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tv   Gutfeld  FOX News  April 29, 2021 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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of these next time in texas. governor rick to sanders, abbott, reynolds, read. i want to thank the great state of florida for hosting us, our wonderful audience. good night from florida. see you tomorrow night at 10:00 p.m. eastern. >> a transitional figure, i don't think so. transformational is what joe biden is heading out to do and by the way, if you look at how the metrics of his progress is that he always overshoot the runway instead of underperforms. >> greg: the thing is when you overshoot the runway, everyone on the plane dies. [applause] talk about weird.
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>> medicaid contemplated but this plane is going to help those families and create jobs for our caregivers with better wages and better benefits. continuing to cycle growth. >> greg: everyone there was fully vaccinated and yet we see a near empty room filled with fearful eyeballs. it did remind me of his campaign rallies. but i would wear a mask too to cover the smell of [bleep]. did you hear this? >> i won't ignore what our intelligence agencies have determined to be the mostly full terrorist threat to the homeland today. white supremacy. we are not going to arrive at either. >> greg: that's a first, telling the american public that the problem is within the american public. my feeling is if you're that unifier in charge you better back it up with data or shut the hell up because if you don't
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have the numbers to allow the media to smear millions of people and maybe that's the point. unify but then crucified. so it's another confused tithing from the president in the plastic bubble. more mixed messages than a stripper. seriously. she gives me all this attention then she does the same thing with another guy. it wasn't all bad because the bar for all bad is now gone. it was barely capable. like watching grandpa read his own eulogy if the funeral home had a teleprompter and grandpa had left everything to his cat. it had all the drama and urgency of a tupperware party hosted by the lady who has fallen but can't get up. the greatest achievement he took credit for. >> after i promised to get
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100 million covid-19 vaccine shots in people's arms in 100 days, we will have provided over 220 million covid shots. marshaling every federal resource. gotten vaccines to nearly 40,000 pharmacies and over 700 community health centers. >> greg: now we have two dr. bidens. thank you for also discovering the polio, tetanus, measles vaccine. especially grateful you discovered penicillin. talk about plagiarizing. he's like a relief pitcher who comes in and gets the last out on a no-hitter. the main thing that helped beat the pandemic where the vaccines ordered and sped up by noted science hater donald trump erwin trump announced operation warp speed he was marked by famous scientist like dr. joy behar and dr. whoopi goldberg who assured us that such vaccines would take years and years. trump did it in nine months. joe biden took credit for it for just 100 days.
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that's a fact. >> of course everybody understands that operation warp speed happened under joe biden but getting vaccines into arms was a biden operation. >> greg: actually operation warp speed started in may 2020. the only thing joe does at warp speed is raise taxes. or roll down the cellar stairs after tripping on his bathrobe. the last operation joe had anything to do with took place at a hair loss clinic. i think it was called operation joe plugs. cnn let that slide because gloria hasn't said anything of merit since the early '80s. her early 80s. so how did the media take to joe? as a young senator biden used to say all the time to fdr, are you sitting down? turns out they liked him. >> an extraordinary amount of
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the use of tone. at times for speaking to a whisper. >> every single sentence had a very clear point to it and every line of it had the biden humility. >> it was really beautiful. it was beautiful. >> he's trying to bring the country together. it was a make america feel good night. >> greg: forget covid. they suffer from fawning stupidity which can be just as harmful since it's hard to breathe when you're kissing that much ass. then there is tim scott's rebuttal and the media's convulsive reaction. all he had to do was wonder if he's also experienced a different kind of intolerance. >> i've also experienced a different kind of intolerance. i get called uncle tom and the and word by progressives and liberals. the national newspaper suggested that my family's poverty was actually privilege because a
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relative own land generations before my time. >> greg: every time scott bravely counters the narrative that america is horribly racist he gets crucified by the local, peace-loving, tolerant dems. >> there is some stuff there that may make sense and a sliver of republican world but in the news world i don't think it will ring. >> does the speech delivered from a planet where facts don't matter which is where the current republican party resides. it's his responsibility to get his facts straight. >> america is not a racist company, standard. i'm not sure with the purpose of this was. i am shocked and a bit embarrassed for him. this was a lost opportunity. >> greg: i'm shocked she's embarrassed. there you go, the start contrast between media treatment of an old white male they can control any young black man that they can't. i'm not saying they hated senator scott's rebuttal but today at cnn all of the blm
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flags are at half mast. joe present a vision that gets a stamp of approval from the local glass as he abandons any defense of the working class. classes dead. long live race. tim scott by rejecting the language of victimhood and hate scares the media more than product veritas' next release. a black guy is onto them. >> today kids are being taught that the color of their skin defines them again. and if they look a certain way, they are under pressure. doubling down on the divisions we have worked so hard to heal. you know this stuff is wrong. hear me clearly. america is not a racist country. >> greg: whoa, did he just say america is not a racist country? >> hear me clearly. america is not a racist country. >> greg: i heard him clearly. how dare he say something so
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positive about america? didn't he get the memo or at least watch the oscars? i mean, seriously, has he ever even met a black person? except his family and many of his friends and thousands of his constituents. we are all racist. just ask any angry white male. ♪ ♪ >> so the whole country as my family now? i don't know. we sure haven't been acting like it lately. you know what? there's a reason there's a phrase "love thy neighbor." because you need help with that, right? nobody's got to remind me love thy family. but love thy neighbor, that's a different thing. you've got to be reminded of that because it takes work. and compromise. and respecting each other's
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differences. hi. that's very cute. why would you feed squirrels? >> what a racist. you know its racist? saying we get to live in the greatest country on earth. >> we get to live in the greatest country owners. i'm confident that our finest hour has yet to come. original sin is never the end of the story. not in our souls and not for our nation. the real story is always redemption. >> greg: everything scott said was positive and unifying and it was despised by the media and the democrats. why is that? because they need an enemy in that enemy is us. they hate redemption because it's what prevents the prophets one gets from division. it's also now something the left condemns from a man who has the audacity to be black and say
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such things. you can't push revolution in america if you believe americans are actually redeemable. instead you must believe that even the black guy is a white supremacist. dr. king, please pick up the white courtesy phone or whatever color courtesy phone you prefer. we need you more than ever. let's welcome tonight's guests. fox news anchor julie banderas. he is so smart he tells simon what to say, the director of policy studies of the american rice institute, ryan streeter. she believes laughter is the best medicine but also percocet, xanax and valium. kat timpf. everywhere he goes is an observation deck. tyrus.
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tyrus, i'm going to go to you first because you haven't been on for a couple days. how did you like the speech is? >> i'm going to keep it real. i watch them both in their entirety, no matter how much i wanted to, i sat through it and i wanted to prove a point to myself. there were some things in biden's speech that i thought were all right. i think we should start our kids early. i do like the sound of going to school at 3 years old. gives us a competitive edge. i don't know about the free college afterwards but i think when you get older you need to work your way and get through some bumps. but there were some things, not bad. and then brother scott came on and i was like wow, nice job. both guys, the president and mr. scott were pushing bipartisanship. at the same time protecting their brand. i also watched an old white man standing on a podium speaking with a woman of color, a really
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old white woman, one and two in case something goes wrong and then the rebuttal for the republican party was a proud black man. sitting in my chair and i'm going wow, we made it. equal opportunity as you can get and we are represented. nice job. but then i watched what happened afterwards. no one was talking about bipartisanship. they went after tim scott. they didn't go after biden. what i learned, what we've learned out is that racism is not just for white people anymore. calling him uncle tim. then i will be uncle tyrus with him because he told the truth. this is not a racist country. we are however obstacles and issues. somebody might hate you because of the color of your skin or the size of your belly or the sex you are. we all have a equal
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opportunities. we saw the equal opportunities but that wasn't what mainstream media was interested in. i listen to so-called black men who call themselves liberals, fighting for freedom and opportunity trashing him like he was ignored and he was a white man's dog. where does that language come from? jim crow era. that's how they talked and it was acceptable and now they do it politely because the brother had a difference of opinions and it's disgusting. i was saddened by what these so-called news anchors. not opinion like this. we tell jokes and we own it. they push themselves as anchors, people of news. they pushed it. division cells. they couldn't say that both guys were eloquent and both had a lot to say and we can build from this moment because that doesn't sell and that's sad to me. >> greg: very poignant. >> that was deep. >> greg: it was deep. i don't expect that from you. i know last night you are probably in some hotel room
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bombed out of your skull and you barely knew where you were. >> that's close but i was at home. i put the kids to bed and i watched 10 minutes mike turned on "the crown." i watch the aftermath, the ass kissing. i kind of identifies an 88-year-old boy and i'm watched two people kiss on camera it truly grosses me out. anyway, i just couldn't watch. like the 8-year-old boy and he was like, this is gross and why are we seeing so much making out on cable tv. it's inappropriate. >> greg: don't identify as an 8-year-old boy near the lincoln project. i don't even know what that means. i have no idea. what's your objective take on all of this. >> i think the response to senator scott was very predictable. the nonresponse to vice president harris this morning who reaffirmed the same thing. when asked, is america a racist country.
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she said no, america is not a racist country. uncle "tomala" wasn't trending on twitter. tim scott is a pretty serious guy. he cares about public policy and ideas and wants to see things change. he got into politics for the right reasons. that's not a particularly common trait in the republican party right now. the party is in a little bit of disarray. so they've been spending the last four years or so coming up, it's kind of a misdiagnosis of the kind of trumpian appeal to the working class. they've been working on conservative minimum wages, conservative child credits. conservative wage subsidies and these things have now created an appetite for kinds of things joe biden is putting on. what they could just be doing is working on trying to get their agenda through rather than
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trying to attack tim scott. he's actually speaking for most middle americans. if you look at how people respond to surveys about the american dream. most black americans and hispanic-americans believe they are on their way. he was speaking their language. attacking him in this antiracist way without essentially talking about the agenda which has a wide appeal to americans right now. that's kind of what i'm worried about. they should've been easier. it shows you where they are and where we've gone. >> greg: kat, where we gone? >> kat: where have i gone? i kind of went into a rage a little late yesterday when joe biden said the government of the people. he called me the government which is the meanest thing anyone has ever said about me. ever. i don't steal money from other people. he stood up there and made it clear that he is very much planning on stealing a lot of money from a lot of people in this country. i don't want other people to spend my money, let alone people
8:17 pm
who think they need to wear masks when they are vaccinated in a room full of other people who are all completely vaccinated. people are saying that you're doing to send a message. what message are you sending? get vaccinated. nothing will change for you? i wouldn't care if it was just stupid because it is stupid but it's also harmful. >> greg: i felt like i was watching beneath the "planet of the apes," the second one with the people who lived underground. do you remember that question like they were scary looking. >> they ate the pretty people. >> kat: i better not go there. >> greg: that's funny. up next, cuomo's excavation for the latest nursing home cover-up. so you only pay for what you need? just get a quote at really? i'll check that out. oh yeah. i think i might get a quote.
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>> greg: the old folks were dissed for the best seller list. looks like governor andrew cuomo was cooking the books while he was writing one. "the new york times" importing the governor cuomo's aides knew the true number of nursing home deaths as early as april 2020 but kept health officials from releasing the real figures. according to the times, for at least five months almost senior aides prevented a scientific paper from being published that included the trued death toll, kept an audit quiet for months and never sent two health department letters containing important data. cuomo did have his hands full mostly with unwilling women. allegedly some critics say the true death toll was covered up because of the same time, was negotiating his $4 million book deal. cuomo denies it. >> we do not want to release a number that was inaccurate because that would fuel the politics. oh, the state said it was 900.
8:23 pm
turns out to be 2,000. turns out to be 800. it had to be accurate. >> greg: meanwhile lawyer for cuomo's office called the cover of accusations overblown brouhaha. i say do it, read the room. it's full of dead relatives. i'm no expert but i think the governor can forget about being in oprah's book club. oh, julie, i was thinking he should pull an o.j. and write a new book and called it if i killed them. >> julie: that's a really great idea. i think better idea would be for him and de blasio, de blasio has come out. de blasio has come out and said cuomo must go so i say the two of them pack their bags together, get themselves a ford bronco. i bet there's one on the market somewhere. who else is going to buy o.j.'s
8:24 pm
death car. >> tyrus: i love ford bronco's. it's my favorite car. they discontinued it. >> julie: if you like leather, sitting on leather. it's kind of sad that cuomo is hiding the facts. he got the scientific data, put it aside because he got the multi-million-dollar advance on his book deal conveniently right before all the data was supposed to be released. >> greg: and you don't want to kill the readership. that's what i say. >> julie: just a residence in the nursing home. i have a feeling he's going to survive because our attention spans, he's going to outlast our attention spans. >> kat: probably. the fact that his defense really and truly is "i was worrying we were going to count them wrong." not only is that clearly not what happened but it's not an acceptable excuse anyway. imagine if i said that to the
8:25 pm
irs and exciting why didn't pay my taxes. the math was hard. i thought i might do it bad. they would put me in jail. >> greg: yes, that would be fun. >> kat: jail would not be fun for me. >> greg: i don't know. you could write about it. "the new york times," it's not national review. it's "the new york times." what's happening? >> ryan: everybody knows this happened and what also seems clear is that many people were involved, more than just him, more than a rogue aid. it's not at all impossible to think that he knew little or nothing and he had a bunch of people running around trying to do what they thought he wanted to do. no matter how you look at it, this is the kind of thing you really shouldn't survive. you really should resign at a time like this. i remember i spent two years as a policy advisor to mike pence when he was governor of indiana and the first thing he said, the first day he said to everybody, it's not the enemies who gave you trouble and politics.
8:26 pm
it's your friends. outside interests will come to you. the people around you who think that you will look the other way while they do something. the fact that multiple people have been involved. you never get away with this stuff. you can't conspiratorially think your way out. the vacuum multiple people doing it, they felt like this is what they should be doing for their boss and that they could somehow figure out a way to get away with it and that, you can't get away from that. >> greg: this is why, tyrus, i have no friends. it's all on purpose. >> tyrus: right. >> greg: i can't be corrupted for people. >> tyrus: it's a choice. human being completely alone. >> tyrus: sacrifice. unless the people who don't get to hang out with you. >> greg: i know that you would love to. >> tyrus: is that why it's always just the one chair looking out on the lake. so you couldn't have people over because you have to buy more
8:27 pm
chairs. everybody knows he's a staunch conservative. he's not wasting that money. just dislike cuomo could learn from you. the one nice thing about when you choose not to have friends as you don't talk so much. if he should stop talking so much. if you didn't notice the interview, he was trying to do a trick. could have been 900. it could've been 2,000, could've been 800. it could've been 400. it could've been 67. it could have been 13. i could have been 2. i think it was 2. literally trying to whittle it down. he's like a creepy drug dealer who is stealing from you. 10 pounds of weed. i can't believe they took 8 pounds. it's an outrage. can you believe it? it's what he's doing. he is trying to minimize what he's doing. >> greg: that's a good segue to the next topic. who's going to teach us about how to find a good drug dealer? hunter biden. [ race light countdown ]
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>> greg: he's taking a crack at something else besides crack. tulane university has invited hunter biden to be a guest speaker as part of a ten week course in the fall. the title of the course? why cocaine is awesome. it's really called media polarization and public policy impacts and why meth is awesome. he will be spending ten weeks in new orleans, where there is never the slightest temptation to drink or do drugs. they were going to offer the class for the semester but they didn't want hunter on the faculty during spring break. so many kids showed up to register for the class, hunter said it was the longest lines he's ever did -- i mean seen. the class is described as focusing on the current state of the media landscape in the
8:33 pm
united states and how media polarization, fake news and the economics of the new business impact public policymaking in washington, d.c. they are asking hunter to speak about fake news. wasn't hunter's problem that the news accurately described his behavior? lucky for him they don't do that that often. this was the guy who recently admitted he loved crack so much he often forgot to wear pants. the only think that bothers him is when his line is cut with too much baking soda. i have no idea what that joke means. >> ryan: i don't have the interpretive arts. >> tyrus: you need a pan. it's complicated. betty crocker. >> greg: it's good with the bunsen burner. probably should have done a chemistry class. ryan, i'm knocking to say he shouldn't be allowed to speak. i want more speakers. this might be fun. i don't know. >> ryan: i still teach
8:34 pm
university classes and it's a common practice to have courses where you bring in speakers and there is generally, the way we would do it, it's a little complicated, academics and everything but you try to find someone who actually know something about the topic. there really is nothing in hunter biden's public record statement behavior or anything that he knows anything about media polarization. there's lots and lots of people out there doing really interesting research on this topic. if you have so many friends with the same kind of race and ideological composition you're more likely to believe this rather than this and more likely to be conspiratorial and you can bring those people in and offer a really great class. if you really wanted to have someone from the president's family there, he might have someone who was taught at college. you could have dr. jill biden. >> greg: kat, i think students might try to kiss his ass by leaving a shiny eight ball on the desk. >> kat: just like when i was
8:35 pm
in college. >> julie: she hasn't been invited to speak. >> kat: which is insane. >> julie: me neither. emerson. >> greg: emerson is not a real college. >> julie: you've got me there. >> kat: there are people who would be more knowledgeable but they are not famous. i think that's what a lot of people go for week guest speakers. i agree. i want to try to cancel a college or say that it has to be shut down because i'm so afraid. you notice that you don't really see that. people kind of making fun of how funny it is not saying that this is unsafe. this can happen for i can't go to school. skew an excellent if it was a conservative counterpart there would be a group of people saying i can't be around him. i cannot be on campus. >> kat: i can't be in my zoom class. >> greg: tyrus, what do you
8:36 pm
think, when he was there, what he asked for what he was planning and doing but after the speech. >> tyrus: first of all i think the photo says it all. like a scary, dehydrated tim robbins. the issue that i'm having with this is i don't believe anyone else is seeing this, he's doing it again except this time it's not an oil field he is sitting on the board. he dad has him going to college is now. he is doing it again. nepotism. what is he going to do during the q&a? what's that going to be like when a student says i have a question. crack or eight ball. which way do you go? thanks for asking. meet with me afterwards and we'll figure it out. i've got a guy in the alley. this is bad. he's not an expert. didn't they ask him in the interview? i made great decisions when i was on crack. here's one of them. >> greg: you have to admit for a crack head he's far.
8:37 pm
i think when they said there was going to be a q&a, he might've heard tna. what's your take, julie? you would enjoy this. >> julie: i would not. i think it's ironic that he's going to come up to the stage and talk to a bunch of college students are obviously not going to go very far if this is what they look up to. he's going to talk about fake news after he spent all that time and exhausted his efforts on crying his fake laptop. i don't understand how they choose this. what makes him qualified. he didn't have any -- i'm sorry. >> tyrus: because his dad is the president. >> julie: that is true. there are students at this college but say they have been discriminated against for being republican so they are saying that the colleges clearly -- tulane is no surprise. playing to the presidents pocket so to speak. >> kat: this will cost more than $50,000 a year. >> julie: that is elementary
8:38 pm
school in new york city. >> greg: i hope -- still to come, a game show contestant accused of being a racist. this is the sound of better breathing. fasenra is a different kind of asthma medication. it's not a steroid or inhaler. fasenra is an add-on treatment for asthma driven by eosinophils. it's one maintenance dose every 8 weeks. it helps prevent asthma attacks, improve breathing, and lower use of oral steroids. nearly 7 out of 10 adults with asthma may have elevated eosinophils. fasenra is designed to target and remove them. fasenra is not a rescue medication or for other eosinophilic conditions. fasenra may cause allergic reactions. get help right away if you have swelling of your face, mouth, and tongue, or trouble breathing. don't stop your asthma treatments unless your doctor tells you to. tell your doctor if you have a parasitic infection or your asthma worsens. headache and sore throat may occur.
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>> greg: to the winners hand reveal a racist plan? today's edition of "everything is racist." a "jeopardy" winter giving arrest on social media for allegedly flashing a white power hand side. former contestants posted an open letter. what other evidence to they have that this guys a white supremacist? did he run the table on hitler trivia? did he nail the daily double on famous dems in the kkk? he was holding up the number three to mark his third victory, the same way after a second win
8:43 pm
he held up the number two and before that, number one. he has since posted an apology for any misunderstanding. i'm no expert on white supremacy but i've never seen that number three hand gesture at any of the meetings. i just thank god thist happen during "jeopardy" kids week. children are our future especially the blonde ones. i feel like we are playing the game where if you try to label someone a racist in six moons or less. call it 6 degrees of hitler. i don't know. i honestly think there are people whose job it is to sit around all day and look for things that sound racist to them. the weird part, many of them host their own shows on cnn. i hope this contestant gets cleared because they can never
8:44 pm
accuse him of this again. that would be double jeopardy. thank you, music, for that great joke. kat, he high-fived the host after winning. did it look a little bit like the hitler salute? >> ryan: the thing that was absurd, the letter that people signed, intense doesn't matter. no matter was his intent was, what are you talking about? is not the most important thing whether he meant white power or its awesome, i won three times. makes a huge difference. it's not the first time we've seen this. we saw the same thing when the reporter got fired at "the new york times." that letter said intent doesn't matter. yes, it does. did you accidentally hit someone with your car?
8:45 pm
or you are ted bundy? intent is everything in so many situations. i don't understand how it's so widely accepted that intent doesn't matter. it's ridiculous. >> greg: julie, what do you make of this? >> julie: i don't know who's paying such close attention to these people. when you count, don't you go one, two, three 45. i've been on the show one time. today is my second time. thanks for having me back. >> greg: my pleasure. that hurts actually. ryan, what bugs me most is that the guy apologized. that's sad. it fuels the fire. >> ryan: i don't watch jeopardy. i don't know anything about this guy. my guess is you should take people at their word that they said what they meant. what blows me away is i am sure that my family and friends around the country have no idea that this sign exists.
8:46 pm
they're not really aware that they are supposed to be engaged in this antiracist racialized debate that's going on. when he asked people in surveys where do your stronger sense of community, most americans still say their neighborhood or city or their american identity than they do their race or identity. most people identify more with where they are they used hand signals when they go around the neighborhood. with their neighbors. they have no idea that there is hand signals. >> julie: there's a thing in new york city. if you guy like -- you go like this when you're hailing a cab, it means you're going to tip extra. but now you are a racist dipper. >> ryan: i'm pretty sure my over driver last week said a-ok to the question, how was your day day going. he flashed a sign at me. i don't think he was a white supremacist. >> greg: at the bars i go to this means something totally different. >> kat: intent does matter
8:47 pm
there. >> greg: tyrus, you make a lot of hand gestures. people are curious, are you a white supremacist? >> tyrus: no over this entire panel is. you excluded me the entire segment. of course this guys a racist. how many bashful racist do you know? to where you would be like this? if i just won jeopardy and i was racist, i would be like [bleep]. [bleep]. i told you! i told you. you know [bleep]. come on, man. come on. the brother won three. if he did it for the t... uh-oh, sorry... oh... what? i'm an emu! no, buddy! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty. ♪
8:48 pm
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>> greg: their minty taste must be erased. do we need a white savior from rich menthol flavor? they biden administration expecting to announce a ban on menthol cigarettes. black americans make up the highest percentage of menthol smokers and the ideas that banning the flavor would prompt a ton of them to quit smoking. banning menthol because black people prefer them? that's not racist at all.
8:52 pm
many other racist stereotypes you want to reinforce today, uncle joe? i hope he doesn't go after my biracial friends for smoking menthol lights, you big it. others wisely claim this will just create an illegal market which will then lead to more unnecessary confrontations between police and blacks trying to make a book and that would not be cold. frankly as a white person -- i'm concerned the bidens next move might be to go after things only people white know about, like seth meyers. i kid. even why people don't know who seth meyers is. tyrus, the last thing -- if you want to ban something, people are going to use it more. >> tyrus: cigarettes is a choice. why don't they go protect ranchers and cowboys and go after marlborough. if a brother wants to smoke on menthol, it's his choice.
8:53 pm
take marlborough down first and see what happens. see if the ranch in the cowboys don't switch to another brand of cigarettes and then come to us. we'll wait. we will be second. one time. >> greg: it's so true. why do they go after the skinny long cigarettes made by benson and hedges. >> julie: against 90 euros -- 9-year-olds. >> kat: biden promised to work on decriminalizing marijuana at the federal level. he missed pronounced criminal criminalizing menthol cigarettes. what kamala harris said, what's the deal with marijuana? she said we don't have the time to work on it. but they have the time for this to eradicate, try to eradicate minty cigarettes question right that's a higher priority? it's almost as if the two of them are antidrug drug war
8:54 pm
enthusiasts. >> greg: ryan, what about people like me, white person who likes menthol cigarettes when he chances to smoke? i feel i am being unfairly marginalized. >> ryan: i don't understand. >> greg: he already knows to ignore my question. you're learning. >> ryan: something in the break about -- you got strange tastes. what i don't understand is why this is being described this way. this actually has been in the works for over two years at the fda. this ban on menthol started under the trump administration, the fda commissioner. >> greg: then i am for it. >> ryan: the research was about the way in which menthol is smoked by young people and it's a way of getting them addicted to cigarettes. there's a lot of data on. reasonable people can disagree
8:55 pm
about whether the fda should be banning something like this. they should ban food with toxins that kill you 90% of the time. are you framing it this way? why is it framed as a discriminatory measure when it has a long public health record. it's like, used to be that climate change is what you relied on for everything we were trying to do because -- right now this has to be an explanation which just blows me away. >> kat: it's not going to work. you band fruity flavored vape. >> greg: is this going to stop you from smoking menthol cigarettes? >> julie: i was young once and i smoked parliament lights. >> greg: i love those. >> julie: i would pop a piece of spearmint gum. i didn't like the combination. so i say ban them. >> greg: it's part of that thing, people don't care about what they are banning because they don't use it. it doesn't affect me so i don't care. you should care because they're going to come for your stuff next, not mine, though. don't move. more stuff next.
8:56 pm
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>> greg: set your dvrs every night so you never miss a thing. thanks to julie banderas, ryan streeter, kat timpf, tyrus. our studio audience. "fox news @ night" is next. i am greg gutfeld. i love you, america. ♪ ♪ >> welcome to "fox news @ night" in washington. i am kristin fisher in for shannon bream. republicans rallying behind senator tim scott after his rebuttal to the president last night suggesting that liberals are using race as a political weapon. the comments ignited racist insults on twitter and a fiery debate on racism in the united states. the south carolina senator speaking out tonight. plus our political panel weighs in. the procession tonight in western north carolina for a fallen deputy,nef


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