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tv   America Reports With John Roberts Sandra Smith  FOX News  April 29, 2021 10:00am-12:00pm PDT

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she won't go a day without the right card. because she can't go a day without running. the medicare coverage trusted by more doctors. this is the benefit of blue. learn more at ♪ ♪ >> fox news alert president biden hitting the road on georgia after rebuilding another massive spending bill. he and the first lady to meet former president jimmy carter. biden has slammed george's new voting law calling it jim crow and the 21st century. >> john: coming up senator ted cruz fighting back against what he calls the woke enforcers of the democratic party and also on deck republican senator on the agenda that president biden pitch last night, dr. marty makary but the biggest city in america to fully reopen.
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charlie hurt, joe joe concha, straight ahead. >> sandra: that and more coming up but we began with some president moved by the justice department. a former president trump's lawyer rudy giuliani now in federal custody after agents executed a search warrant on new york city apartment and office yesterday. breaking news during this hour, hello, i'm sandra smith in new york and this is "america reports." >> john: hi, sandra john, and computers and cell phones on the radon rudy giuliani's home and tells fox news they did not take the hard drive believed to contain contents of hunter biden's laptop. >> sandra: slamming the search is a political move by the biden justice department suggesting they would should be focused on the investigation into the president's son instead. >> john: live at the justice department with the very latest,
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hi, david. >> the president's son hunter biden is under federal investigation right now with several investigations dealing with his overseas business but as you mentioned agents in the rudy giuliani story seized multiple electronic devices including multiple cell phones. the former new york mayor to carry multiple phones and this happened early yesterday morning at his manhattan apartment. seven fbi agents showed up and spent two hours inside according to several law enforcement sources. they went also to his office. park avenue office to seize a computer. the investigation is related to rudy giuliani's relationship in ukraine. he spent months forming those relationships working to expose hunter biden, the president son during the 2020 election. a brand-new interview out, president biden said he was not aware of this raid prior to it happening, listen. >> were you aware of that raid
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before it happened? >> i do not. i made a pledge i would not interfere in any way, order or try to stop an investigation the justice department had underway. i learned about that last night when the rest of the world, my word of them i had no idea this was underway. >> former president trump defendant rudy giuliani. >> it is very, very unfair. rudy is a patriot who loves his country. i don't know what they are looking for or what they are doing. >> my sources say the raid was in the works for the months. according to a source, doj under former attorney general bill barr had evidence to move forward with a search warrant. it never matriculated. the department of justice picked up the pace on this investigation january 20th the day president biden came to commander-in-chief and wrapping this up, john, chris wray were well aware this raid was going to take place. they got a courtesy heads-up
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customary, but they did not order that raid in new york, john. >> john: i would assume they would be fully informed, david. >> sandra: social media users outraged after the university announced hunter biden will be a guest speaker for a course on fake news in the coming months. let's bring in fox news contributor joe concha, joe this will happen over the summer we are told. reportedly joining nine guest speakers for this course titled media polarization, fake news is what will address one of the conservatives on campus. one of the group saying this is the ultimate irony. how is it that hunter biden was chosen? >> fascinating question, sandra buford who will introduce hunter at this analyst, and next thing you will tell meet dan rather will teach a course called journalism and finding truth in the news. that just happened not too long ago. this is the same hunter biden
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who blamed the contents of his laptop, on russian disinformation. that has been debunked. this is the same hunter biden who lied on a gun application about his past drug use. that is a federal crime. so you might as well have my don't know, hologram -- next to hunter because i guess we will not be able to tell the difference in terms of credibility, accountability and what is fake news and what isn't. in fact, tulane caused $75,000 a year to send your kid too? $300,000 over four years so you have to clear $500,000 after taxes. you think if you are a parent in here hunter biden teaching a course in fake news you are spending your money correctly? i don't think so, sandra, we have a long time before we have to worry about this with our kids. >> sandra: want to get to last night 11 hours on the racial slurs and attack on tim scott an response to president biden message to the nation.
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it was something. here is a bit of the message tim scott delivered first. >> hear me clearly, america is not a racist country. it is backwards to fight discrimination with different types of discrimination. >> sandra: joe, the response that ensued from the media to his message was stunning. here is a bit of it. >> the messenger was great, but the message was nonsense. >> a speech delivered from a planet where facts don't matter which is where the current republican party besides. >> i am not sure what the purpose of this was. i'm shocked and a little bit embarrassed for him. this is a lost opportunity. tim scott had an opportunity to make his mark on the criminal justice reform, and this ain't going to do it. this wasn't it. >> sandra: uncle tim was trending on hours before finally
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receiving many demands to do so from the right pulled that message down. why did it take them so long? >> sandra this is the first black man to be elected to the senate in the south since reconstruction. this is somebody we should be celebrating because he conducts himself with class. if you are on the left, you can disagree with his ideas, that's fine but uncle tim to be trending on twitter which are so quick to pull the trigger on any tweet they deem offensive from the right allows us to go on for 11 hours. now you are from chicago so maybe you know this. to drive from new york to chicago takes about the same amount of time that it took for twitter to finally take that down. to finally stop promoting uncle tim on twitter. if this doesn't prove once and for all there is at or incomplete bias in social media in places like twitter and facebook, i'm not sure what does. tim scott, by the way the muscles at last night and this is interesting because a former
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communications director under george w. bush, a republican or was at some point and out msnbc anchor, as played from a speech delivered from a planet where facts don't matter. she goes on to say "operation warp speed didn't do anything to get a needle into the arms." a leather disinformation from tim scott. i'm pretty sure i so president biden and president-elect biden in january to get a shot that 1 million people per day were getting when the biden administration come in. this operation warp speed did not get vaccinations in the arms is disinformation and what that network is being fed or the viewers as far as information is concerned. >> sandra: you mentioned senator scott showing the ultimate class. here he is responding to the hours of attacks preceding his message this morning on fox & friends, listen. speak with the response from the left was for me the mention of intolerance comes from the left
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with words like uncle tim and the n-word being used against me by the left. they have doubled down on this concept of liberal oppression. it is stunning in 2021 that those who speak about ending discrimination want to end it by more discrimination. >> sandra: i also wonder where senior level leadership is in the democratic party on the left to speak out against what we saw and heard in response. but that was senator scott this morning, joe, final thoughts. >> center cory booker, senator rauf leon warnock where are you to defend your colleagues this morning? diversity is embraced by the left except for diversity of thought and final thought, sandra you are looking at possibly donald trump does not run in 2024, ron desantis or tim scott ticket because the media has gone out and attacked both of those men. it's only made them stronger and we raise their national profile, sandra. >> a lot of discussion on that on twitter while this was going
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on. joe, we appreciate you joining in. >> always a pleasure. >> sandra: a lot more coming up and a lot more action what we saw and heard last night we are not just what we saw and heard but reaction to it, right? >> john: here's an example what was going around last night. talbert's on the black pastor from massachusetts tweeted this "uncle tim scott is a master at combing white supremacist with -- in the entire world." that is what was going around on twitter. in joining us to talk about this a lot more, including the policies that the president was talking about. sandra, ades for new york governor andrew cuomo spent reportedly five months hiding the number of coronavirus deaths in nursing homes. that's according to "the new york times." there had been more than 15,000 covid deaths in the state. we will speak with a woman whose mother died in a nursing home
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but bryan llenas from brooklyn, new york, with the latest, brian. >> john good afternoon in the new york as early as april 2020 for senior aides worked to try to cover up the number of true covid-19 deaths in the states nursing homes and reportedly ades overruled state health department for months who wanted to release the full data pipe preventing scientific paper from publishing for the delay of the release of the audit of the deaths. the important data from ever being sent to state lawmakers. cuomo today held another public event planked by allies who praised his covid-19 response. he said there wasn't a cover-up >> we did not want to release the number that was inaccurate. because that would've fueled the politics. oh, the state said it was 900 but it turns out to be 2,000, it turns out to be 800.
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it has to be accurate. >> critics say cuomo administration in part wanted to downplay the number of deaths because cuomo was in the middle of negotiating for million-dollar book deal last summer. cuomo is under at least three investigations, including an impeachment inquiry by democrats. john from about those multiple sexual harassment allegations, cuomo entered the press conference to say there are always two sides to every story. he's eager to tell his side. doesn't look like he's going anywhere john. >> john: that is no surprise. he's been resisting the calls to step down and we will have to find out, i guess, what the investigation reveals before we know what will happen. bryan llenas, thank you so much. we don't know when, sandra this investigation will wrap up but governor cuomo is hanging in there until it does. >> sandra: so many new yorkers think this play out so many problems the city, the state has right now, whether the violence
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and crime here in new york city or the budget problems of the entire state and wanting politicians to work for them. now the reopening plans for july. an entire city. we hope things can start to improve soon. we will see. john, meanwhile, now looking into what led our long standoff in carolyn that that left five people dead including two deputies. it happened yesterday in boone 80 miles outside of charlotte. officers had responded to a home for a welfare check there. someone inside opened fire killing canine deputy logan fox and chris ward. the suspected gunman with his mother and stepfather were also found dead. the police have reportedly just been to that home over the weekend. president biden rolling out a spending plan last night but can he get any republican support and if not, is there some middle ground?
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west virginia will give us her take coming up coming up. >> sandra: john the biggest city in america is setting sites on july, as i just mentioned, for opening businesses this year. will other democrat led cities will follow suit? dr. marty makary has good things to say and he will join us next. ♪ ♪ if you have obstructive sleep apnea and you're often tired during the day, you could be missing out on amazing things. sunosi can help you stay awake for them. once daily sunosi improves wakefulness in adults with excessive daytime sleepiness due to obstructive sleep apnea. sunosi worked for up to nine hours at 12 weeks in a clinical study. sunosi does not treat the cause of osa or take the place of your cpap.
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(velociraptor screech) the hunt is on... beginning june 10th. >> john: coming up on "america reports" what was with all those mass on the floor with biden speech last night. but first, new concerns for california, rapidly growing brushfire north of los angeles.
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the planes with 650 acres for threatening homes in the neighborhood. helicopters join in the fight to get that fire under control. officials lifting evacuation orders this morning reporting thankfully the fire is 25% contained. >> sandra: meanwhile, president biden so-called families cabinet with $1.8 trillion spending spree that comes after he pitched his economic plan for america in his address to the nation last night. the newest plan would also provide citizenship, he said to come into millions of migrants and push for gun control, police reform, and more. the critics are wanting these plans could derail an already strong economic recovery from the pandemic. the president pledging to pay for this big spending plan by taxing high earners and big business. >> i will not impose any tax increase of people making less
10:20 am
than $400,000. time for corporate america and the wealthiest 1% of americans to began to pay their fair share. >> sandra: we will take into that in just a bit but shelley moore will join us where republicans may be willing to compromise, but we begin with white house correspondent peter doocy live from the north lawn, hi, peter. >> good afternoon and they call this the family cabinet because the government tax would sell the biden family plan. they are the treasury hhs education and agricultural department. speak with the president announced the families cabinet are going to spend the coming days continuing to make the case for why congress should act on these vital precedents in the economic security of the middle class. >> the white house is also saying today president biden wants to work with democrats and republicans to make the big progressive proposals he outlined a reality.
10:21 am
in two weeks he will host kevin mccarthy a mitch mcconnell at the white house and this is what he will be working with. >> president biden is a likable person. many of us have worked with him in the chamber. but on the account of his remarks, look, understated, the content was anything but. >> the president's first out-of-town trip since he announced the cdc is okay with foley vaccinating people being outside without their masks on. we did notice as he walked from his motorcade to marine one here in washington, d.c., on a nice spring day, he and the first lady kept their masks on. we will see if they behave differently or show us something different a little bit later on today in georgia, sandra. >> sandra: peter doocy at the white house for us, john. >> john: bill de blasio sending a target as you mentioned at the top of the show
10:22 am
to get the big apple up and running at full capacity. listen here. >> it is time to set a goal for a full reopening of new york city. that goal is july 1st. we are ready to bring new york city back foley on jul. >> john: let's bring in dr. marty makary, and fox news contributor. he did issue the cabbie ought there let's set a goal. i'm sure he would like to get it open july 1st but if new york city can do it in new york city being a blue city in new york city lacking behind the red states and red cities, might that dr. mccarrick get back up? >> i hope so but new york has been lagging behind and the rest of the country has a lot of population-based immunity but five states lacking in outbreaks among young people and new york is one of those. cases are down 60% over the last four weeks in new york. people have the right to ask,
10:23 am
now that roughly 75% of adults have immunity, 54% vaccinated and half natural immunity are we in a state of emergency with low level of cases? then don't make the of cases below that mild flu season. the daily cases and new hospitalizations so we have distorted perception of risk. the cdc issued guidance on reopening and not just closures. >> john: mayor de blasio giving people a reason and schools fully open and not too long from now, here is what he said on that, listen. >> let me tell you something or september, full strength, no question in my mind. every single child can come back to the classroom and do so safely. that is really what we need. we need everyone back in school. >> john: another goal of thayer's september new york city schools make it back to full in person learning. i guess the question is dr. makary, why not now and wait until september? >> it should be now. actually it should have been a
10:24 am
long time ago. but i think what you are seeing is policymakers by nature with policy said things that are basically instituted in indefinitely. they make long-term plans, but the situation with covid is fluid. you look at the numbers for the united states and even new york, i mean, gosh, plummeting in daily cases, the threat is low and i wish people would not just talk about the so-called safety of kids being out of school but the harm, right? let me know if you have the cdc director or dr. bow chief talk about suicide or profound isolation. those are alternatives of closure. speak to you mentioned guidance just a second ago, dr. makary the water cooler talk of the day and that is why all of those people in the house of representatives last night for the president's speech wearing masks when most if not all of them are vaccinated? the cdc guy to let go my guidance from its website says gather indoors with fully vaccinated people without wearing a mask or staying 6 feet apart. they were all wearing masks,
10:25 am
some of them wearing two and a long way apart from each other. what was that about? >> we have completely distorted risk right now and sending the wrong message. we need to send a message you can be liberated after a vaccine and wait for the immunity to thicken. a really good article in "the washington post" by dominic basically saying it is sending the wrong message. this is contradicting the message we are trying to send. >> john: dr. dr. makary, "the washington post" with distancing, biden sends the wrog message about the power of the vaccines. there still a little bit of hesitancy but that fuel to even put there last night. >> it did and if we want to be serious, let's stop talking about vaccine mandates and let's respect those who choose not to
10:26 am
get the vaccine. some have a good reason. prior covid infection and they have natural immunity. and let's give rewards and privileges to those vaccinated and create more walk-in clinics to eliminate barriers. let's stop shaming people that choose not to get it. that is a good strategy. i think we should stop talking about boosters. there is no evidence we will need boosters and the fall. >> john: you are a voice of reason in a chaotic world, dr. makary, thank you so much. >> thanks, john. >> john: to mask our ins at 2:00 hour. >> sandra: the voice of reason is needed when it comes to the high school boards as they get back into action, john, the story that i personally have been following very closely of maggie williams. she has a high school track athlete l in oregon. we have the video of her. she broke the school record, by the way, 800-meter run and also something i did in high school. she comes across the finish line breaking the record appeared she fell and you will notice she is
10:27 am
wearing a mask, john, the reason is this was a school requiremen. she had to wear that mask. she finishes the race because her head goes over the finish line. her track coach, dave is against this and he will be our guest next hour. because how can you enforce mask wiring on these athletes especially considering how the distance they are? it is an incredibly story and many coaches speaking out across the nation. it is a big problem to be breathing in your own air running around the track. i can't believe how difficult that would be. >> john: i'm sure her brain was telling her body one more step, one more step, one more step. >> sandra: we will talk to her coach next hour. next up, an interesting question, joining us next, what he says businesses are pushing a radical agenda on unwitting investors. >> john: plus taxes sending more agents to the border. why officials are wary of the crisis is about to get even
10:28 am
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>> sandra: we will take you live to the border in just a moment but president biden in georgia despite criticizing its sweeping voting legislation and supporting the woke boycott against the state. all of this raising the question whether companies should even play a role in social and political issues. former labor secretary andy partner said corporate america is pushing a radical agenda on investors and investors don't know about it. and he joins us now at the banking hearing committee on the dignity of work. andy, great to see you. should the social and political issues have or play a part in boardrooms across america? >> x know, they shouldn't and what you have is these investment fund managers, large funds, vanguard, not to pick on
10:33 am
them, but there are six of them and they follow what they call esg investment criteria, environmental, social where they tried to impose these progressive agenda items on the company in whose stock they own. if you buy into a mutual fund, maybe you don't want the people who manage your money to be investing in high cost, low return radical environmental projects. you want them to generate a return for you, but that is not what is happening. they are out here trying to push social policy issues on the boards of the company that they have invested them but they are investing with your money. not their money. so you are paying for the political agendas. >> sandra: really, they should be just concerned about bottom line and profit for investors. here is part of your written testimony. it is fascinating. all businesses with economic production and people need more than just wealth.
10:34 am
that is why healthy society, healthy families, strong religious organizations, flourishing arts and other institutions through which people find love, moral clarity, inspiration, emotional stability, businesses are not and cannot be the primary agent for meeting those needs. that is being said to pure if you are saying all of this is happening, this wokeness and american corporations. investors just don't even have a clue that they are paying for it and that it's even happening? >> well come i think they are waking up. you are reading more about about it in hearing more about it. people are getting articles in "the wall street journal." i'm involved with a group called second vote advisors which is actually offering investments, ets, where they are not focused on politics or will not be supporting leftist agenda. one is on border security and one is on the issue of a life,
10:35 am
where you can invest know you will not be supporting these leftist political positions. i think people are coming around to this. i think there will be pressure on companies. you mentioned the georgia boating law. there was 37% of consumers to coca-cola products because of what they did with the respect of the georgia boating law. that is the kind of things corporation should not be doing and investors don't want. >> sandra: but if i come before you come i have one minute left, senator mark warner making the case for this that businesses should value or than just profit. listen real quick. >> the idea that the only standard you need to hold a ceo accountable towards its short-term quarter by quarter profitability is frankly not the right metric. the ceo with hundreds of firms that i invest in, capitalist,
10:36 am
large firms don't talk about our biggest asset is our people. >> sandra: want to get your response to that. >> number one, we shouldn't be focused quarter to quarter results. the sec forcing ceos to do that but the good ceos pull this up long term and secondly every company's most important asset is employee based. they need to be happy, they need to be satisfied. you can't make a profit if you don't have employee base well satisfied. but your focus should be on profitability. you've got to have good employees. you have to have good suppliers and take care of your customers and to all of those things, but you can't be untethered in pursuing social policy goals. you should be focused on getting return for your shareholders, your investors, the people that put money in your hands to manage. >> sandra: having run ck restaurants all across the country and telling with employees for so many years, andy, a great perspective and we appreciate you joining us.
10:37 am
>> my pleasure. >> sandra: john. >> john: looking back of the speech last night president biden waited an hour into the speech before obliquely mentioning the border crisis. this comes as texas with troopers and other people from the state to help federal agents. custom and border protection for reporting it has carried out 4600 migrant rescue since january. nearly as many as all of last year. casey stegall live in laredo, texas and those statistics remind us of crisis on the border is putting a lot of lives at risk. >> john, you took the words right out of my mouth because not only to those rescues endanger all of the parties but migrants, of course, themselves and also the agents and law enforcement. you have to get in rio grande river to carry out the rescues and answer the call. in texas where the river is actually the physical border between the two countries, cartels often use makeshift
10:38 am
rafts to smuggle large groups across. some people also attempt to swim or even walk into the united states. in the activity, we understand, is increasing at night when it is much cooler because we are getting into that time of year where it is super, super hot. that adds an extra layer of peril into the equation. >> when it comes to the heat, the elements, we definitely start to see more deaths, more injuries because of the weather. because it gets so hot down here, so humid, in these migrants that are coming across, especially the ones making the long journey. >> troopers with texas dps and law enforcement agencies around the state have been temporarily reassigned to assist down here along the southern border. john. >> john: are right, stegall in laredo, sandra. >> sandra: casey, thank you. thousands of police officers
10:39 am
across the country quitting their jobs this past year over what they say is anti-police claimant. what it means for your family's safety. >> john: watch president biden laying out a spending plan last night, a no-go for a lot of republicans but could there be some common ground to be tilled here? west virginia republican senator shelley moore joins us next $50,000 dollars or more. when you have metastatic breast cancer, what does it mean to be a thriver? it means we grab a hold of what matters most. we sweat the details. ask for what we want. get what we need. and we need more time. so, we want kisqali. living longer is possible and proven with kisqali when taken with a nonsteroidal aromatase inhibitor in premenopausal women with hr+,
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10:44 am
white house and republican members of the senate. are you making any ground here? >> we are making ground and i think the president acknowledges this in his speech when he says he welcomes the effort by senate republicans to come forward with a plan. he asked for our ideas. i think where we have major differences come of course the definition what we have determined and what we believe is poor infrastructure, roads, bridges, waterways, airports, rail and things of that nature rather than the social infrastructure that he outlined last night. this is where i think right now what we are doing with the white house is sitting down to make sure we are talking about the same thing here. let's see how far apart we really are. and what we can do to make up that difference. i think there is a real hunger for us to do this together. my sense is the white house was committed to this. certainly getting that impression, more than impression, certainly that thought through our numerous
10:45 am
phone calls. i feel good about it. i know we are a long way from getting it over the finish line, but we are very open doors on both sides. >> john: we do know senator shelley moore capito a desire to get infrastructure projects done and we originally scheduled you for half an hour ago that you were delayed because of consideration of a bill you and tom carper of delaware on wastewater and drinking water infrastructure, $55 billion but we would pass that. and republican response last night tim of south carolina said democrats don't have a lot of appetite for working with republicans. listen here. >> republican support everything you think of when you think of infrastructure. roads, bridges, ports, airports, waterways, high-speed broadband. we are in for all of that. but again, democrats want a partisan wish list. they won't even build bridges to build bridges.
10:46 am
>> they won't even build bridges to build bridges. there's a lot of democrats particularly in the house saying my way or the highway senator. >> i think as you know when you have the majority and you have the presidency, you have the ability to really bypass the other party in some ways. but for some good reason, i think the history of us working together on infrastructure and the fact that the committees are able to work these bills. you mentioned the wastewater, drinking water bill that will get over him big numbers today with senator parker and i working on disk with ideas from a lot of members at the same time. i think that is good and that is part of what the republican plan was. that is part of what president biden has in his plan. let's not chill the efforts that we had here in hopes that we can get this done. i think at any point the democrats can come in and say, you know what, we have the numbers and we will go on our own. and until they do that, i will keep going and infighting for
10:47 am
republican principles and there will of the focus of a more reasonable common sense infrastructure package. >> john: i want to get your thoughts, if i could move senator reaction from progressive scott speech last night and the fact that this meme of uncle tim, a racist slur was trending on twitter until earlier today. it was up there for 11 hours. >> you know, that is shameful. that is shameful. if anybody knows tim scott, you know him to be the real deal, wonderful human being that helps us all understand his growing up, his challenges. he talked about that last night. i mean, i don't understand this idea if you don't have the right political label, you can't talk about your own bringing, upbringing, and your own focus. and you have to be so derated. i think it is horrible. >> john: no question he's got a compelling family story. we wish you luck this afternoon.
10:48 am
for getting something done in a bipartisan fashion. it is pretty rare these days. senator shelley moore capito, we appreciate your time your time. >> thank you. >> john: small victories, sandra won bipartisan bill. >> sandra: absolutely. great conversation and we will continue that conversation with senator ted cruz who joins us next hour. we look forward to that. former vice president of vice president pence and one publisher fighting back against cancel culture. ♪ ♪ .can become your big moment. that's why there's otezla. otezla is not a cream. it's a pill that treats plaque psoriasis differently. with otezla, 75% clearer skin is achievable. don't use if you're allergic to otezla. it may cause severe diarrhea,... ...nausea or vomiting. otezla is associated with an increased risk of depression. tell your doctor if you have a history of depression or suicidal thoughts...
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10:52 am
>> john: firefighters in massachusetts respond to a nod call monday night. a ran scaled the man posed in the city of newton and got stuck. look at that. shut down and one lane each side of the turnpike to prevent accidents. two fire fire doors wind up the ladder. hanging on for dear life, and the animals from a heart warming story. >> sandra: [laughter] i don't know -- okay, i don't know how that raccoon held on as long as it did. to safety it went. okay, former vice president
10:53 am
mike pence meanwhile, john, on track to have his book published by: crows from staffers that simon & schuster to cancel his deal. some employees started demanding the publisher stop doing business with any former trump administration the story live in new york, hi, loren. >> hey, sandra of the petition demanding simon & schuster cancel former vice president mike pence deal. but political divide within an industry founded on freedom of speech. more than 200 simon & schuster employees 40% of the workforce and thousands signed a petition accusing the company of "complicity and perpetuating white supremacy." this is not a difference of opinion but legitimizing bigotry. the ceo stood by the company's decision in writing to the employees, as this polarized era, we have outrage from both sides of the political divide.
10:54 am
but we come to work each day to publish, not cancel. and the very core of the mission to voices and perspectives. the company did, however, canceled a book by josh hawley because of his protest over the 2020 election spirit and scraps by one of the officers involved in the breonna taylor shooting. the petition in march, he tweeted against the cancel culture after facebook had an ad that he endorsed, sandra. >> sandra: lauren green reporting on that live from new york city for us. something we will continue to follow as the push does not end there. thank you lauren green for reporting on that. >> john: there is something very -- in terms of canceling publications. >> sandra: fair enough. >> john: sandra, left-wing twitter users flooding the platform with a racial slur in response to tim scott's rebuttal to president biden's address.
10:55 am
ted cruz joins us live in minutes and all of that and a lot more coming up the next hour on "america reports." ♪ ♪ veteran homeowners, this is the best time in history to turn your home equity into cash. because home values have climbed to all time highs. and so has your equity. turn it into cash now, while mortgage rates are near all time lows. the newday 100 va cash out loan lets you borrow up to 100% of your home's value. you could take out more than $50,000. use it to improve your home. pay off high rate debt. pay for big expenses. or put it in the bank for real peace of mind. now's the time to use your va home loan benefit to get cash before mortgage rates begin to rise. call now. ♪ (ac/dc: back in black) ♪
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11:00 am
surprise to him. >> and tolerant so often comes from the left with words like uncle tim or the n-word being used against me. it is stunning in 2021 that those who speak about ending discrimination want to end it by more discrimination. >> sandra: and we will get to senator cruz and just moments, john that we begin with the latest on twitter and conservatives naming a low from the left. high, edward to. >> and block the racial slur from trending because it violated the policy but still the slur was true trending 11 hours. a statement on twitter "we want healthy conversations on twitter." about why it took so long to remove it. trending as part of the human curated section not by the algorithm. senator tim scott reacting to all of this on fox & friends, listen. >> what they want for us is to stay in a little small corner and not go against the tide that
11:01 am
they think is america. they were america and my, it is in fact, discriminating is the fastest way to end discrimination. >> there is no quick action to block a buy twitter the racial slur trending at the president joe biden gave about racism last night. >> the plans outlined tonight, we have a real chance to root out systemic racism that plagues america and american lives in other ways. a chance to deliver real equity. >> but senator tim scott made the point in his address that america is not inherently racist. you cannot solve the racial problem with more discrimination or stop the conversation by using painful pass to shutdown debates debates. the twitter ceo testified before congress three times and less then a year. each of those times, the company needs to do better, back to you. >> sandra: edward lawrence on
11:02 am
that for us, thank you. john. >> john: sandra let's bring in ted cruz for more on this. senator cruz you heard ed lawrenson's report there. last night, tim scott made a point of saying america is not a racist country, yet almost to prove him wrong, progressives took to twitter and started this trend with this racial slur that was on the platform for 11 hours before it was finally taken down, your thoughts. >> well, look might think it is disgusting. tim gave a fantastic speech. he is a good friend and he understands the miracle of opportunity that is america appear that there is no nation in the history of the world enabled so many people to start with nothing and achieve the american peer that is why tim is a conservative and why i am a conservative. i think it was particularly important that tim made the point, which is right from america's not a racist country. in fact, we have a legacy of fighting for equal rights of all. it hasn't been a perfect journey
11:03 am
but no journey is. we are moving towards a more perfect union. i think tim articulated that beautifully. twitter on the other hand, listen to the left is intolerant. the left believes in cancel culture. there are a few things that enrage the left more than minority that don't sit down and shut up and obey. they get very angry at african-americans like him who dare to be a conservative. they get angry with hispanics like me who dare to be conservative because especially minorities, you either agree with leftist orthodoxy where you are a trader. so the nastiness of the racial slur, unfortunately, that is a recurring feature of the left. you know i do a podcast every week called the verdict with tim and he played voice mails that he gets on his phones from
11:04 am
leftists screaming, cursing, dropping racial epithets and the n-word and that kind of nastiness and hate has no place and yet it features prominently on the left. >> sandra: senator cruz scott woke up this morning and came on the fox news channel and reacted to what he saw circulating about him last night, listen. >> last night, what was trending on social media was uncle tim here they doubled down on this concept of liberal oppression. i would just tell you commit has been an amazing morning the so many good people calling but the left, they have doubled down that they will not attack my policies but literally attacking the color of my skin. >> sandra: senator, i just wonder where you think they should go. should there be accountability for those employees to allow it to be on twitter, racial slurs on a senator for hours on end? should twitter as a company apologize to the senator? what do you want to see happen?
11:05 am
>> look, twitter should deftly apologize, but it is partial with extreme intolerance of the far left that any of you that doesn't comply with what they want, they want silence. the reason they engage in those racial insults directed at tim is the same reason we were debating police reform last year and i worked with tim on a very positive and productive police reform bill that fought against abuses but also protect the rights of law enforcement that you saw dick durbin, the number two democrat in the democratic party stand up and derived him as a mere token peer that was on the senate floor from the number two democrat in the senate. that kind of dismissiveness and condescension come i think is incredibly harmful. it is the exact same instinct that pervades big tech when they tried to silence voices they don't like. it is the instinct in universities when they try to
11:06 am
cancel voices they don't like. it is this woke tyranny that i think is profoundly dangerous. >> john: you wrote about that in "the wall street journal" op-ed and use head over your career and the senate you received $2.6 million in donations from corporate, political action committees but that you would refuse that money in the future. you wrote "you're welcome money is no good here. for too long woke ceos have been fair weathered friends to the republican party. they like us until the left comes out and then they run away." the premise is what happened in georgia and not just limited to that. >> no, it's not. we see more and more the rights of woke corporate america, these giant companies and the ceos decided to get in bed with the radical left and become the woke enforcers of the democrats. as you noted, the most recent flash points have been georgia, texas, ceos decided to
11:07 am
announce integrity laws that georgia and texas were taking. the ceos were completely -- pardon? >> john: it is a lot of money to give up though. >> it is a lot of money to give up. they have given me $2.6 million over the last nine years but i'm fed up with it. i'm fed up with if they are going to be the enemies of freedom, the enemies of the american people come i don't want their money. and i certainly don't want to be part of the corporate welfare and the cronyism that often comes with a hand out. i've been fighting against that for years. i'm encouraging other republicans to say no to corporate tax money. i won't take upon any of it and say no to the cronyism and instead, the natural question how do you find your campaign? we rely on individuals. we have a website no woke and to fill the spot that would come from those corporate tax, we are relying on men and women all across the country to
11:08 am and i'm fighting for the people and not these giant businesses that have decide that they are willing to make common cause with the socialists who are trying to take away our freedom. >> sandra: senator last night joe biden spent a lot of his time and a big chunk of his message telling the american people that those big corporations out there, the wealthy they will pay their fair share when it comes to planning this massive spending spree that he is trying to sell to the american people. people are left wondering whether or not their taxes are going to go up here joe biden said you make make less than $4,000 commit will not happen. what do you tell the american people? >> he's not telling the truth. if you pay taxes and you are working, your taxes are going up. last night's beach i would sum up with three words: boring but radical. joe biden i think quite consciously ms. boring his tone
11:09 am
and doesn't make waves or tweak crazy things at night. it is hard to think in the last 100 days of a news headline he has made. i think that is a very deliberate political decision because it masks the most radical left-wing agenda of this country has ever seen. president biden is essentially handed the agenda over to the extreme left to elizabeth warren and bernie sanders and aoc. on taxes, he wants to raise every tax imaginable. he wants to raise individual income tax, he wants to raise corporate income tax and small business tax, capital gains tax, he wants to raise the death tax. to the tune of trillions of dollars and that is to fund the trillions of dollars in new spending he wants to waste. i've been joking, please, nobody told the democrats what comes after $1 trillion. this is extreme and dangerous. >> john: you know, $1 trillion
11:10 am
here and $1 trillion there as up to real money. senator good to see you today thank you so much. >> sandra: thank you, senator. >> thank you. >> sandra: a big chunk of his message last night pinching those massive spending plans to the american people the feedback continues to pour in today, obviously you hear from the senator, it doesn't just mean the rich will see the taxes go up. republicans are telling everyone that home that they will pay for this. >> john: i remember when i first started covering the white house back in 1999 with the clinton administration the total of u.s. debt was $5.7 trillion. president clinton planned to pay it off in his first 100 days. president biden has proposed somewhere between $5.96.1 trillion and that's more than the whole debt. >> sandra: that is something. a jam-packed hour ahead new york governor andrew cuomo punting after new report on the nursing home scandal calling it a political football. we will have no reaction from a
11:11 am
woman who lost her mother to covid in one of those new york nursing homes. >> john: another tragic story. plus, a runner collapsing at a high school meet in oregon wearing a mask. we will hear from her coach about his fight to change that requirement. >> sandra: peppers drawn hundreds of police officers quitting the force as anti-semitism grows across the country. anti-policing has been a thankless job but democrats are making it impossible. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ i had the nightmare again, maxine. the one with the lollipop— no, the other one. where the children go to the candy store, but it's out of wonka bars... it's ok, wonka. there are proactive ways to help keep customers supplied and happy.
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11:17 am
new york city councilman joe borelli just ahead on "america reports" but first though, being helped to help with the border crisis. china speeding further into space. china scoring and other win in the space race to the new century. that country launching the main part of its space station. the major advance for the space program. china raising concerns the united states risks falling behind in space exploration. we reported earlier this month that nasa and other federal agencies have been asked for volunteers to help staff migrant centers as opposed to pushing the final frontier. >> sandra: fascinating. okay, the police arresting nine people during the ninth of in north carolina. voicing frustrations after a judge did not allow the release of dashcam video of officers opening fire on andrew brown jr.
11:18 am
live in new york city, griff jenkins. >> sandra good afternoon. we have breaking news just moments ago, tom wooton's office telling me that he will soon be releasing the names of the seven deputies involved in the fatal shooting of andrew brown jr. in the name of transparency and accountability as protesters have been demanding. we also learned in his findings, he internal findings, four of the seven deputies never fired their weapon. he will called for them to be reinstated. oh seven on administrative leave since last wednesday when this shooting happened. this comes yesterday the county courthouse happen here. we learned the judge ruling that the public will not see the body cam footage for at least 30 days while the investigation by the state bureau of investigation plays out. but the family will see all of
11:19 am
the footage within ten days. we learn from the district attorney here that in the video we see brown's car making contact, not once but twice with the deputies pier that matters because under the use of force policy here, if indeed, the deputies felt threatened it would justify actual use of deadly force. we asked about the policy and here is what he told us. >> so our policy and we do have a use force policy that is readily available on our web page, but i would say that it does expressly prohibit firing into a moving vehicle unless the officer's life is in danger. so that is in our policy. >> and last night, a protest and nine arrests all related to defying the curfew. it has been mostly peaceful here but certainly, things have heated up and continue to not
11:20 am
only call for the video to be released but the sheriff's resignation. finally, sandra, we can report that a special prosecutor be appointed and replace the district attorney on the impossible charges that the deputies might ultimately face when the investigation is done sandra. >> sandra: reporting live from elizabeth city for us on breaking news, griff, thank you. >> john: sandra officers in seattle leaving the force in droves and citing anti-police claim is the reason wife. more than 200 officers have quit or retire from the force in the past year. the police chief calls the situation a staffing crisis. the exodus comes after mergers rose in seattle 61% last year, a trend in many cities across the united states. let's bring in joe borelli republican city council, good to see you. 200 officers in seattle have resigned in louisville, kentucky, 190, new york city,
11:21 am
5300, recruiting replacements difficulties as police departments beginning to get hollowed out i think in seattle the police chief said he has over 1,000 officers. that is a record low. what is the effect of this in cities across the country? >> look, not counting the number of cops we have in the police academy right now, we have the lowest amount we have ever had on the street in the past ten years. it is a record low under the de blasio administration and we are paying a price on the front line on our streets, corners, homes, and a rising crime in neighborhoods all around the city. even in neighborhoods that we once would consider relatively safe, not really on the list of the most dangerous precincts, we are seeing spikes in crime we have not seen in decades, unfortunately. it is very difficult. >> john: joe the national vice president of maternal order
11:22 am
of police was with us yesterday and he said the rise in police sentiments is having a profound effect on the profession at large. listen to what he told us. >> thankfully as a profession, we are tired. and there will not be anybody left to take this job. >> john: our profession is dying up as a result. that is very troubling. >> and he is right. it is not the criminals or the inherit dangers for law enforcement officers. what has changed is the politics of american leaders and the people we choose to govern our cities. that is really what has changed. you think of it like a hockey coach. a coach taking away your goalie, taking away years stick, skate, even and expect you to win 100% of the time. that is what we are asking of our police officers. while it is a thankless job, democratic politicians in the city have made it an impossible job. i can't blame people for not wanting to do it much longer.
11:23 am
>> john: you think about playing to man down deep and spirited is having its effect across the country this whole defund the police movement in terms of rising statistics since the ship from the nypd announced. murders up 60% from a shooting incident 64%, shooting victims 69% from a little more than 59% and los angeles 59 -- murders up every 1.3%, shooting victims 61% in minneapolis $8.8 million cut, violent crime up 46%. there seems to be a correlation here. >> there certainly is. crime is rising in every single city where significant post to defund the police has happened and actually materialized. and again it goes deeper in new york where we have a thing called bail reform. you can't blame the cops for rising shootings when 90% of the people arrested for gun crimes
11:24 am
in 2020 and 55% of people actually arrested pulled a trigger illegally were let back on the streets with a ticket. that is not the police officer's fault that is politicians fall and nobody else. >> john: and not just the police officers but assistance as well. the new york city police department had to get back a robot dog, dig a dog after video went viral coming out of a housing project. there you see the dog, alexandria ocasio-cortez one of the people speaking out against this saying it's a little too 1984. i will admit, joe, it is a little creepy. >> i'm not going to lie. i don't think alexandria ocasio-cortez is too far off here there is certainly similarity concerns we should have. we probably shouldn't have aerial drones, hiking around our public spaces. so i think the nypd should do a little bit more discussion before implementing these type of things. >> john: joe borelli, always good to get your thoughts,
11:25 am
thank you so much, sandra. they are using these robot dogs and overseas in military exercises. it is just a little too creepy for me in new york city. >> sandra: it is a lot of new to take in. okay, and there it is. next up, john governor andrew cuomo is going on the defense as brand-new details emerge on his nursing home cover up we have brand-new action from a woman whose mother died of covid in one of those new york nursing homes. and her fight for the truth. >> john: plus, hunter biden to talk about media polarization and fake news at tulane university. charlie hurt explains why it makes perfect sense. >> this is the same hunter biden who blamed the contents of his laptop on russian disinformation. that has been debunked. this is the same hunter biden who lied on a gun application about his past drug use.
11:26 am
that is a federal crime. ♪ ♪
11:27 am
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11:31 am
♪ ♪ >> sandra: well, it is about one of the hour this thursday afternoon. "america reports" including the latest on hunter biden. last i work for the outrage over tulane university asking hunter biden to speak during a fake news course on campus, john. >> john: charlie hurt's head hunter is actually an expert on media bias, but not at all because he is a victim. charlie will be here to talk to us in a moment. >> sandra: looking forward to that. the last hour we spoke about a new report new york governor andrew cuomo administration hid a number of covid deaths and nursing home for at least five months. the new york attorney general opens up an investigation into his administration's handling of the coronavirus in nursing homes. today in buffalo, new york, the governor placed the blame on
11:32 am
former president trump's administration calling to scandal political football. joining us now, she lost her mother to covid-19 in a nursing home in new york and the cofounder of "voices for seniors." we want to make sure this doesn't happen to any other family again. what is it that you are now learning that lead you to believe that this was, indeed, a cover up on behalf of the governor? >> my question is, how many seniors had information being revealed five months prior and it is a travesty that i could not save my mother, but we could have saved so many other seniors from their fate had the information not been held by the rest of the administration of the governor. spill in the governor was asked if this was political in nature, the investigation. here is his response. >> yes, it was political and yes, i think it is despicable
11:33 am
and unethical that you use the department of justice to make the political investigation right after the republican intervention, but even political investigation can generate liability. >> sandra: as you know he continues to deny any wrongdoing in this and let the investigation plays out. where do you think the sands? >> the governor has people who have protected him and people who have failed in their duty with the investigation part and that is senator rachel may have both chaired the committee and the investigative department and has failed to be curious enough to investigate why over 15,000 seniors died. i called them coconspirators because they failed. they failed their seniors, new yorkers, and they should not be. they should rise to the opportunity to find out what happened. too many seniors and their
11:34 am
families to have the closure may need. and we will not let up. >> sandra: so difficult to hear this for so many families are grieving, still fresh. the governor was further asked why and how do you explain your office putting out certain data, certain numbers, but not others considering we now know that you had them? and he responded with this. >> the total number is what we put out every day because that was inarguable. they then got into this political game, let's count how many in the nursing home versus how many empty hospital. we always put out the total number of deaths. >> sandra: i want to get your reaction, vivian. >> there is a reason they were hiding it, especially the time of his book and have the information been brought out when it was revealed, perhaps we
11:35 am
could have saved lives. the fact he defied science, covid patients with the most vulnerable and also developments don't make the disabled, begs the question we hope people would stand up especially those in authority two: the ag to hold an investigation into come from the investigation is going on ie situation so that we can have some answers and clarity going forward to. >> sandra: vivian come our best to your family as you search for answers. you really deserve those answers, please keep us posted. >> we will, thank you. >> sandra: thanks, back to you, john. >> john: heartbreaking story, sandra. backlash against hunter biden after healing to speaking gig to talk about fake news at tulane university. critics wondering what qualifications he has at the top. let's bring in fox news contributor charlie hurt. a lot of people trying to make sense of all of this but you say it makes perfect sense, why? >> if there is an expert and fake news, it is definitely
11:36 am
hunter biden. the problem is it is the wrong kind of expertise and fake news. this is a guy unlike a lot of people benefits has benefited massively from fake news and from extreme media bias, willingness, just because of his last name. and because of the color of the jersey, the political jersey that he wears, his entire, the entire story about his last five years was completely whitewashed by the media. of course, it is very simple for people and i find myself laughing at all of this and tulane a ridiculous place to do all of this. but the sad truth is the real person who should be talking about this at a place like tulane is your previous guest. that story is not funny. this was a situation where you have extreme media bias. you have people -- and you can make a very good argument that that kind of media bias and that
11:37 am
obsession with politically covering for people politically probably led to actual deaths at the hands of governor cuomo in new york city during covid. and so, you know, it is so easy. if i myself laughing about all of this. but it really is a very serious issue. >> john: and a tulane student on fox & friends this morning said about the planned appearance of hunter biden at tulane. >> to be honest, i laughed out loud because i thought it was so funny that tulane would pick hunter biden and think he has credibility as an expert when he is such a big beneficiary of that. about tulane is still getting this platform to essentially pretend he is a victim of conservative media coverage when he brought this on himself. >> john: is that why he is speaking, charlie? he is seen as victim of media
11:38 am
bias? let's flip the script, if he was a conservative going through what he's gone through, would he have ever been invited to tulane? can you imagine tulane inviting president trump to teach a class on this? that would be an entertaining class and i would really like to watch that, but of course, they would never do that because there is this bias. and not only a serious issue across the board, but our founders envisioned this republic to have informed electric and you cannot have informed electric with bias with media corrupt and dishonest. and the other thing the founders expected is that we would have university's teaching people without this kind of extreme bias. certainly, when you look at a syllabus like this from a place like tulane commit makes you you wonder whether tulane is actually more interested in educating children, students are more interested in pushing some
11:39 am
crazy, political agenda and defending dishonesty in the media. i know where i come down on that. >> john: charlie hurt not holding back, never does. thank you, my friend. >> great to see you. >> sandra: always good to see charlie. everybody watching president biden speech to the nation and joint session of congress, you noticed everyone was wearing face masks. all members of congress, even though most were distanced and vaccinated. major u.s. cities says it could send a dangerous message. why she said critics going mask list may have sent a safer message to those watching. >> john: a terrifying collapse for one track star to loose the mask mandates for student athletes. she and her coach said running with a mask outside is dangerous. that part would seem to be clear. >> this has never happened to me in a race before. i mean, obviously the my have been very exhausted after races
11:40 am
but never passing out.
11:41 am
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♪ ♪ >> john: welcome back to "america reports." we will introduce you to the high school track coach fighting for common sense on the field after one of his star runners
11:45 am
collapsed at the finish line. >> sandra: and some guidance to be changed en masse but nowhere near enough. you will hear from him in just a moment. >> john: sandra, mask or a hot topic after joint session to address the congress. writing in "the washington post" about the president and lawmakers wearing masts despite being vaccinated. she said "imagine if wednesday's joint session had required all attendees be fully vaccinated. those who were not vaccinated were not welcome, but those permitted and could walk into the room, take off their mask, sit next to one another and listen to presidential address just that as they did in 2019 pair the science shows that could have been done." she points out president biden spoke to socially distance crowd and fully vaccinated people, some of whom not wearing just one but two masks. after the speech biden pumped elbows, touched hands and grabbed elbows until my shoulders. wearing a mask outdoors at the beginning of an event to
11:46 am
announce the cdc no longer found that necessary for people who are fully vaccinated, sandra. >> sandra: i think we are looking for common sense, john. this pandemic we didn't know so much but we know so much more now. so many more vaccinated now. time for some of these rules to change. john, that is what you will hear from this high school coach. >> john: looking forward to it. >> sandra: he's calling big changes to the mask mandates after one of his star runners collapsed over the finish line during a race. all of this happening in oregon after the athlete collapsed, the state revised its guidelines. the coach says he wants more. joining us now the high school coach dave turnbull, coach, thanks for being here. that lovely athlete your athlete mattie williams, bless her heart, she ran a fantastic race, even a school record, right? >> it was. she was going for the record to 48.45 which is number two in the
11:47 am
country. >> sandra: she was wearing a mask but believes that she passed out and fell over at the end of the races because because she was wearing one. >> i would absolutely agree with that and two weeks earlier she ran 2:12, a smoking time without a mask. she got across the finish line and she has never collapsed at any event before. this was due to oxygen from the mask. >> sandra: she explained to us that when she joins laura ingraham on tuesday night, listen. >> i was going through the record and i wasn't exactly sure if i had made the time yet. so i was pushing super hard on that last stretch. i barely had anything left. my muscles kind of just starting to seize up about 3 meters from the finish line and i really didn't have any control. i fell and lost consciousness for a second. >> sandra: that was maggie and her dad appeared coach, you are
11:48 am
an important voice not just for your athletes but for the country. so many coaches are speaking out against this. rules to wear a mask while running a race. what are you asking for and what are you pushing for, coach? >> new language that says you probably have to have a mask on because you can't guarantee 6 feet running distance during an event but it is perfectly fine in a field distance. a field distance such as high jumper, the oxygen is not the same. it absolutely makes no sense and question the people in charge of these rules, not understanding we are talking about oxygen needs. the school, myself, we are not antimask. we are pro-common sense, pro-science. take a look of the transmission rates in the country, in our country, it does not support mask wearing outside in competition. it is actually dangerous. they can't get rid of the carbon dioxide in their mask. i believe that is what happened
11:49 am
with maggie. we would like clarification on the language to say listen, distance running, start at the starting line, have the mask on and as soon as the race starts, drop it and you don't have to worry about it anymore. you are moving and will not transmit the virus. >> sandra: coach, there was a coach in new hampshire that got fired because he spoke out against this and would not enforce it with his athletes. the school said he acted in an unprofessional manner when he was speaking out against it. he wrote a blog post. i am wondering how far are you willing to go to do the right thing to fight for for your athletes? >> welcome i sent a message to the os aa but they have not responded yet. and i talked to the school district. as a coach and a teacher we are charged with the safety of the students which is why we wear the mask and school or social situations outside. if i am endangering the life of a athlete by wearing a mask i don't think i can do that. i will make the best decisions
11:50 am
for our kids, their safety and protecting them. i know that is what the parents of the athletes expect me to do. whatever that entails is what i will do in the words of my former coach track bill smith, he said do right by the athletes. if you can defend it, you are a great teacher. and that is what i'm going to do. >> sandra: you are good and maggie williams is lucky to have you as a coach fighting for her and others. keep us posted. we will follow up on you and where you get it. as a runner myself, i cannot imagine lasting that long. i don't know how you do it, sprint, long distance race wearing a mask. again, we are not against the mask wearing, we get up at there are certain situations where it does not make sense. common sense, coach, thank you. john. >> john: common sense and reason. there are so many young people, play contact up close without a mask. to look at that situation with cross country and the runners being that far apart and wearing mask, i'm sorry, that is
11:51 am
ridiculous. >> sandra: i feel like maggie williams came a shout out record time for her school, i believe 2:07, she's fast and a great athlete too. a great high school season for all the athletes. >> john: the only thing that kept her down was a mask. we just told you about the real-life robocop losing his job. coming up next, how robots come into a restaurant near you. ♪ ♪ time in history to turn your home equity into cash. because home values have climbed to all time highs. and so has your equity. turn it into cash now, while mortgage rates are near all time lows. the newday 100 va cash out loan lets you borrow up to 100% of your home's value. you could take out more than $50,000. use it to improve your home. pay off high rate debt. pay for big expenses. or put it in the bank for real peace of mind. now's the time to use your va home loan benefit to get cash
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♪ ♪ >> sandra: so the rise of restaurant robots. that's next. first, if you need to do some work on your house, you may have to shell out more cash. the price of lumber, if you haven't noticed, is sky rocketing. now some homeowners are feeling the pain. gerri willis has more. >> hi, sandra.
11:57 am
you have that right. lumber prices up 250% year over year according to the national association of home builders. the unprecedented price surge is exacerbating the affordability crisis and putting the dream out of reach for many. this is because of a slow-down in production last year. there's other reasons, too. a lack of workers at lumber mills stoking prices. suppliers are saying the prices are rising so quickly they cannot honor 30-day guarantees. lumber essential in structural framing. joists, headers, all kinds of lumber is higher, not just 2 x 4s. particle board has gone from $10 a sheet to $60 a sheet. the price of an average new
11:58 am
single family home higher than $35,800. it's even increasing the cost of rental prices in newly constructed units by about $119 a month. that's a calculation. the lumber spike resulting home price increases is pricing out about 5.5 million americans that want to buy but won't be able to because of the higher prices. sandra? >> sandra: an important report. a lot of americans noticing this. the price of lumber going up. john? >> john: after a year of covid and lock downs, restaurants are getting back to business. even as customers return, a new problem. some workers are staying at home. one owner in florida is filling the void by using robots. who better than to talk about this than ashley webster. ashley? >> i'm not a robot but this little guy here is. he name is peanut. when you walk into this seafood restaurant in hollywood,
11:59 am
florida, you'll be greeted mr. peanut we hope will take us to the table. let's go, mr. peanut. mr. peanut takes us to the table. we're tight on time. by the way, no one available who wants a job. they cannot fill the jobs here. this is why peanut was bought by the owner. is this the table, peanut? there you have it. thank you very much. there's two other robots. one that will serve you and one that will sing happy birthday in three different languages if you should need that. >> john: one way to fill the
12:00 pm
employee gap. >> sandra: i here canon in d. >> indeed. >> john: if you took that police dog and put a tray on the top of it, it could serve the drinks and food to people. >> sandra: ashley, enjoy. thanks so much for joining us. john, great to be with you. i'm sandra smith. >> john: i'm john roberts. "the story" starts right now. >> martha: thanks, guys. john and sandra. joining me today, mitch mcconnell is here exclusively. we'll get his response to last night's speech by president biden and the major transformation that he has witnessed in the democrat party that has gone from this in the clinton era -- >> the era of big government is over. >> martha: a different mode now. this was last night where president biden pushed the biggest government plan in the nation's history. >> we the people are the government. >> martha: we theeoe


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