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tv   The Five  FOX News  May 4, 2021 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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i have no idea. clayton anderson, former nasa astronaut, thanks for all you've done for this country and inspiring us and calming us down when we needed to hear that. just in case, for all of you at home, keep looking up. here is "the five." ♪ ♪ >> greg: hi, i'm greg gutfeld along with jesse watters. katie pavlich and juan williams and she wears a mask to her stuffed animal tea parties, dana perino. this is "the five." president biden can't seem to make up his mind on which covid rules americans should follow. he likes to wear his mask outdoors for extra precaution to take a look at this photo with the bidens with 96-year-old jimmy carter and first lady
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roslyn inside without the mask song. interesting. today the president said this. >> let's take a step. >> last week the cdc said vaccinated people do not need to wear their masks outside unless they're in a very crowded setting. i know it will take time to get everything back to normal. we are all going to have to be patient with one another. masks have needlessly divided this country. masking is a patriotic duty. >> greg: oh, and you're not a patriot if you don't wear them? who is dividing the country? the white house getting grilled over a report that a major teacher's union pressured the cdc on reopening guidelines. >> first, that's false. let's take a step back and talk about how the cdc works. the cdc, long-standing best practice for the cdc to engage with organizations and groups
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that are going to be impacted by guidance and recommendations issued by the agency. the cdc engaged with 50 stakeholders on the front lines of the pandemic and have requisite perspective for the guidance. >> greg: washington, d.c.,'s democratic mayor muriel bowser is banning standing and dancing at weddings. it saying it will add an extra layer of safety and misery. people's behavior changes when they hit the dance floor. that's true with jesse. he's all hands. >> jesse: [laughs] that was the electric slide. it was required. >> greg: is that when you call it with your tongue? sorry, didn't go over well with me. what do you make over this mixed message of him wearing a mask outside and then they together are almost 200 years old, with the corridors. that's when you wear a mask. >> jesse: you're good at math. that was good. i think this country is living
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in three dimensions. the one dimension, normal people have common sense and believe in science which has if you've been vaccinated or have antibodies, you can live your life without putting anybody at risk. then there's another dimension. i call it the cdc dimension. this is more of your pseudoscience and your political science with a little sprinkling of fauci or i don't know, teachers unions writing the guidelines. in the third dimension is joe biden. joe biden is the forever masked man, perpetual lockdown guy. he is going to have a mask on no matter what. the problem with that is he's vacillating between these three dimensions constantly. so you can say were going to slap a travel ban on india and then import infected illegal immigrants. you can't knock texas and say nothing when three weeks later new jersey and new york go fully open. you can't wear a mask alone outside and then kneel next to a
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96-year-old with no masks on. the problem is joe biden is confusing the american people and the american people are very easily confused. there is no division on mask wearing. we have 90% compliance. outside the sunlight kills the virus and it doesn't spread very much. that's the science. how do i know more about the science and the president? i was terrible at science. i took a science requirement in college. it was called planets and the solar system. i did very poorly. shockingly poorly. i still see these little minions at the white house rushed to the podium before the president speaks and he's outside the rose garden and they are spritzing it down with lysol. didn't we just find out, months ago, that the virus doesn't live on surfaces? why are we doing that with the
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lysol? why do i know that and he doesn't? >> greg: it's because you do your research. or johnny does your research. >> jesse: or i have johnny do it for me, right. >> greg: data, from public relations perspective, is it fair to say this white house cannot lead. they can only use poll tested sloganeering. what do you make of that assessment? >> dana: i feel like they have worked themselves into a corner. politically using masks as a dividing line among americans, it worked very well for them in the campaign. but now that everybody's looking at the science and saying wait, you don't need it and i don't need it. all these doctors all day long. i think jesse is right. people are confused. remember when the tsa first started and it was like, if you have an ipad you don't have to take it out of your bag but if it's a laptop, you do. shoes this way but not that way. oh, and remember the liquids?
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which liquids are allowed or not. >> jesse: i threw out some very expensive shampoo because of that. >> dana: and the world has never been the same with your hair. that's a real, unfortunate thing. they painted themselves into a corner. i think there might be good news for you and me. if we can put up that picture again of the bidens. greg, it seems to me that if you get fully vaccinated, as you and i are, we might actually grow to be supersized. that could be amazing. >> greg: it's an incredible optical illusion. >> dana: i can't stop looking at it. >> greg: it's like joe biden is 13 feet tall. he is bigger than tyrus. he's bigger than tyrus. juan, he mentioned yesterday and i have said it before. it's almost natural for the american people to be the ones who go forward, who lead the
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leaders so to speak. right? maybe? >> juan: yeah. i thought you had something else to say. i agree 100%. let's go for it. i don't see -- i hear what you are saying about the president. i am puzzled because to me, this is all like being in the weeds. the central point i think for us as communicators to deliver is everybody should get vaccinated. i think we can all agree on that. i think that's all the president is trying to say this afternoon when he said we really do this. we are going to have more vaccinations, more ways to get vaccines to people. do a better job trying to explain to people who might have some questions or doubts by getting their family, their religious leaders to speak with them. this is all good stuff. i think this is what we need to emphasize. at the moment, there's close to 600,000 of us americans who died. you think about what's going on in india. they say it's beyond crisis proportions at the moment.
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the focus on this photo, offered call of the people in that photo have been vaccinated. and we should emphasize that. we should give thanks for that. >> dana: that's the point. >> juan: our american leader has been vaccinated and we understand why they're there, rather than trying to say wait a second. there some contradiction. some hypocrisy. no. it's keeping with what you've been talking about in terms of the science and in terms of what's good for us and when the president says let's be patriotic, you know what, let's stand together against a common enemy. >> greg: who is what? who is the common enemy? >> juan: covid. >> greg: katie, there is a bit of constitution because he -- there's a context of this conversation. >> i know that you're an amazing guitar player. with the singing you open the show with, i can see why you're no longer in a band.
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>> greg: the producer dared me to do it. >> katie: they go in and they take this photo with the masks off and then they put the masks back on to walk outside to go back into a vehicle where everybody has been vaccinated. if you look at the cdc website which we are all supposed to be following, they say vaccinated people do not need to wear masks indoors with each other. that's why they were following it in that situation. if you look at the joint session of congress, the congressman, the president, vice president, speaker of the house are all wearing masks even though there vaccinated. there's a contradiction. for him to say it's a patriotic duty, to continue to wearing masks and to get vaccinated, that's a pretty ridiculous standard. one thing that caught my eye or my ear today, he was asked after his speech whether he wanted to implement travel requirement,
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like you can't travel domestically in the united states if you haven't gotten the vaccine. he didn't say no, were not going to rent that, as the white houses had before. they knocked down vaccine passports previously into the kind of waffled. are they going to say if you want to travel and be patriotic you have to get your vaccine? how do you improve enforce it and prove it? they're changing the goalposts when it comes to the requirements. >> greg: up next, get ready for cradle to grave socialism if president biden and progressives get their way.
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♪ ♪ >> jesse: he is the $6 trillion man. big government joe biden is promising an avalanche of new spending on top of his massive stimulus plan. biden wants to expand the roll of the federal government and just about every aspect of your life. >> my american families plan guarantees for two additional years of public education for every person in america. universal high-quality preschool for three and 4-year-olds. not day care, preschool. we can't stop there. going to add two years of community college on top of that. the american families plan is going to provide up to 12 weeks of paid family and medical leave. plan on giving tax breaks to the working class folks are making everybody pay their fair share.
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>> jesse: juan, here's why republicans are so suspicious of democrats pushing socialism. republicans are the only thing standing in the way of democrats and socialism. every time you guys get power, you add the new program, give more free stuff and it never ends. >> juan: wow. i have the other view. i'm a member that the economy absolutely took off under bill clinton for example. i remember that when barack obama got income he had to rescue the economy. idle think there's any question about that and i think that the economy experienced tremendous, consistent growth under obama, not as fast as i know you would've liked but it was consistent. i think right now when we talk about this biden program as socialist, i think i've said this several times so pardon me for repeating it. but since joe biden was elected on this agenda, the stock market is up 20%. that means the investor class, the ceos, the bankers, as well
2:17 pm
as the unions and workers all say this is a good plan. we don't have a problem with it. the stock market says let's go, baby. the gdp says let's take off. specifics of the plan, things like universal pre-k, things that mean something to me, paid leave, and should mean something to you. you just had a baby. you got a week off. we have paid leave. joe biden says that in april workers statement it shouldn't just be for people like you and me. it should be for hourly workers as well. that's good for the american economy. it's true in other developed countries. why not here? >> jesse: our support paid leave for you too, juan. >> juan: i appreciate it. >> jesse: when i was getting at is republicans are the only ones pumping the brakes here on democrats expanding government. every time they get power, they want to just spend more and grow the government more and more and more. we are the only one stopping
2:18 pm
them. if we weren't here, it would just be a full socialist takeover. >> dana: i think this is a more useful direction that this conversation is going, beyond just the eye-popping numbers he wants to spend. it is, how does he want to spend it? it's a whole different shift of having governments being control of even more things. how is it worked out in the past? look at europe in terms of innovation and economic growth. one of the reasons their militaries are so basically weak and humbled is because they have all these entitlements that thet spending never stops. it's also a problem here. the rest of our budget gets squeezed because we never want to deal with those programs like social security and medicare and that's true of both parties. i think what you're saying is i think joe biden's agenda is already stalling out and i'll tell you why i think that. he went on a big trip yesterday to virginia.
2:19 pm
he was trying to sell his american jobs plan. not a blip. you already have democrats who are in tough races in 2022 saying, yeah, i don't think we are going to be for that. or the very small margins they have, they are not going to be able to muscle this through. the longer it hangs out there and gets more scrutiny like what we are doing right now, the more likely it is that it sort of dies on the vine or at least gets paraguay way back. >> jesse: do you think that's true, katie? do you think they are scared to go along with joe's plan because they are going to get shellacked next election? >> katie: if the senate were more heavily democrat, not 50/50. and joe manchin and kyrsten sinema didn't have as much power as they do that they would be more than happy to push through a lot of these things. i think it's more of a senate issue and it would be in the house. but on this issue -- whose phone is ringing?
2:20 pm
>> juan: it was mine. i apologize. >> jesse: it was juan. it was juan. >> katie: it's okay. on this issue of the free college, community college, joe biden is pushing this at the same time you have school districts across the country saying no more advanced math. free college but you don't get to actually take advanced courses that may get you to college or get you a scholarship to college. the other thing is, the cradle the cradle to grave socialism, this is always sold as americans having more opportunity. paid leave will give more women more opportunity. it's actually the opposite. it means you have less freedom, zero choices in the private sector gets completely suffocated because it can't afford these policies. we are seeing it right now with unemployment. restaurants can't hire enough people because people aren't going back to work because they are making more money from the government and they are actually going to work and so the
2:21 pm
opposite of these programs is always the truth. less freedom, fewer choices, more expenses than being sold by president biden right now. >> jesse: last word to greg gutfeld. >> greg: to point out that the gdp and stocks aren't reacting to joe's tax plan. they are reacting to the pandemic shutdown that's reopening. this is eternally true, you always get big gains in an economy, gdp and stock market after huge losses because you have a lot of turf to expand, grow into it levels off and then the growth gets smaller and smaller and smaller. yes, i am an economist. here's the problem with this debate, it's not the 1980s anymore. if you call something socialism, it's not going to persuade a population that has no idea what it means. no one is being educated anymore about socialism. they don't know anything about ussr. they haven't read history books. they don't know what it means.
2:22 pm
cradle to grave government actually sounds pretty good. wow, that's awesome. that means the government is going to be with me until i die. i don't have to worry about anything. the thing is, the reason why they think that way and it's natural because no one has explained to them so distinctly the trade-off. obviously this comes with a price. you need to tell them if you turn everything over to government, you can afford it. the country goes broke. and when there is a war, your military will be hog-tied. goods and services will not meet the standards of private industry. what you pay for, i.e. amtrak or the mail, it's nothing like what fedex can do. it goes to hell in terms of quality. the individual is less inclined to achieve greatness if they don't have to. they are still going to get a free meal and a free x and free y and you don't have to work so hard and lastly you just run out of rich people.
2:23 pm
either they go broker they leave. we need to explain. >> jesse: or you can just say the tax and spending liberals are racist. that's what the democrats do. just call it racism. much easier. they woke cia recruitment video just getting totally ridiculed. how the spy agency is responding to that next. finding new routes to reach your customers, and new ways for them to reach you... is what business is all about. it's what the united states postal service
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2:28 pm
diagnosed with general anxiety disorder. my existence is not a box checking exercise. i used to struggle with imposter syndrome but at 36, i refuse to internalize misguided patriarchal ideas of what a woman can or should be. >> katie: the agency responding saying that it's social media series has been around since 2019 and highlights stories of officers. they just gave us this new statement. "20/20 was a standout recruitment year for the ca despite the pandemic. it's the third largest in the decade." because the private sector wasn't hiring but the government continue to hire. >> jesse: i'm not worked up about the video. i don't know what intersectional means. i tried to find out and i have no idea what it means.
2:29 pm
i don't think anybody actually knows the definition of that word. the cia can recruit from anywhere. silicon valley, the military, yale. they probably do need to recruit women because you've got to have women at the cia. they can be very effective spooks. ask swalwell about fang fang. but not as honeypots either. analysts and recruiters and specialist, you need women. if you look at the whole video, she is saying i'm not a victim. she is like, i'm a mom. i'm a patriot. i don't >> the valley girl. i didn't see that much wrong with it besides the word intersectional which is just ridiculous. >> katie: juan, would you like to define intersectional for jesse? >> juan: i guess it means you cross a whole bunch of lines. >> jesse: what is that mean? >> juan: problem she has
2:30 pm
trouble with anxiety. that's a mental issue. she think she's a woman in a mostly male profession. that's another crossing, crossing another line. >> jesse: i want people to have anxiety to work at the cia, that's good. >> juan: i liked the ad because i want the best spy agency in the world to work for the usa. you want all kinds of people. i know some of this history: bill donovan created or was allowed to create the cia, was out of world war ii. he was hiring people. i don't know if you know this but people like julia child, the chef, hired for the cia. moe berg, catcher, baseball player, hired for the cia. actors and poets all got hired in addition to military people. they recruit mormons heavily because mormons go on missionary
2:31 pm
trips and learn other languages that have experience overseas. great people to be spies. that's what they should be doing. >> greg: way to blow their cover, juan. [laughter] >> katie: dana, you do a lot of mentorship of young woman. being diverse is an important thing we also don't want to distract from the work that you're doing. >> dana: i think the video is fine and i want to thank this young woman for serving in our intelligence community. it's vitally important. i talked to a retired cia officer today who is older, white, conservative guy who said it's spot on. you can see one specific reason. he said china is kicking our butts in central and south america. the agency has had a hard time recruiting latinas in
2:32 pm
particular. if the cia really encourages people to get together and try to make a love connection because of both fieldwork at the cia, it's easier on on a family in a marriage. i think the recruitment videos are totally cool i want to thank her for being willing and put herself out there. >> greg: i thought it was silly. i just hate phony, manipulated, manufactured language. the woke vocabulary is twisting the way we think. the fact, jesse is at least being honest in saying he doesn't know what intersectionality is. i have never heard somebody say i'm intersectional. i know what it is. shows you how the ideology of wokism terrifies even the cia. they are so worried about woke twitter, they have to put this out there. it's not about increasing the
2:33 pm
diversity of your employees. this is the opposite of diversity. this is uniformity of thought. predicate and identity over individuality. it sounds very culty. it's tough to be a secret agent when you keep blabbing about your identity. aren't you supposed to keep that stuff to yourself? unless she's a genius and this is her fake identity and she's actually somebody else. it also makes me wonder if we need a cia. if they are busy making these videos, movie they've got a lot of free time on their hands. maybe the cia is kind of irrelevant. >> katie: okay. all right. up next, chaos and the skies. there's a major surgeon out-of-control passengers on airplanes.
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♪ ♪ >> juan: welcome back. millions of americans are feeling more comfortable they are back in the air flying again. you know what that means? more cases of passengers just going berserk. like these recent examples of people fighting or refusing to wear a mask. the faa is warning air travelers about a dramatic increase in bad behavior on airplanes. cases of unruly passengers soaring for 150 per year annually in past years to 1300 in 2021. it's only may. it's going to get worse. katie, what do you make of this? why is this happening? is it about covid? is it about people being stressed out?
2:39 pm
katie? >> dana: i'll jump in. we will get katie back i'm sure. i'm not exactly sure what's happening but it does seem that the social norms that we had before the pandemic should exist after the pandemic and a lot of people have still been traveling and it's been safe to travel at least from a buyer's perspective, this doesn't look as safe especially because you have people who actually got hurt. i think they might have to extend some real penalties here and make it very clear that the consequences will be severe. perhaps a different type of no-fly list for people who behave this way. >> juan: greg, it's a good point. last year with covid, the faa agreed to impose very strict sanctions against any passenger that misbehaves or challenges a flight attendant. do you think that has made the
2:40 pm
flight attendants more aggressive in terms of enforcing the rules? or do you think it's all about the passengers? >> greg: i think it's just going along with the overall trend of rising violence in america. if you have cases going from 150 to 1300, it's not isolated. in 37 cities according to axios today, the murder rate is up 18% on top of a 33% increase in homicide from last year. that's almost 50%. when you are seeing this happen everywhere to the point made earlier that we are probably dealing with a larger issue, larger cultural issue, not just this is happening on a plane. it's happening everywhere. >> juan: wow. jesse, the heart and soul of the complaints tend to be about wearing a mask and as we know, it's gone from being a health issue to a political divide in the country. is that part of the reason we are seeing this uptick in bad behavior on planes?
2:41 pm
>> jesse: i don't know. i haven't followed it that closely. i just see the fights break out and i dial in then. but gutfeld, when i was on his show the other day, he had a funny point. all the fights on planes makes us realize things are getting back to normal. and that's a good thing. i don't know if you guys saw sebastian maniscolko's special. if an agent comes by an tactical gear and says you have to come with me, most normal people say okay. stand up and leave and apologize but now people leave kicking and screaming. the point is, have you know shame? i think the left has destroyed shaming in this country. shaming is important in a society. we need to be able to pass judgments on people that are behaving in a ridiculous fashion
2:42 pm
so those people feel shame and don't do that. when you're not allowed to shame people, when anything is okay, you can bring a flamingo on a flight as an emotional support pet or smack around your children in broad daylight, people are just going to continue to do things that are going to disrupt our lives. we don't want our lives disrupted. we have places to go. >> juan: way to go. i think you are more of a dad, jesse. we're going to have to impose some discipline on the young fella you brought along. "the fastest" is up next for you right here on "the five." ♪ yum yum yum yum yum yum yum ♪ ♪ yum yum yum yum yum yum ♪ ♪ yum yum yum yum yuuum yum yum yum yum yum yum yuuum ♪ ♪ yum ♪ ♪ yum yum (clap, clap) yum yum (clap) yum yum ♪
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2:47 pm
bailey. and the burrito, yes, yes. >> dana: jesse, where is peta when you need it? >> jesse: massachusetts senators mistreating their dogs. on the roof of a car. through a fully wrapped burrito in their mouth. i don't get it. that's not how i feed rookie. >> dana: greg, even you know this isn't right. you don't have a dog. >> greg: even i know it's not right. i don't know what that means. this is a part of her bigger problem. never being seen as authentic. every time she tries to do something human it always feels like an absurd put on. human beings remove the wrapper. it's like that native american lie informs everything she does
2:48 pm
from trying to open a beer. her poor husband is always off on the side of these things going, do we really have to do this again? this never works out. i'll be in the other room with a beer. >> dana: she asked, do you want to be her. he was like okay. juan, how do you think the aftereffects of this burrito came out? >> juan: how about she is going to get a mess. i think mostly it's rice so it's not a problem for a dog but my guesses, she always has i have a plan for this. she better have a plan for cleaning up after the dog. >> dana: a starbucks barista sharing this order, 13 modifications for the drink. some of the special instructions include dark caramel sauce and
2:49 pm
being double blinded. it sent edward. it said edward but i have a spy and i think it's for jesse. >> jesse: i am trying to stay slim. i think every order that is in the e.r. that is a diabetic shock. how many pumps of dark caramel sauce? i think one has about 250 calories. good night. >> dana: also it had seven servings of frappuccino chips. >> greg: there are no more adults in this world. that's not the coffee beverage. that's the kids dessert at a birthday party. when you look at all the ingredients. the guy is literally drinking a double slice of birthday cake but he thinks it's coffee. when you get up in the morning, when you have coffee, you need one thing: coffee.
2:50 pm
black as death. that's the way you drink it. that's the way in adult drinks it. this isn't even a beverage. it's a blended food. it's disgusting. >> dana: it is. >> jesse: i have to have black coffee? am i less of a man if i have to put milk in it. >> greg: the only way to drink coffee is black. that's the way it is. >> dana: how do you take your coffee, juan? >> juan: black but i must say what i noticed was this order went in at 7:00 p.m. greg is right. this was a dessert. the other thing to say here is i like black coffee and a doughnut. that's all i need. i'm an old-fashioned guy. i notice that the baristas of the bartenders, they become chemists. they have to know a lot of stuff.
2:51 pm
mock tails, even if it doesn't have alcohol. >> dana: i believe in great britain they would say this customer is taking the p word. >> greg: the pound? >> dana: to invite americans find it socially unacceptable key people waiting in the average adult starts to feel stressed if they are 10 minutes late for social events or meetings. we don't really have that problem around here because we can't be 5 minutes late. >> greg: we lose the job. the only laypeople i respect are the truly late. those who are not alive. i have never been to anything. i am obsessively early, that's a disorder. >> dana: i give a pass to mothers of young children. it takes longer to get out of the house, i imagine. >> jesse: yeah, but i am a stickler for tardiness. as the son of two educators,
2:52 pm
being punctual and attendance. i think i have many good qualities. those are probably my two best qualities. >> dana: juan, do you like being on time? >> juan: i am not good at this. this is a source of the greatest tension between couples, men and women, in a marriage. i've noticed. i must tell you i am not good at this. my children call me the late juan williams, as if i had already gone. [laughter] >> dana: but you are still here with us and "one more thing" is up next.
2:53 pm
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2:57 pm
this a little darth vader? take a careful look, a careful listen as a 16 month old simply says the word momma. >> can you say momma? >> momma. momma. [laughter] momma. >> nice. >> juan: that's aden gains a toddler who lives in ireland. he was eating his perries when he sat on his dad's lap when he gave that incredible striking voice interpretation of the word momma. his mom making wolf easy and the dad who can't stop laughing in that video later joked they might need exorcist after hearing that voice come out of their baby. >> greg: it is "star wars" day, jesse. may the 4th be with you. >> juan: yes, indeed. >> jesse: thanks, gutfeld. derby on saturday and coincided
2:58 pm
with wedding season. me dina spirit 12 to 1. sean clooney found out during the ceremony trying to control himself as the vowels were being exchanged 12 to 1. that's a big payday. did he his best to try to keep it in but, you know, that's a lot of dough. so congrats to sean and, you know, that's pretty much every mom's reaction when they find out that they get how i saved the world signed copy on mother's day. yes. mothers who lo me because i'm so adorable, what's not to love. can get a signed edition of how i saved the world on july 6th when it's released. but if you are having trouble finding the right gift for mom, you can just go to how -- you can go to save the world print out this little certificate. i have it right here. it's so easy. moms are hard to shop for. >> greg: that's true. >> jesse: a gift like this is
2:59 pm
easy and you can give to her. it's very special-looking. and she gets it on her doorstep july 6th and it's signed. >> dana: you can't get that. >> jesse: it's from me, jesse. they are going to love it. >> juan: nothing short of a kiss from jesse on mom's day. >> greg: i think i saw that guy in a park last week. he looks familiar. anyway, dana? >> dana: i think everybody should order how i saved the world for mother's day. at the box shop you can get this. look at this hat. it actually fits me pretty well. i like this hat. we have got this mug. check this one out, a fox mom, you can get that for her if you go to -- there is a lot of merchandise, you go to shop dot and you use the code fox mom and you get 5% off your order through may 9th. >> greg: interesting. >> jesse: none of that is signed by me though. i just want to clarify. >> dana: got it. >> greg: i'm definitely going there after this show and load
3:00 pm
up on some boxers. [laughter] >> greg: i don't know what i'm saying. >> jesse: i thought you were more of a briefs guy. >> greg: katie is not back. >> dana: there is a storm in d.c. >> juan: there is a storm. i can hear it. >> greg: that's it for us. "special report" is up next. here is our storm, bret baier. >> bret: very nicely done. katie is not here. i don't know where she is. i'm not sure that "special report" has any of that swag on that store. we need to work on that. all right, guys have. a good one. good evening, welcome to washington. i'm bret baier, breaking tonight president biden says the government is now focusing on making it easier for people who have been less than eager to be vaccinated than the 150 million americans who have had at least one shot so far. his new strategy is also going to concentrate on people as young as 12 years old once the fda clears that. and people who have found a current process confusing or inconvenient. either way, mixed messages from the administration are still raising some


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