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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  April 30, 2021 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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deputies in the shootings of andrew brown junior are reinstated. brown's family and others meet with lawmakers on capitol hill. >> president biden spent his one hundredth day in office. a multibillion-dollar plan. when he supported major league baseball, people are upset about this. todd: it happens. to beat trevor lawrence and how did the other pics shame about? will jillian and i be speaking? these are questions we will answer. "fox and friends first" on friday continues right now. ♪♪ when you would be here in my arms
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♪♪ waiting for tonight ♪♪ todd: there were 32 pics, of all the video producers could choose, smith going to the eagles to get these up, well done, producers, a great young man come you got a great one in devonte smith, you have a good one, great player. jillian: file you weren't going to be here tomorrow. todd: based on these thoughts in the handbook, devonte smith going to the eagles is not a reason to call out. in case that comes up again. jillian: you are watching "fox and friends first". todd: president biden celebrating his 100 today in office during his spending plans during a rally in georgia. jillian: mark meredith joins us with more as the president pictures his plan for infrastructure. >> reporter: first congress, now president biden telling the
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american people all about it. the president will head to the city of brotherly love to mark amtrak's fiftieth anniversary. on thursday the president was down south in georgia holding a drive in rally near atlanta urging the public to back his plan, trillions of dollars on everything from education to childcare. >> that is why i proposed the american jobs plan, a once in a generation investment in america, the biggest jobs plan in this country since world war ii. >> reporter: the spending we are talking about getting costly was trillions of dollars being proposed, the price tag adding up and republican speaking out against accusing the white house of trying to enact a left agenda with taxpayer money. >> trying to do anything remotely close to moderate. the biden bait and switch, everything he recommended has been hard left. >> reporter: we are hearing from mike pence for the first time
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since he left office, he spoke to group of conservatives in south carolina and came out swinging against the biden administration. >> in just 100 days the biden harris administration has launched an avalanche of liberal policies that threatened to derail the progress that we made for a safer, more prosperous, more secure america. >> reporter: especially when it comes to infrastructure, the president speaking with with republican senator capital yesterday, and this morning; republican senator jim scott remains in the spotlight, he delivered the rebuttal to the president this weekend he is defending his remarks after online trolls accused him of ignoring his heritage. >> there is a coming backlash to this liberal oppression that is becoming front and center and they are not even hiding their hands anymore.
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>> reporter: 27 million people watched wednesday's be on capitol hill, their numbers are significant but they are down from before donald trump's first speech to congress four years ago. can't imagine anybody in this town wasn't watching. jillian: literally on my tv all the time. todd: that construction at dc studios, nothing gets done fast in dc. it is incredible what they have done. appreciate it. president biden won the peach stay by slim margin in 2020 but former georgia state rep bernie jones says donald trump overall has a better message for african-americans. listen. >> donald trump had a good playbook in the african-american community. what do you have to lose? joe biden, if you vote republican they will put you back in chains. who was switching and baiting?
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nancy pelosi and chuck schumer, i am reminded of the wizard of oz, no brains, no courage and the other has no -- you know what i am saying. when i think about them they are not being led by dorothy and toto, the wicked witch of the south, stacy abrams. todd: president biden's first 100 days were, quote, full of failure, lives and one stumble after another. jillian: in north carolina protesters take to the streets as the sheriff identifies three deputies who opened fire in the deadly shooting of andrew brown junior. todd: the family of several black americans killed by police, ashley. >> reporter: protesters are out, north carolina demanding transparency in the shooting death of andrew brown junior at the hands of police, identifying
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3 deputies who shot their guns and says there needs to be more investigation done and they will stay on administrative leave. she said, quote, it is obvious four other deputies never fired their weapon deserve to be reinstated to active-duty. more investigation necessary, the 3 deputies who did fire their weapons, tuesday the fbi, federal civil rights investigation into brown's shooting. in dc relatives of brown, george floyd and others killed by police that the top white house officials along with lawmakers on both sides of the aisle to push for police reform. >> all of these were emotional, these families -- we have got to get this legislation across the finish line. >> reporter: senator tim scott is leading the effort for republicans to strike a bipartisan compromise on legislation to hold officers accountable.
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>> keep in mind was we are doing is why we are doing it, to make our communities easier to work to gather. we will work expeditiously to get to a solution. >> reporter: the george floyd police reform act has stalled out in congress. republicans in charge of overseeing the investigation into police department in louisville and minneapolis, byron donald said, quote, biden's department of justice is taking a dangerous precedent by injecting the hands of the federal government into local jurisdictions further to justify the left's identity and tribal politics and following the conviction of derek chauvin the doj said they would be opening a more sweeping probe into the in pd and on monday it would launch a second pattern or practice into the louisville police department regarding the death of breonna taylor. todd: thanks. jillian: a fox news alert 44 people are dead and a massive
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stampede at a festival in israel. police say this started after a large number of people tried entering a small passageway after a jewish celebration on an israeli mountainside. 10,000 people were allowed to enter the site what organizers say 30,000 showed up. todd: republicans call for an investigation into climate envoy john kerry accused of releasing information about is really a fax on iranian interests when he was secretary of state. the gop senator removed from the national security counsel pending the investigation. this comes from an audio recording of iran's foreign minister shared with the new york times. john kerry denies the allegations. the nfl draft, cleveland on the scene, quarterbacks going early and often on day one. trevor lawrence, zach wilson
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number 2, jets jets jets and the niners, trey lance, small cool -- school player, the first ever player pick this year the offense of side of the offense of record. jillian: what is this about young gunslingers? rumors world about a trade for aaron rodgers, this was wild yesterday. the reigning mvp doesn't want to return to the packers after 16 seasons in green bay. todd piro foreshadowing becoming a draft day reality. listen. >> telling producers, i am calling out tomorrow. we don't get devonte smith. jillian: he was drafted by my eagles. the first round picks with
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dallas, to break todd's hard. you are here, you showed up this morning and i am glad you showed up because i did bring you a gift. your favorite player and there is always room. >> i don't want people to think i am violent. i love the player. here today because carly is off. griff is somewhere in north carolina. i am a team player but i'm happy with the giants, they got a bunch of pics in future years and an interesting wide receiver, tony out of the university of florida is something else. jillian: by beloved eagles had spent a lot of time in the corner. there it is. todd: who got that shot? we are working on all cylinders. jillian: seattle police facing a
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crisis with 200 officers leaving in the past year. we spoke with seattle's president about the one thing he blames for driving good cops out. todd: unfortunately it cannot. president biden marking 100 days in office with a rally in georgia, a little hypocritical after he supported major league baseball boycotting the state costing businesses big time. more on that next. non-steroidal anti-inflammatory gel... available over the counter. voltaren is powerful arthritis pain relief in a gel. voltaren. the joy of movement. when it comes to autism, finding the right words can be tough. finding understanding doesn't have to be. we can create a kinder, more inclusive world for the millions of people on the autism spectrum. go to if these beautiful idaho potato recipes are just side dishes,
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dreaming again, we are discovering again, we are in the world again. you are proving democracy can deliver for the people. remember who we are. jillian: president biden marks 100 days in office with a rally in georgia, supporting major
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league baseball's decision to pull the game from atlanta a few weeks ago. todd: joining us to discuss former deputy director of the georgia republican party and cofounder of speak georgia. why is georgia okay for the 100 partisan celebration but not the nonpartisan supposedly all-star game? >> because joe biden understands georgia is ground 0 and we are here and ready as republicans to take back senate seats, house seats but it was empty promises, justification for failed promises and excessive spending and talk about how he can do things we know he's not going to do. jillian: people in georgia are upset about the all-star game and the ramifications of that, the $100 million all-star game revenue loss. i understand why business owners are upset about that but i wonder if it is unrealistic to think the president and democrats and member of his administration are not doing things in georgia past that.
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>> i didn't think they weren't going to do things in georgia. what they thought they were doing was calling on individuals to boycott businesses, and it is important to add the all-star week was a week, not just one day and that is a week of revenue our businesses have to suffer and what is interesting about his speech was the protesters. we are not talking about that enough, individual screaming can we get rid of -- jillian: she froze up for a second. let's see if we can give the control room a minute to see if it comes back. the next topic was senator tim scott, accusing them of fighting bigotry with bigotry and using race to gain power. let's listen to what senator tim scott had to say on hannity last night. >> it is sad to see the left is
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fighting bigotry with bigotry, their true motivation has nothing to do with ending prejudice and everything to do with claiming more power. >> i heard what tim scott said, the reaction to tim scott on twitter and so many other parts of the media was very hurtful to me. tim scott with your one time, really nice guy but on a human to human level here is a guy who turned himself to what you saw before you. how disturbing was the reaction from so many people to tim scott to you? >> very disturbing but a sad reality for black conservatives. my husband is running for u.s. senate in georgia and the things we hear our outrageous. you would think they would be excited about individuals who pull themselves up by their
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bootstraps, created success without the need for government intervention or anyone else but to be able to do these things because they were able to work through adversity. you would think that is a winning message but the fact that no one seemed to like that and -- don't want to say no one but the left is not seeing it like that is disturbing. jillian: thank you for joining us. a little glitch but we got your reaction to that, thank you. todd: still had the governor of texas taking the border crisis into his own hands. >> texas will secure the border and the biden administration will pay for it. todd: the lone star state isn't alone. red state governors are fighting back. jillian: a valuable lesson after a new apartment turns out to be in a retirement community. how that happens. ♪♪ opened up my eyes ♪♪ saw the sun
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todd: republican governors weighing in on the border as president biden hits his 100 today in office. >> the biden first 100 days has been very successful for the cartels, the drug smugglers, the human traffickers who are profiteering off of those who come across the border illegally. border patrol officers are fully occupying processing these migrants and that leaves open miles of border the cartels can come across, we deployed 1000 apartment troops and national guard to our border to secure our border for the people coming across.
2:23 am
here's what we want to do. texas will secure the border and the biden administration will pay for it. >> this administration is heartless. they created this crisis at the border. they are putting children at risk by the policies they eliminated that we all knew were working. as a governor of the state of iowa my number one responsibility is to protect the health and safety of iowans and it would be irresponsible for me not to be at the forefront of every decision i make. jillian: governors appear united in their disapproval of the biden administration's handling of the border. todd: officials say 200 officers have quit in the last year alone citing the current anti-police climate. the fraternal order of police joined us to explain why the movement to defend police. >> the narrative of defend the police and refusing to meet with law enforcement personnel, the balanced approach to police
2:24 am
reform and when we see this, the citizen those communities suffered. todd: 66 officers have left in seattle city council, $5 million to the department's budget. >> oklahoma goes viral on tick-tock for accidentally moving into retirement community. she signed police without seeing it pertinent. the teen even admitting it took a week to realize the mistake and explains the complex equal opportunity housing despite being the only teenager insight she does love her neighbors who she considers an extra set of grandparents. still to come president biden's american families plan the major focus of his first address to congress but how do america's
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families feel about it? our panel ways in next. todd: download the super 6 apps and play for a chance to win 10,$000, predict 6 outcomes at the super 6 quiz show, topics range from entertainment to sports to history, and only the super 6 apps now. jillian: live from churchill this morning at the kentucky derby. this song. ♪♪ staying alive ♪♪ only always ultra thins have rapiddry technology and, they absorb 40% faster. the gush happens fast. that's why always absorbs faster.
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>> reporter: record number of executive orders in his first 100 days some signed by president biden within minutes of taking the oath, directing donald trump's policies. nowhere is that more apparent than immigration. the expansion of immigration enforcement, stopping construction of the border wall, ending the remain in mexico policy and reversing the travel man, the country facing a crisis at the southern border. another with real-world consequences, the cancellation of the keystone pipeline. >> the administration trying to crush your future. >> gone with the stroke of a pen. rejoining the paris climate agreement, all of it part of his climate change agenda. another early target guns. >> no amendment of the constitution is absolute. from the very beginning you couldn't own any weapon you wanted to own.
2:30 am
from the very beginning the second amendment, certain people were not allowed to have weapons. >> reporter: among the actions trying to stop ghost guns and expanding red flag laws making it easier to prevent someone from buying a gun. perhaps the biggest impact from the executive order frenzy creating a commission to look at changing the makeup of the supreme court, expanding the court, lifetime appointments, what we know about the highest court in the land, radically transformed and how far president biden goes without republican support. what do everyday americans think of the president's policies and is he keeping his promise to unite the country? here to react is a panel of moms. cindy lee, stacy stanly, thank you so much for being here. first question to you? what do you think, are you happy with biden's policy so far? >> i'm a busy mom with four kids
2:31 am
and i'm very concerned, my children's future, so many mixed messages how i feel about his first 100 days and the talk during the campaign of doing this or that, very expensive increase, i am concerned about the future of my children and what to expect. we've got to get our priorities in order. >> you are from california. are you happy the california's policies are the policies of the entire nation? >> i am not happy at all. it is disappointing to see the failures of california being implemented across the country. very frustrating to see complete disregard for our children. everything comes first in the biden administration. his promises in the first hundred days of cool reopening for schools are not happening. todd: let's talk unity and take
2:32 am
a listen to joe biden on unity. >> we need to work together to find a consensus. we can do whatever we set our minds to if we do it together. >> trying to do anything remotely close to moderate. think of it as the biden bait and switch was everything he has recommended so far has been hard left. >> you try to unify your own household, that is a challenge, is joe biden uniting the country? >> he is definitely not uniting the country. after 100 days in office, the most radical president in history of this country, a socialist racism big government spending at taxpayers, destroying this country. look at the southern border, the biden harris administration refuses to address the border crisis, by calling it a
2:33 am
challenge instead of a crisis, the american people will be fooled what is going on. why are the democrats and mainstream media refusing to visit the border crisis and anything but left, they call you a racist. if you support law enforcement they call you a racist, if you oppose packing the supreme court they call you a racist. if you want kids to go back to school they call you a racist. if you don't want kids indoctrinated by critical theory they call you a racist and the left's am oh, they call you are racist and play on your emotions so they can gain control. we the people need to stand up, we need to take this country back and have courage, the land of the free of the brave and united states of america. todd: fox news did a poll of a number of issues grading president biden's job based on what the people say.
2:34 am
i want to ask all of you starting with cindy, what issue are you paying attention to most in the next 100 days? >> immigration and the border crisis. to endanger american life. the suffering that is taking place, hammered by the cartels. >> i am with cindy. the border control, the crisis with the illegal immigration is a huge concern. we are on the southern core door and directly affected in our cities in southern california. todd: what is the big issue you are paying attention to? >> very concerned about mental development.
2:35 am
the way covid locked down, and to affect children. steve: there you go. thank you for being here and pundits. jillian: the manhunt, to escape custody in georgia is over and it is all thanks to a news crew. police say the scene was covering the search for the suspect at the atlanta airport when they saw the suspect with the word risk tattooed on his neck and quickly alerted police and he was arrested. the cdc pulled the world renowned expert off of an advisory committee after he publicly disagreed with the path of the johnson & johnson
2:36 am
vaccine. harvard medical school professor joined us earlier to explain why he disagreed. >> the j and j vaccine for a vulnerable less affluent people, hard to reach with two doses. jillian: they paused the vaccine after 6 women reported blood clots following the shot. university professors caught bragging about teaching marxist content to their classes. >> fit in so well with the university philosophy. >> it is all social justice all day every day. all the things i love. >> you are unlike. >> they are cool with that, thank you. >> in illinois, both served on an illinois high school board despite when being paid for teachers union.
2:37 am
take a look at this. dramatic body can video showed kids jumping from windows to escape an apartment fire in kentucky. police officers catch a baby and several other people, 8 people were hospitalized with injuries for smoke in relation. dozens were left homeless, because of the fire is not necessary. todd: the kentucky derby this weekend, you know what that means, the best shot of the morning. janice dean live from churchill down. >> we learned to make one of the derbies, we are coming right back. just over a year ago, i was drowning in credit card debt. sofi helped me pay off twenty-three thousand dollars of credit card debt. they helped me consolidate all of that into one low monthly payment. they make you feel like it's an honor for them to help you out. i went from sleepless nights to getting my money right.
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jillian: the topic of people -- uncle tim following tim scott suv rebuttal of donald trump's address to congress. todd: it trended for hours. >> reporter: twitter blocked the
2:41 am
phrase uncle tim after hours of it circulating the platform following republican senator tim scott's rebuttal to the joint session of address to congress. encountered racism in his life. >> nowhere do i see common ground, discussions of race. i experienced the pain of discrimination. and pulled over for no reason, to be followed around the store on shopping. it is a different kind of intolerance. i get called uncle tom and the n-word by progressives, by liberals. >> reporter: after his address uncle tim appeared on twitter's trending topics. twitter on thursday morning
2:42 am
after 11 hours of trending told foxnews it was, quote, blocking the phrase from appear in trends, saying it is so in line with the company's policies but it twitter spokesperson told me trends are determined by an algorithm tailored for users based on who they follow, their interests and location. twitter says, quote, identifies topics that are popular now, the hottest emerging topics of discussions on the platform but scott wasn't satisfied with the social media site's explanation. >> i've never seen such a power grab using people in such a despicable way. it is really disheartening to see the response, to racial slurs. if it comes from the left according to twitter's response 12 hours later. >> reporter: twitter declined to comment when asked why it took so long to block the phrase. todd: tim scott remaining calm
2:43 am
and dignified. >> desperately searching for answers as we approach their fortieth birthday. her sister and family attorney make a difference. todd: let's check in with steve doocy, happy friday. >> reporter: thank goodness, coming up on this friday edition of "fox and friends" you may remember cuban exile keep maximo's emotional speech last summer reflecting on the american dream and democrat policies pose a threat to them. 8 months later he says joe biden's america is already looking like the country he fled. joining us live. also on deck, larry kudlow and settle of your horses for the running of the kentucky derby.
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janice dean the kentucky derby machine at churchill downs, turns the stands, it is going to be great and kick off 16 minutes from now. you are watching "fox and friends first". ♪♪ just pick your protein, select your doneness, and let the grill monitor your food. it also turns into an air fryer. bring outdoor grilling flavors indoors with the grill that grills for you. ♪ pepto bismol coats and soothes your stomach for fast relief and get the same fast relief in a delightful chew with pepto bismol chews. when it comes to autism, finding the right words can be tough. finding understanding doesn't have to be.
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>> four months since california mother of 3 disappeared as her fortieth birthday approaches, the family's frustration grows. here to discuss it her sister, her husband richard and family attorney. so sorry to talk to you under
2:48 am
these circumstances, just a few weeks ago we had spoken and you remained hopeful and shared a message to your sister, she was watching. what do you want the public to know as to where everything stands and what did you want your sister to know? >> always wanted to go hiking in the grand canyon with the whole family. it has been hard, tremendously hard. jillian: are you getting closer? >> not at all. it is still day one. we haven't gotten any leads.
2:49 am
we haven't gotten much help, working with the fbi and in cis but like that. jillian: it must be hard for the family to hold things together, for my a to try to keep going and find her, may 7th will mark four months since she went missing. i also understand your family hasn't been in contact with her husband larry who is not a person of interest cooperating with the investigation. your family hasn't been able to see her kids. what is the update on that? >> the hard part is gone by in
2:50 am
the last four months. my father's eyes, just crushed, to know where it started. crying free time. he smiles and not to see them, not the same, it is heartbreaking but what was last year compared to this year it is completely different. that is the hard part.
2:51 am
after 21 years doesn't want to upset that and disappeared. that doesn't make sense. jillian: can't comprehend what your family is going through. we were talking in the commercial break, the fbi helping in the case. what is the update since we last spoke to you? >> the day she went missing following an argument on the decision to file for divorce we have independent confirmation there were gunshots following that argument. jillian: send something about the children? >> thursday night was a school night in the low 40s that evening, less than an hour after
2:52 am
gunshots came from inside the house, the children were heard and seen in the backyard by silver cooler to defend 10:30. >> before we let you go what is your wish for your sister's birthday tomorrow? >> wants to be with her again. i couldn't even express what i am feeling right now. the whole family wishes she was here. jillian: i am so sorry, to have this conversation with you but we are following this case and wish you nothing but answers and
2:53 am
we hope you find your self certain that she comes home safe, thank you for joining us. we will be right back. e dishes, then i'm not a real idaho potato farmer. genuine idaho potatoes not just a side dish anymore. always look for the grown in idaho seal. .
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^. todd: the kersh is saturday. so, mele are you ready for the prerace festivities yea.
2:57 am
jillian: we are ready to go, janiceian january i love it shoutout to christine moore to made our hats. she is one of the official milliners of the kentucky derby. >> this is made in louisville by hats. janice: thank you you look fabulous. >> thank you, you do, too. janice: it's 5:00 somewhere. let's do the drink. i have been waiting to do that all morning long. casey, show us the official drink of the kentucky oaks, happening today. running of the phillies the female horses for breast cancer that's why we are wearing pink today. casey, let's drink. >> we are making like you said the official drink of the day. using the official vod finlandia vodka. janice: the horses are out. they smell the finlandia. >> one ounce of sweet and sour.
2:58 am
a one ounce of triple and three ounces of cranberry juice that's what's going to give it drink the beautiful pink color it's known for just for oaks day. this was actually a drink created to emulate the stargazer lily that's draped over the winning fill. you are the finland ia oaks lily. janice: bourbon is the official alcohol here i'm a big fan of the finlandia vodka, just saying and this drink is spectacular because we are on television, we are not really suppose to drink on tv. i will tell you during the commercial breaks interest will be partaking of lily drink. >> if you are not wanting to partake this weekend there an easy cocktail to modify into a zero omit the finland ia. and use triple sec syrup.
2:59 am
todd: have one of them tomorrow or today and mint julep tomorrow. one heck of a weekend for are j.d. and casey gray. janice: todd, you look like woody in toy story. todd: you look like you are ready for the kentucky derby and i look like i'm about to bump off a bank in 1920. jillian: you could this every year and i know you love it what does it feel like to be there because we have not seen you have in studio over a year. janice: it's a dream come true. i was pack in the studio for greg gutfeld's show. that was a wonderful time this. is truly one of my favorite things to do for "fox & friends." i have enjoyed it every single year. i have to tell you every year before this it has rained and it is going to be spectacular. so i'm so glad to just come back from the pandemic, you know, feeling good and feeling strong and i love it.
3:00 am
147 kentucky derby. we are doing it. todd: j.d., it's a scene that looks right on your tv the way it is supposed to be. j.d. in kentucky for the derby. jillian: thank you, have fun. cheers. jillian: "fox & friends" starts right now. >> that's why i proposed american jobs plan the once in a generation investment in the america. >> this is the european model where work is not rewarded and government attempts to attack care of everything cradle to grave. >> twitter was allowing the racial slur uncle tim to trend. >> can't push in america and believe americans are unbelievable. you must even believe the black good night is a white supremacist. >> left has lost it mind today. >> rudy giuliani saw his apartment raided. >> don't you want these? >> i said those are hunter biden's hard drives and they said no, no, no. >> facing a staffing crisis with more than 200 officers in the past year.
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