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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer Dana Perino  FOX News  April 30, 2021 6:00am-8:00am PDT

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>> i got bad news, i have to host -- not host but be a guest at greg gutfeld's show tonight. >> bill: 9:00. a tale of two visions for america's future. president biden pushing a massive expansion of government as senator tim scott leads the republican pushback. you have almost made it and so have we. >> dana: did you go out last night? >> bill: i did. which is a rare occasion. and did you go out last night? >> dana: i did and had a good time. new york is coming back a little bit. >> bill: we call them green chutes. >> dana: president biden will hit the road again today to push the $2 trillion spending plan as republicans warn he is trying to change america as we know it. >> bill: senator scott saying
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americans must stand up against progressive policies. >> there is a coming backlash to this liberal oppression that is becoming front and center. they aren't even hiding their hands anymore, sean. that's why it is so important that we stand in the gap for this nation because the greatest comeback in american history is on its way. >> bill: an amazing line. stand in the gap. a lot of things you predict this week. we knew joe biden would be out wednesday night. what you could not predict the impact of senator scott's speech that came after. >> dana: for good reason. rebuttals are usually made fun of or easily forgotten. instead this was a launching point for tim scott to do even more. let's begin with mark meredith at the white house. a lovely day down there. >> it is friday and people are excited. first president biden laid out his vision to congress. now trying to sell taxpayers on
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the idea of spending trillions of dollars. the president is calling all of this historic. there are critics that say he only wants to expand the role of government. >> president biden: there are certain things only the government can do. we rank number eight in the world in terms of infrastructure for god sake. will the private sector build billions of dollars worth of highways, ports, airports, bridges? are they going to do that? and so these are things that only government can really do. >> thursday the president had a chance to rally sporters in georgia. all high profile surrogates are hitting the road and vice president harris will be at cincinnati to discussion transportation improvements but capitol hill opinion is divided. republicans warning the country can't afford the spending items and others say they will negotiate with the white house. she has spoken with the president about infrastructure
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and ready to be a partner in advancing a bipartisan bill. however, there is one notable republican not impressed with what he has seen. former vice president mike pence had plenty to say about the current administration. >> in just 100 days the biden-harris administration has launched an avalanche of liberal policies that threaten to derail all the progress we made for a safer, more prosperous, more secure america. >> later today president biden is back on the road. i should say the rails. he will head to philadelphia to 30th street nation to celebrate amtrak's 50th anniversary. you used to shuttle back and forth from d.c. to delaware when he was in congress. he can't just hop on the northeast regional now as the president. >> dana: wifi is terrible,
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thank you, mark. sorry, it's true. >> bill: all in time. amtrak is looking for $4 billion. nicole malliotakis out of new york, good morning to you. you stopped the president on the floor on wednesday night. what was your pitch? >> i told him that he needs to go to the border. he needs to see what i saw and what we heard a couple of weeks ago from our customs and border patrol agent and he needs to support these agents in doing their job. they feel they have been abandoned and a drug cartels are taken over the southern border and diverting cbp attention with the migrant flow of 175,000 individuals per month and as they are being distracted with paperwork and overseeing the facilities and watching the children that have come unaccompanied the cartels are operating in nefarious activities over the open and
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porous parts of our border. gun and sex and dr*ug trafficking and it is a dangerous situation. national security issue and so i urged the president to go there himself to speak with the cbp. >> bill: what did he tell you in return? >> he told me that this is something that they are looking at and working on. he was going to call me. he did have the white house counsel call me yesterday and i explained further why i felt it was necessary for the president to go firsthand to see this. however, i did read last night that it looks like he is looking to give hundreds of millions of our taxpayer money to these countries, many that are corrupt. if you look at honduras one of the senior officials was just convicted in a new york court for drug trafficking and now implications the president of honduras may have been involved. this is a much bigger issue that really needs the attention of the president of the united states and as a member of the foreign affairs committee we've been working very diligently to
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try to make some sense and present this to this administration. >> dana: congresswoman, let's zoom >> my parent caples as immigrants and now i'm a member of congress. we want to preserve the freedoms and liberties we hold so dear. if you heard what the president is saying, he is looking to
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change that and it's very dangerous whether it be the radical election law changes. wanting to use your taxpayer money to fund pom it call campaigns. anti-police legislation to make our streets more dangerous or whether it be a commission to look at packing the court which is straight out of the socialist handbook. it is how hugo chavez destroyed venezuela by packing the court. 45,000 consecutive cases ruled in his favor. we can't allow that to happen in the united states of america. i think the unsustainable spending is a major problem as margaret thatcher said. you run out of other people's money. government needs to focus on the basics. >> dana: my husband is british and i hear that quote often as he watches the news and gets frustrated. my last question for you is do you get the sense it's difficult for you as a member of congress to get information to the president or that he is not getting the information that you want?
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you and others wanted to get to biden personally rather than maybe waiting for white house affairs to give you a call. >> who is really making the decisions here? that's who we want to speak to. they are going along with the radical left agenda and it's very dangerous and what we don't want in this country. is the president -- does he really believe these policies or is he just the person who is the messenger? i think what we want to do is have a dialogue through media and advertising. that's the only way the republicans can expose what is in the bill with the hopes the senate won't take them up and hold the line and take back the house in 2022. >> bill: she represents staten island in new york. nicole malliotakis thank you for your time and sharing your story from the past week. in the meantime the president traveled yesterday not to the border but to atlanta. i think the vice president
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today travels not to the border but she goes to cincinnati, ohio to talk about infrastructure. >> dana: what will she see there? >> bill: a bridge and mass transit. the president couldn't find his mask yesterday and this is what happened after that. ♪♪♪ >> the biden first 100 days has been very successful for the cartels, for the drug smugglers, for the human traffickers prove fearing off of all the migrants who come across the border illegally. the border patrol officers are fully occupying, processing all these migrants and it leaves open miles of border that the cartels can come across. >> dana: texas governor greg abbott attacking president biden's immigration policy. in arizona the border patrol
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arrested an ms-13 gang member and my grants attempting to smuggle meth in their backpacks. >> the more time we spend down here along the southern border, the more people we're meeting who say that this most recent surge of migrants crossing into the united states is something like they have seen before. and they add that as we've been telling you all along it has brought additional crime and feelings of uneasiness to their normally quiet neighborhoods and communities. over in the rio grande valley a homeowner sharing this ring camera surveillance video. look at. that you can see dozens of migrants hopping the fence and running across the back porch of that home in the middle of the night. disconcerting to say the least for residents who say this happens almost daily now. >> my fear is that the migrants
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that are coming across the border are becoming more dangerous and that they will actually try to enter our homes. right now the migrants simply want to get north and they don't stop and harass us. but i have a fear that's going to change. >> according to the u.s. border patrol union more than 162,000 migrants have been apprehended in the month of april. the official number is not yet published but it would be down from 172,000 the month before in march. but they also estimate that roughly 37,000 got away. they call them getaways, people who manage to successfully evade the border agents down here. >> bill: thank you. we had a rancher on yesterday and on the air when you were talking to him said i picked up three so far today. you heard the dogs barking in the background. we were rolling the video from
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atlanta, georgia, yesterday. the president with the two senators and first lady, he couldn't find his mask. >> dana: this is me every time i try to leave my desk to come down to the studio. >> bill: he is the masked man, right? we can call him that, right? 14 months you've needed a mask. i can tell you for certain i know my mask is in my right pocket 24 hours a day. >> dana: i'm always losing mine. here is the other thing. >> bill: how is it possible? >> dana: here is the other thing he is outside and full' vaccinated which means you don't have to wear your mask. the whole thing was unnecessary. >> bill: it's right here. right pocket. it is like losing your shoe, right? >> dana: it's not like losing your shoe. >> bill: putting the wrong shoe on the foot. >> dana: it's like losing your reading glasses. >> bill: that could be. that was that. senate minority leader mitch
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mcconnell and dozens of other senate republicans sending a letter to the education department to stop a proposed rule in our nation's schools. the latest on the culture wars on the hill. >> dana: president biden wants you to open your wallet. a former obama advisor is warning against all these massive spending bills. we'll talk to our friday economic panel next. >> bill: police making several arrests in the kidnapping of lady gaga's dogs and the shooting of her dog walker. what happened here? >> dana: idiots. ♪♪♪ veteran homeowners. the past four years have seen interest rates drop to record lows while home prices have just gone up and up. giving you a once in a lifetime chance to turn the equity in your home into cash in your hand. the newday 100 va cash out loan lets you take out $50,000 or more,
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(text chime) (text chime) (text chime) (sighs) (text chime) (chuckles) (text chime) it's the biggest week in television. watchathon week is your chance to finally watch shows you missed for free. now you get to talk about them with your friends, no matter what time it is. say "watchathon" into your voice remote and watch for free >> dana: reality tv star josh
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duggar has been arrested. the former star is being held without bail on undisclosed charges. the car dealership he worked at was raided by homeland security in 2019. unclear if the arrest is connected to that. his arrest comes days after his wife announced they were expecting their seventh child. >> bill: five people arrested in connection with the february kidnapings of lady gaga's bulldogs. they shot the singer's dog walker in the chest. jeff paul on this bizarre story that lives again today in l.a. jeff, good morning. >> if you remember, the woman who returned lady gaga's french bulldogs initially claimed she found them. she was in a relationship with the father of one of the suspects involved in the dog napping. she and the suspect's father have both been arrested and accused of being accessories to
6:20 am
the attack. three others were charged including the man accused of the man shooting the dog walker. >> james howard jackson, with regard to white, 1 million 50,000, as to waily, 1,100,000. >> detectives don't believe the suspects with gang ties were aware the dogs belonged to lady gaga. a doorbell camera showed a car pulling up and two men jumping out. there was a struggle and one of the suspect pulled out a gun and fired running off and escaping with two of the dogs. the dog walker survived and lady gaga put out a reward of a half million for her dog's safe return. there was help from all over to find the dogs and people were looking for the dogs.
6:21 am
he was asked about that yesterday as new broke of the arrests. >> as far as, yeah, we were looking for lady gaga's -- some people say because we commented they brought the dogs back. i don't know, you know. >> police say the woman who returned the dogs initially asked about the reward. it was never given out. >> bill: jeff paul in l.a. one of the more bizarre stories we've come across in a long time. >> dana: it is awful. as you love your pets as we all do, i mean, it's not just idiotic of course they would get caught but it is also evil. don't do that. >> bill: you have a bone to pick with them. >> dana: with someone else and i'll do it after this. the u.s. economy is bouncing back as president biden prepares another trillion dollar spending plan. a move even some economists from the obama administration
6:22 am
are warning against. >> this is a massive execution job. the last plan, the jobs plan alone had 76 separate initiatives knit. all have to be created and executed. president obama's plan got a lot of criticism for some very, very small mistakes. the potential for mistakes, failure of execution is high. if it fails -- if it fails i think it will set back the cause of progressives for several more decades. >> dana: steve moore, and austan ghoulsby. steve, how often do you agree with steve ratner. >> hardly ever. this is a good economy, no question about it. those are great numbers we got for the first quarter gdp. i will give trump credit for this in terms of the operation warp speed but also biden has done a great job with respect to getting that vaccination out there. austan, i said something nice about joe biden. we don't need these trillions of dollars of spending.
6:23 am
i think it is one of the biggest deterrents to growth as we go forward as we have to repay this enormous debt. i was telling bill last week on the show i think the biggest restraint on the future growth of the economy over the next six months will be getting workers back on the job who are making more money on unemployment insurance and all these other benefits than they are for working. every restaurant owner and every person who owns a factory, warehouse, or any kind of store are saying we cannot get the workers back. government is paying them too much money for not working. >> dana: austan, how concerned might you be? you teach at one of the chicago schools of business. inflation, are we all concerned? >> the best. >> dana: i'll give you that. at the school of economics what do you say about this possible overreach, this overspending and real potential for
6:24 am
inflation? >> well, a couple things going on there. steve ratner comment i didn't take that he was opposing the investments that president biden is proposing. he was saying you have to be careful about execution and you don't want to mess it up to discredit the program. i agree with that. i think they do want to be mindful of it. if you think they are not executing, then there is no chance that would generate inflation. it is kind of like are you putting too much money too quickly if you can't get the money out the door, then there wouldn't be any impetus for that. >> dana: steve, i want to ask you something else. when you start to spend this much money and create a program like the child tax credit. on the merits it might be worthwhile. it is set to expire in 2025. do these programs ever expire? once you start spending that money is it baked into the cake? >> great point. i think ronald reagan once said
6:25 am
the closest thing to immortality on this earth is a federal government program. if you look at the "wall street journal" lead editorial yesterday, it was very chilling. it said cradle to grave government. that is what joe biden is proposing with -- they count $6 trillion of new spending which is more money than we've spent when the revolutionary, civil war, world war i and ii combined. incredibly large number. there will be a debt hangover effect. austan is a little less worried about that than i am. these bills will have to be repaid. >> dana: what do you think about that, austan? >> well, i would just remind everyone to look back to december of 2017 when the unemployment rate was 4.1% and the trump administration decided to cut taxes by $2 trillion for high income people and big corporations. there was no word coming from steve at that time about oh,
6:26 am
let's be careful about the deficit. let's not overheat the economy. we're now in a situation where last year we lost 22 million jobs. a lot have come back but there are still 10 million or so people trying to get work. and so -- >> dana: there are a lot of employers that have openings. a lot of employers that have openings as well. >> you say that but there are still far more unemployed people than there are openings. >> dana: i'm emotion pennsylvania m-- i get that. i assume you missed talking to bill this week but we'll try again next week. >> bill: growing at 6% is really good. >> dana: i have a bone to pick with the fact checkers out there. here is what president biden said about the income tax rate on high earners and my former boss george w. bush, watch. >> president biden: we take the
6:27 am
top bracket for the wealthiest 1% of americans, those making over $400,000 or more back to where it was when george w. bush was president, 39.6%. that's where it was when george w. was president. >> that might lead you to think that president bush was okay with it. he ran against it. got elected. five months later the bush tax cuts were put in and that rate went to 35%. i just believe if president trump had said something like that the fact checkers would have been really busy. >> bill: what you are saying he came into office 39.6. >> dana: brought it down. >> bill: had a pledge to lower it. took five months and off we went. this debate that you had with this gentleman is where the country needs to be focused. you can argue we're off an flying and we are going to run toward the moon with this economy and no more stimulus is necessary or argue the government needs to step in and
6:28 am
build things up right now. if they do the latter does it slow down the former. that's the issue. >> dana: that's the question. >> bill: we have to shoot out to north carolina. five people dead, two sheriffs deputies. what investigators are saying about the gunman. how long will president biden go it alone with just democrats? we shall find the bi in bipartisanship with dan henninger coming up next.
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>> dana: another day of protests in north carolina after three deputies involved in the fatal shooting of andrew brown were identified. two people reportedly arrested. protestors are demanding the release of the video. a judge denied it at this time. >> bill: two sheriffs deputies and three others dead after an all-day stand-off at a home in north carolina not far from
6:34 am
elizabeth city. the officers were checking on the family when somebody opened fires. what is the latest on this suspect, charles? >> the suspect is identified as 35-year-old isaac alton barnes, he died at the scene in boone, north carolina. barns is accused of killing his own mother as well as his stepfather as well as the two sheriff deputies you mentioned identified as 25-year-old canine deputy logan fox and 36-year-old sergeant chris ward. both officers at the county sheriff's office. >> it was a welfare check. you don't expect things to be like this. we do that every day, not just us but all law enforcement throughout the country. you think your husband or wife
6:35 am
is going to come home and it doesn't happen sometimes. >> the sheriff's deputies responded to the suspect's home following reports that he and his family hadn't shown up for work and weren't answering their phones. when deputies arrived they went inside the home and the suspect ambushed them and opened fire hitting multiple officers. the office received calls from family members of barnes who were concerned that he might try and do something. the suspect reportedly had a large stockpile of weapons and sheriff's deputies were warned to be on the lookout. sadly officers today are mourning the loss of two of their own. the sheriff asking the public to help his officers and entire department to get through this incredibly tough time and right now, bill, it is unclear of what led the suspect barnes to
6:36 am
fire at officers and kill his parents. deputies are combing through that scene trying to look for answers. >> bill: thank you, charles. charles watson on the ground in north carolina. thank you. >> dana: 100 days into the biden administration and the president is leading with executive orders. president biden signing 42 of them since taking office. 9 more than trump and 23 more than obama. setting records. let's bring in dan henninger "wall street journal" columnist. you write in week joe biden's art of the non-deal. negotiating with the opposition, the left has concluded means impeding policy goals. joe biden thought he could be a real deal maker on the campaign trail. >> that's right, you bring up something important, which is the campaign trail. comparing what we got, what the american voters got during the campaign with what they are getting with the biden presidency. i want to cite two important
6:37 am
events. back in april of last year, we all recall joe biden was losing to bernie sanders and congressman jim clyburn famously endorsed joe biden in the south carolina primary saying explicitly we win with moderate policies, not with progressive policies. joe biden went on to get the nomination. in july of last year we had the biden/sanders unity tasks force, left wing document that many democrats at the time passed off as just a stop for the left wing of the party. fast forward to now. what we have indeed is something resembling the bernie sanders presidency, not the biden campaign we got last year and the biden campaign that many independent voters elected and thought they were electing. it is a classic bait and switch i would say. >> bill: one more question on this. you write bill clinton redefined the meaning of the word is, mr. biden is redefining the meaning of the
6:38 am
word everything from infrastruck, debt, and compromise. how long does that last, dan? >> i think it lasts for the length of the first term of joe biden's presidency. there is no question that his intention is to call things infrastructure but really pack in legislation and legislative and government expansion resembling -- as big as anything that's happened since the great society legislation back in the 1960s. that is a change that most i think voters did not see coming and now they are going to have to absorb it and decide whether this is the change they were voting for when they voted against donald trump and elected joe biden. >> dana: the speech i think that stole the show this week was not president biden's joint session speech but rather tim scott's rebuttal. the "wall street journal" headline. tim scott's gop revival message. a powerful rebuttal to joe biden's big government agenda.
6:39 am
>> the left has lost their mind today. it is saddening to see that. what the left is doing is citing bigotry with bigotry and exposed hypocrisy and true motivation. nothing to do with ending prejudice but everything to do with getting more power. i have never seen such a power grab and using people in such a despicable way. >> dana: what do you think about tim scott as a messenger at this moment? >> i think he is excellent because he is raising some of the most important issues that the american people have to confront right now. certainly tim scott saying that america is not a racist society was a very important thing to say since many democrats and many leaders of our institutions since last summer during the protests black lives matter and george floyd have been arguing the u.s. is a
6:40 am
racist society 55 years after passage of the civil rights act. for tim scott to be pushing back against that is very important. the other important issue he raised is the economic legacy of the trump administration which was a lowest unemployment rate ever recorded for black americans, hispanic americans, asian-americans and women. and that was based on economic opportunity driven by the private sector. we're seeing a completely different vision offered by the biden presidency which is economic opportunity created by entitlement -- new entitlement programs offered by the federal government. tim scott has really defined the differences between republicans and democrats now and i hope he does more of it. >> bill: check it out. nice to see you on a friday. >> dana: have a good weekend. president biden's address to congress was not a big ratings winner, 26.9 million watched the speech way down from president trump's audience for his 2017 address which drew
6:41 am
more than 48 million viewers. president obama had 53 million for his first speech to congress. >> bill: cleveland was rocking with the nfl draft. jaguars took on trevor lawrence with the first pick out of clemson. great player. >> dana: he is unbelievable. >> bill: one of three quarterbacks. 3 for 3. this years draft brought the return of the commissioner roger goodell with the recliner on stage, all right? a change from last year. he did the draft from his basement due to covid. what they did last year he went to his house. >> dana: i watched last year and live tweeted the whole thing. people want to know what i think about going on. well, it sounds like fun to go live in arizona for a while. >> bill: what he did was nfl fans do, they sit in their recliner and watch football. they brought the chair on stage
6:42 am
last night. good call. >> dana: did they have caso. >> bill: don't know. continues tonight. [[inaudible]] >> dana: texas congressman joins us next hour to discuss the changes he is proposing and whether bipartisanship is possible. plus usa today taking deserved heat for editing a stacey abrams op-ed to downplay her support of georgia boycotts. howie kurtz will join us next.
6:43 am
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>> president biden: you've seen what's happened here in georgia with your state's laws. it is just wrong, wrong. and it is why we have to pass the voting rights protection laws coming through the congress. i have never been more optimistic about the future in america. >> bill: that was part of the message in georgia at a rally there. he held a drive-in despite supporting organizations like major league baseball boycotting that state. just last month he called georgia's new voting law jim crow in the 21st century. a lot of disagreement on that claim. howie kurtz, how are you doing? good morning to you. what called to our attention was the piece that usa today had printed a few weeks back by stacey abrams. the title is corporate america must pick a side on voting rights and prevent a georgia -- they went back and edited the piece, the problem.
6:49 am
and allowed her to change some of the arguments she was making. explain that and i'll call it out in a second here. >> usa today did in allowing stacey abrams to stealth edit the opinion column she had written to modify her position on the whole all-star game controversy is outrageous and hard to imagine the paper allowing a prominent republican to do the same thing. the original piece she is backing the calls and criticism against major league baseball and the political winds shift. goes back, rewrites the thing so say she is against boycotts in georgia and nobody tells the readers she made the changes. >> i can't argue an individual's choice. if you read the original draft sounds like she is trying have it both ways. a republican strategist found it, called it out. how did the editors explain this?
6:50 am
>> the parent company usa today one of the largest newspapers cannot defend this move. they say we regret the oversight and will never happen again. stacey abrams wants to change her position that's fine. she can write another piece. you can't secretly change your words because again there is a different political environment and trying not to appear to be against georgia businesses. that's exactly what usa today allowed her to do. >> bill: they said we added an editors note to reflect her changes. how does it line up with the time frame? >> it seems to me there was some time that went by before the editor's note was added. even so you write something, this is my position. a newspaper says it's okay, we'll just change what you said and look to anybody that goes online and reads this piece like it was your original
6:51 am
stance and they got called out. they got called out. again politicians change their minds all the time but this kind of rewriting or whitewashing of recent history what was your own words really seems like overplay. >> bill: thank you for running that down for us today. nice to see you. have a good friday. thank you. >> dana: biden administration plans for teaching critical race theory in schools. mitch mcconnell is saying not so fast. how the gop is planning to push back against the education administration's proposal. president biden is wearing a mask despite new cdc guidelines. is that undermining the confidence americans have in vaccines? dr. giroir will join us next hour to weigh in. ♪ you've got the looks ♪ ♪ let's make lots of money ♪
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a teenager accidentally moved to a retirement community. she said it all began when her mom told her about a cheaper apartment in arkansas. madison moved into the $350 a month two bedroom apartment sight unseen. she enjoys hanging out with her new neighbors. never had so many home cooked meals. her story has gotten more than 600,000 likes. >> bill: how does that happen? >> dana: how did she get approved? >> bill: attention to our seniors as we know. >> dana: the other thing you can go to madison and get your phone fixed. >> bill: she is doing i.t. right now. home prices skyrocketing during the pandemic. might have read a lot about these stories. prices in the seasonal towns in america were up 20% in february from a year earlier.
6:58 am
amazing. grady tremble fox business is in a hot spot. big sky, montana. what's happening there? >> some people are drawn to the rental income potential here but everyone is drawn to the year round activities. some of the best skiing on the planet just 10 minutes up the road. an hour's drive away from america's oldest national park in yellow stone. it is an outdoor lover's paradise and word is spreading. if big sky's beauty was only known to skiers the secret is out. montana's population, is growing, many people are making big sky their second home. rich rizzo bought his house in 2018. the plan was to rent it out and visit occasionally. when the pandemic hit he found himself without a job and decided to move his family from the big apple to big sky.
6:59 am
>> we hadn't been here in the summer or fall or spring. knew it as a winter destination. now we're living here it has turned out to be great all around. >> a realtor has been non-stop busy since last summer. the median condo price is around $730,000. the median home more than $2 million. >> cash is king and ringing true. we're seeing multiple offer situations when properties come on the market and it is a feeding frenzy. >> outside of big sky the rental property management company says some of the top vacation home destinations around the country include cape hatteras, north carolina, the poconos in pennsylvania and gatlinburg. in some places the median home prices are a little lower than here. >> bill: nice to see you.
7:00 am
>> dana: jan went to gatlinburg and they loved it. there was a wildfire and had to leave early but it was fabulous. >> bill: it's midway between there, florida and ohio and it's natural for the hemmer family. we're going to spend the night, kids, and we did. >> dana: gop taking on critical race theory pushing back at a biden administration proposal to teach the 1619 project focusing on slavery as a driving force in the american revolution. >> bill: good morning. one of the culture wars we're getting deep into again. mitch mcconnell 37 other republican senators sending a letter to the education secretary. in part it reads americans do not need or want their tax dollars diverted from promoting the principles that unite our
7:01 am
nations toward promoting radical ideologies meant to divide us. chad pergram picks up the reporting from here. >> good morning. this is the latest twist in the culture wars. mitch mcconnell takes issue that a proposed rule from the education department would cite the 1619 project, it's faced criticism from historians. mcconnell and others write the secretary of education that the project puts ill-informed advocacy ahead of historical accuracy. mcconnell has targeted the biden administration concerning radical policies of late. >> behind president biden's familiar face, it is like the most radical washington democrats have been handed the keys and they are trying to speed as far left as they can possibly go. >> president biden spoke about the importance of education in his speech wednesday but not about an idea quite like this. >> president biden: my plan provides a universal three
7:02 am
school for every 3 and 4-year-old in america, everyone. that's a game changer. >> democrats would rather focus on bread and butter issues. republicans see a political wedge. the more democrats are bogged down in controversial social policies. >> bill: want to bring in ian pryor now the found are of fight for i want to read two lines from the letter. especially the suggestion that the american revolution was fought to secure slavery and it concludes americans never decided our children should be taught that our country is inherently evil. what about this today? >> well, this is really a problem and you are seeing it at the local level. i applaud leader mcconnell for calling this out and several republicans. really, it is not just republicans. i think you saw james carville talking about democrats woke problem. look, when james carville talks, i listen. he has the pulse of what is going on with the democrat
7:03 am
party. and i took that as they have a serious problem here with what they're doing in the education field. for months we've had this push to get kids back in school. parents need to start asking themselves what are they going to learn when they get in school? when what kind of civics are they going to learn and history are they going to learn? how will they learn math? we have the problem in virginia where there is a debate what is appropriate math instruction? it is really dividing communities. i think it is angering parents and teachers and students, too. >> bill: part of carville's message and getting a lot of play for this. many on the left are saying he is wrong talking about wokeness in america. democrats are going down the wrong avenue with this. he says many people talk about communities of color. he says i talk about neighborhoods. it is not black, brown, white, it is a neighborhood. a community where you grow up in. >> that's absolutely right. the problem with these 1619 project and critical race theory is it's looking to view
7:04 am
everybody through the lens of identity groups instead of viewing everybody as their own unique individual with a story to tell, with their own skill set and what we're doing is teaching 6-year-olds and 7 and 8-year-olds to look at people through the lens of race and really let's go back to martin luther king, judge people by the content of their character, not their ethnicity or sexual orientation. we're getting away from that as a country bleeding into the local level. certainly at the national level this is a major issue and it is creating these strange coalitions which i find very interesting where you have conservatives but you also have traditional liberals and many democrats but they are just afraid to speak out because if they speak out, is their employment going to be at risk? are there kids and schools going to be at risk? there is a real concern not just with the education, but also the silencing of free speech and opinion that
7:05 am
ultimately will shed a light on what's going on in our school system. >> bill: from the left is carville, from the right they're seeing teachers are teaching young kids ages 14 to hate themselves. is that too strong? >> no, i don't think it's too strong at all. it is entirely accurate. we see things out here in loudon. the taxpayers paid a half million dollars to the equity collaborative. in their slide they say liberalism and equal opportunity perpetuate white power. that's what they are training staff to do. it is not just here. this company is everywhere. you are seeing these consultants pop up throughout the country making a lot of money off the taxpayers and what you're seeing is local governments aren't giving parents answers, not giving them access. as a result we have no idea other than the people sending in tips or people putting this up on social media what kids are actually learning in their schools anymore. >> bill: very interesting.
7:06 am
thanks for coming in today. ian prior, something we shall watch. thanks. >> thanks. >> dana: senate minority leader mcconnell criticizing president biden's first address to congress wednesday night saying biden's talk about searching for bipartisanship is basically a mirage. >> president biden is a likable person. while the tone of his remarks were understated, the content was anything but. the president talked about unity and togetherness while reading off a multi-trillion dollar shopping list neither designed nor intended to earn bipartisan buy-in. >> dana: let's bring in chris wallace and you had a chance to go to the white house. it is on the actual 100th day mark and you can look at this contrast between biden white house and the republicans up on the hill. where do you think things stand today for biden in terms of
7:07 am
getting some of these big bills done? will he get any republican support and is he willing to compromise? >> yes, he is willing to compromise and as you say i was one of a half dozen reporters who got to sit with the president for an hour and ask him questions. he is willing to compromise but on his terms. and that's the real rub here, dana, because he is talking about $4 trillion between the infrastructure package and the family package with $4 trillion in new taxes. and the republicans are nowhere near there. just on infrastructure he is talking about 2.25 trillion dollars. the republican counteroffer is $580 billion. which is a ton of money but about a quarter of what biden is asking for. you know, i get the sense would he come down a little bit? yes. do i think the republicans would go up a little bit but probably still a trillion dollars apart which doesn't
7:08 am
bode well for a idea of a deal. >> we've talked a lot about this remark you put into our email box on wednesday afternoon. you were there at the white house with six other tv anchors. you said we talk about can you unite the parties, this is joe biden talking. well, i united the democratic party. nobody thought it could happen and pretty damn quickly. for the other party i'm not in a position to help until they come to their milk on this. i united the democratic party and no one thought it could happen. it seems that's the strategy within the west wing. keep the progressives and democrats together, get as much done as you can now. do you agree with that premise? >> yeah, i think pretty much. look, there will be meetings. in fact, mitch mcconnell who you just had on, the senate republican leader, the four leaders, top two members of each party in the house and
7:09 am
senate will come i think on may 12th and be other meetings with members on infrastructure. but talking is one thing. making a deal is another. they just seem so far apart. as i say on infrastructure the president wants 2.25 million and family plan and talking about paying it for $4 trillion in new taxes on big corporations and people making over $400,000 a year. the republicans aren't anywhere near that. so he is certainly not saying he is going for reconciliation. he is talking about a deal. but i think that he is absolutely prepared if necessary, the president is, to go for reconciliation if he can keep the 50 democrats in the senate on board. that's a real if. you have several raising real questions about this amount of spending and this amount of taxes. but if he can do that, yeah, i think he would go for
7:10 am
reconciliation and it was very clear to me that he intends to get this done this year. they think that barack obama letting obamacare go into the second year and an election year in 2010 was a big mistake. i think he wants to get whatever he can either through a deal or more likely through reconciliation in 2021. not to go into 2022. >> bill: on that point i think dana and i probably agree with you. i think the question then becomes at what cost politically? >> dana: we'll see how much they're thinking about 2022. as you try to move the conversation along as you always do on sundays who do you have this weekend? a great panel, by the way. >> yes, i do, including new. we're going to have -- that was a real plug. we are going to have cecilia route, such enormous amounts of money and taxes.
7:11 am
we saw the growth rate of 6%. do we really need all the stimulus? we'll be talking to senator bill cassidy of louisiana, part of the gang of 10 republicans trying to make a deal. let me quickly say to your point at what cost, i think the argument they have and they will make is we'll give you a lot of stuff and change your life with things like childcare and community college and improvements in climate and healthcare and all that stuff and that when you are not talking about bailing out wall street but talking about helping people in their daily lives, they think it's a pretty good political bargain. the next year and a half will tell us whether it is or not. >> dana: i'll see you sunday. >> bill: liberals like to preach tolerance but they are attacking republican senator tim scott with a nasty twist on an old racial slur. the senator predicting a backlash to liberal oppression.
7:12 am
tyrus is ahead with reaction. >> dana: a republican from texas making a personal offer of bipartisan cooperation to president biden. congressman troy nehls will join us live and what he said to the president and why next. veteran homeowners. congratulations. chances are the home you bought has gone way up in value. that means you could have a lot more home equity than you think. use your va benefits to turn that equity into cash while rates are near all time lows. the newday100 va cash out loan lets you borrow $50,000 or more for home improvements or just put it in the bank.
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wanna help kids get their homework done? this is what an annuity can do. well, an internet connection's a good start. but kids also need computers. and sometimes the hardest thing about homework is finding a place to do it. so why not hook community centers up with wifi? for kids like us, and all the amazing things we're gonna learn. over the next 10 years, comcast is committing $1 billion to reach 50 million low-income americans with the tools and resources they need to be ready for anything. i hope you're ready. 'cause we are. >> bill: two air force cargo planes packed with medical supplies, another record spike in daily case is in india. the aircraft is carrying n95 masks, testing kits and oxygen. the shortage of medical oxygen is a problem in india. the average we checked earlier
7:18 am
today 3,000 deaths a day over the past few days. >> dana: such a big country. they have a hard time. great ally of ours and the more that we can do i think the better. >> bill: good move. maybe more country. a country of a billion plus. >> dana: pray for them they have a very hard time. a republican making a personal pitch to president biden for bipartisan cooperation on criminal justice reform. our next guest a freshman congressman from texas was in the house chamber for the president's address to congress and reached out to biden as he made his way up the aisle. watch this. [inaudible] >> dana: joining us now is texas congressman troy nehls a
7:19 am
former sheriff and combat veteran. you run for congress because you want to get something done. the first few months might be frustrating. what were you trying to get across to the president the other day? >> thank you for having me. i campaigned on this issue related to some meaningful criminal justice reform. president trump did his best attempt to get meaningful criminal justice reform. senator tim scott who i respect a great deal was carrying that torch. then the democrats in the end shot it down. now we have president biden, we've seen more civil unrest in our country and so i think president biden is going to try to do something meaningful. he wants to call it police reform. i don't want to call it police reform. it needs to be called criminal justice reform. i have experience in that serving as a sheriff in texas, a large county, the most diverse county in the entire country. i feel that i can add some meaningful insight to the
7:20 am
conversation and that's what i asked him about and spoke to him about the other night. >> dana: so if you were to take your top two issues that you think would actually help and get crime nat justice reform and do something positive. what would they be? >> it would be really talking about reentry programs. i had a large jail, had about 1,000 inmates any given day. some of the programs we started really were related to education, vocational training programs so we were teaching non-violent criminals, inmates in our county jail welding programs and h vac programs and others so we can set them up for success once they leave the county jail. and so we help reduce repeatism. we're proven. we have the record and the results and i would like to see some of the programs that i initiated at the sheriff's office spread throughout the country. >> dana: follow through is always important when you are at the white house. did you hear from the white
7:21 am
house after that exchange? >> yes, the following morning i was flying back into the district. they did reach out to my office up in d.c. and we have a meeting scheduled on tuesday. i'm looking forward to developing this conversation and hopefully we will have a president that will actually want to have some true meaningful criminal justice reform. >> dana: you are a former sheriff. maybe the last reflection about this moment for police in america with the retirements are up across the country, recruitment is way down. rhetoric is hot and anger is real and communities across the country dealing with crime surges but you have people upset how they think the police are treating them. what do you think about all that? >> it's a sad state of affairs the way we treat our law enforcement. and not only are retirements up and people leaving but seeing the attacks. the violent attacks on law
7:22 am
enforcement increase each and every year. sit a trajectory we need to reverse because it is dangerous. why would anyone, maybe even someone that is serving in law enforcement like i did, why would i want to see my son or daughter enter the same profession i did? we're under appreciated. we are attacked every day in this country and there are activists out there that seem to enjoy this. i bet you right now al sharp ton has a jet waiting to see where the next shooting is where you see a law enforcement officers, an anglo, shooting and african-american. they want to fuel this flame and division between black and white. it is irresponsible and it is dangerous. we must stop this. we must come together. it just doesn't seem to be in their playbook at all. >> dana: keep us posted on your meeting with the white house and as it moves forward to see
7:23 am
if we can get it done. >> thank you, god bless. [shouting] >> bill: as if right on cue anti-police demonstrations in different parts of america. some protests have destroyed minority-owned businesses. many on the left don't seem concerned about that. is that helping to fuel the class divide that we were just talking about here? also senator scott warns the left's attacks on him over his speech on wednesday will fuel a backlash. tyrus on all that next. >> what they are fueling is a backlash. maybe they don't realize it or not but at some point people get sick and tired of getting sick and tired and start reacting as opposed to responding to the criticism and negativity. than you think!ity banks can loan you some of it. newday can loan you all of it! the newday100 va cash out loan.
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7:29 am
is becoming front and center. and they aren't even hiding their hands anymore, sean. that's why it's so important we stand in the gap for this nation because the greatest comeback in american history is on its way. >> bill: tim scott on the attacks from the left with sean last night after he delivered the republican response to president biden's address on wednesday night. those attacks included twists on old racial slurs. the senator says the democrats are using race to try and pull off a power grab. tyrus, fox nation host and fox news contributor here with us in new york. how are you doing, tyrus? you are watching the back and forth. >> good morning to you guys as well. i talked about this a little bit on the greg gutfeld show last night where we are seeing this casual racism by the liberal side and their backfall is we're still stuck in the jim crow era, which is laughable. as i sat and watched tt biden's
7:30 am
speech, there was a woman of color and an old woman standing behind number one and two if something went down and the joy of seeing a black man represent the republican party in the response was to me what is all about. it was about equality, opportunity, and the brother spoke from his heart and protected his brand but he showed he also was interested in being bipartisan. what we got from that, from the side that's all about virtue and doing and saying the right thing they called him uncle tim. i guess i will be uncle tyrus. he stood for what he believed in. the whole very existence of mr. scott is that in his generation his family went from picking cotton to being in the senate. that means something. that is what this country is all about and shows we aren't a racist country anymore. the people who sit on their chairs and call him names and talk about him usually are people of color. i also said racism. it is not just for white people
7:31 am
anymore. his attacks are coming from all walks of life. if you don't agree with me i'll make fun of you and call you a name and get racial on it because i can say that. you can't say that. we've gotten to a point where equality is everywhere in this country. we all have hurdles, whether the color of our sin, size, sexual orientation we all have hurdles but it's about the same. >> dana: do you think the media as they report on these stories missing the moment? you are out and about in the country a little more than i am right now in terms of traveling around. what are you hearing from people? >> the biggest thing i need people to know what you are seeing on twitter and what you are seeing on the media is not the pulse of the american people. we don't talk like that to each other. i live in a small town. i travel in louisiana and go to fresh market every tuesday and wednesday and i am greeted by all walks of life. usually really old white women who tell me what i need to do better and how proud they are
7:32 am
that i represent them, a giant black men represents their thoughts. that's what we see. my kids play with all walks. we don't have these issues. then we turn on the tv and like watching a train wreck. reality and sensational tv and pushing a racist agenda is a great fundraising tool and the headlines. how do you get people to watch? tonight racism and people tune in and it's sad. >> bill: joe biden was the vice president of the first african-american president for years and he was on the platform as well. tim scott says we're not a racist country. he didn't say we're perfect. >> he didn't. vice president harris agreed with him. were they calling her auntie harris, no, because she is on their side. it is terrible to me they get away with it and they aren't treated the same as if let's
7:33 am
say old earl got on his porch saying there shouldn't be blacks in the white house. he wouldn't be at work anymore. when the other side does it they get a check. they pretend there is a giant problem because you can control it and mold it but this isn't. if you can go on tv and trash someone you disagree with because you are a liberal or person of color that screams not only equal opportunity country and you can do what you want to do and i don't know why people can do that anymore. >> dana: when you go to the fresh market, how many people ask you to get something from the top shelf for them? >> everybody. it's that and asking to reach over the counter. i'll tell you what, if you and i were in fresh market and it
7:34 am
was that really low thing especially on the dead lift day for me dana, could you help out a brother? it works. it works. i like to make it work. >> bill: i like your shirt. >> he is my guy. >> dana: thank you. >> bill: have a good one. >> dana: reality tv star josh duggar of 19 and counting fame is arrested by u.s. marshalls in arkansas and being held without bail. >> the former 19 kids and counting star's charges aren't public yet. he was arrested yesterday by federal authorities just days after he and his wife announced they are expecting their seventh child together. former reality tv star is scheduled to go before a judge this morning. back in november of 2019, the springdale, arkansas car dealership he worked at was
7:35 am
raided. it is unclear if his arrest and the raid are connected. he has been the center of legal trouble and scandal before. a lawsuit filed against him for real estate fraud in september and in 2015 the 19 kids and counting was pulled from the network after reports surfaced that he was being investigated for sexually assaulting five underage girls including four of his sisters when he was a teenager. he did not face any criminal charges. duggar's parents say he confessed and apologized and described it as a dark and difficult time and again it's unclear what trouble duggar could be in now. >> dana: christina coleman in los angeles for us on that. thank you. >> bill: who can forget this image? minneapolis police station set on fire during the george floyd protest last year. now the long arm of the law coming hard on the rioter. wait until you hear his sentence in a moment. looks like last year, does it? this drive-in rally was
7:36 am
yesterday in georgia. marking 100 days in office. what kind of a message is that, ms. perino? >> dana: i will ask. >> bill: stand by. >> we still believe that the cdc guidelines leading with medical experts and health experts can give the american people confidence. ♪♪♪ this is rebecca from michigan. coming at you live from the operating room. i'm an er nurse. and i absolutely love what i do. i knew that i wanted to do something meaningful with my life. ♪ ♪ i was over half a million dollars in debt from medical school until i found sofi. now i'm able to live out my dream and know i won't spend the rest of my life paying off those student loans, thanks to sofi. ♪ ♪
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>> bill: 20 minutes before the hour. top stories. the u.s. supreme court siding with an undocumented immigrant challenging his deportation from the u.s. justice neil gorsuch offering a 6-3 decision that the federal government had to provide comprehensive notice for migrants to appear in court. >> dana: chicago expected to roll out a vaccine pass next month for residents who want the attend public events like concerts. >> bill: stay taoupd on that. 23-year-old man has fined $12 million for his role in setting a minneapolis police station on fire during the george floyd protest last may. >> dana: more on these and other stories download the fox news app. scan the qr code on your screen. president biden sticking with wearing a mask outside despite
7:42 am
new cdc guidelines. is this akin where president trump not wear masks and what does it say about the administration's faith in vaccine? dr. giroir. yesterday there was an event in georgia that president biden went to. i said on the night of the speech if you are indoors and you are with other vaccinated people as i understand it the guidelines say you don't have to wear a max. yesterday down in georgia, i think we can take a look at this. can't find his mask after his speech but he is outside, does he really need it? they had the big car rally yesterday, too. instead of being -- have people being out and about. is this hurting our ability to get people to take the vaccine? >> thanks for having me on. i do think there are so many mixed messages out there. the data are really clear if you are vaccinated and people around you are vaccinated your
7:43 am
chances of dying of covid are much less than dying of just a car crash going out in the street our normal daily activities. if you're around vaccinated people you should not wear a mask. you're very safe. if you are outdoors you can always physically distance and be outdoors without a mask around other people. we know the transmission is very low. i think this is very confusing causing people to not have faith in the vaccine. exactly the opposite of what we want. >> dana: at some point you could say they were anti-vax. >> you know, there is no such thing as no risk. i think the cdc is approaching this we have to have zero risk. we don't live our lives like that. if you are vaccinated and other people are vaccinated the chances of getting covid are .008% and chances of dying is .00001 percent. you are safe. get the vaccine and go about your daily business. >> dana: there is an issue that you brought to my attention
7:44 am
that you wanted to talk. there are some -- for some people who ended up in the hospital, their long term symptoms from covid are very troubling to you. >> yes, it is. and we know those who have had severe covid may have complications like strokes but what we're really seeing now that are a concern is people who have had very mild covid even very short symptoms, short duration have had long term complications out eight months like fatigue, difficulty breathing, that's in addition to loss of taste and smell. this is what we call sort of long covid. the entire system is looking at this. as many as 15% of those individuals who have even had a mild case can have these long term symptoms. so there is a lot of interest. there was a hearing in congress, many medical groups are getting together and i'm very involved how to channel people into complete healing after covid. this is very unusual with this
7:45 am
sort of virus but it is happening and it is real. >> dana: i was talking to a friend about this. almost difficult to diagnose and in some ways some people think they are either -- it's all in their heads, they can't diagnose it and they aren't being taken too seriously. >> first of all, we need the nih, cdc bodies to issue a case definition. we don't have a case definition. without a case definition it's really hard to say who is in one category or the other. but the studies are really clear right now even looking at healthcare workers and other groups, very good studies that about 25% of people will have persistent symptoms and 15% greater than eight months. we've had 100 million people having covid. we talk about the potential for 10 or 15 or 20 million people having long-term symptoms over eight months. now is the time to grapple with
7:46 am
that. i don't see the current administration making effort. this is talk and throwing money at the problem but not an effort to help the people suffering. i want to raise awareness about that. >> dana: sounds like they need an operation warp speed in terms of long covid maybe indeed. coming to us from the great state of colorado. enjoy the sunshine. it sounded like home. thank you. >> thank you. >> bill: in a moment expected to be the largest in-person sporting event since the pandemic began and lockdown started 14 months ago. live at churchill downs for a preview of the big race, kentucky derby. there will be any force that sticks behind in afghanistan and how will it affect the country? sfwlao i fear two years from now we'll look back and regret this decision. ♪
7:47 am
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>> president biden: american leadership means ending the forever war in afghanistan. we went to terrorists. after 20 years of valor and sacrifice it is time to bring those troops home. >> dana: officials warning the president's plan could lead a resurgence of the taliban. former secretary of states told members of the house foreign affairs committee they were worried about the moves and race saying troops might have to go back there at some point. i talked to "new york times" reporter fatma faizi. she was born and raised there. >> what is your biggest concern with the united states withdrawing or troops and support staff? >> when president biden
7:53 am
announced troop withdrawal from afghanistan everybody was worried about another civil war or the taliban take over again and we talked to different people in afghanistan when it comes to women, they are really concerned about the situation. also about their future. nowadays we hear that a lot of people have guns in different provinces and getting ready to fight the taliban again. >> dana: the taliban talks about sharia law. do you think they would try that again? >> they definitely if they take over they are going to reestablish that but they have never said they're not. that's the thing. i don't know what the taliban mean by sharia law. for me i understand a lot of people understand sharia law
7:54 am
means banishing women on the street. beheading people on the street and also -- >> dana: you don't expect the united states to stay forever or to fight a war on your behalf. and i thought it was very compelling. >> when i talk to people, when i talk to women and parliament members, civil society activists everybody says they don't want the american soldiers staying in afghanistan forever and they don't want them to fight on behalf of them because it is an afghan war and how they should fight their own war but right now that situation is really chaotic and nobody knows what is going to happen to the country in a few months. >> dana: my last question your dad wanted you to come to kabul so you could go to school so
7:55 am
his daughters could study. how proud is he of you? >> he is really proud of me. also he is really worried about me and also my family because we don't know what is going to happen. we don't know what is this going to do to the country? he always encourage me to study, to go forward, and to fulfill my dreams. >> dana: we wish you the best and we'll stay in touch with you. thank you. >> thank you. >> dana: i first got in touch with her she wrote an article about a 17-year-old girl that won a big award, education award in afghanistan and president bush wanted to send the young girl a letter so i had to get the address and how i met her. she was one of the first people i talked to. she is only 26 years old. wasn't allowed to go to school when she was little but then able to because the taliban being out. she is 26 and yet feels like an
7:56 am
88-year-old lady sometimes. >> bill: been through a lot. a lot of big questions what happens with fate for so many in the country coming up soon. stand by for more. back here at home we have the return to the run for the roses. there will be people at the kentucky derby taking place tomorrow in louisville. expected to be the largest in-person sporting event in the u.s. since the pandemic hit from the fox business network. lydia hughes live from louisville. a really good look. how many people will be there to attend this? >> hey there, bill and dana. i want to give a shout-out about the hat. thank you for the compliment. frank olive in london. it looks like 45,000 people to attend in person. just to give you a sense, usually in a typical year we could see in excess of 160,000 so nowhere close to normal attendance but a little bit of
7:57 am
a move toward normal. last year there were no fans at all as the race kicked off in september on a delayed schedule. what is happening here today is the kentucky oaks, the running of the fillies. we had a chance to talk to owner travis foley. his horse is running tomorrow in the derby. listen to this. >> for somebody like us it is almost impossible. we aren't supposed to be here really, we just got a nice mare out of a small operation. just goes to show how anything can happen in this game where it is not always the big money. >> now after the derby tomorrow up next preakness in baltimore in two weeks and the belmont in june. not too far from finding out if we'll have a triple crown winner. >> dana: she is the crown winner. >> bill: you are royalty.
7:58 am
lydia. enjoy the weekend at churchill downs in kentucky. a lot of other places in the country you are well past where we are. just watching these live shots and getting the reporting from across the country, how quickly sometimes life can come back from where we used to be. so we're feeling it a little bit here. >> dana: we went to the super bowl in february and now it's going to be may tomorrow and you'll have the derby, it will be fun. do you drink a mint julep? >> bill: probably not. >> dana: my grandpa would say toss it in the first plant you find. >> bill: you can do that, too. our mayor says new york will open up fully 100% july 1st. our governor says not so fast. i will tell you, we've been waiting for leadership in new york to say let's get going, folks. i'm on the mayor's side. let's get going. set a target. just talk about it.
7:59 am
get the process underway. >> dana: i fell for a parity account yesterday. andrew yang is running for mayor of new york. sometimes he has done some things that are a little funny. he was in a dwayne reed one time saying getting a -- i didn't realize it was a parity account. this account tweeted new york city needs to reopen because new yorkers are desperate to get back to time square. so i sent it to a bunch of people. can you believe that he would actually say that? then the joke was on me. he didn't say that. no new yorker wants to go to time square. >> bill: you have the draft going on, right? the draft, i said. you also have the giraffe going on. i said the giraffe. two hours back ride at lion, a man and woman come face-to-face with the giraffe and it's checking them out making sure
8:00 am
they're okay before they can pass. this goes on for a minute and a half with the giraffe smelling. >> dana: asking for their vaccine passport and they didn't take it with them on the bike ride. he had to convince him. the giraffe came up to me, me looking up at tyrus. here is harris. >> harris: we begin with a fox news alert. senator tim scott has hit back at the left while facing attacks for saying america is not a racist country. i'm harris faulkner. the controversy exposing two vastly different visions for america as the president is calling for an expansion of the federal government and rooting out what he calls systemic racism that plagues america and he is plowing ahead with massive tax and spending proposals as you know. the "wall street journal" now calling it cradle the grave big government sa


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