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tv   The Five  FOX News  April 29, 2021 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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push out of the region and all maritime trade passes through that region and effectively hurt the united states. >> neil: to put it mildly, hopefully not, rebecca henricks, thank you very much peer that will do it for us here. thank you very much for joining us. now comes "the five." ♪ ♪ >> jesse: hello, everybody i'm jesse watters, dana perino, greg gutfeld greg gutfeld, katie pavlich and juan williams. 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." president biden making his first address to congress last night and while he ran on unity, he he sounded anything but that. >> we inherited a nation, we all did and it was in crisis. the worst pandemic and asymmetry. the worst economic crisis since
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the great depression. the worst attack on our democracy since the civil war. now, after just 100 days, i can report to the nation, america is on the move again. [applause] there is a possibility crisis to opportunity, setbacks and strength by economists would get 100 million covid vaccine shots into people's arms in 100 days. we will have provided over 220 million covid shots. we have to come together to rebuild trust between law enforcement and the people they serve. to root out systemic racism and criminal -- and the overall of majority colleagues and close the loopholes required for background checks of purchases of guns. we are not changing the constitution. we are being reasonable. >> jesse: biden's speech
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praised and a new era of big government with trillions of dollars of spending tax hike and progressive programs. so much for being a moderate. >> that is white american families guarantees four years of additional education in america to provide access to quality affordable child care. to provide 12 paid leave of america -- though -- just to prepare to pay their fair share. i think you should be a billionaire, a millionaire to pay your fair share. >> jesse: and then one of the biggest issues facing the country, only receiving 3 minutes of his attention, the border crisis. >> for more than 30 years, politicians talk about immigration and we have done nothing about it. it is time to fix it. the country supports immigration reform.
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we should add, let's argue over it, but let's act. >> jesse: all right, juan so joe biden gets up there and says we will spend $6 trillion, raised taxes and grow the government more than fdr and he expects the republican party to come on board with that? that violates every single principle of the republican party, juan peer that would like a republican getting up there and say we are doing a $6 trillion tax cut and restrict abortion. why don't the democrats joined me and unite behind this great agenda. it is preposterous! >> juan: well, i think we've been through some preposterously difficult time with the virus and the effect on our economy, and obviously, with the george floyd situation. we have been through some difficult times here, jesse. i think what you are seeing is the president talk about an inflection point to saying to
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people, listen this is our opportunity right now to build back better. a slogan to look at what we can do to get the american economy and the american people interact. and by the way, for all of the speech, the reviews are in. i just saw that cbs poll, cbs call is 85%. and 78%. i'm just saying, this is what the american people who saw the speech are saying 78% feel optimistic after the president. the cnn poll the same thing, 51% of positive reaction. by the way, in terms of you saying this is a bunch of big liberal spending, no green new deal, no medicare for all. that is not true. i feel they have lower ratings but of course, you have to take into account all of the screening and different devices. that is not the point. the point is i'm a people like the speech.
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>> jesse: no, they didn't. greg gutfeld. obama and donald trump were averaging $30 million, $40 million per state union. biden didn't get half of that. no one liked it, everybody fell asleep. don't listen to juan say this got rave reviews. the only one that got it was from the liberal elite media. >> greg: trump scored a better from the same speech. so i think a cnn poll if i remember. this had all the stuff i'm used to from big government, higher taxes, incentivize policies, more laws, huge deficits. but there was something new in there, the idea of depositing an american domestic threat without laying it out, without actually attaching specific facts and numbers to it. it is really interesting and when you do something like that, you should back it up with information, which he didn't appear there is a difference
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between republicans and democrats when you are talking about threats, when you talk about let's say illegal immigration, the democrats will focus on the number of illegals coming over. we will talk about the data when it comes to energy or the terrorist threat. we know exactly almost exactly how many members of isis there were as we were killing them. that is how we knew we were killing them and how many al qaeda little bit too late but we did note but here you have a case where the democrats identify or joe biden identifies a threat with absolutely no data to convince or persuade somebody like me. he's not going to have any problems persuading juan, right? there is no reason for the data but when you're talking to america and talking about an enemy inside america, you need to tell us how many there are, where they are. because if they are domestic terrorists, we have to kill them. instead, what he did is instead
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of finding a common enemy basically climate change, covid or terrorism, you went with white supremacy, right? that turns america inward at each other. that is the local path lump, regurgitated from an old white male who prowled around with bigots and using his time as presidency as owned personal reparations, right? if you believe this is the number one problem in america commit is up to you to persuade us. because if you don't, then the media has carte blanche to exaggerate and create the number for themselves here and there are millions of white supremacist. they would call them trump voters but they are everywhere. i don't need to say who they are. lastly when he said january 6th was the worst attack on the country since the civil war, apparently, forgetting about flight 93 being aimed at the capital or jfk assassination or
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9/11 mcveigh, that is insulting. that is absolutely insulting. but other than that, it was a really good speech. >> jesse: katie, i don't even think to grads mike greg's point he was trying to persuade anybody. he knows he has the numbers and this is pure, political power at its finest. and i think he's just trying to blow out the bank and by enough votes to win reelection and print money to the markets. that is the play here. >> katie: i think they know they are in charge, fdr, he likes that and can lose the house in two years so shove through as much as possible in that short period of time. but i just can't get over how the entire environment last night and the capital came off. it was so pathetic to not see the entire place full of democrats and republicans sitting next to each other in front of a president who ran
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this idea of unifying the country, bringing people together, especially when they have the opportunity to do so. i thought they looked incredibly weak, not just joe biden, but the united states as a whole to the american people into the world. when you have a body of people that have been vaccinated and cdc guidance from the government, which we are all supposed to be listening to, and yet, the hallway and the floor was practically empty. and it wasn't even half-full. not even half of congress was there. and so the visual that you are seeing there is just so weak and pathetic, not just in terms of unifying the country but in terms of the showings of the world of we beat the virus. the united states led the way on vaccine research and got three of them out in record time to get people back to normal. here we are as a country standing up after the communist chinese party put us down for a
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year and we are back. the leadership in washington is here to represent the people. we are moving forward. but instead commit is the opposite while biden is telling everyone to get vaccinated acting like no one is vaccinated. it makes no sense. >> jesse: none of it made sense, dana, one part in particular said saving the planet will save jobs and i thought to myself, why did everyone lose their job when you killed keystone? wasn't that supposed to be saving the planet? >> dana: that was one of them. he did use the word jobs a lot. but there was no nods and also no nods to children out of school for a year. and talking about the teachers. and so there was a missed opportunity there. and even a grace note to say the administration got this vaccine underway and here we are. none of that. i guess we shouldn't be surprised on that. biden won by a very narrow
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margin. the big issue with covid. and now he is governing as if he has a mandate to make fdr and lbj blush because of wow, no one can actually get away with that. i actually don't think they are going forward. all of these proposals will take a big haircut. he's only 50% approval as you have several senators looking for reelection, hassan of new hampshire will be a tough race, mark kelly and raphael warnock, they will be thinking about their reelection as well. they will have to take a haircut on this kind of thing. and i know we have a lot more to talk about so i will leave it there. >> jesse: all right come up next hundred tim scott rebuttal to joe biden in the vicious racial attacked against him. the twitter just let trend for hours. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> dana: it was a big night for senator tim scott with official republican rebuttal to joe biden speech to congress. >> hear me clearly, america is not a racist country. we also heard about a so-called family plan, even more taxing, even more spending to put washington even more in the middle of your life from the cradle to college. we get to live in the greatest country on earth, the country
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where my grandfather and his 94 years saw his family go from cotton to congress in one lifetime. >> dana: after that response, the senator faced onslaught of racist attacks including on twitter where the hashtag "uncle tim" and toth social media giant finally took it down. senator scott responding to that earlier today. >> last night what was trending on social media was uncle tim and they double down on this concept of liberal oppression. it is stunning and 2021 that those who speak about ending discrimination went to end it by more discrimination. the left has doubled down that they are not going to attack my policies, but literally they are attacking the color of my skin. >> dana: jesse for a long time on "the five" i talk about my communication rules. one is never say yes to a
2:18 pm
rebuttal to a presidential speech. he proved me wrong. he nailed it to my thoughts. so let's hear your reaction to his speech overall and of course, the attack that came after. >> jesse: will black republican senator says america is not racist and white liberal say no, no, it is racist. they want you to think this country is racist so blacks and whites or against each other and democrats can exploit that divide for power. white liberals, dana, have a senior complex. they want to swoop in and have black america be the victim and then save them, help them dissuade their white guilt and to satiate their thirst for power and control. that is what this is about. they ridiculed black republicans because they are panicked they will lose their base. the minute a black emerges on the scene, they are viciously smeared appear that sense signal to black americans don't you dare or switch parties. they are very concerned they are
2:19 pm
losing their grip on black voters in america and the prize of racism will get louder and louder as the grip loosens. if you go back in history the democratic party fought to the death to keep their and the republican party is now accused of wanting to put black americans back in chains? nothing could be further from the truth. they want black americans, white americans come all americans to be free, free from government oppression, free speech, free religion, free to keep and bear arms and free to keep more of the money that we aren't because the republican party trust the people to control their own destiny and the democratic party does not. >> dana: greg, he is a talented speaker. and i think that is another thing, which is i've got a temperament, tone, and approach. oh, okay come easy on the ears but the message is different
2:20 pm
from what you are hearing from biden. >> greg: and also that hatred, the reaction gave it new life. if people had not reacted the way they did on twitter my main, twitter could have acted faster than 11 hours. remember how quick they acted to protect hunter? they bought that article before it came out. about two jesse's point, there is nothing scarier to a white liberal than a black republican because you can't be a victim and a republican. it is not allowed. all hurdles and obstacles when seen for a fuel for achievement so makes utterly useless to the media. and i give credit to kamala harris for tim scott about america's not a racist country and nobody calls her uncle kam. but remember this is part of what joe biden said, if you
2:21 pm
don't vote for joe, you ain't black or plantation of the mind. the democrats need blacks to believe that it is own, you only have one choice, right? only one choice liberalism which means you really don't have a choice. if you do choose something other than being liberal, then you are undermining your own blackness. of course, they would never say that to a black man's face, but they do on twitter. >> dana: juan, you have written about this before and talked about it, it is not a new phenomena for black republicans to try to get these labels hurled at them. >> juan: right, but i think twitter was absolutely right to take that down. i think it was offensive. i will say that you've got to understand that if twitter asked to remove abusive language targeting tim scott, we have to be comfortable with the idea to remove abusive language that targets people on the left as well. but anyway, getting back to the
2:22 pm
speech, thought senator scott did a fine job, dana. it is a difficult spot, as you said, to speak in the rebuttal speaking after the president of the united states in the grants setting and basically speaking in a room to a camera. his argument, though, to me was not that strong in that he was taking, you know, republicans do want to do something for people who are hurting and help with the job situation. biden spoke about creating job so all big socialism, big spending and the like. and i just don't think it rang true given there was no explicit plan how to help people much less how are you going to explain the fact that republicans didn't care so much about government spending under president trump. but the one less thing that i would mention to you that was raised earlier about him saying, this is not a racist country. i didn't have that thought, but true, i don't think it is a racist country, but i do
2:23 pm
think -- and this is what people have been saying today, yeah, but we have ongoing racial problems. this was senator scott met with senator booker, senator durbin, karen bass and others on police report domestic reform. that is part of that effort. >> dana: he recognizes the same thing and we have to contend with but actually move on and solve some things. does he have a bright future in your opinion? >> katie: he certainly has a bright future but i was worried when he was picked to do this because i like him a lot and i hope he has a future. he did a good job last night. but generally speaking, he went after a number of different issues that democrats have been talking about over the last couple of months, the georgia law, school of choice but the most important thing is overarching theme of his speech,
2:24 pm
which was the american and the promise of america. he said original sin is never the end of the story of only the beginning. and redemption is the story of america. he talked about his own family and how we went from cotton to congress, right? and his grandfather used to read the newspaper even though we couldn't read just to show his grandson an example for him. so it goes against this entire argument that we have seen from the left, 1619 project, the critical race theory and schools, that america is a good place come although not perfect. and people can regain themselves and move forward with their lives. congress, business, wherever you want to make it come america is a place to do it. >> dana: he was reluctant to talk about himself but he did a good job, of course, responding to the attack. coming up the predictable response of the media by biden. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> juan: welcome back. the media big thumbs up to president biden speech. >> after four years of a monotone child, it was bracing to hear a speech delivered at times by a whisper. >> i thought it was a remarkable speech. >> he is really trying to bring the country together. it was make america feel good night. make america feel pride night. >> i thought the speech was carefully and smartly crafted in a political way. >> juan: but the media had a much harsher take on
2:30 pm
senator tim scott do rebuttal. >> a speech where facts don't matter which is where the current republican party resides. >> i'm not sure what the purpose of this was. i'm shocked and a little bit embarrassed for him. this was a lost opportunity. >> he does not seem to understand, and a lot of them don't seem to understand the difference between a racist country in a systemic racism. they don't seem to get the difference. >> juan: dana, let's go back to tim scott's speech. i want to ask you if you think it will elevate him. i remember with fred thompson away back commit put fred thompson on the map as a presidential candidate. it did not do that for marco rubio or bobby jindal. what do you think it does for tim scott? >> dana: again, i think doing the rebuttal is very, very hard and only somebody with
2:31 pm
oratorical skills. >> greg: you don't want some help from me. i will say something terrible. >> dana: yes, no doubt he is now elevated. everybody is talking about him. sometimes, unfortunately trending negatively with racial slur will elevate you, for example kamala harris was asked about his comments last night. by robin roberts on "good morning america," tim said it's not a racist country. what do you think? she said i agree this is not a racist country but we have issues we have to deal with. and what is tim scott doing, he is actually going up rolling up his sleeves and working on racism. it definitely elevates him. it is interesting somebody in the media had that reaction. last night, first of all, peter was really annoying me because before hand, flipping through the channels, talk about the netflix serving a little bit.
2:32 pm
and then i have to watch the speech. he read a book and then from the peanut gallery. let's just say some people did not like the speech. speed to greg to come i don't think you like the speech from what i heard earlier, but i wanted to ask you if you could agree that the president did seem to be in command, alert, not some doddery old guy, which is a lot of the conservative complaint. it looks like that got blown away. >> greg: the president was alert, problem solved. he was conscious. no, i think the real news here is that joy reid can be embarrassing. no new. >> dana: good point. >> greg: we had to code joys and they were both joyless. the media is in charge of the nation's narrative so when generally revealing something how well their narrative is effectively spread fear and so i used to think the media was the bullhorn for the democrats.
2:33 pm
it is actually the opposite. the democrat party is the foot soldier for the powerful people in media. they are given the talking points and interchangeable with what you would see on cnn and exactly what you see coming from the democrats. but the difference is it is coming from the media now and not the politicians. >> juan: so jesse, i was struck that biden made a point that you have mostly good police in this country. and then i saw maxine waters applauding. so to me, that look like a unifying gesture. how did it look to you? >> jesse: i was happy that everybody clapped, but i think greg made a good point. when greg actually makes a good point, i think we should recognize that. the student. but juan in the letter a blog, that might have been the group lowest rated by about 20 million. and you should know that people should be able to who strain
2:34 pm
things for a decade. i don't think streaming just started this year. i'm disappointed in andrea mitchell and martha and brian williams and here is why, juan. they have covered or observed, i don't know come with a delivery of ronald reagan, bill clinton's charismatic stem, george w. bush is defining language after 9/11, barack obama's soaring and donald trump's showmanship and patriotic language. and they will look at joe biden's speech and say that was remarkable? juan that is like watching a football game with ponds, saying that is the greatest game i've ever seen. you would think jim nantz was a if he told you that. you are saying it was good because he promised to spend more money than anybody ever? is that the barometer right now? someone can tax and spend really
2:35 pm
well? that is easy. there is no creativity. there is no innovation there. he is buying votes and redistributing the wealth. anybody can do that. we are supposed to give this guy a round of applause because he takes our money and gives it away and makes more people dependent? come on, juan, this wasn't a great speech. this was bad to. >> juan: i don't agree, but i will take your point and go to katie. katie, let's forget the abundance then. the american people said they like the speech in the polls. >> katie: let me see if i can do this correctly. it was the most unifying speech since the civil war and everybody who criticized tim scott is a raging racist and they should be canceled. left rules, not nice. >> juan: all right. hunter biden has a new gig and we will tell you about it next right here on "the five."
2:36 pm
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♪ ♪ >> greg: wild the biden doj prioritizes search warrants for giuliani, hunter biden will enjoy a new speaking gig. talk about fake news. the president's son will lecture undergrads at two laney university and this is part of a course on polarization and public policy impact. you know, dana, i kind of get it. how could hunter biden say no to his student body? >> dana: very good, very good. very good question, very good question.
2:41 pm
so if i was in the white house communications office come i would be like, guys, why is he all of a sudden available? >> greg: yes. >> dana: we couldn't find him for months. the media was asking for him and now he's going to give speeches on fake news? i thought he was an artist now? what happened to that? >> greg: he used a straw to blow his art. i think that is what he told the police when they showed up. it is for my art. i don't know. jesse come i wonder if any other speakers will help him work on his lines? >> jesse: greg, you are on point today. man whom i've got to give it to you. you should take more days off and come back nice and refreshed. you know, i just can't believe that they are reading -- by dan and the department of justice raided the guy that broke our story.
2:42 pm
they took all of his computers and blackberries. now they are going through the communications. it is a cleanup job, that is all it is. it is a cleanup job with the julie rudy on he and hunter's image had a rough couple of yeah the chinese diamond and getting fighting off alimony getting wires from russian billionaires and chinese communist. so they are giving him speaking gigs and art deals and book deals. this is all to help polish his image a little bit right now. >> greg: you know, juan, like the left on campus the more voices the merrier. i think it's great he speaking there. i think he might have some tips for the kids like when you have a good dealer or balance the job while financing hookers and these are what people will want to know the answers to. >> juan: i see the right-wing now now is fascinated with hunter biden.
2:43 pm
is aoc busy? she's out of work now, goodness gracious. i don't think anybody really cares if hunter biden is invited to make some remarks via zoom to a class at v6. it is just not that interesting. i think may be he eats a hamburger next. it just seems like a whole lot of nothing to me. an opportunity to go after joe biden because i think there is so much republican in the for a guy that has support from the american people and a lowering stock market. >> greg: hunter -- >> jesse: we are allowed to point to the stock market now? >> greg: [laughter] >> juan: it's true. >> katie: the republicans at tulane are not asking hunter biden to come through this and attacked joe biden. hunter biden is doing this himself. greg, kids to fill out gender profile and take your brother's widow, maybe that is something he could help him with.
2:44 pm
but tulane cost $56,000 a year so i think hunter is going there for the money. he is thinking he could get in on that. >> greg: if you have students at tulane right now and you are a parent, called them and tell them to lock the doors because hunter is in town. up next, out with a solution for your chronic tv show indecisiveness. ♪ ♪ not everybody wants the same thing. that's why i go with liberty mutual — they customize my car insurance so i only pay for what i need. 'cause i do things a little differently. hey, i'll take one, please! wait, this isn't a hot-dog stand? no, can't you see the sign? wet. teddy. bears. get ya' wet teddy bears! one-hundred percent wet, guaranteed! or the next one is on me! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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♪ ♪ >> katie: welcome back. do you ever have a hard time to pick out what to watch on netflix? you are not alone. help is on the way. a new feature that will automatically start playing a random show for you based on algorithm every time you open the app. dana, not a fan of this. want to be in control. >> dana: sometimes it does take a half an hour to figure out what to watch. you go through it all and the other thing for me, that is not very good.
2:49 pm
peter watches the scary shows and i don't. all of a sudden, i just want to watch younger. we have an argument in the first place. >> katie: greg, doesn't this take away the ability of what people are watching and why are you watching that? and now you can't deny that it was what you were watching. >> greg: we have different accounts at my apartment so i never know what's going on. but i don't know if i would introduce god failed rule on "the five" 95% of everything is. so when you are sitting on netflix and it dawns on you that 95% of everything on it is crap in 40 minutes go by both and you start to watch something and then you are like crap i put 15 minutes into this monstrosity, what do i do? you step out of it and you lose 50 minutes forever. so actually i love the days when
2:50 pm
you would at night in bed turn on the tv, watch the sports and watch letterman and fall asleep. those are the days. and now you watch -- >> katie: is this a blockbuster trip, and try to find something? >> dana: don't bring that up again. >> jesse: i would love to log onto gutfeld's account and see what the algorithm pushes out first. i might have to cover my eyes at first. i think they should try this netflix things at restaurants. they bring your food. and you just take it. i like that. don't make a decision. >> katie: juan, does your entire family have your netflix password to watch whatever they want? >> juan: i think is it netflix or amazon where they ask who is watching? who is watching, they want to know who is watching. and to my mind, it is just like
2:51 pm
youtube. if you watch boxing matches, they just keep, the algorithms produces more boxing matches to watch. i don't want algorithm's choosing everything i watch. i would rather have some control in my life. it makes me feel like i was being served up to them rather than them serving me. before you sound like a republican, juan. >> juan: there you go. >> katie: netflix will convert him. "one more thing" up next. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> time now for "one more thing." here are the first texts of the biden era. here we go. number one, we have a president who has been in office for a week and a matter what he does,
2:56 pm
no matter what he says, and a matter what proposals he makes, he has turned into a socialist and an incompetent one at that. why do you need to do that? i think you know. how in the name of god does it ever help our country to disparage fauci? who are you? where is your perspective? i've been really impressed with the intellect and articulate performance of the press secretary. not you? [laughs] and lastly, honey, it is filled with solar panels. you don't have to have hot weather and desert terrain to generate energy. [laughter] so, in my new book, which we talked about yesterday, how i save the world, there is a little chapter. some of these texts are for fox. very hard. and what i did was i actually responded to each text in the chapter and you are going to love it.
2:57 pm
so go order that on amazon or where books are sold. greg. >> greg: all right, tonight 11:00 p.m., got filled. she is now a fan favorite. jesse was on on tuesday and i think he had a nice time. >> jessie: i had a great time. >> greg: yeah. >> jessie: it was a great show. >> greg: it certainly was. let's do this interesting thing. gregg's optical illusion. now, i've been watching this tape over, and over, and over again and i do not know what is going on. but i keep watching it. first i thought it was the medications but then i realized it just keeps going through. what you think is happening? first down line in football. it's like it's just, you can walk on it, step on it. i don't get it. anyway, i figured we could look at this for a few minutes and then talk about it afterwards over drinks. >> we might need some drinks. [laughter] there you go. all right, i can't figure it out either. dana. >> dana: have a good friend,
2:58 pm
jennifer williams. she started the daily briefing with me. for the past 18 months, she has been raising this puppy that we named. they gave me a chance to name him. he has now graduated. that was him as a little puppy. but now he is a big boy and he graduated yesterday. he is off to go and help somebody. this is a canine companions for independence. they do amazing work and jen is a really good person to keep raising these puppies. and hard moments of having to say goodbye and wish them well on their way. >> jessie: i can't believe you named a dog after him. >> dana: yes. he loves it. [laughter] >> juan: i thought that was great. that's a cool thing to do. anyway, for me, it's enough of a challenge to run an obstacle course. so, imagine what i thought when i saw somebody doing it on
2:59 pm
skates while holding a hockey stick and trying to control the puck. take a look. ♪ ♪ >> dana: wow. >> juan: that's peter, the vermont native. he is a hockey player currently on a team in the austrian hockey league. what you can't see is that people are throwing the obstacles out of the back of a moving truck, trying to trip him up. if we choose a team, i'm going to take pete. that's a pretty awesome video. >> katie: i love that. >> jessie: pretty slick. looking good. all right, katie, take it away. >> katie: okay, here's this guy named ben. he is a scuba diver he's also a doctor from the town of campbell northumberland and he has been hanging out with the seals for 20 years. they take his hat off. he has been able to develop a friendship with all of these seals. for people who didn't know, seals actually act a lot like dogs. so, this is kind of fun.
3:00 pm
shout out to him for his 20 years of diving with them. >> are you even allowed to punch a seal? [laughter] i mean that seal is getting a little too close. is it illegal to punch a >> katie: they are friends. >> are the different roles to that? i think you might be able to give don might get away with it. "special report" is up next. john roberts. speaker you could punch a navy seal, but who would want to think of the consequences. [laughter] thank you, jessie. thank you, everyone. good evening and welcome to washing. i'm john roberts in for bret baier. breaking tonight, president biden is in georgia. the president calling for more massive spending and massive tax hikes to pay for peer republicans are both unimpressed with the poles and the president's effort


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