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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  April 30, 2021 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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>> we begin with the fox news alert. calls to defend police are ramping up all across the country. in north carolina, a heartbreaking loss this week as deputies gathered in a prayer circle to honor their fallen brothers. both killed in the line of duty. police say a suspected gunman shot them both before taking his own life. this is "outnumbered." i am emily compagno, kayleigh mcenany, tomi lahren, and buck sexton income intelligence researcher for the nypd. police in arizona are also dealing with the tragedy.
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officer christopher ferrara was killed in a violent car chase. please say a suspect crashed into another car, and an officer is still in critical condition as of this morning. this video of the tragic crime scene, listen to the shock in their voices. >> he's shot, he is freaking shot, dude. >> emily: and in brooklyn, a suspect firing on four new york city cops responding to a 911 call. >> you called? >> this is [bleep] up -- >> put the gun -- [firing shots] >> come over here!
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everybody all right? >> emily: buck sexton, you are a lifelong new york and you worked for the nypd as a specialist so what does this mean to you and what are you seeing here? >> buck: people are getting a sense based on the stories we are seeing today how difficult and dangerous the roughly 700,000 law enforcement offices across the country, the difficulties and dangers they face on a day-to-day basis and how critical or essential the is, and one side of the political spectrum derives political power from it where there are these narratives of cops as the bad guys come as systemically racist where not only is that incredibly damagint
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undermines the kind of heroism and selflessness you are seeing in front of these tapes were cops are taking incoming fire but it also results in what we've seen in the last 12 months. the numbers aren't yet entirely official from the fbi, we are looking at the worst murder rate surge in over 20 years and the cops of the ones trying to stop those murders from happening, yet the democratic left only focuses on law enforcement is the cause of the problem. it's reckless and people are losing their lives because of it. >> emily: you spend so much time with the law enforcement officers and their families so tell us what this is doing to morale. we see a spiking death rate by suicide all across the country. your thoughts? >> tomi: we are seeing recruitment way down and retirement way up and you can't blame the officers. they already have a difficult job and that is why everyone supports and respects them.
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they know they are going to go home to their families every single night and you add in the narrative from the left and the white house that the police force is systemic leave racist and you tell the community that the police are there enemy, that they are racist, that they hate people of color, this is what happens, you have people go out there and feel like they are martyrs for their race or their movement or there because if they do ambush or attack a law enforcement officer. we used to hold law enforcement to high esteem of this country. we used to look at other officers as people who were heroic and people we aspired to be, to look to for protection and people we can always count on and that is what they are and now we have this narrative coming in, especially over last summer and continuing now into hasn't ended yet, this is what you are going to see and what is going to happen. it is so damaging and disgusting and i can't help but think about the families of the officers as well. the families, their husbands,
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their wives at home, thinking, is my loved one going to be next? going out into the line of duty every day they don't know if they are going to be attacked and ambushed and i can't imagine what it is like for them to hear this constant rhetoric and narrative that their loved ones that are going out there and putting their lives on the line are somehow racist, or somehow intolerant or anything but the great police officers that they are, i can't imagine what it feels like for those folks but i just hope they understand the silent majority is behind them and their are so many americans who appreciate law enforcement and it is up to us be loud and vocal about defending the blue because that is the least we can do for these officers. >> emily: those families pay a heavy price and sometimes the ultimate price as well. as we showed at the beginning of the show, all of the references currently in delaware, the officers there have been
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declared clinically dead after being viciously beaten when he was responding to an in-home fight. the reason he became an officer, his wife shared, is because 30 years ago he was in a car accident, he was given a 50/50 chance of surviving and it was police officers who pulled him to safety and saved his life. he said he wanted to become an officer because he wanted to do the same and help others. and in the article i was reading about this, there's always pop up ads as well and embedded articles. the embedded article was about how atlanta police officers pulled to safety and unconscious man at a burning vehicle. these men and women in uniform are saving lives every day all day. it seems as if the narrative has completely washed that away and that everyone, especially on the left, has forgotten this crucial aspect of these brave heroes. >> kayleigh: exactly. i'm so glad this is the way we
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are starting to show them that you shared the name of the officer who passed and that we began the show by sharing the names of two recent officers, logan fox and chris ward, he started when he was 21. chris ward also killed after the 13 hour standoff in carolina. he was 36 pair left behind two daughters and a wife. these are heroes. when you see that imagery in brooklyn, of officers to desceng the stairs and returning fire, they don't know what is going on, they don't know if there will be a cascade of bullets raining down on them as they assent the stairs. about 17 officers passed in april alone, who were killed in april alone either by covid, doing their jobs, gunfire or various other ways they were killed. that is one cop dying every 48 hours and that is a conservative estimate. these are heroes, we need to say
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their names. you can see all the officers who courageously gave their lives this year alone and i am so glad that you took the time to share about that delaware officer as well. >> emily: i have called 911 a good handful of times and always on behalf of someone else, an emergency situation i came upon, the first person coming across a horrific car accident, woman who was drowning. the list goes on and we recently learned of an exchange with the professor and a college student where the professor was admonishing the student for calling these officers heroes, and he said, who would you call in an emergency, professor, and she said no one. but most of the time people are calling 911 on behalf of others who can't get that help themselves. this thread we are talking about here where these officers are putting their lives on the line to save others and yet they are being vilified for what they do
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on a daily basis. >> harris: we know that professor is being disingenuous. he really would call no one? he wouldn't call 911 if his house were on fire or an intruder where they are? how do we know this? if you look at the various cities where people had been protesting peacefully, and some of them not, who do they call when things break out and things don't go well? they call the police to come. he knew by the actions of people who may say the words that that professor said about, i don't need any help, we know we all need help at some point. or we advocate for those who do. we help out to give help there and who answers that call? who comes? the operative color they are wearing his blue. they show up. and as americans, we've got to remember who is in that uniform. if there are some among us who need accountability, then let's go to the police department's
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leadership and form relationships. all of us as americans, no matter what we look like and where we live because they are answering our calls for help, whether we want to make those calls or not. if you are in a position that you have to, you know that they will come. one thing we do on "faulkner focus" as we have a big ribbon in our studios. we will be back next week for a couple days, test run, and in that ribbon, sky high, 40 feet up are the names of the officers who have died so far this year. we have put up some from 2020 as well because i agree, say their names. we say the names of the officers and we should. we need to know about those, and maybe we need to know about what happened so we can express our gratitude when we call and they come.
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>> tomi: amen, here is. and may god bless those officers buster's legacies. moving on, tim scott is accusing democrats of using race as a political weapon as president biden is questioned on his speech and we have the president's response next. >> he said, among other things, america isn't racist. isn't? has gone way up in value.ou t that means you could have a lot more home equity than you think. use your va benefits to turn that equity into cash while rates are near all time lows. the newday100 va cash out loan lets you borrow $50,000 or more for home improvements or just put it in the bank. the newday100 va cash out loan. where can a healthier heart lead you? for people with heart failure taking entresto,
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the president was asked about it in an nbc news interview that aired last night. >> no, i don't think the american people are racist, but i think after 400 years, african-americans have been left in a position where they are so far behind the eight ball in terms of education, health, in terms of opportunity. i think the overhang from all of the jim crow and before that, slavery, has had a cost and we have to deal with it. >> harris: however, senator tim scott told our sean hannity last night the attacks on him over his speech reveal what's really behind the left's agenda. >> what the left is doing is siding bigotry with bigotry and they have shown that true motivation has nothing to do with ending prejudice but everything to do with claiming or getting more power
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>> harris: ending bigotry by basically perpetrating more bigotry. what do you think of senator scott's terminology and his thoughts he is expressing there? >> he is absolutely spot on and it reminds me of the line taken i believe from justice alito were definitely one of our supreme court justices, the best way to stop discriminating by race is to stop discriminating by race. we need to go back to some first principles here and understanding we can actually get past some of the challenges that exist in our society and i will just say on biden's framing of this issue, it is just dishonest because democrats create this perception of the system. not just law enforcement, the system and education. the system is always racist and then we turn around and say, who is being racist in the system? because it is really comprised of the american people and then they start muttering and talking about how to deal deal with things with the most vague
9:18 am
generalities. at the end of the day we need to hear from people like senator scott and hear from people that break from the consensus that the left believe have to exist in the african-american community and talk about how to move forward but adding discrimination to discrimination that exists right now is not the way forward and it is going to continue to -- >> harris: there is this inherent understanding that particularly conservatives, who are people of color, understand may be differently than liberals do who are people of color and maybe they do understand it and they don't care and they are just following biden's footsteps, we are not monolithic, we don't all have the same ideas and the same troubles. we have nuanced experiences in every sense, some better, some worse than others. it's understood by joe biden when he was a candidate that other races are like that, but
9:19 am
he actually had to walk it back a bit and explained that i might have said that they are monolithic, they don't have all the nuances that latino communities do but i didn't mean it. if you don't vote for me, you are not black, but i didn't mean it. kayleigh? >> kayleigh: joe biden has been a part of the problem for a long time. if you go back and look at some of the language he has used over the course of his career, he is not the one to be lecturing on this. beyond even that, i like to look at the results of any given administration and he said before the black community but a black leadership group called project 21 said you are failing our community and they are exactly right. when you have tim scott say we talked about criminal justice reform, we did it under president trump's administration, we brought down black unemployment to historic lows and when you compare that to biden, unemployment has
9:20 am
diminished. the black community has not since he took office. when you look at 97,000 black children in the foster care system, they are tragic and heartbreaking, where is the focus on them versus the 20,000 immigrant children who come over who we talk about every day while ignoring the plight of black american children in this country in the foster care system. we do have some groups calling out the difference and disparity because i agree entirely that president biden can talk about this but his results are failing the black community. >> harris: i want to lean in a little bit with you and then we will move on. the opportunity zones in particular, is there anything the biden administration has done to wipe those away or better them? >> kayleigh: they are standing still. i am a
9:21 am
black business owner because of opportunity, because of this investment in my community. it was innovative, it was smart, if you look at both parties and the track records there, there is one party that has made a difference and it is indeed the republican party and under trump there's a lot of results to show for it. >> harris: i want to move to this. meanwhile the naacp and black lives matter, they've movd organization have been silent on the attacks on tim scott, including the racial slurs that were trending because twitter allowed it to trend. 11 hours they were allowed to circle before they were called to do something about it. i come to you because clearly there is different treatment. silent on conservative leader senator tim scott, yet i can
9:22 am
name many in the community of america, it doesn't matter which race, ethnicity, whatever where they will come out and say don't touch that person. >> kayleigh: the agenda items of these groups have become quite clear and americans are may be starting to see it, black ideas only matter, black businesses only matter if they fit the narrative that the left wants it to fit but if you are a black voice on the conservative side, a black activist on the conservative side, you have opinions and ideals that don't match up with the strong left idealists, or the blm movement, you are thrown out and people don't care about you. it is the same thing with black lives and we have talked all summer long about david doran. the black lives matter movement didn't mourn his death. we have reached wokeness as an epidemic when you have white liberals lecturing black americans on racism and relay declaring to them, this is a
9:23 am
racist country. i think if president trump would have done that to a black democratic senator could you imagine the headlines we would have heard if donald trump would try to assert something about race to a black man? but here you have joe biden doing the very same thing on mainstream media and there is very little pushback from the left and mainstream media. they just allow it to happen so it is ridiculous to me we are at this point but going back to what buck said, this narrative has to be pushed. this victimhood narrative has to be pushed because the democrats need black americans and people of color to look at them as the master party, the messiah party, the party that will repair and restore them and they don't believe in empowerment. if they believed in empowerment they would believe in helping all americans. how do you do that? he do that through school choice and opportunity zones. you do that by reopening businesses of all capacities so americans of all colors can open their businesses and return to normal life. that benefits us all but the democrats are all talk, they
9:24 am
want to talk about race because that is an easy thing to just talk about. it is emotional and they don't want to talk about real solutions because they have none. >> harris: it is emotional and accusatory. this has to do with access too. former president trump and i got into some deep conversations about race and they trended as well. we went back and forth about looting and shooting and some of the terminology he was using. you can get into those conversations with the president that actually gives you access. i would relish the opportunity to sit down with president biden and thinks we are more monolithic than not and he has expressed it more than once and had to walk it back. we don't have access to him. forgive me, we are going to move on and i know you will take it next beer president biden claims he has gotten control of the migrant surge at the southern border but this new video for fs seems to tell something very different than what is coming out of the biden administration.
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>> emily: fox news obtaining incredible new video of a flood of migrants across the border as president biden gets hit by members from his own party over his lack of a plan to address the border crisis. this video shared with fox news shows migrants hopping the fence and running over her property in the middle of the night and as the crisis keeps going, senators are breaking with president biden. both there was on the senators calling for the administration to do more to address the situation. the president was heckled yesterday in atlanta, watch. [shouting] >> close migrant detention centers now, please! >> i agree with you. i'm working on it, man. give me another five days. >> emily: i agree with you, i am working on it, give me
9:30 am
another five days, man, says the president. >> buck: i just got back from the rio grande section of the border last week, speaking with the border control agents last week. the border is the worst it has ever been, and people who've been working on this issue for 20 years say it is a crisis with no end in sight. it is likely to get worse in the months ahead, there's likely to be a lull but there is a lot of crossing that goes on at night as well. this is not just about immigration issue and the humanitarian concerns it brings, it is also a national security issue. the cartels are in incredibly strong position, making money hand over fist on the narcotics that are flooding the street and the human smuggling going on. the biden administration will not enforce consequences, so this will not stop. that is the reality of the u.s.-mexico border. anyone who says otherwise is
9:31 am
either lying or doesn't know where they are talking about. >> emily: you spent a lot of time on the border too, your thoughts? >> tomi: i was in arizona and i'm proud of their senators there, they know they are in a purple state but they have to do something. as buck said this is certainly a crisis but we have to pay attention to the cartels and how smart and strategic they are. they are flooding people through texas, they have to go to these detention and processing centers because of the unaccompanied minors and they are also sending agents from other sectors like arizona that aren't being flooded as much, sending them to texas, so what do you do to arizona? then you have a gap in arizona that doesn't have the resources it needs to move all the people through that aren't the unaccompanied minors. that is when the real horrible things come throughout such large numbers of these cartels are looking at president biden saying thank you, thank you, thank you, you're making us rich and just as we heard the other
9:32 am
night, essentially what he says, how we stop the war on immigration as he calls it, i don't know how you can have a warrant immigration when you have a semiopen border but his solution to that is let's just open up the whole dang thing. we shouldn't have a war on immigration, we should have a free for not that we are far from it but it sounds like you wanted to do more and just doubled down on it and said we should abolish i.c.e. if you voted for joe biden, thank you very much, america is dead last. >> emily: and for a president who campaigned on this open border policy and celebrates everyone being welcomed into this country, why is it being ignored? in his speech to the other night it clearly seems as if they really don't want to talk about it rather than celebrating for the progressive policies or creating a plan that would actually care for these people coming across our border according to them. >> kayleigh: and not just be
9:33 am
ignored, being lied about. the fact-checker shouldn't have retired so early because just his conversation on "the today show," president biden live three times saying numbers are way down. now, they are not. more adults arrived in april than in march according to "the washington post." he said that this happens every year. it does not. this is a 20 year record we are seeing here and he went on to tell other mid truths, like the trump numbers didn't leave beds. obama left 8,000, president trump left 13,000. we should get back to the fact-checking business but picking up the point about abolish i.c.e., how striking it is that you have a commander in chief admit a border crisis and say he needs five days to abolish a proposition that only 25% of members of his own party agree with. abolish i.c.e., joe biden --
9:34 am
>> harris: just a real quick thought and i want to pick up where kayleigh left off. give me five days, just give me five days. man, you had for two decades to deal with broken immigration and part of that with majorities in the house and senate. clearly, the left does not want to solve this issue, clearly. he was with the president who then by executive order looks at daca and dealt with that issue but not when he had liberals in charge on the hill. he may need only five days to break it more but he has had 47 or so years to get us to this point. >> kayleigh: it's like what senator scott said where the left wants the issue, not the solution. >> emily: president biden
9:35 am
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9:40 am
though his own cdc tells the rest of the country, all of us come up stages him this week in a press conference of her own, the cdc director, to tell us we don't have to wear masks outside any longer if we have been vaccinated. >> it's a small precaution to take that has a profound impact. it's a patriotic responsibility, for god sake. >> harris: it's a patriotic responsibility to go against your own cdc. maybe that is why the doctor popped up out of nowhere this weekend went for a upstaged the president. >> kayleigh: that's right, it's incredible. he is waging the biggest vaccine hesitancy campaign in history. he is having a panic attack on stage because he can't find his mask, going against his own cdc director. in the clip he played, previous to the sound bite he said to crack melvin, i know we are both
9:41 am
vaccinated, right now we are socially distanced but if we were to socially distanced we would be wearing masks. what clue did that tell america? even when we are all vaccinated in joe biden's america, the mask is here to stay for no scientific reason. >> harris: i don't know if people are going to continue to listen to him on this issue if his words don't match his actions. buck? >> buck: for biden, this is now the pseudo-religious significance almost of mask wearing as being a good person. this is a virtue signaling, it is what people who listen to the science do all along were actually, if you look at the data, the risk of unvaccinated people outside when it comes to transmission is very low. we have the last two tyrants of the cdc have finally ratcheted
9:42 am
it back a little bit but the democratic hysteria is such that they only listen to the science they like, when they like it. maybe we can get them one of the chains you put your reading glasses on except year mask. >> harris: they have those on amazon. >> buck: i'm sure they do. >> harris: they have everything on amazon. emily, look, we don't want to get too here but does he realize he is talking people out of getting the vaccine? is this anti-trump behavior or is this something else? because former president trump did the operation warp speed deals that drop to this on through with the vaccination. is this bidens way of pushing against the former president and if he intended to do that should he have gone and gotten his vaccine in december? >> tomi: at a minimum it it's sending a message to those in his inner circle. i feel bad for the guys looking
9:43 am
around him, i have been the guy looking for my glasses and they are on my face but it is really undercutting the message of the vaccine efficacy really in a fundamental way and i am not quite sure why no one in his circle has pointed out why he is outside and not wearing a mask that that is the largest symbol supporting the vaccine efficacy he can do and as commander in chief i hope he sees that despite all the messages he has been told by his inner circle. i hope the rest of his party realizes that for himself. >> harris: it's a great point. maybe they are telling him and you don't want anyone to wrestle the power of the pulpit from your hands and that is the issue in office, so maybe he doesn't want to give it up here just a question. may be, i don't know. next, how a california company is saying no to wokeness in the workplace and why it made that call. ♪ ♪
9:44 am
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9:48 am
recovery? chief of staff mark meadows joins us in minutes. governor ron desantis set to sign a new voting law. karl rove is said to talk the expected opposition. senator mitch mcconnell warns the white house not to go down the road of teaching critical race theory in our schools. former education secretary bill bennett joins us on that. and trevor lawrence goes number one overall in the nfl draft but can he compete over the 199 pick in 2000? jim gray will be here to talk about all of that. i am john roberts peer joined gillian turner and me at the top of the hour for "america reports." >> emily: a software company in california is rejecting wokeness of the workplace. the company says it is not their business what its employees do outside of work and for that and it is banning political discussions on company time. the ceo says we make project management, and email software. we are not the social and tech companies. we don't have to solve deep
9:49 am
social problems, chime in on the issues of the day. truer words have never been spoken, at least in the workplace. what say you? >> tomi: this is exactly how you cancel cancel culture and more companies need to follow this company's lead. that is how this ends, company standing up saying we are not going to play this game or do this anymore and i hope more celebrities come out and issued similar sentiments. i hope more athletes come out and issue similar sentiments. i think the companies that do this are going to receive immense support, more support than they really would have ever gotten otherwise and they probably never would have heard about this company if they hadn't made this statement. good for them, that is that we change the tide and cancel cancel culture. so many americans were waiting for somebody to take the lead on
9:50 am
this, so congratulations to them for doing it and google, apple, the rest of you, i hope you are taking notes because this is exactly what we need to do in the united states of america. >> emily: this is happening to a california company which sends a huge message in and of itself there. >> buck: i agree with everything tomi says about this is how you push back on the woke of madness. they are also going to be targeted by the woke mob and i wonder if we do a follow-up if they adjust this policy. i hope it doesn't happen but i wonder if they will walk this back a little bit. this is almost revolutionary, the idea that a software company would just make software and not have people walking around with their pronouns all day and on their instagram and all that. look at that, they are trying to engage in commerce. this is how we should be doing business in america. it is a long fight uphill, though, so we will see where
9:51 am
this goes. >> emily: to that point a lot of millennials want to see that social justice movement imbued with the companies they support so will they offer a staunch rejection of this even the most people don't even know what software companies or their computers are using half the time? at least i don't. >> kayleigh: i think they will get a lot of support for this. what a novel idea, software company should make software, not way into the issues of our time or the political landscape. i go to baseball games because i want to watch a baseball game, not hear from mlb their thoughts about georgia voting. i go to movies to watch a will smith movie, not because i want to hear about him moving his movie production from that state. i want to watch is acting, what a novel concept. these employers of the company are quite smart. they wrote a book in 2013 about the advantages of remote working and how good it can be for the employees, so they seem to be light years ahead in setting a precedent for what the workplace
9:52 am
should look like. >> emily: harris, your thoughts? >> harris: quickly, unless it is your job to dissect and debate politics, then the workplace is probably not where you want to have people doing this. we know people can't even handle those topics that divide us in such ways at the dinner table so do you really want to pay people at work to prove they still can't get along question ricky want them to work and produce a product and what this does is is that back in the playing field, you come to work and do a job, we want to provide an environment where you can feel confident you won't be asked about things that put you on the opposite sides of the table of your coworkers, which is not only distracting, but it can be a reason for people to quit. >> tomi: such a great point. >> emily: do you ever find you can't decide what to watch? netflix has a new feature that can put an end to endless scrolling as we know it. stay with us. ♪ ♪
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>> if you find you just can't decide what to watch on netflix, you are not alone for the streaming jargon has just rolled out to play something button that starts playing a movie or show without you making a pick based on your prior viewing habits for the first suggestion would be something you have not watched before and if you don't feel like watching it, you can skip to something else so this is sort of like kindle pandora and you pick the genre and it pleased for you and then you can skip. >> i think this is how civilization ends, we are too lazy to scroll through our netflix? have to let the algorithm do it for us? that pirate history show that's
9:58 am
on right now is amazing, go check it out. >> i love pirates. my favorite show right now is humans which is all about ai consciousness so this is one step closer to that freaky future of ours. >> i disagree. when i look at netflix, it's like committing to a marriage when i decide on a show. my most-watched show is tiger king, and makes everyone watch it and i don't know what that says about me or what they will pick based upon that. >> i still haven't seen it. what are your thoughts? >> oh, my goodness. i'm not a big netflix fan, pretty much only watch bravo exclusively but i would say to americans who are too lazy to scroll through netflix, the best option for you is to go outside, take your mask off, take a walk in the fresh air and enjoy your life and maybe stay away from netflix for a little bit. i think it would all do with some good to brief some air and free the face so that's my psa on this whole netflix scrolling
9:59 am
conundrum. >> harris, take us home. >> my husband tells me my netflix viewing is behind the times when it comes actually getting in front of a tv because watching things other people have watched a while ago, bringing it in season three, i am hooked. i can't turn it off, i'm so into it. don't need help finding things, but i know what i want. that's one of the good things about life when you know what you want, but if people like their stuff picked, that's fine. i like shopping for it, finding what i like. what are you watching? >> humans is the best show of all time based on a swedish books collection and it blends artificial intelligence with consciousness and i recommend it
10:00 am
to everyone. >> everyone have a great weekend. thank you so much for spending your time with out numbered this week, now here is america reports. >> john: thank you so much. fox news alert, president biden heading to pennsylvania this hour to push another part of his massive spending agenda, this time set to unveil his plan to give $80 billion to amtrak. >> a lot of money. the former white house chief of staff mark meadows joins us to talk about how all this big spending could really derail america's road to a full economic recovery. if also will hear from byron donalds as well as bill bennett and karl rove also on tap. >> john: first, the fight against critical race theory ramping up, a group of senate republicans pushing back against thbi


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