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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  May 10, 2021 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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you want to talk about ignorant assholes. this is you dressed as carl malone and when you had a cucumber in your pants during the man show. maybe your bosses at disney can talk you out of your bad behavior. you talk about my show i will hit you back. ball is in your court. laura ingraham, take it away. >> laura: okay. jimmy kimmel is on the floor. we have to pick him up. >> sean: we had a spat back in the day. if he wants me to remind his bosses of disney of all of the crap he's done over the years, i will pick that fight. the ball is in his court. i would advise him not to talk about me anymore. >> laura: i am glad i never watch the late night shows.
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i know who colbert is, but the other people i get their names mixed up. >> sean: late night is dead. >> laura: well, this show is not. i will take over. i am laura ingraham and this is "the ingraham angle" from washington tonight. detroit's james craig one of the longest serving police chiefs in the nation but he is stepping down. you won't believe what some residents told raymond arroyo about joe biden's visit to the state in "seen and unseen." first the great biden back fire. that is the focus of tonight's
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"angle." we are almost 4 months into the biden administration and it's clear that things are not going according to plan. the facts. biden's attempt to take credit for the decline in covid cases and the plethora of the vaccines, it's not working. it's a failure. operation warp speed was launched almost a year ago on may 15th, 2020. if you like the fact we have millions of vaccines for adults who want them, you have one politician to thank and that's donald trump. by the time president biden got through his first inaugural address covid had already been solved. team doom never wants you to feel comfortable in theole normal ever again. -- old. even when the news is good, it's never good enough. yesterday was mother's day. hope you had a great one. what about mother's day 2022?
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>> i believe that we will be about as close to back to norm as we can. there are some conditions, george. we have to get the overwhelming proportion of the population vaccinated. when that happens the virus doesn't have any place to go. there are not a lot of vulnerable people around. >> laura: there is always a catch with dr. fauci. if were up to him, you could not get your freedom back or ever take your masks off unless the ever changing number of americans get the vaccine. even the u.k. prime minister boris johnson lifted the mask mandate for kids returning to school inside and outside.
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but biden's team and blue states governors won't let go of that power. you have to behave. take your shot and wear your hask -- mask or be grounded. >> the indoor policy should be masking. you could be a carrier and not know it. if someone is not vaccinated there is that potential of getting it. >> laura: since everyone who wants a vaccine can get one now, how does this make any sense whatsoever? what happened to the liberal's favorite goatee line. my body and my choice? -- go to. it's your body and dr. fauci's choice. they are super spreaders of fear and falls information and hypocrisy. more americans are just tuning them out. even those living in deep blue
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states like massachusetts, they are protesting these arbitrary rules. >> they the outdoor mask mandate lifted for adults. the economy is starting to reopen. what happened with us parents we realized largely none of those apply to our children. why are our children held to stricter rules than adults? >> sean: in red states where americans are free to make their own choices, masks and social distancing, they are largely over. if you caught the atlanta braves game this weekend you saw a stadium at capacity. people were packed in. it was a lot of fun. fans were having a blast. this is what yankee stadium looked like. why would you go to such a sad and dreary place? why is new york doing this?
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cuomo said that most restrictions can be lifted on may 19th. why not immediately open up america? also if biden thought they could waltz in and take credit for trump's successes, those dreams came crashing down after last week's job report. lockdowns and unemployment benefits and capacity restrictions and mask mandates did not help generate the one million jobs predicted. it's not that big of a deal. there were only 734,000 jobs short. >> because of the american rescue plan forecasters project we will see the faster economic growth in nearly 40 years in the months to come. we are moving in the right direction. >> laura: the right direction? for whom? the super rich who don't care
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what fuel costs are or food prices are. they are sky rocketing. things are great for migrants. walk in and get free healthcare and food and schooling. and human smugglers are tossing toddlers over the border ball and drug traffickers are making a killing literally with more overdoses. who can say that the hundreds of thousands of federal government employees, they are essential if they are not back in the office working yet? many bureaucrats are happy to stay at home and be paid. it's not clear that biden will ever get washington back to work. the place is a ghost town. why keep playing the salaries of
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unproductive people inside the beltway who refuse to return to work? it looks like the american people agree. a poll found that 60% of americans oppose raising federal taxes to pay for that announce sense. -- nonsense. 64% said the tax hikes will hurt jobs and the economy. 52% said democrats want to put in place a big tax and spend welfare state. that's worked out so well in the eu. this is why democrats have to keep us in crisis mode. this narrative crumbles when you look at where life is good and has been back to normal for sometime now. the "wall street journal" highlighted 3 break out cities driving the u.s. economic recovery including greenville,
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south carolina, des moines, iowa and provo, utah. provo has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the united states. pay rolls in march set a record high. what do all of those booming cities have in common? ding, ding, none are in blue states. the longer these trends continue the farther ahead the conservative parts of america will be. >> we have the strongest revenues anyone has seen. the economy is performing well. people are happy and there are people moving here because they want a whiff of freedom. >> our kids have been in school all year. they are doing well. we have the fastest growing economy. >> rocking and rolling last night at the park.
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100% capacity. >> laura: you bet. all of this has republicans amped up for 2022. in florida, georgia and texas and south dakota, they are bringing a message of freedom and prosperity to the american people. democrats know they are in trouble. that's why they cling to this pandemic paranoia. when that stops working they shift back to climate change and racism. it's so predictable it's boring and negative. when those biden administration bucks dry up and the unemployment checks stop, we will see how likeable old joe is. and how wonderful his agenda really will be. that's the "angle." tonight the fda gave the green light to pfizer's covid vaccine
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for kids age 12-15. the reaction is revealing. >> this is another critical victory in the u.s. fight against the pandemic. >> it will make a big difference in our lives. it opens up what we can do and who we can be with. >> this seems like a huge deal for parents who have been terrified for 14 months. >> laura: that's not all. the fda is holding a meeting next month on giving this vaccine to even younger children. joining me now is a doctor. is this a huge deal for the country? >> no, i don't think there is any good reason to vaccinate kids that young. kids face a small risk from covid itself.
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near zero. mortality from covid. at the same time they have not tested the vaccine on enough children to know what the serious adverse effect is. why would i vaccinate by kid for a disease that is not that deadly? i think it's a mistake to think about this as good for kids. it's not good for kids. the spread of the disease it's not necessary to vaccinate kids. that's false. we need to vaccinate the old and vulnerable. they face an enormous risk from covid. that defangs the disease.
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when cases go up, oh my god, deaths are going to come. now that we have vaccinated the old and the vulnerable, we should declare victory. >> laura: what does this mean for parents who are going to pace perhaps not being able to send their kids back to school or travel or whatever activity that liberals say you can't participate in? this puts parents in a difficult position. it used to be our body and ourselves. that is out the window even there is a small risk to children and those who want to get the vaccine as adults have the ability to get the vaccine. it's their choice. >> yes. it put me in a bind. i have young children myself around that age.
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i don't think it's goods for my kids to get that vaccine. there are deadly diseases that can affect children that you absolutely should get your kids vaccinated for. but this vaccine doesn't make sense to vaccinate children when the risks are low to them. vaccinate the vulnerable. >> laura: isn't this a huge amount of money on the line for pharma? if you vaccinate everybody and yearly boosters are required, that's billion dollars. >> i have a suggestion for them. there are a lot of unvaccinated people around the world who don't have access to the vaccines want send it to the
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people that can die from this in india and brazil and around the world where they have not been as fortunate as americans. use the vaccine to save lives and not make lives difficult for our children and their parents. >> laura: dr. fauci claimed mask mandates smothered the flu this season. >> he had a non-existent flu season because people were doing the public health things against covid-19. it's conceivable a year or two from now during seasonal periods with respiratory viruss like it is flu people might elect to wear masks. >> laura: is that true? >> he is just wrong. dead wrong. sweden, for instance has not masked up at all or small
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fractions. the flu disappeared there. it disappeared worldwide for reasons we don't fully understand. it's not masks that led to the disappearance of the flu or we would have seen the flu in sweden. there are evaluations going back decades on the use of masks to stop the flu and they're all negative. there is though evidence to support what dr. fauci said. >> laura: i feel like we have been on this mask issue since last april and may. they won't drop that mask. that's symbolically important to them. it's become a religion to them and a lot of people. thanks for joining us tonight.
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an uptick in anti-police sentiment a long-term police chief is stepping down. he will tell us why a run against governor whit meris maybe in his future. stay there.
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fear going to the grocery store or walking our dogs or allowing our children to get a license. just imagine. they are driving, but every time they get in a car by themselves, i worry about what assumption is made by somebody who doesn't know everything about them? the innocent act of getting a license puts fear in our hearts. >> laura: is that in maui, beverly hills? where is that? that's patently ridiculous! back in 2015, michelle admitted the secret service taught her daughter to drive. were they terrified of their own body guards. there is a more alarming statement. what you heard from the former first lady is part of a larger act. it's one meant to fuel the
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narrative that america that her husband was twice elected to lead is racist. here is brandon tatum a former police officer. the comments seem divisive. all of the things we expect from the privileged elite in the united states. >> well, laura, ray charles don't have to wonder how delusional michelle obama s. i have never seen a black person shot and killed in martha's vineyard. her husband was the president of the united states for 8 years. everybody knows what her children like. nobody is going to give them a citation. if you are a white police officer and you do anything against black people, you can guarantee your city will burn. >> laura: if you were pulled over by the police, and you do
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not resist the police and you just answer the questions and get out of the car. do you have any risk of anything happening to you for the most part? >> well, as a former police officer, you might get a warning. if you act like a normal person. when i was a cop, i didn't want to give people a ticket. they ran a red light in front of me i have no other choice because everybody is looking at me. we pay you tax dollars. be a normal person. treat them with respect and play the game. if you are nice to an officer they will be nice. if you resist arrest you better hope you don't run into a bad police officer. >> laura: he here's what else michelle obama said -- >> there is still work to be done. if you were raised to assume
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that all black people are x in the case with police officers, it can lead to death. >> laura: reaction? >> the only people that believe all black people are the same are the brain-dead leftists and people like michelle obama. individual people have different characteristics. there are good and black people and the same thing for white. the leftists assume that every black person is rolling through the hood with drugs on them. a police officer looking to kill them. that's not the case. police officers are like having a great wife. if you don't treat them right, she is going to leave your sorry butt and your life will fall apart. if people don't respect police officers in this country, this country is going to fall apart. we have seen crime rates in the
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triple digits. you better treat police officers with respect for a safe country. >> laura: thank you very much. while michelle obama pretends to be such a victim, black americans across the country are being terrorized by an explosion in violent crime. this past weekend new york city saw times square bistanders including a 4-year-old shot. -- another tourist was stabbed on the subway. in philadelphia over 20 people were shot with 4 killed. according to the "wall street journal" 3/4 of chicago's spike in murders comes from the south side and hispanic westside. in new york city homicide rose 40% in brooklyn with a long history of violence.
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along with bronx and harlem. why wouldn't the former first lady discuss that reality? they can't admit the growing violence is a result of unchecked blm riots and the campaign to defund and demoralize the police which the left supports. detroit police chief the longest serving top cop is stepping down. he may be leaving detroit to get to the governor's mansion. chief craig is considering a run against governor whitmer next year. he joins me, chief of the detroit police department who just announced his retirement. a lot of people are sad to hear you are retiring. you are loved and respected in the city. why is this the time to step aside? >> it's bittersweet. 44 years.
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i worked in los angeles and detroit and across the country. a chief in 3 cities. i have not had a bad day. last year was a wake up for me. our police officers across the country are not being supported. the one thing that a detroit police officer will say appreciate the fact that leadership supports them. unfortunately that's not common at all. yes, i made an honest decision to retire. nobody forced me out. i am being called to something bigger. i am not ready to make that decision yet, but you will know in several weeks. i am excited for my next phase of public service. >> laura: chief craig, you have to announce it on this show. you are our guy! you have to come here and make
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the announcement. >> i tell you what, laura, i will do this. after i retire and make that decision, should i come on your show or tucker's show? >> laura: come on! come on the gal show! [laughing]. come on! don't go on tucker's show. no, he is high buddy. -- my buddy. we want you to come on here. we have followed your career for years. your message is important. you said something during your retirement press conference today that everyone needs to hear. >> the aggression against our police officers today is unlike anything i have ever witnessed in my career. it's not just happening here. it's all over. we have to support men and women out there on the front lines. when you look at what is happening in other cities with police officers are leaving in large numbers, one reason is
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they don't feel supported. >> laura: where the country going to go? how will things devolve on our streets if this continues? >> the country and the city needs to wake up. the portland mayor where they continue to riot. now he says enough is enough. where is the support for the men and women. minneapolis, we know what happened. with floyd. it was horrible but does that reflect the entire profession? no. let's talk about the tragic incident in columbia, highway where a teen was spot but she was armed. -- ohio. that officer made the decision to protect another person's life but lebron says you are next.
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nobody supports the vast maiority of the good cops. it's shameful. >> laura: we did. do you think i am afraid of lebron james? give me a break -- come on! >> my friend out in l.a., when wrote a spirited letter. did lebron respond to that los angeles police officer? of course not and he is not going to. these folks have armed security. some are police officers. they live in gated communities in a safe environment. the problem is, we don't talk about those who live in vulnerable communities who rely on the police every single day. >> laura: we have to run, but i am glad you agreed to make the announcement on the "the ingraham angle." we look forward to that. i will fly there. don't press me.
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i will fly there. >> you will fly to detroit? >> laura: i love detroit. chief, thank and you good luck with your next move. you are coming on the show. joe biden plans on spends hundreds of billion dollars on racially conscious infrastructure. what do the people affected think about this? raymond arroyo hit the streets of new orleans to find out. a must see "seen and unseen" next.
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>> ♪ ♪ >> laura: it's time for our "seen and unseen" segbeelith. -- segment. raymond arroyo joins us from new orleans with a report on how the biden administration intends to spend billions of extra base hits dollars on racial equity. what is going on? >> joe biden toured a water
7:38 pm
plant in new orleans and talked about rebuilding bridges. his infrastructure plan sets aside 621-billion dollars to address historic inequities with $20 billion to tear down major interstate systems across the country including one here in the big easy. i am standing under the claiborne expressway in new orleans. this bit of the i-10 system was built in 1968. it cut through the middle of a traditionally black community. joe biden mentioned it my name along with the i-81 in syracuse as highways that destroyeded racial communities. in the same of racial quality biden wants to spent $20 to unite these communities and do
7:39 pm
away with these high ways. >> why take that down? that's the only way people get back and forth to work. there ain't no traffic right there. that's how people get to work. >> i think it will mess up the streets with all of the traffic. >> they need to fix it up better instead of tearing it down. >> why would you tear it down? it's been there since 1968. the people need the bridge to go to work. >> you would not support it? >> no, i would not support them to take that bridge out. >> the overpass it's a place everybody goes to party. on sunday you have that whole overpass packed. when you take away the overpass where are we going to party? >> it represents my life. do you know what i am saying?
7:40 pm
we hang under there and chill. tailgates. all of that. all of that good stuff. >> the biden infrastructure plan sets aside $20 billion to reconnect neighborhood cut off by historic investments and ensure new projects increased opportunity and advance racial equity and environment justice. this scares with what people pete buttigieg said several weeks ago -- squares. >> there is racism built in. >> the president said this is to reunite community. will this reunit the community? >> the communicate -- community
7:41 pm
is already reninetyed. it's multi-culture. leave it be. >> how does it bring racism equality? explain that to me. >> where would you like to see that $20 billion spent? >> we need a lot here. we have to worry about if it's going to flood. if it drizzles, y'all, you hear me? drizzles,>> the president says and it's in his infrastructure plan, $20 million he set aside. he said it's racial equity because the claiborne expressway cut this off from the rest of the city? >> mr. president get down here.
7:42 pm
[bleep]. >> laura: this is not just in new orleans. biden is targeting systems in other cities as well? >> that's right. the i-81 in syracuse is mentioned in the infrastructure plan. new york senator chuck schumer played the idea of departs -- destroying parts of that interstate. they stopped construction on the i-45 citing civil rights and racial equality. michelle obama said we need to listen to each other. i wish people in government would listen to the communities most impacted by these grand schemes. you hear what they are saying on the streets. >> laura: yes, next time you have to ask them about defunding the police, if they want fewer
7:43 pm
police in new orleans? this narrative of the obamas and bidens is down the tubes. stunning new video from the border that sheds new light on where some of the migrants are coming from. and we will talk to the texas lieutenant governor dan patrick. don't go away. our retirement plan with voya, keeps us moving forward. hey, kevin! hey, guys! they have customized solutions to help our family's special needs... giving us confidence in our future... ...and in kevin's. voya. well planned. well invested. well protected.
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>> ♪ ♪ >> laura: the biden administration wants you to believe that the border crisis is under control but that's a total lie. hours ago fox filed this report for the "the ingraham angle" from the southern border. >> laura, here in the del rio sector this turned into one of the biggest hot spots along the u.s.-mexico border can 700 migrants apprehended here every day. and we have seen them crossing the rio grande like clockwork. this was earlier this morning. the biggest group in 3 days. 52 venezuelans who brought their kids and infants with them. we talked to some of them. many wanted to get out of venezuela and come to the united states for a better life. the other day temperatures 46.
7:49 pm
-- it was 46 and 25. from venezuela and cuba. the local sheriff deputies have to apprehend the migrants because the border patrol is stretched thin. some of the migrants have criminal records. >> we have apprehended 6,000 criminal agents and we rescued 6,000 people. >> and 2 of the migrants had serious criminal records. one was a convicted heard and the other a convicted child molester. one local official said if the border is closed, i don't want
7:50 pm
to know what it is when it's open. >> laura: joining me now texas lieutenant governor dan patrick. people from venezuela crossing the border and convicted murderers and child molesters. the biden administration said we have it under control. >> it's unexplainable unless you accept the premise they know what is happening and want it to happen. that's the only way you can explain it. they can't be this ignorant. they see it. they don't want to acknowledge it. think about this a moment: 60% of the people coming through the del rio segment are coming from venezuela. they are flying from venezuela to mexico city and bus in. we have a different set of people. some are better dressed.
7:51 pm
this is a more educated class fleeing their country in with other people. we caught people from south africa and haiti. they are coming from all over the world. >> laura: why wouldn't they? this is the most ridiculous situation. we are hearing from people in new orleans, raymond's report, and people on the streets in new orleans. what about the american people? not that we don't have feelings and concerned about everybody, but we have an american problem right now with what is happening with this ridiculous, prolonged respond to the pandemic and locking kids out of school. now all of humanity will show up and walk right in. >> laura, we are only 3 weeks from the end of session. we had a meeting today with the legislature.
7:52 pm
we are going to put in significant more money tonight. we will put in significant more money into our border security. we already spend close to $400 million a year on tax dollars to protect texas and protect america from the criminals coming in. we will add to that and have more personnel and more assets on the border and do everything we can in texas. the border patrol they are demoralized. they are taking care of families and kids. the sheriff is overrun. the jails are overrun. it's a disaster. >> laura: i was in del rio in may of 2019 and we thought it was bad then. it was right before they instituted the return to mexico
7:53 pm
policy. it was bad then. >> biden could overturn this again overnight with that mexico policy that trump created. >> laura: this enriched the cartels. one word for the administration's response? >> it's disgraceful. you are allowing people to be enslaved. you are creating [inaudible]. >> laura: thank you very much. sorry i had to cut you off. up next could a visit to the local library mean you are a closet member of the kkk? when everything is racist is explained. ourselves constantly; it's important. we walk three to five times a week, a couple miles at a time. - we've both been taking prevagen for a little more than 11 years now. after about 30 days of taking it, we noticed clarity that we didn't notice before.
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>> laura: it's time for your new favorite recurring segment. when everything is racist. racist. >> laura: are >> laura: are you a bookworm? do you like to go to the
7:59 pm
library? too bad. libraries are now racist. don't forget about the dastardly dewey decimal system. according to cornell university library and, they are reporting that during a virtual teaching on confronting anti-asian racism, someone said that white supremacy is reinforced through those big book filled buildings. libraries themselves also have a fraught history being complicit in racism and in some cases upholding and disseminating racist ideas. she went on to say that the dewey decimal system uses outdated terms to describe people of asian descent. the daily mail investigated the accusations and made this shocking discovery. english, french, and greek have multiple sections. east and southeast asian languages are given just one. my gosh. what will come next? calculators?
8:00 pm
numbers in general? clouds? we'll continue to bring you these reports so you too can be as woke and informed as we are. that's all the time we have tonight. don't forget, set your dvr for every weeknight to never miss us. all right, gutfeld takes it from here. >> let me tell you, it helps to have our president joe biden office because when you have a responsible, mature president in office, it makes it even easier for us. >> greg: what a dig at her husband. [applause] what ever happened to sarah


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