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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  May 26, 2021 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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♪ ♪ >> sean: all right, as as we wrap things up, music city usa, want to give our governors a big hand? [cheers and applause] unfortunately that's all the time we have the slip this evening, set your dvr so you never miss an episode. let not your heart be troubled. laura is next. ♪ ♪ >> laura: i'm laura ingraham, this is "the ingraham angle" from washington tonight. we have a lot to get to, senator tom cotton, lindsey graham are here along with newt gingrich, announcement there, and candace owens. plus, why some people will not get rid of their masks no matter what and arroyo drops his mask and a big way. he has that in "seen and unseen." but first, redefining and disarming america. that's the focus of tonight's angle. now, the hard-core left that now basically owns the democrat
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party has been hard at work for decades to redefine terms, concepts, and historical events all for one purpose, to redefine what america itself means and also to take away our freedom. thus, basic terms of, for instance a biology, are redefined. the factual classifications of male and female are continually expanded beyond sex to include dozens of gendered domain gender categories. >> my pronouns are she/her/hers. >> and committed to doing the absolute most to protect black mothers come protect black-birthing people. >> laura: the term illegal alien or even illegal immigrant is branded xenophobic even when it's factual. >> no human being is a legal area we are all children of god. >> what you cannot do is to label a person illegal. >> there is no such thing as an
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illegal human. [applause] >> laura: don't you miss her candidacy? now, the term racism is redefined and thrown around casually, supplement it with adjectives like "systemic" and "structural." >> most white people are oblivious to systemic racism and inequality, simply because they don't experience it every single day of their lives. >> laura: sometimes them in english and language is designed to excuse and eventually to normalize aberrant behavior. were member back in 1999 when a popular president obliterated the boundaries of english and even managed to redefine the present tense of the verb "to be." >> to say there is no sex of any kind, any manner -- utterly false, is that correct? >> it depends upon what the
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meaning of the word is. >> laura: how we ever recovered from that one statement is beyond mr. lecter all these years. fast-forward to the present a language [speaking non-english language] collation directly impacting our second amendment rights. biden's nominee to head the atf unwittingly revealed how democrats have used language to deprive us of basic freedoms when senators today pinned him down. >> do you believe in banning assault weapons? >> i do, sir. >> okay, define assault weapons. >> assault weapons would be something that members of congress would define. >> how do you define it? you're going to be running the agency. >> senator, the bill to ban assault weapons -- there's no way i could define an assault weapon. >> give me your definition. >> i can give you one definition. >> if you won't answer my question, how can i vote for you? i'm done, mr. chairman.
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i don't think i'm going to get an answer. >> laura: one senator tom cotton got his shot, he at a bull's-eye. >> can you tell me what is an assault weapon? how would you define it if you are the head of the atf, how would you defined it over the last several years as a gun-control advocate? >> i know there's a demand letter 3 program which requires multiple reports. atf in that program has defined an assault rifle as any semiautomatic rifle capable of accepting a detachable magazine above the caliber of .22, which would include a .2 to three, which is largely the ar-15 rounds. >> i'm amazed that that might be the definition of assault weapon. that would basically cover every single blotting sporting rifle in america today. >> laura: that's all. but look, language matters and the term "assault weapon" itself is made up and meaningless. it's just meant to scare people into thinking they should be banned and no matter what
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democrats say, it will be use to justify an eventual confiscation of guns in america. >> senator feinstein's bill i'm a witch or super majority of senators voted against in a democratic senate, you said that bill didn't go far enough. >> senator feinstein's bill did not address those firearms that are currently in the possession of americans. those firearms could be treated under the nsa and regular that way. >> you don't want to just make it illegal to sell those rifles but you want to actively have government go after the people who currently possess firearms and if they don't register and submit to all of the onerous restrictions of the national firearms act, presumably confiscate their weapons? >> i prefer a system where the ar-15 and other assault weapons are regulated under the national firearms act. >> laura: does that comfort you? biden has pretended to be a
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moderate on gun rights but he has surrounded himself with radicals like that guy who publicly ridicule gun owners. >> they might think that they are diehard, ready to go, but unfortunately they are more like [indiscernible] and they're putting themselves and their families in danger. hide it behind the cans of team a and beef jerky that you have stored in a cabinet and, you know, only bring that out if the zombies start to appear. >> laura: the zombie apocalypse, that's the only reason people own guns. it's obvious that this guy who is representing joe biden's views does not believe in the second amendment does not believe that americans should be trusted with guns, period. we know what this means, what it's going to look like, right? only criminals will have guns and innocent people will be at risk. all of the country, left-wing cities are being destroyed right now by crime. new york, chicago, baltimore,
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minneapolis. california has among the toughest gun laws in the nation. the assault weapons ban and get a deranged man still shot and killed eight people they are in san jose. so the left's position on guns is not only unconstitutional, it's utter madness, especially when combined with their hatred of the police. so wherever the left ends up gaining power, criminals and up being emboldened and good people find themselves in more danger. it's tragic that so many people in our cities have fallen prey to the left's lies and they blame their problems on the honest gun owners of this country. we have to keep doing everything we can to alert the good people of crime-ridden cities who live there that there is a better way. but in the meantime, the g.o.p. and every sane democrat must steadfastly resist any effort to promote the left's pro-crime
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agenda. the positions they're taking our contrary to our constitution. they are immoral and they are insane. no matter what democrats say, how they try to make light language and hide the truth, we ought to recognize the reality. they want to take all privately owned guns in the country and prevent americans from owning guns ever again. that is there true position and it has been since the 1960s and we have to resist it with everything we've got because once our freedoms are lost, they are very difficult to regain and that's "the angle." joining me now is one of those you saw, arkansas senator tom cotton. senator, conservatives get mocked when they claim that the left wants a massive gun grab in the united states, but i think this testimony today showed us that's exactly where we are.
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>> yeah, laura, that's exactly what david shipman or joe biden want, they want to confiscate virtually all modern sporting rifles in america. i asked david shipman, a notorious gun grabber, a very supple question. he said he wants an assault weapons ban so i said what is an assault weapon and you can answer it, laura, and the reason he couldn't answer it as there is no such thing as an assault weapon. it's a term made up by liberal lawyers and posters in washington were trying to scare americans into acquiescing into gun confiscation. he did however in the exchange at one moment say something very illuminating and very troubling. he said that he would define it may be as any rifle with a detachable magazine that has a 22 round or larger. that would be almost every modern sporting rifle in america. we are not talking about millions of firearms, we're talking about tens of millions of firearms that joe biden's atf nominee wants to outlaw and confiscate. >> laura: well, we fed the
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white house press secretary jen psaki, senator, trying to convince us that the way to keep things safe in america is not to, you know, honor the police and try to work with them, there's another path. watch. >> i would say certainly there is a guns problem that is something the president would say and our communities where local violence and community violence is an issue and that's one of the reasons we have proposed and are now implementing funding for community violence prevention programs across the country. >> laura: community violence prevention program. senator, i think they have that in minnesota right now, how is that working out? >> yeah, what we have, laura, in this country is a crime problem. the democrats have been waging a war on the police for years. now joe biden has made that joe biden's war on the police. look, there is no greater champion for the police than i. we should respect them, we
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should esteem them, we should support their work, we should give them more training, more resources. however, when seconds count, the police are only minutes away. that's why so many americans have firearms. to protect themselves, to protect their families inside their homes. >> laura: also, just moving to another topic for a moment. we keep hearing dribs and drabs coming out about the attempt to purge our military of extremists, but it's pretty clear on how this has gone down what they really mean is a political purge of the u.s. military of anyone who perhaps voted for president trump, concert to conservative leanings, how concerned are you about this and why should republicans give another scent g to a pentagon that seems to be , airmen, and any other branches of the government? >> i am worried about some of the political correctness that
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has entered into our military. including the senior flight officer rank. i encourage people to contact my offense wow office, they've been exposed to this kind of training that says one race is in her own privileged or other races are and hurriedly victimized, we got good feedback. some people are sending in their concerns. i want to say again tonight, if you're out there anywhere around the world and you're worried that you're not focused on training to fight and we make our country's wars but rather to be indoctrinated along the lines that the democrats are proposing in congress so often, please contact my office so we can actually do something about it in the congress. >> laura: great to see you, thank you so much for holding mr. chipman's see some fire on this. less than 24 hours, the biden administration went from dismissing the need for the u.s.-led covid origins investigation to kind of green lighting one. >> the president believes there needs to be an independent investigation, one that's run by the international community.
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>> today the president asked the intelligence community to redouble their efforts to collect and analyze information that could bring us closer to a definitive conclusion into a report back to him in 90 days. >> laura: well, don't pop open the champagne yet. there's a little catch. >> if it turns out that covid-19 originated from some sort of a lab in china, with the president seek to punish china? >> we're not going to go there just yet. we have to go through the 90 day review and once we have the 90 day review we will be able to reassess. >> laura: why 90 day review? why not 100? wasn't it 100 days for masks? what are the chances that the intel community, the very same deep state that spent all of those years -- which a conclusion that upsets china? here with me now, senator lindsey graham from south carolina. senator -- and of course the international community,
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whatever that means, is going to hold china accountable? where is that ever happening? what about the u.s. of a. doing investigation? >> well, number one, there's not a snowball's chance in hell that the chinese will cooperate with anybody unless we make them. your last guest, tom cotton, was right about the wuhan lab probably more than anybody else so we are going to introduce sanctions very soon against china and if they don't cooperate with the international community and we are going to sanction china until they do and it's up to biden to lead the world, so this is the biggest test of president biden in his early presidency. he has the chance now to bring china to heal. he needs to rally the world around the idea we are going to hold them accountable for what happened we are going to find out about what happened. if they don't help us, we are going to sanction them. >> laura: the shocking exchange today between senator kennedy, your colleague, and fauci. and i think people are going to see how little we actually seem to know, or at least he claims
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to know about how china spends our money. watch. >> you gave the money and you said don't do gain a function research. >> correct. >> and they said we won't. >> correct. >> and you have no way of knowing whether they did or not, except you trust them. is that right? >> well, we generally always trust them to do what they say. >> how do you know do the research and not put it on their website? >> there's no way of guaranteeing that. >> laura: senator, why are we sending money to the ccp's level for lab that's already had accidents, already had leakage there. why would we ever have done this ever? >> that's a good question, but here's the question for the world: where did the virus come from? did it come from a lab in china gimmick >> laura: yes. >> if it does that matters a
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lot. how do you get china to cooperate? you have to put pressure on china. it was the strongest nation on the planet is the united states. if president biden does not work with the congress to put sanctions on china to make sure they cooperate with international community, then china is going to get away with it. so right now you see a week, ineffective response by the biden administration, members of the house in the senate, republicans and democrats, give the president the tools to bring china to the table so we can find out what the hell happen to make sure it never happens again. >> laura: we have three hunted 70,000 chinese students in the united states, the last count w. we are educating china here. harvard, yale, other institutions have university offices, campuses in china. we didn't do that with the soviet union, did we, senator graham? we didn't have that type of intimate, economic dependency with the soviet union and we were able to bring them to heal.
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but what about this? >> with got a [indiscernible] when it comes to china. at least the by demonstration does. the chinese communist party crushes christianity. they put the uighurs in concentration camps. they are oppressing the entire neighborhood, threatening taiwan every day. this is the third pandemic to come out of china, the third one. have they paid a price for anything? no, not really, so i want to give president biden tools to push back against china the question is will he do it? is a capable of doing it? gimmick >> laura: it didn't sound like it today in the white house briefing room. the 90 days has -- what? we just all sounds -- it all sounds very complacent. senator, we will stay on this, thank you so much. and to win the future, trump and the g.o.p. are looking to the man who led the republican revolution of the '90s. newt gingrich is here with his new contract with america and
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♪ ♪ >> laura: in order to take the country back from the radical left in 2022, the g.o.p. needs to put forward a really ambitious, positive, and
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unabashedly pro-america agenda. and for months, the angle has been telling you those exact policies in order to help them win. to end all covid restrictions that remain, forget the mask mandates, stop the out-of-control spending, keep taxes low, get rid of critical race theory, support law enforcement, secure the border. well, sounds a lot like a new contract with america that donald trump is working on with my next guest, former house speaker newt gingrich. he added another pillar to politico. he said it should be positive school choice, teaching american history for real, abolishing the 1619 project, limited and critical race theory, we should say bring it on. newt gingrich, former speaker of the house, fox news contributor joins me now. why is now the time to resurrect a blueprint, an idea of a blueprint that you launched nearly 30 years ago, it's hard to believe. >> i know, it is hard to
7:24 pm
believe. well, look, i think that the radical left has given us an enormous gift. working with a number of pollsters, we found out that in fact john mclachlan in particular, there are over 30 issues were 75 or 85% of the american people agree and these are issues where the left is totally opposed. school choice for example, is a 72 or 74% positive with both black and latino families will realize that the current school system simply isn't serving them. a number of other places -- after all this talk about racism and racial division, by 91-5, the american people prefer reverend martin luther king's proposition that he cared about the content of your character, not the color of your skin. that's like 91-5. you find that in terms of
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dismissing this corrupt politicians bill and insisting that you know who's voting that you can identify them -- and 88% issue. and i think a part of the problem is republicans don't appreciate the power of describing a better future, not just attacking the sick present. so i think there are things we can do, the ones you mentioned are exactly in the right direction. you know, biden wants to raise taxes -- 75% of the american people want to lower taxes. you can't sustain -- if we are competent, if we learn the arguments, if we are prepared to be disciplined, we continually focus on the future. we are going to build an american majority that is bigger than the republican party and we are going to shrink the radicals to about 15 or 16%. that's what margaret thatcher did, that's what ronald reagan
7:26 pm
did. >> laura: you pointed this out, and you've done this in practice, its focus on the education of our young people. what is happening in our public and private schools in the teaching of history and the obsession with race in all subject matter from this? summer reading lists of schools, to the curriculum in the fall. this is populated by garbage contemporary literature, which is poorly written and poorly conceived, and it teaches her kids to dislike each other, not to come together, but to dislike each other and distrust each other. you're onto something. telling you, so many mothers are coming up to me today complaining about this very thing today. >> you're exactly right. look, i think in places, for example, like fairfax county -- >> laura: horrible. >> supposedly a blue county. you go around the county and ask parents how they feel about dumbing down education, how they feel about bringing in racism,
7:27 pm
we've got to be straight and we got to be as clear and as strong in our language as the radical left is. the radical left is the most racist group in america and we need to say that and take it head-on and we need to not be intimidated by the elite media who are all sucked into this baloney and frankly are increasingly out of touch with the american people. the american people talk to themselves and they build an understanding and there is, i think, hurricane coming of anti-left-wing, antiradical, antiracist views where people are just going to say nonsense. either close the schools, fire the people, break up the teachers union, but get rid of all of this effort to brainwash our children and for that matter to brainwash the military, to brainwash [indiscernible]. it is pathetic but it takes the conservatism that is articulate, prepared and understands where
7:28 pm
the fights ought to be if you really want to build a huge american majority. >> laura: this is absolutely necessary. next year in 2024 has to be overwhelming, there's no mistake we are not going back to this nonsense again. i cannot wait to see your blueprint part 2. the second chapter of the contract with america. by the way, to newt's point, one of the reasons the new contract with america could pay dividends with the g.o.p. is because the absolute insanity, of course, that we just described from the left and case in point, just days ago, brandeis university assistant dean king slater, who is white, went on an instagram screenwriting "yes all white people are racist and that all white people have been conditioned in a society where one's racial identity determines wife expenses, outcomes, and whiteness is the norm and the default, that includes me." she was quick to clarify however that she doesn't hate white people, just white men.
7:29 pm
while, that disgusting, stupid display was followed up by that racial arsonist marc lamont hill who was asked a loaded question of journalist chris rufo. >> what you like about being white? if such an amorphous term, it's like a census term -- >> can you do me a favor, indulge me. name some thing positive that you believe is positive about being white. >> again, i don't buy into the framework that the world can be reduced into his metaphysical categories of whiteness and blackness. i think that's wrong. >> laura: joining in now, candace owens, host of the show "candace." now i'm a lamont hills of the world are propelling the g.o.p. to massive victory if they play their cards right and 2022. this is insanity. >> it's alarming first and foremost because he has a tenured professor and i think -- this is a tenured professor that is saying this and i want to say that newt is correct in saying we have to use stronger terms
7:30 pm
here and tell the truth. the left right now is segregationist. we need to start saying that over and over again, they are the party of segregation, that is what they are calling for. they are obsessed with race, they want your children to know they are either oppressed or privileged and by the way, talk about people to appeal to. we live in a country that is largely biracial. can you imagine what it's like for me as a biracial child who is being told that your child is going to be literally taught in the school system that they are either half oppressed or have privileged? there's most for these people. i believe that you are correct, laura, when you say that this is where we get education. we need to stop the conversation -- yes it's important, the lower tax or gimmick, but it's not the argument that's heading home when you talk about what's happening inside the school system. everybody cares about their children. they understand what's going on. this "pick your gender, the transgender that's going on and most important and most potently telling children they need to see race everywhere at the same time you are not telling them to focus on hard academics. we are not teaching engineering
7:31 pm
and bath anymore, we are teaching critical race theory. that is the most important element and that is because what they want to do is water down the education system to produce dumber kids because number kids, you can almost guarantee they're going to become servants to the government. they will end up on welfare because they have no practical skills. >> laura: another data point, candace, ahead of 2022, americans are increasingly turning on black lives matter because the movement's favorability rating is down from 61% right after the floyd killing, to just 48% today. i guess stoking a violent crime wave is not exactly the way, i guess, to win support, candace. >> that's exec the right. black lives matter as an organization that has led to more black deaths. they said it was done in the name -- these riots and these protests -- in the name of george floyd with a long criminal record and what actually ended up happening was that black neighborhoods burned, black men and black women were killed during these riots and black people were arrested, so really just lead to more devastation for black people.
7:32 pm
some of us have the courage to call this out early on. people are now seeing what this means, less policing doesn't mean that nothing is going to happen in the neighborhood, does not go into by police. what it means is that the gangs are going to rise up and take the space of police officers. we've seen this story in america before and i personally think that if republicans don't have the courage to call the stuff outcome own of the biggest issues that we are facing is republicans are scared to be called racist. stop being fearful to be called racist when you are not resist and you are looking at the person that is actually a racist and is a segregationist and that is the left, that is the democratic party and that is our republicans were not going forward because people are saying exactly was going on. >> laura: we started the show with "the angle" about how the left redefines basic terms from male, female, to the scientific terms, going back to the meaning of the word, and now racism, so you can't be racist unless you are white. you can't feel racism unless you're nonwhite.
7:33 pm
how does -- that doesn't make any sense at all. >> that sentence is in itself racist, right? what is the definition of racism? when you assign a bunch of attributes to a group of people because of the color of their skin. so when you say you can't do this because you're black or you can't do this because you're white, that is the literal definition of racism. like i said, we need to start talking specifically about the segregationist policies that the left is attempting to implement amongst children. children of the united issue. the left and the white wants to make sure that we protect our children, the democrats don't want to do that anymore. they want to turn children into victims, victims that the government can control. candace, thank you, so good to see you tonight. >> laura: a spoiled royal rips off his mask while others just can't let their skull. raymond arroyo explained that, "seen and unseen" next. - thanks for telling me everyone 12 and older is eligible for the covid-19 vaccine.
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♪ ♪ >> laura: it's time for our "seen and unseen" segment where
7:39 pm
we unpacked the cultural stories of the day and for that we turn to fox news contributor raymond arroyo. all right, raymond, this segment could be called "overexposed and underexposed" tonight. >> let's start with the overexposed. prince harry and oprah winfrey are promoting their apple plus series, laura. the "me you can't see" but it's more like the me you can't stop seeing. harry divulges all sorts of personal details and insecurities in the name of restoring his mental health and casting his wife, meghan markle, as a victim. >> history was repeating itself. my mother was chased to her death while she was in a relationship with someone that wasn't white. it was incredible triggering to potentially lose another woman in my life. i was ashamed to go to my family because, to be honest with you, i know that i'm not going to get from my family what i need.
7:40 pm
>> laura, i'm all for mental health and people seeking help if they need it but this is gratuitous over sharing that trades on his title and blames the royal family and everyone else for all of his problems. it also leads to another mental health problem, narcissism. >> laura: it's like what i need, what i -- i don't know. it's supposed to be a life of service, right? and he did serve in the military and it was kind of like terry but i think he seems to have gotten off track, raymond. i feel bad. feel bad for him. but you can't be piling on your family every five seconds. >> all of this is cut is an ad for therapy which megan apparently encouraged harry to pursue. even demonstrates the eye movement desensitization he uses to deal with anxiety. watch. >> back to that picture, the
7:41 pm
negative thoughts, and helpless and so you feel in your body and just notice what comes up. >> laura, apparently this therapy has been around for a while. it was it was popularized in the country of wakonda and notably in the 1990s. ♪ ♪ ["the macarena" place] >> here's the real problem with this thing, laura. we are making light of it but the reality of this is it's great that you are pursuing mental health, but we don't need to know all of the gratuitous details of your mental health struggles anymore than we need to know about your colon health struggles. this public confession, it's just not hopeful. >> laura: what also they going to do, they have to come up with original content, raymond. this is all they have. they tell me how you feel, no,
7:42 pm
no, tell me how you feel. i feel -- you feel -- it looks like this is turning into an extended series. and prince harry have announced some, what, town hall follow-up? oh, my god, more revelations? this is the gift that we don't want to keep giving. >> after they divulge every intimacy and personal hang up, we know where this is headed, laura, the meghan and harry reality show. can't be far off sucking up to the sussex's. it's already in preproduction as we speak. >> laura: that's a good graphic, i like that. and while the renegade royals put everything out there, others are having problems shedding, raymond, their masks. >> you bet. talk about psych logical ham ups. there are whole swaths of people, vaccinated people, unwilling to part with their covid masks. >> would you wear a mask insidee the grocery store still? >> i am still --
7:43 pm
>> for me personally, i'm going to continue to wear a mask in public and i'm going to encourage others to do so. >> i'm working on a team here and there's one person on the team was not vaccinated. i'm wearing a mask around that person. >> laura, this is like continuing to use the crutches month after the leg has already healed. i don't understand. it really is amazing. some recent pieces are also mind-blowing when you read them. nbc is reporting no one can tell you to smile when you don't feel like it. it gives you will break from wearing a mask from putting on makeup and provides a degree of anonymity. it's called human life, welcome back to it. this is absurd. >> laura: if you just walk around with adult diaper, you don't have to wear pants, right? i don't know if that analogy works perfectly. >> i'm going to have to follow up on that one. >> laura: i have to work on that, raymond. >> i know we are going with it. it is like you've got a head wound and you keep putting
7:44 pm
bandages on. >> laura: raymond, it's a security blanket and also, i am more virtuous than you are because i have my mask. i cling to it as joe biden clung to his, tried to fiddle with it every 5 minutes. >> to all of those who are having mask separation anxiety, perhaps they should try the prince harry, let's all do it together. there you go. and look, if this doesn't bring peace, at least it will promote social distancing, people won't come near you. >> laura: that's always tragic. thank you, i guess, still working on my analogy. last night we brought you the impassioned police from parents in virginia demanding their school district stopped forcing critical race theory down their kids throats and into their minds. tonight we're going to show you video of what happened when blm showed up and we will speak to one of the parents who was actually there, next.
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♪ ♪ >> laura: last night we shared video of loudoun county virginia parents tearing into their school districts for pushing critical race theory on their kids. but we didn't show you what the black lives matter protesters showed up to shout those parents down. >> somebody disagrees with
7:50 pm
vertical race theory, you're considered a racist, which is really not the case. there is no distinction, either forward or against it, if you're against and you're automatically a racist. and that's not doing society any good, none of us any good. >> that's exactly what racism is buried >> laura: joining in our two parents fighting against crt in their schools. ian pryor, and nikki neely, president and founder of parents defending education. ian, let's start with you, you spoke at that news conference, so what happened after the blm crew -- it wasn't all that bad, but they showed up. what happened? >> there were about four of them, you know, local blm activists. we actually refer to them as chardonnay antifa out there but right before we were about to start a press conference you had these folks come in with their banner and actually physically occupy the space that we had set up in order to conduct the press conference and then when the parents -- and these parents are dedicated parents that have been working every day, all day to go out there and get petitions to recall the school board.
7:51 pm
and when they started speaking, these folks, they didn't want to hear from them. all they wanted to do is disrupt, continually interrupt, harass them and call them racist. eventually we were able to get the press conference going and then when we were done, with the exception of one individual, all the rest of them just left. you know, they didn't take the time to talk to the press, they didn't take the time to put their views out there. all they want to do is disrupt and silenced the opposition. >> laura: what do you think would have happened if you all tried that little routine with black lives matter press conference? >> we would be all over the mainstream media, for starters. which strangely -- you know, it's where to find "the washington post" and a lot of these other d.c.-based outlets not covering this. it's a total mystery to me. >> laura: well, democrat candidates for virginia lieutenant governor abated last night and they did touch on critical race theory, particularly york county. sean perryman said critical race theory is not even being taught in our schools, it's a
7:52 pm
republican dog whistle, meaning racist, where anything they disagree with is critical race theory. is that true? they plain it's not even present, it's not even a factor. >> that's absolutely nonsense. we have actually invoices from the equity collaborative in california to loudoun county public schools in virginia where they say teaching teachers and coaching teachers on critical race theory. >> laura: writes. >> they talk about culturally responsive learning. you don't have to spend too much time on a google screen to understand that culturally responsive learning is the educational tool to implement critical race theory concepts. they are trying to gaslight people. they realized they were on the losing end of this debate and they are trying to explain and you know what the thing when you're explaining you're losing, and we are certainly feeling momentum in loudoun county, we've got hundreds of parents that are committed to recalling the school board and getting kids and education in things like math, science, reading, you know, typical things you want your kids to learn to be able to succeed in life.
7:53 pm
>> laura: nicki, "washington post" columnist christine and buck, she's out there defending critical race theory saying calls for rachel account ability can feel like an attack when you're not ready to acknowledge your behavior when that of your ancestors has harmed others. that's what our children apparently should be steeped in is -- especially if they came from other countries, which many of the families from loudoun county are from other countries. nothing to do with slavery, nothing to do with -- they weren't even in this country, but they are supposed to be steeped in all of this to learn what, that america is an awful, rotten, racist country. how is that educating our kids? >> of course, we are supposed to be paying for the sins of our fathers. my grandparents were forced into an internment camp but i'm not chasing after a bunch white people. certainly we can teach american history better but we should not be trying to shame and degrade children, particularly at a time and mental health in children who have been out of school and many part of the country for,
7:54 pm
you know, coming on 15 months at this point, to tell them that they are bad people because of the color of their skin, because of immutable characteristics. it's sick, it's emotional abuse and that's where we see people around the country standing up just like ian is doing, just like other people around the rest of the country -- >> laura: it takes guts. it takes guts, both of you. it takes courage and your being on the show tonight and you're doing what you're doing every day on this issue, you're inspiring people across the country and his movement is growing and we are going to keep covering it. thank you for doing what you're doing. and the ap lying about january 6th. what about january 6th? i'm going to explain it in a moment.
7:55 pm
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may lead to dehydration which may worsen kidney problems. wake up to what's possible with rybelsus®. ♪ please don't take my sunshine away ♪ you may pay as little as $10 per prescription. ask your healthcare provider about rybelsus® today. ♪ ♪ >> laura: last month president biden described the january 6 why it is the worst attack on our democracy since the civil war. well, [indiscernible] going in further calling at the worst attack on the capital in more than 200 years. really? what about one marxist terrorists detonated a bomb
8:00 pm
inside the capital in '71 or that '54 shooting of five members of congress by puerto rican nationalists? january 6th was terrible and criminals have been apprehended. but let's not say it's on par with actual terrorist attacks. that's all the time we have for tonight. greg gutfeld takes it all from here. >> i that in such good response from people, it's been so much fun doing it. >> california is the fifth largest economy in the world. it's bigger than russia. >> a lot to figure out. >> thank you for your time today. >> our person studio guest since covid. making history. >> history right here, i love this! >> nice to see you again in person. nice to see both of you. >> greg: what the hell? that's not the first woman bill hemmer has stolen from me. [cheers and applause]


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