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tv   The Ingraham Angle Town Hall Red State Trailblazers  FOX News  May 2, 2021 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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system to destroy the middle class. the middle class is what made this country. >> exactly. well said see you soon and next sunday for "the next revolution". >> [cheers and applause] and this is a special town hall. since the pandemic began republican governors have far outpaced those led by the democratic counterparts the lowest unemployment rate the highest edp growth.
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governors have cared for their constituents and preserved the god-given freedoms and when they had to, restore them. now while others what were eager to take them away joining you live in a free state of florida. orlando. [cheers and applause] were as you can see most of the audience is masculine us because that governor of this state one of the first leaders to fight back against the so-called experts and never impose the state wide mask mandates on - - mandate. governor desantis we are so delighted you are all here tonight. g to my left is governor at the second highest edp growth. [applause] because he put his constituents and economic well-being first. and iowa governor kim reynolds.
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hers was one of the first to open schools for in person learning. also nebraska governorrn ricket. his state tied for the lowest unemployment rate in the country at two.9 percent. and of course mississippi any one - - mississippi governor one of the first to left the state wide mask mandate. ladies and gentlemen, these are the red state trailblazers. let's give them a round of applause. [cheers and applause]fi tonight, this will be wild we have a lot of different topics that we will talk to them how they lead their state, the strategies they decided to use for communication, policy wise to preserve economic freedom and advance the freedoms we
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were accustomed to having while others would take away. is not just limited to covid. we will talk about how they will combat the injection off t race into every argument. to indoctrinate children and how democrats are looking to strip powers from the states completely. nothing is off limits tonight. governor desantis thank you for hosting us tonight. you watched joe biden last night deliver the first address to the joint session of congress. he repeatedd twice the proposition we are systemically racist country. your reaction? >> it is a bunch of horsemen who are. give me a break. this country is more opportunity for more people than any country in the history of the world. [applause] it doesn't matter where you trace your ancestry from. here is the problem with critical race theory that they are peddling. they say all institutions are bankrupt andryre illegitimate.
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how do you have a society of everything is a legitimate? it is a harmful ideology. and really a race-based version of a marxist ideology. we band that. we won't put any tax dollars to critical race theory want to treat individuals as members and not a member of a group. [applause] >> laura: but the closure of our schools now kids are starting to get back to the classroom. there is a huge discrepancy between red and blue states. all five of your states have a super majority receiving in person schooling. compare that to california only 44 percent are in school at all. governor abbott, is it any surprise why californians are fleeing to your state and not
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voting the way they did in california? >> during the pandemic, businesses had to make two decisions. how they would respond to the pandemic and second how they would operate their. business. they were choosing texas to locate their business whether tesla moving that gig a factory to the lone star state or oracle moving their headquarters or hewlett-packard's moving headquarters to houston. the fortune 500 companies moving to the lone star state. all the ceos told me they cannot operate in california. i heard that from so many others. they came to texas becausef it's great for employees, workers, staff, and
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their vision of what they want to achieve as a business. elon musk knows he has limitless opportunity to achieve his vision in the state of texas. that's why we added more population over the past decade than any otherpo state in the united states strategies ta and california lost a seat in florida gained one and california lost to. >> you have 100 percent governor reynolds all of your kids are in school. you are one of the first to push in person learning. you are seeing kids fall behind virginia, maryland, california. where they think of is a big liberal state. how did you decide ta this? >> it is unconscionable when you think of what they are doing to these children. some will never regain the opportunity to succeed. education is a great equalizer. so from the very beginning we had 90 percent of the districts were in person five
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days a week. we did it safely and responsibly. we did have a few holdouts kowtowing to the school board and the union. i i talk to parents, students, administraton hall meetings. the stories werere heartbreaking. one mother setting failing in everything. i'm not a good mom, wife, it teacher, and a bad employee. enough is enough. i said with a condition of the state not only will we give parents 100 percent option for onlinee learning but 100 percent option to have them in the classroom five days a week. and every school district in the state of iowa will adhere to that. kids are in the classroom learning, playing sports and doing it safely and responsibly. [cheers and applause] it will make a difference strategies ta. >> laura: and trying the trend of conflicting guidance on
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that. >> we want people to continue to wear a mask we want you to be safe we don't want to regress from coming back to normal i still wear a mask. i asked my family to continue to wear a mask. >>laura: governor reeves you lifted the mask mandate weeks ago. the hhs secretaries fullyt vaccinated that he will continue to wear a mask. what freedoms are we getting back for the vaccination if you cannot go maskless quick. >> the problem with the administration is they will have a clear communication method about anything. much less mask or immigration. they don't know what they are doing. that's why you have to rely on governors in the state to set the policy. we often ignore the cdc
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because policies are inconsistent. we do what will be best for nebraska we never had a state wide mask mandate or a stay-at-home order. when we went through spring last year we asked nebraskans to do the right thing and they did. that's what we do we take care of each other. we can manage it based on hospitalization and that's how we got through this. we did listen to the cdc. they were giving conflicting information. >>laura: governor reeves you are so young. [laughter] but we have not had meetings between the covid task force and this white house and the governors. a number of these governors say what is going on?ket' the trump administration had multiple l briefings multiple times a week led by the vice president pence. is this communication at all quick. >> it is a concern because president trump was on nine
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different call throughout the pandemic. vice president pence led 40 different calls personally. that made a huge differencee because we could talk directly to those in the decision-making process. in red states we trust americans. the biden administration wants to insult americans and assume they cannot make their own decisions are do what is best for themselves or their families. that is the wrong approach. look at economic statistics and quality of life, it bears itself k ats out. >>laura: governor desantis, we have a question. hello governor. human beings have a right to free movement and not have the daily duties infringed upon. how are state representatives going to handle if private companies try to enforce vaccine passports? >> great question.n. i think i'm the first elected
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official in the country to say we are not having vaccine passports in the state of florida. [cheers and applause]n not just saying government can't make you, private businesses cannot make you. you have a right to participate in societyar without them asking you to divulge health information just to go to a movie or a ball game? we apply that across-the-board. i did an executive order it is only temporary. the legislature passed when i asked for and we will sign it into law very soon. [cheers and applause]n. >>laura: governor reynolds i saw you nodding in agreement. we will call the vaccine certificate. that passport languages so scary. that it is all for health it is all good. right quick. >> we are doing the same thing. i'm proud to say. i said to the legislature they can have an opportunity to pass legislation to ban vaccine passports.
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i should have it to my desk next week. is marginalizing society even are either here that is ridiculous that is not who we are as america. >>laura: the cruise industry governor abbott, to open the cruise industry again. but the cdc will be recommending cruises only real thing if vaccines are required for passengers going on cruises. what will you y do to say no? we are not going along with this. what can you do to fight that? you have to go to court. >> we will see. we been working with the cruise line here's a reality. these vaccines have not been formally approved by the fda. they had been approved for emergency use operation. that means no one can be required to take the vaccine.
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[applause] that is whyhe businesses cannot enforce people to show up with a vaccine certificate. >>laura: we have a question about the mandates for masks. >> hello governor. would like to ask how the mask mandate could potentially be conditioning the american people for other policies down the line? >> owline. >> it is a concert on - - a concern. we have had a state wide mask mandate in place since the beginning of the summer of last year. we didn't know what we did not know but as the data became more apparent every decision has been database. and based upon the numbers. as governor rick it said earlier not just the total
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number of cases but hospitalization. at our peak we had 1444 mississippians and hospital beds today it's less than 170. we are down 90 percent hospital capacity could handle those 1444. no doubt those on the far left to believe the government should can should control all decisions made in the mask being the first step is valid and we should be paying very close attention to. >>laura: is a mother of three childrench the youngest children will be required to be vaccinated in schools. kindergarten and up. doctor fauci said our kids will have to be vaccinated against covid.ed your position on this with private and public schools in your state quick. >>sc . >> these are emergency use
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authorization of a should be mandatory that even to attend school. this is emergency use authorization. but we also know that young kids, they are least at risk. look at our data in nebraska. your twice as likely to have a fatal car accident as you are to have a fatal outcome from covid as a young child. it would be completely unnecessary and a huge violation of parental rights to have a school telling them they had to do this. >>laura: what about airlines are flying? florida is a a hard for huge airline travel in the orlando airport. what if they began requiring vaccine participant on - - passports? >> they cannot do that in the state of florida. that will be statutory very soon. [applause]e] but we worked very hard. we did seniors first we never required it.
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millions of people. you have the opportunity to take it. take it if you want to take it. protect yourself. but we will not condition this. it isn't like you are part of the club and you are not.e ptore some have valid reasons. some decided not to so to say they cannot participate in society paste on that decision but younger people are very little risk. we cannot go down the road we do understand during the pandemic if you give an inch they will take a mile. [applause] >>laura: an issue where biden does not think covid is a big issue is at the border. here he was lastig a night. >> i cap might commitment for the united states bill for congress if you believe the pathway to citizenship and pass it with 11 million undocumented folks to secure that for the dreamers. >>laura: governor abbott, we
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all see it the media isn't covering it as they should. what is your. message what we learned yesterday about the number of covid positive migrants released into our community? > the covid released migrants is one challenge. the bidenth first 100 days has been very successful for the cartels, drug smugglers, human traffickers profiteering off of all the migrants coming across the border illegally. so many migrants are coming across illegally, that the border patrol officers are fully occupying or processing that leaves that is why i launched operation lone star. we deployed 1000 troops as well as national guard to our
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border to secure our border from the people coming across. [applause] here is what we want to do. we will secure the border in the biden administration will pay for it. [cheers and applause] >>laura: governor reynolds, you have said definitively you will not take migrant children. the federal government has requested to be placed in iowa communities. >> right. >>laura: you are getting pushback from u that. republicans are heartless and don't care about the kids or the needs of the country. >> i push back and say this administration is heartless.ey
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they created this crisis and they are putting the children at risk by the policies they eliminated we know were working. i'm the governor of the state of iowa. my number one responsibility is to protect the health and safety of iowans. [applause] it would be a responsible for me not to keep that in the forefront of every decision i make. >>laura: stay there. getting back to voter integrity. the pushback from the federal government to take states rates away. questionhe raciallpu , and the trailblazers from the red states doing their part. when we come back. [cheers and applause]
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>> we have a giant opportunity to been the arc of moral justice but with the plan outlined tonight we have a chance to root out systemic racism that plagues america and american lives in other ways the chance of real equity.
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>>laura: it plagues american lives? what an incredibly dim view of a country and even if president biden is appease the hard left it is have a profoundly negative effect on our country andur psyche and is feeding the fires of the anti- police fervor. so the left pushes the poison in the schools that's why important for leaders to call out the lunacy with senator tim scottuthi with his rebuttal last night. >> hear me clearly. america is not a racist country to fight discrimination with different types of discrimination to use our painful past two shutdown debates from the present. >> the governor is with me on
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the set tonight they don't share biden's grandview governor desantis touched on this with the hideous response to tim scott rebuttal yesterday governor abbott. #uncle jim was on twitter the biggest threat to the left is an individual who disagrees with the left but happens to be a minority. >> they use race to divide. and then attack each other. it is wrong. in texas we use we will play
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it see you could hear it. >> think america to play and it exist and i applaud the president for having the ability and the courage, frankly to speak the truth the greatest strength to national security. these are the issues we must confront. >>laura: what about in nebraska the outbreak of white supremacy? it sounds like that when you hear the vice president. >> that is to our safety and security in nebraska. if you look last year with the riots you can see this across
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the country. the real threat to security is the danger from the police movement which in some states and to know that harms the worst those in the minority community and then to change the narrative. it is never been harder than right now we knew need to support not attack the country. >>laura: governor desantis you signed the antiriot legislation. [cheers and applause] that the bill would silence and criminalized floridians those that peacefully protest government. you are going after peaceful posters on - - protesters and
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the aclu was angry. >> it is interesting they would say that. the local government tries to define law enforcement we will not let that happen. we stand by law enforcement. we also make level one - - local government protect folks if you have a riot protect people if not they consider the local government for damage to themselves and their property. if you riots or lose or are violent we will put you in jail. [cheers and applause]re [c >>laura: in florida isn't the only state with antiriot legislation. inre is a similar billl nebraska but did not pass. and sodas iowa. governor reynolds would you sign the bill if it came across your desk? >> absolutely in the middle of the civil unrest last year about legislators from both
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parties to my office he in the senate and house we sat down and for three days we hammered out the more perfect union. it passed the house and the senate and i signed in one day. it was supported by law enforcement and civil rights organizations. you can come together and do ga c thing just enhances training and limits chokehold's. but we also doing a lot of the things that governor desantis just talked about. if they defined the police if you are going to police fully protest you have the right. if you will riot or block highways and roads you will payy a price there's increased penalties. we will not stand for it. we have a great bill in the legislature that really supports our law enforcement in the great work. [applause] >>laura: i want to play
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something president biden said about law enforcement from last night. >> we see justice from black americans we have to come together to read build trust to law enforcement from the people they serve and was systemic racism in the criminal justice systemc and in george floyd's name. >> activists say it is criminal to say it is not systemic racism in the country that video george floyd and other officer involved shootingsf and unrest often erupts. >> there is an systemic racism in america. we live in the greatest kiss on the country in the history of mankind. and mississippi i was very proud we had peaceful protesters but not one event in which there was a riot
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because in our state we back the blue in support the police. last friday i was dedicating a brand-new police station that has a large training facility. we are not trying to defined the police but actuallywe investing because we know we are indebted to them to keep our communities safe. >>laura: but how do we recruit young men and women to go into law enforcement if they know during a peaceful protest somebody comes up with an inch of their face and spit at them to call them every name in the book or club them in the back of the head? they could be heroes. >> your question is the right question. look at said this on - - cities across america officers are retiring.
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they put their life on the line to protect you. they need to be supported not criticized or condemn we must support law enforcement. >>laura: governor rickets we have a question where the mindset begins. >> when is k-12 education, especially in the middle grades permitting or enabling at the border to experiment with parents and families to protect their children the best they can? >> yes. in regard to what the state board of education with regard to education standards starting in kindergarten and
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things that are age appropriate or not science or politically sensitive that things that parents should teach in grade school gender fluidity when kids have not even reached puberty yet. that is something and to call them out to get parents engaged 60 people showed up to say this is terrible only 16 showed up in favor but we generated a lot of outcome to say this is wrong. contact the state board and change that. and then to say enough is enough. we will not sexualize our kids. [applause] >>laura: we have a lot more to get to. something veryy nefarious attempting to use the federal government to strip states for , to stoplity
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biological men from competing against women in sports. and doing away with the voter id. also how governors are standing up to the power grab. stay there.. [applause]
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>> i also hope congress will pass the equality act to protect lgbtq americans. [applause] all transgender americans watching at home and especially young people your president has your back. >>laura: what about the female athletes? the equality act means the end of women's sports as we know it. it's obvious to most americans allowing biological men to compete against women is fundamentally
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54 percent oppose transgender participation on sports team only 32 percent supported. it's time to find out how the governors are fighting that. point by our red state trailblazers. mississippi became the first state to enact legislation to protect female athletes in march. why was the issue so important in your state quick. >> i am passionate about this because i have a 16 -year-old daughter, 14 -year-old daughter and a nine -year-old daughter. they play basketball and soccer and every sport they can possiblynder play. the reality is biological males should not be allowed to compete with them for athletic scholarships. they should not be allowed to compete with them for opportunities. [applause] i was so blessed the legislature sent me a bill to
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ban that in our state was honored to sign it. >>laura: governor desantis a bill of a similar nature's about to cross your deskt? think of a four -year-old and a one -year-old daughter. we want to have opportunities for girls. they deserve an even playing field. that is what we're doing what mississippi and florida did and other states will do. i look forward to sign that into law. >>laura: ncaa put a statement on transgender athletes fairness for all including transgender we are committed to ensure ncaa championships-ex are open for all who earn the right to compete in them. governor reynolds how is that fair to have males compete against women quick. >> it's not fair. >>laura: if the ncaa wasn't so generic. >> i will do what is right for my stay in for girls. i'm the mom of three daughters and grandmother of three granddaughters who compete. they should have the same opportunity.
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we are working on legislation i should have that on my desk hopefully by the end of this legislative session and we will sign that bill. [applause] >>laura: it is all lined up on this issue. but they have all lined up on the side of transgender and in the sport of their choice of the gender of their choice. what do you say to the corporations? >> sor they are tardy to the party. what do they expect in florida and texas can they have sports events anymore? [laughter] but for five years university interscholastic league in texas has had a rule in place prohibiting boys from playing girls in girl sports. by the texas legislature is working on a bill to codify that which i will sign g. >>laura: on the issue of athletics, the ivy league lastet
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year had no sports. of course othernt important topics the sec had full participation. what you anticipate this fall? will you have 100 percent attendance in stadiums in nebraska? >> this was a big issue for the big ten. they did not allow crowds in the stadium. we could havehe done that in nebraska. we could have done that last year. my anticipation we will have fulll stadiums football this fall and working with university. >>laura: is the conference with you? >> the sec said it would be 100 percent that texas and florida will be 100 percent. >> yes. usc last saturday in jacksonville the first full capacity indoor sporting event since covid. we hosted that. [cheers and applause]
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>> and governors get together we start bragging. [laughter] texas hostedas the first 100 percent capacity major league baseball game with the texas rangers outdoors. >> ten days ago yankee stadium had 10400 people add a baseball game we all work hard to make sure youth sports happen we had kids moving from other states to florida they were not allowed to play in florida or michigan so they want to play football or something so the amount of opportunity for these lockdown states is devastating.
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>> some were baseball 95 percent of the teams that started we did it safely and responsibly w now we have people moving to iowa to play. [laughter] >> the biden administration is so out of touch. >> we want everybody to play sports again. we were doing that last summer.r >> we were doing that last year also. they are completely out of touch what is going on in our state he doesn't know what's going on that he should talk to governors more often to find out what's going on in the middle part of the country outside of his bubble in dc. >> i return $95 million they sent additional to the state of iowa to get her kids back in theom classroom and i said we've been in the classroom since august. here's a $95 million back.
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>> i have to get back to this. but the big ten will be back the sec they will all be back you guys are doing good on that but pushing a bill hr one amounting to a federal takeover of your state election laws including voter id requirements a recent fox news poll found 77 percent of the country support voter id but hr one eliminates those safeguards now governor desantis the legislature passed a bill to add security to your elections do you plan on signingti that in response quick. >> yes. we have voter id and we have had it. it works. it's the right thing to do. [applause] we did not do unsoliciteddng mal ballots this last election we
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counted 11 million votes five midnight on election night. free and fair and transparentee. [applause] the reforms we have coming will make it better we're banning ballot harvesting making sure the other groups cannot come into spend private money to administer to these elections we think we led the nation we try to stay ahead of the curve to make sure the selections but in florida that you can. >> fhr one passes quick. >> we will see what is unconstitutional. but clearly it doesn't apply to stay or presidential elections you could be in a situation the federal government tries to run congress election we in government and presidential election. >> texas is considering its own voter integrity law. here is what sheila jackson lee said aboutks the governor. >> is at about race?
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yes. in texas it is about race and it is tragic the focus immediately on voting rights because they lost the 2020 election rather than getting back on their feet putting issues forward this is truly about race. >> in texas republicans won the 2020 election. [laughter] and we are increasingly hours for early voting to maintain the same s number basically president biden's home statete of delaware they call delaware racist? know. but we have voting capabilities that far exceed with those states have. >>laura: nots about race we had a record voter turnout and republicans won the state. >> stay with me it's ability
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to live your life and speak your mind without being canceled somehow are the trailblazers protecting your freedoms? we find out next.
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[cheers and applause] >>laura: with freedom to live as you choose without restriction from the government or authority. when state governors are next to me on the stage they understand the meaning of liberty and why it's necessary to have freedom to go to school and practice faith to worship and run a business and choose how you want to act andht live so why do those who
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espouse those belief how do you prevent the same americans from being purged from workplace and university in the military? governor desantis you recently push back to punish big tech companies to d platform conservatives another americans. you saw this coming. so how do americans out there fight back quick. >> we are fighting back in florida we have bills passed to hold the attack accountable if they try to censor you and also for political protecting political candidate speech we cannot let the discourse in our country be controlled by silicon valley and that is what has happened last few years silicon valley aligned with corporate media and quite
7:51 pm
frankly the party inal power almost like state run media and conservatives have to fight back and the strongest legislation anyone has attempted and i think it will make a difference we look forward to signing that. >>laura: governor reynolds they say my daughter's coach i cannot speak out that people are afraid. i have never seen anything like i see now in the climate in this country. all the people watching across the country i say don't be afraid it is your truth. >> speak out that is what they tried to do to shut us down with intimidation we need to stand up for our rights for free speech on campuses. we talked about this training in iowa we need to encourage people to step up and fight backwe.
7:52 pm
>> when you see people get d platform for no reason from the big social media companies republicans had the house and senate and they did t nothing. maybe they got some campaign contributions along the way but that does not work outpa well. >> if you see facebook like the wall street journal that has been around forever. was in that regular mainstream news source? that is real. and they added the wall street journal with facebook? there has to be regulation on a federal level. what they are doing is making decisions they need to be treated likeke a utility. >> i agree completely. the social media companies needed to lose their vision.
7:53 pm
>> we are working on a bill in texas to allow individuals who are d platform to sue to get back on and structured in a way that they think they have to be empowered to suing get back on the platform. >>laura: other issue for governor desantis. we have another question. >> first of all governor thank you personally for keeping florida free. [cheers and applause] the question i would like to ask people are beginning to believe america is no longer exceptional or great so what can we do to reinvigorate the belief that america is too great for small dreams quick. >> it's a great question. i was very disappointed after the 2020eder election. i told people when your back is against thens wall, americans
7:54 pm
respond. not only are people coming from all over the country to live here and visit the correspondence from people in other countries like europe to say we look to florida as the focal point of the free world. we have the ability to leave here and then very humbly to see this throughout the world we are doing it right and all these governors do it right and we do have a resurgence of freedom in this country and 2022 will be a great year for us. [cheers and applause] >>laura: when you look at therr economy of all of your states, where freedom does reading through with all the difficulty, then you hear people have such a negative you on the race question, kids
7:55 pm
today what do they need to learn first and foremost in public schools about this country? >> any people the democrat party not just the far left but those that put down america down day in and day out they went to act as if there is nothing called the american dream. anybody regardless of their background has the opportunity to succeed in this country. opportunity is there for anyone and everyone. i hope the kids and mississippi understand that and also across america. [applause] >> on the question of children of a systemically racist country the founding documents the 6019 project this is force-fed to our kids at the youngest age is through high school. >>ro let's be clear, america is
7:56 pm
the most exceptional nation in the history of the entire world. [applause] h o we are working on a program right now to teach kids about the founding documents the constitution, bill of rights, the federalist papers so they can learn what did make america the greatest nation and thehe world. >>laura: final thoughts from florida when we return. stay there. [cheers and applause]
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♪ ♪ [cheers and applause] t1 tonight helping prove to the american people once and for all the real power in this country resides not in washington dc but the the governorsd branches across the country the governors tonight using the power in the right way. not constraining citizens by empowering them. thank you for being here tonight. participation was fantastic.
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another round of applause. we will do another one of these next time in texas. thank you governors and also the great state of florida for hosting us. our wonderful audience. good night from florida. i will see you tomorrow night. [applause] mark: hello america t10 this is teeeleven we have senator josh holly and i want you to get to know him there is a fantastic book the tyranny of big tech it's a very important book coming out this coming week the tyranny of big tech. thank you for joining us. before we get into the


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