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tv   FOX News Primetime  FOX News  April 30, 2021 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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cecilia roush, chairman of the council of economic advisers plus louisiana senator bill cassidy. thank you for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this special report, fair, balanced and unafraid. make it a great weekend. fox news primetime hosted by tammy bruce starts right now. >> tammy: welcome to fox news primetime! i'm tammy bruce. now, for the week, we've taken you inside the left playbook and we've revealed their secrets and schemes that they don't want to you know about and we've unveiled what's a massive, shameless, sinister quest for power at all costs. tonight for the hour, we're going to show you how to fight back and how to defeat it, because what we're really in is a battle for our mind and for our ability to make free and informed decisions and a battle to not be paralyzed by fear or retribution or surrender to
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drifters or the charltons or submitting to hyperbole or fear. for example, tonight we'll hear from ian prior leading the fight against the toxic and destructive critical race theory infiltrating our nation's schools and how you can hold teachers and administrators accountable to make sure students are being taught serious academics instead of being indoctrinated with far leftist idealogiology that has are anything but diverse. the lockdowns from last year isn't just about reopening businesses or hanging on any little word from pub health bureaucrats to tell us what to do, it's actually about restoring the dignity of day-to-day life and having the capacity to do what's best for you and your family without constant nagging, interference from bureaucrats who tell you what to do or who simply don't want to return to their boring, anonymous desk job, because, remember, you're in charge of
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your own life, not bureaucrats, not washington and certainly not the rage-filled cancel culture mob. don't acquiesce to the fear porn, don't accept discertifications of so-called experts without question and do not seed your capacity to make your own decisions based on what establishment hack insists is best for you, because as we've seen, even the most self-proclaimed virtuous among us have been caught defying their own advice. remember, gavin newsom's indoor dining? even as he told the rest of us doing so was putting lives at risk. remember dr. deborah big, of, -- deborah birx who traveled to see her mother at thanksgiving while lecturing to us about the dangers of traveling. dr. birx is doing what the rest of us know what is vital to do what is best for us and our families, but that will not be reserved just for the supposed elite class. later in this show, dr. marty mccarrie and pete hegseth join us to lay out the next steps in getting back to normal, because what is this all about when it comes to the big picture?
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it's about living life on your own terms and not basing your decisions on tribal politics, a sliver of your identity or someone telling you who you should or should not be based on society's supposed expectations, being willing to stand tall, fighting for what is right and preserving your freedom, understanding that it's time for the republicans to push back in tangible ways. stephen miller, former senior adviser to president trump joins us to talk about this new project of his designed to make sure biden and his enablers face the legal consequences of what they're trying to do to us. as you know, big-tech is also playing the role of big enforcer for the democrats and hysteric censures on the left, but i repeat myself. legacy media has abandoned its duty to hold the powerful to account and instead preens and parades as mindless and drooling sycophants of democrats. steve hilton with his command of the power of positive populism
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joins us to discuss what our options are to get big tech and legacy media out of the censorship and brain-washing business. perhaps no one knows better about the vital importance of trusting your instincts and making choices that best suit you instead of trying to please corporate monoliths than actress and star of the classic "nip/tuck" television series, kelly carlson. kelly made the decision that surprised people and she's joining us later in the program exclusively to tell us her story of how she rejected the status quo. so much of our political dielog and what we hear from the left is designed to tell you what to feel and what to think, like an abusive relationship, we're supposed to wait quietly until the abuser allows us to function and even then, you better be careful. this federalized domestic violence tells us over and over again that we're racist, over and over again, we're told if you want to visit your friends and family, you don't care about anyone's health and, of course, you want grandma to die or have no respect for other people.
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and we're told to vote in a certain way, act in a certain way and submit in a certain way and if you don't, you risk getting canceled, but remember, the only power any of these brigcades really have over you is the power you choose to give them, because after all, this is a battle for your mind and one side is determined to brain wash you into believing lies, the most obscene of which is that you and this nation are racist and irredeemable. now, this is not sudden. it began with hillary's disgusting display of bigotry with her declaring trump supporters as deplorable, racist and bigots. most recently this manifested when the democrats declared 75 million trump voters as terrorists. but we're not merely passive victims in their push for power. we kicked hillary to the curb and the work continues by refusing to allow her political progeny, the woke and the miserable, to control our lives. we're human beings with a capacity for rationale decision-making and the capacity to build a better life for ourselves through innovation,
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hard work and a desire to create a better world. and here's the most important part: any improvements we seek are not going to come from washington, they're not going to come from some think tank study and they're certainly not going to come from joe biden and the democrats, they're going to come from our small towns, our churches, our families and ours. our future comes from our dreams. the democrats are already panicking over the fact that they may have gone too far. democrat operative james carville has called the democrats a coastal elite and arrogant party and the dnc chair is now agreeing. he's now imploring democrats to get back to "bread-and-butter" issues and to "speak plain english instead of woke jargan." it's too late for that years of emotional and personal abuse like the nation, burning of cities, destruction of careers and a president who just this week doubled down on so-called systemic racism which condemns every american as evil have pulled the curtain back on the
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democrats and no last-minute adjustment will change what we see. what is the threat that terrifies these socialists the most? liberty. liberty to live on your own terms. liberty to make your own decisions. liberty to manage the risks and quite frankly liberty to not give a damn about what they have to say. the left knows when liberty prevails. their schstick collapses. tonight let's not give the entrenched washington swamp or the controlled establishment control of our minds or hearts anymore. let's remember to always remain in control of our lives if we want to stay in control of our future. joining me now with reaction, stephen miller, former senior adviser and director of speech writing for president trump. he recently formed a legal group to take action against the biden administration's shocking agenda. stephen, thank you so much for being on with me tonight. >> my honor, thank you. it'll tam when i was on the left and -- >> tammy: when i was on the left and making plans, we always
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-- we knew and it was true at the time, the republicans would do nothing. they would shrink back and be afraid of being called names. we had a clear field. what you're doing now sounds to me like exactly what the republicans need to be doing. can you describe for our audience what you're up to. >> yes, well, first of all, your monologue tonight was brilliant! and it really gets to the heart of what i'm doing and why i'm doing it. there's go kinds of power in this country, formal power and informal power. formal power is obvious. those are your vendors, congressmen, supreme court, city council and governor. informal power is held in institutions, media, education, big tech, finance and wall street. it's entertainment. over the years, the left has taken over in a very deliberate, planned fashion all of the informal power centers. these are enduring areas that control american lives. one of the biggest areas they've taken over is the legal profession.
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our law schools. our lawfirms. our legal nonprofits and you saw the effects of that during the trump administration when every single thing he did was met with a legal onslaught from the left. the aclu alone, which is just the brightest star in the left's constellation of legal groups, raised almost $200 million last year. that's just one organization! my group is beginning to fight back on behalf of traditional values, american values, america-first principles and take the biden administration or anyone else to court who violates fundamental american principles. that's why we're suing joe biden along with texas -- >> tammy: excellent. >> -- for catch and release on the border we filed suit this week over the biden administration's new farm program that explicitly excludes some farmers for debt relief solely based on skin color. we're also looking for plaintiffs -- if we can find them -- who are willing to stand up and file suit on critical
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race theory which i know is an issue you'll be talking about tonight. >> tammy: that's right! excellent! excellent! what's your group called now, by the way? if they need to turn to and you find out what you're doing, what is the group called? where can they find it? >> is the website, if you're a victim or a federal worker victim of critical race theory training, go to our website, and tell us what happened to you. >> tammy: this is imperative. we hear the complaints all the time. we see the press releases from senators or someone who has a committee and you go into committee meetings and there's ramblings and pounding on the table and people are called names. you hypocrites. double standards. nothing changes. and there has to be action. that's what the left has always done. it's -- it's about action. it's about suing. it's about stopping. you know, it's fascinating to me, and thank god you're doing it, right?
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this is right now what americans are expecting and trump supporters and america-first people expect. why is it the republicans don't act? why haven't they been acting? now they are through you. how can you explain that? >> such a great question! that's because traditional minds of americans are pursued on raising their families and pursuing their dreams. hard-core fundamentalists are about taking over. we have to save our country and fight back, just like they do, except instead of fighting to destroy legal fight, to rescue. >> tammy: stephen miller, congratulations and on behalf of everyone who wants a future, we appreciate it. >> thank you. thank you. >> tammy: congresswoman from california, new congresswoman kim. thank you for joining us. i love your story. i want you to tell it to our viewers, because tonight is about taking charge of our
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lives, being in charge of our future. we know sometimes it's not always going to be easy, but that's the point of being in charge of it. can you tell our viewers about your trajectory to congress this year? >> sure. thank you, tammy, for having me. you know, i am an immigrant from south korea, so my story being elected to serve my community that i've called home for decades and now serving in the united states congress as one of the first korean-american women to serve, there are many women from different minority groups. some of us are veterans coming from different groups and so g.o.p. women, you see it, there are so many of us that's been elected in this congress. this is the story of immigrants. this is the story of american dream. so i'm really glad that while i'm the first of the korean-americans serving in congress, i know my story is not unique. there are many of us like mine and i hope that my story could inspire others, especially young girls or young women to know
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that they can now start participating in the political process and make sure that their voices are heard. >> tammy: what's beautiful about this is that, you know, as an immigrant -- and this is what for me i've got moved from the left to the right -- understanding my values, my classical liberal values i believed were really represented by liberals and found out that, in fact, they're really the conservative ideals. the ability for us to create our lives here, right? your family coming from south korea moving through guam. you put yourself through usc. fight on. my alma mater as well! this country allows us to pursue what matters to us and it's not about moving to this country to be taken care of by another totalitarian society. is that what you felt and what you believed as you were moving through as you were growing up here? >> look, you know, i'm very inspired by like senator tim scott. i'm inspired by other immigrants
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that are currently serving in the united states congress, but i'm a republican member because i truly believe g.o.p. is the grand opportunity party that works on policies that will lower taxes, lower healthcare costs, work on pro-growth policies so help the -- you know, these policies help americans like me to succeed, and i know this is the party that has the future. so when i see tim scott and my colleagues from different communities, minority groups, this is the future that i see. and what i've seen as an asian-american, especially seeing how the rise of asian hate crimes have been rising over the last several decades, especially over the covid era, it breaks my heart, but you know what? we cannot -- congress has been addressing this by passing a legislation recently, but let's remember, we can not legislate hate out of our hearts and minds, because change begins with each of us taking personal
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responsibility and starting to treat each other with respect and seeing each other as americans. that's the republican party for me. i see a lot of tremendous opportunity. i don't see -- you know, when people tell me you're a republican immigrant or woman, how can you be a democrat? i say precisely! because i'm an immigrant woman. this country has given me this opportunity to succeed. that's why i'm a republican member. >> tammy: that's lovely. i think the more we see you -- and this is a challenge for america, is seeing you doing your work and hearing from you. change is perspective. thank you very much. good luck to you. you're already have a big impact. we thank you for joining us tonight. thank you, congresswoman, we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> tammy: you might think tech has gotten so big, there's no way to push back against tyranny. we found out today there's a way. the jeff bezos and mark zuckerbergs of the world are not going to like it. steve hilton joins me next to explain.or
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the hunt is on... beginning june 10th. >> tammy: the left has long enjoyed the advantage of having the big tech tyrants silencing their political opponents but today, florida set out to become the first state to punish social media companies for deplatforming politicians like donald trump. companies like twitter, facebook and google could face massive fines that continue to grow every day a politician remains silent. here now is steve hilton, you know him well a good friend, hosted "the next revolution" sundays at 9:00 p.m. eastern time. i love coming on your show. it's a pleasure to host you today, steve. thank you for joining me. >> it's a pleasure. what a fantastic show so far. it all connects, doesn't it? because the fighting spirit that we saw your conversation with stephen, just like we're seeing
4:22 pm
now with governor desantis hitting back at this outrageous censorship from big tech politically motivated, of course. we have to fight back across-the-board. >> tammy: this is what i love doing your show. we deal about the issues. we don't just complain. you come with solutions. of course, the populism, we've discussed that directly, but the positive nature of being able to move forward and solve problems, we've discussed the big tech issue it clearly is a tyrannical dynamic. in this case in florida, really, the fine could be up to $250,000 a day, steve, which is -- which will hurt that they keep someone off the platform. the big tech are saying this hurts their first amendment right which i love. their first amendment right to senshore someone. is -- censor someone. is this the right way to go about dealing with these people? >> it is, because in the end -- i know them well.
4:23 pm
i'm speaking to you literally from the heart of silicon valley. i know these companies very well. i know many of the senior leadership of these companies. i run a tech company myself. i founded one. and the driving motivation for these companies is to get to be a monopoly. that's what it's ball for them. and it's even -- they've even got a jargan term for them when they're raising money from venture capitalists, if you make your network big enough, everyone has to use your network. it's a fancy way of saying monopoly. that's why the argument about the first amendment simply doesn't apply. they're not just any other company with the right to do whatever they want, because they've become monopolies in their respective fields, they control everything. and so it's impossible to accept the argument they can act as they wish, if they're the arbiters of the public conversation. that's why i think this is a great response to hit them where it hurts financially. i would go much further.
4:24 pm
we've talked about this before on my show which is in the end a thing they really are frightened of, the one thing that they don't want to see is to be broken up, because they love the power. they love the control. that comes from their scale. so we got to break them up. the argument i always make is we should see as much competition in social media as we see in the rest of the media. >> tammy: that's the american way. that's what we do in america. it creates better companies, more opportunities. you have to compete. and, you know, stephen miller said something interesting in that -- and i might disagree with him in this -- that this is the soft power and the hard powers in washington. i'm wondering, steve, maybe it's the reverse. maybe this now is the hard power, these tech companies and washington is simply doing their bidding. what do you think of that? >> yes, because -- and if you look at what agenda that they're trying to enforce, it is the agenda of the left. look at how they're rowing in
4:25 pm
behind the lockdown fanatics and censoring any views against that, even when it's based on science. of course, they say they're the ones who are guarding the science. it's completely the opposite. they behave just like the left. they're guilty of the exact same things they accuse others of. they're forcing -- we were just talking about it this morning on another show with stuart varney. we were talking about new stories about how google is working with organizations to impose a woke agenda on schools in terms of reading this to children in schools. it's all the same campaign. >> tammy: it is, indeed. then you think about amazon controlling 85% of the book market that that is terrifying when it comes to information. obviously, steve hilton, great stuff. more on sunday at 9:00 p.m. on "the next revolution." thank you very much for joining me today. great to see you. >> thank you, tammy. >> tammy: looks like joe biden is ready to throw away the science. he's got a new sales pitch. wearing a mask is now your
4:26 pm
patriotic duty. ok, but you know f that's true, why is pete hegseth who is not wearing two masks right now or better yet three? he must really hate america. we'll get to the bottom of that coming up next. look at him. there's his face. i really hope that this vaccine can get me one step closer to him. to a huge wedding. to give high fives to our patients. to hug my students. with every vaccine, cvs is working to bring you one step closer to a better tomorrow. not everybody wants the same thing. that's why i go with cvs is liberty mutualng you — they customize my car insurance so i only pay for what i need. 'cause i do things a bit differently. wet teddy bears! wet teddy bears here! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ (vo) we live in a world of fees. airlines, hotels, food delivery, and especially car dealers all charge excessive, last-minute fees.
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4:32 pm
this is undoubtedly one of the most patriotic events we hold as a nation, but to joe biden, patriotism just means apparently putting on your mask and doing what he said. >> look at the distance we are. but if we were, in fact, sitting there talking to one another close, i'd have my mask on and i would ask you to have a mask even though we've both have been vaccinated. it's a small precaution to take that has a profound impact. it's a patriotic responsibility for god's sake! >> tammy: patriotism? 15 days to increase the patriotism curve. joining me now to react is fox news medical contributor dr. marty and pete hegseth. pete, i was expecting you to come in with the 15 masks because i know you believe in doing everything patriotic. what -- but this is, for me, infuriating, because now this is about manipulation and i recentt
4:33 pm
that! what's your take? >> it's the permanent pandemic. the idea that two people fully vaccinated separated by a football field have their patriotic duty to not -- to wear a mask if they get any closer -- it's absurd! it's absolutely absurd! it's ball control, as you've talked about. and when you go to mount rushmore, first of all, it's all about trump. that's where he held his big patriotic event so you can't do it again. i would call what happened in mount rushmore covid-16/19 because it's a combination of the permanent lockdowns which christy nome rejected rightfully so and it's on indigenous lands and therefore anything that has to do with mount rushmore is evil and the tribes there have said that, so you have to bow to that as well. it's the unholy perfect alliance of wokism and covid-19. of course, they're going to try to reject it. none of it has to do anything with science, at all. >> tammy: the good news is,
4:34 pm
doctor -- and i think this is for all of us, healthcare professionals, we all care about getting on with our lives. for people trying to deal with other serious issues that are happening. we're finally seeing more people go into the hospital with issues more so that might involve heart attacks or other things in which you may have avoided the hospital. now we have in this case that the enthusiasm of life might be opened up again, also dealing with mental health and other issues regarding how we respond to life in general. what's your reaction? i know you're a doctor, but there are a lot of political aspects involved in this. what's your reaction to this back-and-forth of our attempts to finally break free of this pandemic? >> well, first of all, tammy, i agree. i think pete is pretty darn patriotic. i'll leave it there. i don't talk politics, mostly not because i don't want to, just because i'm not very good at it. both of you are black belts at it i'll talk to the medical science. and i can tell you right now that our public health officials are not representative of everyday practicing doctors in
4:35 pm
america who are very optimistic and realize that we can't be chasing after an elusive, absolute risk elimination. that's what we're acting like on a national level and the reality is things are looking really good. daily cases and new hospitalizations which are the best metrics are below that of a mild flu season. the flu season six years ago, the mildest in the last eight years. during week 10 which is the peak week, we had 400,000 daily cases of flu. similar case fatality rate to those now under 50 now that covid moved to younger folks, we have 51,000 cases daily. we'll be at lower numbers probably this summer. >> tammy: doctor, these are numbers that the american people should be hearing, but they're not. i would argue, pete, that the people like dr. fauci and others, they know what they're doing. they understand this. and yet still they're pushing it as though this is something that we're going to have to eliminate and we're still in -- and the president is doing it.
4:36 pm
he's being advised by people who are doing it. they know what dr. makary knows. they're still pushing this on us. why do you think that is? >> they benefit from the pandemic environment at this point. there was a moment at which patriotism could be evoked in doing your duty which limited personal freedom, because we didn't know what was going on. now as we have more information, the idea of pushing patriotism -- all it is is patronizing. it's a different kind of. >> tammy: it's outrageous! >> it's not patriotism. it's patronizing. it's outrageous. we have dollars know what is going on like the good doctor does, could explain it. i last talked about the resistance. i don't like to get into that too much but the new resistance is make me take my mask off. if you won't stop rioters, if you won't stop looters, if you want to collectively and politically decide who does what and when, if the onus is on you to tell me why i should wear my mask if we're all vaccinated, if we know -- it was six feet and then it was three and then it
4:37 pm
was 60, what is it? our kids are not in school. the onus is on people to tell me why i have to wear one. not why i shouldn't. >> tammy: and they're all making things up. this is what we're seeing. dr. makary, this is what is frustrating. the bar is always changing. they're saying gust feelings. we know just on its face. it doesn't make sense as though -- as though they're issuing federal law with these statements, why would you -- i know there are other argument interests the mount rushmore in particular, but my goodness, this is really using a pandemic to chip away and to get people used to being controlled and used to being afraid. people have talked to me saying i went to school and i could have taken my mask off but i was afraid to do so. dr. makary, what do you recommend to get over that to be able to live your life more freely as people have been indoctrinated into a fear base? >> politicians are starting to realize that people are sick of the fear and you're starting to
4:38 pm
see some folks who are promoting that on a public level really start to get scared now about reelections, but there's a lot of good use. let's talk about it. we've got 82% of seniors vaccinated. cases are plummeting. the vaccine crushes all the mutant variants in preventing hospitalizations and death. there's lots of good news. let's talk about that good news and i think if we do, we're going start to see a real turn in the way we approach this. >> tammy: well, great. thank you, sir. i know, pete, you're going to be sitting in this chair all next week. isn't that right? >> fantastic job, tammy, this week! you'll hand me the ball. i will try not to fumble it, but you've done an amazing job. yes, i'll be in all next week on fox news primetime it proves they'll let anyone, anyone attempt to host a primetime show if they're going to let me have a shot. >> tammy: there you go. hopefully they'll let us back. i know they'll let you back. all right, thank you, pete and dr. makary. appreciate it. up next, ian, one of the great parents that stood up to the
4:39 pm
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>> tammy: my next guest has gone from concerned parent like many of you to legal activist, not only confronting the woke teachers in his district but taking it one step further. ian prior looked into the school district in his home town, lowden county, virginia and got his hands on some of their internal documents including part of a presentation delivered by the lowden county equity director. it's hard to read the fine print but it's essentially a tool to help brain wash teachers into believing that white christians are privileged. so everyone else is, of course, by default oppressed. ian prior, the father who uncovered these documents joins me now. ian, thank you so much. i've heard a lot about you. i've seen a great deal of your work. you also started up a website where people can chime in with the things that are helping -- that are happening in their district when it comes to critical race theory. tell me what started all of this off for you? >> well, you know, this really
4:45 pm
started off in march when there was a group of folks in a private facebook group including six school board members that were calling for targeting parents for speaking out against critical race theory. that really motivated people across ideological lines, you know, really everybody to figure out what was going on in our schools, why have we created a culture of bullying in our schools, in our community that is affecting parents and affecting students? it's really sort of tearing the community apart. we started doing our due diligence. there's a lots of people out here that are -- there's a lot of people out here that are sending foils to lowden county public schools uncovering all of these documents that really show the divisive nature of what they're trying to indoctrinate our teachers with and then what our teachers would then indoctrinate our teachers with. -- our children with. it's appalling. >> tammy: the freedom of information act request -- at the same time, you make a really good point. this is the teachers union that
4:46 pm
seem to be moving this. and not every teacher -- we've seen teachers push back and leave and go public and many are as shocked as we are, but a lot of this material is, in fact, to indoctrinate the adults to continue, because many adults are thinking, why are we doing this to children? and especially keeping classrooms closed. teachers are thinking this is crazy as well. are you finding that teachers are supporting you in this as you go through this in your community? >> absolutely. absolutely. so we set up a political action committee fight for schools dot-com. we're getting all kinds of tips every day. a lot of tips come from parents. a lot of it comes from teachers. teachers are fed up with having to go through this -- these brainwashing sessions them just don't want to teach -- sessions. they just don't want to teach the kids this stuff. they're petrified to speak out because they fear repercussions from the school union and the school board.
4:47 pm
then they'll be branded -- >> tammy: this is where -- and you can't get hired elsewhere, right? then it's a matter of where do you go? you're committed to your kids. you've got the school boards -- and even in san francisco, they're recalling three members of the school board up there. they would recall all of them, but they're not in the right, you know, timeline of being able to do so. is that something you're looking for? so in addition to gathering information, what do you hope is going to come from this? where do you want this to go? >> sure, really it's investigate, community and activate. we've been doing the investigation with foyez and the investigation with talking to teachers and talking to parents and then we communicate it. we get it out there and shine the spotlight of accountability on the school board, on the system. as far as activating, that's why we set up fight for schools dot-com so we can then engage in a recall election, in a recall petition to get the six school board members off the school board. they were in a private facebook group room where crimes were being suggested and they did absolutely nothing.
4:48 pm
>> tammy: well, ian, you're an example of someone who's been radicalized because of what has been going on congratulations, sir, and thank you very much for joining us. a very good example of taking control of your community. thank you for joining us. now, coming up, actress kelly carlson, unbreaking the hollywood mold and moving out of l.a. in support of her military spouse. how trusting her instincts paid off straight ahead. ing ] allergies with nasal congestion overwhelming you? breathe more freely with powerful claritin-d. claritin-d improves nasal airflow two times more than the leading allergy spray at hour one. [ deep inhale ] claritin-d. get more airflow. germ proof your car with armor all disinfectant. kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses. the first survivor of alzheimer's disease is out there.
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>> tammy: you may recognize our next guest from the popular tv show "nip/tuck." kelly carlson has given up the hollywood spotlight to move to san diego and support her husband as he serves in the u.s. navy. kelly carlson joins me now. kelly, welcome aboard. thank you so much for coming on and being with me. >> thank you, tammy so good to finally talk to you, too. >> tammy: i'm always on your instagram. we message each other. our lives continue to move
4:54 pm
forward but you know what our topic really is? our theme is today and i thought immediately of you. this is about maintaining control of our lives, right? not being pushed into arenas we don't want to be in. not being brain washed. making changes when needed. i see all the time your fans asking, well, why aren't you acting anymore? what are you doing? your instagram, your biosays former actress of tv and film and now navy wife. tell us all about that. what is going on with you? >> well, just that. i did leave los angeles in 2015 because my husband, dan is based on coronado. we needed to be closer. my business model in life is -- it sounds great. let's go do it! really, you know, that's about it. and so i was really excited about being a military wife. completely different from
4:55 pm
anything in my life i've ever experienced and it's been so grounding and -- i don't know, just really fun. completely different world than i'm used to, and i love new experiences. i like being challenged, so i love it down here. i mean, i -- i wouldn't go back up to l.a. it would have to be a really big deal to go back up there. >> tammy: for everyone as we all live our lives, you know, we have different jobs. everybody watching this program. the struggle always is, am i happy doing what i'm doing? other people think you should be doing something else. >> oh yeah. >> tammy: it's what society expects of you. >> correct. >> then there's the judgments. then there's love and being honest about making choices that best suit us. coronado is a beautiful area. in the midst of this life -- i know he's got a business.
4:56 pm
what makes you so happy about your choice? >> i just follow him around. i do kind of, but dan is the star of the family now. and i love it. i love it. and i just -- i make a joke about being a manager but, you know, we make knives, or my husband does. >> tammy: i love his products. you're always promoting it. he's like -- he's -- i love "forged in fire" that tv show. and he does that stuff. it's great. >> yes, he does. i make the sheafs. i've never made anything with my -- the sheaves. i've never made anything with my hands before. when i can hand a sheave to someone in law enforcement or the military, it's cool. i've never done anything that profound before. i love it. dan is in the spotlight.
4:57 pm
i'm behind him carrying his bags. >> tammy: as career navy officer, is that right? >> he's not an officer. he's a chief. >> tammy: does he want to be an officer? you better get him there. >> i know, right? for retirement, right? yeah. i know. he's got a couple more years left and then we'll be doing knives full-time probably. probably. >> tammy: when you were thinking about your life growing up, beautiful girl, modeling, television, money, "nip/tuck" huge show. still around. everybody still watches it. kibar was your character. that's a lot to leave. that's very seductive. what do you say to people who are making a lot of money and doing things but are not happy and would be happy doing something else? how do you encourage them? what would you say to them? >> that's a tough one. i follow what i want to do in my gut. nothing could stop me. it's an easy choice for me to
4:58 pm
leave a lot of money or fame to go do something that, um, my heart really wants to do. and i think you have to be that kind of person, because fame and money is really powerful -- and don't get me wrong. i love it, too, but it's not everything for me. i'm fulfilling the other things my life i've never learned how to do before. and, gosh, i think it's such a personal thing in your value, through your intrinsic value system, i guess i would say. and i'm just -- i'm kind of a spirit that you can't stop. so if i want to go be a military wife or go make knives, that's what is going to happen. >> tammy: yeah, beautifully done. this is a whole week of us taking control of our lives. you've made a perfect example of that. people could find you on instagram under kelly carlson and they can find you -- all kinds of stuff and tracker dan, your husband, you've got links
4:59 pm
there and all sorts of stuff. >> thank you, tammy. >> tammy: my pleasure. thank you very much, everyone, for taking the time to watch "fox news primetime" this week. is specially want to thank the team -- you know, there's a whole bunch of people that puts the show together including kara, brian, kelly and mike. thank you for making me so comfortable. and so you, our fox family, thank you for having me in your home each night. i think it's like in this time zone kind around dinner time. thank you for having me for dinner. you can find out more about me on the new social media platform i'm also the president of independent women's voice. you can learn more about our work there at next week as you heard with pete hegseth, he's the host for next week. and that's going to be terrific! we know exactly what you can expect when it comes to that. a lot of patriotism. he will not be wearing a mask on the air. i'm sure about that. but this is a joy for me. i've been with the network for 16 years.
5:00 pm
i love you guys. i appreciate your support. i appreciate being right here with you. see you next time. next, tucker carlson. ♪♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson." happy friday. a lot going on. big trends, too. you think about it, you often wonder what is going on. for quite some time, we've wondered what is going on with congressional republicans. a lot of nice people in the republican party. but the point of political party is not to be nice. it's to represent the interests of its voters. that's the only reason political parties exist in the first place. there's no other reason to have them, except to represent their own voters. yet year after year on issue after issue, the leadership of the repubn


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