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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  April 30, 2021 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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to walk alone and all for a good cause. good for him. thanks, everybody. that's it for us. see you next week. up next, "special report." ♪ ♪ ♪ >> bret: good evening, welcome to washington. i'm bret baier. we begin tonight with the controversy over the politics of what to teach your children about history. republicans are now demanding the education department reverse course on an effort to reframe this country's past with an emphasis on race and slavery. congressional correspondent chad pergram educates us tonight on what this is all about. good evening, chad. >> good evening, bret. it's the latest skirmish in the culture wars a fight about the 1619 project and a push by president biden's department of education to teach it in american classrooms. >> in a blistering letter, senate minority leader mitch mcconnell led a coalition of
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37 g.o.p. senators demanding education secretary magill cardone nasa strike the plan. mcconnell wrote quote americans do not need or want their tax dollars diverted from promoting radical ideologies tonight in divide us. americans never decided that our country should be taught that our country is inherently evil. the 619 project says slavery was a key force in the american revolution. many miss torians dispute that. >> we have got to defeat this proposal this. is unwarranted federal intrusion into the content of the curriculum. >> education secretary miguel cardona says he hasn't seen mcconnell's letter. >> the federal government doesn't have a role in the curriculum. i have faith that the educators will get it ride. >> use as a wedge national conversation on race. >> it's wrong to try to use our painful past to dishonestly shut down debates in the present. >> scott says the u.s. isn't racist. president biden agrees.
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but democrats tinker with using government to address wrongs. >> i don't think the american people are racist. but i think after 400 years african-americans have been left in a position where they are so far behind the 8 ball in terms of education, health, in terms of opportunity. >> mcconnell says potentially skewing the curriculum is consistent with the democratic trend. >> behind president biden's familiar face is like the most radical washington democrats have been handed the keys and they are trying to speed as far left as they can possibly go. >> democrats championing culture wars could have consequences at the ballot box. >> also trying to figure out how do i put food on the table. how do i pay for my kids' college. if somebody goes out and goes too far to the left, that does hurt those democrats that really are responsible for keeping the party in the majority in the house. >> that's why republicans see an opportunity for the midterms. if democrats are bogged down in
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controversial social policy. bret? >> bret: chad, another development today a blow to d.c. statehood. >> that's right. democratic west virginia senator joe manchin is a key player on every vote in the senate. in a radio interview today, manchin said he opposed the d.c. statehood bill which just moved through the house. manchin says a constitutional amendment is required to make the city a state. he noted the 23rd amendment to the constitution which gave d.c. citizens the right to vote for president. no republicans appear to support d.c. statehood. that's manchin's vote is so critical. >> bret: we may have manchin updates on a number of issues. chad pergram on the hill. thanks. president biden is restricting travel from india over that country's coronavirus surge. before he was elected, president biden criticized president trump xenophobia on the same day that president trump announced a travel ban to china because of the virus. state department correspondent
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rich edson has a situation report tonight. >> citing extraordinarily high covid-19 case loads and multiple variants circulating there, the biden administration announced the united states will restrict travel from india starting next week. >> we, as a country, have made a commitment to the people of india to support them. >> a year ago, the trump campaign accused then candidate biden of calling the china travel ban xenophobic. biden also tweeted then quote banning all travel from europe or any other part of the world will not stop it, referring to the virus' spread. biden's campaign said his reference to trump's xenophobia was related to the former president scapegoat others, not his china travel ban. biden's campaign also said he backs travel restrictions that experts supported. in the opening days of his administration, biden tightened international travel restrictions, reversing a late order from president trump who had relaxed them.
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>> india is now on that list. where crowded hospitals are turning away patients, even if they manage a spot, oxygen supplies are often spent. >> my father's dead body was lying there. when i asked what happened, there was no one to inform us, and later when i spoke to a nurse there, she told me that they ran out of oxygen supply in the morning. >> nearly 400,000 new daily covid cases breaking global records there are medicine and testing shortages. a thriving black market for supplies and overwhelmed cream that tore i can't. this week the state department reviewed level four warning for india. urging americans not to travel there department officials are also offering family members of american diplomats in india the option to lee the country. the u.s. government says it is sending $100 million worth of code aid. >> independentia, assistance to the united states, when our hospitals were strained early in the pandemic. the united states is determined to help india in its time of need. >> the first shipments of oxygen cylinders, diagnostic kits and masks are arriving in india.
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the biden administration has also pledged to release 60 million doses of astrazeneca vaccines to other countries as they become available. that vaccine is not approved for use in the united states. bret? >> bret: rich edson at the state department. thank you. the cdc says more than 101 million americans have now been fully vaccinated. there have been more than 3 it million infections in the u.s. about 57 thousand deaths. house speaker nancy pelosi says about three fourths of house members have been fully vaccinated. she says more need to take the shot in order to loosen restrictions around the capitol. more than 100 colleges in the u.s. will require students to receive vaccines in order to attend in person classes this fall. that's according to a "new york times" survey. most of the colleges are private but some public universities are also mandating the shots. and disney land and disney california adventure park back
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open tonight. the facilities endured a 13-month closure because of the pandemic. president biden says he has told china he will defend american interests. he is not saying what he might do if china invades taiwan. tonight, believe it or not, one of the big reasons beijing may want to do that has a lot to do with the global shortage of microchips. national security correspondent jennifer griffin explains tonight from the pentagon. >> chips that power the world's cars, phones, and computers and beijing's communist government wants to control that market. some worry by military force. >> china would control the global market. they would have access to the most advanced manufacturing capabilities, and that is even more valuable than controlling the world's oil. >> taiwan could prove to be one of the biggest flash points for
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the biden administration forcing it to defend the island beijing sees as a renegade province. in part to preserve the vital semiconductor industry. >> in my discussions with president xi we told him we welcome the competition. we are not looking for conflict. but i made absolutely clear that we will defend america's interest across the board. >> 70% of the world's microchips are made in taiwan and south korea. china is the biggest consumer accounting for about 60% of global demand and its appetite is growing rapidly. two weeks ago the white house blacklisted seven chinese companies to keep the largest chip maker in the world the taiwan semiconductor manufacturing company from selling advanced chips to china. those chips could have been used to make advanced weapons. beijing still lags in domestic manufacturing of computer chips. >> it's been trying to get its hands on the equipment. and so far it's not been very
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successful. so you can easily imagine a scenario where beijing decides it's worth the risk and actually invades taiwan to gain control of this vital industry. >> former president trump's deputy secretary of state has the following advice for the new biden administration. >> we need to make it much more clear to the chinese that they will be defeated if they seek to change the status on the taiwan straits. >> experts say whoever controls the design and production of these semiconductor microchips will set the course for the 21st century. an example of how important the pacific region is to the pentagon. both defense secretary lloyd austin and general mark milley, the chairman of the joint chiefs flew out to hawaii today for the change of command of the top military commander whose job it is to watch china's every move. bret? >> bret: a big story. we will stay on top of it jennifer griffin live at the pentagon. jennifer, thanks. stocks were off today.
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dow lost 186, the s&p 500 fell 30. the nasdaq dropped 20 today. for the week the dow down half a percentage point. the s&p 500 up two hundredths, the nasdaq down four tenths. president biden was in program territory this afternoon. the long time amtrak customer at a station in philadelphia to talk about his huge new investment or proposed investment in the rail service. white house correspondent peter doocy says it's part of the president's massive spending plan to be paid for by huge tax increases. >> president biden wants $80 billion typically prove train travel. it sounds like a lot of money, but -- >> this is a bargain, a bargain, a bargain. it's economical and environmentally a lifesaver. >> a fraction of the president's $20 trillion spending proposal. >> they proposed trillions of dollars in expanding the federal role of government in every area of our life, literally from
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cradle to grave. >> again deposit is i on big government is okay sometimes. the way the president defines it. >> is the private sector going to go out and build billions dollars worth of highways, ports, airports, bridges? are they going do that? and so these are things that only government can really do. >> but critics balk at a taxpayer funded tab that keeps growing. >> the unsustainable spend something a major problem as margaret thatcher says you run out of other people's money. the president needs to focus on the basics. >> the president argues he is. >> transit is infrastructure. >> some argue future of transit. >> this is all about buying votes in certain cities this. is about $80 billion for amtrak that over 50 years has never figured out how to actually make money on the concession. >> the president's philosophy is straightforward though. >> why -- why tax and spend so
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much when the economy is still recovering as a result of the pandemic? >> that's the reason why it's recovering because we're investing. >> president biden was in his element today as america's most famous amtrak commuter regald a small crowd with a story about a conductor he had known for decades getting to know his secret service detail. >> i was getting on the train and angelo negra came up and said joey, baby. and he grabbed my cheeks and started to squeeze it like he always did. and i thought he is going to get shot. [laughter] i'm serious. >> at that event in philadelphia, the president was just one stop on the line past his home station of wilmington and we heard him tell a story that we have never heard him tell before that in all those years of famously commuting from delaware to d.c. and back, he fell asleep and woke up in filly four times, bret? >> bret: are he can tell some stories about amtrak. the president came out on the white house lawn and had the
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announcement of the new cdc guidance about masks. so has he been following this that it's okay for him to take the mask off outdoors? >> bret, old habits die hard. we did see the president earlier today wearing a mask while he was making a long walk to the microphone on an outdoor train platform. but he says that he is going to stop wearing it outside like the cdc guidance says because he knows that it's unlikely that when he is out and about anybody is actually going to be able to come up and get too close to him. bret. >> bret: peter doocy, maskless on the north lawn. peter, thanks. up next, we will take you to an old gold rush town in california that may be experiencing a new gold rush. first, here is what some of our fox affiliates around the country are covering tonight. fox 35 in orlando as florida lawmakers sign off on a controversial elections bill that would make it harder for voters to cast ballots by mail. republican lawmakers backed away from more stringent proposals contained in earlier versions of that measure. democrats insist it will put up
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barriers to voting. wdrb in louisville dubai owns one of the favorites for saturday's kentucky derby. but he is accused of violating human rights and orchestrating the disappearance of his own daughter. a group of lawyers and students asked derby organizers to bar the sheikh and his horse, essential quality, from the race. that request was denied. and this is a live look at cleveland from our affiliate fox 8, one of the big stories there tonight the second evening of the nfl draft. did you see this last night? it's pretty fun. opening round went largely according to form. three quawrks selected in the first three picks including top selection trevor lawrence going to jacksonville. that's tonight's live look outside the beltway from "special report." we'll be right back. ♪ ♪
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>> bret: helicopter on mars has completed a fourth flight. ingenuity traveled fight of 216 feet for two minutes farther and longer than previous flights. an attempt thursday had failed because of a software error. a fifth flight is scheduled in a week or. so nasa is giving the chopper an extra month more than originally scheduled to continue that testing. back here on planet earth. a northern california town founded during the gold rush is now split over plans to reopen an area gold mine. owners of the mine near the town the grass valley point to high gas price and it jobs for locals. hurt property values. claudia cowan takes a look at the battle there tonight. >> no mine, no shaft. >> no more mine. >> long after the days of the gold rush, some neighbors in grass valley, california are blasting an idea that would bring blasting back to their
3:20 pm
rustic town. >> the big concern here is really bringing back a highly industrial toxic business and putting it into what is now a very peaceful, tranquil residential community. >> but with gold fetching around $1,700 an ounce. >> gold large market. a lot of people buy and sell gold. >> modern day prospector ben mossman wants to reopen the so-called idaho maryland goldman sealed up and abandoned on the outskirts of this town 1950s. for decades one of the most productive mines in the country and mossman believes there is still a lot of gold left that could provide a valuable commodity to investors and jobs for locals. >> that would be 312 full-time employees and very well paid jobs that an average of 94,000 per year before benefits that's double the grass valley average. [horns honking]
3:21 pm
cheers. >> while some say gold mining may legacy not good for today. >> not just traffic vibration and congestion and serious concerns like putting industrial business in a beautiful area drops property values so now people's nest eggs are going away. >> proponents argue the mine will have to comply with california's strict environmental regulations and that the work will be done thousands of feet under ground and the entire operation hidden by trees. more impact studies are being done, county officials could decide later this year whether to leave the mine sealed or let the new owners revive the town's historic industry. >> impossible to know exactly how much gold is down there, but core samples like this show it is very high grade quality and source from underground deposit sits that potentially could be worth billions. bret? >> bret: claudia cowan in grass valley. claudia, thanks. coming up, we received a lot of emails and requests for this one. whatever happened to the durham
3:22 pm
report. kevin corke has an update. and dozens of people found crammed into a house in houston as we look at crime in the midst of the border crisis. >> these are the ones that are not wanting asylum. these are guys that do other things and typically it's not good. >> bret: but, first, beyond our borders tonight. at least 45 people are dead, 150 injured during a stampede at religious festival in northern israel. tens of thousands of ultra orthodox jews attending that event when large numbers gathered in a narrow tunnel like passage. people began falling on top of each other near the end of the walkway as they descended slippery metal stairs. swiss authorities are taking issue with president biden's comment that many companies use switzerland and two british fair territories as tax hastens. calling such claims inappropriate and completely out
3:23 pm
of date. the netherlands is taking on a chronic housing short damage by constructing homes on a three dimensional printer. houses are made up of 24 concrete elements printed by a machine that squirts layer upon layer of concrete. the structure is trucked to a neighborhood where finishing touches including a roof are added. printer house. just some of the other stories beyond our borders tonight. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪
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>> bret: found more than 90 people, 90 trapped in a home after responding to a reported kidnapping call. the incident highlights the problems with crime in general and smuggling in particular. associated with the border crisis. correspondent casey stegall takes a look tonight from laredo, texas. >> a numbery be of activity under the cover of darkness all captured by home surveillance cameras. more than a dozen migrants traipsing across private property in mission, texas. >> they are now coming into my backyard. they are coming to my front door. >> too close for comfort says bonnie fog who lives in this normally incident quiet neighborhood home mostly to retirees who have increasingly become worried about their safety. >> my fear is that the migrants that are coming across the border are becoming more dangerous. >> on friday authorities in
3:28 pm
houston, hundreds of miles from the border, discovered a possible stash house with about 90 people inside, mostly adult men. covid a major concern with the group. >> they dual some rapid testing for that. so we will keep them in the house for now. >> more apprehensions have been made so far this year along the southern border than all of 2020 combined according to cbp data. what's more agents say the smugglers and human trafficking organizations are constantly changing their tactics with how they move their cargo into the u.s. even tagging migrants with wrist bands. each color representing a different cartel. >> it is very dangerous to cross illegally, you know, across the southwest border. >> agent here at the nation's busiest commercial port of entry in laredo have seen the danger now with their own eyes. they recently found 145 migrants packed in the back of a sweltering tractor-trailer bound for the u.s. in del rio children were hidden
3:29 pm
inside the floor of a semi. while in corpus christi agents found dozens of migrants tucked away inside a refrigerated truck filled with produce. >> the pentagon announced late today that it is moving forward with president biden's proclamation now officially canceling all military funded border wall projects. bret? >> bret: casey stegall on the border, thanks. in tonight's whatever happened to segment something weed get asked about all the time. the investigation into the origins of the russia collusion probe. u.s. attorney john durham has been working on it for months and months. so what's the holdup? here is correspondent kevin corke. >> what began to take shape in may of 2019 as a review of the origins of the russia probe evolved over time by june of
3:30 pm
2020 then attorney general bill barr and artfully careful language sounded the alarm. >> i'm very troubled by what has been called to my attention so far. but i'm not going to characterize it beyond that. >> so concerned was barr that he authorized a special counsel probe led by john durham, including subpoena power, just two weeks before the 2020 election. >> are we ever going to see the durham report? >> when you can't have a report given in our administration, why would it have to come into this administration? it is a very sad thing. >> in the months since there has been scant mention and at least publicly little discernible movement in the probe. much to the consternation of some interested parties. still, many observers insist that is exactly as it should be. >> i do have faith that john durham is going to do the job. >> sources close to the probe tell fox news the investigation remains ongoing but declined to confirm reports that durham has
3:31 pm
keyed in on the fbi's handling of the notorious steele dossier, a political opposition research both before and after the bureau started using it to obtain court permission to wiretap a former trump campaign adviser in 2016 and again in 2017. >> one of the very first things i'm going to have to do is speak with mr. durham, to figure out how his investigation is going. >> current attorney general maker garland told congressional lawmakers that he is committed to providing durham with the necessary resource was to fulfill his amount. meanwhile as durham and his team works, the nation wonders and waits. >> i do think it's important for people to have faith in the fbi as an institution for there to be accountability and hopefully the durham report will bring that. >> sources familiar with the probe, bret, say the durham appears to be zeroing in on why the fbi didn't tell the fisa court that the principle source for the steele dossier had himself at one point been the subject of a counterintelligence
3:32 pm
investigation. a bit of a rhetorical laser aimed right at the bureau's dealings with the fisa court which many believe was unlawful. bret? >> bret: kevin, i know we are talking to sources that it's ongoing and the investigation is continuing. is there any sense of a broad time frame or what might look like one for this report to be rolled out? >> you know, for the longest time, hope has been at war with experience. if you have been expecting this to happen, you would say well, it could have happened certainly during 2020 if not earlier this year. the sources i have spoken with on capitol hill are convinced that this is the pace that he this would expect a probe of this time to have and they still believe we will get a report some time probably this year. >> bret: okay, kevin, we will watch it thank you. >> you bet. >> bret: up next the panel on this the durham report plus the president's tax and spend plan, talking amtrak today. should america want to handout or a hand up? ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> they proposed trillions of dollars in expanding the federal role of government in every area of our life, literally from craldz to grave. and they're using an infrastructure bill to advance a radical climate change agenda. >> why tax and spend so much when the economy is still recovering as a result of the pandemic. >> that's the reason why it's recovering because we are investing. look how rapidly it's recovered since we passed the last piece of legislation. and that legislation was $1.9 trillion. >> bret: well, the president defending his proposals, even though a lot of that money from the covid stimulus has not been spent as of yet. billions and billions of dollars. as you look at the list, it's now up to 6.35 trillion. this is signed and proposed spending billings. spend bills. today the president taking the
3:38 pm
show on the road to a familiar spot, amtrak. let's bring in our panel. mollie hemingway senior editor at "the federalist." amy walter, national editor for the cook political report and byron york chief political correspondent for "the washington examiner." amy, let me start with you, the white house sees a lot of opportunity here, and they see this pitch kind of taking hold. people do enjoy getting money. the question is how this plays in the long term. >> well that is the question, bret. because, if you look just where the polls are today, asking people in a vacuum do you want to see more money for roads? sure. do you want to see more money for healthcare, for being able to pay for day care, all those things? people are generally supportive of that and they are generally supportive of the idea that taxing corporations and rich americans is the way to pay for it. they like that. so, again, in the abstract, that's what the biden administration is counting on. that the individual pieces are
3:39 pm
almost more important than the sum of its parts. voter like this so much that they are going to be willing to accept it the other thing that the biden administration is counting on is that americans, because of the pandemic, but also in part because we had a previous president who was willing to spend money both on stimulus checks and other spending priorities, americans are much more willing to accept government support. they see this is what the biden administration believes americans are now more willing and want to see more government intervention in their lives and, again, there have been some polls out to suggest that people are more open to the idea of more government spending. but, to your point, bret, it's one thing to see it in a poll. the other thing is going to see how it plays out over time. democrats hoping they can say look, we put money in your pocket. we are putting things in place. >> bret: byron, she makes a couple, amy does, great points, republicans, obviously, the last administration didn't focus on deficit or debt. we have mentioned that numerous
3:40 pm
times. but, is this super charging an already recovering economy and do people kind of get that? >> well, it's not just needed. and the president is sending out an incredible mixed message about the state of the united states today. he spent a lot of his time, he did it in his speech the other night, talking about the united states is in such crisis. such a crisis that it needs these multi-trillion dollars measures to, quote, rebuild. he said the economy is in the worst crisis since the great depression, which is just simply not true. and at the same time, i got yesterday an email fundraising email from the democratic national committee talking about a, quote: bind boom. biden boom.president say thingsg
3:41 pm
better this is before the money from the american rescue plan gotten out the door or even house of congress has even thought about the american jobs plan. so, on the one hand the president says we are in a terrible crisis we need to literally rebuild the country. and the other hand the political arm of his party is saying we're in this great biden boom. it makes no sense at all. >> bret: he does have echos and even in the speech the other night of fdr. the new deal, mollie. this is a percentage wise as you start adding up the dollars even greater than that. again, to the point where i came out of the soundbite even the first stimulus. i'm not talking the one that just passed most recently the one before that in the trump administration hasn't fully gone out the door and all the projects have not been realized. >> and regardless of what you think of fdr's presidency, it's worth remembering that he was elected in a huge landslide not what we had with biden which came down to 42,000 votes in three states. he was given just astronomical
3:42 pm
advantage in the senate in his party and in the house they had a 200 seat majority. people were really looking for something radical when they elected fdr. that's not the state now where the senate is divided and the house has like a 6-seat majority for democrats. it's one thing to embrace government spending when you are truly in a global pandemic that has shut down the economy. it's entirely another when the economy has been suffering for a year and is coming out of it, yes. but there is not the need associated with it. it's a really radical proposal without a political consensus behind it. and i think that's going to cause just massive problems for the democrats down the line. they might believe what the media claim about president biden's branding image that he is this union fire and is he moderate. people are seeing the actual policies coming through and they are seeing self-inflicted chaos of tearing down borders. this radical spending, yes, it was, you know, republicans weren't good on spending even before the pandemic but we have already spent so much money and just some real aggression in the
3:43 pm
culture war really divisive stuff for someone who claimed he was going to be a unifier of the country. >> bret: the border crisis, obviously, amy, still a big issue and of the polls as we talk about polls, that is one where president biden is upside down. here he is on nbc again with the question of crisis on the border. >> 22,000 unaccompanied children in our country right now. that's a record. that sounds to most folks like a crisis. >> well, look, it's way down now. we have now gotten control. it is getting urgent action now, for example, a month ago, we had thousands of young kids in custody in places they shouldn't be. and controlled by the border patrol. we have now cut that down dramatically. >> bret: well, in those facilities but other facilities are way up dramatically. and, amy, you hear that soundbite and you think this could come back, we have gotten it under control. if it's not under control. i also note that a number of
3:44 pm
states there are now air commercials. there are commercials airing to back up the biden administration on the border. >> right. there is no doubt that this is a huge political liability, even among democrats there is not unified support for the president around this issue of immigration. they are seeing many of the similar images but, also, i think, they are frustrated that the administration hasn't gone far enough. some liberals want to see more from this administration. on the issue of immigration. this is the big challenge, right? that every president has faced which is coming up with a solution to what we know is cyclical, we have seen this movement on the border now for years, especially of young people coming up and coming to a solution for it that brings the parties together is seemingly impossible. >> bret: byron, last word on
3:45 pm
this. >> well, excuse me, listen, what the president has been saying, saying it's not a crisis, not a crisis. the most important thing here is the united states is not doing anything to try to stop people from crossing the border illegally. the biden administration is frantically trying to house and feed and care for the people who are coming across. but sending the message that if you do come illegally into the united states, you can stay. and that is a message that everybody in the northern triangle countries and others are hearing. >> bret: and that the border wall is not going to be finished, even the holes that they have the stuff there on the border. we will follow this story. up next the friday lightning round john durham. talk about that. india travel restrictions. winners and losers. ♪ ♪
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>> there is no wall high enough to keep any vice out. and our own vaccine supply as it grows to meet our needs and we're meeting them will become an arsenal for vaccines for other countries just as america's arsenal democracy for the world. >> bret: president biden speaking this week. this as his administration
3:50 pm
announced a travel ban from india as that country deals with the coronavirus. the biden campaign back in february of last year insisted that this was not about the china travel ban but he did tweet the day after the trump administration implemented the china travel ban. we are in the midst of a crisis with the coronavirus. we need to lead the way with science not donald trump's record of hysteria, xenophobia and fear mongering he is the worst possible person to lead our country through a global health emergency. a wall will not stop coronavirus as you he heard last week. banning all travel from europe or any other part of the world will not stop it. this disease could impact any nation any person on the planet and we need a plan to combat it. now there is a ban travel for india. we're back with the panel. mollie? >> isn't it interesting how much the biden administration has followed through with what the trump administration has done dealing with coronavirus since the big part of the campaign was to claim that trump wasn't doing a good job. operation warp speed obviously
3:51 pm
got the vaccine up and running already up to a million doses in the arms on the day of inauguration continued very well. even the other good thing that the trump administration did which was instituting a travel ban which biden hated they are following through on that too whether it's china or other things, they seem to be following trump's lead. >> bret: mixed messaging on the coronavirus on covid-19 the cdc. we have seen this along the way. take a listen. >> going to the park with their family, dining and socializing with their friends outside. in many more outdoor activities without needing to wear a mask. >> there are so many mixed messages out there. if you are around vaccinated people you should not wear a mask. >> i'm looking for my mask. i'm in trouble. >> bret: amy, there is something about the outdoor mask and the announcement, it just hasn't taken and people are picking up on it. >> yeah, it's very confusing and i think for a lot of people it's been a year now. and they are kind of taking things into their own hands,
3:52 pm
especially those who have been vaccinate you had. the good news, again, we have more people now than ever vaccinated. so hopefully regardless of what kind of messages are coming forward, we have more and more people who are safe from actually getting covid or spreading covid. >> bret: yeah. >> not spreading it but getting really sick. bet bet byron, there there are people in d.c. feel like they don't need to wear a mask outside but they do want to do it because they don't want to be called a republican. >> there is a lot of political theater around masks now. but the biden administration is sending this weird message which is get your vaccine, get your vaccine and people think if i get vaccinated then i can't get it but then keeps saying continue wearing the mask no. surprise people are confused about this. >> bret: mollie, report by durham still in process.
3:53 pm
frustration on capitol hill about how long it's taken. your thoughts on that? >> well, this russia collusion hoax was a lie that was deployed by hillary clinton and the democratic party. it affected the 2016 election it affected the outcome of the 2018 election as the fbi weaponized it and continued to spread that lie. it affected the 2020 election. we have had -- because nobody has been held accountable, still. so more than anything, what needs to happen is accountability, but, also, justice delayed is not a good situation for this country. >> bret: but, byron, we haven't seen big investigations kind of deliver in recent years. and there is probably a lot of people saying it's not going to happen this time? >> well, devin nunes says he still expects something. that's what i hear, too. it's not going to be comprehensive. we have to piece together what we know about this from the house intelligence committee, from the inspector general, now from durham. there is not going to be any big ensoak low peed dick guide to what the justice department and fbi did in this case. >> bret: we will get out the
3:54 pm
white boards again whether it all comes together. panel, thank you. make it a great weekend. when we come back, notable "note quotables" ♪ ♪ so you want to make the best burger ever? then make it! that means cooking day and night until... [ ding ] success! that means... best burger ever. intuit quickbooks helps small businesses be more successful with payments, payroll, and banking.
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like a fire, that's just growing. i feel kinder, when nature is so kind to me. find more ways to grow at >> bret: finally tonight, it's friday. you know what that means? "notable quoteables." >> i want us to destroy the system to keep putting us in situations like this. >> our profession is dying. our community is suffering and there's not going to be anybody left to take this job. >> if you're vaccinated, you can do more things more safely both outdoors as well as indoors. >> while i was briefing president trump, kerry was briefing zarif. >> you might as well be in east berlin before the war. these are tactics only known a dictatorship. >> he certainly doesn't want to my path down into a 30-month sentence. >> we should ban torture including calculus and trigonometry.
3:59 pm
>> they told me there'd be no math. >> we'll fight this virus with equity. >> he's not talking about solving bipartisanship in this bill here. >> take a close look that the bill. we have a real chance to root out systemic racism that plagues america. >> america is not a racist country. >> if i ever hear that joe biden's a moderate again, i'm going to throw up. >> use the word "crisis" i think 10 times in his talk last night but never once with reference to the border. >> there's a big full moon, looks almost orange outside tonight. what's that mean for us? >> good night and god bless the united states of america. >> bret: one week in washington. monday on "special report" leaders of the senate intelligence committee vowed to get to the bottom of the mysterious attacks that left u.s. personnel in cuba with traumatic brain injuries. we'll bring you that story. this weekend "fox news sunday" chris wallace will interview cecilia roush, chairman of the
4:00 pm
council of economic advisers plus louisiana senator bill cassidy. thank you for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this special report, fair, balanced and unafraid. make it a great weekend. fox news primetime hosted by tammy bruce starts right now. >> tammy: welcome to fox news primetime! i'm tammy bruce. now, for the week, we've taken you inside the left playbook and we've revealed their secrets and schemes that they don't want to you know about and we've unveiled what's a massive, shameless, sinister quest for power at all costs. tonight for the hour, we're going to show you how to fight back and how to defeat it, because what we're really in is a battle for our mind and for our ability to make free and informed decisions and a battle to not be paralyzed by fear or retribution or surrender


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