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tv   Gutfeld  FOX News  June 3, 2021 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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might be true we are waiting for the news for that, to come out. if you see a tailwagging coming out of the briefing room you will know something that's about to happen i don't have any update on the cat. >> laura: forget covid origins go with the cat every single time. a profile encourage media, "gutfeld!" takes it from here. >> he's always good to be a liar he is always a liar, a bigot, i was going to bigot. why do we keep saying oh, my god, i can't believe i didn't think of it of course he is buried of course he's a liar. if that's who he is. >> greg: of course leopards don't change their stripes. [laughter] they don't have stripes. those are tigers. next up, cnn do zebras change their spots? [cheers and applause] ♪ ♪
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marine against brian, i tell you. of killing him in the ratings he's falling apart. i spent a fair portion of time talking about crime but that's because of the small government and a huge tv star. that's not funny. that's not a laugh line, kat. it's the only thing i want addressed by our politicians. that in the height requirement for a theme park rides. i mean are they teacups really that dangerous? maybe i did watched him many comp shows as a kid in fact while other kids play dr. i play stop and frisk. but if we can create a safe society everybody benefits equally. if you're more to pursue your dreams. an education or career or my favorite hobby which is soaring through the air and a
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porta-potty. [laughter] >> oh! >> greg: you should have seen what it looked like inside. [laughter] but all of its hard to do in a society in which thugs are allowed to roam free free range chickens. if crime grows up your opportunity for reasonable existence on the planet drops faster than cats bank account on st. patrick's day. alex villanova said the department will be expanding concealed weapon permits. i bet you want to know why. to speak up because we have less cops on the street, less consequences, the thing wrong with right? we've increased our capacity and process with the permits. we made a good cause achievable and we are recognizing the threat to the residence
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increasing and responding accordingly. >> greg: less cops, less crooks, less consequences. at that result in more guns for residents. thank you, democrats. citizens fight crime and they run the risk of being arrested for defending themselves but the sheriff has little choice. at the crime stats for l.a. or a staggering the city's drug addicted transients. thomason's up 95%, grand theft auto 45%, aggravated assault 12.9 percent. where is robocop you need him? the sheriff calls the rising i'm an existential threat and he is right. where has he heard the line before? climate change is an existential risk. old white men are an existential threat. trump was the existential threat of all time. it's hard to argue what is
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existential because by definition it is imprecise or it is because you have been shot. it's true right now being murdered by a psychopath is your existential risk. if, however, that's the only thing that isn't an existential risk according to the media. joel biden as he calls himself president harris the real violence comes from a well organized white supremacy movement which is what they call republicans these days. >> terrorism from white supremacy is the most lethal threat in the homeland today. not isis, al qaeda, white supremacists. >> greg: you'd have to go to a presentation on weapons of mass destruction to find a phone near threat. remember the looting and riots from last summer, i don't recall seeing white power groups and citing that buried him unless he can see an end. if the dramatic rise in crime is all in cities it's not in the backwoods.
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maybe the white racists are people like portland's mayor who let it happen, who knows? my prediction as the crime gets worse so will the deflections. they will blame systemic racism faster than you can say please stop punching me in the head. meanwhile crime continues to explode the noose tries to convince you that it's your duty to eat cicadas to help the environment. which reminds me, what is on cnn right now? >> how many cicadas have you eaten today? >> 400. >> 500 for me. >> as many as i can. i don't know where my kids are. >> welcome good. [laughter] >> greg: what they are eating, besides croat cnn so what you're saying and l a is a national response to politicians advocating the responsibility in protecting citizens. in other words it's called self-preservation. i envy l.a. they have a sheriff who cares about his city.
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in new york we have a mayor who thinks is set up routine takes priority over brutalized asians. if all of us are unarmed and it takes filling out 40 forms to get a caulking gun ends of the governor and mayor like it that way. if we are living in a video game where unstable maniacs get to attack citizens freely and losing the game could be losing your life. there is no escape button and you never get to start over. there is a partial, partial of our local terrors courtesy of "the new york post." last friday, the homeless man allegedly punched another asian woman down a flight of stairs in the subway station. if suspects had prior arrests and that's almost double. in january a deranged man turned to commune or into a moving train and two weeks of february somewhere than one dozen attacks including a number of subways, woman shoved onto the tracks and the operator struck by a two by four which is impressive since under biden the cost of lumber through the roof.
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in early may the harlem man was shoved into the tracks and the unprovoked attack and on may 23rd 4 people including a cop were attacked in two separate incidents where one attacker wielded a hammer in the subway. the list goes on and on. if our leaders offered nothing but platitudes. when their corridor showed they point fingers at you, the racist. and what happens when your national leaders refuse to acknowledge the mayhem around you? their silence becomes the existential threat. this one is real. [applause] welcome tonight's guests! she's rocked more panels than the flyway section at home depot, host kennedy! opinion nader, charlie hurt's! use americans favorite black
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republican or at least in the top 200. a host of the podcast, rob smith! and community service she reads books to the deaf fox news jupiter kat timpf! ♪ ♪ charlie i go to you because you are kicked by a horse. it where you really? >> i was had butted in the head. >> greg: what situation brought you? >> i was getting on the horse and it through its head back. as you get older and fatter it requires more momentum over to swing your fat tail over the back of the horse. we butted heads from behind. >> greg: i'm not going to explain the we are to you are writing, because it happened at a club downtown. >> those are euphemisms. >> greg: wants more of a lethal threat to the homeland,
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your horse or white supremacy? >> definitely the horse. without a doubt. it's kind of funny, this is what the whole second amendment is about in the first place. if it's the whole point and i get it. before there was 911 there was the second amendment and people could protect themselves and their family, protect their neighbors. we were the police in a lot of parts of the country we are still the police. so, so, hats off to l.a. county and i to gets going in the right direction. >> greg: i don't know how it's working. rob, we are in the green room and there was something that's disheartening to me because you tell it about minneapolis. >> yeah, minneapolis, so with the help of a lot of people that watch the network and my followers i raised about $130,000 in a crowd funded last year to go give back to minneapolis after it got burned down by the blm boards and then they just ruined everything all over again. so i'm just like, that's not
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going to happen again. but i will tell you when i watch the stuff with joe biden talking about white guys being the biggest threat when i walked in the green room and saw you and charlie i was terrified. i had to call security. >> greg: what killed me about that sound on tape of joe biden, is that he says the white supremacist is the biggest threats but he doesn't name a group and then he goes it's bigger than isis and al qaeda so he knows the name. of the terror groups but he can't say but this group is worse. is it republicans? i don't know. >> but you can make a vague declaration like that and as long as you do you don't have to walk it back. if you never have to make a correction as long as you don't give proof. the horrible thing is the press especially except for a peter doocy who covers the white house, they don't demand proof, they're doing an incredible this service because that could be other groups out there that really do want to
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harm cities. on my podcast i will talk to andy know who is the journalist who is one of the few people who covered it, he was beat up again about six days ago. they wanted to kill him and they wanted to kill him because he is unmasking the organizations. it's not an idea, and by the way you remember over the summer we were watching riots in places like minneapolis, portland, new york, is her trump supporter's. they were trump supporter's and causing problems in the election path joe biden won and portland's burning to the ground. it still is a thesis cover of homeless camps filled with people who want to do nothing but dismantle the government and harm the city. >> greg: oddly enough who was at the january 6th event was a blm supporter who is right there and remember that guy that ended up on cnn? remember? >> absolutely.
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>> yeah. >> greg: 70 grand for that thing. but it's pure projection. let's talk about new york city. they released all these people from new york, your libertarian. are you now convinced? >> first of all i would like to say regards to the model logging in the cnn vent i had to eat a lot of chocolate covered snack peas this morning. they weren't going. >> that's the best work that breanna keller has ever done it though my. >> i rather would have eaten a cicada. as a libertarian i think what they are doing is great i'd love to be able to protect myself and to be able to conceal carry because it is bad out there. yesterday, we were walking my dog. if not some kind of weird thing. we are on the sidewalk and
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there's people sprawled out like tweaking out and going crazy like okay, move to the other side of the street and the other side, some other guy turns the corner going the same screaming about killing. we were there with our french bulldog and i mean, it's completely unfair that people who are law-abiding can't -- i want to protect myself i could go to prison. >> greg: you could. you want apologize? >> not yet. can i add something very quickly. the reason why is you know, make sure you arm yourself is because the response time is so great and there are so many comps with her it's a l.a.p.d. the sheriff's department who have resigned as they have in portland to new york and everywhere else and this is in the first city in california the first manager in 2012 said that well, we are out of money, folks. you may as well just arm yourself and lock the door 911 isn't coming. >> i've got to say is somebody
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who fled new york and moved on to the great state of florida you guys are not helping making me miss new york at all. >> greg: went to your point and we've got to go. the people at home who don't live in new york or l.a. are looking at us unlike you guys, could you just shut up and get the heck out of the cities? if we do we don't have all these great content. were not going to do that a blog about how great it is to live in florida? nobody's going to watch that! this violent, i think i'm going crazy. i'm like ahab in this is believed a whale! >> you know what they are thinking, if they are thinking it really is true. it might be cliche but it's true and arm society is a very polite society. >> greg: we need to start using kendra's law more and forcing crazy people off the street to get treatment. up next, the fear of a can of worms help spread the deadly germs.
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we'll keep you ready for what's next. comcast business powering possibilities. >> greg: was he too weak to speak about a wuhan lee? so he pretended so china would and get offended. will be right back. if following the release of a trove of dr. anthony fauci's emails are becoming clear his opinions were all over the map early on. back when he insisted masks wears only for the hamburger. that's not the hamburger by the way. if senator rand paul says the emails near the wuhan institute of virology was carrying out dangerous research. "vanity fair" which is a magazine the internal state department memo reveal staff was in the department
8:20 pm
weren't american leaders not to pursue investigation into the covid-19 origin because that would open up a can of worms. four former state department officials told the magazine they were repeatedly told not to open up pandora's box. which may have been full of worms. bad with meta-forms as they are with containing viruses. >> i mean, it's obviously in china's interest to find out exactly what it is. it is of the natural one so you have to keep looking for it. you want openness and cooperation. if one of the ways you can get it is don't be accusatory, find a forensic, and investigational, approach. >> greg: important not to offend and of course medias
8:21 pm
drilling all over the sky. why not, he is dreamy. >> the true thing is if they are true even if the personal emails, you pass the test. >> greg: great job as always, nicole, when i'm judging the effectiveness of their leading medical expert on goal helped by polite his emails are. and we heard from the people missing half their brain go to the panel. kennedy. >> only missing a third. >> greg: what's worse, pandora's box or a can of worms? >> when the can of worms is contained within pandora's box, wrapped in a riddle, that's when you have some real problems but it just goes to show that china has been so incredibly effective with their propaganda and it doesn't matter if you're john cena or lebron james or he state department lifer, you will bend to china's whims because you're afraid of the
8:22 pm
reproductions. it's completely unacceptable because 3 million people worldwide have died and the tool is mounting in places like india and brazil. obviously, i don't believe what anthony fauci said. he knows why gain of function research is done in the first place and he's not being being explicit about that. why we are trying to do that in one of their level four labs, it is because if it gets out and it's an accident and just an accident and this is what happens what happens if it's completely it intentional. i don't buy the lie it's in china's interest to make sure like the it's the opposite of that. >> greg: also when you think about it in our best interests to blame it on the wet market is because we were finding the stuff so we can't sue china because we have to sue ourselves too. if speak of the about dr. fauci is i am tired of listening to him and i stopped listening to him about eight months ago. i recommend to everybody because
8:23 pm
it makes you a lot better. no more dr. fauci and hopefully it enough to cancel him but i can't believe that one year ago we were all believing that this thing came from people eating bad soup in that's what we believed in the mainstream media that it's so onboard with all this stuff and pushing china propaganda helped push this wet market theory which we know is completely false. they told us that the last was a conspiracy theory last year. >> greg: speaking of people who make you said what's the woman we just had on, her name? yeah, rob almost threw up. >> interesting -- >> reaction to her at times from people when we play a tape is uncanny. some people have to run out of the room. >> it's almost like there's no shame. no shame. even for the media. >> greg: is fauci a villain or just like a bureaucrat and we will say everything diplomatic? >> i'm not sure if there's a
8:24 pm
difference between a villain and a bureaucrat. [laughter] [applause] oh, oh! i live right i needed to keep me alive! spew when you for this moment you're ahead. brilliant perceptive remark why it's so surprising coming from you kat. >> rank them i had to get that in there. i do feel alive. i didn't understand like oh, nothing that came in the emails but what she means is that there is no like freaky weird stuff or something like that. when we're talking about the fact that he's flipping at bats and lying at word about something serious that destroyed economy, killed people, i'd much rather would have had that because there freaky -- i don't care about the freaky stuff. i don't care if they're calling you tony downtown. if i keep my freedoms and people are alive, it's just so
8:25 pm
important that these people worry about the can of worms like you don't want to open the can of worms like you tell yourself you need to buy or read by a toy for your toddler and you realize you broke and not when it's of life and death. [cheers and applause] >> 2 for 2! >> greg: tony, that's an excellent eye is for a period at the secret knock, charlie. what are your thoughts on all of this. >> i don't want to hear it from you. can we be done talking about it? it's amazing because what he did early was so much worse than just being on curious about real evidence that came up. my newspaper report and in january 20 about raising questions about this lab and the fact that the chinese military despite the protesting was used in doing experiments in the lab
8:26 pm
and raising serious questions but not only were they not curious about where it came from but they were actively going after people like my newspaper silencing people who wear raising questions about it. that's a whole new level and my theory to lay it all out there is the media, "the washington post," "usa today," facebook, dr. fauci, all these democrats, these people who are calling everybody a racist for asking questions about the lab, the whole purpose of it was because they wanted one villain in 2020. it couldn't be china, it had to be trump. >> greg: to that point, when somebody says oh, you don't want to open a can of worms, you should open it and the only person -- donald trump opened a can of worms the moment he wakes up. he is like looking around and he opens more cans of worms than the guy at the bait shop so he's like can of worms.
8:27 pm
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♪ ♪ >> greg: today robo coke for being too woke? companies paris and they raise the machine. it's true fear thursday for left-wing causes, you can take it outside. banning coca-cola vending machines from their office in the drink makers embraced leftist causes according to commissioner eddie harris, levity, great guy, the left wing in america defined employee cons, cancel, tear down statues all sorts of egregious actions. if the expectation for them is
8:32 pm
the opposing. we're supposed to accept it and it's not okay. "that's how we do it here. the letter to the coke ceo. at the end of the response the boycott has been mostly positive and it will make a dent in coke's profits but it's refreshing as an ice-cold soda to see people stand up against corporate woke-as him. if they're making you thirsty for the real thing cry some more, you can go's and they replace coke with your salty stupid tears. i don't know if that's true but it sounded right when i wrote it. all right, you heard it in your ears perked up. >> only on the weekends that's true. [laughter] >> greg: i love hearing the story but if there something that they couldn't afford it?
8:33 pm
>> on one hand i'm kind of a fitness not and i don't like it myself so replacing coke with pepsi is another one that will kill them slowly. i really do think that the only way you fight cancel cultures with cancel culture so people want to start finding back and say okay, you know we are not woken up for you where not like this will get the machine out of there because by the way have of these companies hate most of the country anyway. why not start fighting back? >> greg: kat, does this warm your small, stale, cold hard? >> i wouldn't say stale but kind of. but i just keep thinking just how amazing things in this county must be if this is what they are talking about. write a question mark >> greg: well, no, this modern world all local stories are nationals, right? >> that's a good thing like in new york it's like we got this
8:34 pm
rampant stabbing problem, we got the staffers out there stabbing everybody and what will we do like i'm not sure the vending machines represent the value. >> we have the stabbings in your prayers there's not enough social workers. >> greg: imagine if they took away our coke machines. of the whole city would freeze out. of [laughter] charlie, that's your nickname in college. [laughter] >> i wish. >> greg: i don't know. i don't know why i said it but i said it so there. >> it's out there. >> my problem is i think that all the cancel stuff is stupid and i hate it but i think it's when i think is great about this one is that it is funny. it's funny, the whole problem with the cancel stuff is that it's not funny. it kills all humor. so just do this and it's really
8:35 pm
funny, and you know, that's great. >> greg: kennedy, i stopped drinking coke and now i'm back to drinking mellow yellow. i love it when it's warm and it's out in the sun for sun fridays. of >> that's >> greg: i keep finding these full bottles of outside and going while somebody keeps leaving these mellow yellows. [laughter] >> the real environmentalist though. >> i share your love of retro beverages and i love big red soda. it's available in like texas, and it's delicious. i hope they take it one step further because if you replace it with something ordinary like pepsi it's predictable but if they go with boiled crown cola. i will drive down to north carolina and i will high five every single person in the town, in the county and that's how you do it. by the way, i have no bandwidth
8:36 pm
for fans. i can keep track of who -- yes. it's exhausting like are we supposed to go to starbucks? are we not eating meat? are we eating extra meet? 's army attacked? >> different things to be angry about is like a hobby. >> greg: i said this on "the five" you might have heard it already but they remove twitter trends this would go away. it's keeping track of the stories and they pick one little thing in the local story and they blow it out. the girl from the office, it would not have existed if it were not for twitter trends. but if you remove the mob incitement of the mimetic value on the right it would go away don't i sound brilliant? anywhere, the berlin candace owens joins us next. ♪ ♪
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it's an important time to save. with priceline, you can get up to 60% off amazing hotels. and when you get a big deal... you feel like a big deal. ♪♪ priceline. every trip is a big deal. ♪ ♪ >> greg: they are making major news over there at crt, think
8:41 pm
about father and daughter speaking out against critical race theory whose viral videos struck a chord with a lot of people. take a listen. >> teaches you to be anything in the world that you want to be, daddy teach you that? >> doesn't matter if you're black or white or anything. if they are nice and smart. >> see you, this is how children think right here, critical race theory wants to and that. not with my children come it's not going to happen. if you have to stop crp you crp, period, point blank, children do not see skin color, man. >> greg: here to comment on the video, candace owens! candace? [cheers and applause] this is the only way hiking get you on the show. you're down where in tennessee? >> i'm in tennessee. >> greg: how do you like it
8:42 pm
there? >> it's so nice, seeing people exist not in l.a. or new york. >> greg: do you miss the big cities? >> not at all, not one minute. >> greg: how's your baby, now seven years old? >> no, just 4.5 months, doing so well in sleeping through the night and he's pretty cute. >> greg: you name him greg, right? >> yeah, something like that. >> greg: would do you make of the video when your first thought? >> first off i was jealous because this girl so much cuter on me and she's on the internet going viral. she stepping on my turf and she's absolutely adorable. i instantly got in touch and how do i book her for my show because she is a star. honestly what they're talking about so important beyond her being cute she subject matter and it is sad that something so simple is so impactful because to be like one plus one equals two, kids don't see color we used to know that.
8:43 pm
it's sad that it's so impactful but it's so powerful to hear her say that to know that there are still parents that are raising their children correctly and that there is an adorable minority girl, black girl who is saying that this is the stuff that matters. if we have so many adults that are trying to down. to you believe that they should see race or oppression or privilege. i hope they do more videos. she's so talented. >> greg: people who defend crt will say that they are distorting what it really is. is that true? i don't think you were but he spaced off because they know exactly what it is. >> we know the stories that are coming out of schools and i have a girl that is in high school ends of the things they're teaching them on the day of school i'm being serious a day of school they are meant to go around the classroom and if you have white skin you're supposed
8:44 pm
to tell them why you feel guilty about having white skin. new york city, why you feel guilty this skin is white and i can't copper amended, incomprehensible to me because when i was growing up we never talked about color because we didn't see it but they're trying to systematically program children to see color because they want them to eventually become activists and hate one another. they see the opportunity and if you divide young you can turn them into activists and angry people that become anti-for marchers when they are older. >> greg: i think about what it's like to have you as a babysitter. so, how do you get rid of this stuff? if you're just parents like you go when you show up at the meetings and you go viral but does that -- how does somebody fight this stuff? i don't have kids. >> that's number one question .i listen to what you're asking
8:45 pm
me, you're asking me what you should do with your child when the predators at bay. the concept that you're asking what you should do when somebody is trying to harm your child, that's what's going on than the classroom scum of the critical race theory being taught scum of the classroom environment has become for editorial. you're asking what you should do and what would you do have any predator went after your child? you yank them out of the school and fight tooth and nail to make sure they were not exposed to this stuff. i want to remind any parent watching the show that you're the parent. now the government, not the teachers, you are the parent and you should always make sure that your children aren't becoming prey. >> greg: that's a good point. [laughter] why did they always applaud more for the guests than they applied for me? [laughter] may be having an audience was a bad idea. i love your twitter feed because you go after people with such a
8:46 pm
strong and independent way mainly because it's so obvious like you've got nothing to lose and i guess he would do it anyway. hot on prince harry and meghan markel. what are your thoughts on that? >> so many thoughts. far from nothing to lose i have an entire country to lose and that's why i do whatever i want. regarding harry and meghan >> greg: that's how they survive new york. >> regarding harry and meghan, it's hard to make two countries angry at you but somehow they have done it. the reason why i talk about so many conservatives will say what do we care the king and the queen, i'm mary to the bread. they represent, what megan represente leftist narcissistic that we are
8:47 pm
better because every thing we can do is know. it's a larger discussion we're having now across the entire west. i know but the left how they want to tear everything down and create something that is neil. what megnan represents is the something that's ultimately marxist. i can't stand her and i think carries a total dud it's obvious the whole world knows she doesn't love him but he' she making him wake up and once i speak to oprah everything will e better. >> greg: thank you so much and where can you find a new tv show that's good doing great? >> you can use my code like chrissie, chrissy teigen to get a little bit off the discount. >> greg: thank you. a monopoly make you so mad you want to body slam dad? ♪ ♪
8:48 pm
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♪ ♪ >> greg: try not to punch grandpa in the face when he buys for a walk-in play. a recent study found playing monopoly because of the most problems on game night and most likely the game people had to and from get-togethers. i would have guessed russian
8:52 pm
roulette. it is so messy. of [laughter] it's a holiday tradition at the house. it would you going to do. of 20% of the response says that often leads to bad behavior in the most common being people quitting when they are losing. arguing, accusing each other of cheating. 11% said they would have seen physical fights break out. i'm at a photosensitive version could bring the game back into rotation >> you won second prize in a beauty contest. >> never included virtue signaling until now. >> recycle your trash. >> your city elected a far left district attorney get out of jail free? >> the real victims are the criminals. >> heretic tax take your entire inheritance tax to the
8:53 pm
government. >> the only person who wins is the bank. >> corrected monopoly out now. >> greg: strong thoughts on the monopoly? >> before we get to you guys apologize for him for being white will get there, three things to say about monopoly. of first is it's always the dog, i always win, third, i am an international monopoly champion and that means i won in kuwait and when i deployed to kuwait, i beat everyone in my platoon a monopoly so people get very angry at me because i always win. >> greg: i had no idea and i picked the story without knowing that. that's incredible. you know, charlie, you're nothing compared to him. >> not only did he fight for our country, grade a monopoly. >> greg: when you get hit by the face by horses. >> that expunge every thing i've never won a monopoly game in my life and that's why i talk
8:54 pm
nonsense for a living. i can't play monopoly. i think it's an attack on america. because monopoly like the quintessential american game, right? capitalism. >> greg: you might have a point there but then again you were hit in the head by a horse. we don't know what's going -- my theory, kat, the reason there are so many fights is when you're losing it's a long game to lose. like when you're playing backgammon or some kind of game where it is over quickly like corn hole, a great game. >> especially tony. >> greg: those aren't beanbags. >> that's where i spent all my money on st. patrick's day. [laughter] yeah, i agree, you invest all the time and you lose and you can just -- you lose and that means you failed and you're supposed to accept it? i have far too much passion. >> greg: you have to have short games and no one said let's play 3 out of 5 of monopoly.
8:55 pm
>> it's hard to get drunk and lose all your money. >> greg: kennedy, the study was sponsored by jan c >> or risk. >> i like sorry. >> greg: i haven't played that. >> it's an underrated board game and it's really fun and very competitive. it's quicker like you can be done like who wants a five hour game night? what if you have a wet blanket there? >> greg: i found it tedious tedious game i'm sorry, i didn't know you are like the king of monopoly. >> i take it very seriously. >> greg: what's your secret to playing monopoly? >> they secret is i always buy baltic and mediterranean. >> you're in deep! you're in deep! >> there the monopoly projects and people always land on them, so cheap to get a hotel on them and you will bankrupt people like them. >> greg: you're a sleazy landlord. >> i'm the slumlord of monopoly.
8:56 pm
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set your dvr every night so you never miss an episode. thank you, everyone. fox news with danny green next. i love you, america. hello and welcome to fox news. i'm shannon bream tonight in new york city. >> shannon: breaking tonight, we're learning more about the bombshell report that state department officials were allegedly warned not to pursue the covid investigation. we did into the report which former state officials have now confirmed. also breaking, a new report about


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