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tv   Gutfeld  FOX News  May 23, 2021 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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for all three as well as the product that's just become available. thank you for watching, i appreciate it. i'm judge jeanine. advocating for truth, justice and the american way and i'll episode of "the ingraham angle." >> america, wanted or leave it, if you don't have respect for american democracy anymore, if you don't respect madisonian checks and balances, if your a guy who doesn't win, if that's the new rules of engagement for this great republic, then just leave our country. get the fax. with in the light, follow the truth, and love this country an stop this. >> what does that remind you of?
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>> just do it! don't let your dreams be dreams. yesterday you said tomorrow, so just do it. make your dreams come true. >> you know, maybe he should have his own morning show. ♪ >> so joe biden's presidency is starting off works than fox a fox and friends cooking segment. a lot of grease fires. first, the border is a disaster inflation is its highest since 2008 great that's 13 years for the time it took biden to pass the bar, and then there was this . >> my close aides have been excellent. one of them taught me that and quote, the coast guard is that
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hard nucleus about which the navy forms in time of war. >> i can only assume you enjoy educating your family about how the coast guard is the hard nucleus around the navy forms i times of war. you are a really dull class. come on, man. >> is there anything he hasn't plagiarized? it's too bad he couldn't copy and paste the laughter too. a kid whichever puppeteer he is controlled by. unemployment still harlot highe than carly simkins simpkins at work right in biden's defense were paying people not to work. creating a surplus of jobs. like adler's pants, it defied the laws of. what were the press covering?
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media research center said the first two weeks of may it found almost no mention of joe's failures freight a few minutes on inflation if you want jobs, nothing on the border. instead they spent a combined 3 minutes on leave cheney. not that your savings are shrinking. if you are going to rank storie in order of importance to average americans, this story would come in slightly higher than a guy finding a chito that looks like jesus. liz didn't seem to mind she's soaked up attention at a kill meet at a beach. i call it the strange new earne respect disorder it is when people that hate you suddenly like you because your useful an since the attention feels good, you go right along with the herd . and happened with it, it happened with adam can secure. it happen with very manilow whe he joined the manson family. that didn't happen i just neede
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a fourth example. it's helping to the baldheaded pinheads of the lincoln project but there too dumb to realize i yet. as the media flocked to liz, what did she say? >> i will do everything i can t ensure that the former presiden never again gets office for a. >> not doing what your constituents want, but what makes you feel good bird that's like hosting and news show and showing nothing, but pictures o your dog. that will get back to her. after being hated for so long it's nice to have the press pretending you're human. is like that fake friend from school that gives you bad advic because they have their own agenda. sure, you can study for the tes on the bus in the morning, now shotgun this can of colt 45. you'll be the most famous perso in algebra, or sure, i think yo can make it from the roof to th swimming pool.
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i should've never said that to seth. he doesn't call me anymore. he doesn't call anyone anymore. that's the media, they want you to do stuff that's good for the and bad for you. the labor department reports is growing at the highest rate since april of 1982. cbs evening news gave us only 1 seconds which is the same amoun of time it takes me to climb to the top of as a human rock while . the reason for inflation, the stimulus for that's what happen when you point pump more money into the system. it supply and demand a larger amount of money competes for th same amount of stuff. it's like what happened to bria gilman. the overexposed him diminishing a great product. but the media pushed the stimulus, so now
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oh, hey, just hanging upside down by my ankles. i don't trust the mainstream media at all anymore and i've never been happier. i spent so much time not readin the new york times it was me to do all the things i really want to do like hang upside down by my ankles. when i hang upside down by my ankles all the blood rushes to my head and it gives me a peaceful feeling. sometimes i stay here until the world seems right side up, and then when i turn right side up, the world seems upside down. you should try it. or may maybe not. >> i'm worried about him. once again, you get with the
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press want you to get, their information overloads that crav controlled. it wasn't always this way. centuries ago the first reporte only jotted down notes of village activities, no one minded because it kept them fro their sheep. the stories would be something like goat seen in forest lookin confused or the cobblers soiled himself in the park or journalist mounts goat in effor to scare cobbler, then they got self-important and began injecting their opinions into stories. the earth is flat, women and minorities hit hardest. they went from exceeds if it into powerful because they wrot their own narrative and created their own more. they would be the protagonist i all of their stories fearless, deeply moral, in-line because lying embellishes all stories. it's okay to be unethical if yo think you're right. class, today local stories are now national, oh, someone left mean message on that restaurant receipts, let's ruin someone
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real quick. the mainstream media is in pushing conflict for attention because they are not talented enough to be famous and any other industry. present company excluded. today's press is left ouija dement than a guy and an jumpsuit claiming to be your pe mac driver. it may not be the oldest profession and history, but as might as well be because all it does is screw people. >> let's welcome tonight's guests. he's our number one guest when we can't get steve ducey. if you think her smile is bright , you should see her brain , although that would require surgery. carly simpkins. his parents named him chadwick because wentworth was taken, editor not spoken and the spectator column.
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like sewing needle, skinny, sharp, and very popular with ol people. >> brian, you have never broken a story. but don't you think what you're more of a journalist than a so-called reporters are because at least your true to yourself? >> yes, i'm trying to get over should you apologize to peter ducey. i've been here so much, but i'v said nothing. what i think is i used to enjoy seeing what the competition is doing now i see fiction and nonfiction and i don't even kno what they're focusing on. you would think that january 6, and then there's january 6, and then what is donald trump doing? and did i mention january 6? so much legitimately going on. here is what i find disheartening about that. as much as you need this show, it don't need it to know that everything is more expensive. you don't need to show to know
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that there is gas was now $1.98. so now people are making their judgment that way for the next 30 seconds bought. have i gone over my time. when you said quickly i thought i should wrap it upright. >> i'm not even sure what you'r saying. >> i agree with you completely. when people turn on the news, their new they're being liked great all they have to do is look out the window. i have a golden rule, if the press suddenly ruth likes you, you're betraying yourself. night take michael cohen. they hated michael cohen. and then all of a sudden, he's like their best friend because they could use him for like seven minutes. >> speaking of likability i think what we're seeing happen right now is that a lot of people voted for biden because of his personality, because he was nice and trump was mean.
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we're really starting to see what you when you have a president that wants to please everybody. he thinks you give money to bot iran and palestine. you greenlight the russian pipeline to please germany, you don't wear a mask inside when you're sitting next to the 96 -year-old former president and then you put one on for the cameras outside because it's al about optics and it's all about applause. president trump was the exact opposite. he obviously didn't care what people thought about him and he went in there like a wrecking ball inside they need to pay more, the iranian deal doesn't make sense neither does the paris climate accord, and his goal was really to make america strong, joe biden's goal is to maintain the popularity and likability. >> chadwick, you're not as good-looking as i am, does it bother you that objects matter more than content?
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>> what a question. >> you know, this is a game now. this is who they are now. and it's so shameless, they don't even care. the only way is to get at click. i'm not sure who's watching. the airport people i guess. but, it is shameless, and they have this energy like a drug addict about to hit rock bottom. $5, scrambling anything, they just need the next hit. >> they need trump, they need trump. they need trump or cuomo's because the libs are eating themselves because they don't have the massive trump buffet that kept them fat and now they're just tearing each other apart. you understand that feeling. >> oh yeah. tearing things apart for it i saw a theory recently and be
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real clear politics said they h thinks they expected that he wa going to be president and joe biden government that when georgia happened, so they were going to say, do all this liberal stuff, we will do this to see the progressives. this and it is going to be republican. and then you have five minutes. you invite somebody to go somewhere because you don't think they'll come. it happens all the time because it is such a nervous and i thin it's because they weren't prepared for it. >> you stop and you think about the media. it's a layer of subjective, it' a variable of subjective interpretation of life so that when you put it into any kind o environment, it changes it even though it's not part of its. i keep thinking if the media wasn't around last year, what w
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have had riots? we probably wouldn't have had riots. would race me this much of an issue if there wasn't a dear? i'm not saying we should have immediate, but i'm not not saying we shouldn't have a media . >> i would say it's not healthy the reporting is changing. there is the american people in this case, i'm sure there's renegades, in america we cutlet happening and then when the media wants to tell you what's happening so they're running their own child. the thing is, there is no groun to which. am just astounded, you can take it apart, obviously i like this jan all the best and that's wha i would say on or off camera. if you look at the ratings, for the longest time america likes this channel the best. cnn didn't break a one all day, when you did redeye come at you were doubling that, you were talking about people who get at 6:00 p.m. is a composed to to a.m.
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>> morning joe. we have to start boasting about how awesome we are. giga sorry about that. >> if your governor is your brother, you can help them undercover.
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♪["i'll be seeing you" by billie holiday] ♪ i'll be seeing you ♪ ♪ in all the old familiar places ♪ [doorbell] ♪ in all the old familiar places ♪ ♪ in all the old familiar places ♪ ♪ that this heart of mine embraces ♪ ♪ all day through ♪
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he was on the call to prevent a downfall, cnn anchor chris cuom has apologized for advising his governor on how to handle sexua harassment claims proving he's as impartial as a russian judge. the washington post reports tha apparently chris participated i strategy calls along with other consultants in the wake of multiple claims of misconduct b the government. they did a great job of avoidin
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the nursing home scandal. >> my family means everything t me and i am fiercely loyal to them. i'm family first, job second. when my brother's situation became turbulent being looked into calls of other friends of his, getting to some of his staff, i understand why that wa a problem for cnn. it will not happen again. it was a mistake because i put my colleagues here, who i believe are the best in the business in a bad spot. i never intended for that, i would never intend for that, an i'm sorry for that. >> so explaining his poor ethic because it benefited a family member, you should run for congress. this is a guy from a network with three working dedicated to getting fox off the air. by the way, hi, guys. i know you're watching, thank
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you for contributing to a record-breaking rating spread rather or not, is it wise to have the guy who coined the phrase the love go to be one of your sexual misconduct advisors. if cnn was going to offer someone to help advise on sexua misconduct, it should have been their legal aid jeffrey toobin. meanwhile the women's group ultraviolet is calling on cnn t suspend chris saying the whole thing is deeply disturbing, which is true, also disturbing this video i made in my free time using cuomo's workout videos. >> cuomo come up muscle factory biceps, fitness. >> am trying to rehab his character. chadwick, you know what i like about this defense? during the scandals he said i can't talk about the governor because he's family. that i can talk to the governor
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about this stuff because he's family. and then he processes it will never happen again. >> exactly. just to put you at ease. how about acknowledging that family for comes first, family comes first for all of us i think. or not all an anchor on cnn and our brother being the governor of new york. if family comes first over his job, as he admitted, what was all the covid coverage? did anyone address that? new york is the most ghettoized state of what happened during covid. >> i think the women's group by saying he advised his brother t kind of go after the accusers, correct? >> he is the one that holds governor cuomo does say that he is a cancel kultur culture bird
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that's been headline news for the worst i governor could ever give you the other thing is in the monologue was that he calle himself an objective journalist. i don't even think anybody at cnn thinks that. my two takeaways are one, he doesn't know who he is, and the other is if you are in trouble, don't go to chris cuomo because he's going to give you terrible advice. >> he is not being paid to be objective and they don't even bother labeling what's news and opinion anymore. i always accept apologies, the problem is it's coming from a very highly on moralistic network that shames people ever day. to get the cancel culture, just because he's had this policy an that had killed thousands of grouped grandparents and he has ten sexual harassment accusers and he broke all these laws to make himself rich, but quiz cuomo would cancel someone over
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a ten -year-old suite they did when they were a teenager. also how would you cancel when he is still the governor. you still the most powerful man in new york. it's absolutely absurd, and i'm all about accepting apologies, but it's a little different whe you see somebody and say hey at least acknowledge the fact that you have no over shown grace to anybody else. >> that is a good point. cnn has become like our nations hall monitor. it's like a 24/7 f shaming people for not being good enough . >> don't do that to karen. >> explain why don lemon came down. the casino is coming? >> a thing possibly end remembe he had a problem a couple of summers ago in the hamptons tha magically went away through the pandemic. it was just kind of handled. i would say a couple of things. we still have a governor that
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has ten sexual harassment accusers. it was found at papal trail showing 50 covered up not 6,000 not 9,000, over 15,000. we have a governor that has violations that have pushed and pushed test results towards his family and nobody else. he still governor, a $5 million book bonus in order to talk to everyone about his leadership during the pandemic where we ha marked us in the 49 states just let's say he had most of his staff righted during work hours. >> he said he asked you. >> i don't know who's writing that book. >> his mom. >> jesse's mom. let's not segue. jesse could be governor, even after that book is written, but i can't believe all the stuff i
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happen. also the democrats have got given up on the need to movement . they're telling ten accusers does deny everything, call it cancel bolger. >> he said there jealous. i love politicians in cnn journalist trying to appropriat cancel culture. we'll get canceled if your a politician. >> cancel culture is the poor woman on video who wrote something on a receipt for it i'm also mad that he said he puts his family before job. come on, who does that. why you can't
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>> don't try running the bases without admitting you're a little racist. you can't even hit a ball off a t without critical race theory.
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you don't get that on special report. little league league coaches in alexandria, virginia received that they should cancel practic and instead go to an antiracism workshop called sports can battle racism. the washington free beacon whic first reported the e-mail claim the workshops lessons mirror those of critical race theory. one document encourages coaches to confront their own internalized racism and possibl institutional racism in the community and also be on the lookout for antiracism opportunities. they all forgot to brainwash kids into hating each other. when it comes to critical race theory everybody seems off-base. it's like taco bell, better if you don't know what's in that. let's hear from. >> one of the favorite things i like to do is make my cultural
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canceling class as i say raise your hand if your racist and raise your hand if your not and then i talk about how every single person in that room, no one raised their hand to being racist and they're all telling the truth, but also by the end of this lecture and discussion and your off the line. >> it's brilliant, psychology professors go around telling children their racist by their mere existence which will only drum up more business or psychologist. cat, you're an expert on for now , just for the next five minutes. the telltale symptoms of a cult is that it has its own lexicon and that everybody who gets int this cold uses the same buzzwords and i always feel lik kids to demotivate the curious.
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you are less likely to attack i because you feel stupid or i just don't understand. >> that's a part of it especially if you have to go along with it people, those are young kids, those are kids that are still being there pants sometimes. >> is that a jab at me? >> i played t-ball and i struggled. i would hit the t a lot, and this the only thing that i'm worse at than sports is being indoctrinated, i don't think i would've enjoyed that. its t-ball, these are very little kids how is that going t make any sense to just graduate from being a toddler. >> have to get them while they're young that's the lincol project motto. but that's the way they did. >> i sort of like this idea, bu
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only because i read that some o these seminars can cost up to $10,000 and i automatically lik things more when they're expensive. even outfits that are ugly, i'm like it's expensive there telling me i should like it, th other thing is i played soccer when i was a very tall uncoordinated youth, and i was never picked first, and now i'm learning that if everything is supposed to be fair, it wasn't that i was talented, it's that was discriminated against which is a feeling i've had frequentl and now you've just affirmed th victimhood that i've been feeling. >> for being tall, cats. and uncoordinated. >> you get the most up secure minority imaginable. i've taken so many coaching courses and with kids and
1:35 am
parents and divorce situations, it definitely helps. race never comes up. it's the what good thing that's good about sports is race doesn't matter. one of the questions was if you have privilege, the question wa does your parent have a college degree. so that's just assuming that yo have privilege when you have a care parent with a college degree. does the parent pay attention t you. is a working-class parent not a good as a parent with a college degree? >> a little bit of lacrosse. >> why i believe that this is a cult is because when their beliefs could be an answer to every question, so it's your
1:36 am
racist comment you're racist, i'm not racist. >> you are unconsciously racist. if the answer can be applied to any question, you're in a cult. >> i did a story when crossfit first came out. i did a story is crossfit reall cold. i talk to all these experts and i concluded that it was not occult because one of the main criteria is of a cult is that i does not deliver on the promise it offers to its followers and instead it only so that's white most religions because they, bu the race theory, and promises all these thing, but absolutely nothing. it's only enriching a small vie and i think this whole thing. >> of the experts and the authors are getting rich off this, but it's racism veiled as antiracism which is the scary part because it's tearing at ou
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very fabric. coming up, stay in line or you'll pay a fine.
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>> he's taking them to task or going without a mask. you must cover your faces to stay in nancy's good graces. six house republicans have been find for refusing to wear a mas in the house chamber. $500 may seem like a lot of money for people they don't hav a $14,000 refrigerator. that was led by thomas massey o kentucky he has filed the mask warning complete with a photo o it in the trash. he later said he had filed the $500 fine in the same place. a hope there's no fine for not as likely because he's in trouble.
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even the vaccinated ones to kee them on in the chamber. they want to get vaccines first and they could give themselves raises. he's he's wondering she could get that >> they applaud that joke. >> how dare you laugh at something so mean. >> all right, this is anti- diets and yet you know what thi is proof of? and you could agreed to disagre or not agree. lawyers, lawyers have more powe than people.
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because it's about legal stuff and they will enforce it because . >> that's exactly what i sort o get that, but this is either on theory is that she has so many masks and they match all of her outfits for it she just doesn't want to give it up, or it's jus terrifying abuse of power that doesn't make sense. or it's the fact that she doesn't have to wear a mask whe she doesn't want too. there is a video of her hugging people at the white house event unmasked and she is finding people. so i always get this long. rules for the comment not for me . >> do what i say not as i do. >> this is i was told to keep m
1:44 am
answers short, that was not short. >> i'm just pointing out. here is the deal. they are trending treating mask at the condos are sane you have to wear your mask everywhere. third treating it like it's a n smoking thing, but it's not because no smoking, telling somebody not to do something is different than telling somebody to do something great it's like what jordan peterson pointed out , you can tell me not to do this, but you can't force me to use and non- gendered pronouns. you can't tell me what to do. you can tell me what i can't do i won't smoke in the lobby, but this is really creepy. >> facemask at this point, it i nothing, but political signalin and that's why i'm so freaked
1:45 am
out, because everyone is still wearing them. on a beautiful day. >> on a beautiful day, it's insane. it is tyrannical. it is them telling you have to wear the political messaging on your face and will find you if you don't. that's all it is brickey we are hypocrites, we can't show the audience but the audience is required to wear masks in this building because we don't own the building, where a tenant se you have to follow these rules which are dictated by attorneys at. >> we'll follow the rules, we just have to disprove them. everything you said, what you'r talking about you're still 100 percent correct not only because a at your show and i should say that anyway, but if you listen to the comment they were so disdainful of republicans, it's a petri dish, you want them talking in your face. i will say this, this is a science. you know what the sciences? once you're vaccinated you it,
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it's extremely unlikely. so if you chose not to get vaccinated it's not going to affect nancy pelosi brickey he/she is not an idiot. she's a politician, so this gives the opportunity as the pandemic gets better they're running out of opportunities to and she wants to hold onto this one. >> so it can be politically advantageous. >> lots of vowels and that word. that would be a great wheel of fortune word. >> vowels are expensive though. >> so is love. we will be right back. up next, what we got wrong this week.
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>> welcome back what's find out if we got anything wrong this week great for that we go to ou shows dv next jr. great we went deep-sea fishing last weekend. we didn't catch anything. steve, how did we do this week? >> we didn't catch anything, bu i guess you could say i'm hooke great what do you say we dive right into it shelley? on monday you said this about hiking. >> i had my sister and her
1:51 am
husband visiting this weekend and my sister came into the office to use the bathroom, but she slipped and she fell and twisted her ankle and my first thought is no hiking this weekend. >> at bethinking lawsuit great and i'm thinking i don't have t hike grade why is it only women like to hike? >> okay, i have no idea where you came up with that one. according to research from the outdoor, 66 percent of boys participate in compared to just over half for girls and that women for jobs below 20 percent by 866 fo there is a whole area in betwee you're overlooking in those are divorced women. they hike a lot for it. >> i may be overlooking a. if anybody's going to be told t take a hike it should be your barber. >> steve, an update on my sister , she broke her ankle and
1:52 am
i didn't take her to the hospital or into i told her to keep drinking wine. i'm a terrible brother, but that's another story. >> that's great advice, but we have to move on. let's see what you had to say o the show tuesday. >> it's two different countries i think we're headed toward a bifurcation, word i had to look up today. >> i still haven't looked it up. clearly, i've got to say i'm no mad i'm disappointed and i'm embarrassed to be your friend frankly. weren't you a professional writer for years? >> i still am, but that word, nobody would ever read a book with that word and it. >> speaking of books it's calle merriam-webster's dictionary. the point or area where something divides into two branches. i'll put it into a sentence you
1:53 am
can understand. after your divorce doublet you will have to bifurcate your assets. >> got it. gobbet. >> chadwick, are you there, sir? >> in the show, craig said he was hands of our then you. you clearly are the winner in that category. however, earlier in the show yo were discussing cnn's ratings and you are right to question where they were coming from, unfortunately, airports is not the answer according to the los angeles times cnn airport network which aired a mix of news from cnn and warner immediately shutdown march 31st. you're in a plane full of lies and it's time to land. >> while. finally, moving on. your comments about the golden girls upset me to the corporate. >> i would like to formally announce that national greg
1:54 am
gutfeld day happens this saturday from 10:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m., i will be parading down fifth avenue on a homemade float based on the golden girls. i will be dressed is rose i can still fit into her housecoat. >> while, of course rose as you know played by national treasur betty white, but she was not th shortest character as any true golden girls fan would know tha title goes to sophia at just 4'10" the same height as you, greg. so in this case, a rose by any other name would in fact be wrong. >> well aren't you special, steve. >> i am, special, great, unfortunately i'm out of time and thank you for being a friend . i will see you next week.
1:55 am
>> that was steve phoenix. not bad. we'll be right back.
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>> before we go, let's do this. >> being as a liberty every now and then i get the days or rela and it's hard because i hate being recognized, but you wouldn't believe who i saw this morning. gordon ramsay was there getting a facial and a full-body rubdown . he was getting a deep tissue i see him all over my neighborhood , i did a little water therapy, but he really enjoyed getting his tail wax, which is i guess kind of an erotic thing for those brits. set your dvr's every night.
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liberty & levin." [♪♪♪] jesse: welcome to "watters' world." i'm jesse watters. we have problems. the only thing democrats are good at is attacking us. it's all they do. instead of attacking problems, they attack us. to them, we are the biggest problem. but the real problems are starting to pile up. the media doesn't cover them because we didn't cow them. once we point -- because we didn't cause them.


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