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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  April 29, 2021 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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shout out to him for his 20 years of diving with them. >> are you even allowed to punch a seal? [laughter] i mean that seal is getting a little too close. is it illegal to punch a >> katie: they are friends. >> are the different roles to that? i think you might be able to give don might get away with it. "special report" is up next. john roberts. speaker you could punch a navy seal, but who would want to think of the consequences. [laughter] thank you, jessie. thank you, everyone. good evening and welcome to washing. i'm john roberts in for bret baier. breaking tonight, president biden is in georgia. the president calling for more massive spending and massive tax hikes to pay for peer republicans are both unimpressed with the poles and the president's effort at
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bipartisanship. peter doocy starts us off tonight. good evening, peter. >> but even, john. as president biden tries to show people how many progressive projects are possible while democrats control the white house and both houses of congress, republicans are starting to try to figure out which counterpoints work and which don't. >> i would like to meet those who have ideas that are different, that think are better. >> but has president biden back that up? >> for three months income of the actions of the president and his party or pulling us further and further apart. >> let's check the record of the first 100 days. president biden introduced a $2 trillion infrastructure plan. >> jobs and infrastructure like the ones we are talking about. they have often had bipartisan support in the past. pick up but the party so cannot agree with what counts as infrastructure. >> they won't even build bridges to build bridges.
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>> president biden is also proposing a $1.8 trillion plan for education and child care. >> we also need to make a once in a generation investment in our families and our children. >> but the white house never consulted opponents about how to pay for it. >> even more taxing, even more spending to put washington even more in the middle of your life from the cradle to college. >> on immigration, president biden claims the problem will be solved if his bill is passed. >> if you believe we need to secure the border, pass it because there is a lot of money for high tech border security. typical republicans argue this was avoidable. >> weakening our southern borders and creating a crisis is not compassionate. >> the differences are also clear regarding race. >> we have a real chance to root out systemic racism that plagues america and american lives in other ways. >> senator scott false premise there. >> hear me clearly, america is
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not a racist country. we get to live in the greatest country on earth, a country where my grandfather and his 94 years saw his family go from cotton to congress in one lifetime. >> most guests at the president's address remained masks although most if not all are vaccinated. and once people are vaccinated like the president, the cdc advises it's okay to take masks off outdoors. but today, the president continued wearing one. the president and first lady lady had a private meeting with jimmy and rosalynn carter today. right now he is on his way to a drive-in style rally hosted by the dnc. he does like to talk about being mean his vaccination in the first 100 days. but for now, organizers from the democrats would still like people, even at an outdoor event like this one to remain in their cars. john.
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>> john: peter come on this issue of masks and vaccines, critics say that the white house and democrats were undermining their message to get vaccinated by members remaining in masks during the president's speech. was there any of that talk from the white house today customer >> not as much for the white house as from the host last night, house speaker, nancy pelosi. she says that they were just following the guidance from the house position. that is why they had only 200 people instead of more than 1,000 normally. that's why they were spaced out and why she says they were wearing masks the entire time, except for the president. and that was only while he was at the microphone. >> john: peter doocy for us live at the white house tonight. thank you. the republican response came from the only black senator in the g.o.p., tim scott, as peter mentioned. and as you might expect, race became a major and at times ugly factor in the reaction. here's fox news media analyst and host a fox news media buzz, howard kurtz. >> america is not a racist country. but there were signs of racism
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from the left after senator tim scott delivered the g.o.p. response to president biden's speech using the very slow he had mentioned. >> i get called uncle tom and the n-word by progressives, by liberals. >> on twitter, this got twisted into uncle tim, a phrase that was trending until the social media firm blocked the designation 11 hours later saying it wasn't a healthy conversation. >> among the harsh tweets, tim scott says america is not a racist country. not sure how he lives with himself. former msnbc host, what makes tim scott uncle tim? he was on tv denying that america is racist, thus aiding and abetting white supremacy. the only black republican hit back. >> they have doubles down that they are going to not attack my policies, but they are literally attacking the color of my skin. >> his audience to me appeared to be conservative white
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republicans who were angry over certain things. >> he often speaks of moving in with his grandfather. he dropped out of elementary school to pick cotton and also drew scrutiny from "the washington post." he tried to undermine his story about his family's past poverty. his great-great-grandfather had bought land back in 1905. before the senator's grandfather was even born. the verdict, no pinocchio's. as his controversial declaration that the u.s. isn't racist, vice president, kamala harris said today that we must confront the history of determination. >> no, i don't think america is a racist country. for christian thought is fair game for criticism. but by using the uncle slur, which means being subservient to whites, his liberal critics undoubtedly boosted his political profile. john. >> john: as always, thanks so much. perhaps the reason why progressives attack tim scott so
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viciously, they are hoping that his speech will be a game changer in terms of how the party is perceived among minorities. congressional correspondent has that part of the story tonight. >> there's a reason republicans drafted tim scott for an assignment. >> people got to start talking tomorrow that tim scott should be running for president. could you imagine him on the debate stage versus joe biden? >> g.o.p. leaders have the only black republican on the senate to counter mr. biden. >> a president who promised to bring us together should not be pushing agendas that tear us apart. >> scott's message of optimism and a compelling story simultaneously contrasted himself with headline grabbers in his own party. >> i won't waste your time with finger-pointing or partisan victory. he can get that on tv anytime you want. >> his presence on the national stage is by design for the g.o.p. >> the noisy and radical voices in the republican party are already getting a lot of attention. they need to appeal to more
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americans. >> scott met on capitol hill on thursday with the family of george floyd and others whose relatives were killed by law enforcement as they advocated for police reform. >> they listened intensely. they got very emotional at times. >> scott is working across the isle on his own version of police reform. president biden asked congress to pass the measure on the first anniversary of george floyd's death. >> just keep in mind why we are doing what we are doing. we will work to get to a solution. >> but even escott works with democrats, he made sure to check boxes critical to the core of the g.o.p. appear dominic. >> this initiation inherited thanks to the trump administration, our country is flooded with an effective vaccine. >> and asked if he could run for
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president, scott replied that he is not even running to be president of his homeowners association. he is just seeking reelection to the senate next year. john. >> john: he could potentially be a powerful candidate, though. what is the buzz up on capitol hill customer >> most members of the g.o.p., they are afraid to twitch until president trump decides in 2024 for himself. but mitch mcconnell today predicted robust competition for the nomination, including 3-4 republican senators who could run. john. >> john: among them could be tim scott. we'll see. chat on capitol hill. chad, thanks. stocks were up today. the dow gained 240. the s&p 500, a new record close. the nasdaq, 32. we are learning more tonight about wednesday's raid. former new york mayor and rudy giuliani. correspondent, david reports tonight from the justice department. >> president biden insists he was not briefed in advance on the fbi's plan to raid former
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new york mayor, rudy giuliani's home. >> i made a point i would not interfere in any way, order, or try to stop any investigation the justice department had. >> but fbi director, christopher wray were well aware before agents moved in, taking cell phones, computers, and other electronics. fox news has learned they were given a courtesy heads up before it happened. standard practice. law enforcement says that discussions of a rudy giuliani raid began months ago during bill barr's tenure as attorney general. the officials declined to move forward. but when joe biden became the 46th president, the investigation picked up steam and quickly. >> when you're putting together an application for a search warrant like this, that something that takes an extreme amount of focus, of evidence. you need to persuade a federal judge to approve the search warrant. >> multiple sources tell
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fox news the focus of the federal investigation surrounds you to giuliani's ties to ukraine, a country where he made several trips and an attempt to dig up dirt on hunter biden. also under federal investigation. >> he corrected ukraine and he soiled with the reputation of the united states. no one is saying that he did anything wrong except for rudy giuliani. >> now the former new york mayor and federal prosecutor is under investigation by the same office he once led. this morning, former president trump defended his friend. >> it's very, very unfair. rudy is a patriot who loves this country and i don't know what they are looking for. >> on his last day in office, then president trump pardoned the sentences of 144 people not on the list. leaving him wide open for what is happening before us. just late this afternoon, rudy giuliani made very brief comments on his radio show taking shots at those investigating him while proclaiming his innocence.
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>> i'm sure we will hear a lot more from him in the days and weeks ahead. david at the justice department. david, thank you. mike pence is back out in front of the public here we will take a look at the controversy over his book deal. first, here is what some of our fox affiliates across the country are covering tonight. fox 5 of new york, a controversial nuclear power plant plans to close on friday. a nuclear energy center along the hudson river could increase the short term reliance on natural gas. but they cite the danger of a major nuclear accident or terrorist strike just 25 miles north of the city. fox 61 in hartford as connecticut ends its religious exemption from child immunization requirements for schools, colleges, and day care facilities. more than 2,000 opponents of the move rallied outside of the state capital on wednesday arguing the legislation unfairly infringes upon their religious liberties and parental rights. this is a live look from houston
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on fox news 26. one of the big stories there tonight, the traffic can be as of sundays. wednesday was one of those days. a cow and an alligator causing traffic delays during separate incidents around 8:00 a.m., the cow was spotted moving around interstate ten stopping morning traffic during rush hour. a few hours later, the alligator parked itself on the shoulder of a busy ridge here in the houston suburb of baytown. that is a live look outside the beltway from special report." we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ (vo) ideas exist inside you, electrify you. they grow from our imagination,
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♪ ♪ >> john: tulane university was clarifying its invitation to hunter biden to participate in a course about media polarization and fake news. school says biden will be a guest speaker, not a lecturer or guest teacher. not everyone associated with the school is happy about his role. alum nest, ben says he is disappointed to see how little things have changed at tulane. he says conservatives were
3:18 pm
persecuted during his time there a few years ago. former vice president, mike pence is about to give his first public speech since leaving office. he will speak to a religious gathering in south carolina. he will soon be promoting a pair of books, production of which is causing some consternation at the publishing house. here is religion correspondent, lauren green. >> more than 200 or 14% of its workforce and thousands of supporters signed a petition demanding he cancel former vice president pence's book deals accusing the company of "complicity in perpetuating white supremacy. and they called pentz a central figure in the presidency that "advocated for racism, sexism, homophobia" adding this is not a difference of opinion. this is legitimizing bigotry. ceo stood by the decision writing to employees as a publisher in a polarized era, we have experienced outrage from
3:19 pm
both sides of the political divide. but we come to work each day to publish, not cancel those counter to the very core of our mission. the company, however, did cancel a book by senator josh hawley because of his protests over the 2020 election results and scrapped plans to distribute a book by one of the officers involved in the taylor shooting. one expert says changes in publishing reflect a wider cultural divide. >> people are in -- sort of the information, the narratives that you absorb are dictated by the ideology that you adhere to. while i think the petition is a legitimate exercise in free expression, i hope that the publisher stands firm. >> in march, tweeting against the cancel culture after facebook banned an ad for a novel he endorsed. >> lauren, thank you.
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the man who commanded u.s. and nato troops in afghanistan says the united states will regret its decision to leave. retired general, david petrakis tells fox america will regret the decision and soon. >> you can recognize that this war is not ending. what is ending is our involvement in it. i fear that a couple of years from now, we are going to look back and we are going to remember that whenever there are ungoverned spaces in the muslim world, extremists fill them. >> he says al qaeda and the united states will try to recreate their sanctuaries in afghanistan if the caliban is able to extend its power base there. up next, new york city could be back to normal in just a few weeks. we will have the projected reopening day. first, beyond our borders, kremlin critic denounces russian president, vladimir putin. it was his first appearance sense ending a hunger strike.
3:21 pm
he lost his appeal for defaming a world war ii veteran. french prime minister condemns an open letter in a right-wing magazine written by 20 retired generals raising the specter of chaos in france and hinting the military could take action if nothing were done to prevent it. the general has painted a picture of an unraveling nation that has lost its honor and risks losing itself. far right leader and presidential candidate, marine le pen is back in the generals. a bull named bolero was hoisted from the beach but unsuccessful because of the weight of the bull. they figured out a way to do it and the bull is back home safely. yep, that's a lot of bull. some of our other stories in "beyond our borders" tonight. we will be right back. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> john: new york mayor, bill de blasio says he expects the city to fully reopen by the 1st of july. several areas around the country are relaxing their coronavirus restrictions as infections and hospitalizations decrease in most places. correspondent, david lee miller has the latest for us tonight from new york. speak of a city that never sleeps is coming back to life. mayor bill de blasio has a target date of july 1st for
3:26 pm
new york to reopen. that means no more curfews or capacity limits to bars, restaurants, museums and businesses. >> we have as always focused on the date on the science. and we now can set this goal because we are moving forward constantly. >> the final decision on reopening is up to the governor. for this afternoon, announcement is premature. >> i want it opened up on monday. i want to open up new york city tuesday. i want to open it up wednesday. i wanted fully open on thursday. >> across the country, the infection rate is dropping. the latest data says new cases are declining in 26 states. the numbers are rising in alabama, wyoming, and oregon. it will be banned in 15 counties including the city of salem where fewer people are getting vaccinated. >> we do not intend to stop vaccinating. >> they blasted a decision to
3:27 pm
impose dining restrictions saying in a statement "the governor's office is tone-deaf and offensive to tens of thousands of oregonians attempting to pay their bills." the cdc says "43% of all americans have received at least one vaccine dose. 30% are fully vaccinated, but that number is plateauing." to combat vaccine hesitancy in hard-hit michigan, the governor links a plan with easy restrictions of the number of people receiving a shock. >> as we drive toward our goal of returning to normal, we will pass checkpoints that will allow us to gradually lift more limits and eventually we will get over that finish line. >> another sign that things are returning to normal, according to the cdc, cruising might resume by mid-july from u.s. ports. one calls for the cruise line operators to make sure 98% of the cruise and 98% of the
3:28 pm
passengers are fully vaccinated. >> new york city, thanks very much. elsewhere around the world, the situation is quite different. the united states is sending supplies with more than $100 million to india to help you fight a surge of covid-19 cases. this is pictures of an air force see five galaxy taking off from the air force base in california peer the supplies includes 1,000 1,000 -- a million rapid diagnostics. the u.s. is also redirecting its own order of manufacturing supplies to india, which will allow that country to make more than 20 million doses of covid-19, the vaccine. don't forget, though, there are a billion people in india. also tonight, the brazilian health minister says that country has passed a 400,000 mark of deaths. that is the second country to officially eclipse that mark. there are growing concerns tonight amongst some inside government about the
3:29 pm
humanitarian crisis along the southern border. arizona's republican attorney general is to win the biden administration for failing to examine the environmental effects of its immigration policies. the president is calling on congress to pass reform legislation as americans reflect their disapproval of his action so far. correspondent, turner is following that story for us tonight. >> let's end are exhausting or an immigration. >> the crisis at the border has been one of the defining challenges of the first 100 days. yet he touched on only briefly in his first address to congress. this top agenda item, citizenship for 11 million plus undocumented dreamers currently in the u.s. he pressed them to pass legislation three times in 3 minutes peered >> on day one of my presidency, i kept my commitment. speak of the latest fox news poll and shows just 34% of americans approve of biden's ovl
3:30 pm
performance on immigration, something republicans say will plague the administration's next 100 days unless they get serious fast. >> provided zero solution to the crisis at the border that he caused. >> would talk about immigration without taking any responsibility for the border crisis. >> some democrats including senator mark kelly agree. what i didn't hear jeanette was the plan to address the immediate crisis that the border and i will continue holding this a administration accountable. the challenge of carrying for unaccompanied children in government custody is now so dire that they are issuing a desperate plea to those at nasa. senator kelly's former employer asking to take three months leave to help to del my care for kids up border shelters a50% reduction of arrests of illegal immigrants. president biden is still blaming
3:31 pm
his predecessor. >> the plan was working but the last administration decided it was not working. >> the president has set his priority for the next 100 days. he is looking at the root causes of why people are fleeing and coming to the u.s. in the first place. white house aides say they are looking at root causes now like gangs and corruption, and even climate change. john. >> john: gillian turner at the white house. thank you. 5 people including two north carolina sheriff's deputies are dead tonight following a 13 hour standoff. a32-year-old suspect is also dead. authorities believe he killed his mother and his stepfather. the suspects in the theft of lady gaga's dogs have been arrested. the animals were stolen back in february and the person who is walking them shot in the chest when the dogs were stolen. he survived the attack. los angeles police say 5 people have been arrested including the woman who returned to the french bulldogs to the singer. detectives apparently do not
3:32 pm
believe they initially knew that the dogs belonged to lady gaga. the singer offered a half million dollars no questions asked as a reward. it is not known whether she paid the woman who returned the animals, who has been subsequently arrested. up next, the panel on president biden's address. >> we have a real chance to root out systemic racism that plagues america. race is not a weapon for every issue. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> we have to come together to rebuild trust between law enforcement and the people they serve, to root out systemic racism in our criminal justice system. >> america is not a racist country. >> i'd like to meet those who have ideas that are different, they think are better.
3:37 pm
>> the actions of the president, of his party are pulling us further and further apart. >> john: president joe biden and south carolina senator, tim scott with the address to congress and the republican response last night. let's bring our panel to talk about this. ceo of empowerment and inclusion capital is with us along with former state department spokesperson and bill mcgurn, columnists. i have seen a lot of addresses from congress and a lot of responses from both sides of the aisle, but i have never seen someone so vilified on the basis of race the end senator tim scott was last night. what does that say about the left and the tolerance of competing ideas? >> well, first off, thanks for having me on. i would agree. i thought both speeches last night sent a signal to the world that america's politics, the best of our politics when we are
3:38 pm
debating ideas and putting forward ideas is a good thing. i thought that president biden laid out an economic plan and a plan to defeat china. i thought that senator scott laid out a very personal story, very moving story and one that i think you could organize arounda has become a place where awful things are said and often times are repeated. it is unfortunate that we have all been victims by or targets of it. often times things we didn't do, didn't say a word on our walls but we deal with it. senator scott is a grown-up. he is an adult. and it is unfortunate that he had to deal with what he had to deal with. but i think it reignite the debate around social media company's responsibility and how they should measure what is right and what is wrong. i'm not sure i know the answer to it but i have to say, i'm glad they took it down. >> john: leftists, and i guess we could call them activists for a lack of a better term, really sort of prove to the point that tim scott was making about race
3:39 pm
last night, that there is no room for differing ideas. and if there are, they are going to nail you on the issue of race. >> yeah, and tim scott address that this morning actually on fox & friends." he said they weren't going after my policies. they were going after my race. i thought tim scott had some very beautiful and very poignant lines in his remarks last night. he talked about using the painful past in order to stifle debate now. and really, i think what we all need to follow and the g.o.p. could certainly follow is his emphasis on common sense and on common ground. i think he offered the country, many people were in the middle and thought they had voted for a centrist or thought they had voted for a moderate. they are now learning that they didn't. i think he really provided a tone and a way for the people to feel that they can think differently then maybe what they are being told in the mainstream. but the only thing i would say
3:40 pm
about twitter, it's good to remember that about 22% of americans are on twitter. last i read come about 80% of the active users are millennials. so, take that for what you will. >> john: just before the speech last night, i got a fund-raising email from tim scott who said that democrats are trying to divide this nation on the basis of race. he come as a black conservative is going to destroy that narrative. you've got to wonder, are democrats afraid of this guy? >> i think they are terrified of him. as someone who has written a couple of state of the unions, usually they are forgettable. i thought president biden gave a very serviceable speech defending his policy agenda. it had some high moments and so forth. but i think the clear star of the evening was tim scott. and i don't think the issue is twitter suppressing some of these. i think the issue is what senator scott said. and on the left, there is this
3:41 pm
kind of tolerance for treatment of an african-american who might be a republican conservative. you know, have we heard the left wing groups come out and announce the kind of language that was used? we heard black lives matter, for example? i don't think we have. and i think he also very powerfully, he said america is not a racist country. okay, thing most of us know that. so many of our leaders are afraid to say it and he said it and then he said we still have work to go. and when kamala harris was asked about it this morning, i think she said the same thing. and i think it's because he spoke the way he did. >> you know, it's interesting just to that point. one of the tweets about him calling him uncle tim was because he said america is not a racist country. kamala harris come as you pointed out, set exec with the same thing this morning. i didn't think anybody to eat the same thing about her. a couple of big items in terms of policy last night. president biden unveiling the
3:42 pm
american families plan as well as infrastructure. senator scott pushing back against that. let's listen to both of them here. >> this is the largest jobs plan since world war ii. it creates jobs. helps our transportation of refresher per job. modernizing our roads, bridges, highways. >> less than 60% of the president's plan goes to roads and bridges. it's a liberal wish list, big government waste. >> john: i'm wondering, the speech last night was a bone to be thrown to republicans on drug prices, but where was the outreach on the other side? president trump used to always get something in there for democrats. >> well, i there was a lot here. infrastructure has never been a divisive partisan issue, unfortunately. broadband, which i would hope that all of us, democrat, republicans can recognize the electricity of the 21st century.
3:43 pm
questions around human infrastructure, that is a debate they are going to have to have in the senate. it appears that the republican senators who relayed that at least 700 billion of two and a quarter trillion dollars is where we ought to be. we will debate and negotiate somewhere in between. we all know elections have outcomes. but i would be, or i should say have consequences. but it would be unfair. look, most black americans, and for that matter, most white americans believe that we are not a racist country. but i think most people realize that we are still dealing with some of the effects of some of those decisions that have been made of the years. the greatest thing about our country is that we have the ability to always be better and make it better. that is what i heard in joe biden. that is what i heard and tim scott. that is what i heard in kamala harris this morning as well. >> john: 30 seconds and we are going to wrap up the segment. common ground between republicans and democrats on the issue of infrastructure depending on how it is defined. >> i think that is wishful thinking, john. i think with this administration has done really well has had
3:44 pm
very big platitudes about coming together about being bipartisan and then be an incredibly far left spending policies. we are talking about raising taxes by $3 trillion in order to pay for $6 trillion of spending. so, the platitudes are great. the communication team is doing a great job because they are selling joe biden, the moderate, when it is the most far left and most progressive agenda since fdr. and they are quite proud of that. >> john: all right, stay with us because we'll be right back. coming up next, the mike pence book deal. we'll be back to see the light of day and hunter biden is invited to speak to college students. ♪ ♪ t business is all about. it's what the united states postal service has always been about. so as your business changes, we're changing with it. with e-commerce that runs at the speed of now. next day and two-day shippi nionwide. same day shipping across town.
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♪ ♪ >> when i read this email, to be honest, i laughed out loud because i thought that it was so funny that she would think hunter biden of all people would have any credibility as an expert. he is such a big beneficiary of that. >> there could be a laptop out there that was stolen from me. it could be that i was hacked. it could be that it was russian intelligence. it could be that it was stolen from me. >> and you didn't drop off the laptop you repaired in delaware question must not that i remember at all, at all.
3:49 pm
so, we'll see. >> as we mentioned earlier, hunter biden has been invited by tulane university to be a guest speaker in a course that will occur this fall. immediate polarization and fake news. and we are back with our panel. bill starting software. the notoriety and name recognition, what reason would there be to have hunter biden talk about media polarization and fake news? >> well, and his other credentials in either energy or ukraine or china. it's a private university. they can invite who they want and who they don't want. it's an odd pick and i think a lot of people look around and say hunter biden, as far as i know is still under federal investigation. is that really the kind of person you want to have delivering a lecture? >> john: if a person with hunter biden's pedigree, except he had -- do you think that tulane would
3:50 pm
want him to speak? >> i don't know, that maybe they should. look, and never going to give up on believing that just because i have a policy difference with someone, that i can't learn something from them or even like them. the council culture has gotten completely out of control and we ought to be careful here. just because it's someone we don't like, we shouldn't give a little more leniency to those who want to cancel them. even this notion with vice president pence. the book publishing company. people who have an issue with someone who has a strong point of view that is different than yours if you are a student, go invite someone with a different point of view or even your own point of view to make the case. we have gotten to a point in our nation where we are all wimps, where we don't want to hear the other side. think about one of the great videos i saw in the '60s between william buckley and james baldwin, who had very different opinions on the issue of race. but they were able to sit and have a lively illuminating debate about the issue. we have to get back to that if we are going to learn and grow
3:51 pm
and be the functioning democracy and the envy of the world as a democracy. shame on anyone who would say that someone's voice should be silenced. >> john: yet, harold ford jr. mentioned the mike pence book. they are petitioning the management to not publish this book saying "by choosing to publish mike pence, it unequivocally advocated for racism, sexism, homophobia, xenophobia, islamophobia, anti-semitism, and violence. this is not a difference of opinion, but it is legitimizing bigotry." you want to weigh in here? >> yeah, there are about 216 employees that signed a letter from what we have seen publicly. and so that represents about 14.5% of the company. so essentially, 85% of simon & schuster did not sign this letter and did not complain.
3:52 pm
so once again, you are hearing a very, very vocal minority that would like to do exactly what harold ford jr. just talked about, which is to silence debate and silence opinion. obviously the government should never tell simon & schuster or any other book publisher what they should say. but this is why i think that you will continue to see more and more conservative outlets, whether it's publishing books, whether it's podcasts, whether it's things like fox news, for consumers to have choices where they can listen and hear other ideas and other debates. so, you've got once again less than 15% of the company that is causing a huge ruckus. and i think it's good for simon & schuster for there to be, that they said no, we are not going to silence mike pence. he was the vice president of the united states. we are going to let him write. we are going to let him speak. we won we come to work each day to publish, not cancel, which is the most extreme decision a publisher can make and one that runs counter to the very core of our mission to publish a
3:53 pm
diversity of voices and perspectives. give us your thoughts? >> yeah, i agree entirely. they have to decide who is running the company. i would say i just want to clarify one thing. i don't think it is such a fastball comparison between vice president pence and what is happening to him and hunter biden. i think they are a little bit more subtle big differences between the two comen. again, tulane is a private university. it can make its own decisions. but as simon & schuster shows, they have to decide who is going to run the place because if they give in, they are going to face a lot more calls. the one we should mention as well that simon & schuster did cancel josh hawley's book over what happened at the capitol building on january 6th. hang with us, because when we come back, tomorrow's headlines right here on "special report." stay with us. ♪ ♪ ok, at at&t everyone gets our best deals on all smartphones. let me break it down.
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♪ ♪ >> john: finally tonight, we gaze into the "special report" crystal ball for our prognostication. morgan, start us off. >> welcome of this week john kerry has once again been in the news and that is because he reportedly according to "the new york times" leaked classified information on israeli strikes in syria. the chief propaganda, the two of them have had a very close relationship over the past few years. so, my headline, he crosses off the birthday party. >> john: last night bill, what is your headline for tomorrow? >> well, delivering the out of power party's rebuttal to a president's address has always been considered one of washington's worst jobs. he usually comes out looking very diminished compared to the president.
3:59 pm
but tim scott changed that wednesday night with a speech that empowers and eloquence with every match of the president's. >> john: and so the headline will be, tomorrow -- >> tim scott sores. >> john: you know, he violated dana perino's role of every time you violate a response, say no thanks. but he did do a very credible job of it. your headline for tomorrow. >> you know, the covid trend line is positive. hospitalizations, infections are all down and vaccinations are going up. so come as a result, one of the results, commissioner roger goodell hugs and welcomes next generation of nfl stars starting tonight. >> john: all right. we'll see if that happens. all right, panel thanks so much for being with us tonight. we'll see you again real soon. tucker carlson, by the way is going to interview rudy giuliani tonight following wednesday's raid by federal agents on the
4:00 pm
former mayor's new york apartment. so come be watching for that. that's at 8:00 eastern time here on the fox news channel. and thanks for watching "special report." i'm john roberts in washington. for bret baier, i will see you tomorrow afternoon at 1:00 eastern. "fox news primetime" hosted by tammy bruce starts right now. hi, tammy. >> tammy: hi, there. good evening everyone and welcome to "fox news primetime." ♪ ♪ i'm tammy bruce and when i started with you on monday here on prime time, i told you we would expose and explain what the left was up to ny. little did i know how distinctly joe biden would prove me right with his speech last night. but the reaction by the democrats and the left of tim scott's rebuttal next things even more clear. the left is a racist america-hating mob that is determined to punish you by seizing the fruits of your labor indoctrinating your children, destroying your freedom, and turning you into a surf for


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