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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  May 17, 2021 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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may 17, 2021. "the story" goes on and we look forward to see you tomorrow at 3:00. "your world" with sandra smith is in today. we watch the markets this afternoon and get ready for the big close. see you tomorrow. >> sandra: mask confusion. the biden administration facing a wave of criticism after cdc guidelines are leaving a lot of americans confused to exactly what they can and should do. the news catching some states off guard. now businesses are caught in the middle. coming up, we'll take to admiral brett giroir on what can be done to stop the second guessing. welcome. i'm sandra smith in for neil cavuto. this is "your world." we have fox team coverage for you with peter doocy with the latest from the white house and grady trimble is in chicago on how businesses are dealing with
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this covid confusion. we begin with peter. hello. >> now, sandra, good afternoon, the governor of new hampshire is telling us we were as surprised as anyone by the cdc's announcement learning about it through the press. the governor of nebraska tells us that he didn't get a heads up from the feds either. >> communication from the biden administration, better communication from the cdc when they're going to make policy changes. so we have a heads-up on this and can use that when we're making decisions in our own states. >> white house officials including the president who had been preaching cdc guidance as gospel are saying it's okay to ignore the new cdc guidance if you're fully vaccinated. asking everybody else to be kind to those that want the wear one still. that comes when the cdc director is trying to clarify confusion
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that she caused. >> this is not permission for widespread removal of masks. >> that's not what president biden said last week. >> the rule is very simple. get vaccinated or wear a mask until you do. >> the president's only on-camera appearance was to talk about covid-19. a lot of pressure to talk about something else. most of the questions at the white house briefing is about the conflict in israel. the president says he's going to have a call with prime minister netanyahu this afternoon. we expect a read-out soon, sandra. >> martha: we'll await any details from that. thank you. walmart, target and costco are among the major retailers ditching the mask requirements in their stores for vaccinated customers in response to new cdc guidance. shoppers can't help but still be confused. grady trimble is live in chicago with more on that.
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hi, grady. >> hey, sandra. it's the businesses large and small that are caught in the middle of this confusion along with their customers. so take a look at what some of the national chains are doing. they're split on what to do. apple stores and krogers and the home depots. vaccinated customers still have to wear a mask. you mentioned other stores like trader joe's, publix and walmart. at those locations, you don't have to wear a mask. we're at gene and gorgetti here in chicago. they're deciding what to do. the illinois governor has not rescinded the mask mandate. so the owner here, you're in a tough spot. what do we do? to we go against the state or follow the cdc's new guidance? >> right. right now we're following the state. where waiting on what we heard that something might be shared soon. we're crossing our fingers because it would make our job easier to have that guidance.
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>> i think from spending a night out in chicago that people are ready for some change to get back to a more normal life. i'm sure you saw that with customers as well. will the people decide what happens even if they have to keep waiting on the governor? >> i feel like at this point people are making the decision. when you're a business owner, it's different. it's not just about one individual. it's about employees and customers. we're still going by what the state says. we're waiting with very baited breath to make sure that we have that guidance. >> sandra, this is a restaurant that has followed the rules to a tee since the beginning of the pandemic even if they didn't necessarily agree with those rules. so now they're waiting on new rules to follow and hopefully an optimistic future. >> martha: great place. been around a long time. thank you. you know it's bad when "saturday night live" is now spoofing all of this confusing over the mask
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guidance from the cdc. we'll speak to a former snl-er. joe piscopo. can't wait for that. first, to brett giroir on the consequences of this. admiral, great to see you. i have so many questions for you. just talking to people in the building, you know, at home in the neighborhood, other parents, everybody is confused. so is it the messaging coming from the white house, the cdc? who is getting this wrong so we can all get back to normal? >> first of all, let me say it's been very confusing. three different points. number 1, they did a complete aboutface from what they did a week earlier. even dr. fauci on the morning when they changed the guidance. secondly, it's obvious they didn't let any state or local officials know. it's astounding to me that when you have new school guidance, you can consult with the teacher's unions and let them edit your final documents. but you don't talk to the state
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and local officials. the third and most important thing, the cdc should be telling us what is safe or relatively safe or not safe to do. their guidance is what you can and cannot do. they have neither the authority or expertise to do this. the guidance says you can do this unless someone's tells you you can't. let me tell the american people, if you're vaccinated, fully vaccinated, it's safe for you go to maskless. if you're not vaccinated and in public, it's important for you to wear a mask until you get vaccinated. that's basically the bottom line. >> sandra: admiral, you know this is tough to navigate. private businesses can do as they please. they is can put a sign on the door and session you have to have a mask on to enter. many have chosen to do that. are they not willing to take on the potential risk? are they protecting employees? they could have several reasons for doing that. big picture, we wonder, when is it going to be respectful to lower the mask and do so?
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you're saying we can't today. i think there's still sort of this stigma now with dropping the mask when you grow into a public place even though the cdc guidance says the science says we can. you think this will take some time to navigate, to come out of this and to find the new normal? >> you're exactly right. it's going to take some time. again, the words that the cdc uses matters. when they say you can, i hear that. that means i can. the cdc can only tell you what is relatively safe or not. that's why this is passed down, again, complete lack of leadership at the federal level. this is why they're passing the buck to the state officials, local officials and to the businesses. that's what you're seeing right now. it will take some time to evolve. but given the lack of warning by the cdc that they were going to change it, the lack of leadership from the white house, the american businesses have done a great job. you're seeing many states even
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today, massachusetts, new york, you're see manage businesses already rolling back with no prior warning. so it's going to evolve very quickly. >> sandra: and welcome news out of the biden white house, a laundry list of good numbers coming from this pandemic. deaths are down 81% admiral. those americans with at least one shot of any of the vaccines, that's now up to 60%. so it's no wonder that they're changing guidance. listening to that, the white house was taking a victory lap. admiral, coming from the last white house medical team, were you surprised not to hear more credit given to operation warp speed and the work of the previous administration to get here? >> i'm very surprised. i have been. that's what got me reinvigorated to come on the media. this is all going by operation warp speed.
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when i said last october and november the end was in sight, you can't test your way out of it, you can't mask your way, you have to vaccinate you wear out of it. this is going on warp speed schedule. the biden team has done a good job of taking the baton and getting it to the finish line. give them credit. this is according to the trump administration playbook enabled by that. it's a great american story. why try to cancel the trump culture of what did so many great things in a historic time to get these vaccines up and running and in to american's arms. >> sandra: one quick question. so many parents wonder. you probably assume there's not guidance for school aged children k-12 in this school year considering there's weeks left of school. your kids as young as 5, 6 years old be required to mask up outdoors at summer camp, at their sporting events? that's still happening most places. >> well, 5 and under outdoors,
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of course not, not outdoors. the issues of children 5 and under is really an important one. the who with the whole global consensus and the united states nations children's organization, unicef said don't put a mask on kids. the cdc is way out of bounds for that you're seeing mask guidances change. the u.k. announced no more masks in children under 11 starting in another week. so this will evolve. i think it's fine that they're keeping it right now. it needs to evolve by the fall no question. >> sandra: things are changing, the numbers are getting better. great to see you this afternoon. thanks for coming on. >> thank you so much. >> sandra: as violence at the israel-gaza border continues to mount, so does criticism of how president biden is responding to that ongoing conflict. and its coming from his own party.
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air strikes aimed at destroying militant tunnels there. greg palkot is on the ground in tel aviv with the latest. hi, greg. >> hi, sandra. we're now well in to week two of the battle between israel and hamas. from what we've seen on the ground, there was no sign of a break in the action. take a look at what we saw in central israel earlier today. we're hearing sirens near the city of ashdod in central israel. you're looking behind us. that is the batteries of the iron dome defense system. it's going up in the sky. there's a second one going up. looking to targets. make that a third and a fourth. looking to target hamas rockets coming from gaza several miles
1:16 pm
away. >> in fact, we watched as four rockets from gaza were intercepted by the iron dome missiles. one got through injuring three people. the responses were to heavily air strikes from militants. all told in the week plus of strife, ten israelis killed, 200 in gaza including women and children. as the pressure builds from all quarters for some kind of a cease fire. we talked to an israeli defense force when would there be an indication of a cease fire? at least when the rockets taper off. no sign of that today. >> sandra: thanks, greg. the white house responding to mounting criticism from some democrats over the administration's support for israel. listen. >> we share an objective of the escalating the situation on the ground, of bringing an end to
1:17 pm
the conflict. that's an objective that we share with members of congress that have different points of view and of course we support their ability to have different points of view. but we're approaching it through the prism of how we feel we can come a most effective outcome. >> sandra: what does my next guest make of that? general jerry boykin. what do you make of that, general? >> well, first of all, let's remember that three days ago was the 73rd anniversary of israel. it's a sovereign nation. it has the right to defend itself. protect its borders. i think what has been lost here is the fact that these people that are firing those rockets out of gaza as well as out of the parts of southern lebanon, syria and other places, they don't recognize the right of israel to even exist. so for members of congress, to
1:18 pm
get up and criticize the president at a time like this i think is ill-advised because he is up against the greatest test of his leadership right now. i hope he makes some tough decisions here soon. but these people are not helping the situation. they are what i would categorize as sort of a new element within the democratic party, which is generally been support of israel. >> sandra: general, we can speculate on what biden's next move is here. i ask you as far as strategy. what should the next move of this white house be? >> he should pull out all stops diplomatically, he should be leaning on our allies and the u.n. to stand with israel in this what i believe is an unprovoked attack on israel. not by the palestinians, by iran. the second thing is, he should be shipping all the warheads
1:19 pm
that he can to israel right now to go into this iron dome system that you just showed that is taking out these rockets and missiles coming in to israel. thirdly he should find out what else they want. this idea of $730 million of military sales is good. that's a good thing. by the way you know that that started under donald trump and the president could have -- president biden could have stopped it. it started under donald trump. he needs to have his own strategy now and find out what they need and pull out all stops to bring this is to an end. >> sandra: based on the criticism from some on the far left, do you believe the commander-in-chief will take into consideration that criticism, will politics play a part in what he does next? >> i hope that he blows these people off. what is it? 28 of them that signed this petition asking him to cancel his military sales?
1:20 pm
yes, i think that he is saddling. he's greatly influenced by this wing of the democratic party. i think they'll have an influence on him. let's hope and pray that he makes the right decisions here with regards to standing to our allies. listen, they are a democracy. they have been our allies really since december or -- may 14, 1948 when our president was the first one to recognize them as a sovereign nation. i hope he makes the right decisions. all he needs to do is look at history to know what that decision has to be. >> sandra: general, thanks for your time. thank you. >> thank you. >> sandra: drivers still feeling the pain at the pump despite days of the east coast pipeline being back online. we'll have the very latest. on this new tax day, forget hikes coming. florida republican senator rick
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>> sandra: the colonial pipeline is back pumping fuel but that is not stopping your pain at the pump with prices rising over the weekend. to edward lawrence at a gas station in washington d.c. with the very latest. hi, edward. >> hi, sandra. this gas station is out of gas. but that station right there does have gas. people are getting it. what is happening with the shortage, the gas prices have spiked here up and down the east coast. aaa says the regular gallon
1:26 pm
average is $3.05 a gallon. that's about 63% increase from last year where you were paying $1.87 a gallon here. the demand causes supply to dry up. 69% of the stations in washington d.c. are without gas according to gas buddy. it's about a third of the gas stations in virginia and half of the gas stations in north carolina and half in south carolina. so you throw in the rhetoric the anti-pipeline and the station of the administration and the republicans are saying this what happens when you constrain supply. colonial pipeline is back up and running but takes time to get the gas from texas. 5,500 miles from beginning to end. so you have some of them feeling pain here and the prices are expected to rise when it comes to memorial day weekend. some experts say prices will settle down from where they are today. back to you.
1:27 pm
>> sandra: thanks, edward. now over to rick scott on the price spikes that we're seeing. senator, this is something that you been sounding the alarm on with the white house pushing trillions more in spending. so is the average american seeing this come out of their pocketbook? >> absolutely. reckless spending has consequences. that's what the democrats and biden are doing. i've been saying this for two years. you can't just keep spending money like this without seeing an impact on people. who is it hurting? it hurts the poorest families, those on fixed incomes. everything is up. everything is going up. it's going to hurt the poorest families the most. i asked the biden administration to focus on this and they won't. they act like this is all going to go away. it's not going to go away if we don't stop this ridiculous spending. they want to spend another four or $5 trillion after they wasted
1:28 pm
1.9 trillion. we're at $28 trillion of debt. soon to go to $30 trillion. who will pay for this? there's no free money here. it's your money. they're trying to make everybody a dependent. it's like let's give everybody money so everybody is equally dependent on government and eventually we'll all be poor. this is systemic socialism and this is what the biden administration and the democrats are doing. >> sandra: this is coming on a day where president biden spoke at the white house and gave remarks on the spending, talking about getting money to families that he says so need it coming out of the pandemic. the child tax credit. you're talking about millions of american families that will now get the child tax credits for the children under their roof. the biden administration says this is much needed help to american families that need it, senator. how do you make the case otherwise? >> i think all of us -- i for sure want to help the families that need help.
1:29 pm
i grew up in public housing. i watched my parents struggle to put food on the table. i want to help people that need help. but to make middle class and upper income families dependent on government, why would we do that? we're going to have to -- somebody is going to pay for this. as taxes go up, what happens? we receive less money. you can't make everybody dependent on government and this works. this never works. it's socialism. we beat the soviet union because that's what they tried to do. the biden administration and the democrats want a redistribution on wealth, raise everybody's taxes. inbelievable inflation is happening now. green new deal. this is socialism. it's systemic socialism. that's what they're doing. let's help the people that need help. the rest of us have to get to work and continue to build the country that we're proud of. >> sandra: what do you worry is the impact on these companies, small and large, all over the country right now that are
1:30 pm
saying that they can't fill jobs, millions of them, that are wide open, but they don't even have people showing up to apply for the positions? >> doesn't make sense. why would we pay more for people not to work than work? that's what we're doing. we started it last year. i brought it up with other republican senators that say you shouldn't be paying people more not to work than work. that's what they're doing and will do it through september. i applaud the governors that are stopping it in their states. it's better for their businesses. >> sandra: it's happening. we're seeing a lot of prices, construction materials, food, all going up. it's an easy measure to see the price of gas going up. so many americans are of coursed by that obviously. senator, great to chat with you. thanks for being here. i appreciate it. >> see you. >> sandra: this is a fox news alert now. you're living live in albany. brand new details about the
1:31 pm
covid leadership group written by andrew cuomo and how much cash he could actually be making from it. to eric shawn with the very latest on this. eric, reaction is pouring in. >> yeah, it's pretty stinging, too, sandra. critics say they know why governor cuomo hit the number of nursing home coronavirus deaths in his state. the reason they say, his big jackpot. turns out that cuomo is set to receive more than $5.1 million for his coronavirus book. that's a lot more than first thought. few people wanted to buy that book. it's called "american crisis, leadership lessons from thepandemic." you can go and buy one for just over $2 on amazon. cuomo and his aides are being investigated now that they used state resources on the book. he denies wrong doing. but ron kim, whose uncle died of
1:32 pm
covid in a nursing home says that cuomo officials should go to jail. he said "today's news is further confirmation of the ugly truth that andrew cuomo took millions from crown publishing to write a book in the middle of the pandemic while families buried their loved ones". the governor's office says just over a million is going in a truth to cuomo's three daughters and he's donated half a mile to united way for covid relief. that won't offer much to those that blame cuomo for the deaths of their family and friends from covid in new york nursing homes. sandra? >> sandra: so many of whom we have spoken to on this network still grieving today. the loss of their loved ones. thanks, eric. you're looking live at del rio, texas. the biden administration reportedly now shifting some emergency funds including money
1:33 pm
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>> a forker associate of matt gaetz is completing guilty. prosecutors are looking to whether or not gaetz was involved in the charges. migrant border still a problem in del rio. we'll speak with that city's mayor in just a second. now covid funds are being shifted to deal with the border crisis. alex hogan is live in del rio. hi, alex.
1:38 pm
>> hi, sandra. border agents have asked for more support. more funding. this could relieve some issues in states $2 billion fund that would go to help the more than 20,000 children that would help in crossing the border alone. an hhs spokesperson said the recent transfers have had no impact on the on going work to defeat this pandemic. in the first four months of 2021, agents have apprehended 530,000 people. most are by coyotes. proving that these people are smuggling humans across the border isn't as easy as it seems. >> you have to prove it with evidence, right? so this person could very well just be helping people walk across the river. now, if we had the evidence to prosecute, i'm confident our state's attorneys or u.s.
1:39 pm
attorneys would take that matter but it would be a very difficult case to prosecute. >> now, we have seen almost 30 people cross the border just today alone. there's items on the ground that people discarded, wet jackets, shoes, socks, even money. the only traces left behind of the difficult journey that they have made. sandra? >> martha: thanks, alex, reporting from del rio. it's a situation that bruno lozano knows well. the democratic mayor of del rio, texas. he joins us now. what do you make of the additional funds being shifted to deal with this crisis at the border being meant for covid? >> it's a lack of a long-term plan crisis at the border. i ask myself why are taxpayers continuing to have to fund these issues when it's the policy that needs to be evaluated and
1:40 pm
reassessed really. this cannot be sustained. this is unsustainable. it's affecting my community. >> martha: mayor, talk about that. a situation that happened with a school going to lock down recently? >> yes. we had illegals attempting to traverse the southern city of the city. the school had to go on lock down to make sure the students were safe. i heard helicopters overhead. we saw state troopers and sheriff and police responding to that incident. i believe it was 13 illegal aliens that were there that were processed and detained by border patrol. so i asked congress, i asked the poll situations that are out there advocating for different nations right now stating the calm and the care that we need to provide them. what about my elementary school students? you imagine the trauma that they're experiencing being on lock down for illegal
1:41 pm
immigrants. that's ridiculous. >> sandra: mayor, noting you're a democrat. you feel members of your own party are listening? there's an obvious pointing out that kamala harris is not even visited the border since being put in charge of it. >> i think it's really unfortunate place to be right now. anymore a rock and a hard place trying to defend my community and its needs and showcasing that we need to support our american citizens and provide security for our city and national security at most. this is not something that should be bipartisan or -- you know, here we are. you have people that are more oil to different nations outside of the united states than you do for your own american citizens here that live here. >> sandra: who are you suggesting has those priorities? >> i think you know, reading one of the tweets from aoc in specific particularly that she
1:42 pm
posted the other day. it's quit a contrast to senator cruz's tweet. he's calling out the crisis that we're having. we have the southern border crisis, the gas crisis, we have unemployment and covid. the list goes on and on. yet here we are showcasing our priorities outside of the american people. that is very unfortunate. >> sandra: real quickly. how is your community doing with this? >> i get praises and thanks for standing up for what is right and supporting and being somebody outspoken and supporting the city of del rio, texas. >> sandra: you have a lot on your plate. >> we're anxious. very anxious. i can tell you that. high-speed chases are not fun. >> sandra: thanks to you and your handling of this. >> thanks for having me. >> sandra: with prices spiking, do we need all of this big spend something we'll debate that. first, "saturday night live" making light of confusion over masks coming off?
1:43 pm
joe piscopo is warming up. he will join us coming up. (vo) ideas exist inside you, electrify you. they grow from our imagination, but they can't be held back. they want to be set free. to make the world more responsible, and even more incredible. ideas start the future, just like that. [ crowd cheering ] [ engine revving ]
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>> the cdc announced people that are vaccinated no longer need to wear masks out doors or indoors. great, right?
1:47 pm
a lot of people had questions like what does that mean? what the hell are you talking about? is it a trap? >> sandra: "saturday night live" poking fun at the messages mess over masks. the cdc said individuals no longer need to wear a mask in most cases if vaccinated. some states and businesses updated mask rules in response. others have chosen to hold off. a lot of americans as a result are confused. one former "saturday night live" cast member joe piscopo is here with us. there he is wearing a mask outdoors. >> am i okay. >> can i take it off? i'm confused. i don't know what to do. >> sandra: the science says yes, joe. >> good to see you. >> sandra: good to see you, friend. so joe, i mean, snl is poking fun. i don't know, poking fun because people are confused. everybody is confused.
1:48 pm
>> i thought they were on the money. it was so funny the way they did it in vignettes. remember, thigh said, oh, i'll go out with you but can you take the mask off so i can see what you look like? that was so funny. everybody is so confused. every morning on am 70, my audience -- our audience is so great. but they're confused. they don't know what to do. nobody is in charge. so i tell everybody, hang in there, we'll get through it. use your best judgment. really, they don't know what they're doing in washington. honestly. >> sandra: common sense goes a long way. >> exactly. >> sandra: joe comes on my show in the afternoon on many days. joe, i never know where you're going to pop up. is this central park? where are we today? >> no, we got to do series, where in the world is joe piscopo? i love this. i'm at my mom's house, you know. i said oh, i got to go. there's all the action. i have to talk to sandra in for
1:49 pm
neil today. so i'm in beautiful new jersey. i don't have an american flag that i can see. i always -- there you go. one on my lapel. >> sandra: let's not forget we're on tv. we're covering the news. all right. so i want to get you to respond to the former royal, harry himself, taking on the first amendment. listen to this. >> i don't want to go down the first amendment route. it's a huge subject. you can find a loop hole in anything and you can capitalize on what is said or not said. >> as i still don't understand it but it's bonkers. >> sandra: what does he have to gain by bad mouthing the first amendment? >> i don't know. this guy is austin powers. bonkers. yeah, baby, it's bonkers. they're making fools of themselves. how is this guy to dictate that
1:50 pm
we have to -- our freedom of speech is bonkers? now we know we're in a serious issue. we address it on the radio, sandra. people are afraid because you see big tech taking away free speech. now somebody from the outside seeing it's bonkers? if it's so bonkers, go back to london. that's right. they won't take him back at the castle. unexcusable. an apology is due, sandra. >> sandra: joe piscopo, our royalty here in america. appreciate you joining us. thank you. put the mask back on. >> all the best. >> sandra: thank, joe. prices are rising at the grocery store and beyond and at the gas pump. could something that the biden administration is planning to do cause even more concern for the american taxpayers? tempur-pedin is to give you truly transformative sleep. so, no more tossing and turning... because only tempur-pedic uses a proprietary material... ...that adapts and responds to your body...
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only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ >> reckless spending has consequences. that's what the democrats and biden are doing. i've been saying this two years. you can't keep spending money like this without seeing it impact people. >> sandra: that was senate eric scott telling me that he thinks president biden and democratic spending is causing inflation. is he right? let's bring in our panel. liz peek, u.s. a contributor rob smith and fox news contributor jessica tarlov. welcome. good to see you. it's a healthy debate we have
1:55 pm
set up here. so rob to you first. isn't there clear evidence that the price of about everything is going up right now? >> yeah, there's clear evidence of this. independents are more negative about the future. we're seeing flat spending, a jobs report that was 750,000 under expectation here. the cost of living has jumped over 4% from last year, which is the biggest increase in 13 years. you're seeing all of the evidence right now that what the the left is doing in terms of this radical spending is not working and you have governors even saying that we're going to turn down this extra $300 in weekly unemployment benefits because it's so hard for us to get people back to work. so we're seeing all of the results of this reckless spending happening all around us. >> sandra: you can see on the screen, many of your food prices are going up. jessica, something that we talk about every day, the price of gasoline. that affects every day
1:56 pm
hard-working americans. so why is this administration not acknowledging inflation is a real problem? >> well, we've heard both sides of the coin from janet yellen saying it was going to be a little problem, raising interest rates and now backtracking on that. the important thing to discuss is what has gone on. we have supply chain problems because the entire country was shut down because of a global health pandemic that has taken millions of lives and 570,000 american lives. that's going to have an effect on the economy. in terms of the spending and how reckless it is, joe biden has gotten one of his plans through so far. this is what the american jobs plan cost and et cetera. so far we had a covid relief package that was approved by 70% of americans. no republicans voted for that relief, which they so desperately need. i'm not saying to not pay attention to didn't caters that there's an issue. we need to do that.
1:57 pm
americans did need that infusion. i don't think we've seen the long-term inflation problem for a while or not to say we've got to change course. >> sandra: liz? >> well, i think that's wrong. i think as we entered this year, we already spent or were in the process of spending $3 trillion on relief. consumer incomes went up 10% in the first which continues to pump $120 billion in to the economy every month. something has to change, sandra. i think the fed has to get away from this quantitative easing and the federal government needs to stop spending so much money. what we absolutely know is, we don't need an extra $4 trillion that biden wants to push through. that would be reckless and i think that would just contribute to the problems we have. >> sandra: rob, free money has been out there a long time. if you continue that along with this spending spree, how can the
1:58 pm
price of everything not continue to go up? >> no, it will continue to go up and also, you know a lot of these businesses and restaurants and stuff like that will have problems attracting employees because if there's so much free money out there, why would people go to work when they can get more to stay home? i'm saying we can have this conversation. the biden administration will do what they want to do. mind you in the words of chuck schumer, they have taken the pandemic and the reigns of the presidency and they want to transform america, this is what they have said. they will spend untold amounts of money to do this. >> sandra: i wasn't referencing the stimulus checks and now the child tax credit checks that will go out in july. i was referencing the low interest rate environment we've been in while this is happening, jessica. isn't this a recipe for higher prices across the board, whether it's food, energy or housing?
1:59 pm
>> it looks that way in the short term. i do believe the biden administration and the fed will work very hard to address this. we don't want to lose economic gains we've had. we want consumer optimism to go back up. we need retail spending to go up. that is something that we saw a downturn last quarter. we shouldn't have and the jobs report was disappointing. it wasn't because easter was in the wrong month this year. so we thought we would pay attention to this. i don't think you can ignore supply chain problems. >> sandra: anybody trying to build a house right now, the price of construction is sky rocketing. lumber prices have tripled. liz, final shot. >> the biggest problem have the biden administration could make this inflation surge permanent by creating a surge in wage increases. for some people that will be good. the $300 -- look, amazon is up 10%. these are not good trends,
2:00 pm
sandra. >> sandra: got it. thanks for all three of you joining us, a good healthy conversation and debate as promised. thanks for being here. i'll be back here again tomorrow for neil. you can catch me with john roberts every week day at 1:00 p.m. eastern time for "america reports." that's it for us. "the five" starts now. >> hello. i'm dana perino with greg gutfeld, jesse waters and dagen mcdowell and juan williams. it's 5:00 in new york city. this is "the five." president biden trying to project confidence while some in the white house are worried what lies ahead. concerns over the economy. political allies are faulting the white house for mixed messaging and growing concerns about inflation. some economists think t


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