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tv   The Faulkner Focus  FOX News  April 29, 2021 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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quarterbacks because they don't have a quarterback and they want to get one. i think four quarterbacks in the first round. >> bill: we'll watch the draft tonight then first round 8:00. cleveland, ohio. >> dana: i think it will be over earlier. here is harris. >> bill: see you tomorrow. >> harris: president biden in his first address to congress calls for immigration report and path to citizenship for people here illegally. even a fellow democrat he heard no plan for the massive crisis at the border. i'm harris faulkner and you are in "the faulkner focus". in his 63-minute long speech the president spent just three minutes on immigration and did not directly address the overwhelming migrant surge. when he did go to the topic he asked congress to send a bill to his desk. >> president biden: i kept my
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commitments to send a comprehensive immigration bill. if you believe in the pathway to citizenship pass it and the root people of why people are fleeing. the country supports immigration reform. let's act and let's debate it and argue over it but let's act. >> harris: even members of his own political party say joe biden fell short last night. democratic arizona senator mark kelly wrote this in a statement. what i didn't hear tonight was a plan to address the immediate crisis at the border and i will continue holding this administration accountable. again he is a democrat. in a moment, i will talk with four u.s. sheriffs who are serving on the front lines of the crisis. there they are live standing by joining me from arizona, mexico, the border. but first i want to go to casey stiegel also at the border in
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laredo, texas, casey. >> i'm fascinated to hear what these sheriffs have to say. no doubt we have heard our own share of stories in our time down here working the border. the increased traffic we have been telling you about is also translating into more emergency calls for help from local members of law enforcement in addition to the federal agents like cbp and border patrol specifically here in the state of texas there has been a big hike in the form of water rescues. migrants using rafts or swimming across the rio grande river to get into the united states but increasingly get into trouble in doing so. texas has deployed state troopers and police from other communities to help assist the federal agents in border cities and towns. officials tell us the cartels and smugglers will sometimes throw young children right into the river just to distract agents.
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>> now it turns into a rescue operation when you see the distractions from the cartels. smuggling organizations where they now know the focus now will be rescuing those individuals that are in the river and once you have law enforcement the ending to individuals it will leave gaps. >> bill: cbp says so far in fiscal year 2021 4700 migrant rescued are carried out. almost as many as all of 2020 combined. they fear and predict these numbers will only go higher especially as we head into the summer months. we had triple digits yesterday down here in laredo. it is that time of year. it is getting hot and when they also start getting more calls for help. harris. >> harris: i tell you that information about putting children in danger to distract our agents for the cartels to
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do their illegal business is unreal. casey, thank you. joining me now live from the border town of sierra vista, arizona, sheriff mark lamb. sheriff daniel, sheriff childress from illinois welcome and sheriff page from north carolina. you are all welcome here, sheriffs and you are all with the protect america now supporting our sheriffs and law enforcement. you have a big job right now and you can go to protect america for more information. everybody watching when this interview is over and learn more about what they are facing. let's get a firsthand account of it. sheriff lamb, you and i talked as you were pulling this group together a week or so ago. tell me what you have learned at the border and what the public immediately needs to know. >> i think the biggest thing we've learned which is why we
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have sheriffs here from north carolina and illinois is this is not a border problem just for arizona or texas or new mexico or california. this is an america problem t. fact these sheriffs came here to help us address this issue shows you the impact it has on their communities as well. >> harris: sheriff dannels i want to ask you a direct question about what our reporting was saying talking about putting children in harm's way and what they're seeing in texas they'll throw them right in the river and it distracts agents. how difficult is that kind of behavior by the cartels to curtail and to fight in this whole process? >> well thank you, harris. thanks for having us on and thanks to my sheriffs for being here. this is the largest humanitarian issue on the southwest border going on right now. they are exploiting the people and children and the public
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safety aspect affecting all communities in america. i will just say this, harris, to you. in this region the tucson sector of board are patrol in the fiscal year have had 60,000 getaways just in this sector of the border. that's the largest in the country. these are people we've seen on cameras. they have got away now in communities. that should be alarming to every american out there. >> harris: whoa. okay. so that brings us to sheriff childress and page. sheriff childress, you first, 60 thousand getaways fanning out all over the country. this isn't just about the border. >> good morning, harris and thank you for sponsoring us and thank you to the sheriffs here for having me. yes, with numbers like 60,000 and numbers like 172,000 coming
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in, it is absolutely ludicrous that we have an administration that refuses to do anything. and then last night i understand the state of the union speech that he put it on congress, you know, saying that his first day he asked them to send him a bill. well, we've seen instances where we had a president that didn't wait to wait on congress to pass a bill. he took action himself and that's what we expect a leader, a true leader to do, is take action. we see that we're putting lives at risk, citizens at risk, border patrol agents at risk. it is just a risk for everybody and then you bring children and throw them in the river and drop them over the wall risking them as well?
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>> harris: sheriff page i will come to you next and i want to show the audience something first. a recent fox news poll finds that nearly half of people think the border situation is worse than it was two years ago. 56% majority believe biden, the president, winning the election, is completely or mostly behind the surge of migrants at the border. first of all, sheriff page i want to get an idea you your top line thoughts and reaction to that and i have a quick follow up for you. >> first of all being from north carolina i see now that we have something in common with arizona and this is real. we have coyotes like they do and mexican drug cartels in our communities. the violence, the crime, the criminal activity are in our communities. and each day across north carolina we lose people to heroin and fentanyl dying in our communities. we know where the product is coming from. like we said with the president.
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mr. president, come to the border. mr. president, support the local, state and federal law enforcement across this community and do something. also, the cartel we don't mention them a lot. but ill oh he tell you this. they are the persons making the money. the person capitalizing on the human smuggling and trafficking and the crime activity and the drugs that are taking lives every day in america. if we fail to secure our borders every sheriff in america will become a border sheriff. >> harris: wow. sheriff lamb i will give the follow up to you on the numbers that we just showed our audience how people are looking at this and seeing it get worse and while the white house and the biden administration may not want to call it a crisis across the board, people in america see what's going on. what are your thoughts? >> absolutely they see what's going on. we hear it every day. they are clamoring for our help. i'm 70 miles out the border. community members say they can't leave their kids to watch
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the younger kids because people trying to open their doors. this is a dangerous situation. we as sheriffs are standing together with protect america now, please check it out. we hear the people's voices and we'll do our job. they didn't hear what they needed to hear last night from the president. we expected to hear more. we didn't get that from him. that shows you this president doesn't care about what is happening here but the sheriffs do and we'll continue to stand up for the people and for america. >> harris: i have one final question to you and sheriff danelles, the morale along law enforcement is something i've hit hard during this hour on fox news. it is important that you feel supported. i would say equally so for the border patrol and why you are there. you are shoring them up. what you're seeing they're most dealing with that you want to jump in and help right away, the border patrol? >> that's a good point because
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the morale, the border patrol agents i spoke to up to senior leadership is challenged right now, no doubt about it. their hands are tied from doing the job, secure the border. and keep this country safe. and when you do that you will take the morale away. the impact on local law enforcement and state law enforcement is a collective effort. after last night's speech by the president, it was an insult for everybody wearing a badge trying to protect this border. >> harris: sheriff lamb from left to right on screen, all of you sheriffs thank you so much. some of you coming from far away to the border to give us a firsthand look and also help. thank you for your time, gentlemen. >> thank you, harris. >> thank you, america. >> harris: god bless you, too. the left's new low. why conservatives are calling out twitter after it allowed a racist slur against senator tim
8:12 am
scott. republican from south carolina, to trend for hours amid liberals attacking on his rebuttal to the president biden's speech. plus this. >> and these people who are all vaccinated being indoors, socially distancing with masks on is against cdc guidance. it shows that the united states is at a weak point. >> harris: it's obvious, isn't it? here is the question. democrats, are they being accused of undermining confidence the vaccines? yes, that's the accusations? yes, they were wearing masks and fully distanced and going against the cdc guidelines. will cain is with me from fox news. stay close.
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>> harris: conservatives are sounding off after it became clear twitter was allowing the racial slur uncle tim, a take on uncle tom, to trend on its platform. they were referencing senator tim scott. it took 11 hours from taking it off from trending. they are choosing to trend a racist slur from the left on tim scott and senator scott today asked about it on "fox & friends" says it is just more evidence of how the left operates. >> the intolerance so often comes from the left with words
8:19 am
like uncle tim and the n word being used against me by the left and last night what was trending on social media was uncle tim. they doubled down on this concept of liberal oppression. it is stunning in 2021 that those who speak about ending discrimination want to end it by more discrimination. >> harris: will cain from "fox & friends" weekend co-host is with me now. before i jump in i want to put it in context for everybody. i don't know if the point has been made clear enough. when senator scott says they doubled down it wasn't an algorithm or process computer doing it making it trend. it was a human being who curated the information and hashtags to make them trend. why in the world would twitter allow that to happen? maybe senior management, who knows, put somebody in charge of making that happen?
8:20 am
>> because -- i want to be very clear about this, harris, twitter and those individuals that most often yell the accusation of racist are in fact the racists. that's what is going on. it is a guise, a mask to cover up your own failings. what is more racist? i ask you this in full knowledge of who i'm talking to here. what is more racist than demanding that someone think a certain way because of the color of their skin, an attribute of which they were born with? what is more racist saying you must adhere to the predominant ideology of a certain group because of the way you were born? tim scott dares to have an independent thought and the left calls him uncle tim and twitter endorses it to make it trend. there is no gray area. that's the definition of racism. you may not be an individual. you must march in lock step to the requirements of the group.
8:21 am
as far as i'm concerned, it has been made clear stark as day who the racists are in our society. >> harris: well one of the reasons why when then candidate joe biden made the comment if you don't vote for me you are not black, then i took to twitter and every other platform say that's wrong. we ornt a monolithic race. it is making the clear points you are making. another one i want to get to. i don't know if we'll ever get these answers. we have a statement from twitter. i ask my team to put that up. we went and got answers. you know what they wouldn't answer it? is this twitter's policy to do that? do you tell somebody to curate somebody that's a racial slur on your platform? we didn't get an answer. >> i'm shocked. wait, we'll hold our breath and see what answer you get back. >> harris: no doubt. part of that statement is that
8:22 am
-- and i do want to get to it here. i can confirm that we're blocking the phrase that you referenced from appearing in trends. this is in line with our policies on trends, specifically they'll block it is in line with their policy. is it in line with your policy to let it sit there for 11 hours? >> in line with your policy to hire someone whose editorial decision decides that's exactly the kind of message twitter should be promoting and endorsing it and trending it on their platform for more to see? is twitter under the managerial guidance and hiring policies that all black people must think exactly the say way? should african-americans deny their individuality? is that an editorial choice of twitter as well? everyone carry the same thought. what's going on at twitter? or twitter you respond to the momentary fads, the mob decisions on social media largely driven by the ideology of the left. do you only follow what's in fashion and style?
8:23 am
i'm of a generation, maybe it's old, i'm not sure. principles mean something. treating human beings with character and judging them by merit and actions and allowing them to have individual thought. that's the opposite of racism and how we should be treating each other. that's not in fashion. twitter is sure to be in fashion. >> harris: you see, that's what needs to trend in fashion. the space and the grace you are talking about. yeah, it is kindness and respect. all right. i'll move to this. president biden and speaker pelosi are being accused of undermining confidence in covid vaccines and muddling the coronavirus messaging during that joint session of congress. they wore masks and socially distanced despite everybody in the chamber being fully vaccinated. the headline of an opinion piece in the "washington post" reads with masks and distancing biden's speech sentd the wrong message of the power of our
8:24 am
vaccine. are they confused or is it something else, will cain? >> it is something else. what it is, what that something else is, harris, is not science or data. we know it's not that. i'll move quickly. i do think it's four things and do them quickly. one we're all suffering from agoraphobia. a shut-in in their apartment thinks it is dangerous to go outside. at this point we've lost some rationality what the real risks are. that's going on in society. two, it has become part of people's identity and virtue. the mask shame you and see themselves despite being in contrast to the science that they frame themselves, they style themselves as adherence to science. it has become who they are and hard to let go. another one, harris. it's about president trump. he runs away with the 2020 election if not for covid. the left, joe biden, nancy pelosi, kamala harris will have
8:25 am
a hard time letting go of covid. it was their source of power and their purpose and finally, power is the last one. dr. fauci, governors like cuomo, mayors like garcetti and deblasio will have a hard time letting go of what covid has given them. it has given them power and meaning and a sense of purpose. those four things together mean we'll divorce ourselves from the real science and data and we'll hang onto this pandemic, we meaning as a society as long as these people are in charge. we'll hang onto this pandemic for those other reasons, harris. >> harris: we always have time for you, will cain. never feel like you have to rush. >> can i say one thing quickly? i know i got passionate in the tim scott thing. if we as americans don't look at each other as individuals what are we? i think it's the most important identifier, signifyer of who we are to treat each other with merit, character and actions
8:26 am
and judge each as individuals and sickened that it is acceptable within one political party to call tim scott uncle tim. >> harris: i have one final thought on the whole matter which comes from a place of watching last night and see who was chiming in. i didn't see people who look like me and who look like senator tim scott jumping in there from every line of politics or point of view or whatever it is, moms, dads, people out kids and saying this isn't right. you have to debate on the issues, not on the name calling racial slur type situations. i'm still waiting. you don't have to trend on twitter to say something good. i wish it would. will cain good to see you. thank you. we're awaiting remarks from new york governor andrew cuomo after a bombshell new report
8:27 am
that governor cuomo's team prevented state health official s from seeing the actual number of nursing home deaths for months as he sought a book deal aides hit damaging death toll. new york city bill deblasio seized on the report. >> he should resign. i've been saying this for months. he can't continue to lead. nursing home scandal, sexual harassment and assault scandal, using his staff to write his book. it doesn't end. he just has to go. >> harris: bryan llenas now live in brooklyn. >> we're learning that the efforts made by governor andrew cuomo's aides, alleged efforts to cover up the true extent and true death toll of covid-19
8:28 am
deaths in the state's nursing homes were far more extensive than we had previously known. beginning in april 2020 for five months his most senior aides prevented a scientific paper from being published and an audit of the deaths quiet for months before publicly releasing it and never sent two health department letters with the important data meant for state legislators. we knew cuomo's aides reportedly edited a state health department report last july omitting 3,000 covid-19 nursing home deaths in hospitals. a lawyer for cuomo's office said they did this because the chamber was never satisfied that the numbers that they were getting from d.o.h. were accurate. critics say the true death toll was covered up because cuomo was in the middle of negotiating a $4 million book deal. the governor denied that claim. over the last couple of months democratic assemblyman ron kim
8:29 am
has been writing yesterday he financially benefited hiding the debts of new yorkers to maximize the profits of his book deal and immoral doesn't begin to describe his actions. governor cuomo continues to hold public events most closed to the events flanked by allies, some defending him while he is under multiple investigations including an f.b.i. inquiry whether his administration purposely withheld the nursing home death toll data from the department of justice that had requested that information multiple times. cuomo is holding a press conference at any moment right now, harris. >> harris: we'll monitor that to see what news comes out of it. interesting you talk about the people standing next to him to defend him. i would like to know what they think about defending death and nursing home scandal. hunter biden set to lecture
8:30 am
college students at fake news. the backlash is coming now from campus republicans who detail a long history of bias and abuse at a school which costs $80,000 per year. plus two speeches last night and two vastly different reactions from the media. power panel next. >> this was a lost opportunity. tim scott has an opportunity to make his mark on criminal justice reform and this ain't going to do it. this wasn't it. rates are low.are highe newday lets you borrow all of your home's value. and you could take out $50,000 dollars or more.
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8:36 am
worst terror threat to america. >> he is really trying to bring the country together. it was a make america feel good night. make america feel pride night. >> harris: i thought martha -- she is a journalist. the reactions could not have been more different. the media fawning over president biden's first address to congress calling it beautiful and remarkable. they can do that. but when it came to senator tim scott's response mostly jeers. in fact, in some instances it was brutal. >> messenger was great. the message was nonsense. >> the speech delivered from a planet where facts don't matter the current republican party resides. >> i'm not sure what the purpose of this was. >> i am shocked and a bit embarrassed for him. it was a lost opportunity. tim scott has an opportunity to make his mark on criminal justice reform and this ain't going to do it. this wasn't it.
8:37 am
>> harris: the purpose was to give a rebuttal. they do it after every speech. power panel. richard goodstein, tammy bruce, welcome to you both. richard, i want to start with you. is there no room in america today for people to disagree on the policies but to talk about the quality of things? like the quality of someone's speech. >> right. look, i've watched the coverage on this network of both speeches last night and what i have heard said and what the polls indicate are radically different. the public actually was the one fawning over joe biden's speech, 80% found it comforting and optimistic and spoke to issues that affect their lives. tim scott's speech was fine for his purposes. but i think tim scott is speaking to the trump base which believes that trump won and that on january 6th it was
8:38 am
peaceful and hugging and kissing and not maiming and killing. that's the difference between the two speeches in my humble opinion. >> harris: so you think that speech didn't reach people of color who may not vote the same way as those who were on some of the other networks, and yourself, quite frankly, just by saying that there is room for everybody in america? i'm a little -- i'm confused by that. that was one of the messages as well. >> and i think that's a great message. all i'm saying is i think tim scott was talking about the caricature of the left and of what he thought -- remember, he did this speech before he actually heard joe biden's speech. so he was talking addressing the caricature of the left not the actuality. and i think any message from both sides of bringing people together is absolutely what the country needs and wants. >> harris: i want to mention to
8:39 am
everybody we're trying to work out a technical difficulty right now with tammy bruce so we can bring her into this conversation with richard goodstein. as we work on that richard you and i will talk a little bit longer but we'll get tammy hopefully immediately now. richard, we're in an interesting place in this country right now. the word racist and just the whole idea of racism seems to come into a lot of conversations particularly from your side of the political aisle. mainly those who are most progressive in your party but certainly it works its way in. let's take the filibuster, for instance. used against senator tim scott by democrats to block his reform legislation last year for crime and policing. now apparently the usage of a filibuster among democrats is racist and they want to kill it. why is it like that? >> so i haven't heard a single democrat say it was racist.
8:40 am
what barack obama said at john lewis's funeral the filibuster is a relic of the jim crow era >> harris: do you think it doesn't mean racist? anything about the jim crow era that wasn't racist? i would love the hear that. >> what obama was trying to say is it was southern senators who were trying to block legislation that was going to increase rights for blacks and other people of color and that they were dead set against that. so you tell me is that racist? if so, that's where the filibuster came from and that's why it was used back then. every time it is used today for racist purposes of course not. i don't think there is again any leading democrat who is suggesting otherwise, honestly. >> harris: all right. we have tammy bruce in here now. tammy i know because of technical issues you weren't able to hear the entirety of
8:41 am
the conversation. >> i won't blame richard. >> harris: we moved forward a little bit. it had to do with why democrats -- i'm giving an example of where they are on some of the issues and racism comes into play when their debate seems to break down for the issues. filibuster was an example. >> yes, exactly. look, this has been one of the problems for the democrats for a very, very long time. it is the bigotry and expectations, welfare from cradle to grave. there is a presumption that people can't take care of himself. tim scott has been taken advantage of and doesn't know what he is doing. a presumption that people of color, women, gays and lesbians need to be guided.
8:42 am
we're children of god that need nice leadership who can help them along. that is the soft bigotry of low expectations which generates from a very few people in leadership on the left. this idea that only big government can save us because individuals don't know how to run their own damn lives and we're tired of it. of course, when you have tim scott every other example, anyone who does not conform, harris, that's the key, conforming, that we are our own people and will think differently and that's the crime and that's what they will not put up with. this argument is very much for their own base. you don't want people challenging the status quo and then it is to punish those who do to serve as an example that if you don't conform, if you don't behave, you will be punished. we went through a civil war to avoid this kind of behavior by political leadership so individuals could live lives that best suit them and we are
8:43 am
right now again in the middle of that fight, harris and we will stand up against it but everything that happened last night from the speech, the democratic agenda, the patronizing, the soft bigotry and reaction to tim scott is unacceptable and obscene and we will not stand for it. >> harris: tammy bruce and richard goodstein, great to see you both and thank you for the conversation. john kerry is denying allegations he shared covert intelligence with iran. what house republicans are now planning to do to get to the bottom of the facts in this matter. plus this. >> president biden promised you a specific kind of leadership. to unite a nation. for three months in the actions of the president and his party are pulling us further and further apart. >> harris: senator tim scott going after president biden's pledge of unity last night. why republicans see joe biden's
8:44 am
promises as president as little more than just his words. florida senator rick scott is here to weigh in.
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>> president biden: i would like to meet those who have ideas that are different, they
8:49 am
think are better. i welcome those ideas. but the rest of the world not waiting for us. i just want to be clear. from my perspective doing nothing is not an option. >> harris: president biden saying he is open to working with the gop on his next trillion dollar proposal but seems to suggest they better fall in line with his call for a host of liberal priorities. for all of his campaign promises of bipartisanship president biden talked on the topic for less than one minute in his address last night. republicans laid out what the president did not mention last night. >> look at what joe biden didn't say tonight. he didn't say we're opening up small businesses. he didn't say we're getting people back to work. he didn't say we're getting kids back in school. he provided zero solution to the crisis at the border that he caused. this was all about trillions of
8:50 am
dollars in spending, massive job killing regulations, trillions of dollars in taxes. >> harris: senator rick scott of florida joins me now. first of all, i want to get your thoughts about last night's speech and what senator cruz was talking about what's left out by joe biden the president last night. >> he is right. joe biden gives a nice talk about unity but he is kowtowing to the radical left. he he didn't talk about why he wants to pack the supreme court or why d.c. statehood. this is complete overreach. he works for the radical left. think about it. they think debt doesn't matter. they think spending doesn't matter. they are into free everything. free houses, free cars. this is a crazy spending plan that they've got and think nobody has to pay it back. this is how you end up with socialism an that's exactly the path the democrats are taking us down.
8:51 am
we have to sit here and educate americans that this doesn't make any sense. >> harris: socialism is a word you can't get away from right now because progressives in president biden's party are socialists, bernie sanders doesn't even joke about it. >> that's right. they will make all of our decisions. once they pay for everything, then they decide what you get to buy. and by the way you know the other thing he didn't talk about is how to pay for all this. everybody says these things are all popular until you say but you do have to pay for it. they've already raised taxes in the first bill. he is only going the raise people making over $400,000 a year. he already raised taxes on the poor in the first bill. unbelievable taxes. >> harris: senator scott, i understand you were in the hall last night and you've got to be looking around that room and asking is there really
8:52 am
bipartisanship that's even possible here? >> no, there is not. i've been up here a little over two years. bipartisanship means you go along with the democrats. that's all it is. if you are bipartisan that means you go along with their massive spending and big government takeover and more taxes. that is how you're bipartisan up here. if you say no, i'll worry how to get people a job and improving the education system and keep people safe funding the police you are pretty partisan then if you really believe in those things. >> harris: wow. what do you do with democrats who believe in those things? like texas representative henry cuellar on the border issues and mark kelly in arizona saying the president didn't spend any time on the biggest issues like the crisis at the border. i guess it gets confusing for the president. >> bill: mark kelly voted three times in the last three months against more border security.
8:53 am
mark kelly votes almost 100% of the time with chuck schumer. maybe he will give a nice interview and says he cares about this but it is not how he votes. democrats vote in a block and vote as socialists. they do whatever chuck schumer tells them to do and they vote that way. >> harris: you have the behind the scenes look at all that stuff and you can tell us what's going on. republicans are calling for an investigation into john kerry for his suspected ties to iran with a group of house republicans now sending a letter to the acting state department inspector general to investigate the allegations. general jack keane called kerry's relationship with our adversary unprecedented. >> as secretary of state from 12 to 16 and then after, he maintained a close cozy relationship with the foreign minister of iran and what surprised many is that
8:54 am
relationship, harris, continued when he was no longer secretary of state for the following four years underneath the trump administration where he met him several times. >> harris: what are the concerns with republicans in the senate right now, senator scott, with john kerry? >> isn't he supposed to be on our side and help us and our allies? if what they iranians have said is true. they aren't our friends. clearly there needs to be an investigation. in the meantime he should get no intelligence briefings and have no more information. this is pretty serious but we need to have a thorough investigation and no briefings for him until we find out what the truth is. >> harris: i think maybe the public might be surprised the find out the climate czar would need those types of briefings. real quickly. >> of course. but what you heard jack keane said he kept these relationships and he needs to understand iran is not our
8:55 am
friend. they yell death to israel and america. they aren't our friends. >> harris: senator rick scott of the great state of florida good to have you with me. thank you for watching "the faulkner focus". "outnumbered" right after this break.
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>> harris: we begin with a fox news alert. south carolina senator tim scott taking the political spotlight now and reshaping the debate as he earns praise for his republican rebuttal to president biden's first speech before congress. this is to be 24. i am harris faulkner. here today, my cohost, emily compagno, kayleigh mcenany. host of "kennedy" on fox business, kennedy. and charles payne, host of "making money." welcome to you, kennedy and charles. senator scott addressing the divisi


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