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tv   Fox Report With Jon Scott  FOX News  May 15, 2021 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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>> got you. so that does it for us we'll be back here 5 p.m. eastern for big sunday show the "fox report" with jon scott starts now. ♪ ♪ >> we begin with breaking news, air raid sirens ringing out across israel as we learn of dozens of new rocket attacks at that country and biden administration pushes to deescalate the conflict. good evening i'm jon scott and this is the fox report. ♪ ♪ jon: president biden speaking to both israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu and palestinian pandemic mahmoud abbas thanking for supporting israel right to defend itself while saying its military is
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doing everything in its power to avoid killing innocent bystanders. meanwhile, the fighting shows no sign of slowing down. as both sides continue to exchange heavy fire, israel going after what it calls hamas's terrorist infrastructure as well as hitting the offices of the associated press and other media outlets. we have fox team coverage david spunt has the latest from the white house, but we begin with trey reporting live from israel. trey. >> jon good evening breaking tonight a massive barrage of rockets fired towards israel's second largest city of tel-aviv if right now is any indication over my shoulder you can hear israeli fighter jet israeli military preparing their response at this hour. today was a day filled with development israel was targeting the gaza strip from ground and the air. they did hit a building that houses international media offices, the israeli military saying that this was a building news by hamas provide nod
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evidence to support that claim. the associate the press did release a statement about the event saying, quote, we're shocked and horrified that the israeli military would target and destroy the building housing eight piece bureau other news organizations in gaza they have long known location of our bureau and no journalist were there and occupy notified ahead of time and israel showing gaza with artillery and striking from the air. earlier fractions inside gaza did target tel-aviv before the barrage tonight and fired towards tel-aviv was in retaliation to overnight killings of ten people all from the same family eight of those dead and children. destruction across gaza is widespread and united nations says 10,000 people have left their homes amid escalating violence. the fighting has expanded across the region and into the west bank. palestinian clash with israeli security force who is fired life ammunition in a number of locations. 365 people were injured as palestinian marked the date that
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the state of israel was established and they became refugees. now israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu saying operation undergoing against gaza will continue as it needs to and israel is attacking underground. jon. jon: trey reporting live from the west bank, trey, thank you. >> president biden speaking with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu earlier today reaffirming his support for israeling right to defend itself against attacks from hamas and raised concernings about the safety and security of journalists there. david spunt live at the white house. david. reporter: good evening president biden is getting ready to head to wilmington, delaware for remainder of the week and i can hear marine one right now on the ellipse of the white house but he spent most of today on the phone two important phone calls with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu spoken to multiple times since he took
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over the presidency back on january 20th. this was the first call, though, with palestinian president mahmoud abbas since joe biden became the 46th president. i want to go through some readouts of those calls from the white house first let's go with palestinian president abbas according to the white house, the president expressed his support for steps to enable palestinian people to enjoy dignity security freedom, and economic opportunity that they deserve in that regard. he highlighted recent u.s. decision to assistance to palestinian people including economic and humanitarian assistance to benefit palestinian in west bank and gaza as far as the conversation with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu updated him on high level u.s. engagement with regional part noarns this issue and discuss ongoing diplomatic effort and president noted this period of conflict civilians including children. he raised concerns about safety and security of journalist and
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reenforced need to ensure their protection. white house press secretary jen psaki out with a tweet early this morning we have comiewngted it directly to the israeli it is that ensuring the safety and security of journal ition and independent media is a a paramount responsibility the reason jon you're hearing press secretary and the president specifically talking about journalist that's because that building we've been showing images all day that house the associate the press al jay zero was leveled by explosion thankfully it was evacuated before the israeli struck but it was a close call. prime minister benjamin netanyahu office says prime minister updated biden on what israel has done so far and what country plans to do in the future according to netanyahu office he also said israel is trying to avoid hurting uninvolved people. the president has reiterated multiple times since coming to office he wants to seek a two-state solution jon something
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presidents for decades have wanted to achieve we'll see if president biden will did it that is ultimate goal of this administration you can bet president biden plans to follow this update from wilmington for the rest of the weekend. jon. jon: david spunt at the white house david, thank you. >> thank you. jon: bring in rebecca grant a national security and military analyst president of iris independent research dr. grant we've been talking a lot about the israelis and palestinians but we haven't mentioned iran in all of this and iran is a very large factor in what's going on right now is it not? >> iran is a huge factor. i see iran all over this from the call from the commander of talking to hamas, of course, it is iran who was supplied a lot of the missiles and missile technology for these ongoing strikes that we're seeing last night 200 missiles being tonight and iran trying to support hamas
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and trying to move the needle and see whether team biden is going put down strong work for middle east or not. mainly pressure on israel. jon: what kind of response would you like to see from the biden administration? i mean, they have implored both siding to step back and deescalate the violence. >> they have, and make no mistake team bides season trying to work this very hard there's been calls but we need to see something a lot stronger here that really goes to the root causes. i would like to see the biden team step back from talking about reentering that nuclear deal with iran. it's too bad that biden already released money to gaza and palestinian through u.n. to kuwait to have that over their head and we need a stronger response and a demanding for a cease-fire. >> but the biden administration seems to see it other way they're saying to palestinians
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look we gave you all of that money -- which the trump administration had withheld, now we expect your cooperation does it not work that way? >> it doesn't work that way. hamas and iran are trying to see if they can up their game in this region. i think hamas is doing these strikes in part to see how israel's iron dome really works. to pass some of that information on to iran, and this is really turning into a deepening crisis for biden. he also has flipped within the democratic party of those who are more assertive about palestinian rightings and those who were just under israel. really a deepening crisis i think for biden at this point. jon: quickly i want to play some of what benjamin netanyahu told his people about the ongoing, in fact, listen. >> you know and i know no country would tolerate this. israel will not tolerate this. and i want to thank president biden for his clear and
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unequivocal support. you cannot equate a democracy that values life with a terror organization that glorifies death. jon: he's thank the president there for his support, and pointing out the fact that -- you know, the indiscriminate launching of rockets, you know, is terrorizing his people. >> has an ironclad right to defense don't forget these are indiscriminate rockets several hundred a night and there may be as many as 10,000 more rockets in the gaza strip that hamas can launch a buy them they make them themselves they have a pretty deep arsenal so we need to see pressure for a cease-fire to end this tragedy. >> what about criticism at israels for hitting building that housed not only the ap but also al jazeera.
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>> we have seen that before back during the 2014 war, and 24 and others reported that hamas had put a rocket launcher near a building with international jowrnlgists. no question in any mind hamas set this up as apartment of their propaganda ploy tragic good thing that the israeli defense forces did notify the building occupants. we want press safe but hey this is hamas who set it up for prop propaganda. jon: national security and military analyst rebecca grant, thank you. >> thank you. jon: colonial pipeline says system is back up and running one week after a cyberattack caused it to shut down but gas stations in many states are still without fuel as drivers eagerly await deliveries. we have fox team coverage with laura ingle stanging by on long island in new york on high per gas prices but we begin with jonathon serrie live.
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jonathon. >> we've been watching a lot of activity at this tank crop pulling up and offloading supply from this facility right next to the colonial pipeline. they then drive this supply to area gas stations. that process takes time. so does the flow of fuel on the pipeline itself which can be as slow as five miles an hour on some sections and then, there's the wild card of whether panic buying will continue. >> and we want to remind the public that it will take a few days to fully return to normal. urge people in affected regions to only buy the gas they need so that we can help speed up the process. reporter: florida picialgs are investigating the cause of an suv fire that started shortly after driver filled four fuel containers and then put them
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back in his hummer one injured but refused treatment. in georgia, governor brian kemp extended state of emergency through next saturday georgia temporarily suspended its gas tax and raise the the weight limit on trucks transporting fuel more than 40% of gas stations in georgia, virginia, and south carolina are out of fuel according to the gas buddy. the figure has gone up to 68% in north carolina. but it is even higher in the nation's capitol. 81% of gas stations in washington, d.c. are without fuel and indication of the lingering effect of this pipeline shutdown caused by a ransomware attack. jon back to you. jon: unbelievable jonathon live in georgia, jonathon thanks. it is not just the south if you live in the northeast, you could be paying more at the pump as well. some fear that fallout could last longer than expected. laura ingle has more from
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rockville centre, new york. laura. >> hi jon, people are talking about the price of gas here certainly there's not a lot of problems here in new york right now. but as jonathon just reported, there is a lot of concern moving forward as people are making plans and we've all seen these lines, these long lines of people trying to get gas in some of the hardest hit states after the colonial pipeline cyberattack rush panic hoard gasoline having ripple effect on top of the up and down prices of gas that has left many uneasy and some drivers have short vital commuting plans, say they're needing to adjust routs and timing with all of the uncertainty in the air states are still working on getting fuel from the tankers to the grounds and into customers cars. >> it is going to take a while for things to go back to normal so we're still expecting this to be -- like this for the next two weeks at least.
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maybe three -- >> well, president biden has said this is not going to be like flicking on a light switch. though, president biden predicts a region by region return to normalcy this weekend and into next week. and past three months national price of gas has gone from $2.52 to $3.40 that's over a 20% increase in just 90 days and here in new york republican lawmakers are trying to convince governor cuomo to suspend gas tax while the democratic state lawmakers here are prptionz agrobust carbon tax that could significantly raise gas prices something that cuomo said is not the right thing to do for now. and so for now people are working on just topping off their tank as they make plans for may includes memorial day holiday. jon. jon: laura ingle from long island, new york, laura, thanks. well the fbi says the ransomware gang known as dark side was group responsible for cyberattack that forced the
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shutdown of the colonial pipeline. the question is, was the russian government involved as well? rich edson has that story from the state department. >> we do have strong reason to believe that the criminals who did the attack are living in russia. >> president biden says fbi believes russian president vladimir putin and his government was not involved in cyberattack that distabled colonial pipeline so former secretary of state says administration should still hold the kremlin accountable. >> they need to do more than talk to the russians. they need to impose real cost and russians need to fix that problem if it emanated from there we know they can do so and fact they have not certainly implicates what took place there. analysts say groups like those that shut down colonial pipeline often operate with permission or help from foreign governments like russian and point to russian government cyberinfiltration into multiple
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federal agencies and systems and long standing campaigns to provoke the west. >> it is descrurk and undermining democratic societies. particularly in this case, the united states they also benefit from the intelligence value that impact on critical u.s. infrastructure would give them if the government wanted to do that if we were involved in conflict operations. >> the president says lust hamper these organizations ability to operate. while these cyberattacks accelerate, the biden administration like its predecessor left to figure out how it can get companies to bolster their own cyberdefense and how the u.s. government can prevent these attacks. >> i would just note that there's a real sense and no deterrent. president biden is expected to meet with president putin next month in europe. biden says he plans on discussing are colonial pipeline attack with the russian president. part of a growing list of octave
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russian behavior including hacking and much more at the state department rich edson fox news. jon: rich, thank you. an update on one of the scandals surrounding new york governor andrew cuomo "new york times" is reporting four women who have accused cuomo of sexual harassment have been subpoenaed by the state attorney general's office. fox news can confirm that one accuser charlotte ben indeed received a subpoena and it is expected to complete the full investigation by end of the summer and cuomo continuing to deny any wrong doing. about a half hour to post time for the 146th running of the preakness estates has embattled medina spirit attempts to take second leg of the triple crown we're live at the race course, next. and -- check out the lineup tonight for 'justice with judge jeanine'. ♪ ♪
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hopes alive following a controversial wing at kentucky derby lucas tomlinson reporting live from the track. lucas. reporter: jon only to have 100,000 people here at the race force and charm city here in northwest baltimore today it is 10,000 a far cry from those who showed up to watch medina spirit win that troafl race and short time ago i spoke to kentucky derby winning trainer graham motion about what trainer bob baffert's win means. >> face of the score and kentucky derby so it is confusing to the general public. you know, has a way to come back we are not sure this horse will be posted. reporter: wants sport to adopt and not have different rules for different states remember these horses are competing all over the country. bob baffert famous trainer in
3:23 pm
thoroughbred racing despite when broke for now, of course, baffert had to answer to 5 high profile drug investigations in past two years roughly 30 in his career. many trainers in addition to motion saying racing itself to blame from medina spirit found to have excessive trace of a e lisle antiinflammatory drug in his system and didn't make a trip here to maryland and back home in california he defended himself with bill hammer and dana earlier this week. >> so many ways these horses get contaminated and when they're testing at these really ridiculously low levels and i've been saying it for over a year now this was going to get an innocent people in trouble and this is what's happened. reporter: now in order to arrive and race here 146 running medina spirit had to pass three different drug tests that colt has done that, however, a split sample and results that remain
3:24 pm
from kentucky derby to see if that horse might be disqualified but eyes are on medina spirit seeing to win second leg of the triple crown. jon. jon: lucas tomlinson from boston. thanks. surge of migrants at the u.s. southern border is coming with a pretty hefty price tag. how much longer can it go on? congresswoman nicole joins us next.
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eligible patients pay as little as $10. jon: i'm jon scott and this is the "fox report" it is the bottom of the hour, if you're just joining us here's a look at our top stories president biden revoking several orders issued by former trump in response to protesters targeting confederate monumenting one of them now cancel actions would have created a national guard of american heros. china landing rover on mars for the first time. beijing call it is an important step for the country's space exploration program. the u.s. conducted nine mars langsdings since 1976. and houston police say a tiger missing since last weekend could still be in the area. the animals alleged handler has been taken into custody on an unrelated murder charge and police say he's not cooperating on finding a nine month old cat. more on these and other stories, you can download the fox news app, scan the qr code on screen or go to fox
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border patrol agents overwhelmed by those crossing southern border local law enforcement trying to step in to help but are they enough to handle ongoing surge? alex hogan is live on the border in del rio, texas, alex. >> hi jon agents here in dell rio stopped 450 people today but an increase presence of mexican marines just on the other side of the water has decreased crossings specifically right here which is a very common thought that we've seen not only just this week but in general. however, today it is not deterred everyone from crossing including one man with quite the journey. >> one lone traveler arying on u.s. soil from cuba after one year on the road carrying nothing more than his clothes a backpack mom name tattooed on
3:31 pm
his arm demanding giving up a bracelet surrendering to u.s. agents one the more than 531,000 people who have crossed the u.s.-mexico border so far in 2021. on the edge of the flowing rio grand river discarded clothing, coats socks, shoes, now blankets for hundreds who crossed just this week in a move by mexican government in recent days mexican marines dawning camouflage scanning water front taking groups of people into custody an active presence while sheriff hasn't seen in his 40 years in val verde county. >> showing this administration that mexico, mexicans are trying to keep the border secure. migrants who do make it across border it is end of their physical journey yet just beginning in the request for the right to stay. >> now, in this specific region,
3:32 pm
there has been a 400% increase in the number of apprehensions compared to last year. most of the people are arriving from the northern triangle, of course, honduras el salvador and guatemala, however, specifically right here there's a sharp increase of those arriving from venezuela and cuba. jon. jon: alex hogan live on the border alex, thank you for more on this bring in new york republican congressman nicole member of the house transportation and infrastructure committee, as well as the house foreign affairs committee. staggering numbers there as reported by alex hogan a 400% increase in apprehensions and that doesn't tell us how many people escaped apprehension congresswoman. >> that's absolutely correct, obviously, that was very emotional for me as my mom is a cuban refugee herself but what we have to understand is that when my mother came here there were protocols in place that
3:33 pm
were followed right now there's no protocol there's no process it seems it is an open border and gotten completely out of control and i visited there -- about a month ago. and saw first hand that our cvp agents are being overrun by the cartel and smugglers that are bringing these individuals and making about half a billion dollars a month doing it. so it is a very dangerous situation. it's not just a humanitarian crisis but a national security crisis and i've urged president biden personally after the "state of the union" to address this issue to return back to the protocols that were put in place by president trump. he has stepped flow of the illegal migration yes we are working together to try to modernize and streamline our immigration system. but we can't do any of that if we do not stop the legal flow that is occurring right now. >> what is it at the biden administration that has them
3:34 pm
not -- continuing i guess to look the other way as it migrant surge goes on? >> no it is that they have advocated their responsibility to secure our nation's borders. because we know and they know at this point that the cartels are running the show and is a complete criminal enterprise that is operating this way. and as they're diverting tension of the cvp, there's actually a bunch of other nefarious activity at the open part drug trafficking, sex trafficking and so this is something that has to be addressed it can't continue to ignore this. this is a very dangerous situation for everyone involved. those migrants who are being transported, the american citizens who live in our community and the cost that it is coming to not just to the american citizens. his answer has been so far to give more money to corrupt governments in honduras and guatemala and that is something
3:35 pm
that should be concerning. but just today they announced they want to give another $2 billion to house these my migrants remember we have american cities across our country that are -- that are unfortunately suffering greatly with homeless epidemics we have american citizens struggling seniors that are continuing to try to make ends meet, and the amount of wasteful spending that is coming from this administration all they have to do is rollback the executive order he put in place in january 20th go back to the migrant protocol that were put in place by president trump and return cooperation with the three nations to our south, that we're cooperating under trump administration to stem the flow. jon: another executive order that president made soon after taking office was to stop oil and gas leasing on federal lands. we saw with the colonial oil pipeline shutdown this week that this nation is on the razors edge when it comes to fuel supplies. do you think that this crisis
3:36 pm
will create any reason for change in that approach of the administration? >> yeah. the cancelation of the pipeline as well as the cyberattack it was -- certainly l the reason why we're seeing these skyrocketing price at the gas station it is one of many problems that we're seeing as a result of the policies put in place for this administration. the idea that they're paying individuals more to stay home than to return to work -- discouraging people to be productive citizens is having a major issue on our supply chain. we're seeing tremendous increase in cost everything from lumber to agricultural to gasoline. and if you look at new york they want to double gas tax increasing to a dollar per gallon so really, really dangerous policies that we're seeing the reckless borrowing and spending we're seeing from biden administration is also leading to inflation which is contradicting factor as well so all of this --
3:37 pm
all of these executive orders that he's put in place and is first 100 days -- have led already we're seeing results of that. and i'm hoping that they're going to pay attention to this and try to reverse some of these things you know just because you don't like president trump doesn't mean you should be reversing policies that were actually working that we're leading to low unemployment ppg that were actually leading to cost of goods and gas going down. so i think it is very reckless. i don't understand it. but i certainly urge the white house administration to attack a second look at some of these policyings and revisit the need to have domestic production and invest in cybersecurity and other infrastructure projects that's where the money should be going that's what we should be talking about when we talk about infrastructure investment not all sorts of things that has nothing to do with transportation or infrastructure. >> we noted that you're on transportation and infrastructure committee in the house. a number of republican senators met with president biden this week. they didn't announce any agreement apparently they
3:38 pm
presented their sort of wish list. their ideas for what the president could do in terms of infrastructure and what republicans in congress will go along with. where do you see the bill going that the president -- the proposal that the president has put forward that two trillion dollar infrastructure bill does it have a chance of passing the u.s. congress? >> well, certainly not with bipartisan support and i don't believe it has a chance of passing even with just democratic support at this point unless they look to change rules as they did with the pandemic relief package. look, i think that transportation infrastructure is the one area where we could pass overwhelmingly bipartisan support package. but the president has to be serious about working with us and also standing up to the radical left who have tried to hijack this proposal and turn it into a radical, you know, green new deal that aoc and socialist movement is pushing.
3:39 pm
so if he's really serious about coming together we can certainly pass something. it would probably have to be focused on true infrastructure roads, bridges, tugs, airports, ports making sure that we solidify our infrastructure like the pipelines so we make sure that what we saw happen last week does not ham again and broadband i know that many of the members are interested in as well that is what we believe should be the focus right now. because we need to number one, keep cost the spending of this bill down. and number two, we just need to make sure that we're actually doing what we're supposed to be doing with the taxpayers expect for us to upgrade modernize our existing infrastructure. jon: new york congresswoman nicole, congresswoman, thanks. >> thank you. jon: the top county prosecutors are taking a stand against california's new rules that could make tens of thousands of prison inmates eligible for early release including violence
3:40 pm
felons details on that straight ahead. first, though, here's maria bartiromo with a look at what's ahead on sunday morning futures tomorrow. ♪ ♪ maria: join me sunday for sunday morning features and exclues weigh a center at the center of the story elise plus former secretary of state mike pompeo on the rocket firing on the middle east. 10 a.m. sunday on fox news. our forward-looking views of the market. (other money manager) but you still sell investments that generate high commissions, right? (judith) no, we don't sell commission products. we're a fiduciary, obligated to act in our client's best interest. (other money manager) so when do you make more money? only when your clients make more money? (judith) yep, we do better when our clients do better. at fisher investments we're clearly different.
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teens, and young adults. elderly dementia patients on latuda have an increased risk of death or stroke. call your doctor about fever, stiff muscles, and confusion, as these may be life-threatening, or uncontrollable muscle movements as these may be permanent. these are not all the serious side effects. this is where i want to be. talk to your doctor and ask if latuda could make the difference you've been looking for in your bipolar depression symptoms. dozens of district attorneys are challenging regulations that would allow the early release of 76,000 california prison inmates. they say the plan could put some of the states most violent criminals back on street christina coleman live in los angeles with that story. christina. reporter: jon, more than half of the district attorneys in this state 41 of them filed a petition thursday to repeal this
3:45 pm
state's new inmate sentencing guidelines. they say that new regulations are insensitive and unfair to crime victims and their loved ones. >> some of them are just devastated their emotions are raw to learn that the person that healed their family member can now get out and way more easier time a fraction of their sentence it can be devastating to them and if i guess my question is why didn't she take public input before you did all of this? >> sacramento d.a. ann marie schubert says rule lead to particular crime under california's voter approved proposition had 57, the state has wide authority to make sweeping changes to its prison sentencing structure. so on april 30th, with very little public notice, it was announced that new emergency regulations will be in place which can award additional good credits to 76,000 inmates including nearly 20,000 serving life sentences credits, used to
3:46 pm
potentially shorten their sentences. schubert says it is wrong for the state to approve new guidelines as emergency regulations. chief says there was no emergency to warrant this. and that by claiming this as an emergency, the state was able to bypass public comment on the controversial changes. >> we want public input before they institute these drastic changes. that's what we're asking for. there was no emergency. they imposed them on friday at 3:00 without any real notice. and now we just want an opportunity to be heard on behalf of public safety and crime victims. >> the department of corrections released a statement saying in part proposition had 57, which voters overwhelmingly approved in 2016 gave them the authority to submit regulations to provide additional opportunities for incarcerated people to receive good conduct credits as allowed by statute. emergency regulations are a result of that voter mandate.
3:47 pm
the state ask now review the d.a. petition to determine what to do next. meantime spew better says they don't throw out new guidelines, the d.a.s will consider taking further action. jon. jon: christina coleman in los angeles. thanks christina. >> well masks come off many are planning summer trips. but some hotels and resorts are turning people away because they don't have enough employees. robert sherman explains. reporter: at the riverside hotel in fort lauderdale there's no shortage of activity. running the show for the last 11 years and says even though they're busy they have a problem. staffing the property. >> it is pretty much across the board whether they have guest service agents or room attendance. typically hotel has 300 employees. today, they have about 175. we have turn business away there
3:48 pm
was a time two week period where we did not have enough in order to prepare meals for guests that were here. >> we have a crisis prices are closing just because they don't have staff. >> carol ceo of the florida restaurant and lodging association says the problem is widespread and mostly two prong on one hand workers in hospitality facility furloughed found other jobs and have no reason to come back. on the other hand, expanded unemployment benefits have made it easier to get by without working. in total, the hospitality industry is down 2.8 million jobs nationwide in february 2020. some hotels are boosting wages and adding bonuses to try to recruit staffers. even so the shortage persists. making the industry's road to recovery even longer. >> anywhere between two to three years to return to what it was -- to return the old normal. >> however, feels confident
3:49 pm
warning force will come back. >> labor force feeling more confident in getting back to work and that is how we're going to have to manage it. some states announce they will stop participating in some federal unemployment programs and hotel managers are hopeful that will help motivate workers to return. jon. jon: robert sherman robert, thank you. well after nearly two decades under ground noisy cicadas back in a big way with numbers expected in trillions. coming up, how homeowners are bracing for the invasion. i have an idea for a trade. oh yeah, you going to place it?
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♪ ♪ jon: might want to brace yrgs for a nosey couple of months with cicada season getting in full swing and douglas kennedy has a look at why insects will be especially loud this year. >> you have a strong reaction concern -- >> yeah i was screaming and throwing my shoes in the car and trying to get the bug out. i stopped traffic. >> 17 years ago rhonda found a cicada in her car. >> i was having an outright panic attack they are awful.
3:54 pm
i hate them. [laughter] >> admits she doesn't generally like any insects but she's not alone in her anxiety over cicadas. which emerge from the earth every 17 years. in can be only described as a biblical unslot of swarming and noise making. so they come out all at once make this noise like a horror movie but they are harmless. >> can't hurt people at all. >> paula is a scientist at the university of maryland. >> here's a big one. >> nice. >> one myth about cicadas they're dormant underground and only wake up after a spring fall. >> they're actually really busy down there. >> they are busy they're actively feeding on tree roots, sap and actively developing. and when they do finally surface in swarms of millions per acre,
3:55 pm
some welcome them. >> i'm very excited about this. >> ian from mount st. joseph in cincinnati created an app for sick ka da to track movements this year blue x variety found in 15 states in the district of columbia so now your app shows they've been spotted in illinois, indiana, pennsylvania. >> yeah. our app is to follow in real time. we've never been able to do it before. >> believes new technology will reveal their numbers to be in the trillions. a fact that's not exciting to rhonda. >> you want them to do their thing and go back underground for a couple of decades -- >> yeah. i would like them to not come out and do their thing at all. [laughter] reporter: she plans to stay inside her house until they all go away. in columbia, maryland douglas kennedy, fox news. jon: birds will be happy anyway.
3:56 pm
douglas thanks for "fox report" in just a moment. oug ♪ hey limu! [ squawks ] how great is it that we get to tell everybody how liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need? i mean it... oh, sorry... [ laughter ] woops! [ laughter ] good evening! meow! nope. oh... what? i'm an emu! ah ha ha. no, buddy! buddy, it's a filter! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪
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4:00 pm
his blood. so rom bower wins preakness stakes no triple crown winner this year and that's how fox reports on saturday this 15*9 of may 2021 i'm jon scott thanks for watching, see you again. ♪ ♪ >> hello america i'm mark levin and this is "life, liberty & levin" two great guests topic are immigration, as well as the 1619 project. but before i get to them related to them, i've written a new book called american marxism. why did i write this book? i don't write books just to write books.


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