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tv   Fox News at Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  May 7, 2021 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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>> shannon: we are out of time. to set your dvr every week fox news at night with ivo shannon bream is next. i'm greg gutfeld, i love you ♪ ♪ >> shannon: hello and welcome to fox news at night, i'm shannon bream in washington. breaking tonight, some business owners and desperate to hire workers, now offering cash rewards and other incentives to employees just were applying and showing up for an interview. our economic panel breaks down the very underwhelming jobs and debates what is going to take to get people back to work.
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a president biden attempting to clear up the latest confusion over masks and when you should be wearing them, but some say they are now more confused than ever. what exactly did the president say today? and bagel bites and a bit of a pickle, a wisconsin woman contained these next don't contain real cheese or tomato sauce. it our legal eagles join us for a night court, you decide, you're the jury. at first we start with the jobs report showing jobs numbers down, unemployment up, and lots of finger-pointing as to why. kevin corke is digging into the economic numbers for us tonight, good evening, kevin. >> happy friday and good evening. at this is where you are in your salary if you're over at the white house. obviously, they're trying to figure out a way to put a positive spin on the terrible news -- really, let's face it, by any measure today's job report was not bad, it was flat out awful. imagine if you will just for a moment, had president trump had an numbers that came in 700,000
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jobs short, but ended today. there are competing theories as to why it happened and what happens next. >> president biden: i went to put today's jobs report in perspective. we knew this wasn't be a sprint, it's a marathon. quite frankly, we are moving more rapidly than i thought we would. >> that's something. or for mr. biden, this latest jobs report is actually grave news, better than expected ethan. >> president biden: you might think we should be disappointed. when we passed the american rescue plan come i want to remind everybody it was designed to help us over the course of a year. not 60 days. >> but for many, today's jobs report wasn't cause for celebration as much as it was for perhaps a stiff drink. >> it looks like a big disappointment, maybe i have that wrong, let me double check the bureau website. one second. yes, 266 is correct. >> a nonfarm payroll jobs
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increased, but by far less than expected. it's just 266,000 new jobs according to new government data. even worse, the unemployment rate actually rose to 6.1%, on an escalating shortage of available workers. for perspective, dow jones estimates has been from 1 million new jobs. at the unemployment rate was actually expected to slide to 5.8%. to some experts predicted even stronger numbers than that. wall street didn't seem to mind, cheering its way to record closes today. back in washington, a fierce debate was brewing over whether white house policies were responsible for the sluggish numbers. republicans and some business groups blaming the $300 weekly federal subsidy for incentivizing staying home. >> systematically playing unemployment benefits which is more than a person makes working doesn't create an environment that's particularly conducive for going back to work.
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>> ben sasse, this tragedy is what happens when washington overdosed decide to pretend their generous by paying more for employment than for work. okay so what to do now? some g.o.p. governors across the country are actually cutting off unemployment benefits in an effort to force people to get back to work, in fact, in south carolina and montana both states plan to end all pandemic unemployment benefits for jobless residents. the lord to get people back out there, you guessed it, signing bonuses. they are being offered across the company to entice workers to return to the labor force with $2,000 signing bonuses for some bars and restaurants, and with many companies willing to pony up to about $1,000 just to get back there workers. if you ask me, that's a really good idea to get people off the couch. if you're going to throw 2 grams, a lot of people come back in for work. the one that gets my attention. we'll talk about that a little bit later, stick around for
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this -- the president today was called out by a reporter over his mixed messaging on masks. i'm not sure he cleared things up, we will break it down. >> why do you choose to wear a mask so often when you are vaccinated? to look like you, that's a joke. why am i wearing the mask? because inside it's still a good policy to wear the mask, that's why. when i'm outside -- lots of times i walk away from the podium come i forget to put on my mask because i'm not used to wearing outside periodicity when a couple of points, it's good policy to wear a mask indoors even though he's vaccinated and other people he's around are also vaccinated. still waiting up for the cdc to give us some leeway. he forgets to put his mask on because he's not wearing outside, but that's where we're confused, were told of her vaccinated being outside, you don't have to wear a mask, but he has been wearing his mask outside. i don't know, i'm confused.
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>> criswell, if he's going to follow what his own cdc is saying, if you are vaccinated and you are out there, it you're more than 6 feet away from people, which often he is -- it's just himself and the first lady, there's really no reason for him to be wearing a mask if he's only following the advice of his own cdc. that said, a good friend of mine who is a medical professional did suggest that because the vaccine is only -- the efficacy is around 95% -- there's that 5%. if you feel more comfortable, you're a senior, your vulnerable population, maybe it's a good idea to wear the mask anyway. that's one way to look at it, although i would argue that if the policy the administration's putting out there says you don't have to wear a mask, you are vaccinated, where vaccinated come over outside of all places. i think you would probably want to lean in that direction. if nothing else, to get people to say, you can take this vaccine and get closer to having your life back. maybe.
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>> shannon: it depends on the day and the guidance from whatever agency is telling us what to do. okay, we will try to keep it straight. we'll talk a good news and a little bit. los angeles county district's attorney is taking heat again tonight, this time for his decision to not seek the death penalty for men and women charged with the torture and murder of the woman's 10-year-old son back in 2018. if correspondent has more details from our west coast newsrooms on this very interesting prosecutor. >> prosecutor with the attorney's office is blasting the decision to no longer seek the death penalty and a case against a woman and her boyfriend, accused of torturing and killing her 10-year-old son they've been charged with the murder of anthony iapoce with special circumstances amounting to torture, pouring hot sauce on
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his face and in his mouth. the former d.a. decided those circumstances were severe enough, they would seek the death penalty in this case, but in another instance of sweeping criminal justice policy changes, his office announced the death penalty will no longer be pursued against the couple. the maximum sentence defendants, heather maxine barrett and ernesto label could get is now life in prison without parole. it deputy district attorney and outspoken critic who is prosecuting this case says the decision to reverse the death penalty is not based on new evidence and he stands by the special circumstances committing decision two years ago. here's the boy's family reacting. >> there so much evidence in the crime is so horrible, what they did to him. why did you deserve anything else about that? >> we don't get the justice anthony deserves, what's
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stopping another parent, another mother, another father from hurting their child? it just keeps going. the cycle keeps repeating itself. >> a vigil for his 13th birthday, we reached out to the d.a.'s office but received no response. >> shannon: thank you so much, have a great weekend. if "the washington post" reporting tonight that during the trump administration, the justice department obtained phone records for three reporters who had done stories relating to alleged connections between the trump campaign and russian officials. it justice department spokesman confirming the actions tonight saying the department does follow legal guidelines when obtaining such records. as part of that criminal investigation into the unauthorized disclosure of classified information saying, the targets of these investigations are not the news media of recipients, but rather those with access to national
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defense information who provided it to the media and thus failed to protect it as lawfully required. the record show calls to and from numbers and how long they last it, but did not include any content about what was discussed in the calls themselves. for step in tonight real news roundup come i hate school teacher in alaska has reportedly been put on administrative leave following comments she made during a class discussion of the george floyd case. in a video posted to youtube, the teacher said to students as an old white lady, she would put her hands behind her back if asked to be on my friday police. at the school called her comments racially insensitive. officially titling birthing while black, america's black maternal health crisis, congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez gave an impassioned speech on how she says planned parenthood is saving babies lives.
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>> shannon: if we want to talk about planned parenthood, let's talk about how many lives planned parenthood has saved. and how many babies have been born because of the prenatal care provided by plains parenthood. if you don't -- if you don't believe it and you've never met a planned parenthood baby, i'm happy to let you know that i am one. stay on in that same hearing, missouri congresswoman cori bush use the phrase, birthing people, to tell the story of giving birth to her own son at 23 weeks gestation. pro-abortion group echoing the phrase tweeting, when we talk about birthing people, we are being inclusive. it's that simple. we use gender-neutral language when talking about pregnancy, because it's not just cisgender women who get pregnant and give birth. reproductive freedom is for every body. the head of the tsa says a number of firearms like the airport checkpoint surged over
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the last year telling the hill that in just the last week of april, 120 firearms were found. they are that the weapons detected a checkpoint, 80% of them are found loaded. following last year's initial work from home quarantine, pet adoption spikes to new levels, record levels. now there may be just starting to turn around. rescue organizations in colorado and virginia reporting more pets are being returned as more people are now going back to the office. animal rescue advocates remind people to be fully prepared for all of the responsibilities before adopting. we told you earlier about april's disappointing jobs report, many republicans and business owners are blaming the higher than expected unemployment rates of the government's ongoing handouts. >> i'm so tired of all of its bearded quit giving all of this unemployment. are they getting unemployment, stimulus, why work? they make a lot of money.
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a lot of people are on it that shouldn't be on its bearded they come here, they apply. i say, you're hired. do they come, no. feel let's bring in our economic council, steve moore, boston urban hospitality co-owner and chef chris coons, and fox news contributor pastor robert jeffords, think, great to have all of you with us tonight. let's start with you because you're on the front lines of doing hiring here, we have a number of states that are saying not only are they going to scale back some of the benefits that are going out, montana for an instance is trying to dangle some initiatives to get people back out. they say they stay at a job for four weeks, they'll give you $1200. how are you doing with staffing and hiring? >> it's about the most challenging time i've ever seen in my industry for trying to hire. we see surging demand here in the state of massachusetts -- i mean, number one we had so many restaurants close permanently to
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my 3600 restaurants never reopened their doors and the state of massachusetts. come to find out, we have about the same population looking to go out to eat, and we don't have enough employees to take care of the guest demand we have at this time. >> shannon: from this jobs report today, which was very underwhelming to say the least, this is how the house speaker nancy pelosi responded. she admitted, it's a disappointing child support, but it highlights the urgent need to pass president biden's american jobs and families plan. we need to take bold action to build back better from this crisis by investing in our nation, our workers, and our families. steve, how would that help solve the problem? >> it won't. the problem is associated with the $1.9 trillion bill that was just past a couple of months ago, shannon, where the pelosi and biden insisted on $300 a week supplemental unemployment benefits. by the way, it was on your show a few months ago i predicted
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that we are going to probably have a 5 million person reduction in the number of people working because of the spirit of the fact is right now, shannon, about half of the unemployed workers in america are making more money on unemployment rental assistance, all other payments then going back for work. if what you were just talking about in boston, it's happening from coast-to-coast. you talk to people and construction companies, he talks to people who run bars, restaurants, stores, people who run any kind of business, they attack at the workers. the survey to me was the white house and the nancy pelosi response to this. they've got to get out of washington. they've got to go see what's happening around the country. if we have 7.4 million jobs in america today that are open, and to the employers can't get the workers back on the job. >> shannon: we've covered businesses around the country that have actually closed
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because they couldn't do it anymore, they couldn't get shifts covered, they couldn't get people to show up. i want to play something president biden said today about the numbers and the data. >> president biden: b data shows more war workers, more workers are looking for jobs, ad many can't find them. jobs are coming back, more than a paycheck. it's people's pride. it's about being able to look your child in the eye and say, it's going to be okay. >> shannon: there's a lot there to unpacked. i want to ask about the back half, the people's pride. i think many americans do want to get out there and work. i mean, what happens when we have a season of networking become dependent on the government i'm a what does it use of the human psyche and the ways we are created to operate in this world? >> the bible said god created us in his image. god is a worker, it should be no surprise then a part of our dna is a desire to work.
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that's where we find our fulfillment. solomon said in the old testament, there's nothing better than for a person to eat, drink, and enjoy the work of his hands. this is a gift from god. anything government does to dis- incentivize work is really robbing people of this fulfillments. i know their extraordinary circumstances where government has to step in, a person is ill or in a pandemic -- that ought to be the exception, not the rule. the rule as to what the paul said in the second thessalonians 310. if a person doesn't work, neither should he eat. to continue to pay people for not working is ultimately destructive to the human spirit. >> shannon: it to be clear at -- >> i want to add a detail to the spirit just so your viewers no, this policy that's in place right now, it's scheduled to go through september, we don't see this policy, we will see this
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labor shortage get worse and worse and worse throughout the summer months. the one that normally would be a very busy time for you, got to say that's going to make it trickier. i want to ask about the first part the president said. at the data shows more and more people are looking for jobs and can't find them. how does that line up with your experience as an employer? >> it is quite polarizing to what we're saying at this time. we aren't even getting applicants at this point. it used to be about finding qualified help, now it's about finding any help. the other effects of this, for those who are working every day, we are working harder than ever. what we are asking upper teens and our employees night in end of night out to do the jobs of two people, three people -- restaurants are complicated. we've got all these new rules, we are policing guests about mask wearing. in massachusetts, we are still under restrictions in the city of boston until august 22nd, and it's an exhausting workplace to begin with.
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mind you, trying to cook in a commercial kitchen as i do nightly with a mask on is not very fun, it's hot in there, it's difficult to breathe, it's a tough environment. right now, i think people are just making the decision to have a nice leisurely summer on government benefits and sit on the beach and enjoy summer and come back to work in the fall. i'll tell you, there's a lot of businesses that are hurting out there, and those jobs might not be there for them in the fall when they come back. >> shannon: pastor, we will give you the final word here? >> god created government as he did the church and family. government serves a purpose. i'm grateful that president trump and others stepped in more than a year ago with much-needed stimulus, the paycheck protection program, those are all good things. i think it's time now to rethink this and make sure we are not destroying people's motivation to work, and the fulfillment they find from their work. >> shannon: we see a lot of states taking their own independent action on that. we will watch and see how it plays out. our states are laboratory of democracy. they've made some very different
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decisions during this pandemic. thank you all for being with us, have a great weekend. >> thank you, shannon. >> shannon: the state senator caught doing the very thing he was supposed to be speaking out against. you will love this video. a plus, surviving a close encounter with a shark bit of what you need to go. at today's best viral videos are next. as booster. downy unstopables.
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stealing shark safety diver, a john emery has no fear. she instructs viewers on how to survive and encounter with a tiger shark. she says all you have to do, remember this, is maintain eye contact, reach her arm out locking your elbow and pressed her hand on the top of the shark's head while pushing your
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body over and away. no way i'm remembering all that stuff. a shark like that swings up to me -- but she's got it down. i will stick by the pool with my pina colada. it's raining bears in pennsylvania. to check it out. a group of researchers using a tarp to catch a black bear that was stuck on a tree on the clarion university campus. if game commission officials say the bear was relocated to public lands further north in an icelandic volcano dramatically spewing lava into the air as a crowd watches from a safe distance. at one local said from that vantage point, you can feel the breath from the volcano. it started erupting back on march 15th, and continues to turn out these stunning images. police in hot pursuit of a stolen red ford mustang in california, that suspect crossing through several towns and cities, driving recklessly and wrong side -- formed a textbook maneuver to
9:27 pm
end the chase and quickly apprehended the suspect. an amazing moment caught on camera, a little girl reeling in a very big catch. i love the effort. look at her putting everything into it. it's hilarious, she says, give me the biggest net you can. and some screaming! total girl boss, nicely done young lady. finally, ohio state senator andrew brenner doing the most on a zoom call. it check out his background, it supposed to look like his office, but rather odd to you can see a seat belt across his chest. it turns out he wasn't in his office, he was actually driving. here's the kicker, he was doing this on the same day that the state legislature was debating on imposing harsher penalties on distracted driving pit he said he was not distracted and hang attention to driving while listening to the zoom call. tell us what you think on facebook. do not try this at home.
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a brand-new study at san dominic san bernardino we've been chronicling for several months, molly line has the very latest for estimates. >> despite public awareness campaigns, anti-asian-american hate crimes continue to climb, with reports increasing 164% just in the first quarter of 2021. the thought according to the center of extremism at california state. this new data is coming in as several brutal high-profile attacks on asians have occurred from coast-to-coast just within the last week. we are about to show you some of the video, and we want to warn you it is graphic, but it shows you the level of violence that is being perpetrated. video out of san francisco shows a man walking toward two elderly weight dominic asian women waiting for the bus. without warning, he stabs one from behind it then stabs the
9:29 pm
other. that victim reported to be 85 years old. a bystander rushes to help as the suspect walks away. police later identify and arrested the man who now faces charges of attempted murder and elder abuse. both women survived, but an x-ray showing the knife within the 85-year-old reveals the viciousness of the assault. her grandson says this. >> sad where you can't -- you have to be scared two outs. it just angers me, it angers everybody i'm sure. >> back here in the east, another savage attack captured on video. new york police as the female suspect attacked two asian women in manhattan after demanding they take their masks off, slamming one in head with a hammer before taking aim at the other. the nypd's hate crime task force is asking the public to help i.d. the attacker. in west baltimore, maryland, a man starts beating two a marriage asian-american sisters
9:30 pm
with a cinder block inside the liquor store just after midnight monday while they were working. baltimore police have a suspect in custody. >> lawmakers have introduced legislation to address the violence, task forces have been created, and activists continue to call for action. >> shannon: volume nine, thank you again tonight, this time countering the left's pervasive anti-prerelease narrative by providing law enforcement officers and first responders with thousand dollar bonuses. >> there are some that are trying to defund the police, we are funding police, and then doing bonuses on top of that, and fire and emt $1,000 a pop come i think it's well-deserved to come i think that was a big win. >> shannon: talking about the latest move in the current state of law enforcement, retired las vegas police attendant, randy sutton, great to have you back. thanks for having me, shannon. there's a lot to talk about
9:31 pm
tonight. >> shannon: this is how governor desantis puts it in a tree, some people want to eat defend them, we are funding them and then some by providing all of our heroes $1,000 bonuses that represent more than 174,001st responders across the state. it's not like winning the lottery, but it certainly sends a signal of support. how do you think this will potentially impact morel and florida? >> $1,000 is nice, it really is. it's a beautiful gesture. the symbolism of this is much more important. the timing of the symbolism as well, i don't know if you're aware, but next week begins national police week which is when law enforcement across the united states recognizes the sacrifices in the line of duty. this is not a coincidence that governor desantis decided at this time to give the information about this -- this effort of his.
9:32 pm
it is really, really something that law enforcement across the united states -- not just in florida, can look at and say, you know what? finally someone is on our side, a leader is showing the way it should be done. >> shannon: as he points out, next week is so important. my late father was a law enforcement officer and his younger days. always make sure that we remember how important it was to think about the families and those were left behind because of the greatest men and women but on this uniform and choose to do this job voluntarily every single day. it's the career they've chosen. we reported quickly on this last night about how there was going to be a blue at the zoo event for law enforcement to interact with the community, these it was very supportive of this. they ended up canceling the events. they said, we heard feedback regarding the events from members of our community, and for persons outside of our community who feel this event could be unintentionally divisive rather than inclusive. police officers in new orleans
9:33 pm
say they firmly believe more people support them then don't. i can't imagine that gave them a great vote of confidence. >> with that this zoo showing the law enforcement officers in new orleans and across the united states is that they are cowards. instead of sticking with their original goal, which was to show -- which was to show that they supported law enforcement, they completely did a backtrack when they got some feedback from people who went forward and instead of supporting law enforcement once again became divisive. and the fact that they didn't have the guts to stand up to me shows a really true lack of leadership. i think the board of directors of that institution over there really needs to look at the directorship to see if that is the dash those of the right
9:34 pm
people to have in the job. they just shared their law enforcement that they couldn't care less. if >> shannon: "new york post" saying, skyrocketed in april. it's triple the amount of shootings compared to last year. the police have really taken -- i mean, actual direct physical attacks, attempts on her lives, some of them successful -- i find it very interesting now that in the mayoral race there was a former nypd officer who happens to be in the lead. the left is disappointed that somebody like that actually seems to be in the lead. one of the top contenders there, but i have to imagine it something that connects with a lot of people in new york. >> look what happened. it -- this doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out what's going on. you had an anti-law enforcement governor, cuomo, who has done everything he possibly could to
9:35 pm
throw roadblocks into the criminal justice system in new york. it then you have de blasio, who has literally piece by piece dismantled the criminal justice system. the bail reform, which is a joke, does nothing except to make the people of new york at less safe. law enforcement officers across the united states last year -- we are talking over 60,000 -- 60,000 attacks on american law enforcement officers. everything from beatings to shootings to stabbings. my organization, the wounded blue, deals with these web stomach men and women across the united states. what we're seeing in new york is a symptom of a broken government who refuses to acknowledge their mistakes and refuses to change their trajectory, which was destroying the morale of the nypd and the safety of the citizens. >> shannon: we have to make sure that those men and women know they are appreciated. the vast majority of them great
9:36 pm
folks like you. >> thank you so much, thank you very much. >> shannon: do bagel bites actually contain delicious mozzarella cheese or not? we aim to find out, night court is next, you are the jury. thank. and for unexpected heartburn... frank is a fan of pepcid. it works in minutes. nexium 24 hour and prilosec otc can take one to four days to fully work. pepcid. strong relief for fans of fast. new projects means new project managers. can take one to four days to fully work. you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do. the moment you sponsor a job on indeed you get a short list of quality candidates from our resume database. claim your seventy five dollar credit, when you post your first job at
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there's not enough hours to be all that i am. not enough hours to make this overworked mom, feel like superwoman. not enough hours to let this dream that used to breathe within me, find new life. just enough time to listen to that inner voice and believe...
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maybe, there's more time on the other side of trying. maybe. there's not enough time. until there is. take classes any time of the day or night, at university of phoenix. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> shannon: okay, time now for night court. at tonight's case, bagel bites. facing a legal challenge over their allegedly delicious but now some argue the suspicious ingredient. according to a lawsuit filed by wisconsin resident caitlin huber, the snack doesn't contain any real cheese despite a real dairy stamp on its packaging. a time to bring in tonight's legal eagles, the host of the talking head podcast, harry litman, and founder, brian
9:42 pm
rotella. great to have you. >> good to be here. >> hi shannon. >> exhibit a, this goes to you, this is a complaint. of the consumer in size the consumers are deceived by the representations because the product does not contain real mozzarella cheese and tomato sauce as these boots are expected by consumers. >> this one is special. i'm sorry, but what's next, if i open up a doctor pepper ended dr. doesn't come out, we're going to have a lawsuit? this is the top type of lawsuitt gives lawyers a bad name, just so the audience knows, what's the standard? it would be reasonable consumer be deceived? if you're in the grocery store in the freezer aisle, you see bagel bites and you're going to be deceived if it doesn't have 100% mozzarella realties? this would be in wisconsin, the home of cheese curds, the green bay packers and cheeseheads, i'm not buying it. i don't think the plaintiff was
9:43 pm
deceived. this is the type of case that gets thrown out. see when i learned so many things every day doing my job. at tonight, i learned there are different labors of the pizza bagel bites. harry has gone through the trouble of doing his own field research and got some pizza bagel bites of he could fully investigate this. with this in mind, take us to exhibit b. at this is the parent company. it says, bagel bites, the perfect bite-size pizza snack are made with delicious high quality ingredients that are fans know and love. we proudly stand by the food we make and are focused on great food to the market. at the lawsuit lacks any merit. >> you don't see them saying it it says cheese. it suspects are as real cheese, and what makes it more of an outrage as my learning college science, this is an american dairyland, we know cheese. who doesn't love cheese?
9:44 pm
you know the difference between cheese and when you go to the fine print and it's -- she's blonde. i don't know what cheese blend is. i know it cheeses. they have more modified food starch, it's worse for you, i don't care if it's delicious, it says it has cheese -- it doesn't have cheese. >> shannon: so we do have ingredients. that's exhibit c. the plaintiff lawyer for this -- are looking at this, i see cheese blend -- i see that. it's highlighted there. if this is what the lawyers for the plaintiff said. consumers, especially wisconsin consumer, know what real mozzarella cheese is and isn't, and they know real mozzarella cheese doesn't contain food starch. they also know that tomato sauce has real tomatoes. >> give her credit for bringing up the prop. i think the reasonable consumer in wisconsin are only killing their argument. they're going to note that the pizza bagel bites don't have real cheese. one of the sad thing about this,
9:45 pm
bring out the courts are really backed up during the pandemic. i hate to bring it up. if these are the type of lawsuits and they are keeping really important cases out. the courts are taking that into consideration when they see someone suing over pizza bagel bites. >> he just said it! they would know it doesn't have realties, except it says it has real cheese. they would know craft is lying. i don't think so. >> shannon: can we all agree, they are real delicious? i'm going to have to do a little bit of research myself. it's been a long time since i've had a bagel pizza bites -- harry, thank you, you get extra credit, now we're going to send this to the folks at home. on twitter, use the hashtag #nightcourt. let us know how you would rule. you are the jury. gentlemen, thank you. special fox news at night tribute to mother's, next.
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♪ ♪ steel and some parents in california say their children are being taught to hate america, and that all white people are oppressors. chief correspondent jonathan hunt reports tonight from orange county on the latest example of deep divisions among some parents and educations when
9:51 pm
it comes to talking about race in school. >> these studies can help bring us together, they don't have to tear us apart. it's because of the case for tackling race and to social justice in public school classrooms -- >> i think it creates more division. >> ends the case against. so these electives for high schoolers are added to the curriculum in many schools across the nation, as well as social justice standards, which in the case of orange counties school districts includes all k-12 students recognizing, "traits of the dominant culture." and injustice at the institutional or systemic level. >> i'm a big advocate that children don't walk into a playground and go, that's my guy, my kind of girl, he looks like me -- maybe i'll go play with them. i've never seen it. >> it would be nice if we didn't notice race and gender at a very early age, but the truth is we do. if the reality is we do.
9:52 pm
the question is, should we want to recognize that we do really perceive race and gender all the time -- should we take an approach to that fact and ignore it? or confronted and look at it? >> to opponents, a curriculum that supposed to be antiracist is a complete opposite. >> it teaches children to separate people by color. it teaches children that black people are oppressed, and that they don't have a way to be successful, when that's clearly not true. and because the district superintendent here did not respond to any of our many requr comment, but he has told parents the district isn't teaching critical race theory. he describes it instead as culturally responsive construction. in los alamitos california, jonathan hunt, fox news. >> shannon: for moms across america as we mark mothers stay
9:53 pm
this sunday, tomorrow -- saturday, my mother and i have a chat good to see of the folks of the reagan library. i'm sure she's going to give away all of my embarrassing stories and secrets. we will talk about faith, i will talk about what an awesome mom she is, and we'll talk about my new book, "women of the bible speak." you can join us virtually online, 7:00 p.m. eastern, 4:00 p.m. pacific, all of the details right reagan if upcoming events, reagan, that's tomorrow night. kevin, please come back. we want to honor all of our moms. they are always are midnight heroes. we have some pictures we want to show tonight of her team. with their mothers, some of them are mothers as well. kevin, i love seeing this. i know for you to come and a lot of folks, this is going to be a bittersweet weekend as you remer your mom. >> you know what? my mom and dad were very, very good friends. if she actually passed away back
9:54 pm
in 2016, which was really interesting because she loved politics, and she loved to spar and talk about it, and she loved the real estate and hdtv, most of all, she just loved having the family around. i remember, she passed away from pancreatic cancer -- for me, i got a good year and a half of an orderly chance to say goodbye, which was wonderful, we laughed a lot, we loved a lot, and mother state was always one of my favorite days. there she is, there's barbara. just a lot of fun for me, and i'm sure for you too. >> shannon: the outcome i love getting to see everyone here part of our stuff, a lot of our folks with their parents and their children. it is such a special weekend. although, i think all of us really appreciate our moms, and i'm sure you do every day. at the memory of how they invest in us, and the older you get, the more you realize how much her parents sacrifice for you, and how much they put up with you. my mom says the best thing she
9:55 pm
had going for her when i was a kid was a book that was very famous at the time in the 70s and 80s called the strong-willed child. you know, she was a good disciplinarian, and i turned out okay. by the way, she had a plaque she bought herself that said, meanest mom in the world. i think it all worked out. god bless you with the memories of your mom this weekend, kevin, and to all the moms out there. that's it for us. renae runs with us on a john deere 1 series tractor. because out here, you can't fake a job well done. hear renae's story at
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♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening, and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." happy friday. so what would happen if you gave a group of angry, ignorant ideologues, the same people who tell you that all lives don't matter, what would happen if you gave them the keys to the u.s. economy? we don't need to guess about that, we are finding out now, because all around us, there are signs that under this white house, things are getting dangerously flaky in our economy. here is one example. the official government jobs numbers came


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