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tv   The Next Revolution With Steve Hilton  FOX News  May 23, 2021 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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things you may not know, month who is behind it and the enemies behind it. we need to know that if we are going to defeat it. in the last chapter of the book i explain what you can do. we need to push back. i will see you next time on "life, liberty & levin." steve: good evening everyone welcome to "the next revolution" the profamily pro- community and pro- america did you see this when the vice president this week? get vaccinated or wear a mask until you do. how is that acceptable way for an elected leader to speak to people? biden as well get vaccinated or wear a mask until you do both of them issuing adx like
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to do they think they are? who do they think we are? where i came from they are subjects this is america. we are citizens. we now officially includes me. we the people have the power not you issuing commands that is the whole point of america it's not king biden it is mr. president. it is in the constitution we the people have the power can somebody explain it to the democrats and bureaucrats and technocrats who have taken our power away somebody explain it to kamala harris with her proclamations they treat us like fools who cannot think for ourselves with listen to bidens and masks. >> you can protect yourself from serious illness of covid by getting vaccinated or wear the mask until you are fully vaccinated either way you are protected.
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steve: what is he talking about? comparing the protection from the vaccine from a mask? that is absurd how does that help persuade people to get vaccinated? listen to this ludicrous technocrat hhs from california explaining why he's waiting until the middle of june to follow the cdc mask guidance. >> and no way to say the science or the direction of the cdc is wrong or a challenge to it, it's really just giving ourselves additional time to have it implemented with a high degree of integrity. steve: implemented? what is there to implement? you just take off your mask. meanwhile lord fauci says were too stupid to understand the
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guidance we are misinterpreting it saying we are confused from the guy who first said not to wear a mask then told us to wear goggles and wear a mask everywhere indoors except your own home what are we doing? putting up the micromanagement of our lives. now they are knocking on your door pushing the vaccine all the busybodies poking their nose at your personal choice in dallas it is the actual army sending out people from the military to vaccinate and they are bragging about it in texas. in california now they are making every business large or small even nonprofits ask every employee if they have had the vaccine and then keep a record if anyone refuses to answer they have to assume they haven't been and make them wear a mask if the business refuses, it is a $5000 fine per violation per day. what is this?
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eastern europe under communism any public official other than fauci himself was done more damage than this california public health director she is the first to impose a lockdown you can bet that schemas coming to you. we have to stand up to the maniacs with the unjustified pseudoscientific authoritarianism. now fauci says unvaccinated kids must wear masks in the fall. what cruelty or what inhumanity? felt she once mask apartheid unvaccinated children stigmatized a child showing their face to their friends is now a privilege according to the sarah get monster there is no science behind this or data. a new study found remote learning increased covid-19 rates. no correlation between mask
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wearing and infection rates at all. you know where we are headed. schools mandating the vaccine for kids. last week i asked about that should schools require it for children when they reopen in the fall? >> absolutely not. it's not necessary to keep the teacher safe they are already safe they are vaccinated already they are already at low risk from the disease. steve: there should be a parent revolution if they try to do this. already people are stripping them of the power they seize last week pennsylvanians voted to impose new limits on those emergency powers and legislatures finally are standing up to take back power that never should've been c's. california new york, michigan. it's not easy because once you lose power is incredibly hard to take it back. look at what we have allowed these autocrats to get away with since last march. daytona beach harassing
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residents with police drones to enforce stay-at-home orders. in venice beach and outdoor state park to promote social distancing. new york city threatening to storm religious gatherings in the name of public safety. they shut down outdoor dining for struggling restaurants in los angeles while allowing catering to hollywood productions a few feet away. none of that was about science or data or public health it was power to show youth who is in charge. enough. we must fight back from those autocrat's in the technocrats in the heartless bureaucrats in those bumbling public health officials who have been wrong, wrong, wrong since day number one that point this puffed up politicians who love the sound of their own voice and you cannot stand the thought of no longer being the center of attention with their endless self regarding press conferences that want their power trip to go on forever.
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it is time to take back control. we are citizens not subjects. these are our rights not theirs. this is our power. not theirs. we have along a proud tradition to not obey unjust laws the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing if they fight back, if they come for your business fight back if they come for your children, you must fight back. if we all stand together we are more powerful than they are. united we will defeat them. now let's bring in our guest fox news legal analyst and fox news contributor and never let a crisis go to waste, great to see you also fox news
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contributor jason chafetz. great to see you all. they finally admitted the virus is spread through aerosols not droplets so that 6 feet social distancing is not based on the justification now they have made clear everyone who has been fully vaccinated is at no risk or incredibly low risk incredibly protected no public health justification therefore to discriminate against unvaccinated people and all the rules that go with that. so people are talk about civil disobedience so what is the legal basis for people who want to push back on these rules and regulations? that is so clearly not based on public health justification.
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>> in my judgment the best way is through lawsuits. i suspect there will be lawsuits filed against santa clara county where you are over this mandatory tracking rule that has been ordered by the county health official and others. based on violation of civil liberties and rights to privacy. some people have suggested that asking the question have you been vaccinated in the workplace is a violation of hipaa. it is not that applies to providers but not employers it's not considered to be a medical exam under the law. so then the question becomes can an employer ask such a question? they can as long as they don't ask the reason why. that would be a clear violation of the right to privacy. but there is no law that says an employer cannot asked the
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question and moreover a law that says the employer cannot force employees to get the vaccine. in 19 oh five us supreme court considered a case in the ruling said a state can require vaccinations so it follows the employer can do the same thing provided they make an accommodation for disabilities and religion and individuals who may have the immuno problem to take a vaccine. they also have to make sure the vaccine is readily available to employees. so i suspect this will be litigated it will take a long time for the result. steve: what is the actual process? so way business if applied in another part of the country a business has to bring a legal
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challenge to the employer? do we see conservative legal groups to take a test case? what can happen? >> you may see both but an outside group would bring it on behalf of an employer who objects to capitulating with the mandatory tracking rule. again, they have to wait to be sanctioned by santa clara county where the punishment of a 2500-dollar fine and then every other violation that mounts. so only then could they bring about an action against santa clara county. we have to weigh in cs santa clara county actually enforces they are new rule. steve: from your past experience they are just down the road from me i'm not holding my breath they would announce it and let it go so we are looking for an employer to refuse to do it and then
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get the fine and then bring a lawsuit. can you quickly ask about the school situation? legally speaking? if you are apparent in the fall comes around and everything i am seeing suggesting they will be requiring the vaccination for kids before they can go back to school in the normal way and participate in normal schooling, what legal recourse to parents have their? >> they could bring a lawsuit contesting it and make a very good argument that frankly without the vaccine schools are among the safest places in the nation. and sarah cody issued the order originally the health official in santa clara county that led to the spread of lockdowns enclosures that ruined lives and livelihoods and for example the closure of schools was not based on
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science. she refused to dive old any science behind the decision that she made. then we found out later schools are relatively safe. think of all the damage that was done to school-age children not just in education but acute anxiety disorder depression and drug abuse and suicide. it has been tragic i don't view her as the heroic figure that many do. i see her as a villain. steve: i totally agree and as we reported, the entire lockdown plan is something she took off the shelf and develop that in partnership with others locally as a response after 9/11 to a potential bioterrorism attack it is a totally different plan for a completely different situation off-the-shelf reply into this regardless of the facts of the disease and the entire country copied it. so i am very caught up.
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[laughter] of course we are happy the vaccination rate is so high things are opening up have been for a long time in florida but as we move forward it seems the government will not let go and want this to go on forever. >> it is about fear and striking fear into the populace to the point where nobody knows what to do. should i wear a mask or not? if i go to the grocery store today require me to wear a mask? i have to tell you i was vaccinated. my child has not. making that very public. i don't know what we will do about that. it is a very personal decision for parents. because this vaccination came so quickly. our children are not susceptible to this virus unlike others we have seen
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children to be very susceptible. they are not even giving us the chance to stage it through it's like they try to strike fear into the hearts of everyone and listen to what greg says we didn't even have an opportunity to ask the right questions or to say what is going on? what about the variant? what about the vaccination? how does this affect our children? now we don't know what to do when we go out. the american public is fed up with people like sarah cody who don't follow the science and doctor fauci in the administration that is not forthright with the american people that is acting like a monarchy. steve: exactly. on the point of the children come of course it is true there are a tiny number proportionately of children who had been hospitalized very small numbers of course everyone is a tragedy but the balance of risk as we are
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pointing out last week the balance of the risk is off in a climate when you are instructing or coercing parents to vaccinate their children when the science and data does not supported or require that flu shots be given every year the hospitalization rates anyway i'm going on again. i just let my guess say something. jason. [laughter] >> i think whether principles that people tend to forget is a proper role of government that is to inform the public. we believe we get to make those decisions the government can provide the information. they have centers for disease control there is a lot of diseases they could get we could all not die driving down the freeway 80 miles out if we all drove 3 miles an hour that
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we put the warnings up there we put the speed limit up there and say we rather you not do this. there are consequences and they suffer the consequences but self-determination is the principal parents get to make those decisions. they get to make them for themselves and their kids. steve: exactly. if you give people the information come if you trust people and give them responsibility, they will behave responsibly. if you treat them like children as we have been then people will resist and fight back. that's when you don't get the compliance that they want to enforce rather than trusting us in the first place the new america i want to say that over and over great to see you thank you for your perspective is always. we will see you later. we want to hear from you. should schools have mask requirements for students? tell us on twitter. coming up conservatives are
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comcast is committing $1 billion to reach 50 million low-income americans with the tools and resources they need to be ready for anything. i hope you're ready. 'cause we are. steve: conservative action
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group from the new line campaign calls out from the ceos for their massive hypocrisy. >> i'm trying to appease the radical left it is political rather than hiring americans make he chose china and
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exploiting for labor coca-cola products is poisoning youth coca-cola stop poisoning our children. steve: that is what the wall street journal said when the ceo they have to expect to be treated like politicians themselves. so let's discuss that with sarah who is also the author and looking at this development we can to advance the cause of woke is him. >> these ceos are abusing their seat of corporate power of the marketplace of ideas that is a scary cities of corporate power of all i'm
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glad this group has taken the first step to call that out with the realm of public debate you are not incited from the consequences. i was part of the dinner with a bunch of founders somebody raise her hand and said ceo big bank would you ever want to be president? his retort was of course i want to be president just want to run for president everyone started to bust out laughing not only because it was so false but so true they want to be president through the backdoor they have to face the consequences. >> so if you think about what is happening in china the hypocrisy of these corporations nike for example
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that nike develops in china where we developed in an area where we have known that they are violating human rights with information coming out daily. that they are not held accountable so they have the smoke capitalism telling us how to live or what to support and giving us the system similar to what we have seen in china. that they are not held accountable for everything they are violating. and the american people are ostracized if they don't follow this social conditioning. that is what is really frightening. steve: a exactly it is virtue signaling what they hope outside of the awareness of the public so we talked about
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the idea of the way potentially people could fight back because i thought that was interesting. >> i'm happy to build on that so that woke this meets the supreme court test for a religion in 1964 says you cannot discriminate based on race or sex or religion or national origin that that means you cannot shove the religion down the throats of your employees like coca-cola or american airlines cannot bow them to the across they cannot bow on this temple but it does go one step further with the market power but then respect to the economy at large. so with the smoke ceos use those resources i have been a ceo in the past if they want
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to make a donation to their high school or temple they can do that but now they write a check to a new temple call black lives matter then it would to be to make to your religious temple as well so we begin to see there are legal consequences for their action they could bring sue and we ought to use the laws that we already have. >> i actually think that is brilliant and facebook came out to say they are not allowing blue lives matter because it's highly sensitive. you cannot have it one way and then say we should put a black lives matter is the organization on facebook
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because they cannot say blue lives matter and that something we need to look at as well. >> we have to fight back you can have the employees sitting shareholders and then with all of that that's a way to fight back and then to fight back over that wokeism. congress launches a seemingly endless series of investigations with any serious inquiries to the pandemic i will tell you why that's a huge mistake up next
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have you ever seen this before? she's so beautiful. janie, check this out. >come here. >>let me see. (chuckles) she looks...kind of like me. yeah. that's because it's your grandma when she was your age. oh wow. that's... that's amazing. oh and she was on the debate team. yeah, that's probably why you're the debate queen. >i'll take that. >>look at that smile. i have the same dimples as her. (laughter) yeah. >same placements and everything. >>unbelievable.
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solutions to help the people to make sure every child is raised in a stable loving home and schools that gave a great education giving people skills they need to earn a decent living so one of our flagship shows focus on sowing hate and division and smearing the republican party. listen to how they talk. >> trump can reassert his authority over the party. >> how do you explain that? >> trump supporters are ufo just inexplicable but actually trump for support is not inexplicable it's very easy to explain because you are also insufferable.
9:36 pm
>> i word like to see january 6. into the american mind as firmly as 9/11 because it was that scale of shock to the system. steve: and a reckless thing to say those thousand that died and how despicably hateful because the only reason he says this it is ludicrous to smear republicans that this is what they do. >> for the first time in my adult life, i felt frightened because i didn't know not know what else what happened that day. steve: really cracks the first time in your adult life you wouldn't know what happened that day? when planes flew into the twin towers and crashed in pennsylvania the president was wistar four hours you were not year not a scaredy-cat? >> i sent my staff home from a georgetown office out of fear. >> not your georgetown office
9:37 pm
it was that bad i don't know how you coped. >> children and grandchildren of immigrants who saw america as a beacon and a place of hope the halls of congress you got to vote and represent people's voices that is what happened here has to be understood and grappled with. steve: literally. you know it's bad when they start with literally. children and grandchildren yes. if you really cared about that we would see a little more compassion for the children and grandchildren of immigrants literally had their small businesses destroyed by the riots that your party and don last summer but you don't want an investigation into that because that doesn't help your political agenda. of course we should investigate the capital right it was terrible but there are
9:38 pm
multiple congressional investigations to in the senate and nine in the house and more than 400 criminal prosecutions except the unarmed young woman from my home state being killed for some strange reason they are not interested in that at all. the riots last summer killed over 30 with countless examples of democratic politicians inciting those riots the current vice president pushed instant bail for the writers should we investigate that? if we ever need a investigation what about killing more millions more than the right but it pandemic in our response. no. no investigation into that either because that would expose and implicate their heroes algae, cdc, democratic lockdown lunatics. it's obvious what you plan to do to smear trump supporters to bring back the old establishment republican party
9:39 pm
that nobody once except those sitting on george stephanopoulos table but was sarah carter, they are so obsessed with a capital right investigation and no interest at all looking into the origins of the pandemic. it is completely outrageous. >> not only outrageous but it makes no common sense not at all. millions of people dying around the world level five and level for facility in the wuhan lab facility. they are so many unanswered questions. very few journalist are asking the right questions and even during the beginnings of this pandemic, very few ask the right questions anyway. they avoided it altogether. when people like senator caught and came forward to say we need to investigate. we need to see what's happening in china and understand the origin of this virus, it was as if he was a
9:40 pm
conspiracy theorist. "the new york times" went after him. other established media went after him. now two weeks ago, doctor fauci was asked a specific question should there be an investigation? and ih which he was charged with was supposedly involved with the wuhan laboratory should there be an investigation into the coronavirus? and now he said yes. they cannot positively prove this virus just came from nature to transmit from an animal to a human. we have a ton of questions virologist all over the world asking for an investigation. we need an independent investigation. because this is just the beginning this is what happens with covid-19. what happens when something else occurs in the future or
9:41 pm
another incident or just a natural born illness? we need answers so we can prevent this from happening again. steve: you would think if have the slightest degree of actual responsibility to try to protect the public good, that is what they would be focused on. all the other practical issues that people want to be working on. but they push the political agenda. it is so depressing to see but you nailed it. thank you. (brother) hi sis! (sister) you're late! (brother) fashionably late. (sister) we can not be late. (brother) there's a road right there. (brother) that's a cat. wait, just hold madi's headpiece. (sister) no. seriously? (brother) his name is whiskers. (bride) what happened to you? whose cat is that? (brother) it's a long story. (sister) oh my gosh. (farmer) whiskers! there you are!
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steve: the largest item them
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president biden's infrastructure bill is a $213 billion proposal to federalize local housing regulations which is an all-out war and family homes yet another unconstitutional power grab by the federal government. have they read the tenth amendment? now we can see middle class centrist but now the front man for the far left agenda for over a century the left has pushed the idea of socialized collective housing the last great concrete boxes to store the worker just economic units to be managed from on high by the central planners. america was built on the opposite of that strong families and thriving communities that suburban
9:48 pm
sprawl but what it really means giving people what they want. their own home for their own space and own family. now he is waging war on that centerpiece of american life. i'm all for making housing more affordable by freeing of zoning restrictions, cutting the regulations that make it more expensive to build and bring more competition to the economy so they can earn more. instead he tries to bulldoze the family and the american dream. guess what kind of house he has? a 4-acre home on a lake in delaware which surprise like any sort of affordable housing of course he is a hypocrite. south carolina congresswoman is here to discuss this. i am all for affordable housing you are all for infrastructure but this is not the right way to go about it. >> absolutely not. president biden has done more
9:49 pm
damage in the first 100 days than i thought possible of his four years of his presidency. he's pushing the pelosi agenda if you look at the infrastructure package, then to see president biden retake civics one oh one. the federal government has no business telling local government how to zone that's why we elect mayors and city councils to run cities to help make housing more affordable and make decisions at a local level. as you have said in your opening the tenth amendment is there for a reason. it is called federalism and states have rights. steve: exactly. look what they are trying to push through. look at that infrastructure bill that they have made some concession it just seems like moving some piece of funding from one bill to another and then say we move toward the republicans. it is so dishonest the way they approach it. >> absolutely. from what i have heard nancy pelosi has taken over the transportation infrastructure committee they are not looking
9:50 pm
to work with republicans at all the already had to rename it the jobs plan because it had nothing to do with infrastructure. right behind the demand for federal housing is a $100 million for school lunches. i'm a single mom i want them to have good lunches but that has nothing to do with infrastructure. they have a problem on their hands right now. the only way to pay for is to have the largest tax hike in american history. that's the worst idea in the middle of a pandemic as businesses and families are suffering. steve: and the things that they list with infrastructure talk about funding for schools. even transportation. they were included in the bailout bills this last year the state and local governments have not even spent that money billions of dollars have not been spent now they want more. >> right. there has been no audit on what has been spent also about
9:51 pm
$174 billion for electric vehicles. i don't see that investment for our energy or infrastructure grid. we just had a cyberattack we have real problems in the country this should be 100 percent infrastructure. steve: exactly. you are there fighting for that. do you think there is any chance they will listen to your common sense approach quick. >> it's doubtful at this point with pelosi taking over the committee. republicans have met with the president multiple occasions. we put forth our own alternatives. the senate has in the ranking member has as well. it's falling on deaf ears. now there's ever a time to be a hawk on deficit spending it is now it is untenable for the
9:52 pm
future of the country for the future we cannot do that anymore. steve: exactly. the world needs to know that you are there you could be with us tonight thank you for being with us tonight. let's hear it from you what is your take? comment on twitter. coming up kamala harris with their own ethics at visionworks, we want you to feel safe and we want you to see yourself in your new glasses and think, "ooh!" but if you get home and your "ooh" is more of a "hmm..." you have 100 days to change your mind. that's the visionworks difference. visionworks. see the difference.
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democrat, nothing should surprise this during the lockdown, indoor dining and one from them and another group everyone else in here we are again. an unknown ethic pledge by keeping her in tax-advantaged after the campaigning alongside of joe biden to close these loopholes in an effort to increase transparency. in other political rivals, jason is back. when you think of this one. >> , steve, just because you make an ethics pledge, you're not a vice president of the united states, you don't need to do that and you know how busy kamala harris is printed she is now visiting the southern border. she's answering questions from the media about what is happening with the immigration crisis and she does not have time to actually disclose things
9:58 pm
and that they probably weren't going to do, come on steve. steve: i know, it is just like i said, we would and should not be surprised. i just thought actually that kamala harris, this one actually gets to the policies and is something that a lot of people should be concerned about. so if the biden is canceling pipelines in america because, but he is fine when it's prudent pipeline. and now we know why. we've had a million dollars just in a couple of months to push for the ending of sanctions the president trump good in on putin's pipeline. >> he was hours into the biden and harris presidency when they canceled the keystone pipeline because they said they wanted to save the planet but when it comes to content and is pipeline, oh yes, let's go for it is get all of the approval
9:59 pm
you need to make sure that you can do that. especially with some of those people who are all being, they just happen to be donors to the biden campaign. and that is happened to me donors to the biden super pac. i'm sure that's just a coincidence as well steve. steve: this is what is some discussing about it is that they sort of lecture has endlessly about democracy and values and all of the rest of it and that they behave like this. >> the first time they had an ethics violation under the biden administration is that you can't compare with the media may be fired immediately. and then somebody does that and they don't fire him. the median does not treat them fairly predict the these people accountable. donald trump provided 100 percent of the financial requirements and yet you would've thought he violated the law but he did not. in here kamala harris is not even adding up to the ethic standards that she promised was going to do.
10:00 pm
c1 exactly well put in the final part of it of course is the media could not care less and doesn't cover it although we always do and thank you for being with us jason and thank you for watching. forget to set your tv on the scene next sunday. when the next revolution, will ised. ♪ ♪♪ >> hello everyone, kristin and others and welcome to the big sunday show. here's what's on tap tonight rachel. >> we capture incredible video dozens of immigrants picking a run for it across the border. i didn't homeland security secretary say under state the border is closed. >> then mobs attacked jewish immersions in an uber driver help teenagers e


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