the left movement in the h 1960s and he is behind this movement that's taking off
11:46 pm
now. critical race theory to reject, listen, martin luther king. they believe if you are in a color-blind society you sell out, they reject the 1964 and 65 civil rights act as halfway measures to cover up for white supremacy. they reject the outcome of the civil war, all the advances that have been made if they had rejected. so you see fools out there whether they are basketball players or professors or politicians in the united states, embracing this ideology, they are rejecting all the advances of the civil rights movement and the supreme court decisions, all the advances in congress. we are rejecting that which has taken place in this country and they are embracing marxism. now why am i bringing up the chief of naval operations of our navy, admiral michael gilday is promoting a book that is written by the spy for 25 who's an absolute out of pocket they get
11:47 pm
sick, i'm not scared ofue you. now here's the thing so she's pushing on marxist ideology. want to push a book? push this one. joe biden is promoting the enemy throughout the united states government. it's shocking what's taking place in this country. it is not just him, and he should be out if he does note who the agenda is. her name is merrick garland, thank god he didn't windk up wh the united states supreme court. they promoted him as a moderate, this judicial figure, this is now led by an anti-semitic bigot based on her own writings and her own statement? she wants to double her staff so they can see republican
11:48 pm
legislatures, they wanted it to be like the robert kennedy era where he was going after the segregated south. >> we can do the next one. >> sean: the book is in bookstores soon, and every sunday night, 8:00 p.m. on the channel. when we come back, ronnie jackson wants a bite to undergo that. we will be right back. that's why we recommend salonpas. it's good medicine.
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11:53 pm
and then share the results with you the american people. here to explain is a republican congressman and doctor from texas ronnie jackson. you saw what happened at the g7, we've been watching this unfold and then you see this flash it of real anger. are you a junkie? come on, man. it happened with caitlin collins? do you suspect what the americans suspect, that he is cognitively in decline? >> after this recent embarrassing performance overseas, i thought it was time to come out. i've been saying this for a year and i have, i took care of three presidents over 15 years in the white house including being a physician to both barack obama and donald j. trump. i know if the records are this job. -- after this performance, i would say that joe biden is good
11:54 pm
to know don't fit to be our president right now. he is not inspiring confidence in the american people or at the allies overseas and more importantly you see the wrong message to our adversaries overseas. i think if you remember the mainstream media and the far left and the democrats, they were relentless in their pursuit of me when i was taking care of president trump just demanding that he has a president trust. he said that every president should have that, and should be the new standards and know that our commander in chief and our head of state is capable of leading the nation. president trump, as you mentioned, he did a perfect score. that's the new standard, the precedent has been set and i'm asking joe biden and his medical team to get out there and get this physical exam done and get the cognitive test done and we
11:55 pm
need to know what's going on. that's what it looks like to me right now. >> sean: i know some of that you can live up to when you at the realau side of it, there's a real serious side to this whole thing that's actually frightening. i agree with you, dr. jackson. something is obviously very off, i don't know what it is, i'm not a medical doctor now. and i won't play one on tv. if you are a patriot, you will love our video of the day which i will play right after this break. ♪ ♪
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>> sean: so last week, new york islanders fans, they came together and they rocked the house, singing the national anthem. the result, inspiring. tonight, they did it again. i hope this catches on. ♪ at the twilight's ♪ ♪ last gleaming ♪ ♪ whose broad stripes ♪ ♪ and bright stars ♪
12:00 am
♪ through the perilous fight ♪ ♪ o'er the ramparts ♪ ♪ we watched ♪ ♪ were so gallantly streaming ♪ >> sean: go islanders and let laura: i tweeted that your segment with the west point parents was fantastic, that was -- they are all great people, their kids love the country and they are being harassed and persecuted for making their own medical decisions. every american has to see that segment. >> to me it is sad. they keep saying follow the science. laura: we