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tv   Fox News at Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  June 16, 2021 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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set your dvrs. thanks to susan li, james altucher, terrance k williams, kat timpf. i'm greg gutfeld. i love you, america. ♪ ♪ >> shannon: hello and welcome to "fox news @ night." i'm shannon bream in washington. breaking tonight, former president trump weighing in on his successor's performance in that summit with russian president vladimir putin. >> i guess the overall as we didn't get anything. we gave a very big stage to russia and we got nothing. >> shannon: we are going to break it all down.
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nba hall of famer charles barkley hinting at retirement from his tv gig because he says he's had it up to here with the rise of cancel culture. a popular chain restaurant accused of deceptive advertising on its famous seafood menu. night court will convene a little bit later and you get to decide. we begin in geneva where white house correspondent peter doocy is sifting through the fallout from today's biden-putin summit. good evening, peter. >> good evening. the world's two biggest nuclear powers got together here in geneva and agreed to send investors back to each other's countries. that's about the only tangible thing that came out of a summit that only lasted three hours and 15 minutes or so. even though the white house had us bracing for a four or five hour or longer meeting. >> after two hours we looked at each other like, okay.
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what next? >> next comes a weight. >> will find out with whether we have a strategic dialogue that matters. >> cybersecurity, biden gave biden about -- prudent the list. >> should be off-limits to attack. >> putin alleges it's misplaced. >> interpreter: as for american sources they said most of the cyberattacks in the world are carried out from the cyber realm of the united states. >> the president said he did not threaten retribution for ransomware. >> i said how would you feel if ransomware took on the pipelines from your oilfields? he said it would matter. >> president biden brought up alexei navalny.
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>> i made it clear to president putin that we will continue to raise issues of fundamental human rights. >> putin said he accuse the u.s. of prosecuting people for political reasons. >> interpreter: as for who is killing home or throwing home in jail, people came to the u.s. congress with political demands. over 400 people had criminal charges placed on them. they face prison sentences. >> apples and oranges according to biden. >> i think that's a ridiculous comparison. >> biden's next big diplomatic challenge, getting china to cooperate with the world health organization. you've spoken about how you spent more time with president xi than any other world leader. is there going to be a time when you might call him, old friend to old friend, and ask them to open up china to the world health organization investigators who are trying to get to the bottom of covid-19? >> we know each other well. we are not old friends.
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it's pure business. >> that might be news to president xi because when biden visited china as vp, he spoke fondly of their friendship and xi reciprocated, telling biden let me warmly welcome you to china, my old friend. >> shannon: peter doocy traveling with the president. thanks. president biden is describing his summit with vladimir putin as positive saying he did when he came to do. let's get reaction from to mainstream team. former state department official david tafuri and daniel hoffman. great to have you with us. >> thanks, shannon. >> shannon: former president trump took a lot of heat over his relationship with vladimir putin and here's how he is weighing in tonight. >> we gave up something that was unbelievably valuable. i stopped the pipeline,
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nord stream two, that was stopped and it was given back and nothing was gone far. i think it was a good day for russia. i don't see what we got out of it. >> shannon: what do you make of the readout from both sides after this concluded today? >> i think vladimir putin enjoyed some great gains from the summit. eight enhance his his stature at home and abroad. he wants to portray russia as a besieged fortress that only he can defend. in anticipation of elections this september, this was important. he mounted a full force propaganda effort. our free press did a good job asking him the tough questions and expose his hypocrisy and false equivalencies. he was honored from a propaganda standpoint. the most important thing is vladimir putin had to make no concessions whatsoever and he's looking essentially resetting
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our relationship starting from zero with strategic dialogue and not having to pay any price for having invaded ukraine, annexed crimea, used banned chemical weapons, interfered in our elections. allowed cyber hacking groups to homestead on his territory and target our critical infrastructure. we discuss those things but he hasn't made any concessions in our favor. >> shannon: here's how "the federalist" described it. they say the most important take away from the recent g7 nato summit isn't president biden's many embarrassing and unsettling mental lapses, long pauses and rambling non sequiturs with the clear message coming out of the meetings. they say the united states is returning to an obama-biden era america last foreign policy. david, your response. >> there was nothing that happened today that was america last. this clearly lacked some of the theatrics trumps summits have had
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including his summit with putin in 2018 where trump failed to defend america and agreed with putin when putin said he hadn't engaged in any interference in our election. biden did the work he needed to do behind the scenes, not during the press conferences that happened afterwards. he delivered the tough message to putin in private with tony blinken next to him. i agree with daniel that russia and putin are an all-time level of confidence because they haven't been boxed in by a president in many years. they are engaging in interference and antidemocratic activities. putin's poisoning and killing all of his opponents. he has got his thumb on other countries in the region including the ukraine, including the country of georgia. no one is there to stop him. what biden has to do, had to do today was deliver a message that would be repercussions if putin and russia continue this
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activity. notably putin has change the constitution in russia so he can be president until 2036. he would be 83 years old if he continues that long. if he stays on this track, the world will be an very different place and will be much less democratic. the president had to derail where putin is headed. hopefully he started that today and he needs to follow up with a very tough policy towards russia and putin especially if they continue to do some of the things biden warned him today not to do. >> shannon: sounds like there's a bit of a redline on the life of alexei navalny and whether he passes away in prison. president biden talking pretty tough on that issue. i thought it was interesting that he talked about the cyber hacking, a huge issue. whether putin is aware of it, turning a blind eye, whatever is happening. so he identified, president biden, 16 different areas need said there critical. they are listed online. the cybersecurity and instructor
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security agency says its 16 critical whose assets, systems and networks are considered so vital to the u.s. that their incapacitation or destruction would have a debilitating effect on security, economic security, national public health or safety. daniel, why are we telling the world exactly which 16 sectors we cannot afford to have packed? >> these are sectors that the russians know well about from their intelligent services. they have done a lot of work to surveil this capability in our critical infrastructure and they've been bouncing around with their cyber hacking, collecting information and developing the tools to target us. i think that was actually a useful part of the summit that president biden tried to lay down the rules of the road and emphasize some never that the united states has targeted russia in cyberspace in 2018 in advance of the midterms.
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cyber command reportedly launched an attack on the internet research agency. we have that capability and president biden made it clear we would use it. far more difficult for us, we don't have leverage over russia's handling of the navalny case. russia is in ukraine and there's no evidence that russia is going to change their behavior. on cyber, i think there is some potential for us to down the road if we are strong enough about it. >> shannon: daniel and david, we appreciate your expertise. thanks for joining us tonight. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> shannon: after the conclusion of the summit, news from china launching its first crude space mission in five years. blasting out without incident on the scheduled three month trip. the third of 11 missions used to complete the construction of a chinese space station. senate minority leader chuck schumer is not letting
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progress out of bipartisan infrastructure framework or rising inflation fears stop him from pushing forward on a budget reconciliation for two massive democratic spending plans. they may not need a single g.o.p. vote to pass trillions in new spending. white house correspondent kevin corke is tracking it. good evening, kevin. >> it's not exactly clear how the democrats will maneuver around the political roadblocks on capitol hill to forge ahead with a new massive spending plan but one thing definitely seems clear. the white house believes very strongly they're going to get what they want by the republicans like it or not and ultimately that could cost you more money and maybe drive up inflation. i want to tell you about the deal under consideration, bipartisan senate framework that calls for $974 billion in infrastructure spending over five years. according to sources. it amounts to roughly 579 billion in new spending in addition to some redirected
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spending programs from other sources. biden originally requested more than $2 trillion in new infrastructure spending. this is obviously paired way down. it's a bipartisan group of 21 senators supporting the latest framework which they believe "provides an historic investment in the nation's core infrastructure needs without raising taxes." taxes on families but there's even a catch there because the biden framework calls for new minimum corporate taxes of about 15%, also calls for ending capital gains tax breaks on large inheritances. however it would not increase corporate tax rates likely previously heard about. they were talking about 28% at one point. it wouldn't hike up the gas tax although that would still be annually indexed to inflation. the new framework does look to apply a version of a gas tax for electric vehicles. interesting. also in on the talks a pair of
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key democrats, arizonans kyrsten sinema and west virginia's joe manchin who was asked today if this was something he thought could get 50 votes from his democratic colleagues to which he replied oh, you know me, that's always my wish. a wish unfulfilled could mean a second even more strident political tactic by the democrats led by new york senator chuck schumer. he says a budget resolution would set the stage for passing elements of the white house's $2.25 trillion american jobs plan and the $1.8 trillion american families plan with a simple majority vote. all this is happening as a new national poll says nearly three quarters of those surveyed are worried about biden's big spending and they think it might lead to a rising inflation. 47% of americans say they are very concerned. 24% somewhat concerned. put together a whopping 71% say they are concerned.
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93% of republicans say they're worried. 70% of independents and 55% of democrats. apparently 100% of former presidents named donald trump. >> inflation is going to kill the economy. when i left it was a dollar and $0.87 a gallon of gas. it's over $3. it's going to go up to five, six, $7, mark my words. that's bigger than any tax increase. you could triple people's taxes and that cost more money for middle income people. for our country it's a disaster. >> president trump's conversation with sean hannity tonight. he talked about four, five, six, $7 a gallon and gasoline prices. you may think that's crazy but if you live in california, it could happen. >> shannon: don't want to go there. kevin, political fireworks over the fourth of july. apparently there's going to be
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fireworks displays at the white house. they were canceled at mount rushmore, the governor's calling president biden a hypocrite. >> unusually pointed rhetoric from the statehouse in south dakota. here's the latest. we know that governor noem says she plans to resubmit her state's petition to host an event at mount rushmore the 3rd of july. the national parks service initially rejected the state's application in march citing wildfire risk, pandemic related safety concerns and objections from local native american tribes. here's what she mentioned on twitter. "what a hypocrite president joe biden once a summer freedom but we mark independence from the virus by celebrating with events across the country. translation, fireworks are fine at the white house but not at mount rushmore." obviously governor noem thinks it's a bit of a political stunt by the administration because last year she gave then-president donald trump a
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chance to make a big fiery speech at the monument. that seems to be the porsche. they are still hopeful president biden will see to it that they can celebrate at the monument. >> shannon: i think there's going to be a lot of celebrating this independence day. come back and let's talk about something positive. i think we need that today. >> see you later. >> shannon: video of a brazen daytime mugging in new york city's central park. eight democratic mayoral candidates face-off in their final debate before next tuesday's primary election. bryan llenas reporting of big-city crime and how new yorkers feel about calls to defund the police and the impact of vaped on the race. good evening, bryan. >> early voting has begun in new york city and what's being called the most consequential mayoral election in a generation. top of mine in tonight's final debate before tuesday, crying.
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>> several of my opponents are using hashtags. #defundthepolice. i don't think that's the right approach. >> it's called defund the police, that's what they've described it. that will end up in disaster. >> two of new york city's mayoral candidates said defunding the police was the worst idea they've heard from another candidate, it led to a combative exchange with the more progressive candidates. >> the worst idea i've ever heard is bringing back stop and frisk and the anti-crime unit from eric adams. >> you don't have to worry about danger when you have private security on your block. i don't and never will allow stop and frisk to return. >> black and brown communities do not want to defund. >> you are not speaking of all black and brown communities. i am a member of that community and you are not speaking for me. >> last week new yorkers ranked rising crime as their number one
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issue by far in this mayoral primary election. shootings in new york city are up 64% compared to last year. random attacks on the city subways are also up. the trends are clear who voters will choose is not. the top two candidates in recent poll are pro-police ny pd veteran eric adams and civil rights attorney miles wiley who wants fewer officers on the streets. the winner would sound loud signal on where the democratic party stands. concerned about your family's safety. as mirror i will deliver public safety that you expect and deserve. >> tonight the only topic that all eight candidates could agree on is that none of them would hire current merit bill de blasio to work on their staff. shannon. >> shannon: interesting. thank you very much. cancel culture coming after entertainment icons like charles
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got up after the fall. have you ever had -- we all cope with food and netflix, entertaining ourselves. this woman thought it would be good idea to do handstands at the airport. good way to spend the time. reaching new heights literally. the border collie in australia cattle dog. launching over a pool, grabbing a toy and jumping beyond her goal of 7 feet. impressive. i wonder how they train them to do that. this stunt is one you should not try at home. parachuting athletes surfing midair on the back of a wingsuit pilot after free falling from the plane to gain some speed, the pair performed high-speed groups and turns against the wind, ending with a midair surfing lesson.
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i am not signing up for that. hit us up @shannonbream or @foxnewsnight on social media if you've got interesting, fun or weird video. basketball hall of famer and tv analyst charles barkley is mad as heck about the recent rise in cancel culture. >> you can't even have fun nowadays without these jack [bleep] trying to get you canceled. all we ever talk about behind the scenes, man, be careful going in this direction. we've had fun all these years and now in the last year and a half that everybody's trying to get everybody fired and it really sucks. >> shannon: tonight's lightning round with the author of the upcoming book "woke inc.," vivek ramaswamy. he said everybody is after you. you can't say anything. you have to worry about getting
9:27 pm
fired and i'm sure he doesn't need the money or the job and he says i'm out of here pretty soon because it's sucking all the joy out of this. we heard that from comedians and other people. they have to be so careful they can even be funny. >> charles barkley is a funny guy and the problem with being woke and being funny just don't go together. they don't mix. the sad thing is even though being woke and being politically correct is supposedly about bringing us closer together, humor brings us together even if it means laughing at ourselves, even if it means laughing at our friends and a good spirited way. i think charles barkley is totally right but he's putting his finger on a more important issue that goes beyond the jokes. >> shannon: he is very funny i think. very irreverent. i don't think he takes him self seriously. we have to be able to laugh at ourselves in fits and good nature and i think oftentimes it is with him. i am not tracking his every word
9:28 pm
but i get what he's saying. a group of parents in florida decided to send the masks that their kids were wearing to a lab at the university of florida because they wanted to see what was on the kids' masks. i can't pronounce any of these words will put them on screen. all kinds of different weird stuff that was found on the masks, including things that would trigger pneumonia and meningitis and sepsis and food poisoning. all kinds of other things. too many syllables in these words. here's what i thought was interesting. okay, this study is interesting. we been warned by experts, don't touch them too much. one guy said the article that was written, when he saw it on facebook, it was tagged with this disclaimer according to him that facebook had put this note that says this post goes against our community standards on misinformation that could cause
9:29 pm
physical harm. the author of the article said now we are calling factual data from the lab misinformation about covid. how do we untangle this? where are we on this? >> let's talk about the substance. most of that pathogens are bacteria. enclosed moist space. that raises some risk of getting people sick. there was a time in the pandemic for masks. that moment has since passed especially for people who've been vaccinated. for someone to be both pro-vaccine and antimask is coherent. that's where the science points us. it's offensive that facebook would take a scientifically conducted study even if it's a case study to tag it as misinformation. these arbiters of so-called truth have been wrong so many times over the course of the last year that one of the
9:30 pm
greatest impediments to the pursuit of truth has been the social media giants themselves. no place more than right now in recent weeks has a ghost of the origin of the virus. six months ago you could have said the virus originated in the lab. they would've said it was a misinformation and now that's the dominant explanation in my opinion. they need to be held accountable. >> shannon: eric hartman is the guy on twitter. we would love to hear from them. let's talk about nasa wokeness. mission equity. they say the agency is seeking feedback as it conducts a thorough review. how agency resources and tools can assist in enhancing equity including advancing environmental justice. a lot of folks saying nasa has a
9:31 pm
specific mission. if it's about opening up science an opportunity to people who may be have not felt that they had a track at nasa i think we would say that's a laudable goal but what do you make of it? >> we need to revive a movement that puts excellence first. excellence in space exploration, math, science, medicine, sports, music. we need to start putting excellence first again. in my opinion diversity can be an important part, an important means of the end toward achieving excellence. if i had to choose between the pursuit of excellence on the pursuit of invisible tableau of diversity in any of those domains i will choose excellence every time. not enough people are bold enough to say it openly even though many americans harbor it within. for me i don't want to see china landing on mars, teaching their kids math while we are worried about creating a visible tableau of diversity. we need to put excellence first
9:32 pm
and recognize that diversity is a means to achieving that end but it's not an end in itself. diversity is not something we seek to be excellent at but it's something we strive to do to become more excellent. >> shannon: you and i probably agree that diversity of thought and ideology would be a beautiful thing to see. great to have you with us. come back soon. a new lawsuit says red lobster's menu is not telling you the truth. night court convenes next. you're the jury.
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♪ ♪ >> shannon: red lobster facing a lawsuit accusing the seafood eatery of deceptive working practices. the company promotes what it calls seafood with standards or cover a promise to only source from suppliers who follow industry best practices but the lawsuit claims red lobster suppliers actually employ environmentally harmful and
9:38 pm
inhumane practices. let's hear the case with tonight's legal eagles. we are working on it. robert patillo, andrew stoltmann. we'll get started and see if robert makes it. this is exhibit b, red lobster seafood with standards which is that what they say. they say these are more than just words on our menu. it's our promise that all of this e-book we serve is sourced to the highest standards. we believe it's our responsibility to protect and preserve our oceans and marine life for generations to come. we only source from suppliers who follow industry best practices. they say there's nothing to these claims that they are using suppliers who are harvesting me in inhumane ways in mistreating shrimp and lobster. >> i don't know what happened but what we do know is companies have a very long history of saying one thing and doing another. we have these false advertising laws for a reason.
9:39 pm
we want to make sure that our companies are dealing honestly and truthfully with us. if i think that i'm getting kobe filet and i get horsemeat, we have a problem. i think we'll see what really happened but these are some pretty's allegations -- pretty serious allegations. >> shannon: where you think the responsibility lies? red lobster says this group tells us they are doing x, y, and z, should the lawsuit be about that group or his red lobster somehow responsible because they buy from that group even though that group may make assertions about what they are doing and not doing. >> you're a lawyer, you know in the course of this case what's going to happen is everybody's going to point their finger and everybody else. the court will decide after motions take place, motions to dismiss. i don't think red lobster can
9:40 pm
say willful blindness and willful ignorance. they have a duty and responsibility. once they advertise to make sure that what they're advertising is truthful and i'm certain that they will want to pin the blame on somebody else but ultimately it's their responsibility. >> shannon: i want to read you exhibit d, a statement that says we cannot comment on pending litigation or the specific of the claims. we stand behind our seafood as well as our support for scientific research and continuous improvement efforts to ensure that there is seafood to enjoy now and for generations. they are saying it's in their best interests to make sure these things are sustainable and so they have products to sell you in the future. >> and it is, it's their reputation. it's very, very important to them. that's a really good marketing slogan, the fact that we take our products from environmentally sustainable sources. that is half of the equation. the second half is is it truthful? this class action lawsuit says
9:41 pm
no it's not. i think through the course of discovery we will find out the truth but right now it's up in the air. >> shannon: can we talk about the cheddar biscuits? >> my favorite. where the popcorn shrimp. i love them both. >> shannon: though should be illegal they are so delicious. there are plenty of other things on the menu. they are not suing over the entire menu and you can get those cheddar biscuits, the mix, at home. where do you think this goes? how much do you think it has as it hits the court system? >> that's a good question. class action lawsuits can die a thousand deaths for a whole bunch of different reasons but at the core of the allegations if they are true, and that's the $64,000 problem, houston, they have a problem. it's not the kidnapping of the lindbergh baby. i readily admit that but it's serious. if you advertise something you have to carry through on it.
9:42 pm
it's your corporate reputation. it's important because that's what the people want and we will get to the bottom of this and find out what the truth is. >> shannon: i think we might need to do some on-site discovery. it would be delicious and we will be researching the case that's very important. andrew and robert come out there in cyberspace, thank you. see you again soon. >> any time. thank you. >> shannon: victoria's secret rebranding, planning to move away from the angels and focused on with the retailers calling what women want. they're launching the collective which will focus on activists, athletes and artists. soccer star megan rabideau will be one of the new faces of the brand. "the washington post" highlighting. a debate brewing the bird community as ornithologists look to change the names of his many as 150 birds.
9:43 pm
actors facing backlash for defending lin-manuel miranda. he was criticized about the newly released film. the actress decried manwell being singled out. >> you could never do right it seems. a man who has brought latino-nes to america. it would be nice if they had left it alone. >> shannon: the actress is walking back her comments saying she's incredibly disappointed with herself for the way that came out. the world's largest protestant denomination gathering to take on hot topics. pastor robert jeffress has plenty to say about it. he joins us next. rt for 35 years. i'm a mother of four--
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>> shannon: members of the southern baptist convention picked a new president this week. a moderate voice whose push for racial reconciliation. as the nations largest and most powerful christian denomination gathers, questions over racial justice, the role of women,
9:49 pm
accusations of sex abuse. the "los angeles times" says they are at a crossroads over wokeness. let's bring in pastor robert jeffress. great to have you back. >> thank you, shannon. >> shannon: writing this, southern baptists are at a fork in the road, the issue is not usually blatantly racist comments. it's the inability to recognize and address issues of systemic racism that remain. failing to listen to african-american pastors when they share their experiences and he goes on. is there some validity to that? what's the denomination doing to address those concerns? >> i really think the southern baptist convention is trying to address those concerns. the fact is this denomination that our church as a part of was conceived in racism. it was conceived over the issue of slavery, being proslavery.
9:50 pm
our denomination has repented of that. it's acknowledged its past and it's ready to move forward. i think we can never move forward as long as we want to wallow in the sins of the past. i think what people need to understand is the southern baptist denomination really isn't a denomination with a hierarchy for controls churches. instead it's a collection, association of 40,000 independent churches. we were grappling with what every mainline denomination is grappling with and that's how should faith intersect and increasingly liberal culture in the real question is should the church change the culture or should culture change the beliefs of the church? conservative christians believe the former. they believe culture changes. people change. god's word never changes. it's established forever in heaven. that's where the majority of southern baptists were before this week's convention and it's where they are still dismayed.
9:51 pm
>> shannon: i want to ask you on the legal front. there are conversations about the biden administration whether they are going to defend religious freedom or religious rights of americans, christians universities, those kinds of things. intersecting with trying to find a balance with nondiscrimination and respecting lgbtq americans. the new republic writing in administration defined in part by fruitless efforts at compromise figuring out where biden stands on a religious exemptions and lgbtq rates is critical. what does it mean to compromise with religious groups who assert their right to discriminate? it sounds like there isn't compromise to be had. >> you can know where the biden administration is by what they did just a few days ago. instead of saying that they would vigorously defend the religious exemption for christian colleges like they said a few weeks ago, they deleted the word vigorously. the fact is they're not going to
9:52 pm
defend the religious exemption. that was clear on day one of the biden administration. when he signed a radical executive order on transgenderrism. it's clear there's no real provision for religious exemption. people need to go back to 2011 during the obama-biden administration. it was that administration that went to the supreme court arguing against religious liberty for christian school, when it comes to his progressive agenda, joe biden is willing to bulldoze over the religious rights of americans. that should concern all people of faith. >> shannon: i remember covering that case. it was a 9-0 decision. we are awaiting another decision from the supreme court trying to balance those right as we look at catholic adoption and fostering agencies in philadelphia. antidiscrimination statutes involving same-sex couples.
9:53 pm
any comment, the catholic denomination, they are having a conversation about whether or not priests should deny sacraments to pro-choice political figures. >> congratulations to bill donohue in the catholic league for calling out joe biden. he's the most pro-abortion president in history. he is cramming that transgender agenda down people's throats. denying that god creates is male or female. he's obliterating christian liberty. people say he goes to church. i remind people sitting the church doesn't make you a christian any more than sitting at mcdonald's makes you a hamburger. jesus said buy your fruit you shall know them. the fruit of joe biden's so-called state is pretty rotten at first class. >> shannon: that is something catholic leaders will have to grapple with. pastor jeffers, thank you. >> great to be with you, shannon. >> shannon: some good news before we say good night.
9:54 pm
the telegraph fire rages on his arizona. people are losing a lot. kids are showing up and showing appreciation to the brave men and women battling the blazes by writing thank-you notes and making fresh lemonade. fire officials have gotten more than 1,000 notes to say thank you. they've got monetary donations for families. they say they're going to turn it around and give it to the salvation army and local homeless shelters to help communities where they are busy fighting fires. >> that's a terrific story. thanks for sharing that. i want to share this one the great state of texas. i think you like this one. this is where cruise at fire station 49 west houston were called to a business park where young puppy had fallen into a drainpipe. when they got there the owner was frantically trying to save the dog. the firefighters cut a bigger
9:55 pm
hole in the concrete and hoisted the owner down and she grabbed the puppy. we are just going to call this h-town style heroism. a well-deserved salute. skewing our favorite things. firefighters and puppies. see you back here tomorrow night. that's it from washington. i'm shannon bream. called tardive dyskinesia... ... i ignored them. but when the movements in my hands and feet started throwing me off at work... i finally had to say, 'it's not ok.' it was time to talk to my doctor about austedo. she said that austedo helps reduce td movements in adults... ...while i continue with most of my mental health medications. (vo) austedo can cause depression, suicidal thoughts, or actions in patients with huntington's disease. pay close attention to and call your doctor if you become depressed, have sudden changes in mood, behaviors, feelings, or have suicidal thoughts. common side effects include inflammation of the nose and throat, insomnia and sleepiness. don't take austedo if you have liver problems,
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