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tv   FOX News Primetime  FOX News  April 29, 2021 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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former mayor's new york apartment. so come be watching for that. that's at 8:00 eastern time here on the fox news channel. and thanks for watching "special report." i'm john roberts in washington. for bret baier, i will see you tomorrow afternoon at 1:00 eastern. "fox news primetime" hosted by tammy bruce starts right now. hi, tammy. >> tammy: hi, there. good evening everyone and welcome to "fox news primetime." ♪ ♪ i'm tammy bruce and when i started with you on monday here on prime time, i told you we would expose and explain what the left was up to ny. little did i know how distinctly joe biden would prove me right with his speech last night. but the reaction by the democrats and the left of tim scott's rebuttal next things even more clear. the left is a racist america-hating mob that is determined to punish you by seizing the fruits of your labor indoctrinating your children, destroying your freedom, and
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turning you into a surf for the malevolent and incompetent democrats. this is not guesswork. it has already happened. tonight we will show you that disastrous future courtesy of democrat-controlled dumpster fire, california. now, last night's speech from president joe biden they have been born, may have been uninspired, and may have been totally underwhelming, but that is exactly the point. they hope you won't hear the words of destruction if they are uttered softly. within a word salad peppered with platitude. underneath it all, hidden beneath the empty slogans was a radical list agenda set on transforming the nature of our republic. more reckless spending, more taxes, more debt, more green new deal, and more amnesty, and agenda that subsumes the american citizen to worker bee for the lead, a condemnation of workers for the benefit of the system. it also included something that biden is famous for, plagiarism.
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not one word about operation warp speed. but we did have biden taking the credit for president trump's successes, including a vaccine rollout and designed by president trump. joining us to compare and contrast the freedom president trump and the america first agenda delivered, not just on covid and the vaccine, but versus the cradle to create a welfare system promised by the soft bigotry and contempt the democrats harbor for the citizen. joe biden's speech was a perfect example of causing marxism dressed up as an apple pie. they don't think you will notice because they think you are dumb. what a joe biden talk about last night? raising income taxes. raising corporate taxes. more and more federal programs and a renewed effort to put the government at the center of your life. yes, biden claims no one making under $400,000 a year will see a tax increase, but do the math. trillions and trillions of new spending, new federal program
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after new federal program. do you really believe them? how exactly is this going to be paid for? biden touted new programs like universal preschool, more government intervention in health care, amnesty for illegal immigrants, and massive new spending on so-called "green infrastructure." this is not about creating a new nanny state. it is about making government as big a part of your day-to-day life as possible and making everyday americans dependent on washington as much as possible, a frightening aspect of this involves government using federal law enforcement to frighten, control, and punish those who do not conform or who dare to dissent. tom cotton joins us to discuss the shocking emergence of this in the biden administration including the doj making a big show of rating mayor rudy giuliani's home and office. all of this, you guys, is about control and crushing those who oppose any sort of threat to the left status quo, especially
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against conservative minorities like senator tim scott. as you know, the racism pouring out of the democrats from the left i guess him after his rebuttal last night frightens them. the former democrat is here to break down what this means about the democrats and the obsession with destroying minorities who dare to not obey and conform here last night, biden urged congress to pass democrats hr one voting overhaul to usher in a complete federal takeover of our elections. what it would also put nancy pelosi in charge of elections in your state. why? it's all about control. biden so much has admitted all of this when he said "we the people" is the government. well, erasing pesky people is a specialty of the left. but now it looks like the cancel mob led by biden want to erase everyone. news flash for biden, the government works for us, not the
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other way around. and it is the u.s. constitution that is supposed to protect from coercion and the control that an ever-expanding government can inflict on we the people. and it was just one example of biden revealing his disconnect from our founding principles. at one point, he added "america is an idea." so, what does that mean to joe? well, biden has also referred to antifa as an idea with the implication being that doesn't even exist. so let's make another thing clear to biden. america is a physical place with a border and a population and is set on fundamental governing principles and values. it started out as a government and was manifested as a physical nation by the blood, sweat, and tears of our founders, the continental army, and every patriot who is willing to give up everything to create the place called the united states of america. no amount of sanctimony and
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lecturing from joe biden is going to change that. we won't let it. but an even bigger take away from last night. it didn't have to do with the bidens words at all from mr. biden. it was the optics inside the largely empty house chamber that told the real story. vaccinated lawmakers, socially distanced, but making sure to still wear their masks. and yet, another display of covid theater. but it's exactly the message that democrats wanted to send, and empty chamber just like the lockdowns that created empty churches, empty schools, and empty businesses all across the country. it is as though biden transformed the u.s. senate in the country into his very own basement. ask yourself, where were the calls to get america opened again, to get back to normal, and to get all of america's children back in the classroom? those ideals could not be uttered, because the democrats want misery while everyone else wants liberty. senator tim scott, after
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senator tim scott's takedown of the biden agenda, he was swarmed with a wave of disgusting attacks with even the term uncle tim trending on twitter. it is repugnant, reprehensible, and you're responsible. but unfortunately, it is actually what we have come to expect from the far left partisan drones that fueled nothing but hate and rage for anyone who dares to question the prevailing liberal orthodoxy. and while biden's policy pitch last night was largely unimpressive, underwhelming, and quite frankly unworkable, believe it or not, there were a few moments where he hit the mark. like talking about lowering prescription drug prices and ending endless wars. but does not sound all a little bit familiar? yeah, biden's best moments last night or when he was again plagiarizing donald trump. yes, last night's speech was largely a dry humdrum list of bullet points and empty promises. but under the surface, there is
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an agenda set on grabbing power at all cost and never giving it up. they want concentrated control in washington so you have to surrender yourself to the washington swamp to be totally dependent on the washington beltway, to have your sense of self-reliance and personal responsibility eroded so that when things go bad, and they will go bad, and when their ideas fail, and they will, you will have no choice but to turn to that very same government for help. joining me now for reaction, former white house principal deputy press secretary under my favorite president, yes, president trump, welcome to the program. thanks for joining me tonight. >> thanks so much for having me on. i appreciate it. >> i don't know if you know fully my background. i worked on the clinton campaign in 1992. i was the president of the national organization for women in los angeles in the '90s. when i speak of this, it's not just for my conservative understanding of what the left
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is doing. i was in those rooms. and this is a warning for people. you have also been at the top of government. what are your thoughts on what i laid out this evening customer >> i have to tell you, tammy, that monologue was pitch-perfect. american people should be terrified at what they heard from joe biden last night. desire to transform this nation into some type of socialist communist experiment, one that has failed everywhere it has been tried, by the way. but the speech wasn't designed to persuade anybody or to get any lawmakers on his side to vote with him. the speech was designed as an opportunity. it was designed as an opportunity so that when he did lay out that radical agenda, the mainstream media, as they always do would come in the next day and in unison say what joe biden just said was rational and responsible and reasonable. why did they do that? so that when anyone comes out and tears open their mouth against joe biden or dares speak
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against those policies, they can call them irrational, irresponsible, and unreasonable. if you have any question how powerful the media is, think about this. after president trump's state of the union, 75% of people who watched it live said they liked it. of those who watched it to the filter of the mainstream media, it was only in the 30s. that shows you how powerful the media is. basically at this point, i hate to say it this way, has become joe biden's bidet, cleaning up his for the last 100 days and i think the american people are sick of it. >> let me say that what is fascinating here is the nature of what the left wing media does. they could very well just take their response the day before because no matter what would happen, it would be exactly the same thing. what i saw as a template today. the left wing pundits and hosts talking about that they are sure there is a vaccine but it's not a needle in the arm as though
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nothing was happening until january 20th. the president's program had a million vaccinations. we were up to pretty much a million. over 900,000 a day leading up into mid-january. and i want you to look at a picture here. this is joe biden getting that needle in the arm while donald trump was president. and yet, this is this desire to erase the past as it exists. are they going to be able to do that? >> i don't think so. i mean, they are going to try, no doubt about it but you hit it perfectly there. look, i was in those meetings. i know what president trump did by pushing those who said this couldn't happen. you can't get a vaccine in a year. president trump's operation warp speed developed and distributed a vaccine in less than a year, faster than any time in human history and you just put the picture appear joe biden literally got the vaccine that was put in place by
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donald trump before he was sworn into office and he could have easily put forth a bipartisan branch. a tip of the hat, a head nod to the former president and say we are where we are because this president put these policies in place, got this vaccine distributed, and got us off on the right foot. but he refused to do it. >> this is typical, hogan. you've got the left ring of the democrats were very excited about canceling people. now they want to cancel the past and cancel a great american achievement accomplished by donald trump here we will not let that happen as the american people. thank you sir for joining me tonight. i appreciate it. coming up, the biden justice department making a big show of rating rudy giuliani's home. but where is the doj when it comes to investigating hunter biden? senator tom cotton on why we are not hearing anything about that coming up next. ♪ ♪ . that's why i go with liberty mutual — they customize my car insurance so i only pay for what i need. 'cause i do things a little differently. hey, i'll take one, please!
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♪ ♪ >> tammy: let's discuss the reality of the double standard in america, the idea that some people, if they are the right people, get special treatment while others suffer politically driven attacks at the hands of media and law enforcement. this week, the department of justice turned its rating of rudy giuliani's apartment into n providing new content for the liberal media to drool over. meanwhile, it has been keeping the hunter biden investigation awfully quiet. it doesn't seem like we will be seeing any big raids involving him in the coming months. he is a democrat president's son after all. joining me now with reaction is tom cotton. he is a member of the committee senator. welcome aboard. thanks for joining me. >> tammy, thanks for having me on. i appreciate it. >> tammy: what is fascinating here and as the american people see it is that we see certain
4:19 pm
aggressive actions regarding some people but not others. i would say that is one reason why president trump was elected in the first place in 2016 with this seemingly sense of an imbalance between law and order and the rule of law and who it applies to. what do you make of the timing of this raid on the mayor happening on the night of the state of the union effectively, and of course, hunter biden who is actually under investigation, which a lot of people might not know. he is going to be teaching, of course at tulane university while he is under investigation. what do you make of all of this? >> while tammy, there is a deep double standard that pervades the left in america. it's not just in our government. as you point out, there was a sensational raid of mayor giuliani's apartment. i don't know the status of the investigation so i can't comment on it but hunter biden is under investigation and that investigation should be pretty sprawling, whether it's flying into the alcohol tobacco and
4:20 pm
firearms on gum applications or potentially working with foreign agents in ukraine, china, and other agents as well. but you are right. we haven't seen any high-profile raids within the bidens home or anything else. but this double standard pervades the left. just look at amazon. i sent a letter today to jeff bezos asking him why they pulled a highly acclaimed documentary of clarence thomas during black history month on their streaming service that they were still offering for free. documentaries about left-wing terrorists hear it or just consider what happened today to tim scott. social media companies today allow the left to smear tim scott after his speech last night attacking him for the color of his skin. that went on for hours. how long do you think it would have taken twitter to pull down those posts if it was about say kamala harris or barack obama? >> this is what concerns us, of course. because you've got big tech control in the conversation in the country, making decisions that are racist. this is a curated decision when
4:21 pm
it came to allowing that to run for 11 hours. this is part of the democrat playbook. its hand-in-hand when it comes to smear income especially minorities who don't conform. but really anyone. josh hawley gets canceled his book from simon and schuster. it tells the american people that you will be punished. but we are seen, of course, i think we have a good history as the american people, and to not put up with us. how do you say congress question what do they have a role? we know there are always meetings. what can we do to push further on this when it comes to legislation or more pressure from the government for them to stop it? >> while tammy come when it comes to congress' role over the executive branch, we have to conduct oversight. if you recall from the obama era, expose the fact that the obama irs is targeting any group with the name tea party and its name with additional auditing and harassment. when it comes to some of these
4:22 pm
woke corporate ceos, ceos of delta or coca-cola, any time they start with left-wing lies like they did it about georgia's entirely sensible election law, we can't roll over and we have to defend common sense principles against these left-wing mobs whether they originate in social media or in the corporate world. >> tammy: i think this is key. because people are looking to know what the rhetoric can be, that they are not alone in thinking this is awful. that is the other message. when they hear other of their favorite people pushing back. they are not alone. there is a way to say no to this. that we can prevail as long as we don't surrender to their effort to silence us. and you are leading that and i appreciate that come senator. thanks for joining me today. >> thank you, tammy. >> my pleasure. next, how the left is serious. tim scott of course over president biden's address. how the racist insults was turned in for hours.
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it finally stepping in, vernon jones is here to respond, straight ahead. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> tammy: welcome a twitter sure has shown us that they have a quick trigger when it comes to censoring conservatives. the tech giant decided to let it trend for like 11 hours before taking action. the onslaught of hate came after tim scott argued in a rebuttal to biden that america is not a racist country. what a concept. it may have been why they let it slide for so long. good luck to georgia. that sounds fabulous. you are running, sir, as a republican. thank you for joining me tonight. >> thank you so much. i'm honored to be here. i am here in cartersville, georgia, which is a great community. we have all these folks in
4:29 pm
georgia. looking forward to this upcoming election. it is a red state, not a blue state. just like a lot of the others, you mentioned something earlier. there is racism. if there were not, the democrats would not be calling him a cocoon and all those other names. so the real racism is in the democratic party that is led by no other than joe biden. let's be clear about one thing. liberals are horrified by others who are independent. this is a tactic to destroy them and to run them back on the plantation. we are here and we are here to stay. we want to put america first and to support the legacy of donald trump here we are going to continue to take this fight to the left.
4:30 pm
they can't play that race card on me. they are the racists and you know that, tammy. we are going to take the fight directly to them. >> tammy: well that's very exciting. obviously, you know, a lot of us talk about how to make a difference and then there are those of you who stand up and put yourself in front. but it is especially as minorities. a lot of people don't know i'm a gay woman and there is a dynamic where there is this presumption that you are owned by a certain section of politics and that if you do not conform, you will be punished. it is obscene. it is what we fought a civil war over to escape, to get out of. and this is what, it is very powerful for americans to see and everyone to see. these minorities who are affected first by economic change, who benefit from it most when it's good, as under president trump, and then who are hurt by it the most when it comes driven by a jimmy carter or joe biden. this is the ownership of what has to happen and to have voices
4:31 pm
speak about the difference. but when it comes to someone like tim scott, they clearly seem to be frightened by him. they are frightened by you, because the single voice that steps up can make a huge difference. and we can point out what this means. do you think that when it comes to certainly people on the left and people in georgia as an example, will they be convinced that people who are conservative, african-americans are to be wary of them? how do you think this is being registered amongst other americans, this rhetoric from the democrats? >> well, let me tell you, donald trump has a good playbook. he said what do you have to lose while in the other hand, he said if you vote republican, there were to put you back in chains. i am reminded of "the wizard of oz." one has no brain. the other has no courage. and the other has no --
4:32 pm
what. you know what i'm saying. and so, when i also think about them, they are not being led by dorothy. they are being led by, what, the wicked witch, stacey abrams. she is being paid and then hustled to keep blacks thinking they are depressed done michael oppressed and victims. who is fronting this? the liberals. they don't want black people to think they can even afford an i.d. you need want to check into a hotel. it's just crazy. i'm here tonight. i mentioned with the family. they don't care about that. but the left is afraid that black people, they are saying wait a minute, the democratic party has let us off a cliff. >> tammy: wherever we looked, whether it's los angeles, san francisco, detroit, baltimore, great american cities, new york, atlanta, that
4:33 pm
things have not gotten better in the urban areas. wherever the democrats are in control, there is the status quo of misery. it is the 21st century. everyone deserves better. this country will only get better when the lives of people on the margins and people of color, people who are minorities get better. and the democrats have convinced many people that there is only one place to go. i believe that with you, sir, and people like donald trump, who clearly is not going away, that we will make sure that we know there are alternatives and an important move forward. thank you for being here tonight. i really appreciate it. very important time. >> you can go to jones for >> tammy: now, coming up right now, i think we have a very good example of someone who speaks up, serving everyone. a good role model when it comes to what we need to do. jason, host of the jason rantz show on k tt h. jason, i see you often on other
4:34 pm
programs here. it's always a pleasure to watch you and a pleasure now to host you. you heard from vernon the nature of what happens to people of color who do not conform. what is your take on this in your life? >> it's minorities of any kind. racial, gender, religious. we are all defined by the left as props to signal their own virtue. on gay and jewish. they love the fact -- >> tammy: a double whammy they are. >> in fairness, are no longer considered minorities by the democrats because we have too much power and influence, which of course plays into anti-semitic stereotypes. but the second that they find out you are conservative come all the sudden you don't belong. you are not gay enough. you are not jewish enough. you are not asian enough. this is a common theme against the left because they don't merely view you all as props.
4:35 pm
they want to you to forward an ideological agenda. and for them to have that kind of power, they have to convince everyone that if you identify as gay, jewish, black or asian, you have to owe us. everything is owed to the mostly white progressives. they are want to take your vote and transform this country. and of course it is supposed to be for the betterment of everyone else. >> tammy: that's a lie. >> yeah, of course it's a lie. >> tammy: and jason, this is the core of identity politics. it is a cancer on any society. the left has used it everywhere that they have invaded and destroyed lives and nations. and it relies on this idea. and it is the height of racism, sexism, and homophobia, is this presumption that we all think the same. it's this bizarre juvenile attitude that people who are a certain way are to behave in a
4:36 pm
certain way. it is the height of bigotry when it comes to how people are viewed. >> yeah, it's just condescending and i am so sick and tired. we saw this with senator tim scott. on the view comes out there and effectively calls him a token. the only reason that he was chosen is because he is black and he is a conservative. that's the only reason. >> tammy: and joy behar. i want you to hear what joy behar had to say about tim scott. >> love it. >> tim scott, he does not seem to understand, and a lot of them don't seem to understand the difference between a racist country and a systemic racism. the fact that tim scott cannot acknowledge this, it's appalling. how can you go out there and say that when you just said 2 minutes ago that you were the
4:37 pm
object and the victim of discrimination? and then he says that this is not a racist country. >> you know, the patronizing sanctimony, just doesn't understand. if she disagreed with kamala harris, which she go out there and be speaking about the vice president as though she was an infant? no. if you are conservative, it's because you have committed the crime of not conforming to what they want you to be. >> well, let's all remember, this is blackface joy behar. this is the one who actively did something racist and wanted a pass for it. and she was given a pass because people judge her by her character, but really by her ideology. she got a pass. but for a white lady of her age and of her privilege to use the language of the left to explain away racism to a black man. >> mark: blinding. spigots disturbing to me.
4:38 pm
we can disagree. and guess what? just because there is racism in this country and there definitely is, there is, he wasn't saying there is no racism. he explicitly talked about the racism that he experienced. it doesn't mean that the country is racist. the one that's it. that's a perfect point because that is a difference between individuals and saying that the nation is hopeless, and lost, and racist. sir, thank you very much. appreciate you being here. great stuff as always. coming up, to social justice changes, how based on joe biden's proposal so far, it appears he wants to turn the whole nation into something similar to the state of california. yeah, that would be bad. we'll take you live to the west coast to dig in on this one coming up next. ♪ ♪ if you're a veteran homeowner and need cash for your family, call newday usa. newday lets you borrow 100% of your home's value. the newday 100 va cash out loan lets you take out $50,000 or more. use it to improve your home or put cash in the bank.
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♪ ♪ >> tammy: it has now become more evident than ever what democrats are planning for the future of our country. they want to make america california again. you know, but without disneyland, the beach, or the good weather. you heard it last night in president biden's beach.
4:44 pm
most of his proposals were perfectly in line with gavin newsom and all of the other progressives running the golden state into the ground. raising our taxes, watching our businesses. while we are at it, set the criminals free. that's what they call progress. it's very strange. joining me now, radio host and orange county. editor out at large. thank you very much for coming out with me. i appreciate it. let me start with you. you are post based in california. i am a native of california. i am in new york. it is heartbreaking to see what is going on and then you hear they are recalling gavin newsom. and then there is joe biden pretty much laying out the gavin newsom plan. what you make of this? what's going to happen? >> yeah. if you want to know what joe biden's america looks like, california is the ghost of christmas future. i'm talking to you right now from the state of texas and i
4:45 pm
can tell you that before people vote at the ballot box, they vote with their -- i have seen more license plate for less than i have seen gun racks. californians are getting out of california as fast as they possibly can, and this is in part the reason why it is so important that he has to kill successful states like texas, and florida, and south dakota. because a florida can prove that it is safe to have theme parks open, then what is newsom and the prison that is called california doing? if it is safe for the school to be open in florida, why can't they be opened in california? if florida can vaccinate their senior population first, why can't everyone else? >> tammy: that's a great point. this is shocking, because we see it fail. they seem to not care. you have all the power in the world know if you are a democrat in control of the government. what do you make of this obsession with carrying on the same policies even though we know, it's like california is
4:46 pm
losing a seat in the house because so many people have fled. how do you explain a singular succession of wanting to make the country a dumpster fire? >> obsession is the right word. unfortunately they have their allies. nobody is really telling the truth about what is happening here in california. it looks like what you described at the top, people from the outside. theme parks and beaches. it is homeless people and parents pulling out their hair because they can't send their kids to school. i've had 12 families, tammy, off my street move in the last year. and these are unplanned moves. these are unplanned moves. not like oh, we have been thinking about this for a while. oh, schools aren't open and i can't go to the beach? i'm out of here. what am i paying all this money for? absolutely not. i got news for you you all, folks out there who like to make
4:47 pm
fun of us. california is coming to you. california is coming to you. we have a direct pipeline and now kamala harris and they are hoping governor newsom, which we hope to stop here very soon. speaker you guys are doing a great job. and we recognize that there are some good people in california. look, you are getting that recall done. it is a magnificent thing. it is still the wild west. you still want freedom. even though i want you to be safe and i want you to have a great life, you guys, i really do want you to kick butt in california. but you have to be there to do it. and this is a perfect example. we have this imagery of california and yet when i visited there recently, it is a swamping of the homeless, the federal cemetery there in westwood was a homeless camp. i don't understand how far it has gone. with this recall, can you
4:48 pm
reverse this and can we export that attitude and show the democrats across the country that it's a bad idea to do what joe biden is doing? >> well, you are exactly right. california has turned into a zombie apocalypse movie and because of that, even people who are reflexively liberal, reflectively democrat, understand the democrats have failed. we have over one and a half million signatures turned in for the recall. and there aren't enough republicans in the state of california to do anything, let alone get a ballot initiative or a recall to qualify. democrats, independents signed that, people who were members of the green party signed that. it's because people open their eyes and they see what is around them and they know he is there. >> tammy: with scott about like 15 seconds here. what you want to say to the people of the nation when it comes to what you guys are doing in california to save this great state? >> this recall will affect you.
4:49 pm
us pulling him out of office will have huge repercussions across the democratic field moving into 2024. >> tammy: good point. you know where they are. thanks to both of you. the ratings are in and they are not pretty. a measly tv audience. closer inside and the massive drop he saw for his first session speech. mollie hemingway, one of your favorites weighs in the straight ahead. ♪he ♪ so i only pay for what i need. 'cause i do things a little differently. hey, i'll take one, please! wait, this isn't a hot-dog stand? no, can't you see the sign? wet. teddy. bears. get ya' wet teddy bears! one-hundred percent wet, guaranteed!
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♪ ♪ >> tammy: well, the ratings are income and it looks like joe biden state of this union speech was a total flop vehicle last night's prime time address, broadcast live on virtually every channel, averaging a measly 27 million viewers.
4:55 pm
for context, president trump's first speech in 2017 registered 48 million viewers! but we've got to give credit where credit is due. the president did manage to conjure more viewers than this year's oscars, which had no host, no substance, and was shot at the local bus station. mollie hemingway is the senior editor at "the federalist" anti-fox news contributor. mollie, it is great to be on with you. this is a blast and i am enjoying this immensely. when we look at the numbers, it was ridiculously low, how do you explain this? are the american people not interested in him, or have they given up? >> they are objectively awful numbers, particularly for what should be an important speech so early in his term. i think people just don't care what he has to say because the brand that he has put out and the media he has put out is so at odds with the reality, and people don't need to hear
4:56 pm
something like that when they know that what matters is what he is doing. he claims he is a unifier, he gave lip service to that in his inaugural address, but his way of governing is so radical and divisive and being pushed through in a congress that is very divided. he has a tie in the senate, only six votes in the house, yet he is ramming these things through on the backs of a very compliant media that are not popular with the american people. >> tammy: that should speak to itself, 50/50 in the senate, pretty much even in the house. that was a message in the midterm, that they wanted the party to work together. it was the opposite of take a monster truck and roll over the united states. they must know this. and i think they anticipate a shellacking in 2022, but they seem to not care. this is what is remarkable. there has got to be some democrats in the house, we are here, we are supposed to be representing the country, and the country seems to not want
4:57 pm
this kind of stuff, but they seem to not be able to get there. >> it's very surprising, the way things are being run right now because one has to imagine that the electoral pushback is just going to be extreme, given that there is not a lot of support in the real world. i mean, the whole point of the biden candidacy was he was uniquely situated to bring unity -- >> tammy: he is not a radical, mollie. >> bring together to go sides -- >> tammy: he was a normal guy! >> he thinks if he says that it does not matter what he does, yet policies actually are important, and that is not what we are seeing here. it is why, you know, recent polls have shown, this is fascinating, that biden is actually more divisive than his immediate predecessor, president trump was. totally at odds with what the media portrayal is. and the media made it out that donald trump, his first 100 days, they were saying he was a traitor who had colluded with rorschach to steal the election.
4:58 pm
they could not be nicer to joe biden right now. >> tammy: we have an example of that. there was actual media coverage of joe biden -- do we have some of this? either the video -- here we go. he grabs what some would call weed, others would call a dandelion, and that makes the news. this is what we are dealing with. he gave his wife a dandelion. it's as though they want us to go into a coma, or they believe we are infants and don't know what is going on. look, i think it is nice when a man picks up a flower, in some fashion, gives to his wife. he is the president of the united states. it is not the news. we have covid. we have a border that is open. we have big enemies looking in on us and trying to figure out how to destroy us, and this is the news?
4:59 pm
>> people would have no problem with this type of supportive, gentle coverage of president biden and his wife if they hadn't endured what they put the country through for the past four years. it was every second of every hour of every day that the media were horrific for trump and anyone in his orbit. they couldn't last for even a second, so to turn from that into this, it is offensive, and it would not be if they were just decent humans to whoever inhabited the office. that was a bridge too far for our propaganda media for the last four years, and now they will be mocked when they do stuff like that. >> tammy: don't forget melania was a prisoner. we also know -- and mollie, thank you very much. we know here that when it comes to what the media is expecting and what america -- they be the numbers we started off talking about really, just like the numbers for the oscars, are horrible because that was a rejection, could it have been a rejection of what biden has been doing? because it was alive. he is not a moderate.
5:00 pm
he is not unifying. could it have been rejection? >> at some point, he's going to -- >> tammy: i think we have to go. i'm sorry. mollie, thank you. you understand this stuff. thank you everyone for watching "fox news primetime." i'm tammy bruce. we will be back here tomorrow night, 7:00 p.m. tucker carlson is up next. ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening, and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." happy thursday. joe biden spoke to a joint session of the congress last night. if you saw it, and relatively few people did judging by the numbers, then you know that the confusing part started even before the speech began. it was the masks again. everyone was wearing a mask, very much including the two star and ladies sitting behind joe biden. that would be the speaker of the house and the real president. they were messed up, all of them were, like outlaws.
5:01 pm
but here is the weird part, all


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