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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  June 14, 2021 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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congratulations. >> brian: meanwhile, thank you for watching "fox news primetime" and tomorrow i will change outfits and be on fox & friends 6:00 and 9:00, leo terrell. when you get used to meet brian kilmeade and larry the cable guy, josh rogan, rick scott. now i have six seconds to get you ready for "tucker carlson tonight." a matter of three seconds, you will hear the drums. ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." ever penned to buckhead in atlanta? a beautiful residential in the northwest corner of the city that's not a huge place with only 80,000 people to live there but it is fair to say without buckhead, atlanta as currently run could not exist. taxes from buckhead residents account for one fifth of atlanta's entire city budget.
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so you think the papal who ran the city would be polite to buckhead, they certainly should. but the opposite is true. for decades various mayors of atlanta have taxed buckhead as something offensive or moral about maintaining an orderly neighborhood. for the most part the residents of buckhead have taken this abuse in silence. so they continue to send huge amounts of money to a city government that hates them. the politicians in atlanta, this has been a very good deal. a tax and that deal could soon be ending. the reason for that, the current mayor. a spectacular mediocrity with high self-esteem with keisha lance bottoms. like so many big city mayors, bottoms is a demagogue, knowing what she is doing but willing to say anything. for a wild that was powerful for the people in buckhead and most people in the city know the drill and they are used to it, but last summer things changed.
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a man called rayshard brooks was shot to death a parking lot and wendy's by the police officers and brooks was apparently drunk and had pulled one asleep in his car in the driving way. when the police tried to arrest him, he went berserk. it is painful to watch. he stole a cop taser and that is when the officer to work with shocked brooks. it was a sad story, but it was understandable once you watch the tape and thought about it carefully. but keisha lance bottoms didn't wait to think about it carefully or at all. without pausing for an investigation she immediately fired the officer and then a press release about it. and later found what bottoms did was illegal but it was too late. hundreds of atlanta police officer had left the force. those who stayed understood very well there was no point in making arrests. who would want to be the officer?
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nobody. so response times plummeted and called the police but they didn't come from a criminal's found even when arrested for violent crimes, they were back on the street in days. can you guess what happened next? >> eliana and her boyfriend were shocked to learn the man in this video who was accused of attacking them was out on bond. the couple was outside of the mercedes-benz dealership in buckhead last june when a man started to threaten him. >> he took out his knife in his packet and he said he had a gun. he kept telling us he was going to kill us. speak with a violent words soon turned physical. >> he went around the other side of the car, punched my boyfriend in the left temple and then he punched me and then he punched me again and i fell to the ground and blacked out. >> he was arrested and charged seven felonies for the attack, however, he was released on bond
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five months later. as she and her boyfriend did some digging, they learned he had been arrested days before in clayton county. >> misdemeanor battery charges and then released and while he was out on bail from clayton county that is when he attacked us. >> tucker: that is pretty unbelievable. threaten to kill him and punched a woman at the face but what did they do wrong exactly? just down the street in buckhead if you would murder in buckhead is at 50%. robberies, aggravated assaults up by 40%. car thefts, 65%. lenox square mall was one of the first indoor shopping malls in the united states come a great and famous place. now it is too dangerous to visit. beginning last year someone was shot at the mall virtually every month. december 2019, a macy's employee shot during a robbery. in january, a man trying to defend himself from armed robbery was inadvertently shot
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by a cop. in february of last year from a drug deal led to a battle outside of bloomingdale. mr chase parking space outside of cheesecake factory led to killing someone and someone. so people and bug head stopped going to the mall. ultimately the authorities decided they need security and put police dogs throughout the building and set up a network of security cameras with software to detect firearms. it seem like it worked but it didn't, just too much violence. this past april a gunman beat 60-year-old woman and the mall of the parking lot and stole her purse. atlanta police had somehow a none of the cameras caught the crime. a witness called james glass said he never saw any police officers or security during the assault, even though the attacker took his time beating the woman because he was enjoying it so much. according to glass "it seemed like he was celebrating what he had done. he started to rejoice in shouting like he was happy for what he had done to this lady." that is disgusting and it is
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still going on. on monday, two 15-year-old killed and shot at apple store. so if they can terrorize them all in buckhead which is one of the most surveilled places in the entire city, what can they do to neighborhoods? they can terrorize it and they are. they are attacking the people residential streets in buckhead. watch this report fox 5 in atlanta. >> neighbors receive their shot after two crimes and their buckhead neighborhood appeared atlanta police saturday a man with a gunshot wound on west wesley road. investigators say a man and two other shot at while jogging. hours later on saturday, atlanta police say they found a man severely injured on the scene. >> he did, in fact, strike an individual taken out the trash. >> atlanta police arrested the suspect shortly after the crime. now investigators are working to figure out a possible motive.
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they went the man who was shot talking on saturday is -- you should know there is no back story. he didn't know the guy that shot him but he was just talking on the weekend like a good citizen and a guy pulled up and open fire. why? a 911 call is difficult to listen to it but you should listen to it to understand precisely what keisha bottoms has done to buckhead. here is the call. >> help, help! >> hello, call her? >> is this a house or apartment? >> i'm on the street, and i got shot. >> is the gunman still nearby? >> i don't know. he ran away. >> are you seriously bleeding? >> he has come i'm bleeding. i've been shot. >> tucker: he was shot. plus something similar to valerie casper on a trail in brookhaven in buckhead was stabbed four times in the back by a total stranger in broad
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daylight walking on a trail. casper was pregnant with her second child at the time and she was forced to deliver her baby more than three months earlier because she was stabbed by a stranger. why was she stabbed? these aren't robberies. the only thing was physical injury and terror with brutality. the victims appeared to be purely judged by how they look. don't call these hate crimes, that is not allowed. you can't say that. privately many people in buckhead suspect that is exactly what's going on. they have been attacked by reckless politician for years. politicians have ginned up hatred of buckhead for political reasons. so why wouldn't others take them seriously? why wouldn't shootings and stabbings be the end result of that question marks and people in buckhead have had enough of this and they don't think it will get better. two bills would allow buckhead to leave the city and run its own confident police department and resume it to be safe in the place. cnn for one hates this idea.
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cnn headquarters in atlanta has been for 40 years and they know exactly what is going on in the city. they don't care. you don't like getting shot while jogging? you are a racist! speak with the mostly white neighborhood of buckhead is pushing to separate from the ref the city. cnn ryan young has more from atlanta. >> the buckhead's exploratory committee reported they raise a half million and pushing state lawmakers to push through a bill to allow their city to pay attention to be voted on in the next election. two predominantly white neighborhoods is gaining traction with republican lawmakers. >> tucker: oh camargo following this? did you get the dog whistles? predominately white so if you are getting murdered outside of the cheesecake factory, you are -- here is the funny thing, they don't mean it. how do you know they don't mean it? take a look how they live. how many cnn anchors including the ones you saw -- right around
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zero, not one. and to fund the hamptons friday afternoon. in other words their spare time they get a far away from diversity as a cane. not just some of them come all of them come every one of them. that is the truest generalization ever made. a recent piece to put the final point out of the new york police describes how the liberals from new york flooded into the suspect in a state of montana. bill gates has been camping out in the big sky recently. a lot of them have. why? it is not the fly-fishing. bill gates could not catch a fly rod, no it is not that. the appeal was the moniker neighbors. outside of the indian reservation montana and the demographics of 1956 in america. everyone looks the same. it is not a melting pot. so no, rich do not believe diversity is our strength. they hate it so much that the first sign of spray paint they run to the hill they complained. and work you are the racist
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because you don't like getting shot outside of the cheesecake factory. that is how it works. i know longer kill so he's not hiding in montana with bill gates. instead leading an effort to make his neighborhood independent of the city that is falling apart. bill white joins us tonight, bill, thank you for coming on and being brave enough to do that. tell us what buckhead is like now and why you think it should be independent from the city. >> welcome the first of all, thank you, tucker for having us on. i was listening to your opening monologue and i can tell you we will need you to come down here and take you on the road with us. you have hit all the key points. we are living in a war zone. that is how we describe living in buckhead. and what has happened here in the last several years is incredibly dangerous spike in crime. and a complete vacuum of leadership. the police in atlanta are great police men and women appeared we love them here they just want to
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their job. they are not being allowed to do that. so buckhead in the beautiful families are very diverse community and we come in fact, the most diverse community and all of atlanta. we have decided to file for divorce. in the divorce is final! and what we are saying to the city of atlanta is we are going to form our own city. we have two bills in the state legislature. we have raised the requisite amount of money we need right now to move this forward to. there will be a ballot initiative on the ballot next november. and we are going to take our city back for the great families of buckhead once and for all. some of the people asked us, what are we going to do differently, tucker, how is a buckhead city police department going to do anything differently? and i think you're a great team, i sent a video in, and i don't know if there is time to show it. but this video is horrifying. it shows a white car driving
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pass a mercedes-benz truck. they are shooting out of a car passersby on the far road and they are shooting and shooting and one of the bullets comes right through the truck and hits one of the people walking. and you can see is the car drives by, there are two blue lights shimmering off of that reflection on the truck. you know what those are? those are two atlanta police officers in a barked cars with their lights on. my friend who took that ran down to find out why in god's name they didn't chase that person who attempted to murder all those people? and they were told mayor bottoms told him not to chase cars around atlanta because she doesn't want the police getting in accidents. all those people shot, two police right there wanted to go do surface and put this smackdown.
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>> tucker: the same people who lecture us on democracy which is if i can just remind them self-government, the right control control your own government. those people are now suggesting you don't have a right or you are in moral not to want to live under people like keisha bottoms, who should be ashamed of herself. >> brian: tucker that almost, you know, racist and this and that and the other thing, all hateful, very disturbing, unhelpful language that is fearmongering pier that will not stop the crime and buckhead appr at what. the crime is the establishment of the buckhead city police department. we plan on having 300 police officers for a long period of time. there are only 82 cups in buckhead right now with the square footage of the san francisco that has 2,000 cops. one of the things we are positive about we will put the
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smack down on crime once and for all and make buckhead a great place to live again where you can go to the mall and not get shot taking a jog. this poor woman you had on eliana, she is so courageous come pediatric nurse and they punched her in the face and the guy was out on three different batteries. >> tucker: what you are doing is a modeling for the rest of the country. people don't have to put up with this. it is not wanting to be shot at the mall. and every american has the right to want that and work for it i think. bill, thank you so much for coming on. >> thank you, tucker, god bless user. >> tucker: inside the wuhan institute of virology, proves that a key part of the story that we have been told with a straight face for more than a year is a lie. and there is footage that we will show to you now. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> tucker: at some point, we should keep a list of all the conspiracy theories that turned out to be not just true but precisely true. here is another, peter one of several for all or just to receive taxpayer dollars from tony fauci.
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to conduct dangerous and reckless experiments with virology in china. and he claimed that no bats were kept in the lab in december and no baths were sent to the wuhan lab. we collect bat samples must sent them to the lab and release where we catch them! is that true? well, thanks to the footage from australia, we know it is alive. >> it is not a conspiracy to say that there were live bats at the lab, it is a fact. as you can see, this video shows bats in a cage at the wuhan institute.
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you can also see they are a researcher with a bat with a worm. and we can see researchers capturing baths and a bat off of a researchers hat. and it in another image, there are house cages, hundreds of them. we know that the wuhan institute of for all that she was fuming immunized bats for experience to see which one could infect humans. >> tucker: yeah, a bat hanging off of his hat, okay. the footage also shows that officials in the wuhan lab are very aware that something could go badly wrong. >> [speaking non-english language] >> tucker: cherry marks with sky news australia is the author of the upcoming book "what
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really happened in wuhan" and she joins us. thank you for coming on and thanks to this amazing tape where did this footage come from? >> this was an official chinese academy of science video for the launch of the may of 2017 and this underground team of detectives that call themselves drastic who had been investigating the origin of the virus that managed to unearth this video after all of this time. as you say, it shows that much more of what we have been told about the origin of the pandemic from the very beginning was chinese disinformation, which was then propagated by many people who had been working in conjunction with the wuhan institute of virology and compromised in extreme conflicts of interest. as you just showed, people insisted it was a conspiracy theory. he used the term in
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december 2020, it was a conspiracy theory to say there were baths in the lab. he is an w.h.o. world health organization investigator who went and earlier this year. it was completely false. this new footage shows that there were bats being kept in the wuhan institute of virology and he has had to admit, correct. >> tucker: what is amazing is he had financial conflicts of interest on this topic. he was involved in this. this bat video, many must have seen it before. why has it taken more than a year to learn the basic facts? >> i mean, there is so much that he did that that w.h.o. did not ask when they went into wuhan. they didn't ask if there were bats. they did not ask where the virus was.
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this is such a mutual thing. the database with some 15,000 or 17,000 that sample suddenly disappeared from the internet in september 2019 just prior to the outbreak of covid-19. the w.h.o. teen didn't ask what happened to that database. the people, went in and supposedly investigated this were riddled with -- anthony fauci should not advise the president on the origin of the coronavirus given it was his organization that funneled money through a subgrant to the wuhan institute of virology. in a live the denials that he likes but they will find within nih command gain of function manipulated the coronavirus in wuhan and it was funded by nih. >> tucker: to this day tony fauci has never been indicted. he is not sitting in solitary like january 11th.
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sharry come i appreciate your work on this. i look forward to your work, thank you. >> thank you so much, tucker. >> tucker: so as just noted, virtually everything told during the pandemic about where the virus came from and how we should respond to it turned out to be false. one of the biggest lies early on and andrew cuomo wasn't causing thousands of deaths in nursing homes. >> governor cooper ♪ ♪ out there day after day after day, honest, direct, brave. >> even republicans tell me they look at cuomo, god, there is a leader. >> for those wondering why new york governor andrew cuomo has been garnering the nickname america's governor come i think you saw it right there. he has incredible strength in the face of this pandemic. >> may be trump's little bit mad that cuomo has become a kind of acting president. >> i hope you are able to
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appreciate what you did in your state and what it means for the rest of the country and what it will mean to those who love and care about you the most. >> tucker: we could spend an hour every night from here until all of us apply for social security cattle catalyzing the lies. a great job with the author of charade, and we are happy to have david marcus on tonight. thank you for coming on. this is a book for discussion but one of the biggest ones. >> i think cuomo is one of them. it is sickening to watch all the lies and knowing what he did to the city that i love along with de blasio. but the lies are narrated from the beginning. it is a lie that the trump administration wasn't doing anything in january. they were working on a vaccine and testing npp much before
5:28 pm
china reported a single death. the infection fatality rate was a lie even early april from a doctor and vastly lower than what the world health organization was telling us with sort of chinese sponsored fearmongering. so much of the mask was a lie. good, solid information was simply being suppressed and not being told to the american people. it was obviously a lie in the beginning. you can't catch covid at blm rally but you can't have an outdoor church service. all of these were lies. quite frankly, i could have saved myself a lot of work about writing about the true things we heard about the coronavirus and the lockdowns, but my friend, that would be a very short, short book. >> tucker: you spent many months collecting all of this, thinking it through organizing it but what affected you have on your view and the peoples who run the country and what are
5:29 pm
they now having sifting through all this information? >> i mean, it was shocking. it was really shocking to cover the story in writing a book at the same time. and seeing people in october and november pretending like they had never said things that they blatantly said in march and april. there is merit examples of that in the book. it was all over the place. and really, the big tech lies. one of the reasons i wanted to write this book in print, even though that is 15 century technology is mark zuckerberg can't speak dominic slip into your house and change the words of my book at least not yet. and i'm worried five or ten years from now when my 5-year-old son goes online to find out what happened, they will still be fed those lies. i hope that his paranoia but i don't think it is. >> tucker: it's not paranoia at all but the story with
5:30 pm
unintended consequences of vaccines is a true story i found out conclusively. so i don't think you are paranoid. david marcus, congratulations on the book. thank you. >> thinks tucker. >> tucker: so on january 6th, that was the day that pearl harbor, 9/11 but actually only one person was shot to death that day. that person an unarmed air force veteran ashley babbitt. it happened at the u.s. capitol. who did that and why? we still don't know. ashley's husband is suing to find out. he joins us next with an update on what he has discovered. ♪ ♪
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>> tucker: so within hours, literally within hours of the riot at the capitol on january 6, the organized course of propaganda begin telling us come again coming unison choreographed vote we had seen, not about the election stolen ft really happened, but instead, a group of cueing on white supremacists attempting to overthrow the u.s. government, insurrectionist more dangerous than isis. this was worse than 9/11. this was worse than pearl harbor and they said this. but the amazing thing is that
5:36 pm
that claim totally separated from reality saying it actually was internalized, not just buy a lot of the population but by republican leaders. a lot of republican leaders. as a result of that in the months not asking those basic questions what actually happened that day. here is first among them who are the only person who was actually shot to death that day was a protester called ashli babbitt. she was shot and killed in the capital january 6th. here is an amazing thing, we still don't know who shot her. and we don't know why. no one has ever explained and no one has been forced to explain. that is the key. aaron babbitt is the husband of ashli babbitt. he is suing to find who shot her. he is joined by the the babbitt family lawyer roberts. thank you for coming on. first, thank you for coming on. i am sorry my genuinely sorry what happened to your wife. who shot your wife on january 6th? do you know? >> i don't know.
5:37 pm
somebody knows. somebody in d.c. know and i think a lot of people know, but nobody is telling us. and the silence is deafening. >> tucker: i mean, you are an american citizen. did you know in this country you can be shot to death by a government employee and no one explains who did it where why? did that occur to you before january 6th? >> no, no, no that never occurred to me and for the more i never expected my wife to be a part of political violence so... >> tucker: i have to ask, how did you feel about seeing her characterize the way you have? how do you feel about the total lack of interest in her death? >> bit sickens me to hear what people say about ashli. there has never been a person ashli ran across in her daily life that didn't love her and wouldn't remember her in some way, shape or form for the rest of her life.
5:38 pm
but this is a game. this is the social media craziness that people just run with a theory and just take off with it. you know, it is up to spirit it is up to us and the ones who love her and people like you for not giving up on it. so i appreciate that, took her. >> tucker: in my case, it is not politics and i mean that. cops shoot people all the time and i think it is often justified and i've said that but who did it and why, and let me ask you, there have been reports online, it seems credible but i don't know if it is true but the capitol hill police officer who shot ashli babbitt was the same officer who left his loaded handgun in a public men's room on the capital. do you believe that is the same officer? it seems like a reckless person who shot and killed ashli babbitt on january 6th. >> that is my belief. that is my belief. >> tucker: so if it turns out
5:39 pm
that she was shot for reasons come again, they have not explained to us by a capitol police officer who left a loaded handgun in a public men's room, do you think that is why they are hiding the truth? >> i don't know. one of the reasons they are hiding his identity they don't have a good affirmation of the shooting. i think ashli babbitt had been brandishing a firearm. then she was shot here they officer would be identified by now and pinning a metal on him. so i don't think we have an explanation for the shooting and why they have not identified. >> tucker: by the way she was brandishing a firearm i would consider that justified. aaron, one last question to you. has a politician reached out to you and say i will find out who killed your wife? >> congressman darrell wiseman.
5:40 pm
>> tucker: good to. >> he was confused why he was calling me because he was not my congressman. my business is in his district but i never heard from the congressman who supposedly represents me in san diego. >> tucker: maybe someone can get on that. american citizen is dead. if you act like it is a small thing i think we are all in trouble. aaron, thank you for coming on tonight. i appreciate it. >> thank you, tucker. >> tucker: all the debates right now are about identity. who i am, let's talk about me. we are so deep in the will of narcissism that it is pitch black and we can't see what we are doing. as we talk about ourselves without seizing, the economy is taking a turn. neil ferguson has noticed this. he's one of the world's leading historians of the economy. we talked to him at great length why this is. why are we not talking about
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something that matters as much as this? you will hear from him next. ♪ ♪ you need an ecolab scientific clean here. and you need it here. and here. and here. which is why the scientific expertise that helps operating rooms stay clean is now helping the places you go every day too. seek a commitment to clean.
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♪ ♪ >> tucker: so everything changed completely, particularly in the business we are in, the news business. all of a sudden, coverage starts to resemble resemble metal lids. you can pick any noun and some would denouncing that as racist, punctuality, racist! ice cream trucks, and at one point, so crazy that the
5:47 pm
feds told abc news that national parks were somehow racist. >> national park service with persistence whiteness of 419 parks is an existential crisis. the american wilderness of playground for old and young and overwhelmingly, white. >> when you look around, you don't see people you identify with. you don't feel welcome. you feel out of place. you feel literally like you are an outsider. >> tucker: so here is the game. here is how it is played. the sound like complaints, poor and me, but they are not complaints. they are attacked. yes, they are and they are continuing, effect accelerated appear at "the washington post" has now decided -- and this is a real headline, in fact it is ony monday but we are starting withf the year and here is the quote "the racist legacy many birds carry, birds like aviator,
5:48 pm
animals that fly" in the post a sketch of innocent looking fire fence. that bird might look red but deep down, "the washington post" tells us it is white as an white supremacist. bird bigotry is systemic so according to "the washington post," other aviator oppressors, the sparrow, the fruit dove and the audubon warbler. the warbler is named after john james audubon, the guy who literally wrote the book on birdwatching. he has of course been canceled as oppressive. he thought about things other than himself and observe the natural world and wrote and painted it. but that doesn't go far enough. just canceling audubon. you can do more than that x kennedy tells us it's not enough to oppose bird racism. we must be actively anti-bird. we must defund and dismantle all systems of bird supremacy immediately or else we are
5:49 pm
implicated in those systems. we need to decolonize every birds nest until we do the work from a bird racism has a high ground. it is literally dumping on us. not just the institutions but our windshields and it's not coming off. now, you may have noticed none of our national conversations revolve around the economy anymore. instead, they are all about us, me, my and we'd talk about me. but meanwhile there is an economy out there and most americans it is kind of the most important thing. if you don't have enough money, it is hard to live. so for the latest episode of "tucker carlson tonight" we sat down with the greatest historian of economic trends still alive, neil ferguson. and we asked him, why doesn't anybody talk about the economy anymore? here is part of our conversation. ♪ ♪ speak with the people on the left didn't really want to have a conversation about economics
5:50 pm
because they lost those arguments and the 1980s. they really haven't been able to make the case for socialism successfully. the conclusion was that there was more money to be made or more power to be gained by identity politics and racial gender differences. that is world energy move to. it was bad luck for the working class men. hard to look for the economic losers from utilization and financial isolation because they really cease to figure in the that were going on in the elite universities. and then come in the educational system as a whole. i think the answer is that part of there was a shift of strategy on the left away from economics into what seem a more fair band of culture. it was partly because the people who lost out and that period that we could date from 2001
5:51 pm
where at the china joined world trade organization. the people that lost out were no interest and working class of middle america sees to figure pure to think one of the things we don't truly realize although it is becoming more and more clear is that what the left now is offering localism. it is a political ideology. that is why people are saying it's not really about economics. it is about salvation, membership of the lip of the woke and persecuting it's about rituals of speech pursued by the believers. it is rather cult-like. it is the great awakening. this is an astute observation so we are not just dealing with decay of traditional religion but far worse. the rise of new fake religions, and one thing that is clear from the 20th century is when people take their religious feelings
5:52 pm
and apply them to political ideologies, terrible things can happen. central to what made communism so deadly was ultimately religion. it is marxism which is a kind of religion. the most such like hitler called him a redeemer of the germination. so we have to be very careful of political religions. politics is not something you should approach with a religious impulse. if you start feeling religiously about politics, take a lie down, have some sleep, take a long walk and try again. politics should not be viewed with religious sensor. >> tucker: we were honored to have neil ferguson on fox nation. you can watch that streaming any time. so speaking of the economy, inflation is rising. how bad will it get? the next guest, we trust to answer that question.
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we will be right back. ♪ ♪ do you have a life insurance
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>> inflation is bad, at its highest level in a dozen years but what does the future look like? 's is a snapshot of the new reality? where do you see this going? >> it's actually already giving worse because the year-over-year number is 5% but if you annualize the last three months, it is 8% increase but i think the back half of the year is going to be a lot worse than the front half because businesses have been somewhat reluctant to pass on their exploding costs to their customers but they've been hoping the fed was right but they're going to give up hope later in the year and start increasing prices at a much greater rate. >> sean: do you see a way out of it? >> unfortunately, no. the fed is pretending it is transitory because they have no ability to control it because it is the fed that is creating it.
5:59 pm
every dollar of government spending has to be paid for and right now, they are not taxing any spending, they are printing and spending so every time you pay higher prices, you are paying higher taxes and taxes unfortunately are going way up especially on the middle class. of >> but that won't reduce inflation. >> that is inflation. the government is causing inflation but that's where the stimulus money is coming from. i'm the reason it looks like it's growing is because the government has created the illusion of economic growth but it's not growing in the cpi doesn't even come close to capturing the real extent to which prices are rising. a lot of people pointed to the 1970s and all the inflation we had back then but we had a totally different cpi in the 1970s. we were using the 1970s cpi today, we would already be experiencing double-digit inflation. >> sean: very hard to explain these concepts clearly and i think you do a great job of
6:00 pm
that, i appreciate you coming on tonight, thank you. >> my pleasure. >> we are out of time amazingly, i didn't expect an hour to go that fast. again, we have a great conversation with neil ferguson on the fox nation which is worth watching. but for now, no longer ours to talk about sean hannity's so we hand our over to him. >> sean: look at the price of lumber. what you would've paid to grand for that you play 11 grand for it. i like oscar mayer thick cut bacon, 11 bucks a pack. $10 more for a gallon of gasoline, everything you buy cost more because it cost more to ship it there. he is right, your guest was 1000% right, great show. welcome to hannity. tonight, a wave of violence in america's cities, now a cancer on the country over the weekend, for mass shootings, the mob and the media don't seem to care because they can't politicize it.


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