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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  April 29, 2021 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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"fox news primetime." i'm tammy bruce. we will be back here tomorrow night, 7:00 p.m. tucker carlson is up next. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening, and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." happy thursday. joe biden spoke to a joint session of the congress last night. if you saw it, and relatively few people did judging by the numbers, then you know that the confusing part started even before the speech began. it wasco the masks again. everyone was wearing a mask, very much including the two stern ladies sitting behind joe biden. that would be the speaker of the house and the real president. they were masked up, all of them were, like but here is the weird part, all of them had been vaccinated,
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they told us that, so there was literally no reason for any of them to be wearing masks, but they wore them anyway. it was like everyone in the room had munchausen syndrome. it is our. we never did get to the bottom of that because joe biden started talking.g. language is designed to community ideas, but not when joe biden uses it. last night speech was a cluster bomb of cliches meant to knock you senseless and make you surrender. "americans choose hope over fear," biden droned, "truth over lives, life over darkness." we lost track over that, our brain shut down. mission accomplished. the news media did not notice, they were not listening to him, they have no interest in what joe biden says. they got him elected. he is their guy, and that is that. technically, joe biden is now the president of the united states, the most powerful man in the world, so maybe someone somewhere could keep track of what he is doing. but no, reporters cover joe biden like he is an actor on
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pressed to her for the hot new summer blockbuster. he and his dazzling costar, kamala. >> his use of voice modulation was rather extraordinary, given the television era, and it served as cover, at times, for, on schooling and ambition in the speech that was a rooseveltian in sizeit and scope. >> it's really beautiful. i mean, it was beautiful. he is developing a kind of positive. >> he also talked about the soul of america, and that was so passionate when he talked about the injustice, the knee of injustice on the neck of black america. >> his connections to the people in this room, i'm not even sure all of them are deserving of them, but he does not care. he gives to them the benefit of the doubt. >> his voice, that kind of grandfatherly, whispery voice,
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and the fact it was not -- letas that really land. >> every single sentence had a very clear point to it, every line of it had that biden humility in it. >> he's really trying to bring the countryad together. it was a make america feel good night. >> tucker: [laughs] wait a second. wasn't that the president of the united states talking? no, that's what you thought. in fact, it was jesus in aviator glasses. what joe biden said last night was beautiful, intimate, grandfatherly, indeed, rooseveltian. joe biden spoke to the soul of america. he connected with people who don't even deserve to be connected with. hopeless sinners, redeemed by his voice alone. a voice that is not, and we want to be clear about this, the fading monotone of a 78-year-olt man losing his grip. no, it's not. joe biden's voice modulates. it has the capacity to change pitch in a way that is, and we are quoting now, "rather extraordinary," and so on.
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we could keep going with this, cable news is a rich vein, but we will stop and turn to reality. a powerful politician gave a speech last night about how he plans to change your life. so we feel obligated to tell you what he said, and not simply commit a series of symbolic sex acts upon him. at the joe biden actually say? he said people who disagree with him aree terrorists, more dangerous than the jihadis who destroyed the world trade center. watch. >> 100 days since i took the oath of office and lifted my hand off our family bible and inherited a nation, we all did, that was in crisis. the worst pandemic in a century, the worst economic crisis since the great depression. the worst attack on our democracy since the civil war. >> tucker: really? the worst attack on our democracy in 160 years? how about the immigration act of 1965? that law completely change the composition of america's voter
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rolls. purely to benefit the democratic party.. that seems like kind of an assault on democracy, a permanent one. but no, that was a good thing, because in the end, it helped joe biden. what's bad is when anyone other than joe biden has power. that's an attack on democracy. and the people who commit that attack deserve to be in solitary confinement in the d.c. jail, even if they only, technically speaking, committed misdemeanor trespassing. so abandon those silly racist assumption about how you have rights. derived from some ancient piece of parchment. the bill of rights? come on. as joe biden reminded us last night, no constitutional amendment is absolute. all of them are subject to his approval. >> we need a ban on assault weapons and high-capacity magazines. and don't tell me it can't be done. they'll tell you that there are too many people a day who are able to buy a gun but shouldn't
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be able to buy a gun, and no amendment to the constitution is absolute. you can't yell "fire" in a crowded theater. >> tucker: don't tell me it can't be done. no amendment to the constitution is absolute. wow, glad to know that. stupidly, we assumed the documents were real. now we have learned that the 19th amendment isn't absolute. so it'll be interesting to discover under what circumstances women can be prohibited from voting and elections. nancy pelosi will be interested, too. a good thing the suffragettes are gone. they would be upset to hear that. and how about the 13th amendment? that is a big one. now that joe biden has declared that amendment at all of them are up for negotiation, maybe he will tell us what it is legal to enslave people.asme it turns out abolition wasn't really absolute. the only thing that is absolute at this point is the power of the democratic party, and don't you dare resist it. you can't yell "fire" in a crowded theater, biden pointedly told us last night. but of course, that depends
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entirely on the condition of the theater. if the theater actually is on fire, you should say so loudly. if you think the presidential election was stolen, by god, speak up.y and that is the right that is at stake here. the right to speak your conscience, a to say the obviou, to tell the truth. i was very much the right at stake ini the summer of 1917, when an earlier democratic administration arrested a man called charles schenck. he was a socialist who opposed america's entry into the first world war, the iraq of its day. he had 15,000 pamphlets printed. he did not advocate violence, argued against the military draft, argued was unconstitutional. the headline was "long live the constitution of the united states." woodrow wilson, the president, promptly had him arrested. federal agents raided his office, seized his pamphlet, and carted him off to jail. he was charged and then convicted under the espionage act.t.
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you hear the word espionage a lot. he was convicted under that act and sent to federal prison, and not just him. the woodrow wilson and administration prosecuted thousands of other americans for daring toer oppose his policies. the phrase "shouting fire in a crowded theater" comes from a supreme court case, schenck versus u.s., that resulted from those arrests. according to a reading of the case that the wilson administration preferredrrea ate time, charles schenck was not exercising his first amendment rights by disagreeing with the white house. he was shouting fire in a crowded theater. he was endangering the public. he was a criminal who deserved jail. joe biden knows all this, of course, he was the chairman of the senate judiciary committee. that isn one of the most famous supreme court cases in u.s. history. joe biden is squarely on woodrow wilson's sideco of that argumen. the side that crushes civil liberties to achieve political imperatives. biden once again referred obliquely to the schenck case while speaking at the white house.
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>> but no amendment, no amendment to the constitution is absolute. you can't yell "fire" in a crowded movie theater and call it freedom of speech. >> tucker: ah. so you can't yell "fire" in a crowded theater, even if the theater is burning. you must i read the script. that is the message. you thought you could say what you wanted in a free country. that was your birthright, but your opinion is not legitimate, if it deviates from joe biden's opinion, you yourself are not legitimate. in fact, if you disagree with joe biden or the afternoon panel on msnbc that represents him, you are a white supremacist. so by definition, you've lost your rights. the national security state has determined you are a terrorist. >> and we will not ignore what our intelligence agencies determined to be the most lethal terrorist threat to the homelane today: white supremacy is terrorism. we are not going to ignore that, either.
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my fellow americans, look, we have to come together to heal the soul of this nation. >> tucker: [laughs] we have to come together to heal the soul of the nation. by attacking ourav fellow americans using a phrase no one will do fine. what does coming together mean? well, it means, because of a concept called white supremacy -- again, he phrase w left endlessly invokes but never defines -- your civil liberties have now been suspended. the whole point of the derek chauvin trial was to inform you of that. traditionally in this country, we force ourselves to assume that criminal defendants are innocent until proven otherwise. even ifn we have video. that is our system. innocent until proven guilty. not anymore. once you have been identified as a white supremacist, you don't get a fair trial because you are not entitled to a fair trial. a sitting member of congress can threaten to burn down a city if you are not convicted, and the people in charge will applaud her as she does, and they did. and even if a jury does somehow
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acquit you, you will still be found guilty. that was the plan. in derek chauvin's case, the justice department made plans to arrest derek chauvin in court if the jury found him innocent. so if he was acquitted, he was going to be arrested, anyway. he hade to be guilty. period. you know, there was a time, like 20 years ago, when charginghe someone twice for the same crime was called double jeopardy. it is unconstitutional. it always has been. but not anymore. now that white supremacist roam the land, no right is absolute. that was the message of last night's speech. beautiful. the only remaining principal in this country is that you can't oppose the peopleau in charge. former new york city mayor rudy giuliani just learned that lesson the hard way yesterday, when federal agents raided his home andhe took his files. by our count, rudy giuliani is at least a third attorney to have his personal communications with former president donald trump seized by
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the justice department. sense a theme here? rudy giuliani joins us to tell us what happened. mr. mayor, thanks so much for coming on. now, if you had been reading the twitter feedhe of the lincoln project, the democratic hacks who got joe biden elected, you would have known that federal agents were about to raid your home. they kneww before you did. but apparently you weren't. tell us what happened yesterday. >> well, 6:00 in the morning, there is 6 a big bang, bang, bag on the door, and outside were seven -- seven fbi agents with a warrant for electronics, and i looked at the warrant, and i said, you know, this is extraordinary, because i offered to give these to the government and talk it over with them for two years. i don't know why they have to do althis. the agents seemed somewhat apologetic, i might say. they were very, very professional and very gentlemanly. s the only w time they got perturd
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is at the end of the search, when they had taken about, i would say, seven or eight electronic itemsms of mine -- which is what they took -- and two of someone else's. that they weren't taking the three hard drives, which of course our electronic devices. they just mimic the computer. i said, well, don't you want these?t and they said, what are they? i said, those are hunter biden's hard drives. tand they said, no, no, no. i said, are you sure you don't want them? the warrant required them to take it, and they said, no, no, no. one last time, i said, "don't you think you should take it?" and they said, no. hunter biden's hard drives fall within the scope of the subpoena. the subpoena required them to take all electronics. they decided to leave that behind. they also were completely content to rely on my word that these were hunter biden's hard drives. i mean, they could have been donald trump's.
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they could have been vladimir putin's. they could have been anybody's. but they relied on me, the man who had to be raided in the morning, because -- i'm going to destroy the evidence? i've known this for two years, tucker, i have destroyed the evidence. the evidence is exculpatory. it proves the president and i and all of us are innocent. they are the ones who are committing -- it's like projection. they are committing the crimes. go ahead. >> tucker: i think it is literally projection. what we have read in the press, the department of justice wants to know whether you violated fara, the foreign agents registration act, in representing foreign nationals ukrainians for pay. you did not register, they are saying that may have been a crime. we know for a fact hunter biden did that. he did not register under fara, also represented chinese nationals, lobbying his dad, and he has not been charged with a fara violation..
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am i missing something here? >> youou are missing equal administration of justice which we don't have anymore. the hard drive contains somewhere between a dozen or more violations of fara that is spelled out completely, failure to register. the fact is it also spells out, as we now know, a clear violation of the gun act, the application is a straight out fraud, he says i'm not an addict. we have a picture of him five days before, smoking a crack pipe behind the wheel of a car, and saying under oath that he is not anhe addict and it is the lt that gets all perturbed about people who are mentally unstable having guns, well, he was unstable. he has been, unfortunately and tragically -- i feel sorry for that part of hunter biden. i thinkeenf his father exploited him. but the reality is, he is still a danger to the public if he is driving an automobile or holding
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a gun, but they don't care about ilthat. they come to my apartment, when i am willing to talk to them civilly, myself, and second, i can tell you, i never, ever represented a foreign national. in fact, i have in my contracts, a refusal to do it because from the time i got out of being mayor, i did not want to lobby. never did it to bush, never did it to obama, never did it with trump. i can prove it. instead that a breakdown -- i wouldn't say breakdown, but smash on my doors in a frightening way. lucky i do not get frightened very easily. handle them very professionally and they handled me very professionally. i want to make that point. also, tucker, i am a lawyer who has prosecuted a lot more serious cases that have been prosecuted in the u.s. attorney's office since i left.
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and the reality is that warrant is completely illegal. the only way you can get a search warrant is if you can show that there is some evidence that the person is going to destroy the evidence. or is going to run away with the evidence. well, i've had it for two years and haven't destroyed at. and they also got it from the icloud.av so, there was no -- there was no justification for that warrant. it is illegal, unconstitutional warrant. one of many that this department of injustice tragically has done, and it breaks my heart because i belong to the justice department, and i think i had a record that is a hell of a lot better than theirs. >> tucker: joe biden said he did not know, the lincoln project knew, the guys who covered up child molestation. but joe biden says he didn't know that this raid was coming. do you take that at face value? >> maybe he doesn't remember. i'm not sure if he can retain anything for more than the time it takes to read it, but in any event, who cares if he knew or not, and the reality is -- the lincolnev project knowing means
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they have a serious leak in a very important investigation. we have been warning them of that for two years. my lawyer, bob costello, has written to f them four times to plug up the leaks. they have been on nothing to do that.wr >> tucker: may i interrupt you i should've -- i want to t be absently certain that we understand, our viewers understand what it is the justice department said they are investigating. we have read it is a fara violation. what have they set about what they are looking into? >> they haven't explained, they are looking into it for two years. we are called five or six occasions, tell us what you are investigating and we will address come in i talked to us about your whole life. that is ridiculous. i have to go, as a lawyer, on the search warrant. the search warrant is on one single failure to file for
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representing a ukrainian national or official that i never represented. a i never represented a ukrainian national or official before the united states government. i've declined it several times. i've had contracts in countries like ukraine. in the contract is a clause that says i will not engage in lobbying or foreign representation. i don't do it because i felt it would be too compromising. here i am in the middle of representing the president of the united states on a charge of that i believe he was innocent of. i have great passion about that. if you are a lawyer in representing innocent man, there is no greater burden you can have. and my sole concentration, i am so offended by the things they said about me, my sole concentration from the beginning was to find evidence that would prove what i knew, that he was innocent of russian collusion, and he was innocent of doingt anything improper. he did exactly what a president should do with the president of
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ukraine. w he ask him to investigate -- >> tucker: right. >> a vice president who violated our laws over and over again. 30 years of the biden crime family by violating our laws. that is what is on the hard drive that they have. that is why they want to put me in jail. >> tucker: one of the great ironies is the democratic party is hysterical on the subjectrt f russia, in part because they have taken so much money from ukraine, which of course fears russia and has for an awful long time. they are being paid to hate russia. let me just ask you, they've taken your phone, they've got all of your digital communications, so unless you have been in masks 12 hours a day for the last five years, is there anybody -- and no, it's a sincere question. is there anybody -- they've got every text you've ever sent and every email, that they couldn't find something to charge you with? do you think this will remain a fara investigation, or could it
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get much bigger quickly? >> i think it should get much bigger. i think they should be investigated for blatantly violating my constitutional rights, the president constitutional rights.uc in the middle of the impeachment defense, they invaded, without telling me, my icloud. they took documents that are privileged, and haven't really decided what they could read and not buried. the prosecutors, the justice department spied on me, and that is not taken seriously. if that doesn't result in their being sanctioned, the case being dismissed, and it's stopping, this is no longer -- we might as well be in, you know, east berlin before the wall fell. this is tactics only known in a dictatorship, where you seize a lawyer's records right in the middle of his representation of his client.
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you should be prosecuted and disbarred for that. you should not be prosecuting somebody else. >> tucker: i agree with that. uncritically. >> they are a disgrace to a great department. they are a disgrace to a great department. that i served honorably and well. >> tucker: shocking. i hope you will come back. i have a feeling we are going to be hearing a lot about that. former mayor rudy giuliani. thank you. so, hunter biden lobbied the vice president of the united states on behalf of ukraine, does not register, gets rich doing it, then gets a job teaching at tulane university. someone criticizes that, and the fbi shows up at his house. what does that mean for the rule of law in this country? francey hakes, former federal prosecutor, joins us to react to what it means. we will be right back. ♪ ♪s
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> tucker: so, we just spoke to former new york mayor rudy giuliani, one day after his home was raided by fbi agents and his personal electronic devices were seized. minutes ago, president trump's former attorney spoke about what
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happened to him and compared it to how the biden family has been treated. the allegation, lobbying on behalf of ukraine, the u.s. government, without registering. we know for a fact that hunter biden did that. here is how they treated rudy giuliani. here's a quick excerpt of that interview. >> my sole concentration from the beginning here, tucker, was to find evidence that would prove what i knew that he was innocent of russia collusion an he was innocent of doing anything improper. he did exactly what he president should do with the president of ukraine. he asked them to investigate a vice president who violated our laws over and over again. 30 years of the biden crime family, violating our laws, that is what is on the hard drive that they have. and that is why they want to put me in jail. >> tucker: francey hakes is a
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former federal prosecutor and she joins us to assess all of this. t thanks so much for coming on. there's a lot of detail about ukraine that i don't understand that i'm not that interested in, but the big picture is really, really clear. we know for a fact that hunter biden was paid a ton of money to f lobby on behalf of interest in ukraine, foreign interest to u.s. government, including his father, then the vice president. no fara violation there. giuliani is being accused of a lesser crime, and the contrast could not be clearer. what do you make of that? >> well, you know, tucker, it is really deserving. i have typed up hundreds of federal search warrants myself and stood next to a federal agent that raise their hands and swore the information inside the affidavit was true and correct to the best of their knowledge. upon penalty of perjury. given the judge who signed the warrant or probable cause, the crime i typed as being the possible offense, had been committed, and the evidence would be found in the place we named.
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it doesn't make sense to me, it really does not compute to me that youe have giuliani, the subjectat of a federal search warrants, which is very serious considering he is a lawyer, had to go all the way to the deputy attorney general, lisa monaco, who i used to work with, any deputy attorney general office, and she had to approve it. at the same time, as you say, you have hunter biden, a who apparently committed or seems as though he may have committed fara violations himself, or even public corruption, where are the search warrants for his devices? i also found it mystifying that mayor giuliani said he had the hard drive of hunter biden, with all this evidence in it, and he offered it to the bureau, and they left without it. that is passing strange. that makes no sense, and in fact, if the warrant said what mayor giuliani said it did and it required them to seize all of his electronic devices, why wouldn't they take those? >> tucker: well, you are right. >> it almost seems --
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>> tucker: please, go ahead. >> i was just going to say, it almost seems as though they didn't want to know what was on those hard drives, and that really tells us, if that's true, it tells us this is a classic fishing expedition. it isn't really a fara investigation, because i'm not sure there's probable cause to believe that mayor giuliani committed a fara violation, but what thisar seems like is a classic, throw the line in for the small violation, seize all the electronics, and that is when you find larger violations that you can prosecute. >> tucker: exactly right. no one was charged under fara for 50 years, it is too hard to prove, but as long as we are charging people under fara, we can think offo a lot of people o need some federal scrutiny. this is unequal application of the law, obviously. i appreciate you coming on. francey hakes. >> thanks, tucker. >> tucker: we've got news about our new documentary series, "tucker carlson originals." the second episode is out. now two available on
10:32 pm, the second is called green energy scams, and it is a poignant story. the decimation of the last great american forest in the eastern united states, the great northwoods of maine, and the justification is green energy. here is a preview of it. >> what they are going to do is there going to cut over 300 feet wide, a football field, the size of the new jersey turnpike, the size of the mass turnpike. it is huge. >> the proposed corridor is such a vast scar on the land that it will be visible from miles away, in places like the hunting camp. >> you're going to be able to see the scar cut straight across the mountain there. >> we are going to have blinking light, 120-foot towers that are out there, 48 inches in diameter. they are going to be used, people are going to see this away.iles >> tucker: that's the modern
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environmental movement. we have to destroy the earth in order to save it. that is the second installmentnt of "tucker carlson originals," or documentaryt. series on fox nation. episode one, as we told you, chicago in crisis, is already up.ry you know where to get them. well, the governor of michigan wants you to know that traveling to florida is dangerous. don't go there. and she knows for a fact because she secretly went there, but she won't tell you what she did there because that is a national security -- we will speak to the last reporter in the state of michigan afterat the break. ♪ ♪
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>> tucker: the first thing y >> tucker: the first thing you should know about michigan governor gretchen whitmer, a lot of things you should know, the very first if she takes the coronavirus very seriously. that is why she banned people in michigan from buying paint last year, that is why she is now forcing all 2-year-olds in the state to wear masks.
10:39 pm
it is also why she went on television recently to warn the people of michigan that they should not travel to florida becauseig florida is dangerous. >> well, at the end of the day, this is going to come down to whether or not everyone does their part in. that is the most important thing. this variant, the variant growing quickly in michigan, we have the second most of it, i think after florida, at least that was the last data i saw. michigan and florida are not next to each other but this is the time of the year that snowbirds come home from florida, where people are going on spring break, and all of these things can contribute to spread. >> tucker: it's dangerous to go to florida. everyone has to do their part. codon't go to florida. well, not long after that, we learned that gretchen whitmer had gone to florida earlier this year.. now, we don't know how long she was in florida. we don't know where in florida she no one can find out because her office is citing "security concerns." charlie leduff worked at
10:40 pm
"the new york times," won a pulitzer prize, then went to michigan and doing even better journalist. charlie leduff, thank you so much for coming on tonight. it's a pretty simple question, why don't you, as a michigander, have a right to know what exactly are governor was doing in florida? t >> beats me. i'll tell you what, here are some breaking news. i was talking to the florida state police, and they don't have a record of her calling up and asking for some executive security, which is normally the course of action, so she didn't want anybody to know, so madame governor, tell us all, when you went, how went you went, and what exactly you returned. that would be nice. and whose check did you take? a >> tucker: that's the other question, how did she get there? you can be in a position where your governor is a super-spreader and he would not know. you obviously have asked these questions. helpkn others have asked.
10:41 pm
tell us what kind of answer you have received from the governor's office. >> here is the thing, not only do i find out she went, i found health director went down to margaritaville in the middle of the pandemic, not fully vaccinated, nor was the governor. i asked the questions, i do the gentlemanly, journalistic thing, and i wait. and while i'm waiting, they leak it to a friendly outlet that puts icing on the cake and a couple of rosettes, you know, candy canes, so it all comes out sweet. i wantwe the answers. she said, her people said you can't get that answer because ongoing threats. well, if there was ongoing threats, why didn't you call the state troopers in florida? >> tucker: that's a great question! and by the way, this is a trip that has already happened, so how would it be a threat to the governor's security to tell us something that she has already done?asap >> hello, this is the state i am living in, tucker. and again, look, okay, you say your dad is sick.
10:42 pm
that's fine, but a servant leader eats last, leaves the burning building last, and leads by example. you don't go see your dad, just like i couldn't see my dying brother three weeks ago draw his last breath, because that is what we do. i thought that's what we do. but some of us do, and some of us don't. >> tucker: well, that's an awfulke story. first of all, i'm sorry, i didn't know that. the statement has regulations that you can't see your brother when he dies, but your governor in florida probably on a private plane because she wants to see her dad. >> yeah, you know, when she says -- she said a couple weeks earlier, about ten days before she got caught out, that she hasn't left in 14 months. her last trip was to israel. that should have been a red flag, because everybody knows she went to the inauguration. he went to see your dad. we were locked down by her last
10:43 pm
april. we couldn't go to our fishing shack, couldn't go between. this istr what we are living wi. just be honest, be straight, and when people are told it straight and clear, they start to rebel. so here's what you've got. it's over. nobody's listening. this thing is going to spread. it's not killing children. it still attacking the old and the obese, and she has lost control of the state. that's a fact. >> tucker: exactly, because she doesn't deserve control of the state. charlie leduff, thank you for asking those questions and for your persistence. >> by the way, bro, i'm going to get an answer on my lawsuit with those nursing home soon, and when i do, i'll call you. >> tucker: hope you come back.wu the great charlie leduff of michigan. for years, the state has tried to ban menthol cigarettes and heat for years, al sharpton has said that t is an attack on african-americans. joe biden said he is going to ban cigarettes and flavored
10:44 pm
blunts. what is that all about? we will tell you that after the break. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ >> tucker: joe biden is trying to spend about $200 billion perb universal taxpayer-funded day care for all three and 4-year-olds in the united states. if enacted, it would affect more than 5 million children. now, this has been mostly ignored. as a not significant story. the question of who raises your children may be the most significant question of all. maybe not your kids but the future of the country. is this a good idea? jimmy thought a lot about this. he joins us tonight. jimmy, thanks so much for coming on. i don't know why the story has kind of brushed past most people whose stories are may be less significant. but what does this tell you about what we care about is a country, with the biden administration cares w about? >> well, i think it tells you thatte they care much more about
10:50 pm
the preferences of our ruling class elites than they do about the preferences of middle-class america. if you look at poll after poll, idit shows that the ruling class family model is just different from what middle class americans want. the ruling class is obsessed with their jobs. even if they hate their jobs, they are obsessed with their credentials and they want strangers to raise their kids. the middle-class americans, they want more time with their children, even if they are working. they want the opportunity to spend more time with their kids and not be forced to send them to day care. and so what this policy really represents is an effort to subsidize the preference of our ruling class over the preference of our middle and working classes. what is so troubling about this is it doesn't have to be likeve that. tucker, you know that i am a big fan of providing support to parents because i want there to be more children. i want american families to prosper. we could just do that and the parents could choose to send their kids to day care if they wanted. but they could also choose to spend more time at home with their children is most normal americans actually
10:51 pm
want. >> tucker: i love how they call it preschool like it's an education initiative. it's day care. let's just say that out loud. hire other people. heart of those numbers break down? the numbers o that i have seen suggest that a lot of poor people, a lot of african-americans, a of hispanic voters would prefer to have the option to raise their own kids when they are at home. why not makeer the pitch to the? why aren't republicans seizing this?wh take a while, i unfortunately think that too many republicans are worried about the process of this. the natural establishment response to this, it spends too much money. but the democrats are always focused on spending money to accomplish their vision as a society. republicans should be saying to the working-class hispanic, black, and white americans all across the board is that we want you to have a flexibility to raise your children as you see fit and we are willing to spend the resources to make that happen. the other thing that is really missed about this story, tucker, completely bonkers
10:52 pm
given the last year, is that this gives more authority to the teacher's union. if you want your children to be raised from the age of 2-18 by the people who have shut down the schools t for the last year, then you should be supporting this universal benefit. if you actually want to give parents more power, there is another way to do this. we just have to have the power, and frankly the courage as republicans and conservatives to actually advocate for it. >> tucker: that such a great point. but they are afraid, because it's a culture war issue. no, it'sco like the only issue that matters. [laughs] i hope you give them strength for your bravery in bringing up this topic. thank you. >> thanks, tucker. >> so, we are getting a lot less georgie about drugs.
10:53 pm
we can debate whether or not that's a good idea pure we are getting even more georgie about tobacco. it's interesting. so, the white house is saying you can light up a joint whenever you want, but you can't smoke a menthol cigarette, because that's bad. someone should do a study on which of those raises testosterone levels. we don't know. we will tell you the details, next. ♪ ♪
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>> tucker: we have identified america's greatest problem. it turns out it's menthol cigarettes and flavor blunts. fox >> tucker: we have identified america's greatest problem. it turns out it's menthol cigarettes and flavor blunts. fox trace gallagher is on this aromatic story. trace. >> hey tucker, it is a huge win for antismoking activists saying that menthol exit more portable to young people and black people.s uc the fda says 85% of black smokers she was mental critics like the naacp also accused them of predatory marketing by aggressively targeting black communities. but cigarette marketers say that getting rid of menthol will lead to unintended consequences like crime. the echo that sentiment tweeting
10:59 pm
"a menthol cigarette ban would disproportionately affect communities of color resulting in criminalization and cursory incarceration and it could take years to implement and would lead to lengthy court battles. we should note this ban would also involve fruit-flavored tobacco products mostly used in small cigars, which are also popular in black communities. and studies also show those who strongly oppose the menthol cigarette ban are those with the highest prevalenceos of menthol use, wondering if it is because of the race of the people who buy them,m, tucker. >> tucker: trace gallagher, great to see you tonight. poor people don't have too many pleasures left in this country. why don't we leave them alone for once.
11:00 pm
that be great. the second episode in our documentary series is out on fox nation. it is pretty good. hope you like it. we'll be back tomorrow. we are out of time. sean hannity takes over for the evening. >> sean: all right, tucker. thank you. and welcome to "hannity." tonight, a lot of ground to cover including the left's truly nasty, repulsive, and frankly racist reaction to senator tim scott's powerful speech last night. he will join us exclusively to respond right after our monologue tonight. big update in the rudy giuliani case, as you just saw on tucker, you will not believe what the feds did not take from his home. we have a question or why not? a full report. plus, coming up, newly-released footage of another police-involve shooting. this one in chicago showing a man running from the police, armed with a gun. we have the whole video and analysis coming straight ahead. and tonight, stay tuned for a big announcement at the end of theal show. big hint,


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