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tv   The Five  FOX News  May 22, 2021 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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♪ >> welcome to fox news at nine, i am she and bream in washington . >> breaking tonight, president biden's foreign policy put to the test again following the crisis in the middle east. rejecting his predecessors to deke nuclear seshan for the state of oregon making news tonight telling businesses they have to make people show proof of vaccination before they can
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let them inside without their masks. all the other security measures all that and capitol hill could not keep them that way. they are out in full force in many parts of the eastern u.s. including right here in the nation's capital. how the largest insect in the world is liking everyone including lawmakers. we begin with the floral plate of foreign policy from the mideast to the peninsula. tonight, good evening. >> good evening, shannon. no cicadas at my place, a lot o birds, maybe they are taking care of the problem. >> i have plenty over here. today's white house news conference, both leaders reiterated the long-held goal o reading north korea of its stockpile. though mister biden said he was under no illusions about the difficulty of getting that done. >> i would not do what had been
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done in the recent past. i would not give him all he is looking for national and international recognition that' legitimate and allow him to mov in a direction of appearing to be more how can i say it's, serious about what he wasn't at all serious about. the leaders today also unveiled a covid 19 vaccine partnership they pledge the two nations would work closely together to develop emerging technologies. >> we agreed to establish comprehensive vaccine to expand the amount of manufacturer vaccines that have been approved , safe, and effective. we can scale up so we can scale up global vaccine supplies. we will strengthen our ability to fight the pandemic and respond to future biological threats. >> south korean officials are
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seeking to expand the nation's vaccine supply in response to a recent shortage. the biden administration expected to export about 80 million vaccine doses abroad in the coming weeks. meanwhile prospects for an ambitious infrastructure deal where the show thrown into serious doubts after the white house reduced its proposal to $1.7 trillion for gop senators rejected that's offered noting that vast differences that they still have on the subject. >> something else the white house was up to today, now there's a partnership with apar popular dating app to promote covid vaccinations freight if someone's looking for love or let's be honest something else, you can id yourself as vaccinated you get yours access to so special perks. >> there are so many jokes that write themselves i'm going to resisted the. i'm going to resist, but especially in a city like
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washington, and some of the larger cities where they're seems to abate a slight difference of opinion. i feel like if you are uncertai about someone else's vaccine status if you well, and you'd like to see them and do more than face timing it's probably smart business idea and i would think it would help. >> we have gotten out of that unscathed. we're going to talk about all these disgusting to cicadas everywhere and whether or not either one of us would eat a recipe made with the kate is. >> as we've we been covering right here, attacks on jewish people are on the rise of the u.s. the 11 day conflict between israel and hamas. lauren greene has the very latest from new york city tonight. could night cup good evening, lauren.
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>> good evening, shannon. anti-semitism has been a wolf life even be true for the lates conflict. 2019 saw its largest increase i 40 years, but over these last few weeks, anti- somatic attack have surged two unprecedented levels. cell phone video shows a jewish man being beaten by a mob in ne york city's times square, polic arrested one suspect and are searching for more. >> the hatred in these people's eyes was amazing to me. to pepper spray and may someone on the ground for a minute or two. >> new york city of mayor bill de blasio had an emergency meeting assuring them that they attacks would be addressed. pro-israel groups and pro- palestinian groups took to the streets, the two groups clashed screaming at each other as police work to bring order.
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while a cease-fire brings calm to the middle east, the rhetori and hate has continued to escalate on social media. facebook released a statement condemning the use of their platform saying we are removing this content wherever we see its . we're also working with our network of third-party fact checkers to review and rate content to we can limit misinformation. twitter has become a hate fille battlefield. according to the anti-defamatio league 17,000 tweets of variations of hitler was right where logged in one week in may while nearly to hundred reports of possible anti- semantic incidents came in that same week . >> people have acute jewish people of being responsible for killing jesus. and also the demonizing of people that. >> they are two anti-semitic attacks that happen there this week. shannon?
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>> lauren green for us in new york. we will talk about it with the panel coming up, thank you. >> assigned to monitor every epstein the very. they admitted they falsified records. this is unacceptable, a few victims have been failed at every single turned the public deserves of the report of the department of prisons failures. they show proof they're fully vaccinated against covid 19 an order to take off the mask indoors. jonathan hunt is taking a close look. the vaccinated americans rises and the centers centers for disease control loosens its mas
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guidance, many states are optin for the honor system whereby those who are vaccinated aren't required to wear a mask and indoor settings, but there is n requirement to prove vaccination . on the other hand taking a different approach, you can go without a mask outside anywhere in the state, but if you want t go to a store or restaurant, go to your church, synagogue, or mosque even go to your place of work camille have to wear a mas unless you can prove you are vaccinated, and other words the much discussed vaccine passport rule will apply in oregon. >> we are asking businesses to make a decision they can continue to mask like we've bee doing for a number of months now , or they can ask their customers their clients for vaccine verification. >> at some business owners are concerned about the onus, the oregon rule places on them and
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their employees to ask for vaccine cards, they don't want to have to police their patrons. >> it just feels very invasive and too personal, i feel like people are policing themselves pretty well. >> governor kate brown has promised that oregon will revisit these guidelines when the state reaches the point at which 70 percent of residents over 16 are vaccinated. she says she hopes that will be within a few weeks. >> it certainly sounds like the government is trying to be abou them themselves doing this. we know you will stay on it, thank you. >> ran somewhere attacks on the colonial pipeline are on the rise and victims often choose t pay up over law enforcement advice to the contrary. tonight we are investigating
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what role the federal governmen should play in combating this growing threat to the country's critical infrastructure. >> it was the largest attack on our nations critical infrastructure to date, not onl did the colonial pie or pipelin ransom bar cost is at the pump, it resulted in panic buying. the additional airplane refueling stop, the bite in the ministration warns cyber attack like this are the new frontier and threats to the homeland. >> we have to work in partnership with business to secure networks to defend ourselves against the attack. >> all the fbi wrote long-standing recommendation to these kinds of attacks is to no pay ransom, many are hard-pressed to find a better alternative. colonial pipeline ceos that hat knew his decision to pay the hacking group $4.4 million of highly controversial but said i was the right thing to do for
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the country just this week. bloomberg reported that cna financial corp. one of the largest insurance companies in the u.s. paid $40 million to hackers after an attack in late march. that the largest disclosed payment of this kind to date. >> we don't want people to thin that there is money in it for them to threaten the security o a critical infrastructure in ou country. >> should they be paying these guys off? >> lawmakers on both sides of the aisle saying paying hackers just encourages more attacks, but even though the government takes a public stance against run somewhere pavement spirit. >> it's not in the interest of of the private sector for companies to pay ransom. >> behind-the-scenes there is little in the weight of enforcement. the issue is complicated. one cybersecurity expert says the ban on payments would criminalize the victim. to get the victim will find som way to find an intermediary to
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pay, use, you know some arm of their cyber insurance to someho launder the payment and unfortunately, the criminals will will get what they want while the victims will be worrying, not just about the next attack, but how they might get into legal trouble for trying to save their organization. >> colonial pipeline is not the first victim and won't be the last. with the global price tag according to a center for strategic and international studies estimate into 337 percent increase in crypto currency ransom payments from 2019-2020. the biden administration is attempting to make the issue of priority. >> the threat is real, the threat is upon us. the risk is to all of us. the department of homeland security says that he has brought up the threat of ran somewhere and all of his conversations with world leaders , the justice department
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has created a digital extortion task force and president biden recently signed an executive order to put emphasis on tackling the issue. >> it's becoming clear to everyone that we have to do wit more than is being done now and the federal government can be a significant value in having tha happen. >> he established late last yea to provide actual solutions to the problems as the coalition could not agree on whether to recommend the banning of renzo went. >> week recognize the ability t state effective sometime this year will be out there after unlawful. it would put the victim and a very difficult place. we don't have any backstops tha we need to support the victims. to get the experts we spoke to also noted that there is a direct link between the rise of ran somewhere attacks and crypt currencies. those currencies are also the preferred method of payment for
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cyber criminals because they ar harder to trace. act one of our top stories. a troubling uptick in anti-semitic violence here in the u.s. okay, i want to show a little bit of what we've seen in these recent attacks on jewish americans and we're going to ge your reaction on the other side. >> jason, i'll start with you. it's incredibly hard for me to look at that just as with the attacks we've seen on asian-americans and other hate crimes recently, these are the streets of united states of
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america, but you have experienced this firsthand. >> has week i listen an anti- israel rally here in seattle an the second i got there it was very clear what the intent was there was a jewish couple that ended up getting assaulted having there is really flag stolen, danced on, and then burned. when i was there i was assaulte as i was filming a portion of the speeches. this has been going on for a while. obviously were seeing an uptick because of what's going on between israel and hamas terrorist organization that man people are rooting for. at the differences you mentione the anti- asian, the american hate crimes. many people in the left recalling that out, why aren't folks calling this out. in not seeing stop jewish eight crimes twitter #trend. of not seeing lots of folks in hollywood and on the left and the democratic party speaking out and in part because a lot o this violence is being driven b
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the progressive anti-semitic wing of the democratic party. i don't think the democrats as whole are anti- somatic, but th progressive wing is an anti-semitism problem and no on on the left wants to call it out . >> what about that, how do you answer that? >> let me start by saying i think it's horrific what jason went through and witnessed and should be condemned. i agree with president biden statement yesterday as he signe the covid heat crimes bill that silence is complicity, here is the issue. using human rights abuses by th israeli state against palestinians is cover for hatre of jewish people needs to be condemned. no matter what side of the aisl you're in. we also need to have a lot more education to let people be able
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to differentiate between the actions of the israeli state, and criticism of government, an expressions of hate against people based on religion. that is how we deal with i thin not testate crimes against jewish people, but as you mentioned, we have seen this in a number of different communities throughout this pas year and there is not a way i think to frame this as far as who's pain is worse that it's going to be helpful or even in the partisan frame. i think of the mothers of the two israeli children who lost their lives in the violence in the last 11 days and the same way i think of the mothers of the 63 palestinian children who have lost their lives. we have to find a way of puttin humanity first when it comes to
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being able to differentiate between what the state is doing and just outright hatred of someone. >> to that point, we want to talk about humanity. i think everybody agrees we don't want to see innocent children. women are not attacking to be there injured, but we have to b making that distinction. we recognize the organization that many palestinians say they actually want freedom, that the are hurting their people, there is an important distinction in all of this. >> there is an important distinction and that is that hamas is a terrorist organization. when you have democrat leaders in congress, aim omar, aoc, totally become at the same thin is about anti- somatic, when yo
2:19 am
have the united states of america seemingly not having th back of our strongest ally in the middle east, israel. it should be clear, it should b unequivocal that the united states of america stands with israel the progressive wing of the democratic party are having the supporting hamas. to days ago the had a very clea statement on twitter zane sayin the republican party stands wit our ally israel, 100 percent. when you have doubts in the american people's mind, or you have doubts of where the american people stand in terms of the government, joe biden needs to be clear about this. the democrats need to be clear about it and when progressives like aoc and others seemingly stand with hamas, it needs to b denounced. and be very clear about it
2:20 am
commit when you don't have that when the effective foreign policy and quiet there is no root wonder you see the anti- semitism. they are relying on egypt, we went for president president from having middle east peace t having turmoil with hamas sending rockets over israel. joe biden, kamala harris and th democratic party should be ashamed of how they've let israel down. >> the president made very clea that he said there has been no shift in how he feels about israel he is a longtime supporter an important ally for us in the region and as i mentioned last night, congresswoman omar did to announce that in the streets very but those are people say that rhetoric has to match actions and there have been confusing or mixed messages at best from many on the progressive leftist end of the party. thank you guys offer weighing i
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>> and two-year-old male mountain lions had to be released back into the wild after casualties fooling around and scaring residence verity wa eventually found in the tree an hit with a tranquilizer dart. nicknamed mister handsome, they say apparently in great overall health. the groom is ready for our firs look with his bride and her
2:27 am
wedding dress expecting to be blown away a pretty big shock when he realized it was his bes man and sort of a fake wedding dress instead. that video has gone to more tha 750,000 views. now see the dramatic video wher firefighters rescued a horse that had fallen into a flooded pits. the responders diving underwate to get a harness on to the larg before hoisting it away they flee, using a helicopter. we are told the horse and everybody involved is fine. six workmen, being relocated to preserve near victoria falls in zimbabwe. the traveled about six and aroused closer to freedom where they will join a rescue heard all of them lost their mothers to death or abandonment after a severe droughts in 2018 and 2019 . if you think of relaxing vacation do you think of this? this woman getting the race on the top of the boat and a large
2:28 am
group of nurse sharks swarmed the vessel. we are told they're not aggressive. finally, 2021 upon us, i don't know about you, but i can't go anywhere outside around here without cringing a few of these critters. check out the timeline it's video of a multi- one in the virginia background. and a pesky red kuhn thinks he will snack on that for the guy doesn't make it very far calmly we are going to talk about eating cicadas coming up heard we're told you can sub them in forward foreign reasons or note and recipes. as know if you would try fit. stick around to see who is brav enough to do it. >> is really born actress and producer is lambing woke celebrity she accuses of
2:29 am
sprinting hamas propaganda. a simple guide to the most misunderstood country on earth, noah, welcome. >> thank you so much great grea to be here. >> i want a to play something from john oliver on hbo talking about this latest flare of violence. >> this isn't to it or attached there is a massive imbalance when it comes to the two sides weaponry and capabilities. the rockets were intercepted israel's airstrikes were not. very they hit their target. >> this is a very complex disputes, no doubt about that, but why do you think there are so many in hollywood who are taking the position that israel is in the wrong on this? to get there are a lot of reasons for that because jon stewart say that israel, to protect their civilians in hama
2:30 am
is using their rockets to protect the population. the using the population to protect the rockets. i don't know why, but for some reason israel landed smack in the middle of cancel culture an it talking to me considering it's the only system of democracy in the middle east. absolutely shocking. >> people do see the reports an the picture of grieving palestinian families who have lost children and family member spread we know the casualties are happening, so it seems many folks in hollywood and beyond the entertainment world are lacking onto that insane these are innocent civilians being hurt and killed as well and why shouldn't be be worried about what happens to them as well? >> we absolutely should be worried about them. if your going to be pros israel it doesn't negate being pro palestinian. we need to find ways to empower
2:31 am
the palestinians. it they are under siege by terrorist organizations, like hamas, israel wants to find a solution for that. it is a tear of its organizatio that the not want this conflict to be resolved, absolutely not. >> you have signed on to a letter with about 125 other celebrities who say listen, thi isn't that simplistic. it says we call on our colleagues and friends in the entertainment community to stop posting him miss information an one-sided narratives that only lymphatic conflict instead of bringing about peace. it sounds like this a lot of folks signed on to say listen, take a breath, and let's recognize that this is not something that can be boiled down to meme. >> absolutely. as a part of the cancel culture. this is absolutely unacceptable and that's what this letter say and what i say on my social media and what i say in the boo is if you don't have your history, if you don't have your
2:32 am
facts, keep quiet. it's not that simpson simple an there are actual consequences t this conflict breath spread. >> or you surprise there was a lot of pressure on another very well-known israeli actress who was under a lot of pressure early on to make a statement about this and it sounded like very measured response for my first reading of it say we have to worry about all the people i the region. we needed to end for the safety of the civilians there and she was blasted by a lot of folks, were you surprised by that? >> i wasn't surprised at all, she is doing so much for world peace really on both sides, and to be honest, right now, whatever it is your say, it you're going to get slammed great it's important for me and her and other people actually speaking up to be on the right side of history and to get yourself educated about what ha been going on. i really hope the entertainment community will come to the tabl and realize they have been misled throughout this entire
2:33 am
conflict. it's really problematic of what happening for a long time it's why i wrote this book great it' hard for people to understand that we're dealing with a terrorist organization. this is something you hear over and over again, but it's not internalized in the entertainment community and i hope that changes. that's why we're speaking out and trying to rally the entertainment community. may be the blue square on socia media right now, we need to say this in 2021, but i guess we do? this whole anti- zionist rhetoric has been taking root i the progressive left wing of th democratic party and a way that's very concerning and very obvious to quite a few of them that this is not overt anti-semitism, it will certainl lead to anti-semitism. that is what is happening right now. i was a block away from that attack in los angeles.
2:34 am
its mortifying. >> and this will have to be jus across the in condemning that kind of violence against any of our fellow americans for it i think it's fair that the president has made clear there is a big distinction between hamas and the palestinian people . noah, great to meet you tonight i thank you for coming on. >> thank you so much for having me. we'll schools require vaccines and or masks before your kids can go back to school in the fall? fall? we will ask with the scienc ♪ ♪ we made usaa insurance for veterans like martin. when a hailstorm hit, he needed his insurance to get it done right, right away. usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. usaa as your business changes, the united states postal service is changing with it. with e-commerce that runs at the speed of now. next day and two-day shipping nationwide, and returns right from the doorstep. it's a whole new world out there.
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2:40 am
to get the footage we showed is an event at the white house it may be everyone there had vaccine verification. i know the speaker said she wants everybody wearing masks, but what about this concept tha we could be talking about kids not married masks into the faltered this conversation is ongoing the american federation 's of teachers said this today, in elementary schools, until we have the vaccines, it seems unfortunatel will have to keep wearing our masks and social distancing because we don't want outbreaks freight how does that line up with the science and research a you know it today? >> it doesn't make sense at all but in fact, it wouldn't really make sense if you knew they dat a year ago even without vaccine because a child that is unvaccinated is safer than vaccinated adults. this has been known for a year, so this kind of nonsense, that'
2:41 am
kind of statement makes no sense . the only difference between a school and the outside communit is the school is much safer. if i was looking for a job that had less of a risk of covid i would want to be an in person teacher because teachers and aides don't have any significan risk from the disease itself an b are not significant spreaders of the disease. regardless of that they could asic knowledge. when you see vaccination and th cdc has said this, if an adult is vaccinated, it doesn't matte if anyone else is vaccinated. if you're vaccinated, your protected. i don't understand the concern here. frankly, it's almost it's reall heinous that we have decided to hate children who extremely low risk from this disease and have very low chance of spreading it and forcing them to act like they are some kind of vectors o
2:42 am
disease and everyone is dangerous to them when it's jus not true. this kind of stuff is really frightening giving that these people, these teachers are extremely influential obviously in our children's lives. >> let's look at this idea of requiring proof of your vaccination. a number of government entities keep saying they're not going t do it, but now in oregon we hav this report on businesses that they are taking heat from the state which is basically saying businesses have to have an operation that asked people fro proof of vaccination or else they can't let people take off masks. it seems like a backdoor way fo this to be required. the dossier says this, oregon requires proof of vaccination per he said if the vaccine protects people from those who choose not to get the covid 19. there is zero science behind th idea of a covid 19 vaccine
2:43 am
passport. doctor, as a professional, woul you say? to get that paper is right on, there is not, if you are worrie about having the infection, you take the vaccine and if you are out for the vaccine and your high-risk person and you choose not to take it, the last i looked, it was a free country. i'm not sure if that's changed or not i'm a little frightened it may have, but in addition to that policy is discriminatory against people not just you don't choose to have the vaccine , but there are plenty of people who need to work no matter what. we're not all sitting there abl to work long distance sipping a latte and working on a notebook computer. there are people who already have been discriminated against because they were essential workers they were called essential workers, these are a lot of lower income people,
2:44 am
people driving the bus, people cleaning the hospital floor, they were told that they had to work where is everybody elsewhere sheltering in place s now we're going to double down on that kind of policy for people claiming they care about lower income families, this kin of policy doesn't make sense. if you have an option to take a vaccine, that's fine, you take it. if you choose not to take a vaccine, i don't understand anyone's reluctance to let people live freely. i think it's really going to en up going to the courts. that's my guess. i'm not a lawyer, and i'm not a epidemiologist either in case you've heard, but i would say this kind of completely infringement on civil liberties seems to me that that is going to be a legal issue in the next months and years to come. >> i'm neither and i think you're exactly right on that last point for this is going straight to the courts.
2:45 am
thank you for your time, good t see you. >> thank you. >> what the buzz on capitol hil it's not politics, it cicadas. struggling to manage my type 2 diabetes was knocking me out of my zone, but lowering my a1c with once-weekly ozempic® helped me get back in it. ♪ oh, oh, oh, ozempic® ♪ my zone? lowering my a1c and losing some weight. now, back to the show. ozempic® is proven to lower a1c. most people who took ozempic® reached an a1c under 7 and maintained it. and you may lose weight. adults lost on average up to 12 pounds. ozempic® isn't for people with type 1 diabetes or diabetic ketoacidosis.
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>> there is a certain buzz in and around our nation's capital tonight congressional correspondent reporting on the brood ten invading capitol hill. >> shannon, when you cover congress, it's best to keep you ear to the ground, but especially when it's cicada season pair to get the sound yo hear is the meeting called call. >> it's like a high-pitched sound and it will get louder an louder and louder hurt get the capital has been closed to outsiders for more than year du to the pandemic is security fence encircles a capital, but they burrowed deep into the ground long before the fence. >> people rate their visits, people not as warm and excitement were all trying to avoid stepping on them as we're walking. >> we don't have many spirited markups in this committee, that
2:51 am
they happen from time to time, but actually it appears that varies the cycle is very close to the appearance of the cicada. it's a less-expensive less expensive 58 acres at 1.2 million cicadas per acre that's nearly 70 million at the capital alone. the thoughts is devouring the cicadas, lawmakers just find them annoying. >> thyroid motorcycles as i was traveling the district last wee i hit one on my windshield. >> we don't have cicadas in colorado, or if we do, there's only like ten of them. president reagan took note of i 1987 and compared it to his congressional nemesis. >> i'm afraid that like the cicadas the big spenders are
2:52 am
hatching out again and threatening to overrun congress. when the family we often write poetry about cicadas cicada, cicada, where have you been i'v been underground and i'm back again. i don't bite and i don't sting, all i want to do is sing, sing, sing. >> chad is the absolute best. thank you ted, if it's not bad enough that they are having the all over the place we're told that chefs are cooking them turning in them into tacos. one chef in virginia, he claims they taste like shrimp. here's what he said. >> i am snapping the wings off which is easily done after they've been dehydrated and the snapping the legs off just because they are easier to eat this way. you don't feel something poking you in the throat when you're chewing them up. gross, i will tell you that thi will not would you do it, are you that's adventurous? >> know a, no, nb, the only
2:53 am
thing i could think of what you are rolling that tape as i was thinking of that a gift with tracy morgan where no, no, no. that's me. i don't care very dear member fear factor? they could give me a million bucks and i would not eat them. you could have them. >> what if they turn it into a shake and mix it with sheep eyeballs. how much money would it take? >> no. >> i'm not doing it either, but i was reading this thing online that said chefs recommend for nuts and raisins for breads in different lists recipes very textus ka my tweet at whatever is that your handle? i want people to let us know if they're eating this stuff because frankly he's talking about i don't want to eat anything that's jabbing me whil i'm trying to swallow it. >> inmate good points.
2:54 am
dogs and cats and birds, they eat them all over the place, bu be careful with your pets give me don't want them eating too many of them. >> exactly, and there cringing under my feet when i'm out running in the morning. let's talk about good news, wha began as a very scary situation turned into si overleaf. you can see he's trying to hijack a school bus in south carolina reportedly trying to escape boot camp heard the bus driver praised the kid saying the kindergartners went up they're asking this guy so many questions about his uniform, what he was doing, why he was doing he got frustrated, he ordered all the kids and everybody off the bus he was arrested but all those kindergartners on the bus and the bus driver they did their best to keep them safe. >> no doubt about them, i would give them a standing ovation i' tethered with my microphone, bu standing ovation to the kids an the coolness of the person driving the bus.
2:55 am
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pete: good morning, everybody, may 22nd, year our lord, will cain working hard all week long. glad he made it. will: good evening. pete: good evening,


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