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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  June 12, 2021 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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jeanine, tomorrow night and every saturday night at medical p.m. eastern right here on the fox news channel and you can dvr. now, sean is going to be back monday night with a big interview with piers morgan. ingraham angle is up next. goodbye. ♪ ♪ >> laura: i am laura ingraham, an laura: this is a special edition of the ingraham angle, a week in an hour, we examined the stories that made the past few days from biden and kamala of ron to fauci of the media back home plus take a look back at the big comebacks of the week from the cinematic to the political. raymond arroyo will explain it in friday follies. the first, since news wasn't made at the g7 in cornwall, who
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says biden didn't impress the world with strength, vision and symbolism? at least one biden did. america facing a series of real and major challenges, china's huge military buildup and the crush of humanity entering the country illegally and our media chooses to focus on whether she'll's love jacket is really just a milania trump dig. the former first lady wore jacket of her own in 2018 that drove the left nuts. >> and excellent call by the first lady, she is sending a message, america sending a message of love, reunification. >> it is hard to imagine that that was any sort of coincidence. sometimes our clothes speak for us. >> the print headlines were just as embarrassing. usa today called jill's jacket a
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symbol of unity. for teen girls who read twilight novels? cnn claims jill biden's love blazer sets the tone for the g7 summit. the only news to really come out of the g7 is that our allies like biden more than trump because unlike the former president, old joe will be submissive and not require anything of our allies, he will totally ignore america's national interests in favor of global concerns. it was a huge waste of time and at times plain goofy right down to that awkward walk to the outside platform. >> which way are we going? >> reporter: come here. look at that in the middle.
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laura: was so confused where to look? don't you love the idiotic elbow bump among all these people who are outside already gotten the vaccine? theater at this point but the real action this week was not with potus but with the potus. kamala harris has run into the beaux-arts she has been avoiding her entire life. it is called reality is and having to answer serious questions about a real real problem, the border crisis which biden forced it on her to address, but instead has become a mess and harris is showing signs of cracking. >> this whole thing about the border, we've been to the border, we've been to the border. >> you haven't been to the border. >> and i haven't been to europe.
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i don't understand the point you are making. >> are you planning on visiting the us-mexico border? >> yes i will and i have before. >> when you go to the border? >> the administration has -- i'm not finished. i said i'm going to the border. >> i'm not finished, let me finished interjection is sort of like a punctuation mark of desperation. >> i imagine you were surrounded by a team of folks who prepared you for this nomination. let me finish if you don't mind. >> excuse me, i am asking the question. >> i am speaking. >> the trump tax-cut. >> i am speaking. >> the fact is everyone is starting to see what democratic primary voters knew about kamala harris in 2019. she's just not a primetime player. she has no relevant experience and she is totally in over her
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head. >> the president and i discussed the root causes of migration. the root causes and acute causes and -- >> many factors at play, look migration historically and currently. >> the issues that are long-standing by virtue of the nature of them are never going to be solved overnight. we have to deal with the complexities of this. >> is terrifying. that sort of glib series of generalities may work, might slide by in the u.s. senate but it doesn't work when you are on the world stage charged with handling serious issues, things have gotten so bad for vp harris that she even has cnn worried. >> that was an easy question. it is perplexing. >> she dismissed it in a way
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that was not responsive or satisfactory. assignment she has a learning curve in this new job. >> when she doesn't like the question that she gets, she often just -- a way that can seem defensive. >> you think? the most significant development of the week is look like the biden white house is beginning to have a growing case of buyers remorse about harris. >> no surprise the white house was not by the answer. >> administration officials were perplexed by how she answered questions they felt she should have known were coming. >> speaking about her. if the woman gets prickly when asked a simple obvious question how is she going to do when she sits across the table from chinese russian counterpart, is that going to go for america you
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but maybe we are being too on on vice president harris. the border issue is serious and all but is it about life-and-death? you be the judge. >> judges are asking one thing in particular. if i could do one thing for you what would it be and this is what i am getting? we need more body bags, why do we need body bags? migrants are dying at record numbers and we don't have body bags to handle the situation. >> this is one of many reasons harris is rushing to visit the border. what will she save asked about this? is this okay with her and if not what does she plan to do about it? leslie texas, greg abbott stated his view on what their real maybe lose. >> do you believe this is purposeful on the part of the administration allowing this many people to come into the country? >> i feel certain that is full, it is purposeful, want disregard the border laws.
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>> the border is -- causing biden's numbers on immigration to take but worse politically, for every challenge facing america biden's chosen number 2 is incapable of doing her job at the level it needs to be done so house is going to play out? badly, that is how. this is what happens when diversity is valued more than merit and accomplishment. they had to know she wasn't up to the task and they chose her. this is from the new york times november of 2019, that was their title. this was one of the worst campaigns in recent memory marked by infighting, it was directionless and harris's sister was meddling opportunist. seem like everyone on the staff was miserable.
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if kamala harris only flopped the spectacularly in her first 6 months is vice president we are better hope that nothing happens to president biden in the next week for years. joining me knows i fleischer, former bush 43 press secretary and fox news contributor and mercedes lab, strategic communications director and senior fellow at the american conservative union. when people at the white house start leaking about the vice president to cnn what does that tell us? >> when i saw the cnn correspondent report that i thought even john is making it up or the biden administration really wants to send a message to kamala harris and it could be either one of those two. that was really unusual and you
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summed it up well. kamala harris was never and is still not ready for prime time. she's not ready for serious governance, serious responsibility, she was a candidate who wins do it more often than not, didn't prepare, wasn't thorough, wasn't substantive that now she has a vice president, same bad tendencies on a trip abroad when all eyes were on her, these are easily avoided mistakes but she's not serious, she's not helpful, that the only take away when you watch her in action. >> think about someone like amy klobuchar might have been a better choice is vice president but they went with harris because she was the first, it was historic and they are into firsts in history and i guess that is fine but you run into the bazaar of reality, you saw that. >> maybe they should have gone with michelle obama but their goal was to check the boxes and it shows that identity politics doesn't work but i got to tell you something, why isn't the
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staff murder boarding kamala, in the communications world use it with your principal and you walk through very tough questions and see how they answer and so it is shocking to me as well the white house communications team must be incredibly frustrated with kamala and her inability to answer the most basic questions about the border and quite frankly she should already have a date set, she should be working with the department of homeland security, going down with the secretary plus telling them they are not is going to give access to the media. that's what they did with the secretary of the affirmative homeland security and they will do the same with kamala. >> this is purposeful at the border, they know how to shutdown the border, they don't want to shut down the border so she goes there, the border is why open, what is she going to say. they are in a bind on this. there was a moment at the g7
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summit which all window dressing, nothing substantive happening but there was a moment today from boris johnson that really struck me. watch. >> we need to make sure as we recover, we level across our societies and bills back better. the g7, we are united in our vision for a cleaner, greener, world, building back more equal and -- how shall i -- and award gender-neutral and perhaps more feminine way. >> we should start calling the country the united queendom at this point. >> at least he didn't say in a more birthing people way. i give him points for that. what is he doing? what is he thinking talking like that? economies grow for everybody, that's what you want.
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the only thing i can think of is president biden is jetlagged and brought the work with him after he recovered. who talks like this, this is welcome nonsense and just blubbering, i don't know why a member of the conservative party would talk like that. laura: that soundbite like many soundbites this week so croquet, but needed this total pandering, we are not going to give you anything, you're not going to get anything like this but i will make you use your stupid little phrase, that can be a ribbon you take him to the united states but we will continue to feminize the world. what does china think in watching this? what is 11 relation things thinking? >> quite frankly i think the modern conservative feminist, we should be ruling the world if you ask me but it shows -- remember the generation z giving
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him some talking points trying to explain how we need to be more gender-neutral or more feminine, had no idea what he was talking about, it shows how i think so many of these leaders are so weeks, boris johnson has failed the people of great britain even though he is a conservative in the sense that he failed on all the lockdowns, on what they've done with the vaccine rollout and now he's talking about the woke culture, this is destructive for any society. shannon: digging himself into all. have a great weekend and on top of kamala's border blunders, the lies and misdeeds of fauci entrance continue to be exposed and i'm not talking about his emails. we also brought the incredible study from an original member of my medicine cabinet, doctor stephen smith, he and his colleagues right since higher dose hydroxy increases survival by 200% in this population, the safety data are mood, that is
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the opposite of the lies that fauci about medical elite status. >> all those trials show consistently the hydroxy cork when is not effective in the treatment of coronavirus disease or covid 19. >> hospitalized patients shabbat be routinely treated with hydroxychloroquine. >> hydroxy court and not only does not appear to be working but causes cardiac toxicity. laura: viewers of the show were being present with the truth from the outset. >> starting everybody that can be started on a drug the chloroquine, no patient is gone 3 days of treatment for these drugs and then -- >> we need to give more hydroxychloroquine early to help these patients. >> i don't understand this misinterpretation of the safety data of hydroxychloroquine, we
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notice an extremely safe drug. >> doctor mckee -- doctor peter mccullough and epidemiologist from texas and doctor harvey richship to a public health epidemiology professor. this is a bad week made it their business to bash early use therapeutics, not just hydroxychloroquine but simple things like vitamin d deficiency, your thoughts? >> my thoughts are senator johnson was right by holding these early treatment hearings in november and december, that americans saw the effort of early treatment which crushed the epidemic curved was the end of december into january. since then we've been on the controllable plateau of covid 19 cases, doctors who were really following the date of using hydroxychloroquine, it works best early -- with the drugs and as doctor smith points out the largest hydroxychloroquine study to date on hospitalized patients, early use of hydroxychloroquine in the
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hospital clearly worked, reduced mortality and should be used as standard of care. >> the other issue that is still vexing to me personally is a non-doctor, you've addressed this so well over the last year which is acquired or adaptive immunity or natural immunity but if you get exposed to covid you produce t cells and antibody response. the idea that somehow you are worse off than someone who gets the vaccine, that is what they keep pushing to this day despite the cleveland clinic study that came out. >> right. it is irrational and it is all designed to sell vaccines which you can predict what people will say when anything comes out because it is always in one direction and the cleveland study showed 1500 people who had covid who had no risk of subsequent diagnosis or infection, and previous infection works very well to
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protect in sars one, that protection lasted 17 years and every reason to think infection, immunity will also base for use in this case. >> team doom doesn't want to go, got to be the vaccine. only one path. the other question here, the obsession about the vaccine, could that be hurting americans, the cdc is holding an emergency meeting that it is not taking place until next week regarding troubling news. as of may 30 first the agency received 275 preliminary reports a inflammation among 16 to 24-year-olds, despite this, they are pushing for every child and young adult to get this vaccine. of cardiologist you are looking at this data? your response. >> this is a concerning development and it may be the tip of the iceberg. we heard outside the cdc reports
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from israel, california, connecticut and the us military the young individuals, men more than women were developing heart injury or inflammation. now yesterday the cdc held a briefing, the universe of cases could be 800 working cases, 245 identified of these kids presented the chest pain or heart failure, ekg positive component of syndicating her injury the they were admitted to the hospital and what this means is 3 to 6 months of drugs to prevent the development of heart failure, no physical activity has huge implications for high school kids, college kids, military and the implications
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are america needs to take a pause on the vaccines for individuals under age 30. the cdc did not have a content expert on the call yesterday and they better get it together next week on june 18th. laura: thank you for being here tonight. speaking of fauci one of the biggest stories of the weekly got no coverage at all newly uncovered emails reveal the seeds of a cover-up potentially orchestrated by fauci and his cronies. two former trump officials are here to walk us through the meeting on covid origins in the early days of the pandemic. you haven't heard this anywhere else.
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lets us get back to spreading the word without spreading concern. before we can safely come together, we need the facts on covid-19 vaccines. visit so you can make an informed decision when vaccines are available to you.
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♪ ♪>> laura: we have talked a lt about this disinformation about the disinformation campaign against the covid lab leak theory which is looking more plausible every day, two now discredited articles were the most influential in sitting this narrative early on. first atlanta's letter that was orchestrated by peter who funneled your tax dollars to the lab, he was an intermediary in second, the nature paper in the journal nature but by christian anderson who recently deleted his entire twitter account, but new emails show how these articles came into being close how these same scientists and fauci held a secret meeting to influence a national academy of sciences report on covid origins to trump white house. joining us now is kalvin, former
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director of white house office of science and technology policy and anthony rivero, former nfc official and senior fellow at the foundation for defense of democracy. i know you weren't asked the first february 3rd meeting but someone in your staff and officer candidate virtually. tell us about the meetings in the early part of the pandemic. all we have are sketches of information related to the chinese virus's origin. >> thank you so much. in those early days we were dealing with lots of things, saying where did it come from? a natural thing to ask so one of the early things we looked at was do we have enough data, can we determine the origin, like saying an aircraft accident or natural disaster or crime scene come we want to get the information we need to do an
12:27 am
analysis so our early thinking was to do that, to convene a group of experts to do that, to look at the data to do those sorts of analyses not only then but looking forward in the future. laura: one of the people most relied upon was anthony fauci, correct? >> yes. he was at the february 3rd meeting. >> his analysis would have been critical to understanding what was known at that moment about origins, natural or lab created. >> in early as early days, anthony fauci, a bunch of people on the coronavirus task force, his voice is an important one advisor to the president. laura: on this issue buried in china's part of the who joint study on covid origins is this
12:28 am
quote. the wuhan virology institute director raise the issue of conspiracy theories reiterating the institute had worked with immediate to stress the need to respect signs in the fight against covid 19 and rebut. the international team visited helped defuse some of the theories that were circulating. it seems clear now a lot of this is in retrospect, a lot of us had questions at the time that china wanted to move off of the slab leak theory really fast and it's best to manipulate this international team that was supposed to be doing some type of investigation early on. your thoughts? >> at some level flying blind because the chinese writing information from us even then. i do believe in the beginning of a global pandemic the country would hide that information from everyone in the world, that could help us tackle this pandemic origins, even to this
12:29 am
day a year and a half later, perhaps more than a year to half later pandemic began china is still hiding information from us, from the who, in the singapore decided that sites they are hiding 76,000 cases of illnesses that are similar to covid 19 from fall of 2019 and also not allowing the who to test blood samples from those give those samples annually from the fall to see if the virus is circulating and also we know that that lab, they've taken their database off-line of the viruses they are studying, the claim that it is cyberattacks, that went down in september of 2019. >> did we need to have a healthier skepticism of our own public health officials given their connection to the wuhan lab?
12:30 am
>> great question and some of things coming to light show conflict of interest that needed to be disclosed, the question was how to get into the public domain? how did it start spreading? was a genetically manipulated in 11 leaks from the lab accidentally? was in a non-modified virus that week from the lab? we don't have that. how did it start to replicate and spread quickly? >> this is tony blinken, secretary of state being pressed on the question of the origin of this virus again. >> real pressure the us will put on china for access to the labs. >> if china denies the information, denies the access, denies the transparency that is needed -- >> you expect that. >> we will see.
12:31 am
>> at the end of the day it is in china's interest to do this as well. >> that administration officials said, first thing anthony fauci, blinken repeating fauci but it is in china's interest for us to learn about the origins of the virus. it is inside's interest? is that the most laughable for you ever heard? >> it is a huge mistake by blinken, a mistake by biden to not call out china's stonewalling, in a statement last month he put out on origins it is going to hurt us because when they start doing pandemic preparedness they are going to assume countries are going to work with us and china hit this pandemic, they the epidemic of sars in nearly 2000s, maybe we should take the hint that china and other countries like them are going to i this kind of information from us and prepare for that right now we should
12:32 am
call out there stonewalling which is not and if, they are doing that right now. >> two big returns no one was asking for. a cnn analyst and old hollywood icon trying to recapture his glory days with raymond arroyo explain to them friday follies next. it would be cool to ride a horse on the moon.
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♪ ♪ >> laura: it is product and that means it is time for, you got shannon: it is time for you got it, friday follies, we turn to raymond arroyo. you spied a seam in the cultural news. >> the welcome and unwelcome return of familiar faces, legal analyst jeffrey tube and was tossed off the air at cnn after he disgraced himself during the zoom call. this week cnn brought him back
12:38 am
and it was an awkward reentry. >> i feel like we should address what has happened since we have seen you. you were on the zoom call with your colleagues from new yorker magazine. everyone took a break for several minutes during which time you were caught masturbating on camera, you were subsequently fired from that job after 27 years of working there and then you've been on leave from cnn. to quote jay leno what the hell were you thinking? >> obviously i wasn't thinking very well or very much and it was something that was inexplicable to me. i didn't think i was on the call. i didn't think other people could see me. >> he seems to have things well in hand. say what you want, if people are
12:39 am
looking for partisan legal analysis tube and is not one for pulling at the most obvious thing, he digs around to find something original and that is willing to expose it to the audience the matter the consequences. what is cnn thinking with this guy? wears accountability? where our standards? we will get into it, rick santorum was booted recently from cnn. >> if it is true that kids are using the phrase youtubeing now is that what they are calling it now? i don't even have a word this. >> if the shoe were on the other foot, if the hand run the other shoe, don't know what we say here -- >> justified by saying i didn't know the camera was on. is this normal operating procedure, in between zoom calls and meetings in the middle of the living room something is seriously wrong. >> i was half expecting that it is totally fine. you didn't know the camera was on, no problem. let's talk about the fourth
12:40 am
amendment issue. >> some are saying he could get off the air. speaking of comebacks harrison ford was spotted shooting the fifth indiana jones movie in england this week, he is 78 years old and that age you might call this indiana jones and the raiders of the lost prostate. there is a cancellation controversy around the character owing to this scene. >> i learned today you in the last 10 years. >> i never meant to hurt you. >> i was a child, i was in love. it was wrong and you knew it. >> you know what you are doing. >> now i do. >> there been charges that show cindy had an inappropriate relationship with an underage girl but karen ellen, the actress says in the movie she imagined the girls played with 16 but who cares? it never says they had relations.
12:41 am
it is amazing to me we hold fictional characters to a higher standard than we hold real people on networks for instance. >> how many network execs and newspaper editors have huge age gaps between he and she and she and he and they don't care about it and now a movie is a problem? these people are the biggest hypocrites ever and there is never any standard across the board. >> let's hope that clears things up. we don't want indiana jones to become indiana jones and the last cancellation into the character returning to screen, 3 years after tyler perry announced he was retiring his medea character guess what. >> tyler they are saying i'm coming back. laura: this was like arthur conan doyle trying to kill sherlock holmes off only to bring him back after the audience demanded it. hard to let these beloved
12:42 am
characters go. medea will return on netflix. perry says the country needs to laugh but there could be another motivation completely title, medea's big happy paycheck. laura: who predicted this? >> you did years ago when perry said he was retiring. laura: medea is awesome. i love all the medea movies and he should never have entertained the idea like share's final concert, it never comes. always another concert. part of the promotion. it is patently ridiculous. >> as long as it is an audience. i'm going to the border next week, see you monday. laura: thank you, have a great weekend. the word -- we have our eyes on you. the tape you don't want to miss next.
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laura: it is easy to be numb to media bias only ingram english keeping track of the worst offenders of the week. lisa booth, fox news contributor and kurt schechter at, author of the book crisis.
12:48 am
remember the narrative about trump, lafayette square, the left insisted the former president had ordered the area to be cleared of protesters so he could walk across the park and get a photo op but a new inspector general report revealed this week that clearing the square had nothing to do with trumpet everything to do with, wait for it, security. we had a bunch of mea culpas. no. >> when i read through this report it sounds like this inspector general was auditioning to become the inspector general at mara lago because it is almost a whitewash of what occurred on june 1st. >> talk about lack of perspective, the padding and overreporting hear from trump apologists, it is laughable on its face. he was only interviewing people at the interior department. he's not talking about what the secret service did, they were also involved in the operation.
12:49 am
laura: it is a feature at this point. >> absolutely. i'm still trying to get my head around the whole idea that the justice department is filled with secret trump santora going to twist the evidence in favor of the president. i'm wondering where they were for the last four years. the media is wrong about literally everything, the one lab, it is wrong about lafayette square and it doesn't care because facts don't matter. objective reality doesn't matter. all there is is the narrative and the licensed and registered regime journalists are doing their job promoting the narrative of the politicians they like. laura: a democrat appointee -- that kind of blows that out of the water. we talked earlier in the show
12:50 am
about kamala harris's nightmarish trip south of the border but there is still some hacks who see her value. >> you are dealing with countries that have a lot of corruption, that have a lot of reasons why people want to leave and she is going there and getting in their faces, doesn't she deserve some credit for that? >> she deserve some credit for that. >> i didn't realize mika was a spokesperson for kamala harris. kamala harris completely broke down and self-destructed when she gets asked any difficult questions at all, univision held her feet to the fire on this ridiculous pr stunt that is the root cause and she keeps driving when we know that the root cause of the border crisis is an open border, the fact that they dismantled every policy that was put in place to deter what we are seeing which is a border crisis, that is the root cause, not what she has been spinning
12:51 am
and nice to see her be held to some account so that doesn't happen with the biden administration. >> don't know what they are going to do it kamala. honestly they are real pickle here with her. the media are up in arms over this, the trump hero leak investigation into shift and swallwell, it is so hyperbolic that some are calling for the arrest of trump's former ag. watch. >> william barr ran a car into a tree, merrick garland is trying to rebuild the car as opposed to going and getting the person who rammed the car into the tree. when a drunk driver rex your car you don't go to the maintenance, you go arrest a drunk driver, arrest the bartender who served the tricks, that is what we need garland to do. laura: a lot to unpack but i will let you take it. >> i am trying to figure out the analogy. i have to have a flowchart to
12:52 am
figure that out but how can it go wrong arresting your political opponents? i served our country, where a bunch of people tried that and it worked out really badly for the. i spent some time to the ruins of their villages after the consequences of their insane idea of trying to suppress their opponents came to fruition. this is ridiculous. it has always been ridiculous but we have hyperbole arms race here where people have to talk each other by saying dumb things. date is we have got to arrest everybody, tomorrow, line them up against a wall, won't be the first time socialists did that. laura: it isn't clear to me why this investigation into the leakers on the intel committee, if they are leaking and on the intel committee they are committing a serious violation
12:53 am
of us law, the allegation of the justice department to investigate. >> of course and these are the guys who use their position on intel committee to lie to the american people, act like they are privy to information the rest of us weren't when they lied about the russia conspiracy theories they were pushing and they used their position on the committee to do as much and they should like william barr, he withheld information about federal probes in hunter biden before the election and wasn't sharing information with republican members of congress so i'm surprised there's criticism directed at him. laura: they kind of like william barr on the election integrity issue and then they hate him on their it gets very exhausting. i'm trying to figure out the tree and car and william barr
12:54 am
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>> fox news alert, there has been a mass shooting at a bar in downtown austin. fox 7 says 9 people have been taken to the hospital and people urged to to avoid the area. the austin police department confirming multiple the with injuries as well as austin travis county tweeting one person with critical life-threatening injuries. the shooting happened on 6 street, a famous entertainment district. it is not clear what led to the shooting or if there was more than one gunman. there has been a mass shooting in a bar in downtown austin,
1:00 am
texas, at least nine people have been rushed to the hospital. one of them is said to be in critical condition with life-threatening injuries. we will be continuing to monitor this throughout the night and into the morning. stay with fox news channel for more on this developing story. back to your regular programming already in progress. >> there are more people now on the history of the 20th century that's all belong in the same group in history, we will look at them all. mussolini. hitler. stalin. putin. and trump. >> greg: that's five, you jack ass. ♪ ♪ [applause]


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