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tv   The Story With Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  April 29, 2021 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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>> indeed. >> john: if you took that police dog and put a tray on the top of it, it could serve the drinks and food to people. >> sandra: ashley, enjoy. thanks so much for joining us. john, great to be with you. i'm sandra smith. >> john: i'm john roberts. "the story" starts right now. >> martha: thanks, guys. john and sandra. joining me today, mitch mcconnell is here exclusively. we'll get his response to last night's speech by president biden and the major transformation that he has witnessed in the democrat party that has gone from this in the clinton era -- >> the era of big government is over. >> martha: a different mode now. this was last night where president biden pushed the biggest government plan in the nation's history. >> we the people are the government. >> martha: we the people are the
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government. we'll ask senator mcconnell about that. also this morning, president trump speaking out about the gop's prospects in 2022. >> i think we're going to do very well. we need good leadership. mitch mcconnell has not done a great job. i think they should change mitch mcconnell. >> martha: we'll give him a chance to respond to that in just a moment. first, the white house where peter doocy is standing by with more from the white house on day 100. hi, peter. >> president biden said the u.s. government should provide people with more services to help them dig out from the pandemic. >> we were to sit down and get a bipartisan committee together and say we're going to decide what we do in terms of government providing for free education, i wonder whether we would think as in the 20th century that that 12 years is enough? i doubt it. >> a trillion taxpayer dollars
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to help cover tuition for child care and free preschool and college maybe up the backbone of the biden's family plan. they're assembling a cabinet to help mays the case for this proposal. the democrats say it can beaid by raising taxes on the top sliver of earners. the new plan is separate from the infrastructure plan. the white house claims that they will hear republicans out about pay-fors. but for some, the bill is already too high. >> he's proposed in the first 100 days $6 trillion of new spending. a modern record. put that in context. $6 trillion is about four times our total federal budget. it's an amazing amount of money and has the potential of jeopardizing our kids' future and socking us with decades of interest costs. >> white house officials are arguing the programs that they're proposing are popular. so this is going to become a show down with democrats going
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for what they think people want and republicans going for what the country can afford. martha? >> martha: as promised, mitch mcconnell of kentucky. good to have you with us today, senator. thanks for being here. what does your side do to push back on these plans that they hope will appeal to a lot of blue collar workers that were trump republican voters. >> first, the government is not the people. the president got it exactly wrong. this is a massive engagement or recommendation that we engage in higher taxes, more spending and dramatically more debt. senator romney had it exactly right. this is the wrong prescription for america. we're coming out of this pandemic, growth is picking up dramatically. vaccines are getting in arms. these proposals are wildly out
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of proportion to what to country needs at this particular juncture. >> martha: it remains to be seen politically if trying to push this through. some turned it trying to get a rhinoceros through a garden hose, this is senator manchin there west virginia talking about the spending plans. watch this. >> are you concerned about this push for a more expensive government? >> certainly, i am. i want to see the details action we talked before. we can't overreach to the part that we stymie growth for 2022, 23 and 24 and on. >> he sounds like he has doubts about this. how many other senate democrats do you think you can peel off from these huge plans, senator? >> yeah, look, i think there's a number of democrats that share the view of senator manchin. what is being recommended here jeopardizes the future of our entire country.
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the massive amount of debt to deal with an economy that is coming back on its own, getting back where it was in february of 2020, we had the best economy we had in 50 years. low unemployment among african americans, asian americans, all americans. we simply need to let this economy bloom again with the end of the pandemic, which is occurring with the dissemination of vaccine shots in arms all over the country. >> martha: you think that is persuasive? you think president biden will have these plans going through or how much you think are viable for him? >> he will have to have every senate democrat in line, all 50 of them and the vice president in the chair. i think they'll find that very, very challenging. >> martha: interesting. last night you talked about the fact that you haven't been invited to the white house by the president, you haven't had a real meeting. a couple of short phone calls.
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tonight he a libbed a thank you to you for naming a cancer bill after his son, beau biden. did you outreach to him today? is there any change? what was your response to that when you heard that in the hall? >> i appreciated the compliment. we're friendly. we've done deals together in the past. however, the reason we're not talking now is because he's not trying to do anything remotely close to moderate. think of it as the biden bait and switch. he ran as a moderate, but everything he's recommended so far has been hard left. bernie sanders is really happy. he may have lost a nomination, but he won the argument over what today's democratic party is. more taxes, more spending, more borrowing. >> martha: remember, candidate biden did promise to be the most progressive president in history, and that's what seems
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to be happening by his own accord. i want to ask you about these comments by former president trump this morning saying it's time for -- he said you've not done a great job and time for new leadership. what do you say to him today? >> look, we're looking in the future, not the past. if you want to see the future of the republican party, watch tim scott's response to president biden last night. he's the future. that's where we're headed. we're not preoccupied with the past but looking forward. >> martha: you don't think that your party listens to what he says about you or your leadership? >> what we're doing is focusing on the future, not the past. if you want to see the future, watch tim scott's great speech last night. he laid out what the republican party today and tomorrow is going to look like. >> martha: i want to ask you something else about that. one more thing here from president trump. he seems to think that he does have a moment in the future as well. here's what he said. >> 100% i'm thinking about
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running. we will i think be very successful. we were very successful -- look, i ran twice. the second time i got 12 million more votes than the first time. >> martha: you said if he got the nomination you'd stand by him. you stand by this today? >> i will stand by the republican nomination. there's going to be robust competition. there's three or four members that will run from senate in 2024. as that sorts itself out, obviously i'll be supporting the republican nominee for president in 2024. >> martha: do you think that person will have to have former president trump's backing? >> he will have to win the nomination. once the nomination is secured we will give it our best shot. >> martha: what did you think about tim scott -- he got trolled all over social media.
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they called him racist names. i mean, it's quite shocking. you think it's possible for someone like him to get acceptance on both sides of the aisle or you think that some on the other side of the aisle feel threatened by his strength? >> he's very popular. not only within our party but senate democrats as well. he's brave, courageous and tells the truth. when you do that these days, a lot of people come after you. he's a courageous leader, the most inspirational leader in our party looking forward. >> martha: good to speak with you today, sir. thanks for coming in. >> thank you. >> martha: as president trump hinting at another potential run, the senate majority leader at the previous dig. >> america is breathing a sigh of relief to see joe biden in that chair and not the previous president who just all too often, even in those speeches
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>> martha: so president biden didn't directly address the crisis at the border last night. instead lawmakers were asked to send an immigration bill to his desk. he said what is happening at the border is the trump administration's fault. watch this. >> when i was vice president, the president asked me to focus to address the root causes of migration. to help people in their own countries instead of being forced to leave. the plan was working. the last administration decided it was not worth it.
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>> martha: mark meadows, former white house chief of staff to donald trump joins me now. thanks for being here. what goes through your mind when you hear that from the president? he said you know, we had this fixed and the trump administration kind of messed it up. >> well, we know from the facts of the case, actually, that they don't support what joe biden is talking about. we warned him if he changed the policy, the remain in mexico policy, other policies at the southern border, he would have a crisis, the very crisis he has. how he is dealing with that? he put kamala harris in charge of it. she's not been down there. instead of addressing it, he gave her another job last night. only in washington d.c. can you get another job when you failed at the first one. listen, he's had 48 years of an unremarkable career here in washington d.c. he set out last night to pretend like he was doing something in his first 100 days that are not supported by the facts. >> martha: he's doing well in the polls.
12:16 pm
53% approval. you know, decent numbers on these plans that he's proposed. one area that he is having a tough time is with the border. last night mark kelly, the democrat senator from arizona, said while i share president biden's urgency in fixing our broken immigration system, what i didn't hear is a plan to address the immediate crisis at the border. do you see this as something that is going to continue to dog him in his presidency? >> well, i do think it will continue to dog him. but it's not what we didn't hear last night. it's what we did hear, martha, that was a real concern. last night joe biden picked big government over families. last night joe biden picked big government over the working class. last night joe biden picked big government over everything wanting to make sure the long arm of the government comes in to every aspect of our life. if that is not socialism, the very definition of socialism, i don't know what is.
12:17 pm
>> martha: here's kamala harris talking about her role on immigration. here's how she sees it this morning. watch this. >> i am responsible for and been taking on the responsibility of dealing with the root causes of migration. here's how i think about it. listen, when you look at the northern triangle, which is the area of focus, the geographic area of focus, you have to ask and realize that i think most people don't want to leave home. >> martha: you know, there's -- i think about $800 billion is proposed to send to these countries. what happens when you send $800 billion to guatemala and el salvador and honduras? does it really change people's lives there? make them not want to leave? is it effective? >> well, it doesn't work. it's been tried before under democrat administrations previously. joe biden has tried that previously. we know it doesn't work. what she's talking about is
12:18 pm
creating a jobs program for third world countries. what about american workers jobs here? it's the $800 billion that belonged to american hard working taxpayers that she wants to send down there and create a jobs program? all she has to do is follow the blueprint that president trump put forth and we can control what is happening at the border. >> martha: i want to switch gears with you before i let you go. this was moment ago. i spoke with the senate minority leader. we talked about president trump saying that he felt there should be new leadership on the senate side. here's what he said about president trump running again in 2024. >> i'm going to support the nominee of the republican party. i predict there will be robust competition for the nomination. i have three or four members of the senate running for president in 2024. once that sorts itself out as the republican leader of the senate, obviously i'll be supporting the republican nominee for president in 2024.
12:19 pm
>> martha: what do you think of that answer, sir? >> i can tell you, the only way there's going to be robust primary is if president trump decides not to run again. if he's in, i can tell you, it clears the field immediately. you can look at the number of people going down to south florida for his endorsement. they'll soon be going to new jersey to get the same endorsement. listen, this is no contest. if the president decides to run. i can tell you right now based on my conversations with him, he's more than strongly considering another run. >> martha: you think he will actually do it in the end? >> in the end, i think he does do it. he loves the country so much. he continues to be engaged at policy levels. he continues to want to make sure that we fight back against china and make sure that we do all that we can to support the hard working men and women of america. >> martha: mark meadows, thanks
12:20 pm
very much. >> good to see you. >> martha: you too. coming up, we'll talk to dan henninger from the "wall street journal" page. he says that joe biden's presidency can be summed up in one sentence. whatever donald trump did, do the opposite. also a fox news contributor. interesting piece that you wrote on this. you say that president biden is exercising the art of the none deal and compare his negotiating tactics to antifa, which jumped out at me when i read it. >> you know, joe biden is a life-long member of the u.s. senate where people are known for doing deals all the time. the hallmark of the biden presidency is he doesn't do deals with anybody. mitch mcconnell just described that in your interview with him. the question is why is joe biden, deal maker, suddenly reverted to not negotiating with
12:21 pm
anybody? antifa has this philosophy that they don't negotiate with anyone. they press forward until the other side concedes and gives up to their demands. that's not too far removed, martha, from what the democratic left thinks about politics now. it is an argument of faith among the democrats, among the left, that barack obama made a huge mistake in 2009 trying to negotiate with the republicans over the affordable care act. their view is the negotiating with the opposition impedes the progress to their policy goals. bernie sanders was on television during a debate over the covid relief bill saying he didn't understand the meaning of compromise. joe biden has internalized that himself and the idea now is to just push it past the republicans with or without them. no negotiating. that's what the left wants to do to get their goals. >> martha: wonder where that
12:22 pm
leaves the country in the end. that does seem to be the posture we're in right now. thanks, dan. >> thanks, martha. >> martha: so one day after the new cdc guidance, the whole of american government essentially defied it. a room full of police-vaccinated elected officials for the most part socially distanced and masked after the cdc recommended that they could go in this situation without them. what message does that send to the rest of the country who they want everybody to be vaccinated and what about the messages sent to china? marc thiessen and tomi lauren next. that's why there's otezla. otezla is not a cream. it's a pill that treats plaque psoriasis differently. with otezla, 75% clearer skin is achievable. don't use if you're allergic to otezla. it may cause severe diarrhea,...
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side effects are swelling of te arms and legs and confusion. we spoke up and it made all the difference. ask your healthcare provider about nuplazid. >> martha: as you know by now, president biden delivered his congressional address to an almost empty room with only fully vaccinated and masked lawmakers in the room. they were spread apart, most of them were social distanced. they walked toward each other and then away from each other. they did this even though the cdc says they can visit with other fully vaccinated people indoors without wearing masks or physical distancing. that is from the cdc, which they say are the scientists that we should be paying attention to. the "new york post" editorial board called it bizarre mask theater. marc thiessen echoed that in his "washington post" opinion piece,
12:27 pm
which is excellent. here's speaker of the house nancy pelosi explaining why this was happening last night. >> we are guided by the capital attending physician. the sergeant at arms. the science demands how we -- why we have masks on still. perhaps when we're speaking would be a time we could, as you did, take down the mask. but so far that's not what we can do. >> martha: okay. let's bring in marc thiessen, american enterprise scholar, former speechwriter to george w. bush and tomi lauren, host of "no interruption." marc, what was that all about? >> she sad follow the science. the science says that if you're fully vaccinated, you can be in a room indoors with other people without masks and without social distancing. the house chamber holds 1,600
12:28 pm
people. i've been in there for two state of the union addresses. i wrote two of them. it's packed to the gills. they had 200 people in there. we're approaching the point that everybody that wants to be vaccinated can get a vaccine. we have to start convincing people to get vaccinated. they could say look, we're vaccinated and having a normal state of the union. if you get vaccinated, your life can go back to normal, too. instead they're sending the message even though we're vaccinated, we're still masking and still social distancing. this crisis will never end. the mandates will never end and that will undermine the effort to vaccinate the country. >> i think you're right. tommy, you know, this is what they want. this is what we were told the past year, that we wanted operation warp speed to see this vaccine come quickly so people could get vaccinated. first we were told, two weeks to slow the spread. then we got the picture. then about this vaccine. so why are all of these
12:29 pm
individuals still wearing the masks after they have passed all of these bars? >> they still have to keep up the charade and till have to push their control narrative. they wear the mask to send a message to places with mask mandates that they should stay in plate, this is political theater. at the end of the day, nancy pelosi took it down, touched her podium and her face again. americans, be logical. if you wear a mask because you think it's going to keep you safe and touching things and touching your mask and your face all day long, how is that healthy? there's so much mixed messages from the cdc, the white house and the democrats. no wonder the american people don't trust the government. there you go. >> martha: i remember dr. fauci saying a cloth mask isn't going to do anything, which sounded fairly logical at the time based on the science that he explained to us. he changed his tune on that down
12:30 pm
the road. katie pavlich had a great point what is the message to china where this originated and who we're in this difficult dominant power struggle right now? they look at the u.s. government, gathered for this huge event, right? what they see are lawmakers that are not abiding by their own scientists and their own cdc guidance. what is the message? >> it sends a message of weakness to china. the message is more domestic. if they had had a normal state of the union address, it would have sent a message of normalcy, that the crisis is ending and we're going back to normal. they don't want to give up the crisis because that's the only way they can justify the $6 trillion in spending. if the crisis is over, they lose the pretext that they have for this massive government intrusion in our lives. they have to keep the masks on to sell us from socialism.
12:31 pm
>> martha: on top of we go to the cdc, we saw the gdp. we know the economy is opening up and the longer we sort of send people checks and the longer we keep this going, the longer a lot of people will stay at home and not get back to work. >> they will never let a crisis go to waste and they used coronavirus as a vehicle to bring bigger government, which they would bring their socia ist ideas. we have been given mixed messages over a year now and even lied to for a year now. it's up to every american to decide if they're going to take their personal health as their personal responsibility, have self reliance and say at some point we're going back to normal, not this new normal and this big brand of government and this control. we're going back to living our normal lives. we're not going to live in fear. we're going to throw away the
12:32 pm
covid hysteria and stop waiting for joe biden to give us permission to do so. you don't need permission to go back to normal in a free country in which we're so blessed to live in. >> martha: good point. >> just need a vaccine. >> martha: as mitch mcconnell said, the economy is blooming again. all of these things are happening. as tim scott said, it's time to be joyful. we didn't hear joyful messaging about how far we've come in this. everybody is ready for that and to be able to breathe. thanks very much. marc thiessen, thanks to you. "back to blue" is available at and more on uncle tim to tread before 11 hours. senator scott says he firmly believes that america is not a racist country. who would think that that would ever be a controversial
12:33 pm
statement in the united states? it is. >> this was standard republican padulum. this could have been delivered by tom cotton or mike lee. there's no racism here. america is not a racist country. rates are low. e newday lets you borrow all of your home's value. and you could take out $50,000 dollars or more. being a good father is important to me so being diagnosed with advanced non-small cell lung cancer made me think of all the things that i wanted to teach my kids. my doctor said i could start on keytruda, so i did. with each scan, things just got better. in a clinical study, keytruda offered patients a longer life than chemotherapy. and it could be your first treatment. for non-small cell lung cancer that has spread, keytruda can be used for adults who test positive for “pd-l1”, and whose tumors do not have an abnormal “egfr” or “alk” gene.
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lets you take out $50,000 or more, by letting you borrow up to 100% of your home's value. make the call while rates are still near all-time lows! >> from colleges to corporations to our culture, people are making money and gaining power by pretending we haven't made any progress at all. by doubling down on the divisions, we've worked so hard to heal. you know this stuff is wrong. hear me clearly. america is not a racist country. >> martha: so that was offensive to some people, some people on the left. listen to this. >> i am shocked and a bit embarrassed for him.
12:38 pm
this was a lost opportunity. tim scott has an opportunity to make his mark on criminal justice reform. this ain't going to do it. >> martha: so the criticism did not end there. the racial slur uncle tim was a trending topic on twitter. that i let it hang up there for 11 hours before they decided maybe they should take it down. howie kurtz on the news response to this. first, to fox business correspondent edward lawrence. edward? >> yeah, that racial slur, 11 hours and the company didn't take it down. they timely did. they declined to say why it took so long to block it from trending, a company starts said this. >> senator tim scott reacting to all of it this morning.
12:39 pm
listen. >> what they want for us is for us to stay in a small corner and not go against the tide that they think is america. their america and my america aren't the same america if in fact they think that discriminating is the fastest way to end discrimination. >> the racial slur trending may have fit to what joe biden said, that it's systemic. tim scott said that america is not racist and you cannot solve the problem there with more discrimination or stop the conversation by using our painful past to shut down the debate. twitter's ceo, jack dorsey has testified before congress three times. each time he says his company needs to do better. we'll see what happens this time. >> martha: maybe it will some day. thanks very much. howard kurtz joins me now. good to have you with us. first of all to twitter and how
12:40 pm
they handled this situation. they have a hand in curating and having an impact on the columns. what happened here? >> what happened here is twitter fell down on the job. it should have never taken 11 hours to reduce these tweets and i doubt it would have if they were made against an african american democrat. these taunts were blatantly a racist and appalling behavior by the liberals that posted him. and scott says he's been called uncle tom before. you want to criticize his speech last night? he's fair game. that's fine, this kind of stuff is beyond the pale. >> what did you make of joy reid? she said he suggested there's no racism in america. that's not what he said. senator tim scott has never said that he said we're not a racist nation which as i said, i never
12:41 pm
imagined we would love in the united states of america and have that be a controversial thing for someone to say in a republican rebuttal at a state of the union address. she went on to say that there's no racism which he never said. he pointed out instances in his own life where he's experienced it. so how does she get away with that not fact-checking exactly what he said. she's done this before, howie. i'm asking a long question. let's look at this flashback. she's called him out before. listen. >> you got to love the tim scott standing there to provide the patina of diversity over that round of words, that basket full of words. >> martha: the patina of diversity. how did she get away with this? >> she's playing to the msnbc audience and also misrepresenting what tim scott said. he said he experienced racism in his own life and gave examples. what this is, tim scott is a rising star in the republican
12:42 pm
party as a black conservative. i heard mitch mcconnell praise him as courageous. that rubs the wrong way for gets under the skin of a lot of african american liberals that like to dominate the debate and define it on a their terms. he's not saying racism has been eradicated. by and large it's not a racist country. you know else who said that kamala harris in an interview. >> martha: she did. you touched on the right point. it comes to a point where if you are minority, if you're a woman, you have to think in a certain way in order to receive the backing of certain individuals out there. so the same individuals that are preaching tolerance and understanding don't have that if you happen to fit one of those identity categories and you're not willing to toe the line that they want it to be toed, howie. >> you know, senator scott also
12:43 pm
mentioned and awful "washington post" fact check that sort of tried to prove that his family wasn't as poor in the past as he claimed it is. his grandfather dropped out of school to pick cotton. all of the attacks because he was delivering the gop response, if anything, is boosted him and boosted his stature in the media and political world. >> martha: you're right. it's fair game. if you want to go after the policy, the content of the speech the way it was delivered, that is fair game in politics. going after him the way that they did is, you know, it's a tough line to walk. i think it will get a lot of attention. >> out of bounds. >> martha: good way to put it. the self-proclaimed freedom-loving american that doesn't have children of her own but fighting back against institutional oppression for the good of the country she says.
12:44 pm
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>> today kids are being taught the color of their skin defines them again. if they look a certain way, they're an oppressor. >> martha: senator tim scott last night echoing the concerns that we have been hearing from parents across the country. in california, the first to approve ethnic studies curriculums for high schoolers statewide in schools that choose to do it. opponents are pushing back. that i have slides from the school board workshop that instruct things like this. dismantling hedgemonic structures like racism has to named them and then working
12:49 pm
towards alternatives. joining me now, harriet reed, california resident and school choice advocate. you don't have children in the school system. why is this so important? what is your mission? >> my mission so to help parents because the children obviously are our future. i want parents to know if the school districts go down the path of indoctrination rather than school choice, you'll have to go down their path. >> martha: i want to put up a slide from from the loss alameda school district. all of this language is very dense. tell me how you read to what this says here. ethnic studies see to build
12:50 pm
solidarity across difference. tell me about that. >> i believe that the language is language that is typically used in critical race theory. the author that they're quoting from is very much part of her mission, is to make sure that critical race theory is a part of children's day. i don't believe that parents feel that their children need rehumanizing or this is the message that we're looking to give to children. >> martha: a lot of this is focused on descentering whiteness. as tim scott says, he feels that is counter to overcoming discrimination. do you feel the same way?
12:51 pm
>> yes. because what they do is seem to make white children as though they are oppressors and then they continue to make black people and other minorities, they continue to paint them as victims. i don't think that is the way to make children feel empowered and as though they are smart and can be successful no matter what. i think you're pitting children against each other and even though the school district has denied this and they're denying that critical race theory is a part of any of their plans, the language comes up continuously especially in the social justice standards that they want to use from the southern poverty law center. >> martha: you make excellent point, harriet. good luck with you work. >> thank you. >> martha: next reaction from former education secretary bill bennett after this. veteran homeowners, this is the best time in history
12:52 pm
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>> martha: so former education secretary bill bennett joins us now. the host of the bill bennett podcast and a fox news contributor. thanks for being with us here today. >> thank you. >> so beside the school critical race theory issue, there was a big push in government agencies to also push this as part of their training manuals. president trump tried to remove these training programs because he didn't like what he was seeing in them. just to give people an indication, this is from the treasury department. this was removed under trump and is now returning under president biden. this is a treasury department training manual. virtually all white people, regardless of how "woke" they are contribute to racism." the department according to the order instructed small group leaders to encourage employees to avoid narratives that americans should be more color blind or let people's skills and
12:57 pm
personalities be the things that differentate them. this is mind-blowing. it's amazing that these things are in training manuals in government agencies. >> yes. the current problem is tim scott. i imagine he's going to get bigger as a result of last night. the real problem is martin luther king. look at these curriculum. he's the guy that is missing. i want children judged by the content of their character, not the color of their skin. this is the opposite. tim scott hit it last night and today. do we teach people to not discriminate by discriminating? we don't. now the california schools. you know, california has been doing their best to lead us into the basement of history academically for a long time. here they go again. if i could just say, i just looked at the program for international student assessment, the piza studies
12:58 pm
that we do every two years internationally. we're 37th in math in the world. 37th. guess where china is? number 1. you think they're working on ethnic studies and euro centrism? >> martha: no. they're focusing on math and science and we're falling behind. if we don't wake up to that, we're going to be in major trouble. here's president biden talking about expanding public education. a quick thought on this. >> 12 years is no longer enough today to compete with the rest of the world in the 21st century. that's why my american families plan guarantees four additional years of public education for every person in america. starting as early as we can. >> martha: what do you think, bill? >> no way. the interesting thing picking up on the last point, we understand that chinese student spend less
12:59 pm
class time in math than american students. it's not the amount of time you spend or the number of years. it's how you're spending that time. if you're spending it on the california stuff and not math, not the real math, you're going to lose time. we still believe because the teachers unions want us to believe that the more time and the more teachers involved, the better the education. it just isn't true. it's the time on task that is well-structured that is using the time correctly that matters. we put in a lot of desk time in america when our kids are in school. when they're not in school, it's another problem. when they're in school, we put in a lot of desk time but we don't put in a lot of desk time in the right way. >> martha: it's a great point. we have to look at the quality of the education and how successful we're being in educating them. what is the outcome? how are they doing? we didn't hear anything about that we heard about extending the time that they're there. bill bennett thanks very much.
1:00 pm
the idaho government has banned critical race theories in his school. that's "the story" for this thursday. the story continues. i'll see you back here tomorrow at 3:00. i look forward to that. "your world" with neil starts now. >> neil: you're looking live in atlanta, georgia. the president is getting ready to speak at this event. he's in the peach state right now. he had visited earlier today with former president jimmy carter and his wife, rosalyn. the outreach that he's had with former presidents continues. he talked on the phone to president george w. bush to pull out of afghanistan. the call was short and sweet but he appreciated the call. continuing that right now earlier with president jimmy


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