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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  June 15, 2021 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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s! choose better, be better. subway®. eat fresh. >> kayleigh: fox news alert, former cdc director robert redfield going public in a bombshell interview, saying he believes the evidence shows that covid leaked from a lab in wuhan, china, as g7 leaders call for a renewed investigation into covid's origins, an investigation by the world health organization which we know is china-centric and has misled the world but no sign that china is going to cooperate. this is "outnumbered." i'm kaylee i'm kayleigh mcenany in here today, my cohost emily compagno,
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julie banderas, host of "no interruption" on fox nation, tomi lahren and in the virtual center seat, josh holmes, former chief of staff for senator mitch mcconnell. in an exclusive interview with fox's dr. marc siegel saying he received death threats from scientists for pointing out three months ago that he believed the lab leak is the most likely explanation for covid. redfield also saying there was a reluctance on the part of other scientists like say, dr. anthony fauci, to look at the lab leak theory. >> an alternative hypothesis, that it went from a batch, virus, got into a laboratory were in the laboratory it was taught, educated, it evolved so it became a virus that could officially transmit human to human. my professional opinion as a virologist, that's a hypothesis i support, other individuals
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like tony fauci for example would say that he prefers to support. sometimes scientists bite into a bone on the hypothesis, it's hard for them to move on. i guess if i'm disappointed about anything about the early scientific community it's that there seemed to be a lack of openness to pursue both hypotheses. >> kayleigh: josh, starting with you, i know dr. redfield and i worked right beside him and had many conversations with him. he's a man of great character, very intelligent and he said this a year and a half ago, a full year and a half ago that the lab might be the origin of this virus. he was very smart in doing so and he had a security clearance i was higher than many of his colleagues on the task force but everyone just ran with dr. fai's version of events on dr. redfield was quite gratuitous there saying he believed about you maybe couldn't let go of his hypothesis. i personally think maybe that has to do with his organization
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funding this very lab. >> josh: it's an interesting theory, i thought this interview is absolutely fascinating and i think dr. redfield's first opportunity to lift the hood on what his thoughts were in real time and actually explain what he thinks is a hypothesis that carries the most water here and that's the lab leak from wuhan. i don't know personally what i more outraged about, the fact that we still don't know what the actual origin of the coronavirus is or whether the american media, online platforms, any sort of purveyors of information essentially banned one of these hypothesis from even being discussed, right? obviously this was the prevailing theory of dr. fauci, clearly he pushed that as the only possible outcome, that somehow in wuhan but now we know that not only is that the only theory, it's not the theory that carries the most water and i got this information that dr. redfield provided was really helpful.
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>> kayleigh: speaking of the american media, tomi, "the new york times" called it a fringe theory, "the washington post" fact-checker said the theory was doubtful then cnn says anthony fauci crush's trump's theory. to go with dr. redfield, president trump and totally embrace the fauci line of thinking. >> i think you just uttered it was one of those headlines, it was all about biden and all about fauci against donald trump, the left is going against anybody who discredits or demonizes or invalidates anything president trump said and we see that to this very day, they treated fauci like to be a whisper of, they put them on a pedestal, not because they really cared about his scientific prowess but because he was someone that continued to kind of invalidate and push back against president trump which we know the media loves because they engaged in that for years. what we are seeing right now is also globalism rearing its ugly head, will we ever get to the
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bottom of this? probably not because we have a president in the white house representing the united states of america who is not strong, who is not tough, anybody in any country like china, who would they be happy to have in the white house and the united states of america, its joe biden, it's certainly not donald trump, you're going to see the media falling all over itself saying maybe this is possible but at the end of the day they will never really admit the fact that they went against this theory or didn't explore this theory because it was a theory that donald trump put out there and that is the root of the issue. >> kayleigh: that's exactly right. fauci the covid whisperer. dr. redfield received death threats from scientists. "i was threatened and ostracized because i proposed another hypothesis. i expected from politicians, i don't expect it from scientists." >> julie: okay, first of all,
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fauci called himself science, was he giving out death threats as well, but as far as china is concerned i am not understanding why we would ever put any weight in whatever comes out of china. let me save you some time, fauci, you don't believe anything from china. if you are going to believe china is going to be transparent, think again. obviously why that transparent investigation is going to be held. i also find it quite the setting that it takes g7 world leaders to go with the plan that almost 4 million around the people have died and i think it's time to start to look into this, are you freaking kidding me? the biden administration comes in and pats itself on the back, they are very good at that, i know he loves shoulder rubs but he and pats himself on the back because he has tampered down and taken control of the virus, let's figure out who is behind it so yeah, the transparent investigation needs to have been, put down sanctions real hard on china and put the pressure on that country so we actually get answers.
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we deserve them. in the shoulder rubs, i could use one right now, actually. >> kayleigh: we all could. dr. redfield has something to say about china and the world health organization, let's play the sound bite. >> i think they were highly compromised, clearly they were incapable of compelling china to adhere to the agreement so they have on global health because they didn't do that, clearly they allowed china to define, the group of scientist to come in and investigate, that's not consistent with their role. >> kayleigh: coming to you, emily, there was reporting that xi jinping, the leader of china had come to the world health organization and said "don't call this a public health emergency have international concern and they didn't. what are the world health organization do instead? they carry china's water and said china bought time for the world. do you trust the w.h.o.?
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>> emily: no and i take issue with anyone who does. clearly china has been persuading and overbearing the w.h.o. for quite some time, we know, in fact, just as last year they infuse an additional $30 million, they have them in their back pocket, it's one in the same and julie, i love your colored commentary so much, you nail it, i vote for you for president. it i will catch up. pulling out a couple more salient points from this interview with dr. redfield that i found it absolutely stunning, in tandem with his point about that, the w.h.o. is incapable of compelling china to adhere to the treaty agreements, he also said the cdc should've pushed harder, should've gotten it right away because to the g7 point, it's too little, too late. i found absolutely stunning, you said it in the intro that he called the other scientists, they had the lack of openness to the other hypothesis. this just shows that instead of an actual covid whisperer, the night is just another fallible human, that's like me as an
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attorney seeking out all the facts to prove someone is guilty, coming to the conclusion first rather than the facts play out as to what the is result should be based on that and the second thing i thought was so interesting was the fact that he had access to a classified amount of information that the rest of the task force did not and the rest of the american public still do not. that level of structure change within the task force is problematic, no wonder they never came to the proper conclusions, no wonder everything has been fumbled from the start. in addition to it being on china's shore which means from the beginning to the end we will get only a lack of transparency and an absolute refusal to cooperate. >> kayleigh: so true and what did president trump do? he defunded the china-centric w.h.o. paid what it president biden do? i appoint you to get to the bottom of it, i don't have much faith in that. coming up, while overseas on his first poor foreign trip, president biden praises
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♪ ♪ >> i have met with him, he is bright, he is tough, and i have found that he is, as they say, when used to play ball, a worthy adversary. >> kayleigh: that was president biden praising vladimir putin yesterday and as he complement to the russian leader he insulted half of america while on the world stage, watch. >> i think it's appropriate to say that the republican party is vastly diminished in numbers,
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the leadership of the republican party is fractured and the trump wing of the party is the bulk of the party. it is a shock and surprise that was happened in terms of the consequence of president trump's phony populism has happened. >> kayleigh: that was president biden on foreign soil seeming to dismiss half of america but i would like to remind and play a sound bite from president biden back in january. >> it to the day on this january day, my whole soul is in this, bringing america together, uniting our people, uniting our nation. >> kayleigh: so republicans are fractured and phony, does this strike you as someone whose
9:16 am
entire soul calls for unity? before yeah, it's the party of unity and so we are told but i hate to burst sleepy joe biden's bubble here at the party is not fractured. the bulk of the party, we are still trump supporter's, 75 million plus strong and guess what, joe? we are not going anywhere. they can bring up january 6th every day they want for the next two or three years, it doesn't diminish the fact that we have america first conservatives in this country, 75 million plus strong, we see what this america last agenda is doing to this country, the world sees what the america last agenda is doing to our country, our enemies love the fact that our president is clearly unstable, clearly unwelcome you can help in his tl from his performance and fumbles, that's not me saying that because i want him to be that way, trust me. i wish he was strong, but this is the media shielding joe biden and playing a double standard. the only standard they know is that the american people are
9:17 am
starting to wake up and are realizing the president they have an office is doing horrible things for our country. we talk about january 6th so much, obviously a very shameful day for our nation, a stain on trump supporter's and a stain on the conservatives them and we all know that and we acknowledge that but what is the rest of the world think when our cities to this day in the pacific northwest are still being burned to the ground by the blm movement which has been endorsed if not celebrated by the entirety of the democrat party or at least those that are in charge of it? what is the world think of that? that something i wish joe biden would address on the world stage. >> kayleigh: that's a great point. josh, republicans, republican voters, the party, half the country are fractured and phony but vladimir putin is a bright and worthy adversary, interesting that he has kinder words for vladimir than he does for republicans. >> josh: my first reaction, obviously is what if trump would've said category of how people would react to something like that but you know, the
9:18 am
other thing is there used to be, the domestic partisanship ended at water's edge, you dealt with representing the country abroad a wholesome way, all americans. these guys are just absolutely unable to put the jersey on, they are absolutely unable to represent america, it is all viewed through the land lands of ideological goals which oftentimes america doesn't live up to because of the existence of conservatives, frankly, so they have to go present themselves before the world stage and apologize for conservative viewpoints and republicans amongst their european colleagues, i think this is one of the most contemptible developments in the modern democratic party but it is not stopping anytime soon and i expect we will see it from now until he comes back home. >> kayleigh: the media used to believe in that maxim, they skewered him for mentioning president biden but they are
9:19 am
taking a curiously different tone. >> that's exec they write, they absolutely hammered president trump and remember at the time, the biden campaign said haughtily it was beneath the dignity of the office and kate bedingfield said it was part of a pattern of embracing autocrats at the expense of our institution, whether taking putin's word at face value in helsinki or exchanging love letters with kim jong un, she said, and the media vilified him. remember mbc's chief washington correspondent, typically, traditionally politics doctor the water's edge, presidents do not take aim at their political rivals, president trump did break with norms in doing that, took direct aim at joe biden, "the new york times" politics said they had an article detailing trump's remarks and said american officials in the past had a point of leaving domestic politics behind when traveling abroad, not so in the age of trump and twitter and finally, respecting tradition,
9:20 am
biden's team waited until trump landed stateside to lob a critical response of the president who oversees bashed biden and broke establish norms in the process. none of the reporters who criticize trump, by the way, have yet spoken out on biden breaking the political tradition or doing an about-face on his prior thrown inside his glass house. it's complete hypocrisy but what else do we expect? >> kayleigh: complete and total double standards, surprise, surprise. julie, there's also some evolution in the way president biden spoke about putin, he once called him a killer, he kind of walked back back and now he went from killer to where the adversary, thoughts? >> julie: i feel like this is a bad tinder date. especially with the pandemic, you go online but you already know who your date is, your date is a murderer, he himself called him a killer and now he's calling him a bright, tough, and worthy adversary. my favorite part, this is huge,
9:21 am
he says his m.o. is verify first, then trust which i agree, on a tender date that's a good idea but when you know that your future date or your love interest is a murderer i would imagine that the trump factor is out the window, no need to verify because history is there, vladimir putin is no angel, it's fascinating to me because the former president had mentioned danny things about him for example, he would've been slaughtered in the press but instead we are praising him because he's coming together with these g7 world leaders and unifying the world but at the same time trashing his own country so to speak. >> kayleigh: julie, i love your commentary, a bad tender date. >> julie: in my single years, that's another story. >> kayleigh: i can't wait to hear more about that. maybe we will have to hear about that later on.
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>> julie: for the g block. >> kayleigh: new video showing cops doing nothing after innocent people are shot during an atlanta drive-by. residents in the affluent community say it's become a war zone. >> what is happened here in the last several years is an incredibly dangerous spike in crime and a complete vacuum of leadership. ♪ ♪ ( sighs wearily ) here, i'll take that! ( excited yell ) woo-hoo! ensure max protein. with thirty grams of protein, one-gram of sugar, and nutrients to support immune health! ( abbot sonic ) veteran homeowners. while mortgage rates are still near all time lows, support immune health! home values just keep going up. now's the time to refi and take out cash. the newday 100 va loan lets you borrow up to 100% of your home's value. you could take out $50,000 or more, to pay down credit card debt and other expenses.
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infection, or past heart rhythm problems. new or worsening high blood pressure, new cancers, and tumor lysis that can result in kidney failure, irregular heartbeat, and seizure can occur. diarrhea commonly occurs. drink plenty of fluids. tell your doctor if you have signs of bleeding, infection, heart problems, persistent diarrhea or any other side effects. i am living with cll and living proof that imbruvica is right for me. ask your doctor if it's right for you. >> emily: a frightening scene caught on camera, people running for their lives in a drive by shooting but the officer on scene could only sit and watch some of the atlanta police department changed its rules last year after several high-speed chases lead to crashes that killed innocent drivers and now cops cannot begin a chase and the stay ability of the suspect has committed a "forcible felony" but the general spike in crime has many in their own police
9:27 am
force, are even calling to secede from atlanta. >> we are living in a war zone, an incredibly dangerous spike in crime and a complete vacuum of leadership, the police in atlanta are great policemen and women who just want to do their job and they are not being allowed to do that. >> emily: in the latest incident of 41-year-old father of three was shot while taking a walk near his home. listen to the harrowing 911 call. >> help, help! >> hello? is this a house, apartment? >> i'm on the street, 1211 wesley. i got shot. >> is the assailant don't nearby? >> he drove away. >> okay. is there any serious bleeding? >> yes, i am bleeding, i've been shot. >> emily: for viewers,
9:28 am
forcible felonies include manslaughter, they can have no more than three cars and they need a supervisor's approval, that's like going to war and asking the president to approve before you can shoot back, it is absolutely ridiculous, no wonder buckhead wants to succeed. >> no kidding, i'm also a little taken aback by the dispatcher asking if he was bleeding after being shot but let's set that aside for a minute. look, we have a serious crime problem in all of these cities in the problem primarily is because they were run for generations by woke liberals who are either unable or unwilling to enforce the law because of these ongoing woke narratives that law enforcement is racist which is absolutely, completely nonsense but it's happening now in almost every major city across this country, we are seeing this play out in atlanta almost every week in minneapolis as you watch that once great
9:29 am
city become just absolutely catastrophically bad in terms of its crime rates. something is going to need to be done. in the '80s there was a huge push back against this and you've got mayors like rudy giuliani to begin enforcing the law and trying to bring order back to the streets. i've got to imagine that's going to happen because there's no way voters are going to sit back and just allow this to happen to really great cities like atlanta across this country. >> emily: josh brings up other cities. adjusting for a population you are more likely in atlanta to be the victim of a serious crime like murder or armed robbery down in chicago where the crime rates are absolutely spiking. in atlanta, homicides are up 63%, rates are up 108%, what's next? >> tomi: listen, the country is turning into gotham before our very eyes on the democrats, the blm movement, the defund the police movement to blame for that and the popularization of those moments to blame for that pay what you are seeing is not only defund the police but what i talk about every day, this
9:30 am
culture of lawlessness for certain individuals who feel like they've been given a pass, resisting arrest has turned into a quasi-martyrdom. places are reopening, people are starting to go out more, people are receiving unemployment and stimulus checks, the perfect storm of lawlessness and you don't just couple that with the defund the police movement, what they call criminal justice reform, also cashless bail, crime realignment, misdemeanor, used to be felonies, that's reduce prison sentencing, take all that together, have this perfect storm, and communities especially affluent communities are going to start to feel it where they may not have been before, they may have been shielded from it, but it's going to come out of the suburbs, and
9:31 am
every country big and small, when you popularize defund the police, this is what you get. b2 julie, to tomi's point, the economic result of that, the majority of the revenue is from the property value. buckhead accounts for 20% of atlanta's population, the tax revenues raised from that area alone comprise 20% of the city's budget and that's the reason why the city is refusing to allow the citizens to protect themselves to hire another police force on the basis of economics only, it's disgusting. >> julie: civilians are supposed to be able to rely on law enforcement, actual trained officers to protect them. quite frankly it's not just the mayor here, i was surprised to learn the former police chief was actually the one to hold police pursuits, the reason being apparently there were three deaths in one month due to
9:32 am
police pursuits but i beg the mayor to actually do a little math here. maybe fuzzy math, former president bush, a lot of democrats in the country need to look at the numbers and take a look at the rise of shooting deaths and don't blame it on gun control, blame it on the fact that the asylums are running the place, basically all these criminals being empowered by police and being deep powered. they are being stripped of their power, the criminals are running amok. the reason why they were taking back and withdrawing money from the police forces because they want to put it into black communities but, to help with the rest of the community and in this particular case it's just an obvious case of they need to put more power into the hands of the police. >> emily: julie is talking about numbers, undefeatable facts, this is against the landscape of the police department losing 200 officers e department.
9:33 am
the buckhead area has 82 police officers for the same square footage of san francisco that has 2,000, those residents are begging, give us 300 cops, we will pay for it ourselves for their safety first. >> kayleigh: that's why there are calls of private security, i want to and quickly by saying the name of one of the victims, kennedy maxey, seven years old shot in the back of the head, lost her life as she was christmas shopping, one of the deaths that prompted the cries for private security currently in atlanta you are more likely to be a victim of violent crime including homicides and you are in chicago and that is tragic. >> emily: that's exactly right. just ahead, too little, too late? chrissy teigen's critics are not buying her attempt at damage control after she issues a lengthy apology for her bullying tweets admitting she was a troll. the panel weighs in, next. ♪ ♪
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now's not a good time 3/5ths of nsync. are you sure? you have us booked all day. -read the room, guys. -yeah. right? >> julie: a big mea culpa from the queen of canceled culture about some of chrissy teigen's cyberbullying victims are not buying the apology, reality star courtney started in and fare and actress lindsay lohan among those she had targeted, her apology reads in part "there is simply no excuse for my past horrible tweets, my targets don't deserve them, no one does. my targets needed kindness, empathy, and support. i was a troll. , and i am so sorry. teigen's apology comes after
9:39 am
retailers dropped her cookware brand as she was forced to bow out of a netflix series. all right, josh, can i talk to you man-to-man? so chrissy teigen, i'm going to play mean girl for a second, she's not that hot, honestly, she is really not. my good friend who is a great plastic surgeon, he would say slow down on the filler. she was cuter when she was younger, aren't we all? you can't excuse that and i do not believe in cancel culture, i do not support it whatsoever, but, i mean, she wanted michael costello, "you might as well be dead," he wrote "can i call you" and chrissy wrote no, i don't have anything to say, you will get what's coming to you. her career is dead and i don't think there's anything or anyone that can resurrect it, not even a good plastic surgeon. >> josh: [laughs] wow, let me see where i can pick
9:40 am
up on that. look, usually i am all of hex and a darndest give about celebrities like chrissy teigen. but i have kind of become a connoisseur of one thing in the sort of celebrity rehab things and it's how they rehab themselves. if you listen to what they say, they are very well packaged p.r. campaigns to try to gain public favor and excuse them for whatever discussions they have. hers was like she went to therapy, i don't know, i'm glad to know she's a consumer of it, i listen to jeff toobin on cnn talking about going to the meal kitchen, that was supposed to somehow excuse him about his very active in various indiscretions. if you watch how they apologize it makes all of these stories running very entertaining. >> julie: she led the charge on cancel culture which is just priceless, i mean, the irony here is beyond despicable so now
9:41 am
she wants to be forgiven for her heinous comments and it's not just one or two, we are talking, you know, pushing people towards suicide, multiple people and she expects to be forgiven, it is such a double standard, it's sick. >> tomi: we knew that cancel culture would eventually come for those who champion and cheerlead cancel culture. what's interesting to me is not that she set all these disgusting things but others that she set on twitter right before our very eyes, she's done this and been applauded by many in entertainment and on the left for her tweets, i used to watch her off and on "watch what happens live" on bravo and andy cohen would applaud her for her tweets saying she's the queen of twitter, she's so funny, she such a troll. this played out in front of everyone's very eyes and those on the left in entertainment that she was funny and edgy and all of a sudden people are coming out saying, yeah, she really ruined my life and all of
9:42 am
a sudden there is outrage and all the other places are pulling her endorsement deals or pulling her cookware line let's go this has been happening in front of our very eyes and it goes to show people that really have a problem with it until the mob piles on, that's a problem with cancel culture but in this instance she was doing disgusting things, she deserved to be called out a long time ago and not celebrated by the very people that champion equality on tv every single day. >> julie: i loved when she muted herself for a month but why does she get the opportunity to come back? people have been banned from twitter for doing other things, i don't need to name names, she wished death upon people and drove people to want to kill themselves, is that enough to ban you from social media if you are a democrat? >> emily: unfortunately the hypocrisy is alive and well. the tweets are absolutely horrible and she also destroyed careers and that's what was so mind-boggling to me, this is
9:43 am
like harvey weinstein chilling in the amount of actual, traceable jobs that we get booked and she and as the allegations go, her cohort would come in there and people get booked for jobs and all of a sudden they would get absolutely ghosted, year after year after year end of the mutual friends going back to michael costello, mutual friends would let them know, look, i'm sorry but essentially she has much more power than you do, they are threatening me and i can't work with you, this person's life was absolutely ruined and she says sorry. , i'm a troll, good-bye but i'm back on social media, and i thank you, you are absently revolting and in my opinion he should add a minimum sue and pursue this a lot further because i'm sure there are receipts up and down for this deplorable behavior. >> julie: i think she should cancel herself. >> kayleigh: yeah, look, she apologized for her "casual, edgy humor, which included tacking a
9:44 am
9-year-old, telling lindsay lohan to add more slits to her wrist, sending private direct messages encouraging people to commit suicide. i believe in redemption and forgiveness but that does not come without accountability and i'm glad we are seeing some account ability. >> julie: she hasn't actually apologized to the people she insulted, putting it out on twitter is a fake apology, i'm sorry i got cancel, i'm sorry my endorsement deals have been dropped by my stupidity. how about going one-on-one if you gave a about the people in the lives you damaged. anyway, we are going to move on, caught on camera, a brazen shoplifter in san francisco gloating up big garage bag with a whole lot of stuff and walking out of a walgreens, crime there is so out of control, some retailers are closing shop. that's next. ♪ ♪ veteran homeowners.
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9:49 am
up, the biden administration, fundamentally reshape education under the heading of equities, but why would a north korean defector in the united states say america is not the land of free speech? i'm john roberts, joined sandra smith in me at the top of the hour for "america reports" live it from switzerland. >> emily: retailers like walgreens have closed some of their stores in san francisco as the city's crime and homelessness problem rages out of control. one shoplifter loading up a big bag of stuff as walgreens, you can see this river santa cleaning out shelves, tossing stolen items into the garbage bag and taking off even as a security guard basically just watches. julie, this is absolutely insane and it's happening every day. be one yeah, first of all, that poor security guard, frankly if i was a security guard i
9:50 am
would've yanked that back a little harder but that's the whole problem, the security guards don't even have backup and you can blame the democratic leadership for that. the san francisco mayor in 2020 actually announced a hundred and $20 million budget cuts to both the police and the sheriff's department so basically what you're giving, essentially as the criminals, all the crooks a five finger discount, go to any store you want to end the lift and leave and nobody's going to come running after you and that is the problem, once again, that we are seeing all over the country. we just talked about it atlanta and here you go in san francisco, this is a huge problem, i mean, it's just going to continue because the police officers have absolutely no power and obviously the security card doesn't have backup. >> emily: this is the same city where the activist district attorney was elected after having not prosecuted one day in his life, he blames the cops for the spike in crime there he literally said "it's because the
9:51 am
police officers union wants to get away without doing their jobs, that is the landscape san francisco is in right now. >> kayleigh: is egregious, "the new york times," the man who just moved to san francisco wrote about this, he said he went to walgreens, saw a man pick up beef jerky and the employee just shrugged and he went next door to safeway the same day, saw a man sticking bottles of wine in a bag and he asked the clerk there, do you not to pay for things in the city? and it appears you don't, walgreens says there crime rate is four times higher in san francisco and cvs executives that hey, we are telling employees not to engage because it's too dangerous for them and indeed it is dangerous but that you have it, this is nancy pelosi's district. >> emily: we have a comment from the president of the police union in san francisco, he says this brazen criminal behavior is endured every single day, the direct result of district attorney and his enablers
9:52 am
criminal first agenda, shuttered stores, hundreds of lost jobs and neighborhoods ravaged by crime is the new normal as well as blaming society for the dangerous behavior of thieves, killers, and thugs. you are more likely to get a stern talking to then a cell when it comes to most crimes committed in our city and the criminals know it, they are taking advantage of it and we are all suffering because of it. >> tomi: this is also nothing new, when you look at the state of california which has the opportunity to recall their horrible governor which i hope they do and i'm confident that they will, we have to take a look at this in the broader lens or broader scope here and understand the felon-coddling policies and not just san francisco but the state as a whole, those that do not for those who don't know what they are, look them up, it's the so-called criminal justice reform, crime realignment, reclassifying felonies and misdemeanors, that's why people are shoplifting. it's not just what's happening with the phone the police although that is ridiculous on
9:53 am
its own, more police officers also don't solve this problem when you have these felon-coddling policies on the book and that's california as a whole. pay attention to those things, they are going to last a long time even if you refund your police departments. b-2 has a californian it honestly breaks my heart. just ahead, the girl scouts have an unusual problem this year. why they have 16 million boxes of unsold cookies. ♪ ♪
9:54 am
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9:58 am
setting up their traditionalists cookie setting booth for safety reasons. now there is a 15 million unsold girl scout cookies. and the girl scouts depend on it for travel, camps, and other programming. emily, a lot of cookies, what do you want, so moas, thin mints, you tell me. >> emily: thin mints, and i want the challenge of eating all 50 million boxes. i think i could do it, they are so good, those cookies. >> they are, josh, are you a thin mint man? >> josh: yes, you put them in the freezer and they are irresistible. this might be good news, a good abundant resource left in the country, keeping the furniture, now we can get thin mints. so great news. >> kayleigh: tommy, i have a very important question for you, are you a dosido girl or would
9:59 am
you like a kamala cookie? >> tommy: maybe we can take all of these extra cookies and hand them out at the border as a part of the welcoming committee. we have so many left, i would not be surprised if that is the next agenda item for the administration. >> kayleigh: fauci may be the covid whisper, but i am the cookie whisperer, julie, i am thinking samoa. >> julie: tagalongs. and i don't know how they still have a 50 million shelf life, but mine had a two day shelf life, and therefore i am on a diet, which is awesome. >> kayleigh: i say they go out and sell them, start knocking on the door, we are vaccinated not wearing masks, so the damn cookies and i will give you my address after the show.
10:00 am
just email me. >> kayleigh: the girl scout council is partnering with hometown heroes to give the cookies to the front line workers, the firefighters, and indeed i love that. so let's get some cookies to those who are working hard for the american people. thanks to everyone, now here is "america reports." ♪ ♪ >> john: thank you, just make sure that they are chocolate cookies. a live look at geneva from the cities right bank. i'm joining you from just across lake geneva in the villa where president biden will meet with russian president vladimir putin tomorrow. coming up we will speak with rand paul on how biden should take a hard line against the kremlin, sandra. >> sandra: looking just beautiful, colorado congressman will be joining us on his bill that would ban federal funds for schools that teach critical race theory. and carley shimkus here for our jam-packed show this afternoon.


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