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tv   America Reports With John Roberts Sandra Smith  FOX News  April 30, 2021 10:00am-12:00pm PDT

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>> everyone have a great weekend. thank you so much for spending your time with out numbered this week, now here is america reports. >> john: thank you so much. fox news alert, president biden heading to pennsylvania this hour to push another part of his massive spending agenda, this time set to unveil his plan to give $80 billion to amtrak. >> a lot of money. the former white house chief of staff mark meadows joins us to talk about how all this big spending could really derail america's road to a full economic recovery. if also will hear from byron donalds as well as bill bennett and karl rove also on tap. >> john: first, the fight against critical race theory ramping up, a group of senate republicans pushing back against the biden administration over
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its proposal to incorporate the controversial 1619 project into the country's public school curriculum. hello and welcome to america reports first hour, i'm john roberts. sandra smith is off today, welcoming gillian. >> gillian: it's great to see you in person which we haven't been able to do main covid. >> john: it's great to be here in the studio with you. >> gillian: of the 1619 project, we will get into that reframes u.s. history and senate majority leader mitch mcconnell as well as 37 other republicans say it puts ill-informed advocacy ahead of the historical accuracy. >> john: a letter to biden's education secretary, goes further of the 1619 project, we will get arguing that americans do not want to pay for this divisive education. if chad pergram into that reframes u.s. history begins our day live on capitol hill with more on all of this.
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>> the senate majority leader mitch mcconnell was going after the biden administration, republicans are mad about incorporating the 1619 project into what is taught in public schools, mcconnell has written to the secretary of education, the letter says americans do not need or want their tax dollars diverted to promoting radical ideologies meant to divide us. they are focused on race. >> i don't think america is racist, but the overhang from all over the jim crow and before that slavery have had a cost and had to do with it. >> addressing races one thing but the culture wars propose a political problem for democrats. >> they get too bogged down in social issues, they will potentially lose their majority in the house. >> republicans see an opportunity to drive a political wedge on social policy.
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>> john: chad pergram for us on capitol hill, thank you so much. a number of states are moving to ban teaching and critical race theory in public schools, a lot of other ones. if we are going to be talking with form education secretary bill bennett about that later on this hour. if >> gillian: also president biden will visit philadelphia's station, will mark amtrak's 50th anniversary, give back the real system $80 a new government funding, just the latest example of government spending that is planned by the biden administration for the next 100 days per "the wall street journal" editorial board is calling it cradle to grave government. we have fox news team coverage of the story, former white house chief of staff mark meadows joins us by peter doocy himself joins us from 1600 pennsylvania avenue. morning, peter. or good afternoon, i should say.
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>> good afternoon and president biden is basically saying now he thinks a bigger federal government that offers more services, taxpayer funded services is the only solution to many of the problems he's identified. >> is the private sector going to go out and build a billion dollars worth of highways, ports, bridges? are they going to do that? these are things that only the government can do. >> it had some republicans wondering why? and money to be made offering that service, good and private companies take the lead instead? >> this is all about power and control, so biden's speech was predicated on declaring the world is in crisis, the crisis is existential and the only answer his massive government spending and massive taxes which
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was the agenda before covid came along to begin with. >> joe biden famously took the train every day to and from work d.c. to delaware and i was going to return to one of amtrak's biggest hubs in philadelphia within $80 billion check but he hopes congress less in cash. to my maybe he could donate his frequent writer points to the government and that would take care of a whole lot of rights for a whole lot of americans. thank you so much. >> john: for more on this, let's bring in former white house chief of staff mark meadows. when you look at the amount of spending in "the first 100 days" as we are at the 100 right now, $6 trillion, there is a new metric that every spending has to be $2 trillion but the big question is do we need all this spending right now? the economy seems posed for a huge uptick which president trump predicted,
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there's all the spending risk the economic recovery? >> of course it does. when you look at this, when you look at the amount of spending that joe biden and his democrat leftist agenda colleagues are proposing, this is about buying votes in certain cities, this is about $80 billion for amtrak and over 50 years has never figured out how to actually make money on the concession when you have a monopoly with your writers. they can operate efficiently and we are going to give them the hardworking american taxpayer dollars? i don't think so. when you think that their plan, this is all about getting major dollars to a few cities and their transportation. i was on the transportation committee when i was a member in congress and starting to see a level of spending and drunken sailors, obviously are more responsible than joe biden.
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>> john: used to say that was an insult to drunken sailors. the steps there of air force one headed to philadelphia, amtrak. the president was asked on nbc about this very topic, whether or not this spending was needed or if it would endanger it and here's what the president said. >> that's the reason why it's recovering, because we are investing. look at how rapidly it's recovered since we past the last piece of legislation, and that legislation was $1.9 trillion if we don't invest in this country, we are going to actually fall behind even further. >> john: contrast that with what "the wall street journal" said in an editorial and said "mr. biden wants to take credit for rescuing an economy inflames. the democrats in washington have been dousing dead embers for the economy was poised to accelerate as vaccines rolled out no matter who was president." your thoughts.
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>> this is all about joe biden taking credit for a number of things that president trump did and put in place before he left office grade it's amazing that joe biden can somehow try to convince the american people he's done something in 100 days when 48 years in the senate obviously didn't result in what would be on a resume to applaud so when you look at that, we do know that it will have a chilling effect, the massive spending they are talking about will have a chilling effect. why? it will go to pet projects, it will create inflationary risk my what we will see is not just a robust economy, but we will see one that's retreating the other way. let us have fiscal restraint, let us let the economy continue to grow jobs like it was in the last quarter of 2020 and the first quarter of 2021. >> john: critics of this say it's not just about spending,
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it's about growing government and growing dependence on government, that this is sort of a cradle to grave approach of big government and brit hume are saying the other night that even if republicans were to take control of one or both houses of congress that the spending isn't likely to go away anytime soon because of this reason. listen to him here. >> republicans can get control of the house and senate and pass bills to repeal all that stuff but the president will be able to protect him with the veto so if you can pass them, those things will be with us a while. >> john: he does have the power of the veto pen. >> you wouldn't be able to override it and that's why the critical defense is really with a few moderate democrats in the house and more bluntly in the senate, that's where the fight has to happen, he's exactly right but here's the other interesting fact is if you continue to look at what they
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are doing with their leftist agenda, this is not about jobs in america, joe biden did more to hurt jobs with an executive order on the keystone pipeline then he did to create jobs so when we look at this massive spending program they are talking about, it is really about taking money from the pockets of hardworking americans and allowing joe biden in his administration to dole it out to those that are well-connected. news flash, joe biden has taken his mask off and will no longer wear it. what mask? the moderate mask. he is no longer moderate joe, he is left is joe and he has bought into their particular way of doing things. >> john: keeps the other mask on and even though he told them they don't need to wear it. change topics, rudy giuliani was on with tucker carlson last night, his first interview since the fbi raided his home the
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other morning to take some electronic devices, they didn't want all of the electronic devices according to him, listen to what he told tucker. >> the only time they got deterred is at the end of the search when they had taken seven or eight electronic items of mine, i said don't you want these? and they said what are they? i said those are hunter biden's hard drive and they said no. >> john: i know over the course of the last year at the white house, you and rudy giuliani parted ways in a number of different issues but do you think this is politically motivated and the fact that they want to look at rudy giuliani and not hunter biden is curious? >> of course it is. the american people hate to standards and if we are going to go in and do a search on rudy giuliani and will wait to see what the facts say there but i can tell you i'm not aware of any inappropriate behaviors that he conducted while i was chief
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of staff and yet what we also see is they want to turn a blind eye to what we know is obviously at least something that should be investigated as it relates to hunter biden. it's kind of like the movie casablanca. you mean there's gambling going on here? when we start to see this, we have to actually make sure there is one standard, lady justice should have a blindfold on and she shouldn't be peeking out to just go after republicans, she should look at everybody equally. >> john: it's good to have you on the show today for the first time since we started america reports and i miss our off the record sessions in the white house chief of staff's office. >> likewise, great to be with you, congratulations on your new show, look forward to joining you more. >> john: terrific have a great weekend. saying you don't want to hunter biden hard drives but you want to take everything that i've got, he insists that he is
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innocent in all of this, justice department has a different view of things, we will see how it shakes out. it? something i thought of what i saw him talking there was all totaled on the spending side, $6.1 trillion for the families plan, jobs plan, and the rescue plan together. each one of those on its own but before congress would be one of the most expensive pieces of legislation ever to pass through that body. now we are talking about three of them in tandem. >> i said the sum total of national debt was 5.7 trillion. >> gillian: at least 100 people are dead and 150 harmed in a stampede after a religious festival israel. if people were trying to exit, some of them tripped on the stairs dozens more to fall down emma this is one of the
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deadliest disasters, the prime minister benjamin netanyahu is calling it a "terrible disaster" and that it is. >> john: a tragedy. after democrats accused her of balkans of racism, tim scott says the left has lost their mind. we will have more of what he told fox with our panel coming up. to my class, and election overhaul in the state of florida. republican lawmakers passed a bill to seek to limit drop boxes and voting by mail. if we are going to tell you about that, karl rove to weigh in coming up next. ♪ ♪ i had the nightmare again, maxine. the one with the lollipop— no, the other one. where the children go to the candy store, but it's out of wonka bars... it's ok, wonka.
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brave the hunt... on a new species of coaster. jurassic world velocicoaster. the apex predator of coasters. only at universal orlando resort. (velociraptor screech) the hunt is on... beginning june 10th. >> john: another state pushing to make elections more secure. karl rove coming up and just moments. stay with the spirit of
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south dakota's republican governor kristi noem suing the biden administration for canceling the fourth of july celebration demanding the event take place saying the administration gave no meaningful explanation for stopping the show, also writes that the landmark is "the very best place to celebrate america's birthday. of course, you remember the big celebration last year that president trump went to amidst all that criticism that it might light fires, forest fires and might spark super-spreader events. >> gillian: it's hard to forget, that was one of the first big outdoor events that happened during covid and president trump got so much pushback for that. you can't really help but wonder if there's a little political retribution baked into this equation here but i didn't say that, you didn't hear me say that, we are not speculating. meanwhile, republicans in florida now have passed an election bill they say is an effort to make statewide and
10:20 am
national elections more secure. if it got some similarities to a bill that lawmakers in georgia recently passed, that one's bird major outcry from democrats who say the changes make it harder for people of color to cast their votes. so now karl rove joins us to weigh in, former deputy white house chief of staff to president bush also of fox news contributor, i guess the big question to start with with the story here is republicans say these voting reform measures in certain states are all about election integrity, securing the vote, democrats say it's actually hidden moves to make it harder for minorities to cast their votes. if two very different view points here, the truth? >> you have to look at it state-by-state. i made the case in a couple of pieces in "the wall street journal" that georgia was setting statewide standards and made it easier to vote. let's look at the florida standards and you make up your own mind. in florida, they say some
10:21 am
counties use drop off boxes for your mail in and others don't so which of the rule be? each day wants to have rules that apply to everyone in the counties. in florida, some of the 67 counties allowed them, so the state legislature said no more mobile drop boxes, vehicles that are moving around, used in a handful of counties and they said in all 67 counties, you have to make available drop boxes but you need to have the same number of hours and every one of them and we will make it the same as early voting because you have to monitor those drop boxes, they said no unsolicited mail and ballots. a couple of counties said we don't have the money to do that so you have to do it's fair for everybody. in texas, we had one big county, houston that attempted to do it and the state supreme court unanimously said you can do it unless it's allowed everywhere. if no ballot harvesting in florida. no private funds that could be
10:22 am
used in selected counties to allow certain counties to do more activities than other counties and finally, they updated their election law virtually every state has what's called an election every law that is to say within a certain amount of distance around the polls and around the lines you can't be handing out literature and here they said that includes handing out water and so forth, anything of value. the national rifle association and the national abortion rights action league to be walking up and down the line and handing out water and snacks? you just don't want to have that happen. >> gillian: this is part of the reason because with your whiteboards, we don't need elements, it leaves us a lot of work, very surreal. i've got to ask you, looking at all those specifics on the surface of things, looks like the goal here is hedging against fraud. is that a fair assessment when we are looking at the big picture here? >> a lot of them have adopted the mantra we want to make it
10:23 am
harder to steal and easier to vote and there's also uniformity. let's treat everybody the same, let's not have some counties doing things in a much different way than other counties want to do it or that they are able financially to do it. >> gillian: lets pull this up so were viewers at home can see, florida is not alone here with this bill, a whole host other states are moving with her in broad strokes are incrementally towards legislation like this, introduce now in 47 states so florida is definitely not alone. >> people are trying to -- some people are trying to do things they think will somehow overturn elections, but i think the general drive is people saying the 2020 elections showed us a lot of problems, they didn't affect the outcome in our state, but let's not take any chances, let's be clear about it. the question of should counties have the right to send out
10:24 am
unsolicited mail in ballots to everyone on their voter role? california, washington, oregon, most states have made a decision they don't want to operate that way so they make a decision they should not operate that way, why allow certain counties to go out and do it on their own to the detriment of counties who have made a decision not to do it? uniform standards means a lot. the 14th amendment says we have to have equal treatment under federal level, a lot of states are governed by the same sort of approach, everybody gets treated the same. >> gillian: not a bad idea, a lot of common sense baked in there. if you could be a little more thorough next time, we will give you another whiteboard, maybe you could have two. >> let's be clear, fox doesn't give me whiteboards, i have to pay for them myself. they were expensive, they don't travel well. >> gillian: i am putting that in the suggestion box for you right after the show, don't worry. >> i need your help. >> gillian: i'm with you. have a great weekend. >> john: you think for one
10:25 am
second he doesn't have those at his expense? come on. if china's fight for world domination, computer chips but is beijing willing to use military force to stake its claim? that's coming up. >> gillian: calling the white house about the controversial 1619 project in american schools saying the project is flat-out inaccurate. so why is it even a national proposal now? form education secretary to join us coming up next. >> they continue to tell our children, our students that the united states is about country. if any of that was true, i wouldn't be here today. ody how liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need? i mean it... uh-oh, sorry... oh... what? i'm an emu! no, buddy! only pay for what you need.
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our panel weigh in on that moments from now the first, senator mitch mcconnell and other republicans taking on the biden administration over its proposal to introduce the 1619 project into our nation's schools. it's controversial in part because it suggests the american revolution was fought in part to secure slavery, a theory critics say it is flat-out wrong. bill bennett and fox news contributor, great to see you on this friday afternoon. if let's put up an excerpt of mitch mcconnell's letter to the education secretary, mcconnell said "families did not ask for this divisive nonsense. voters did not vote for it. americans never decided our children should be taught that our country is inherently evil." is that with this is teaching? >> first coming your very first question at the top of the show, trevor lawrence will have a better debut than that quarterback draft of the year
10:31 am
2000 but whether he will last as long as something else, let's get to your question. if i am delighted to see the republican party get on this issue, this cultural issue, politics proceeds from culture, culture rules, that's how we make up our minds and culture controls what goes on in the schools so he's absolutely right about this, there's a big push for critical race theory and a big push against critical race theory. people don't know what it is. critical race theory holds that the law maintains a racist system. this just isn't true. the law does not. are there exceptions? are there violations, aberrations, bad cops, sure, but law and justice are blind and for the most part proceed that way, second, critical race theory in schools suggests that there are white notions that we need to do away with or at least diminish. notions such as close reasoning,
10:32 am
the written word, objectivity. now that's going to help students a lot, is in it? getting rid of close reasoning in the written word and objectivity. i would point out again as i've been pointing out all week, china's number one in mass. we are number 37 in math when we are having a debate about how much critical race theory should be in our schools. >> john: one of the things that some states are thinking of teaching is something known as s as -- it was all about the right answer or the wrong answer. this proposed federal rule. go ahead. >> when you launch a rocket and space, it's important to have the right answer from your math computations, not any answer will do, not an ethnically sensitive answer, the right answer. >> john: i made that analogy the other day. this proposed federal rule would provide grants to schools to
10:33 am
teach both the 1916 -- the 1619 project and the book how to be an antiracist, part of which says "the only remedy to racist discrimination is antiracist discrimination. the only remedy to pass discrimination in its present discrimination. the only remedy to present discrimination is future discrimination." it seems to replace one with the other. >> it never ends. i've been pushing the culture stuff but the guy that made this happened is tim scott night before last, he brought this issue to the floor and he did so by saying what he is said about his views to the world and that drawing the poison, the ire from the left and we saw that poison and iron. indeed, there is racism present in america and it tends to be on the left. we have to defeat this proposal, this is an unwarranted federal intrusion into the content of the curriculum and that something you do not do at the department of education. i sat there, ran that place, i
10:34 am
know that's one thing you don't do. you can evaluate and assess but you cannot dictate and shouldn't dictate curriculum particularly based on false understanding of american history. >> john: mitch mcconnell are fighting it out the federal level at the same time a number of states are planning on passing their own laws to prohibit it, idaho was the first state that's actually done that, so we will see where this goes, always great to see you, thank you so much for joining us, appreciate it. >> thank you, john. you bet. when that good luck with trevor lorenz as well we will see. >> gillian: best of luck to you. >> john: people may be wondering what he was alluding to. i said we will see held trevor lawrence does as well as the draft pick in the year 2000 who people didn't follow in that draft is tom brady. >> gillian: it's football, we
10:35 am
are talking about football, not the one with a round ball, use this from bill hemmer, it's not the black-and-white ball, it's the pigskin ball. >> john: lacrosse is the big sport in our family. >> gillian: that's a weird one. >> john: great sport. >> gillian: a massive tax hike on corporate america is on the table now to pay for president biden's new slate of big spending plans so how will the tax and spend play out politically in the midterms? we have fox news sunday anchor chris wallace to join us coming up next. >> john: plus, by republican senator tim scott says democrats should take a look in the mirror before accusing republicans of racism. if byron donalds is going to join us coming up. >> what they're fueling is a backlash and maybe they don't realize it or not but at some point, people get sick and tired of getting sick and tired and they start reacting hazards as d
10:36 am
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>> gillian: senator tim scott is taking aim at liberals on social media choosing to ignore racial slurs directed at him after he delivered an eloquent rebuttal to joe biden's remarks to congress. >> the left has lost their mind today, saddening to see that. fighting bigotry with bigotry and their true motivation has nothing to do with ending prejudice, it is everything to do with claiming or getting more power, i've never seen such a power grab and using people in such a despicable way. if >> gillian: let's bring in our power panel, guy benson and richard fowler, both fox news contributor's and two of my personal faves, thank you so much for joining us. i didn't see that, no one heard
10:41 am
that. i want to ask you first about the social media angle here quickly, it took to twitter 11 hours to take down the trend on wednesday night following the rebuttal speech from tim scott which was uncle tim. if talked about that problem first before we get into the racial dynamics here. >> it's very ugly stuff and i'm not necessarily opposed to the fact that it trended because i think it is illustrative, revealing. there is an undercurrent of nastiness and bigotry including on race on both ends of the ideological spectrum. some people try to pretend that only one political tribe has a racism problem, that is clearly not the case as we saw very clearly the other night and it was a very unfortunate thing to see happen but also sadly not anything new for senator scott as he mentioned in the speech itself. >> gillian: richard, if we
10:42 am
look at the rebuttal speech itself, one of the core messages that scott delivered as he sees is a problem in america right now is children, students are once again being taught that the color of their skin in some way defines them. is that a message that people of color in the democratic party can rally behind and at least see some truth in what he was saying there? >> i don't think anyone wants the color of your skin to define you, martin luther king in his speech was saying that it should be the opposite, which are defined by the content of our character but in his address, he talked about a couple of things, what it feels like to be a black man, profiled by the police, being discriminated against and sadly, tim scott's experience as an experience that has been felt universally across the board by black men and boys all across
10:43 am
america so racism exists on both sides of the ideological spectrum and if we really want to deal with it, we have to acknowledge that it exists and work together outside of the political polarization in this country to deal with it. >> gillian: some on that point, it seems that the majority -- a lot of americans can agree that racism still exists in america in many different forms but it seems like democrats these days including the president are going a step further now and making the case that it's not just racism that the individual level we have to combat, it's systemic racism, that systemic racism is alive and well and maybe even doing better than it was 100 years ago. i think that's very politically folks on different sides of the aisle are going their separate ways here. >> is a good point great let's be very clear, america has made a lot of progress from today where we were 1921.
10:44 am
with that being said, it doesn't mean that we don't have systematic problems. a couple to point out number one when black women who have college degrees going to have babies, they are 5.2 times more likely to die in childbirth than their white counterparts, what this global pandemic has taught us as black people die at disproportional rates, we have disparities in our banking system, and how policing is done in this country, what we are going to have to do is put aside our politics, have some real conversations about it and figure out how we come to some real solutions that are bipartisan in nature. >> gillian: let's take a look at how some of these issues are being covered, that rebuttal in particular in the mainstream, pulled us up so reviewers can see it after the controversy the other night, according to the fox news brain room, 53 seconds
10:45 am
talking about tim scott's speech, cbs zero seconds, why is this the case? >> i think it's not a terribly convenient narrative for seven people in the press who leaned to the left and want their racial issues tucked neatly into a box that they already believed to be the case in tim scott i think scrambles that a little bit for them in a couple of different ways. i would be perfectly delighted for the way the media could cover this would not be to focus in on some nastiness or racism on social media directed at tim scott but rather spending time listening to what senator scott said. he can defend himself, he does not need me or anyone else out here defending him on national television, he is more than capable of doing that as he has demonstrated repeatedly. i thought the speech itself, the substance he put forward was really magnificent, i thought it was a very well done speech and i hope that may be some of this attention being drawn to the
10:46 am
controversy that erupted afterwards might cause some people to go on youtube and search him, look at his history, look at what he's been able to accomplish some of the work that he's done and watch that speech in its entirety because it was packed with a really good messaging, interesting facts and some narrative busters the left so i encourage people to go back and watch the whole thing if they haven't already and make judgments based on that based on what he said, the substance as opposed to the color of his skin and what he is supposed to think for the way he is supposed to vote according to some. >> gillian: we have to leave it there but thanks to both of you, learned a lot as i always do with the two of you, have a great and wonderful weekend. >> take care. >> gillian: will he always brings outcome has a good fashion sense. >> john: one state is taking a very big step to take critical race theory out of the classroom. we will hear from one of the
10:47 am
lawmakers behind the new legislation. >> gillian: plus, the mother of a son who was shot and killed in the chop zone is suing the city. by the family's lawyers said they can't have it both ways. if plus, we are going to talk with katie pavlich about all of this coming up next. ♪let's make lots of money♪ ♪you've got the brawn♪ ♪i've got the brains♪ ♪let's make lots of♪ ♪uh uh uh♪ ♪oohhh there's a lot of opportunities♪ with allstate, drivers who switched saved over $700. saving is easy when you're in good hands. allstate click or call to switch today. ♪ (ac/dc: back in black) ♪ al♪ ♪ate ♪ ♪
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10:51 am
>> gillian: grab your hats and mint juleps, the kentucky derby, it is expected to be the largest sporting event in the united states since the very start of the pandemic, churchill downs is planning to seat all the guests in accordance with social distancing guidelines, masks will also be mandatory, we have live coverage for you on the fox news when the race kicks off starting at 2:00 p.m. eastern tomorrow right here on fox news. >> john: all of these horses have companion ponies that go out of the paddock with them. >> gillian: emotional support ponies? >> john: what are they, two or
10:52 am
three years old? their kids. >> gillian: that's nice to hear. >> john: not like ronald reagan said, that they would dig through a pile of manure convinced there's a pony in there somewhere. and to the football field, the nfl draft kicking off last night, listen to this. >> the jacksonville jaguars select trevor lawrence, quarterback. >> john: tim gray joins us now, also the author of talking to goats and said to me probably the most promising quarterback in the last decade, no wonder he went number one, was expected to and it happened last night. >> he was just phenomenal what he was able to do playing at clemson and there has been so much talk in chatter and now he's finally picked that he can get on with his professional
10:53 am
career. >> john: i went over the draft and seven of the last ten years, the number-one pick overall has been a quarterback and in this draft last night in the first round, three of the first picks were quarterbacks, the first time that's ever happened in 22 years, these teams are really looking for a franchise anchor for their teams. >> they really are and if you look at the top 15, it's only the second time since the draft has taken place that there have been five quarterbacks taken but when you look at the super bowl history, it's very rare that any of these guys ever come out on top, only been 35 guys who have quarterbacked a super bowl team to a win because you have seven by brady, four by terry bradshaw, so there's only 35 guys total who have done this or right around there, maybe a couple left, so it's really not only a draft but it's a law degree, that's why everyone is
10:54 am
always taking a shot at this every year. >> john: this observation in "the washington post" was interesting in the article they wrote the nfl draft first round reminds that a quarterback, good is no longer good enough, the teams are just looking for somebody who can build a franchise around, they want someone who can win a super bowl as you alluded to a moment ago now. >> it's so tough. there's a very fine line between being on top and being out of work and we see that every year in the nfl and the careers are so short but the big story last night was that aaron rodgers, the current reigning mvp of the green bay packers perhaps the best quarterback in football the moment of the greatest of all time is so disgruntled and so upset he wants out of green bay trying to force a trade, they say they won't do it but if you're looking for a quarterback, give up the entire team to get aaron rodgers.
10:55 am
if >> john: you and i might have a slight disagreement on that which brings me to my next question, how often do these number-one pick quarterbacks go on to be as good as the pick in the year 2000? >> we are in total agreement, tom brady is by far and away the goat, he is on the cover, tom brady is the guy. they make that every year, he was totally irrelevant almost in that draft, a sixth round pick and he is gone on to win seven super bowl championships and at age 44 he will embark on trying to win an eighth with the tampa bay buccaneers this year but it also speaks to you just don't know about the draft, sometimes guys can come out of nowhere. >> john: certainly he's got a good attitude for playing in the nfl, feels like he's got nothing to prove, just will go out there and make it happen, always great to see you, have a great weekend. >> gillian: democratic lawmakers doubling down now on
10:56 am
the claims of systemic racism across america insisting republican senator tim scott has it all wrong. thousands of people on social media hashtag a racial slur used against senator scott after he delivered the g.o.p. response to the speech wednesday, we will get some reactions to that from florida congressman byron donalds, all that and much more coming up right after the break. [ chuckles ] don't get me wrong, i love my rv, but insuring it is such a hassle. same with my boat. the insurance bills are through the roof. -[ sighs ] -be cool. i wish i could group my insurance stuff. -[ coughs ] bundle. -the house, the car, the rv. like a cluster. an insurance cluster. -woosah. -[ chuckles ] -i doubt that exists. -it's a bundle! it's a bundle, and it saves you money! hi. i'm flo from progressive, and i couldn't help but overhear... super fun beach day, everybody.
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use it to improve your home. pay off high rate debt. pay for big expenses. or put it in the bank for real peace of mind. now's the time to use your va home loan benefit to get cash before mortgage rates begin to rise. call now. >> john: we begin a new hour has republicans accused the left of lecturing, senator tim scott of south carolina, good afternoon and welcome to our second hour, i'm a john roberts. >> gillian: thank you for keeping me around, i appreciate it come out try not to embarrass you too much. so senator scott is facing racist attacks on twitter after his response to president biden on wednesday night but also facing media criticism, lots of
11:01 am
pendants are jumping into the fray insisting the senator has it all wrong when he says the united states is not a racist country, listen. >> tim scott, he does not seem to understand and a lot of them don't seem to understand the difference between a racist country and systemic racism, they don't seem to get the difference. >> the fact that he try to make it an individual conversation when it should be a larger institutional problem that his party as part of and one of the main reasons why we have such an equity explains why this in uncle tim hashtag was trending. >> john: not just the media, president biden responding and once again pushing the need to fight "systemic racism" as he sees it. >> i don't think the american people are racist, but i think after 400 years,
11:02 am
african-americans have been left in a position where they are so far behind the eight ball in terms of education and health and opportunity, i don't think america is racist but the overhang from the jim crow and before that slavery have had a cost and we had to deal with it. >> john: congressman, always great to see you, happy friday, let's first of all start with this, since joy behar doesn't seem to think a majority of the country knows the difference between a racist country and systemic racism, do you believe a, that there is systemic racism in america and b, do you believe the united states is a racist country? >> it's good to be with you. one, there's not systemic racism in the united states. two, the united states is not a racist country, and three, why are we even listening to joy behar, who is she? i don't need her to tell me
11:03 am
about what's racist and what's not. she already had her own issues wearing black face, i know the view has given her a pass but i'm not. i'm sick and tired of this conversation because it's ridiculous. you have people like her, these white liberals who love to demean a black conservative because we don't go along with their ideology and that is the problem we are having. the left likes to talk about being tolerant. actually listen to the words of senator tim scott which were actually quite profound instead of just running back to your corner and digging out the communist manifesto to figure out what your next talking point is going to be. they constantly are doing this, it's disgusting and outrageous, i'm not listening to joy behar or any other media pundit because they have proven they don't tell the truth anyway. >> john: i wonder why you are sugarcoating and not telling us what you really think. talk about intolerance on the left, a social media commentator who is one of the people who helped prepare this idea into
11:04 am
the trending section of twitter's side of tim scott "when uncle tim scott says america is not a racist country, he is fully aware he is speaking in bad faith, the purpose is to protect white supremacist." so tim scott did say in his response that america is not a racist country will listen to what vice president kamala harris said the very next day. >> i don't think america is a racist country. >> john: a little tiny bit of criticism from the same but no one accused her of protecting white supremacist, clearly a double standard at work. >> of course they're not going to attack her, she is a liberal and supports their ideology. this fund in or whoever they are, no one cares what his name is, i don't care, i will guarantee you this, he wouldn't say that to me directly in my face because he's a twitter coward and we have too many
11:05 am
people like this in america today. they love to go to social media and pontificate but not get into the arena and actually debate these ideas. the left always talks about they want to have a conversation on race, let's have it, let's do it man to man, sit down at the table and go through idea after idea. they would rather take apart black conservatives because we are not following the script, we don't fit the narrative and we have a different viewpoint for america. the reason i'm so upset about this is because we have to be calm and explain these things to the american people, not demonize them because of the political views they have. >> john: on the point you may just a second ago, the fact that senator tim scott is getting hammered so hard from the left and from progressives, is not an indication that they were afraid of him? are they afraid of you? >> of course they are. they were afraid because the more that our voices are heard and we actually tell people the way we view america and the way
11:06 am
things actually are in america, it's much harder for you to push her radical agenda if people actually like the country. that's what this is all about at the end of the day. so tim scott is a threat to what they want to accomplish, he is a threat to passing things like hr one, he is a threat to the massive spending joe biden wants to do, he's a threat to thinking police are out to get black america, he's a threat to all these things so it's important the senator continues to stand strong, i support him and that, many others like us who will continue to stand strong because we are not going to fold to what liberal media thinks because they don't like our ideas anyway. >> john: the other topic is this proposed rule at the department of education to give federal grants to schools to teach elements of critical race theory, mitch mcconnell sending a letter to to the education secretary saying "this is a time to strengthen the teaching of civics in american history in our schools and instead, your proposed priorities double down on
11:07 am
divisive radical and historically dubious buzzwords and propaganda." what do you think of this whole idea of teaching elements of critical race theories in america's public schools? >> first of all, i don't support it. what the governor actually signed about it being this taught in our schools but to a broader point, the federal government has no authority in telling states and localities which should be taught in school. we are a constitutional republic, it is not the job of the federal government no matter who's in charge to be telling localities and schools and states which should be taught in classrooms. i don't support this, it's not the proper role of the federal government. >> john: as we mentioned earlier, taking matters into their own hands as always, from the great state of florida, good to see you today and hope you have a great weekend. >> good to be with you. >> john: he didn't hold back.
11:08 am
>> gillian: he did not. listening to your interview, talking to parents over the last week of students and some of these schools that are trying to fight the introduction of critical race theory say it's now a two front war, saying crt is being used in the admissions process and now it's being incorporated into the official syllabi for the kids as well so it's really this two-pronged effort they are trying to launch now. >> john: a lot of growing blowback against it as well. >> parents banding together to launch class action lawsuits. so more on the fight over schools is coming up later in the hour and the push from some progressive educators now to make it a focal point in the nation's classrooms, we are going to speak to jim rice about how his state is taking a stand against this new push, but first. we have new details coming in now after two sheriff's deputies were killed in north carolina,
11:09 am
officials calling it an ambush that led to a standoff that ended up lasting 13 hours, charles watson has all the details. >> the suspect is identified as 35-year-old isaac barnes, he died during that standoff -- julian. he died during that standoff with police that lasted more than 13 hours, authorities in north carolina said he is responsible for killing at least four people including his mother and stepfather as well as two sheriffs deputies deputies who responded to the scene, they have been identified as 25-year-old deputy logan fox and chris ward, both officers at the county sheriff's office. >> don't expect things to be like this, do that every day,
11:10 am
you think your husband is going to go home or your wife is going to come home. that's what happens sometimes. >> the county sheriff's deputies responded to the suspects reports that he and his family have been shown up to work and were answering their phones, when they arrived they went inside and the suspect allegedly ambush them opening fire hitting multiple officers coming out prior to that deadly standoff, says the office received calls from family members who were concerned that he might try and do something, the suspect reportedly had a large stockpile of weapons and sheriff's deputies were warned to be on the lookout. sadly today, officers are mourning the loss of their own, the sheriff asking the public to help his officers and the entire department to get through this incredibly tough time in right now, it is not clear how the suspect died, also not clear what his motive would have been but investigators are combing
11:11 am
through that scene to find those answers. >> gillian: thank you, we will check in with you later. >> john: just the latest in a string of attacks against police so what is the answer to all of this, katie pavlich has some idea, the anti-cop sentiment taking home from coast to america. >> going to tell you about the mom whose son was gunned down in a police free zone now blaming the city for encouraging the violence that killed him. more home equity than you think. use your va benefits to turn that equity into cash while rates are near all time lows. the newday100 va cash out loan lets you borrow $50,000 or more for home improvements or just put it in the bank. the newday100 va cash out loan.
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brave the hunt... on a new species of coaster. jurassic world velocicoaster. the apex predator of coasters. only at universal orlando resort. (velociraptor screech) the hunt is on... beginning june 10th. >> john: a mother fighting back after somebody shot and killed her son in seattle's summer of love cop free zone and claims the city invited the lawlessness. katie pavlich here to react on
11:17 am
that just moments from now but first, talks over a police reform picking up steam, senator tim scott saying he's optimistic a deal can get done. what are the latest of elements and how does everything stand? >> a bipartisan group of senators including tim scott met with george floyd's brother, police reform on capitol hill delivering the g.o.p. rebuttal for president biden, discussed his efforts at police reform. >> last year after the death of breonna taylor and george floyd, i built a bigger police reform proposal but my democratic colleagues blocked it. i extended an olive branch, light offered amendments but they used the filibuster to block the debate from even happening. my friends seem to want the issue more than they want the solution.
11:18 am
but i'm still working. >> outside the white house, the lead attorney sounded hopeful. >> we believe that everybody is committed, we are optimistic that president biden encouraged us to try to have this george floyd act passed before may 25th, the one year anniversary of the killing of george floyd. >> even on the very difficult subjects like police reform, gun safety, immigration, strong bipartisan compromise, it is never out of reach. >> violent crime is up in major cities across the u.s., last year the united states experienced the largest single one-year increase in homicides since record-keeping began in the 20th century, number of attacks against police officers as we just heard ambushed in
11:19 am
north carolina here in the nation's capital, carjackings up 300%, murders of 25% following last year's 16 year high in killings. if >> john: bipartisan common sense reform would be something welcome in this country, lucas tomlinson here for us, thank you. >> gillian: back to the story in seattle we've been telling you about all hour, a mother whose son was killed last summer in the city's police free zone is suing come of the was lorenzo anderson known as the capitol hill occupied protest zone known as the chart. according to news reports it took just 15 minutes to respond after bystanders called 911, the record show officers were confronted by an aggressive and volatile crowd now says the city actually invited that violence, take a listen. >> why was it even present without security, why would we have this type of event and we
11:20 am
would evacuate our precinct. >> city officials can't have it both ways. one day, they're saying that a summer of love and a block party and the next day they are saying it's too dangerous for police and medics to even go into chop. >> gillian: america reports reached out to the city attorney and tells us "we intend to investigate these claims and will defend the city in this manner. so let's bring in katie pavlich, fox news contributor to break it down. i want you to take a listen to what the mayor says and get your response. >> i'm deeply regretful that he was shot and killed. we are trying to make sure that we take steps right now because we've seen an uptick in gun violence in seattle last year and this year where more young men have been killed and we want to make sure we respond appropriately as a community. >> gillian: deeply regretful and we want to respond appropriately, does that cut the
11:21 am
mustard? >> it certainly does not, the mayor definitely invited violent agitators to run free in her city, they set up this anarchist zone where people were getting hurt and of course this young man was killed and lost his life and when a medical personnel tried to show up, they blocked him from getting any kind of medical help but unfortunately, the supreme court ruled in 2005 that the police don't have a constitutional obligation to respond to anybody who was in harm's way or to prevent harm against somebody so i'm not sure how far the lawsuit was going to go but families like this mother deserves some kind of accountability for politicians like the mayor jenny durkan for saying things like it's going to be a summer of love, not allowing police to do their job, not policing and putting criminals in jail and the other part of this is the das in the city in portland, in l.a., in new york for example who
11:22 am
continually allow these violent criminals to walk free without bonds, without bail, and then get out and continually get arrested by police were put in harm's way again by a very violent criminal so this is not just happening in seattle, happening all over the country and the problem as well as that we are seeing this over scrutiny of police actions and racialized immediately rather than waiting for the facts like people like benjamin crump and al sharpton and the media you are seeing police retiring in droves and new cadets not wanting to go to the academy to become officers at all, so we are only going to see more crime increase and more of these chop type zones where there is one in where george floyd was killed and was there throughout the past year where violence was occurring so you invite chaos and anarchy, they are victims, real victims, people get killed and that's what they want some justice and
11:23 am
accountability for. >> gillian: there has been this whole state of anti-police violence in american cities for the past year plus now, some folks are calling it an epidemic, take a look at some of these headlines. woman accused railed about police in a podcast. in a brazen broad daylight attack and then finally, police officer declared clinically dead after being attacked while on duty. if i know you spent a lot of time this past year with law enforcement out on the street learning about what they do, what are some of the solutions that police officers and the superintendents themselves are talking about to deal with this? >> police officers that i talked to had a hard time with the federal government coming in and saying they are going to police how they handle violent situations, also don't like the
11:24 am
one-size-fits-all federal police reform because what new york city may be dealing with in terms of their crime, the problems going to be very different for the sheriff's department in arizona for example so when they talk about wanting to be part of the community and have good relationships with the community, the biggest issue is the media coming in from the outside, rationalizing the situation and always saying immediately the officer is in the wrong, because then people who don't like the police, criminals have a green light knowing that they are not going to be held accountable for their behavior. we've seen this in a number of situations with jacob blake for example, everyone accused the officer of acting inappropriately when he had a knife. we saw last week the officer being criticized for saving a young girl's life by shooting another girl who was trying to stab her to death. we saw this week outrage in north carolina where officers were almost run over by a suspect and he was killed, so they would like people to pump
11:25 am
the brakes a little bit on the media narrative and the agitators in the media trying to blow these cases completely out of proportion and essentially make all police guilty before any of the facts come in on these very specific cases. >> gillian: in time for everybody on both sides of this issue to start looking for solutions. we have breaking news coming up now but thank you so much and have a right weekend. >> john: this is a live look at houston, texas, where police say they have just found dozens of people inside a residence initially thought it may be some sort of a kidnapping issue and now police believe this may be a case of human smuggling, may be as many as 90 people who were found inside that house in the southwest part of houston we are expecting there's going to be a briefing for the media about 55 minutes, an hour from now on what happened here as you can see, just a typical residential
11:26 am
neighborhood in southwest texas but again, what was thought might be initially a kidnapping case could turn out to be a suspected case of human trafficking which some 90 people discovered inside that house, we will keep you updated on the information just as soon as we get it. and coming up, republicans call it indoctrination, the left pushing to make race the centerpiece of every aspect of your childhood education. we will talk to a lawmaker who helped put a stop to it in his state. >> gillian: plus, amid new concerns over potential conflicts with china, the fight over computer chips being the catalyst. we will bring you that in a couple of minutes, stick with us.
11:27 am
>> john: coming out of break here, here is houston police on the situation. >> in the process, we had our tactical operations team go in and execute the search warrant and when they got inside the house, they realized that this is actually going to turn into a smuggling, human smuggling investigation. so that part of it will be
11:28 am
handled by the investigators on scene now, but we do have some of our criminal division representatives here from homicide, special victims division and vice division. when we got into the house, we realize that they were over 90 people inside. so we immediately began to assess any kind of a special threat after that once we isolated that, we wanted to make sure we rendered any kind of medical care so we had them with us, concerned that there might be some positive covid cases inside the house, so we do have our health department and will do some rapid testing, so we will keep them in the house for now and begin to do their investigation, so that's our first concern and then at some point once we figure out how many positive covid cases we have, we may have to quarantine and we will turn it over to do
11:29 am
the actual investigative part of it and will insist in any way we can pray that's all i have right now, i can open it up for questions if you have any has much as i can answer. we are in a pandemic and we do have some people in the house that are symptomatic so we've already had some people in the house tell us they are not able to smell, not able to taste and we did have some fever, so we have the health department to do some rapid testing and take it from there. no, no children inside, the youngest is probably early 20s and as of right now, i think we have approximately five females on the rest are male. it's closer to 90. i'm guessing 91, somewhere around there. absolutely not. it was a big surprise when we got in the house and saw what we
11:30 am
saw. as far as the homicide? as far as a kidnapping? last night, we were called to a location and given some tips on that's all i'm going to say about that, but we work through the night to figure out exactly where they were which led us to this address and we had information that they were here. when you put them all together in a room upstairs and downstairs, two-story house. so they basically are in their in their basic clothing and that's what we saw when we got in. that's what we believe.
11:31 am
correct, that's what we believe. still trying to work through all of that. we've actually got them some food, got them some food and some water. they said they haven't eaten in a while. we are feeding them. we haven't heard anything from any of the neighbors as far as anything that would lead them to believe there was something like that going on. it's very surprising. absolutely. we don't know any of that yet. we are working through that. that's what we are working through. we've got to separate who the victims are versus who says you can imagine somebody would be involved with something like this as soon as they realize we are here, going to try to so we
11:32 am
have to be able to identify and it's what we're doing now, identifying. i have no knowledge of any arms being recovered or anything. that's where hsi is going to come in, first things first we want to make sure we do have any positive covid cases, we treat that and make sure they get medical care in all of that and then we will begin to identify and work through the other stuff. that's all we could tell, everybody looks symptomatic, fever, loss of smell, loss of taste, didn't look like there were any serious injuries involved. i don't know. i don't know, i'm sorry.
11:33 am
you know, we always ask the community please if you see something, say something, if there's any doubt at all, just call us and let us begin the investigation, we all need to work together and that something the chief has been stressing to the community not just on something like this because it is disturbing, the situations where we have violent crime, our focus is to get violent crime down and we need help from the community, we need the community to be able to speak with us and work with us to resolve incidents, this included. i don't know, i don't know if they were going to talk about doing some kind of work or labor
11:34 am
or something like that, but is definitely more of a smuggling thing and not trafficking. i would say from what we could tell, probably upper 30s. that's what we are going to have to determine and it's going to depend on what we find out as far as who has covid and who doesn't. yes. >> john: you been listening to darren edwards, the houston assistant chief there, a situation in southwest houston, the police went in there after receiving a number of tips and found 90 people living in the house, a two-story house and would look like a typical residential neighborhood there in that part of houston, they believe it's a human smuggling operation, of course human smuggling has been a big concern with all of the increased cross-border traffic we have seen in illegal migrants in as well, this appears to be health
11:35 am
concerns as well because a number of people are showing symptoms of ongoing coronavirus infection. and border patrol, lawmakers have been saying that these coyotes who are bringing people to cross the border, this is a human smuggling operation and clearly we see some of the results of that here. >> gillian: one good negative news was the assistant police chief said no kids found inside that house so far, i think a lot of folks heaved a collective sigh of relief, still a lot of details to come about. i want to bring in ted williams, former d.c. police detective, defense attorney and fox news contributor, something the assistant police chief to set a moment ago that caught my attention was this is a smuggling thing, not a trafficking thing, what does that mean? >> there's a difference between a smuggling operation versus a
11:36 am
trafficking operation. trafficking is where the coyotes are paid a certain amount of money to bring individuals across the border while the smuggling operations are primarily where individuals come and are congregating together perhaps in the house where you have 90 people unfortunately and they are farmed out to work in portions of the community. both of them are somewhat -- both have catastrophic effects. we have 90 people here. we don't know how many of those people have certain kinds of diseases or law enforcement tests tried -- human tragedy has been just before our eyes. >> gillian: what do you make of the details that we do know so far, john just pointed out a moment ago, this street look like a good be in any town in
11:37 am
america become a quiet suburban, does that surprise you that this type of situation would happen here? >> it really doesn't unfortunately surprise me because in recent months as you know, we have had trafficking and smuggling operations that take place in this country, a lot that we don't know about but this is clearly right at the mexican texas border there, one time in houston, i am aware that in the past, modeling operations. >> gillian: we have to leave it there, we will call you back as the news warrants, thank you so much for taking time for us, we appreciate it. so lawmakers are in idaho are saying enough is enough when it comes to indoctrinating kids to her critical race theory and schools which puts race and identity at the center of american education. forcing students to affirm,
11:38 am
adopt, or adhere to any teachings based on race, ethnicity, and religion. republican state senator from idaho joins us now. tell us about this move that your estate is taking to push back against this title wave. >> we don't want our students to be pushed into this kind of thought pattern. it's really dangerous when you start teaching kids theories of race guilt, we've seen where that went with anti-semitism in world war ii and leading up to it. it's really dangerous when we want all of our citizens to treat each other with respect and dignity and we want our schools to focus on teaching and not on things that frankly in other places are starting to be pushed.
11:39 am
>> gillian: so you have this new bill you passed, clearly you have some confidence that legislation is at least part of the solution here, what else needs to happen? >> the biggest thing that people can do and is treat people with respect with race, ethnicity, religion, national origin is really important that people see each other, get to know each other and not be strangers, reach out and help. that's the atmosphere we have in idaho, the atmosphere we want to keep. >> gillian: there are democratic lawmakers pushing back on what you say is a new reality here. they've done research and have done zero evidence that any of them have been indoctrinated with any of this stuff. >> we have had students at one of our universities that have complained about it occurring
11:40 am
there, the other thing is we looked around the country and we see it being pushed around the country and we want to get out ahead of things and make sure it doesn't happen in our schools and if it is happening, stamp it out. >> gillian: senator jim rice from idaho, thank you so much for taking time for us. appreciate it. >> john: idaho leading the way on this but a number of other states, all thinking of taking similar measures as well as this is being pushed down from the very top of the federal government. >> gillian: taking matters into their own hands and saying they are going to launch these lawsuits banded together, see if they have success with that. >> john: coming up, president biden unveiling his plan to give amtrak tens of millions of dollars of taxpayer money but republicans say it's not going to keep the economy on the right track.
11:41 am
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>> john: one california town
11:46 am
is gearing up for the 21st century gold rush, that coming up in just moments. but a first, republicans have criticized president biden's massive spending push is a progressive dream, but some analysts say it could actually backfire among affluent democrats. writing in the national journal the reality is that the democratic coalition is a lot more reliant on those upper income earners than ever before and that real or threatened tax hikes could create a significant political backlash within biden's own party. let's bring in chris wallace now. as the president stand the risk here or run the risk of shooting himself in the foot with his own party? >> it was a very interesting article by josh and he makes the point that if you think back to the 2020 election in november and some of the areas where joe biden and democrats did best was in the affluent suburbs, the
11:47 am
counties around places like atlanta and philadelphia, a lot of voters who went for democrats and they are going to get hit if these tax increases go through for individuals among 400,000 families making $550,000, so if the president keeps saying you're not going to be affected, only rich people will be affected, a lot of those people are democrats. in a sense, joe biden is making a trade among things like child care and community colleges and things like that, he calls it a blue-collar blueprint to build america so he is trying to win back some of those trump voters, blue-collar voters but in the effort to get them, he may be turning off some of the more affluent voters who went democrat in 2020. >> john: then there's also the question of whether or not all of this spending and the taxes
11:48 am
that would be needed to offset the spending are actually going to hurt the economy, "forbes" magazine saying "biden's tax plan would be devastating for democrats and the economic recovery, a doubling of the capital gains levy would shrink uncle sam's revenue as people will be more inclined to hold onto existing assets rather than sell them and pay so much of the proceeds of the government. some economists say if you raise the capital gains tax on affluent investors, put it at 28%, that's a sweet spot where you get a lot more revenue but if you actually decrease revenue. >> remember, the capital gains are based on investments from the money you've made, the income you've made that has already been taxed at 39.6% i know when you get profits off the investment, you'll pay the same amount. it's a real question and we will be talking to somebody who is just the right person to talk about it, the chair of the president's council of economic
11:49 am
advisors a lot of questions about this kind of massive spending, $4 trillion in new taxes, talking to her about that on fox news sunday. >> john: also talking to bill cassidy, republican senator from louisiana, you and i are old enough to remember the waning days of the clinton presidency when the sum total of national debt was $5.7 trillion and bill clinton had this heady idea to pay off the national debt. now biden and his first 100 days is proposing to spend $200 billion more than what the sum total of the national debt was 21 years ago. >> it's extraordinary and i've been thinking about this in terms of the sunday show, you are seeing a break with 40 years of philosophy and remember it was ushered in by ronald reagan
11:50 am
saying the government is not the solution, government is the problem but then bill clinton at one point after he got beat in '90 fourths of the era of big government is over. as of wednesday it's with that speech if there was any doubt about it, joe biden is saying the era of big government is back and it does raise questions at a time when the deficit is in the trillions of dollars, when we are talking about 20 plus trillion dollars in terms of our national debt. we are in uncharted waters here. yes. it'll be very interesting to see where we go here. i think the democrats have made a calculated decision, covid changed people's attitude about government programs and big spending, when trillion dollars used to be the redline now after what happen with covid relief in 2020 and in 2021, people say when trillion dollars, will blow right past that. >> john: the good old days
11:51 am
when the debt was 20 trillion, 30 trillion now. we will see you on sunday. >> you bet. >> gillian: there was a new california gold rush but could backlash stop the stream in its tracks before it even takes off? >> john: the kentucky derby is on come alive from churchill downs, look at that hat, look at that outfit, that's coming up. >> gillian: i'm jealous. veteran homeowners, this is the best time in history
11:52 am
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11:55 am
>> john: we're going to philadelphia where president biden is talking about more money for amtrak as part of his infrastructure plan. >> and a good friend of mine and worked like the devil to get me
11:56 am
elected, brendan boyle. that's the irish of it, man. and donald payne, new jersey. i keep telling donald because delaware is so small that it is a constitutional -- a case in the supreme court. delaware, the state of owns and delaware river up to the high water mark in new jersey. treat it with more respect. mayor kenny, thanks for the passport. great friend. doing a heck of a job. a real close, close friend who is a co-chairman of my campaign. a great friend the whole time. governor ed rendell. thank you. the city owes you a lot. and tony costa, chairman of the board. one of my best friends in life. burt, we've known each other since high school. went to rival high schools. burt ran my operation in delaware for years and years.
11:57 am
the one i got the most votes in is the last one for the senate. i was also running for vice president at the time. if you're not out of the senate race in a certain time period, you have to stay in. so burt ran -- he was the senator in delaware campaigning for me. he got more votes than i got. thank you very much. also justin gray. i mentioned justin already and his dad. greg weaver jr. greg, you are family. blake. excuse me. bill flynn of amtrak. you know, folks, the fact is that if i -- in the past when i ended up at the 30th street administration, i took the train from washington and slept through the delaware stop.
11:58 am
literally. i did it about four times. it an honor to celebrate amtrak's 50th anniversary. i look for a future of all american rail. back in 2016, i announced a federal loan that allowed amtrak to purchase the new acela trains. they look great. i can't hardly wait to ride. they're made in america and i want to see more of that. that's why the investments in my american jobs plan are guided by one principle. buy american, buy products made in america. american tax dollars are used to buy american products to create american jobs. when i became vice president, one of the capitol hill newspapers estimated i had taken more than 7,000 round trips on amtrak. i think that's an exaggeration. i'm going to rely on the conductors that mr. weaver will of them is angelo
11:59 am
negrin. and angelo, an article -- my fourth or fifth year as president -- vice president said biden travels 1,300,000 miles on air force one. i used to -- secret service didn't like it but i liked to take the train home. my mom was sick. i'd try to come home every weekend as vice president to see her. i was getting on the train. angelo came up and said, joey, baby. grabbed my cheeks. started squeezing like he always did. i thought he was going to get shot. i'm serious. i said no, no. he's a friend. said joey, what's the big deal? a 1,200,000 miles. you how many miles you travel on amtrak? i said no, i don't know. he said you travel 1, 515,000 miles on amtrak. so the fact is, i probably take
12:00 pm
angi's world before i took the world of the article. the point is, in the process, as conductor weaver will tell you, amtrak became my family. i literally, literally every single day that i was in the united states senate got the 7:28, became the 7:32 and if i'lucky, the last let at 6:00 or the 7:30 coming home. you get to know everybody. you get to know the folks. i used to have a christmas party for amtrak employees at my home. it got so big, we had a summer party because family and retirees kept coming back. i want to tell you, these guys work like the devil. they really do. amtrak wasn't just a way getting home. it provided me -- i'm not joking -- an entire


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