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tv   Hannity  FOX News  April 29, 2021 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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that be great. the second episode in our documentary series is out on fox nation. it is pretty good. hope you like it. we'll be back tomorrow. we are out of time. sean hannity takes over for the evening. >> sean: all right, tucker. thank you. and welcome to "hannity." tonight, a lot of ground to cover including the left's truly nasty, repulsive, and frankly racist reaction to senator tim scott's powerful speech last night. he will join us exclusively to respond right after our monologue tonight. big update in the rudy giuliani case, as you just saw on tucker, you will not believe what the feds did not take from his home. we have a question or why not? a full report. plus, coming up, newly-released footage of another police-involve shooting. this one in chicago showing a man running from the police, armed with a gun. we have the whole video and analysis coming straight ahead. and tonight, stay tuned for a big announcement at the end of theal show. big hint, this program next week
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one day will be headed to sunny southern california. the sanctuary state of california for an interview and we will tell you more about that coming up. now, later in our video of the day, it features a scary scene. i don't know if you saw this from last night's game between the cardinals and phillies. superstar, bryce took a 97 mile-per-hour fastball right to the face. and he wasn't the last player to get hit with a pitch two pitches in a row, two people beamed with the ball. we will have it all tonight. the very weak, frail, struggling joe biden visited the great stategg of georgia today. did not go very well after a sparsely-attended outdoor rally after -- w in front of a handful of people and their cars. he became highly irritated and obviously confused. take a look. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> i'm in trouble. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> sean: it was in his vaccinated pocket the whole time. and again, honest question. joe is vaccinated. why is he wearing the mask outside? of course,d this comes on the heels of his long, boring, predictable address filled with the radical status proposals. that is now officially in the books. no surprises.. every cliche bumper sticker, slogan, device of rhetoric, trillions of dollars in spending, green new deal, everything. and of course, higher taxes. so, everybody, it is exactly
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what you would expect from a guy controlled by w his socialist be in a room filled with, what, 20% capacity? vaccinated lawmakers all wearing masks in some sort of weird, i don't know, maybe performance art designed to show you how terrified you and your family should all be after even becoming fully vaccinated. every american over the age of 16 can now get the vaccination. only 26 million people tunedng into joe's address. that's just over half the audience ofed president trump received during his first joint speech in 2017. but the star of the night was not even close to joe biden. instead, it was south carolina senator, tim scott. he delivered the response and instead of vilifying america, senator scott, well, he used his own incredible inspiring life story to lift up everybody. take a look. >> from colleges to corporations, people are making money and gleaning power by
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pretending we haven't made any progress at all. by doubling down on the divisions we've worked so hard to heal. you know this stuff is wrong. hear me clearly. america is not a racist country. we are all in this together and we get to live in the greatest country on earth. the country were my grandfather in his 94 years saw his family go from cotton to congress in one lifetime. still one now, while senator scott made it very clear that america is not a racist country, he did talk about and acknowledge the racism that he faces regularly and described it as much of it coming from so-called "progressive" on the left in this country. take a look at this. >> i have experienced the pain of discrimination. i know what it feels like to be pulled over for no reason, to bi followed around a store while
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i'm shopping. i remember every morning at the kitchen table, my grandfather would open the newspaper and read it. but later, i realized he had never learneded to read it. he just wanted to set the right example. i've also experienced a different kind of intolerance. i get called uncle tom and the n-word by progressives, by liberals. just last week, a national newspaper suggested my family's poverty was actually privilege because a relative own plan generations before my time. >> sean: right on cue, they responded to senator scott with a stream of nasty racist despicable comments. the slur uncle tim was allowed for a whopping 12 hours. jack, do you want to explain that to us? the same jack that suspends and then cancels conservative voices
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all the time? and over there over at nbc, the rhetoric was just as bad. listen to how joy reid attempted to basically just a smear's life experience as an african-american senator. take a look. >> i was surprised, to be honest with you. this was standard republican pendulum. this could have been delivered by tom cotton or mike lee. america is not a racist country. there is no racism here. i'm not sure what the purpose of this was. w his audience appeared to be conservative by republicans who were angry over certain things.a of cancel culture and the same sort of cultural nods that we hear onn fox news. and he was there to throw him a lifeline. it was disappointing. >> sean: this is the same joy reid on nbc news once referred to senator scott as a token in the republican party. the same joy reid who used a
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racist slur to describe supreme court justice, clarence thomas. really? this is nbc news today? take a look. >> it is seen by some as a measure of progress. i would have called you a mere token elevated only to show that the g.o.p. has gotten the diversity memo in its past election. >> if somehow they managed to stumble into the supreme court, of you guys trust amy tony barrett and those guys to actually follow the letter of the law? arno. you've got to love the tim scott standing there over that round of words. >> sean: apparently according to joy reid, nbc news, i guess it's perfectly okay to say racist things about african-americans so long as they are conservative republican.ey are you proud of this standard nbc savannah guthrie? are you proud of the news brand that you work under? now remember last night on this program, senator lindsey graham
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warned us about this kind off hatred and rage directed toward senator scott. sadly, he was right. >> he became public enemy number one tonight. check out the internet and see what the liberals are saying about tim scott. so, is his website. they are going to crush this guy if they can. jamie harrison, my opponent will raise $132 million is now the democratic national committee chairman. he is m going after tim in a big way tonight. so if you want to help tim, go to and give what you can, because the enemies of tim scott are going to do the same tonight. >> sean: while senator graham is sticking up for his fellow lawmaker, virtually no one on the left is defending senator scott. widespread outrage fake new cnn, scott's colleagues across the
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aisle are more than happy to ignore the racist reaction to his speech. maybe the left doesn't really care about racism is much as they say that they do. after all, this is their president, the guy that worked with robert kkk byrd, the klansman to stop school integration in the '70s. he was worried his kids would grow up in his words "racial jungles" in the school system. the same joe biden who offered the crime bill that led to anen mass incarceration that he referred to as predators on our streets. joe biden has a decades long history of making racially offensive remarks. but no one in the democratic party, the media mob, big tech, no cancellation, no criticism fromde them. take a look. >> madam president, we have predators on our streets. >> the largest population is indian-american, moving from indian. you cannot go to a 7-eleven or a dunkin' donuts unless you have n
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slight indian accent. i'm not joking. >> what kind of a chance one a northeastern liberal like joe biden stand in the south? >> better than anybody else. youou don't know my state. my statey was a state. >> he is articulate and brave, and a nice-looking guy. >> they gonna put you all back in chains. >> we've got more questions. >> you got more questions? if you got a problem, figure out whether you are for me or trump, then you ain't black. >> sean: so, why do democrats, white and they always give a free pass to biden and other democrats? people lecturing america all the time that america is a racist country filled with racist people, racist institutions, racist police, racist conservatives, the very same people who rushed onto twitter last night, national tv insulting senator tim scott with vile smears and slander.
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senator scott is a leader in the republican party. he has a powerful life story we can all learn from. he has principal values and beliefs. he has earned his reputation as a u.s. senator gets things done. anyone who minimizes senator scott on the basis of race is by definition racist even if they have, well, democrat beside their name or a show on nbc news. joining us, south carolina senator, tim scott. senator, i thought the speech was amazing. toi'm sorry. it saddens me. i have many conservative african-american friends and they go through the same thing. read his book "blacklash." google my name. >> sean, thank you for having me on your show. viewers her the response. so, thank you so much for that. the left has lost her mind today.
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it is really saddening to see that what the left is doingt is fighting bigotry with bigotry. they have expose their hypocrisy and their true motivation. it has nothing to do with ending prejudice. it has everything to do with claiming or getting more power. i have never seen such power grab and using people in such a despicable way. it is really disheartening to see the left response, frankly even twitter's response to racism and racial slurs. if it comes from the left, and must be okay according to twitter's response 12 hours later. but thanks to your viewers for going tote thank you all so much. that really made a difference. lindsay is right. the next several months, if not the nextf two years of my life will be standing in the gap for what we know as traditional american values. we loveon people, not parties. we love the content, not the color.
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our nation stands in greatness because we fought back against those darker angels and we believed frankly in the better angels. i wish for democrats who always virtue signal. take a look at the mirror and ask themselves, with a put up with that from anyone other than themselves? and if you won't police yourselves, don't look to the other side. >> sean: meghan mccain actually said something i agree with. if you are okay with this, don't talk to me about involving race. i thought i was pretty powerful statement on behalf of her. you know, i'm watching all of this unfolds. it is sad because we have known each other now many years and it's just, it's just wrong. and in this woke cancel culture, it seems like there are very few areas where this type of intolerance is accepted.
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and it seems to be accepted by major news organizations. do you have a message to them specifically tonight? >> well, in my opinion, what they are fueling is a backlash. maybe they don't realize it or not but at some point people get sick and tired of being sick and tired and they start reacting as opposed to responding to the criticism and the negativity. fortunately for me, i've had to endure for the last couple of years as i keep coming to the conclusion that we got it right. so, the most inclusive economy, frankly in american history. the last administration, president trump, we created 7 million jobs with two-thirds going to african-americans and hispanics and women. we saw the lowest unemployment rate. we didn't care whether you were black or white. we looked for for ways to expand opportunities and give people options to make their own decisions. that's what america is about. and sure, we have had some challenges we keep rising to the occasion. we confront the person in the mirror which allows us to move over. but the left, shawn, the left refuses to do that. the left wants to find a scapegoat as opposed to helping build a better america. spend under think seein happenn disagree, is that they created l be. w, istrllioam you actually are free to
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disagree with me. thatat is the beauty of america. and what the democrats are selling is that you are not free to be yourself. you cannot disagree with the democrats. you can't disagree with
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progressive liberals and still be seen as mainstream in this country. speed to you gave specific examples of racism. there are ignorant racist people, evil people in this world and nobody that i know once anything to do with those ignorant people.le a subset group of people and i think the majority of americans are good, honest decent people but the beauty of framers and founders you can agree or disagree they created a system where you can write wrongs, correct injustices become a more perfect union and we have a history of doing all of that and a lot of bloodshed in the process and a lot of heroism of people of all races and then i'm like, the joe biden, how does he get away with praising the guy
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the filibuster civil rights of '64 and voting rights act of '65 and integration of public school saying he doesn't want to be racial jungles and not one person on nbc news or the media mob or the democratic party seems to care about that history. maybe i'm wrong, senator scott but for a republican donald trump had that background and history come i'm pretty sure they would criticize them daily but what do i know? >> it would be unrelenting, no doubt about that, a cascading effect and we would never see the light of day because the drumming would never stop but the truth of the matter of the hypocrisy needs to stop. i am a black man, proud to be black and i happen to be a conservative because i came to the conclusion a long time that conservative policies and
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principles is the way that we set people free, free to whoua they want to be and you are actually free to disagree with me. that is the beauty of america and what the democrats are selling is you are not free to be yourself. you cannot disagree with the democrats. you can't disagree with progressive liberals and still be seen as mainstream in this country. >> sean: two last questions. why does joe biden get a pass on his background, his history and what did donald trump say to you today? >> number one, i'll start with good news, good and bad news. good news, trump called me just say he thought i did a spectacular job. he said it was fantastic. it was spectacular. he really enjoyed listening to it. i'm glad that he listened to it. and he wants to make sure that we keep working to get things done for the country. believe its or not, one of the things that we talked about for a very short. lack of time was how to make progress for the most vulnerable.
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he is still focusing on getting things done from a policy standpoint by encouraging us to continue down the path that leads to american progress. on the other side, i have asked the same question. the b 1994 biden prison bill, it was a prison bill. it incarcerated disproportionately african-americans. can you imagine any republican talking aboutt putting people back in chains or saying that if you don't vote for me, you are not black? i don't know what it is about this paternalism that comes from the left, but it is front and center and it is shameful. i'm actually sad for them, because they are going to continue unless we stand in that gap, to teach people that this tanation and who we are is antithetical to the actual reality that i have lived, my grandfather has lived, daniel cameron, james, carson, and the list just goes on. once again, thank you, sean, for your work and thank you, lindsay for helping me raise resources
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at >> sean: your race is important. you are up in 2022. one thing i do know and i have talked to a lot of my friends in south carolina. they were never more proud of you than last night. thank you sir for being with us. and i am sorry that you had to go through that the lastng 24 hours. thanks for being with us. >> thank you, sean. have a great show. >> sean: thank you. joining us now, leo 20 terrel. larry elder. larry, we start with you. larry, your reaction. >> man, you know, this is why, sean, uncle tom, by the way, is available on youtube and other outlets. we interview people like colonel west of florida who got the same treatment that tim scott is getting right now. s the democrats need of course this issue because if they can get 13% of black people believing that america is systemically racist,t,n they believe they will to get there and that the 95%.
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america has never been less racist by any measure. look at interracial marriage. remember johnny cochran said that he married a white woman? well, the percentage of white people who oppose interracial marriage, all time low. in fact, depending upon how the question is phrased, sean, black people oppose interracial marriage more than why people do right now. you look at things like a white woman who lived next door to somebody. when they first asked that in 1958, only 48% of americans said they would. now only 3% said they would not. by any measure racism is less than it has ever been. but my any measure, democrats for votes. media for ratings. it is absolutely insulting and it is making america worse. when cops f are afraid to do thr jobs, they rollback, crime goes up, bad guys know it and the
11:22 pm
people who get hurt are the very people, the people on the left, the people like joe biden who have been lying for 30 years. about his own civil rights record, these are the people they claim they care about. but these are the ones who are harmed by this lie about america. >> sean: leo 2.0 terrell. >> very simple. look, racism is big money for the democrats. they get money from that. you look at al sharpton, they play the race card. they are going to make money on it. and that is why they continue to do it. not one word about race in that case. it was a murder case and yetit they characterize it as a race case. let me tell you what the democrats are afraid of. they are afraid of guys like tim scott because tim scott represents what donald trump did in the 2020 election. more blackid males are voting republican. you don't have blacks in the democratic party. you have no democratic party. let me say something very clear to those democrats who were born and raised in the '50s, '60s, '70s, you are a dinosaur.
11:23 pm
it's like them saying you know what, i like the republican message. i've got news for you. there is a trend taking place and the trend is black are thinking independently of having that. you know why, sean? they were born and raised to believe that democrats were for blacks and republicans are evil. that has changed. that has been eliminated. it is the number one reason why am on your show with larry elder saying that i left the democratic party because joe biden saying if you are black and you don't vote for me, it's racist. >> sean: i don't see his hat. [laughter] >> i'll get the hat. >> sean: when we come back, dan bongino and geraldo rivera with reaction. we have new videotape of another police involved shooting and a big announcement coming up at the end of our show. stay with us ♪ ♪ their own safelite story. this couple loves camping adventures
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> sean: tonight as usual, police are under attack in this country more than ever as we are now learning that for the first four months of this year, 111 police officers have lost their lives in the line of duty. according to the national law enforcement officersli memorial fund. an 11% increase from 98 during the same period last year, which was one of the deadliest in decades with a total of 360 police officers dying in the line of duty last year. unfortunately, the climate continues to get worse. for example, an officer in delaware died c wednesday after being brutally beaten after responding to a call about a fight. in north carolina, two deputies were killed in an ambush that turned into a 13 hour standoff between officers and a shooter.
11:29 pm
don't forget, earlier this week we showed you an officer being attacked in broad daylight in the streets of new york city. this all happening more and more. out in chicago, videos being released of another officer-involved shootingor of a 22-year-old named anthony alvarez who police say led on a chase whilee he had a gun. here is the video. as often sadly is the case, viewer discretion is advised. >> hey! drop the gun! dropped the gun! >> he had a gun! shots fired by the police. >> sean: look at your screen. you can now see from this angle, alvarez running with a gun. remember that these cops have to make. split-second decisions in real time.
11:30 pm
now senator scott said even last night democrats, they don't want solutions. they only want the issue soai ty can continue to divide americans, rush to judgment, erode trust between law enforcement and the communities they protect and serve. because, well, rather than offering real answers are really talkingnd about crime and trying to stop all shootings and all killings, democrats say they just want the police to be reimagined their new favorite term.ot take a look. >> i am very clear that we have got to in america reimagine how we are accomplishing public safety. >> today we will pass legislation that will reimagine for the 21st century. >> the budget i released last week takes many steps to reimagine public safety. >> we have deep hard soul-searching work ahead to reimagine and rebuild the very compact between law enforcement and community.
11:31 pm
>> sean: here with reaction, fox news contributor, dan bongino along with fox news correspondent at large, geraldo rivera. and i will say these body cams -- now you see these videos one after another. in most cases, geraldo, the gun is in the video. you see the split second that a cop has g to make a decision, hw hard that job is. >>ow i think it is the proliferation, sean of the surveillance video that is making this issue seems so urgent. in fact,ha it has been relativey flat for several decades. i would like to go back to senator scott. in june of last year, he proposed what he called the justice act. it adjusts police training, police tactics, and hiring. trainings in terms of the no knock, actual calls, when to use
11:32 pm
your weapon, when to fire. that was all, it is all in tim scott's justice act that the democrats have refused to consider. so i believe there is a step in the right direction that is right on the desk of the officials in washington if only they could get past the fact that tim scott was a republican. let's start. doesn't answer all the questions about policing? all of the controversy about policing? of course not. but it is a step in the right direction and senator scott was right on it right after the george floyd murder in and i think it is lamentable that the democrats refuse to even consider it, sean. >> sean: putting aside george floyd, a separate case. and we had a trial and a conviction, dan bongino. what do we see? there is commonality and a lot of these videos now being released. you see people running from the police. you see people resisting arrest. and you see people with firearms, often being pointed at cops. this is what they are facing everyday.
11:33 pm
>> yeah. and listen, i was with you, sean. i really believe the proliferation. of body cameras. let me say in advance, i think it's a good thing. accountability for law enforcement. i was one. it's a good thing for laww enforcement and a good thig in a constitutional republic, okay? period. having said that, i have to tell you, i have been disappointed. i have, like you, believe that when the public saw through the eyes of a police officer, or at least throughas the perspectivef a officer, sometimes it's on the chest area, you would see people come around and say wow. this is a really dangerous job. it's not even second decisions, sean.. it's a split millisecond decisions. >> sean: fractions. >> and people would say my gosh, this is really difficult and i would not want to walk a mile and a police officer's shoes. sadly, that is not what is happening now. as we saw with the incident inol chicago and the tragedy with the 13-year-old man who may have dropped the gun milliseconds before the police officer even
11:34 pm
notice it. and now you have, sean, the proliferation around twitter and social media from the body cam where you get geniuses who know nothing aboutal policing saying oh, my gosh, look, his hands were clearly empty. yeah, for .08 of a second. he had the gun before. again, i think cameras are a good thing. but i don't think they are as good as they could be. i think the public needs to be more aware of what they are watching.. a >> sean: could you explain every big city, every weekend, x number of people sean, x number of people shot and killed and we never hear about those names. why are only the cases that can be politicized? why don't we hear the names of everyone being shot? >> well, you answered your own question, sean. it is precisely because they lend themselves to be politicized and the video evidence so-calledse is how they bring it to the public attention in the most egregious way
11:35 pm
possible. but we've got to just deal with the reality that we have. here is a cop here what do cops want? cops want to do the best job they possibly can. cops want to go home body and soul intact. cops want to have their pension at the end or however long they the job. that is what cops want. the story you hear about them leaving the departments in that, what they are doing is going to suburban departments where they get paid more. >> sean: they are leaving because they are not getting support anymore. that is why they are leaving. we are just short on time, dan. >> yeah, yeah. a that is only partially right. some are leaving for smaller departments and a lot of people who have experienced, sean, 20, 22, 23 police officers would normally stay around a few years and teach the young guys the rules of the road and how to work.ol
11:36 pm
they are leaving at 20, 20 and up like i don't need this. i've got to deal with bill de blasio in new york? i'm not dealing with him. and they are all leaving. all of that experience. down the tubes. >> sean: all right, thank you both. geraldo, dan bongino. when we come back, i will update you on the rudy giuliani rate of his home, predawn raid. biden claims ignorance. plus, you won't believe zero experience hunter, what he is up to now. we will check in with miranda devine and a special announcement and cuomo in more hot water. we have an update, straight ahead. ♪ ♪nt ter than seed alone for full, green grass. everything else just seems... slow. it's lawn season. let's get to the yard. in a recent clinical study, patients using salonpas patch reported reductions in pain severity, using less or a lot less oral pain medicines.
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♪ ♪ >> sean: now an update on a developing story tonight.
11:41 pm
rudy giuliani saw his manhattan apartment rated yesterday as part of a investigation because of a reported fara violation. here is what he told tucker carlson. take a look. >> i said where are they? those are hunter biden's hard drives. they said no, no, no. i said are you sure you don't want those? hunter biden's hard drive fall within the scope of the subpoena. the reality is that hard drive contains somewhere between a dozen or more violations of fara. that are spelled out completely. they invaded, without telling me, my icloud. they took documents that are a privilege. they decided what they could read and not read. so, the prosecutors, the justice department spied on me. >> sean: i have a few questions. does equaled justice and equal application of our laws exist in this current day america? when is zero experience hunter
11:42 pm
ever going to be held accountable for his nefarious dealings overseas, massive profiting off of his father's diplomacy in ukraine and china, and russia, and kazakhstan. all laid out in the senate report and as if things cannot get any more bizarre, hunter biden will apparently be visiting tulane university to talk about being a victim of fake news. okay, you can't make it up. here with reaction, "new york post" columnist, author of the upcoming book, "laptop from hell" along with nationally syndicated radio talk don't believe in equal justice or application of our laws exist anymore. the biggest evidence to me, zero experience hunter being paid millions from burisma. his father leverages a billion taxpayer dollars. he is on tape bragging about it. you don't fire the prosecutor investigating my zero experience son, you are not getting it.
11:43 pm
then the bank of china. the first lady of moscow. then kazakhstan. we will get to the laptop with miranda. so, am i wrong or am i just too cynical in my own age? >> no, i don't think you are wrong at all and i think it makes cynics of us all, sean. this whole thing is so bizarre. so the people who were involved, just to put it in layman's terms, they get privileged information that relates to him and other individuals that his lawyer, a confidentiality agreement covers and they are able to field the stuff. this is just insane. meanwhile, if they are suddenly concerned about fara, i am wondering, sean, when fusion gps and all of those individuals are going to come into that conversation, because correct me if i am wrong, because it's just rhetorical. they were in violation of fara requirements. furthermore, sean, i was looking at fox's report of joe biden
11:44 pm
when he was giving interest to the media as to what was he aware that this had occurred. and i am so tired of this just senile old pa pa kind of reaction that i think he puts on as a show. it's like oh, i was completely unaware. i would not have interfered nor i would have told him to stop as though they had, as though he didn't go and tell them to not get involved. my whole point is that under barack obama, he politicized the doj. they went after reporters. they used the pfizer court, abused their authority, spied on americans, what is still continuings today according to news reports care for him to act like it was the previous administration that did this and he is restoring some sort of honor or integrity to the justice department while also not holding his own flesh and blood to the same standard, the legal standard that he expects all of us to abide by is not only hypocrisy sean, this makes regular good people not believe
11:45 pm
in their government and it also makes them not want to follow the laws that their electedt officials can't follow. >> sean: yeah. but you know, miranda, your newspaper, i think it is the fourth largest circulation in the country, i assume that you guys have already seen the laptop. i have been told by my sources that i can't even take possession of it because if i did have it in my possession of the contents of it would probably warrant on the rest of me for even having such in my possession. your paper was censored, canceled by big tech and shows candidate protection program. why aren't we getting the full story of what is on that laptop? >> well, you certainly will as soon asthma my book
11:46 pm
comes out, but also "the newve york post," we have published some pretty bombshell allegations. but the other bombshell that we have heard tonight from rudy giuliani, which i'm not sure he really articulated in a way that explains the full horror of it. in late 2019, the southern district of new york executed au covert warrant on rudy giuliani's icloud account. meant that they had full access to all his emails, all his text messages, all his documents at the very time that he waser conducting the defensef the president of the united states for the first impeachment, the ukrainian based impeachment that the democrats were after him for. now, then the southern district of new york went through all those documents and emails and they decided themselves which ones were covered by attorney-client privilege, which ones were covered by executive privilege related to the president of the united states. and they sat on that until today
11:47 pm
when they decided that they would divulge that covert warrant to rudy giuliani's lawyer, bob costello. so not only did they sit on that for that long during the impeachment, but then yesterday, they have gone in and they have executed this search warrant on rudy giuliani's department and his workplace evenh though two years ago, his lawyer has said to them, we will come in. we will give you everything. rudy giuliani has nothing to hide. >> sean: let me ask you this. all my sources correct that if any american citizen had on their laptops what was on the hunter biden laptop, with a likely have been arrested by now, miranda, in your w o estimation, your opinion? my sources tell me it's pretty bad. >> in my honest opinion, having been through every element on
11:48 pm
the laptop, no. you would have to really examine the letter of the law to stretch it to make that happen. i don't believe so. >> sean: okay. miranda, thank you both. when we come back, new allegations. it is getting worse for governor cuomo. straight ahead, an announcement also coming up tonight. ♪ ♪
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>> sean: all right. ♪ ♪ >> sean: all right disgraced governor andrew cuomo is intensifying again. much worse than we ever realize with an explosive report from the "new york times." he covered up the extent of
11:53 pm
nursing home just by hiding the true number, not just from the general public but even from their own health officials. now, of course, this was all happening at the same time he was writing a book to try to take a victory lap for his covert response so ask yourself, what is it going to take to hold andrew cuomo accountable? why did joe biden pick him to lead the nation wide covid response senior meteorologist, who lost family members as a result of this executive order. your reaction, janice. >> he continues to get away with it, sean, unfortunately and this was a bombshell report basically saying they went to great lengths to hide those numbers, 15,000 deaths in new york in nursing homes. i believe it is because march 25th order to put a coat positive patients into nursing homes for several weeks. the fact that "the new york times" has a bombshell report, that is a big
11:54 pm
deal, but i will tell you that abc, cbs and nbc didn't cover it. >> sean: well, that is standard fare,'s sad about fair. if it was a republican ron desantis or governor abbott it would be a different story but that is my opinion. now the question is there is an alternative route that will not be justice and the justice system families like your family immediately impacted do have the ability to go to the court system. i know that's been in the works for a while. >> we are talking about it. i have a discussion tomorrow with lawyers to see how we go forward, but i have to believe that justice will eventually be served, sean, as an fbi investigation, a federal investigation and justice department investigations that hopefully is still in effect. not only did nursing home issue
11:55 pm
but this guy has other problems with sexual harassment and covid positive test for friends and family for chris cuomo in france with nursing homes begging for tests. families were begging for tests so they could see their dying loved ones in their final days but governor cuomo and his friends and family with covid test. >> sean: we will stay on it, and we are sorry what happened to your family members. janice dean, thank you. when we come back, scary moments. we will show you the tape and a major announcement right after this break. stay with us. i feel kinder, when nature is so kind to me. find more ways to grow at >> tech: every customer has their own safelite story. this couple loves camping adventures and their suv is always there with them. so when their windshield got a chip,
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>> sean: you see this? chaos at the phillies and cardinals game in st. louis. bryce harper drilled in the face with a 97 miles per hour fastball. look at this. >> bryce harper maybe for a third time as well. heart of the line-up here. oh, wow!
12:00 am
oh, no. oh, boy. >> next batter, next pitch, hit him, too. next week i'll interview caitlyn jenner. gavin newsome recalled. can a republican win? graham angle countdown featuring desantis, reynolds, abbott. >> this is a special ingraham angle townhall, the red state trailblazers. since the pandemic began states led by republican governors have far outpaced


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