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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  June 16, 2021 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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todd: we are following two major stories the summit showdown, president biden will meet face-to-face with russian president vladimir putin as leader of the free world, we are live with the historic meeting. >> scientific arrogance, robert redfield speaking to fox news about why he believes covid 19
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came from a lab and may have been covered up. "fox and friends first" continues right now. good morning to you. you are watching "fox and friends first". todd: we begin with the build up to today's high-stakes summit between president biden and russian president vladimir putin as relations between washington and moscow sink to new lows. jillian: america reports going to john roberts, great to see you this morning. the top of the of this meeting, we will bring that on-screen, things like cybersecurity, election interference, discussion of things like climate change. listen to what lindsey graham has to say is of utmost importance. >> i hope president biden will tell putin there's another cyber attack on american business interests after your infrastructure. we need to go on the offense. we lost deterrence when it comes to the biden administration.
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and lost respect. jillian: when you are senator graham say we lost respect, how important is it the president gets this right to show russia and others why we should be respected on the world stage. >> it is important for an american president to get a summit meeting with russia right which is one of the reasons president biden is avoided joint press conference after what is scheduled to be a four our meeting with vladimir putin. these things can sometimes go off the rails and something said during the press conference could be the take away from the entire summit. much of this will be behind closed doors was the only time we will see the two years together is at the beginning when they take a photograph together and allow the pool in, russian and us pool, small group of photographers and reporters, to the very beginning of their bilateral meeting which could probably last all of two minutes or so and then we will find out
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from either side when they hold solo press conferences afterwards what was discussed but what president biden is going into this hoping to do is restore some predictability and stability as he says to the relationship vladimir putin has said he is looking forward to a relationship that is less impulsive than the one he had with the last president but don't forget even though donald trump was very tough on russia when it came to sanctions and trying to kill the lord stream 2 pipeline donald trump did have an appreciation for the fact that vladimir putin had such a strong hand over russian politics. president biden sees vladimir putin differently, as a model line actor who does not have the interests of america in mind and probably his prime interest is staying in power himself, there is good reason to believe vladimir putin will still be
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there until 2030. there is a high bar today which is why the white house is lowering expectations and we are not going to see these two together or get a measure of how they are beside each other. todd: 30 seconds on the final question, your tapped into the white house. do you get the sense the white house itself is confident that biden is up to the task? we've had a number of experts giving their opinions on the matter but is the white house confident president biden will delivered today? >> if they are not they won't say it publicly. the fact that there was no joint press conference does say a lot. the white house, we don't want to give putin a platform standing next to the american president but if you're a tough confident american president, he has a message for russia, you want to be seen publicly standing next to that leader delivering that message. jillian: thank you. we will be watching all morning. let's bring in former cia station chief dan hoffman who
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spent a number of years in moscow. good to see you this morning. what topic is at the top of your list that you think needs to be talked about and needs to be talked about in a serious manner? >> first of all the summit is an opportunity for president biden to emphasize the redlines of the united states. putin is on the offensive. banning chemical weapons against his own people both in russia and overseas, launched cyber attacks, allowed cyber hacking groups to target critical infrastructure, holding american citizens without due process, a litany of issues where national security interests are in confrontation and i expect those issues to be discussed. i know the biden administration want to get to predictability and stability but to take a page from president reagan's a book you don't get there without demonstrating strength, you don't get peace without
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demonstrating you can defend yourself. rob: what does putin want out of this meeting? we've talked about what the us wants, what does putin? >> putin is gotten what he wants which is to be perceived as playing on a level playing field with the united states of america and that enhances his stature at home and abroad and russia's parliamentary elections, he wants to portray himself as the only one who can defend russia, the besieged fortress, that is a benefit to him and his regime security. jillian: let's listen to what president biden said ahead of the summit. >> i have found that he is, as they say, when we used to play ball, a worthy adversary. if he chooses not to cooperate and acts the way he has in the past relative to cyber security we will respond in kind. jillian: a worthy adversary.
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what do you make of that language? >> i would not describe him as a worthy adversary, a kgb operative in the kremlin with prior experience serving in the kgb in the soviet union and also served as director of russia's federal security service responsible for mounting attacks against russian citizens and spying on foreigners including americans. let's not forget allegations of russia being responsible for attacks in our people, microwave attacks, he is someone who is a great threat to our nation, we should portray them as such. and talk about them as such. it is a shame we don't have a press conference. the biden administration is playing to lose, not to win. nothing would be better for the united states and have president biden will countering all of putin's arguments publicly a press conference.
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a missed opportunity. todd: fill in the blank, today's meeting will be considered a success. the success of this meeting is extraordinarily modest, not looking at any reset in a relations or anything like that, at the very most we will see a communiqué where diplomatic relations are restored and staff returned to normal, working groups talk about areas of confrontation or collaboration, don't expect more than that, let's see how president biden does the press conference, if he strays from the script we can expect vladimir putin is there to speak to influence, not inform public opinion. jillian: playing not to lose, good to see you as always, thanks for joining us. coming up, the family of a
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marine prison in russia will join "fox and friends" with their plea to the biden administration to bring him home. that is live in the 6:00 hour, you don't want to miss it. todd: is really military launching airstrikes targeting hamas military in gaza in response to a balloon attack that sends incendiary devices into southern israel. the reports of injuries. this comes 3 weeks after a cease-fire halted 11 days of fighting marking the worst clashes between israel and hamas militants in years it also comes days after a change in israeli government. prime minister nelly bennett taking over. jillian: expected to follow strict covid 19 guidelines or face harsh consequences. officials support staff and media must eat alone and refrain from talking in confined spaces like elevators. athletes from ten nations with surges of the covid delta variance could face hard forms on arrival. failure to comply could result in loss of mental disqualification and even deportation.
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todd: not going to be the normal party. foxbusiness alert. wants to get away? southwest airlines with issues leaving travelers stranded for a second straight day. the airline is working to get back to normal operations after a third-party had issues with information about the weather. that is important when you fly. 600 flights canceled, 1700 delay, the airline began resuming flights yesterday afternoon. jillian: vp kamala harris will meet with democrats who staged a walkout in texas temporarily blocking an overall bill in the state. they are urging the senate to pass democrats for the people act, that would among many other things require federal clearance for states like texas when it comes to changing voting laws and lawmakers speak out in dc, donald trump stands up in texas. he will join governor greg abbott for a tour of the border june 30th. in a statement trump called the biden administration's handling of the border, quote, unmitigated disaster and the
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single worst border crisis in us history. it is 10 minutes after the hour. speaking the truth about what happened in wuhan. >> highly compromise, allowed china to come in and investigate. todd: former cdc director doubling down on why he thinks covid came from a lab. jillian: exclusive interviews about the origins of covid 19 next.
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$379 a month for 36 months. i had the nightmare again maxine. the world was out of wonka bars... relax. you just need digital workflows. they help keep everyone supplied and happy, proactively. let's workflow it. then you can stop having those nightmares. no, i would miss them too much. whatever you business is facing... let's workflow it. servicenow. jillian: fox news exclusive interview former cdc director blames scientific arrogance for early doubts about the wuhan lab experience. todd: why he believes covid 19 emerged from that lab. >> reporter: infield told doctor
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mark siegel that is one reason the theory was ignored for so long, the who investigation concluded a leak was extremely unlikely but redfield says he is skeptical about that. >> highly compromise, clearly they were incapable of compelling china to adhere to the agreements on global health, they allowed china to define the group of scientists to investigate. that's not consistent with their role. jillian: two house republicans introducing a bill that would sanction chinese officials until they allow for a new probe. >> there needs to be an open, transparent and independent evaluation of what happened at the wuhan institute of virology. the chinese have not been willing to do that and the only way to make that happen is to be aggressive and direct in what we expect out of china. jillian: president biden
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demanded the intelligence community redouble its efforts in investigating the virus origins and in a joint statement with the eu called for a new probe free from interference. hhs watchdog has launched a probe into how the nih gives out grants as it reveals a nonprofit that receives one gave its money to the wuhan lab. it all comes as an nih study reveals covid 19 may have been present in the us as early as 2019. researchers say 7 people in 5 states tested positive for covid andy bodies in early 2020 weeks before health official started recognizing cases. the first us coronavirus case was confirmed in late january 2020, that patient tested positive in washington state after traveling to wuhan. the cdc did not identify infections that were unrelated to travel in china more than a month later in february. todd: i think my wife had it when we were on vacation in
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january of 2020. jillian: did she get tested for antibodies? todd: thing started picking up and you didn't want to go out. time is 16 after the hour. they are being called the millennial bonnie and clyde and were picked up after a month-long manhunt. there alleged crime spree coming up. jillian: a missing california mother furious, they are asking for help five months after she was last seen alive. ♪♪ utual, so you only pay for what you need. hot dog or... chicken? only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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brother-in-law, richard and her attorney, thank you for being here. appreciate your time. last time we spoke you made inroads with police and were finally on the same page and it appears to be that is the case. now they are asking you for more help. >> right. they are doing updates, having communication with them. family and friends, we don't know. they just want to confirm whatever they need in the investigation. we are working together with the department and happy that we do have open communication with them. we hope things go faster but we have faith in them.
2:22 am
we have to be patient. that is what they tell us. jillian: you wish you had these answers five months ago. can you tell me, you guys had some concerns. what are your concerns at this point? >> we are working hand in hand. our frustration is concern -- we miss him tremendously. that is one thing. working towards that sometimes, we want to do that. if people work with us, one day out of the week that is all we are asking. almost 5 or 6 months we can't even talk to her by skype. he knows we are a close family.
2:23 am
no one talks about that. that is our frustration. jillian: completely understandable as i bring in billy. for people at home watching who don't know the back story of this, maia went missing in january, mother of 3 kids, larry, her husband, i know it has been frustrating for the family not to be able to see their nieces and nephews and they haven't seen them since she went missing. have you had any correspondence? >> know. larry is not communicating with the courts through his attorney, the family asked for when they call grandparents rights in california. it is unconscionable what larry is doing with the children not
2:24 am
to mention his involvement with maia's disappearance. i share the family's concern the children have not seen them for over 5 months. it is unbelievable. i would reiterate it is a great team effort with community, police and the family you are talking to right now. jillian: the community has done so much. when i was in california to talk to you guys i was blown away by everything the community has done for your family. what do you want to say to community members out there and if your sister is out there what is your message? >> we paint the community, their undying support, we have to bring my home, we have tremendous support and
2:25 am
emotionally, there for us and volunteers, researchers open their homes to us. almost 2 hours away. people open their house to us and let us stay at their home with the community. we thank them a lot. >> we ask their continued support. don't know how long it is going to take. we are grateful and a lot of them -- >> very thankful. jillian: i saw those relationships. there have been 85 tips, 61
2:26 am
interviews, 42 search warrants and in the midst of all of this i hope the answers are there and you get them as soon as possible because i know your family has been through a lot. i wish you nothing but the best and keep us updated. thank you so much. >> thank you so much. todd: pretty powerful, saying we are going to know soon. we are hours away from the biden putin summit in geneva, their high-stakes first meeting. jillian: police across the country retiring at record rates as the public safety crisis has only just begun. he joins us live. helped me get back in it. ♪ oh, oh, oh, ozempic® ♪ my zone? lowering my a1c and losing some weight. now, back to the show. ozempic® is proven to lower a1c. most people who took ozempic® reached an a1c under 7 and maintained it. and you may lose weight. adults lost on average up to 12 pounds. ozempic® isn't for people with type 1 diabetes
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jillian: former president trump will join texas going to greg abbott for a tour of the border later this month. todd: abbott vows to fund border wall construction, he will entail more details about his plan today. griff jenkins joins us with more. of trump and abbott go down there you will be there. >> reporter: you never know.
2:30 am
good morning. two weeks from today, donald trump along with the governor will be president biden and vice president harris to the border, it is unclear where they will go, but in the statement, quote, the biden administration inherited from me the strongest, safest and most secure border in us history and in mere weeks they turned it into the worst border crisis in us history. it is an unmitigated disaster zone, this is a record of migrants crossed in may, 180,000, works out to 6000 per day. the president accompanied by texas governor greg abbott with more details about building a texas wall. listen here. >> we will also be providing a link that you can click on and
2:31 am
go to where everybody who wants to help texas build a border wall, there will be a place they can contribute to texas building the border wall. >> reporter: the governor's plan drawing criticism from a lone star democrat. >> there are urgent priorities were there have taxpayer funds, but building a wall that is a solution in search of a problem is not one of them. >> reporter: washington on the ninth anniversary of the daca program says the administration which will do anything to protect dreamers. >> it is critically important to provide a pathway to citizenship to give people a sense of certainty and security. >> reporter: as for the texas will governor abbott has press conference today in austin where we expect more details when and how he plans to do it.
2:32 am
todd: federal versus state land, we will see. a new report in the murder investigation of members of a prominent legal family in south carolina. they were shot to death on the family estate. south carolina law enforcement division saying with alex murtaugh who called 911 to report the death of his wife and son after discovering their bodies, details of the investigation have been sparse, no suspects have been named. >> a couple done the millennial bonnie and clyde, wanted for a february shooting, and the pregnant woman seriously injured, they traveled across several european countries in hungary. in attempted murder, now facing extradition to canada. 32 after the hour, fleeing the force, new stats showing police
2:33 am
retirements urged by 45% nationwide, black lives matter protests erupted in spring of 2020. jillian: that impact atlanta where homicides are up 60%. founder of the wounded blue joins us to weigh in. thanks for being here. you said something alarming, the death of this crisis is not beginning to be felt. that is alarming and should be to so many across this country. when do we feel this? >> it is coming at us like a freight train. it is important people understand this what i call a law enforcement exodus syndrome has just begun. we have seen and photos of cops from all over the nation, big cities, small towns, the results in asheville, north carolina, they are down one third of their
2:34 am
force, they issued a report that they can no longer accept a number of calls for service, this is at the beginning. what is heartbreaking about this is my organization deals with injured cops but those injuries, emotional and psychological as well. it is taking a toll, this entire anti-law enforcement attitude. the government turning us back, a severe crisis in terms of mental health, there is a lot happening here. when an officer leaves the department it takes years to replace that officer through training and getting that officer up to the experience level.
2:35 am
todd: talking big-city homicides in 2020-2021, always seemed to do this full screen, 2020, not a great year, 2021, new york 12%, atlanta 58%, the portland number mind-boggling at 533%. i want to pin you down to jillian's question. when you talk to law enforcement how much worse are they expecting it to get in light of this? are we talking spreading further into suburbs? numbers with portland's going into thousands or something terrific like that? what are we talking about? >> not only are officers retiring, when a cop has 20 -- at least prior to that, to 30 years, what is happening is the minute they do that they are
2:36 am
gone but even more critical, officers waiting to get to retirement are just leaving. add to this, the crisis, lack of recruitment, in las vegas where there hasn't been a big d funding movement recruitment is down 57% so the pipeline, the danger here when police agencies don't have enough recruits what do they do? they diminish the standards. jillian: we are on a delay. that point, if you have fewer recruits and less money in the budget for things like training, those fewer recruits are not up to the same standards of training, a domino effect.
2:37 am
thank you for joining us, appreciate your time and insight. >> i appreciate you guys. jillian: residents could be had by rolling blackouts this week, the state energy provider warning record high temperatures could cause the grid to give out. todd: meteorologist janice dean joins us with a fox weather forecast, not just dallas but so much of the west, so much of the nation. >> janice: breaking records across the southwest, incredible for this time of year. not just everyday heat but exceptional heat, drought, this is an ongoing terrible situation for folks across the west and that will spread into the plane states. you have phoenix at 118 friday, las vegas 111, sacramento 107, this is a big deal why we have heat warnings in effect where dangerous heat will be in place the next several days and people
2:38 am
are urged to to stay inside where there is air-conditioning. watching an area of concern we are into the tropical season and things are starting to perk up in the gulf of mexico. regardless of whether this gets a name we are going to watch potential for heavy rainfall along the gulf coast, several inches into the weekend and early next weekend that will cause flooding issues for this area where we've seen a bit of rain along the gulf coast toward the mississippi and tennessee river valley. regardless of whether we are dealing with a named storm it will cause problems. the heat across the west will build across the central us, the gulf of mexico, watching that, a spectacular day in the northeast. my son matthew has his sixth straight day today. he's outset and i promised good weather. i told him tonight the water - made the updates tomorrow. todd: you were talking about
2:39 am
that clip, he thought it was hilarious. >> janice: is extratropical now away from land. we love you, bill hammer. jillian: i expect pictures, 38 after the hour. pedaling right? >> how did this happen? kissed the turtle. todd: john stuart facing backlash after sharing his father, covid lavalley theory. todd: christie gnome takes on the president over her form of july celebrations -- carley shimkus has her own fourth of july celebration next. ♪♪ for deb, living with constipation with belly pain was the same old story for years. trying this. doing that. spending countless days right here. still came the belly pain, discomfort, and bloating. awful feelings she kept sugar-coating. finally, with the help of her doctor, it came to be.
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jillian: the left-wing media turning on john stuart after the comedian roasted critics of the
2:43 am
wuhan lab leak theory. todd: carley shimkus with this. carley: the late show appearance everyone is talking about. a fired up john stuart made it clear where he stands on the lab leak theory. take a listen. >> the disease is the same name as the lab. that's a little too weird, don't you think? how did this -- wait a minute. the wuhan respiratory coronavirus lab. how did this happen? kissed the turtle. >> stephen colbert was noticeably them comfortable even jokingly asked when he started working with ron johnson. uncomfortable with that segment, look at this from the washington post, john stuart's rant is a reminder don't rely on
2:44 am
celebrities, this provides an important lesson about celebrities, you shouldn't get your liberal opinions from them or your scientific opinions either. i know what you're going to say, the liberal somebody taking a position you don't like but that is not it. celebrities are not experts so we should stop listening to them. celebrities know a lot about things like climate change and police brutality. they are not experts and we shouldn't be listening to them. the oscars got a lot shorter. todd: my notes set always listen to celebrities. do i have to cross that out q jillian: will we see fireworks?
2:45 am
that is what south dakota governor christie knowem wants and she's slamming president biden after the white house denounced -- announce plan for their own fireworks display. what a hypocrite, president biden wants independence from the virus by celebrity this event. fireworks are fine at the white house but not round rushmore. she's calling the president a hypocrite, federal officials rejected the request to have her own fourth of july fireworks. take a listen here. >> they are still denying us the opportunity when they were directing all states, communities and tribes to hold celebrations with pomp and circumstance. >> the national park service rejected request stating pandemic safety and wildfire risk. donald trump reinstituted the mount rushmore fourth of july celebration last year. jillian: a lot of fireworks over fireworks. todd: in geneva a live preview of the summit with vladimir
2:46 am
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todd: fox news alert. president biden will meet with russian president vladimir putin. >> what we can expect from today's summit. >> reporter: president putin will be landing here shortly, the bilateral meetings will begin soon. president biden has been relaxed on the first foreign trip whereas president putin is notorious for camping world leaders waiting.
2:50 am
>> president biden and president putin will be greeted by this was president for a photo op, then break off with secretary of state anthony blinken and the russian foreign minister. they will take their talk to other top aides. president biden called president putin a worthy adversary, they are expected to cover a number of topics particularly cyber security, election interference in human rights abuses. lawmakers bipartisan, president biden to push back on recent ransom where and cyber hacks allegedly by russia-based groups. >> i think putin has been testing this president particularly with the cyber attacks we've seen in recently. >> time to take the issue directly to vladimir putin himself. >> reporter: in geneva protesters gathered ahead of president putin's arrival in support of russian opposition
2:51 am
leader alexei knowvany dies in prison it would hurt putin's relationship with the rest of the world. unlike when donald trump met with putin in helsinki a few years ago there will be no joint press conference. the white house said they did not feel is appropriate to do a joint event given the tougher topics the two gentlemen will be talking about today. neil: thank you. jillian: mike pompeo says the president's refusal to hold a joint press conference with putin is sending a message of weakness to the rest of the world. take a listen. >> the fact that you are not prepared to stand 6 or 8 feet from your adversary and tell the world what you talked about, things you care about, why you care about them shows you shouldn't forget whether it is the ayatollah or xi jinping they are watching too. when a snow weakness, when they can sniff it the deterrence
2:52 am
model of america's defense will walk away they will drive a truck through it so if you're not prepared to stand on the podium and respond to a question from the press that might be hard or tricky while your adversary a standing a few feet away from you is an enormous sign of weakness. neil: donald trump will join sean hannity tonight with his father on joe biden's meeting with vladimir putin. we will have analysis coming up tomorrow morning. jillian: it is 8 minutes until the top of the hour, still to come parents fight back against critical race theory in the classroom a democrat hoping to become virginia governor called it a right-wing conspiracy. please todd: two moms on a mission against crt join us next. i booked our hotel on kayak. it's flexible if we need to cancel.
2:53 am
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>> all the republicans are talking about critical race theory and what are you going to say to all those people making about that. >> it's another right wing conspiracy. >> okay. >> totally made up by donald trump and glenn youngkin, this is who they they are. it's a conspiracy theory. candidate for governor calling are critical race theory conspiracy theory. parent in the loudoun county led the charge against the curriculum. two of those moms join us now. lady, thanks for being here. rachel, what was your initial reaction when you heard that comment from terry mcauliffe? >> shock, complete shock.
2:57 am
and it's astonishing to me that he would actually think that he can insult the number of moms, the number of parent, the number of teachers that are fighting against crt. todd: i don't know how voted for in previous elections, it's none of our business, is this a right wing conspiracy or are there parents from all different parties and thought processes upset about this? >> well, definitely, you know, our fight in loudoun county is a nonpartisan effort. we have got republicans, democrats, independents, you name it with regards to mr. mcauliffe's comments, i find it comical that anyone running for office would make such a bold statement when anyone running, republican or democrat, should be sitting down with parents and listening to and addressing our concerns it's
2:58 am
just really disheartening, especially for me, i have been working tirelessly on school issues for over a year to have somebody running for government dismiss that it disheartening when they are making it about politics. we are a huge coalition and growing daily parents fighting for our children. todd: rachel, we will pop up on the screen banned or considering banning critical race theory. i'm not going to go through all the states. there they are on the screen. to those who say this is a manufactured crisis, what's your rebuttal? it's absolutely not. and either mcauliffe is a ill informed candidate or he a blatant liar. there are many areas that can prove not only have they tried to institute it into our schools but they have spent thousands of
2:59 am
dollars with consultants to train our teachers they shouldn't be training them on critical race theory. they should really be teaching them teach our children critical thinking. that's what they should be doing. we should be able to give them facts, give them history. not erase our history, tell them what's actually happening and help them develop their own way of thinking. >> you wonder has the tied turned against crt or is the fight just beginning? we will see. rachel and cheryl,thank you fors morning. >> thank you. jillian: live look in geneva, switzerland, in just moments russian president vladimir putin will land ahead of today's high stakes summit expected to be underway 7:30 eastern time. the leaders will sit down several hours to discuss crucial topics like cybersecurity.
3:00 am
todd: coverage all morning long on "fox & friends" and coverage on the rest of the channels. fascinating day there in geneva. we don't know what we are ultimately going to get. we will talk about it a lot more going forward. wild day coming up. jillian: coverage continues right now. steve: good morning, everybody on this wednesday, june 16th, 2021, it is 6:00 here in new york city. it is 12:00 noon, high noon in geneva switzerland. looking life right there in essentially downtown central portions of geneva where russian president vladimir putin is expected to arrive this hour ahead of his summit later today with president biden. >> that's right, the two are going to meet face-to-face next hour. right, john roberts knows all that he jns


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