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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  April 29, 2021 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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jillian: and senator tim scott will join "fox & friends" live later this morning. todd: so excited to hear what he has to say. the fact that he can make a speech like that be who he is and get dragged through the mud unconscionable. jillian: see you back here tomorrow morning. "fox & friends" starts right now. have a good day. >> tonight, i come to talk about rebuilding the nation. revitalizing our democracy. >> our best future will not come from washington schemes and socialist dreams. it will come from you. >> federal investigators have executed a search warrant at rudy giuliani's apartment. >> this is disgusting. and it's the continued politicization of the justice department. >> according to report cover-up is worse than we thought. >> his aides stopped the state health department from plusing the real nursing home data. >> when are kids going to be able to take off those masks. >> they are unvaccinated for that reason they are more at risk. >> children don't spread the
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disease it's undocumented i don't know why is he trying to spread fear. >> 3, 2, 1, and liftoff. >> overnight spacex launching another it into orbit. ♪ you know i'm here for the party ♪ and i ain't leaving until they throw me out. brian: right. i was there for the party. we were all there for the speech. the only problem in the biden era had started a little bit later than we thought, which is not great for morning shows. but we stayed up. we watched the rebuttal and then we jumped in the shower separately and we are here for you today to break it all down over the course of three hours. ainsley: well, if you are invited to a party usually you don't have to pay to get into the door, right? that's what happened yesterday free, free, free. lots of spending and everything for free. steve: so over the next three hours, we will try to break it all down for you because you need to know how joe biden wants to spend your dough.
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the "new york post" is calling him dough biden joe biden's tax and spend plan makes him the $6 trillion man. ainsley: it how much we are spending already. steve: rich edson on more what the president was talking about. rich, we saw his vision for america and it's expensive. >> good morning, steve, ainsley and brian. president biden sells a major expansion of federal programs, child care, education, health and confronting climate change. >> for me when i think climate change i think jobs. think about it. there is simply no reason why the blades for wind turbines can't be built in pittsburgh instead of beijing. the american jobs plans good paying jobs jobs americans can raise a family on. >> last night american families plan had spending on pre-k, free
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community college family and medical leave that follows more than $2 trillion proposal for infrastructure and series of other provisions and the $1.9 trillion pandemic and economic plan that biden has already signed into law. to pay for some of this proposed tax increases on those earning more than $400,000 a year. the president also pushed please form and new gun measures. south carolina senator tim scott delivered the republican response. he says biden's agenda is further dividing the country and he called on governments to reopen schools. >> our public schools should have reopened months ago. science has shown for months that schools are safe. >> scott also knocked democrats for blocking his police reform amendments last year. he says he is still working on the issue and is hopeful lawmakers can reach a compromise. steve, ainsley, and brian, back to you. steve: thank you very much, rich. brian: we telling you about pending, right? do you want to hear what the spending is.
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we already have going into this day we had about 4 there done. let's keep adding it up. 1.8 trillion for families plan. we are all pro-family. let's spend money we don't have on that, everything including community college can which will be free except it costs money. free pre-k across the country will be free except it coasts a lot of money. 2.3 trillion for the jobs plan we know about that. 1.9 trillion for the rescue plan that didn't have a lot to do with covid rescue. that didn't slow joe biden down. one of the most disconcerting thing i saw as an american, forget about republican or democrat is to look over the shoulder shot of the president of the united states and seeing about 100 or 200 people there. there is no reason why that place shouldn't have been packed. they should have been standing, sitting. whatever you want to do. if you want america to get back to normal and forget about the fear. don't tell all your lawmakers to stay home because you have a fear which goes against what the cdc is saying. we will talk about masks a little bit later. ainsley: and nancy pelosi and
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kamala harris behind him were standing every moment. they were clapping. and she didn't rip up his speech at the end, did she? brian: i didn't see everything. i thought that's a new tradition. steve: we saw it last time. listen, joe talked about one of the reasons he says we need to spend the $6 trillion through time is because it will create jobs. jobs, jobs, jobs, created by the government, government, government. through spending, spending, spending. that's if you missed it that's kind of cliff notes version. chris christie boiled it down this way. here's the former governor. >> the university of pennsylvania certainly not a bastion of conservatism has looked at the biden jobs plan and says it will create no new net jobs and cause a lower g.d.p. but here is my overarching thought about it, david. the words of this speech sounded like what you would hear from a 15-year-old if you gave him a credit card with no credit limit on it except the words came out
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of the mouth of an adult who should know better. ainsley: very expensive still counting spending 6 trillion already? congressman byron donalds is from florida a republican. he talked about the historic entitlement push by joe biden. listen. >> a young black kid from brooklyn, new york, grew up in the inner city. we were super poor but my mother knew education was the way out for me. that's my success story. that's how i have been able to achieve things in my life not only my business career but now in the halls of congress. our country, frankly, is littered with so many stories like this where people who had nothing put their hand to the till, worked incredibly hard and made something of their lives. that is the true story of america. so, when you have people like joe biden who try to tell us that he is the only one who can fix something, when frankly he has been in government for 50 years and never fixed anything. why would we put our trust in him. i put my trust in the american people. brian: understand that. that's where he came from. another great perm story.
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obviously made an impact only been there a few month as has the congressman. let's talk about what joe biden did bring up. one of the first things he said it if you remember carefully he was going to do immigration reform. i want to get a pathway for citizenship 8 years. will more like 20 and 25 illegals. and then first he said beat the pandemic. i have a problem with that because over 500,000 have already come here illegally and no one is has tested them. very few tests. a lot of positive tests and they are still coming flooding across now. so don't tell me america has to get ahold of the pandemic and i'm extremely worried i have to wear a mask by myself walking alone in an open field in montana at the same time not test any illegals coming in. when things went bad he went mia. when the vice president was given the assignment. she had no interest. joe biden included this in his speech last night. >> let's end our exhausting war on immigration. for more than 30 years politicians have talked about
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immigration reform and we have done nothing about it it's time to fix it. on day one of my presidency, i kept my commitments sent a comprehensive immigration bill to the united states congress. if if you believe we need to secure the border, pass it, because it has a lot of money for high tech border security. if you believe in a pathway to citizenship, pass it so 11 million undocumented folks, the vast majority here overstaying visas, pass it we can actually, if you actually want to solve a problem, i have sent a bill to take a close look at it. ainsley: he didn't address the crisis. brian: one quick thing to add what he said there i almost fell off my couch which is a recliner which is tough to do. here's thing, he just said if you want border security i have stuff in there for high tech, pass it if he was sincere about that he would say president trump has gotten money to finish up that border, you don't have to use the wall. it's toxic in today's
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environment. finish up the wall, the fence. technology is aboard. have you 1.8 billion to get another 200 miles. could have been at 700 miles. you would have neutralized production' argument and ignited people like mitt romney and senator lindsey graham must to the consternation of conservatives that actually want to do comprehensive. he doesn't really want it if he immediately stopped people and made them put downtown screw guns pay for a wall not to get done and then pay the penalty for not fulfilling contracts. ainsley: he didn't address the crisis down there just addressed citizenship. brian: or security. steve: took almost an hour for him to eventually get around to this. ainsley: that's right. at the end of the speech. steve: on this "fox & friends" program earlier this week we talked about how the number one issue for him that he is doing the best on is coronavirus. that obviously is what he opened with because that is what america is saying you are doing a pretty good job at. but the thing is he too long the
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worst at? immigration and border security. because it is a mess. ainsley: he knew he had to address it but he waited a long time to do that. steve: how many people were still watching that's why brian almost rolled off his couch. tom homan was watching and he said this was not good. >> talk of amnesty and daca in this and healthcare he created this crisis. he knows how to stop them. he has done just the opposite. he has thrown out our border security to win the election. he sold out his country. this is by design. this is what open borders looks like. ainsley: he gave kamala harris a new job american jobs plan. not only has to deal with the border her new role. steve: two impossible jobs, big jobs. brian: every time she gets an assignment she goes to new hampshire or ohio. let's see what state she picks now and does the opposite. can i see her nodding she has
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got the job i guess someone briefed her prior. senator scott is going to be on 8:40 eastern time today. we can all appreciate if you have ever given a speech or lucky enough to have a job like this. when you have big moments different maybe something you don't do every day. a lot of the times you get nervous. sometimes you don't perform as well. look back at rebuttal speeches and see a lot of careers have tanked. the minute i saw tim scott get out there and arguably the biggest speech of his career and he seems so relaxed. and focused. and happy to be there. you could just tell a lot of people are looking at him and saying this phi is full of talent, charisma and confidence. his speech just knocked it out of the park. it was a mix of where the country was, opportunities we missed last session, they accomplished over the last four years. ainsley: his personal stories. brian: and his biography. ainsley: listen to a portion of that. >> our nation is starving for more than empty platitudes. three months. in the action of the president
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and his party are pulling us further and further apart. hear me clearly. america is not a racist country. it's backwards to fight discrimination with different types of discrimination. our best future will not come from washington schemes or socialist dreams. it will come from you, the american people. the country, where my grandfather in his 94 years, saw his family go from cotton to congress in one lifetime. so i am more than hopeful. i am confident that our finest hour has yet to come. ainsley: i have never been more prouder of our south carolina senator. all my friends down in the state i grew up in are just -- they love him in our state, lindsey graham defended him last night because the left has attacked him after that beautiful, wonderful speech, he talked about his story of his single
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mom raising him, praying him through his successes. when he was about to fail out of school. he credited her, credited his grandparents, single mom has to move in with the grandparents. he and his brother and mom had to share a bedroom. his grandfather would pretend to read the newspaper. later he learned his grandfather never knew how to read but he was trying to set a good example for tim. he went true all the different legislation he had tried to pass and democrats blocked. talked about being a christian, how that had transformed his life. he had a credit to single moms out there he said who are working their tails off, working hard, trying to make ends meet, wondering if it's worth it. you can bet it is, he says, god bless your amazing effort on the part of your children, your kids. he ended the speech crediting god, god bless america, god bless our country. it was so powerful and so uplifting. this man, i think i agree with you, brian, best speech he has ever given. i want him to run for president one day. i'm so proud of him. steve: when he was talking about
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the voting rights he cited that he said race is not a political weapon to settle every issue the way one side wants. he said when he looked at all of the spending and things like that. he said we should be expanding options and opportunity for all families not throwing money at certain issues, certain issues because democrats think they know best. ainsley: why did -- nbc news, it was vile, their attacks were vicious last night about tim scott. the things that are trending on twitter. i know we are going to dive into that later in the show. steve: shortly with joe concha. ainsley: herschel walker might run as a republican there are rumors that a lot of african-americans might run as republicans. i think that the reason he is being attacked is because he's a threat. if he weren't, they wouldn't care. brian: look at what they did with ron desantis had when he becomes a threat back down. ainsley: it will backfire. brian: if you grew up in the south and you are a senator tim scott and you know that the democratic party gave you the
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kkk and gave segregation and everything else why wouldn't you trend to be a you can prosecute. only as of late flipped the script. senator tim scott didn't change that at all. ainsley: country where my grandfather in 94 years saw his father go from cotton to congress. brian: others challenging his grandfather may have had land as if that means anything. steve: "the washington post" fact checker. today they are going to be talking about tim scott and joe biden and his big vision for america. we had heard that he was going to go bold and he did. but, there is a reason behind it because the meter is running. there is a limited opportunity time for him to get things through the congress before congress starts to think about re-election, believe it or not. they have got hurry. brian: a couple of things. i'm hardened that joe manchin said way too much spending. mark kelly we have got to secure the border democrat arizona.
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is he not going to get six more years if he is going to egg more the people of arizona who have had their state overrun by illegals and they don't seem to care. if you want to marginalize tim scott as a republican looking for his own interest, tell that to the senator from new jersey, cory booker because he says sincerely working towards police reform. tell that to others who says he is also working sincerely towards infrastructure. because he wants to do this thing called infrastructure that focuses on infrastructure, which is just under about a trillion dollars. not the 1.5 i think they are at right now. ainsley: he said republicans do support building bridges. brian: absolutely. ainsley: ports and waterways and high speed broadband and roads. democrats have this big partisan wish list and they won't even build bridges to build bridges. less than 6% going to roads and bridges in the infrastructure package. steve: if this is okayed by congress, we will be entering a stage of big government spending like we have not seen in
3:17 am
decades. so, it starts today because joe biden is flying down to atlanta to start to pitch the program. brian: right. goodbye capitalism, hello getting a big check direct deposit from the government whoever is president. ainsley: socialism. hand it over to jillian who has headlines for us. jillian: a deadly 13-hour standoff in a home in north carolina comes to an end. one deputy shot and killed. another was hurt. it started after authorities were called to do a welfare check and a gunman inside the home opened fire. officials say the suspect also killed his mother and father before reportedly killing himself in an apparent suicide. we will keep you updated on that story. another fox news alert, at least two firefighters are hurt battling an intense wildfire outside of los angeles. authorities are calling it the north fire saying it quickly spread to at least 650 acres, threatening homes in the can a
3:18 am
stake castaic and la lens i can't area. 25% containment. it is unclear how the fire started. federal agents raid rudy giuliani's home and office in new york city. computers and cell phones were reportedly seized in an investigation surrounding giuliani's ties to ukraine. giuliani denies any wrongdoing and his son andrew slammed the fbi raid as political. politicization of the justice department we have seen. if this can happen to the president's lawyer this can happen to any america. jillian: rude will speak to our own "tucker carlson tonight" at 8:00 p.m. eastern. scary moments at bush stadium in st. louis. philly star bryce hasp harper hit in the face by 97 mile-per-hour fast ball during last night's game against the cardinals. harper was taken to the hospital for a ct scan. he then posted this on
3:19 am
instagram. >> >> face is still there we are all good. cardinals pitcher cabrera apologized after the game saying the throw got away from him. it sure did. my goodness bryce harper is lucky, isn't he, that he was not more seriously hurt than that my goodness. ainsley: landed in a pocket. if it had hit him just like that, oh, gosh. glad he is okay. steve: all right, jillian, thank you for that scary video. all right be, the media wasted no time praising joe biden's joint address to congress. joe concha reacts on the overwhelming adulation coming up ♪ shining star ♪ no matter who you are ♪ shining bright to see ♪ before nexium 24hr,
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it seems joe biden was trying to reach past congress to republicans and independence in the country. >> i thought it was a remarkable speech as did he in his inaugural he talked about white supremacy being the real threat the worst terror threat to america. >> he is really trying to bring the country together. it was a make america feel good night. make america feel pride night. steve: there you go some in the mainstream media waste nothing time heaping praise on joe biden after his first address to congress for reaction, let's go fox news contributor and the hill media opinion columnist joe concha. joe, good morning to you. >> good morning, happy thursday, steve. steve: thank you very much.
3:25 am
not surprising. what was surprising was the change in tone of many of the same commentators from last year. when donald trump was done with the state of the union address, man, they hated that. but they loved joe last night. >> sure, i'm glad you played martha raddatz from will 2016 election night nearly on the verge of tears once pennsylvania was called for president trump. last night make america feel good again. i have never seen somebody feel that jubilant 2016 in my own household. i'm old enough to remember august of 2020, steve, when van jones of cnn candidly said this before joe biden's speech at the democratic national convention. quote: we were prepared for it to be a terrible speech, but as long as he didn't embarrass himself, we were going to come out here and praise it. and as sure as the sun rose in the east today, cbs, msnbc, abc all praised it and cnn and "the
3:26 am
washington post" and "new york times" juxtaposed that with senator tim scott and republican rebuttal. as sure as birds fly south for the winter tim scott chernobyl personally attacked. that happened. are we surprised by this any more. steve? steve: you set up a soundbite we have at our disposal. you are talking about the g.o.p. response. here is senator tim scott from south carolina. >> i have also experienced a different kind of intolerance. i get called uncle tom and the "n" word by progressives. by liberals. just last week a national newspaper suggested my family's poverty was actually privilege. the because a relative owned land generations before my time. believe me, i know firsthand our healing is not finished. steve: well, the national newspaper he was referring to was "the washington post" and the headline on that article
3:27 am
april 23rd was tim scott often talks about his grandfather and cotton. there is more to the tale. so, joe, what was in that particular report? >> it was a fact check on tim scott's ancestry basically saying well, his black ancestors didn't quite have it as bad as others and we will dig into this as to why. you ask this rhetorical question. would that ever have been done to a democratic black senator like a cory booker or raphael warnock? of course it wouldn't. and tim scott last night, you have got to hear this. this was nicolle wallace on msnbc who said this, quote: operation warp speed didn't do anything to get a needle in the arms. so a lot of disinformation from tim scott. wait a minute, i'm pretty sure that there were three vaccines that president biden and this administration inherited on day one going into this particular
3:28 am
four year tenure. to say something like that in fact checking tim scott, if you are nicolle wallace who apparently was a republican once by also saying this is a speech delivered from a planet where facts don't matter. that's very interesting. but, over all, you want to talk about facts, in terms of president biden, he talked about how he traveled 17,000 miles president xi. that never happened. he said the january 6th capitol riots were, quote, the worst attack on our democracy since the civil war. why don't you tell that to people who actually were around for pearl harbor or 9/11 that was 20 years ago, people lost lives in new york and washington and pennsylvania more than 3,000. you are saying that the capitol riots which were horrible on january 6th even remotely compared to those two events. come on, man, to quote joe biden. steve: indeed. you mentioned nicolle wallace. we have another montage of commentators talking about tim scott and as much as they loved joe biden, they didn't like the
3:29 am
republican response. watch this. >> the messenger was great. but the message was nonsense. [laughter] the speech delivered from a planet where facts don't matter which is where the current republican party resides. >> i'm not sure what the purpose of this was. i am shocked and a bit embarrassed for him. this was a lost opportunity. tim scott has an opportunity to make his mark on criminal justice reform and this ain't going to do it. this wasn't it. steve: that wasn't it, she says, joe. >> yeah, a lost opportunity i believe is what joy reid said the lost opportunity was the president of the united states not addressing what was -- is right now the biggest crisis that is a catastrophe at our southern border. didn't even talk about this migrant surge where we have 20,000 unaccompanied minors currently in u.s. custody. that was the missed opportunity last night, steve. steve: and it took nearly an hour before he even brought up immigration. all right, joe, thank you very much.
3:30 am
>> all right. thank you, steve. have a good one and congrats on that thing ha happened. steve: yes, indeed. my son got married last week. thank you, sir. my son grew up about 10 blocks from joe's house. meanwhile, a new bill in the state of idaho is taking on critical race theory in the classroom. should more states follow their lead? well, one of the lawmakers behind the new bill is going to join us live. and, from our friend at fox bet, you know what? why don't you download the fox bet super 6 and play for a chance to win 10,000 bucks. predict six outcomes in the fox bet super 6 quiz show. topics range from entertainment, the weather, bit coin, sports, you can actually guess and win. we had somebody who did just that it's free play. download the fox bet super 6 app. now. you could be 10,000 bucks richer this weekend. ♪ ♪
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3:35 am
speaker nancy pelosi received over a million dollars in donations from teachers unions. first three months of this year teacher union donations to democrats drastically spiked at the same time last year. unions donated money despite fighting to keep schools closed as patience push to get their kids back into classrooms. new york says so long to cuomo chips. remember them in the state repealing the governor's covid-19 restriction requiring food be purchased with any alcoholic beverage at bars and restaurants. it aimed at stopping patrons from walking around maskless. bars resorted to selling chips for a dollar to meet the mandate dubbed cuomo chips. the resolution being repealed unanimously as even democrats in new york blast it as, quote, not based on science that is a look at your headlines, ainsley, send it back to you. ainsley: thanks, jillian. senator tim scott argued the push against critical race theory in america's schools. >> a hundred years ago kids in
3:36 am
classrooms were taught the color of their skin was their most important characteristic. today kids are being taught that the color of their skin defines them again and if you look a certain way they an oppressor from colleges to corporations to our culture, people are making money and gaining power by pretending we haven't made any progress at all. ainsley: our next guest sponsored a bill in idaho handing the teaching of critical race theory in our schools. karl crabtree joins us now. good morning to you. >> well, good morning, ainsley. i'm glad to be with from you idaho. ainsley: we're glad to have you here. why did you want to sponsor this bill? why was it important to you? >> well, we are maybe a little different in idaho we don't like to be told what to think. we heard of isolated incidents of student being coerced and these were conservative students about their viewpoints. and you know, we don't like to be told, you know, how to think.
3:37 am
we want to learn how to think. we don't want to be told what to think here in idaho. it was a concern from legislators here to do something about this proactively. even though there were isolated incidents we don't want a lot of that going on in idaho. for people aren't sure what crortd is how would you define it. >> we declined to do a definition of the word. because everybody has a different view. we talked about the kinds of things we didn't want to see happening. and that's definitions of race based on color. these are not choices that we can make. we want everybody equal in idaho. we want fairness in idaho. not something more equal than others. that's an approach that most of us feel here. and i know maybe around the country. fairness is a wonderful thing. ainsley: it sailed through the senate 28-7. passed in the house 57-1. now it goes to the governor's desk. will your governor sign it? >> i believe he will.
3:38 am
you know, this idea is common sense. we're not trying to punish anyone. we think we have wonderful teachers and schools in idaho, but, this is a proactive approach. there are some concerns within legislators here in the capitol that maybe there will be some things coming from washington, d.c. that will tend to foster some divisiveness in this area and we want to protect idahoens so we can be fair and value all viewpoints in education and not suggest that some are more equal than others. ainsley: there are other states considering similar bans, arkansas, texas, oklahoma, missouri, louisiana, new hampshire, rhode island and mississippi. senator crabtree, thanks for being on with us. >> thank you so much. ainsley: you are welcome. well, we are in texas this morning as well where will cain is having breakfast with our friends. you are going to hear what they are saying president biden's address to congress and tim scott's rebuttal coming up next. ♪ that kind of music just sooths
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instead, start small. with nicorette. which can lead to something big. start stopping with nicorette >> i dom talk about crisis and opportunity. about rebuilding a nation revitalizing our democracy and winning the future for america. now, after just 100 days, i can report to the nation america is on the mo again. [applause] turning peril into possibility. crisis to opportunity, setbacks into strength. steve: well, america is on the move again president biden said as he addresses the nation in his first joint session of congress last night. so, what, you know, you have heard us talk for about 45
3:44 am
minutes about what do regular folks think? brian: oftentimes give will contain an assignment and he will call in and say i'm not going. today he said yes, i will go. i will go to texas i live there bebow's is the cafe in pilot point, texas. ainsley: she has brussel sprouts today. will: she does have brussel sprouts this. place is amazing. the memorabilia. the tribute to honestly the united states of america, everywhere you look, this place is amazing. let me introduce to you three amazing ladies right here this. is judy, joy and francis. they listened last night. we were playing judy a little sound from joe biden saying time to get america moving again. his plan for that why the way is $1.9 trillion in spending.
3:45 am
what do you think about that? >> oh, that's a lot of money. that's a lot. where is it coming from? will: you were saying these kind of problems, employment, the economy, is not just something you can throw money at. >> no, no. there is so many things that are happening, he has opened up the border and you know, that's a big problem. will: right. >> not just for us here, but for those that are coming. i mean, they are getting sick. they are getting -- there is a lot of things happening. will: as a note by the way, judy talking about the border, two of these three ladies are immigrants from canada. your message, francis, have you got to do it the right way. >> yes, yes. you definitely have to do it the right way. we went through a lot to get mere. i have been here 26 years. i love this country. i really love it it's been a fabulous country all these years. and it's really sad to see what's happened in the last 100
3:46 am
days since january. will: i like what you were telling me earlier francis, here's the problem with throwing money at a problem. a job is not just about income. >> no, it's not. people have to have a purpose. when people have a purpose, i mean, they do so much better with life in general, their mental health, their physical health, and people don't want handouts. they want to feel good about themselves. will: then there is the real world, francis, you said businesses like this. the last 100 days, the employment problem, the stimulus, the unemployment. it has a real world effect. >> the businesses are struggling because they can't find workers to open their businesses up because they are getting government money. and it's easier to sit at home than to get up and go to work. will: i keep hearing that message, phil, that message it's easier to stay home than go to work. kathy, come on here, quick, kathy, use the big camera here, kathy. >> how are you all?
3:47 am
will: this is the kathy of bebo's and kathy. i don't know if you can see that we are short-staffed, please be patient with the staff that did show up. no one wants to work anymore. they would rather draw unemployment. is that really what you think? >> that's true. that's so true. i'm so tired of all of it quit giving all this unemployment. getting unemployment and stimulus. why work? they make a lot of money. and a lot of people are on it that shouldn't be on it they come here and they apply, i say okay, you are hired, do they come? no. all they are doing is putting that on their unemployment. wake up. will: i can't tell you how many businesses i have talked to have said the exact same thing. >> it is. it's awful. will: short-staffed here all day long can't get enough people. >> i mean they are quitting just so they can get unemployment. will: that's amazing. there you have it, steve, brian, ainsley, that's the real world effect of these policies. here is the awkward conundrum.
3:48 am
the government shuts down businesses. then the government subsidizes employees to stay at home. and now joe biden's plan last night is to step in and spend $1.9 trillion to get everybody back to work again. what a riddle, what a three-step riddle for solve ago problem that you create. >> this is the real world effect right here as can you here at bebo's and kathy's at pilot point. >> want us to pay them $15 an hour. we are a small business. do you think we got thatch money? no. will: there you have it right here. brian: tipped wages. steve: her name should be before bebo's on the front door it should be kathy and bebo's. >> are we done? will: we are not done, kathy. [laughter] steve doocy is saying why is your name second your name should be first it should be kathy and bebo's. >> no. i will tell you the reason. will: here did you go, steve. >> i felt so sorry. quickly of course quickly. i felt sorry because we moved to the big building please put my name i said okay, i will.
3:49 am
ainsley: that was sweet. steve: very nice. ainsley: she is persuaded very easily. okay, i will. thank you, will. just one day after the cdc eased mask guidelines the capitol was filled with socially distant mask-wearing lawmakers who are vaccinated for president biden's address. why one doctor is saying this sends the wrong message to americans. brian: no kidding. steve: in need of a new set of wheels? mike caudal live from detroit brand new cars, vehicles hitting the market ♪ get out of my dream ♪ get into my car ♪ ♪ ng point. then break it. every emergen-c gives you a potent blend of nutrients
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3:54 am
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3:55 am
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4:00 am
why would we put our trust in him. people are making money by doubling down on the division we have worked so hard to hear. >> this is the first time the response has upstaged the president. >> go get vaccinated, america. >> telling americans to get vaccinated while our vaccinated political leaders look like a bunch of mummies. >> it sends the wrong message the vaccines are really effective. >> damning the details of the nursing home scandal shroud the cuomo administration once again. >> the "new york times" once again cuomo's aides stopped the
4:01 am
health department from plusing the real nursing home data for months. >> going futuristic to deliver cookies during the pandemic. >> yeah. that's so cool. >> we're an american band ♪ we're coming to your town. steve: it is too dark to see whether there are any drones delivering cookies live in dallas today it's going to be 6 there. it is raining. it is beautiful town. sally doocy and her new husband moved there just this week. ainsley: and i think thruive a lot, steve? >> went to college there. steve: smu, absolutely. brian: one of the fastest growing cities in the country and a state most people want to move to if they had a choice. steve: north of dallas is pilot point, texas, that's where we find will cain is he live at bebow and kathy's cafe. we met kathy and now we are meeting breakfast.
4:02 am
will: that's right, steve. look at that that is a ham and cheese are omelet there is a saying here at bebo's and kathy's. if you leave hungry it's your own fault. there is a ton of cheese in this thing. i mean, this is going to get me started this morning. i shouldn't eat on tv, somebody said are you going to do a pete hegseth and eat on tv i said sure, why not. '. ainsley: do the walk and brian will take credit. will: here is what i want all of to us take some credit for. listen to these people. this is america. we are going to talk to them throughout the morning. they listened last night and this is the effect of policies and rhetoric in real life this. is really something to listen. to say the american people on what this all means for their everyday lives. it's absolutely illuminating. brian: absolutely. by the way, we are going to be covering this. jake taff er.
4:03 am
steve: you are taunting us, will. ainsley: that's steve doocy's favorite right there. steve: america loves bacon. ainsley: what we are talking about with the walk is brian walks when he does the diners and he goes and interviews people. and so when pete did the other day brian said he is stealing my walk. so brian thinks he invented walking. brian: i did. will: brian owns the walk now, okay. all right. i'm going to walk, brian. all credit to brian, i'm walking. i stole it from brian kilmeade. look at this. brian: it's licensing fee, there you go. laugh all you want. you will owe me money. i watched and learned. ainsley: he didn't learn when he was 1, brian. he just learned today. you helped him. brian: thanks, will, you can eat now off camera. steve: looks delicious. brian: three minutes after the hour go. to gillian turner outside the white house are. gillian: good morning, guys, so reaction pouring in from
4:04 am
washington today so far the democrats are saying president biden struck a hopeful and optimistic tone that americans have been starved for during the pandemic. republicans not so much. they say that the president laid out last night sounds like a $6.1 trillion plan for cradle to grave government. take a listen. decide for yourself. on the national economy the president laserred in on green jobs, listen. >> for me, when i think climate change, i think jobs. think about it. there is simply no reason why the blades for wind turbines can't be built in pittsburgh instead of beijing. the american jobs plan is going to create millions of good paying jobs, jobs measures can raise families on. >> the centerpiece was the american families plan. that is, of course, hundred billion dollars in spending for universal pre-k for 3 and 4-year-olds, listen. >> we also need to make a once in a generation investment in our families and our children. that's why i have introduced the
4:05 am
american families plan tonight, which addresses four of the biggest challenges facing american families in america. gillian: the president had a very direct message for corporate america. >> i will not impose any tax increase on people making less than $400,000. but it's time for corporate america and the wealthiest 1% to just begin to pay their fair share. >> well, today, president biden is going to hit the trail. is he traveling to georgia in just a little bit to promote his message he says of unity and rebuilding america. brian, ainsley, steve, back to you. steve: all right, gillian, thank you so much. gillian: you bet. steve: it's called the american families plan but the "wall street journal" says it is more accurate to call this the plan to make the middle class dependent on government from cradle to grave. the government would tell you some time later after you are hooked to the state how it will force you to pay for it. ainsley: well, you know, we keep
4:06 am
hearing from the folks at the diner this morning and we have heard it all week that americans want to work. but, they are getting a lot of people are getting so much in stimulus money they are not going back to work because they make more with those checks than they do at the office. and they want to milk it for as long as they can and these checks are going to continue to be sent out at least through september, right, brian? brian: yeah, it looks like until september. technically, if you get called back to work and you don't go, you are not supposed to get employment but a lot of employers aren't calling out former workers that's not the way it's supposed to work. ainsley: i thought it was very polarizing, we will take care of you and we will pay all of your bills, you can't do it on your own. you hear it in the diner this morning saying we want to work. we want people to come back to work because we like feeling proud of ourselves. we like putting our head on our pillow at the end of the night and at the end of the day and knowing that i worked hard for that pillow, for that food that was on my table. brian: whether it's a my pillow or not. ainsley: correct.
4:07 am
which i happen to like. brian: absolutely. it seems to be on a lot. let me just say that meanwhile, let's talk about something else that the president brought up last night. the vaccines, i think they have done a good job organizing getting them out to all 50 states. you can't act like the president again is touting the fact that there was nothing in place before he got the job. three weeks prior they come with a vaccine that's ready to come to market. they're already getting a million shots in people's arms and president biden just failed as an opportunity to reach out to the previous administration even if you don't want to mention president trump's name at least say america in nine months put us on the door stop of getting past this pandemic because, again, american ingenuity that brought us there. instead he touted his success. listen. >> we're already seeing the results. [applause] after i promised we would get 100 million covid-19 vaccines shots into people's arms in 100 days, we will have provided over
4:08 am
220 million covid shots in those 100 days. steve: then he goes on to say thanks to the help of all of you trying to sound bipartisan. he also said we passed the american rescue plan, one of the most consequential rescue packages in american history and he said thanks to you. not one republican voted for that. and when you look at the prepared remarks, they weren't in there. so joe just kind of ad-libbed that at the last minute. brian: steve, don't you think it's important to bring up what tim scott would bring up later that we had five rescue pamtion prior to that and it was all bipartisan with 90 plus vote in the senate. he had an opportunity to continue on that train, instead he put together the one package that was impossible for republicans to go along with. because so little had direct response direct impact on the coronavirus. ainsley: tim scott said republicans passed five bipartisan covid packages, supported schools, hospitals, save the economy, funded operation warp speed. delivered vaccines in record
4:09 am
time all five bills got 90 votes in the senate. common sense found common ground. and yesterday,. [cough] ainsley: excuse me, yesterday talking about. steve: all choked up over this. [coughing] ainsley: don't have to wear a mask outside if you are socially distanced. that's why if you watched the speech last night. some people were tweeting about this wondering why search in a mask if they are all vaccinated and sitting six feet apart. brian: ainsley inside if you are vaccinated remember go see your grand kids thanks for that permission dr. fauci. but, if you are vaccinated inside the chamber, and you are sitting behind the 39 of the united states who is also vaccinated you should not be wearing a mask that place should have been sold out last night. everyone is vaccinated. you want to send the american people a message, send congress to their seats and send that message that reaction shot over the shoulder was an embarrassment seen around the world. it looks like america is
4:10 am
cowering. they go hey, honey, in all different languages from danish to russian i thought they had a vaccine? i thought the numbers are going down in america? what's going on there? steve: the house rules were set by the house speaker, nancy pelosi. we just saw that tweet by congresswoman nancy mace, a republican from south carolina. this is what you were alluding, to ainsley, so president biden's cdc says vaccinated people don't need to wear a mask when in the room together but here we are virtue signaling. last night right here on the channel. we had a doctor from sanford who said that what we saw with those lawmakers wearing those masks even though they have all been vaccinated not good messaging. >> we have the entire sort of folks sitting in that hall, all of them -- so many of them wearing masks even though every single one of them has been vaccinated months ago from president biden on down it really send the wrong message. the vaccines are incredibly
4:11 am
effective. they are very, very, very, very unlikely to get covid if they don't wear a mask it makes absolutely no difference for that population. i think they are just -- it's a mistake. brian: this administration is trying to keep news a sense of panic so they can keep passing these rescue packages that we can't afford. instead of trying to cheer lead our way out of this because the numbers indicate we are and get us back to work and back to school. never brings up schools. never says how bad it is that teachers are sitting out. even though they got that huge payment from these -- all these rescue packages and then you have people in mainstream media like savanna guthrie asking dr. fauci why is my 4-year-old wearing a mask in a bus if it's almost impossible for them to get it or spread it and he has no answer for that and you have people like the daily show host trevor noah saying this is getting out of hand. i think the american people have got to put party aside and understand the medical community is trying to strangle us for additional year and it's got to
4:12 am
stop. in all 50 states this is not the way to do it many walk around in a mask we get it, enough. ainsley: governor in south carolina says ridiculous. brian: enough. ainsley: kids should be wearing masks in schools he has refused to mask mandate. let's bring in governor kemp. good morning to you. >> good morning. ainsley: last night we heard tim scott talk about how it is easier to vote in georgia an new york. and pushing to pass hr 1 listen to. this if we truly want to restore the soul of america we need to protect the sacred right to vote. more people vote in the last presidential election than any time in the american history in the middle of the worst pandemic ever. that should be celebrated, instead it's being attacked. >> state of georgia passed a law that expands early voting,
4:13 am
preserves no excuse mail-in voting and despite what the president claimed, did not reduce election day hours. but the left doesn't want you to know that. they want people virtue signaling by yelling about a law they haven't even read. this misplaced outrage is supposed to justify democrats' new sweeping bill that would take over elections for all 50 states. this is not about civil rights or our racial past. it's about rigging elections in the future. steve: by the way, senator scott is going to be with us in just about 90 minutes. divonks you know, your state made it easier to vote, harder to cheat yet joe biden calls it the new jim crow law. is he coming to your state later today. is he going to have a drive-in rally at 4:45. if you were to cross trails with him, i doubt you will. but why don't you tell him about how he is depicting your state's
4:14 am
voting law. >> i would tell him he needs to look at his own state. it's much more restrictive than georgia is i think, you know, when you have the president of the united states getting four pinocchios from "the washington post." stacey abrams getting two because, device honestly they are just lying about georgia's law. senator tim scott is exactly right it makes it easy to vote and hard to cheat in georgia and that's what this bill does. unfortunately, really this far-reaching woke cancel culture movement that's out there that's driven by people like stacey abrams and even the white house, has backfired because they simply didn't read the bill. but i do think it is part of their play book, guys, to push hr 1 which is unconstitutional power grab and federalization of elections that even a lot of democrats secretaries of states don't think is a good idea and our founders certainly didn't. brian: yeah it would be a scary thing that we will have to challenge constitutionally if it does, in fact, pass.
4:15 am
governor, there was also stacey abrams who is clearly going to try to run against you again as governor. they had an editorial changed in "u.s.a. today" retroactively because she talked about the need to boycott because of this election changes in the georgia elections. and what the result was the major league baseball game left and hundreds of millions won't be going into working class hands within georgia. were you shocked by this? >> yeah. look. not just working class but a lot of minority owned businesses as well are getting hurt by this decision and that lays squarely at the feet of stacey abrams. could you imagine if a republican got to go back and change the op-ed that they had written in a story. brian: never heard of it. >> it would be a national outrage. it's just really the liberal national media covering their tracks for their darling stacey abrams and for joe biden. i mean we few people have called
4:16 am
out joe biden for this bill stacey abrams did. when she figured out this was going to hurt her politically because she was hurting hardworking georgia ans from having all-star game metro population over 50% minority, a lot of minority-owned small business people that would get hurt by this decision and moving to 90% white city in denver is ridiculous. especially when, you know, we have two more days of early voting than colorado does. and they have a voter i.d. requirement just like the state of georgia has had since 2006. i mean, all of this stuff is outrageous. but it's like someone said, when democrats have complete control in washington, d.c., you can be guaranteed that they will overreach. and that's what the president has been doing. it's what he is doing now with these additional spending packages. it's like he is governing for only blue states and has no idea what is happening in red states. you know, we have been open for a year. we have been going outside for a
4:17 am
year without masks on on our beaches and our state parks and, you know, gathering and being smart about fighting covid-19. we have been getting the vaccine out. and our economy is booming and we actually got penalized for that in the american rescue plan in states like california and new jersey and new york benefited because they have been shut down. brian: percentage of unemployed. that's how you got the money. you had less unemployed. just real quick, do you consider that a red state, georgia? it looks like it's gone purple at the least, maybe blue. >> well, the way they are going in d.c., it's going to be a red state in 2022. i'm convinced of that. i think we are going to win the senate seat back. we are going to hold the governor's office in november we had strong elections for our state legislature, so we have, you know, firm control of that. and it's really all of these policies that we have been pushing in georgia that makes us the number one state in the country for business. that has us, you know, having a balanced budget.
4:18 am
you know, joe biden wants to raise taxes, we cut taxes this year in our legislative session which just ended. ainsley: governor, thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you. ainsley: let's hand it over to jillian, she has more headlines for us. jillian: that's right. good morning. let's follow this story. a police officer is declared dead after responding to a home earlier this week. delmar police corporal keith hay cook suffered it head injuries and on life support several days. wilkerson attacked haycook and elderly couple. prosecutors say he will be charged in both attacks. federal agents raid rudy giuliani's home and office in new york city. computers and cell phones were reportedly seized in an investigation surrounding giuliani's ties to ukraine. giuliani denies any wrongdoing as his son andrew plans the fbi raid as political. >> this is disgusting. it's the continued polarization of the justice department that
4:19 am
we have seen. and it has to stop. if this can happen to the former president's lawyer, this can happen to any american. jillian: rude will speak to our very own "tucker carlson tonight" at 8:30 eastern. how about this story? an ihop hostess gets in a sticky situation with adam sandler if you will. she is going viral for this tiktok video. it shows her telling the actor it will be a 30 minute wait until he could be seated. she says sandler ended up leaving the restaurant and she didn't know it was him until it was too late. she posted the video begging the movie star to, quote: please come back. what is so great. she didn't know him. she treated him like any other person and is he like okay and he just left. kind of funny though. brian: he didn't pull the i'm adam sandler? jillian: no he didn't. brian: i'm billie madison. ainsley: do you know who i am? brian: he is shooting a movie on long island, i think, for the summer. so he is going to be popping up everywhere. if you see adam sandler, get him
4:20 am
pancakes. jillian: what if he wanted waffles. brian: that's an option if you get a table. steve: they have them all at ihop. ainsley: celebrities eat cheeseburgers, too. jillian: really. steve: real people just like us. all right, jillian, thank you very much. straight ahead, a new report now revealing just how far new york governor andrew cuomo's senior aides went to cover up the true number of nursing home deaths here in new york state. janice dean has been a crusader for the truth following the deaths of her in-laws in a new york nursing home. janice finally sees justice coming and she will be with us coming up next. brian: without a mask.
4:21 am
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4:25 am
brian: many in the media ignoring this story but we are not. damning details real estate veal how far andrew cuomo's senior aides reportedly went to conceal the number of nursing home deaths during the pandemic. the "new york times" reports that cuomo's office stopped health officials from plusing the real number of nursing home data for months. more than a year ago our very own janice dean lost both in-law's. befuddled and obviously saddened but knew we needed to get answers. after covid and went back to the nursing home once they were positive for this knowing they had other options. it was like burnishing a furnace. putting gasoline on it janice dean joins us now. janice, the "new york times" finds documents that the march directive that was reversed a couple of months later was more damaging than anyone thought. they down played the number of deaths. how significant is this allegation? >> well, you have to ask why did they down play those numbers for
4:26 am
so long? and this is extensive. extent that they went to make sure that this was not uncovered, right? and he would go on these interviews on television when they would finally ask him the question about the nursing homes, he would give false information and he knew all along he was highing. so why did he and his top aides, including melissa der rosa, go to such great lengths to make sure that no one would find out the real total of the deaths? i think it's because it's criminal and he had a book to sell, a $4 million book. brian: so, just for everyone to understand, because some other states did the same thing, marce initial directive instructing nursing homes to accept their patients back in who were positive for the virus instead of staying out of the hospital or staying out of the way or going to the ship. in may he realized that's a
4:27 am
problem, apparently, and he reversed that he said 6,000 people lost their lives. the number was 15,000. that was a democratic attorney general that found out that. we're finding out now that he knew the total all along, never answered questions at his daily press conferences, either. janice: lied, every single time. if this is not obstruction of justice, i don't know what is, brian. i feel like him, the governor, and the people around him that knew this and tried to cover it up, they need to go to jail i don't think that's ever going to happen. i do want justice to happen on behalf of the 15,000 dead family members. brian: so commissioner howard zucker i know you work for the governor but what do you stand for. he was basically told keep your mouth shut. he is the new york state health official. they said don't release this death toll and he didn't. and when he is asked about it, he skirts it.
4:28 am
here is what cuomo's attorney says, the whole brouhaha here is overblown to the point where there are cynical suggestions for the plain and simple truth that the chamber only wanted to release accurate information they believed was totally unassailable. that doesn't pass the laugh or smell test. janice: to the deaths of over 15,000 elderly is a brouhaha? that's what the lawyer has to say? i think our families deserve justice and i hope it happens soon. our lawmakers in albany need to do something. this white wash of an impeachment is ridiculous. go in there today and get it done. there are at least four investigations into this governor. how much more do you need to get him out? brian: janice, on a side note, he was asked about his accusers this week. he basically says they are venal, they are publicity hounds and they are liars. and then he said yeah, i touched some people but never
4:29 am
inappropriately. how the heck he still has a job or democrat stand for the me too movement i will never understand. i don't get it but he seems to be selling out to the left so they don't turn on him and force him out. and that's why we are all getting tax increases and everything that we are seeing right now. janice dean, thanks so much. don't give up. janice: i won't, brian. thank you. brian: you got it vice president kamala harris still hasn't visited the border but last night the president gave her a brand new assignment dash dash to help get his new jobs plan through congress. tomi lahren here to find out if she will actually take this job up and also i have some other things to tell you like this. our friends at-do this download the fox bet super 6 app. and play for a chance to win $10,000. all you need to do is predict six outcomes in the fox bet super 6 quiz show. topics range from entertainment to sports. it's free to play. download the fox bet super 6 app. right now. ♪ ♪
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thallergies don't have to beon scary.ltipro tailgate. spraying flonase daily stops your body from overreacting to allergens all season long. psst! psst! all good jillian: one person arrested after an eighth straight night of protests in north carolina over the death of andrew brown jr. it comes after a judge delayed the release of body cam video showing deputies shooting and
4:34 am
killing brown. the judge ruling that releasing the video could jeopardize the investigation. prosecutors say the footage shows brown hitting deputies with his car twice. members of brown's family have seen clip of the body cam video. they say he did not try driving away until deputies opened fire. and dramatic body cam video shows georgia officers rescuing a teen from a burning car. officers found the car engulfed in flames. the driver was able to get out, but an 18-year-old girl was unconscious in the passenger seat. officers pulled her over the front seat and out the back door. both the driver and teen are expected to be okay apollo 11 11 astronaut michael collins has died. he said he always dreamed of going to mars after his trip to the moon. >> i was always been a believer in mars. i think we ought to shoot directly for planet mars. i used to joke when i came back
4:35 am
from apollo 11 that i had been sent to the wrong planet. jillian: collins died of cancer. his family said quote he spent his final days peacefully with family by his side. he was 90 years old. and now to this story. a psa about how to drive in a round about goes viral for all the wrong reasons. walker construction in kentucky posting this video online as an example of how not to drive through a new round about but people thought it was actual drivers who didn't understand how-00 the company tried to clarify the company took off making fun of kentucky drivers in the process that is a look at your headlines. >> all right. thank you so much. jillian. vice president harris still has not visited the border since being tabled to handled the surgeon more than a month ago. but that didn't stop president biden from giving hear new role as he pushes his $6 trillion spending spree. >> i propose the american jobs plan a once in a generation
4:36 am
investment in america itself. >> this is the largest jobs plan since world war ii. and i'm asking the vice president to lead this effort if she would. >> yes, sir. >> because i know it will get done. tomi lahren is here to react to that good morning, tomi. >> good morning, yeah. they are very confident she is going to get something done. still hasn't been to the border but now she is in charge of american jobs, oh, boy, i hope everyone feels reassured with that promise. ainsley: failing on the border. hasn't even visited. this jobs plan is $2.3 trillion. will she be able to push it through congress? >> well, i would hope that she wouldn't be able to push it through congress. i also want to talk about her being tasked with it not only has she not been to the border i have been to the border. she hasn't been to placed like sewed where i'm from and also recently traveled back to wondering where green new jobs are. this is a part of the american jobs plan that joe biden talked about last night. these climate change jobs.
4:37 am
these green new jobs. i'm wonder if kamala is going to travel to the areas where that pipeline was supposed to to be constructed and people waiting for their jobs. they are still wondering when those are going to come to them. i'm not confident that joe biden is going to be able to give them those jobs. i'm certainly not confident that kamala harris is going to give them those jobs or give them an idea when they might get those jobs. a failure all around this. is a big spending plan. i'm not confident in joe biden. i'm not confident in democrats and i'm certainly not confident in kamala harris who seems far more concerned with her v.p. mansion renovations than anything that has to do with our border crisis, our jobs, or anything related to her actual job and duty as vice president. ainsley: i know you are a big supporter of our men and women in whether you and turns point u.s.a. asked you to come and speak at clemson university for black the blue event in littlejohn coliseum. you spoke there and there were protesters outside. it's part of your no interruption, back the blue segment on fox nation. we have a clip of that watch this. >> we are here today to protest
4:38 am
racism and to protest that didn't even make a statement about this. their silence is supporting the racist tomi lahren and goes against the values of the diverse student population here. the whole back the blue is to be against the black lives matter movement. in itself is racist because the black lives matter movement is not anti-police. so the fact that she has created a movement to create some type of story that the cops are hated against and they are victims is racist. ainsley: tomi, they are calling you racist. what's your response. >> i'm used to people falsely calling me a racist. if you would listen to that clip and i hope people will when you watch the episode on fox nation. you will see protesters out there which about 200 to 300, they had really no idea that they were out there other than they didn't want me on the campus and supporting law enforcement. they say that blm is not anti-police they were shouting that blue lice don't exist. i hope people will check out this the episode messaging from
4:39 am
these students makes absolutely no sense. goes to the core of the issue here they just don't want people on that campus and ideas on that campus that they don't like. they talk about diversity. i'm wondering when diversity of opinions and ideas is going to be welcomed on college campuses. luckily we sold it out capacity 1200 and plan on doing it again. we will never be silenced and we will never stop. ainsley: to defend clemson they didn't sponsor the event they didn't take as to. you heard that one protester upset with the school. >> clemson was pressured to cancel the event. i'm very proud of clemson university because they did not cave or back down. they ended up moving to us bakinger venue and the show went on. i have to give them a lot of credit. a lot of universities would have went out. the university held strong and that's what other universities around this country need to do because we need to have speakers representing all ideas, welcome on college campuses. that should be the place where free speech is most welcome.
4:40 am
ainsley: i'm from south carolina i can tell you there are a lot of people there that do support law enforcement and are thanking thankingclemson for canceling tt event. watch no interruption with tomi lahren back the blue available now on fox nation. sign up for fox nation now to see this plus get exclusive access to other original content, event and your favorite personalities on any device. it is 40 minutes after the top of the hour. and still ahead senator tim scott from the great state of south carolina is going to bring us live after delivering a powerful republican response to the president's address last night. ♪ ain't no stopping us now ♪ we're on the move ♪ ♪ ain't no stopping us now ♪ we've got the groove ♪ is. but preparation h soothing relief is the 21st century way to do all three. everyday. preparation h. get comfortable with it. (burke) phone it in to 1-800-farmers to get policy perks,
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4:45 am
to join the overall majority of democrat colleagues and close the loopholes required in background check purchase press of guns. we need ban on assault weapons and high capacity magazines. talk to responsible gun owners and hunters there is no justification for having a 100 flowndz a weapon. do you think deer are wearing kevlar vests? brian: that probably wasn't in the prompter that last line. push gun control first address to congress. what do americans think? steve: will cain is talking to him now breakfast at friends bebo's and kathy's cafe in pilot point down in texas. hey, will. will: there you go, pilot point. hey, steve, let's find out what texans, americans think about that particular line in the speech last night. let me introduce you to freddy he owns a large equipment repair business in the area. we heard from joe biden last night say we need to limit high capacity mass zones, assault weapons, background checks and responsible gun owners i'm sure
4:46 am
like yourself are in support of these things what do you think about that. >> bad guys are going to have the guns regardless. you don't have to have a background check for them. so. will: yeah, one thick about law-abiding citizen they don't obeythe law and bad guys do not. can't get help. >> can't find anybody that wants a job. had one guy quit. he was drawing $1,100 a week. so he doesn't have to have it between stimulus money and unemployment he doesn't have to work. will: on his feet so so long he is having people who did work for him quit so they could make more. they are telling them they could make more sitting at home. we were talking about joe biden and talking about guns last night, kyle. i know you are responsible gun owner and. >> absolutely. >> we are granted that right by the constitution. they need to leave our second amendment alone if we don't have the second amendment who is going to protect us when this
4:47 am
country goes socialism? will: exile illustrating responsible gun ownership as we speak. he has perfectly legal firearm is he carrying with him this morning? >> you guys what are you most worried about what you heard from joe biden last night? what are you most worried about for the country. >> i'm worried about us going to full blown socialism. i think we are headed that direction unless we stand up and fight back. they are taking all of our rights away from us. >> socialism and safety. i don't feel like our country is very safe right now. i feel like we have weak leadership. just not strong. will: there you have it there are some of the biggest concerns here at bebo's and kathy's at pilot point, texas. where can you see right away right not just talked about theory rised but understood. steve: we just saw it. thank you very much. brian: we will talk modify about that with jon taffer. he said hope wanted signs everywhere. ainsley: brian is going to interview him coming up.
4:48 am
let's hand it over to adam klotz, he has your forecast. hey, adam. adam: good morning, guys. we are tracking severe weather that's been sweeping across portions of the southern stretches of the country here early this morning from late last night and this is going to linger into this afternoon before it's all said and con. these are our storm reports over the last 24 hours, this is that big line of storms we have been tracking. everything you are looking at there is a storm report. so those green ones are hail. the blue are wind. and a couple of tornadoes have been reported. those are those red triangles. otherwise you are looking at red box. and this is a tornado watch that is still in place. the ingredients are still there to see tornadoes on and off today. this whole system shifts to the east a little bit later today. we are going to be tracking the southeast and potential for severe weather before the day is over. back out to you guys. brian: all right. thanks so much, adam. appreciate it meanwhile, still ahead on this show, you've seen him help struggling businesses host of bar rescue. now jon taffer helps bars and
4:49 am
restaurants in las vegas to. his push to get government out of the way and reach the light at the end of the tunnel very important season of bar rescue coming your way. first, where's hunter? he is going to college to speak to students about fake news. i don't know if is he going to have a powerpoint on his atlanta or if that will even come up. he is going to tulane university. we will talk to one student to goes there ♪ ♪ nicorette knows, quitting smoking is freaking hard. you get advice like: try hypnosis... or... quit cold turkey. kidding me?! instead, start small. with nicorette. which can lead to something big. start stopping with nicorette not everybody wants the same thing. that's why i go with liberty mutual — they customize my car insurance so i only pay for what i need. 'cause i do things a little differently. hey, i'll take one, please!
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so you can emerge your best with emergen-c.
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4:53 am
' ♪ steve the president's son, hunter biden, has landed a speaking gig to talk about fake news. the president's son will speak to undergrads at tulane university in new orleans this fall as part of a course on media polarization and public policy impact. joining us right now tulane student and campus reform correspondent rachel altman. rachel, good morning to you. >> thank you for having me. good morning. steve: okay. so who invited hunter biden to be a speaker in this? >> you know what? i think campus reform is still looking into that is he going to be speaking like you said at a class at tulane university on media polarization and public
4:54 am
policy. steve: right. in fact, they describe the course this way. explore the current state of the media landscape in the united states and how media polarization, fake news and the economics of the news business impact public policy making in washington, d.c. you think it's crazy that they would invite him to complain about fake news because he, in your words, is the bebb fiduciary of one of the biggest fake news stories in the last year. >> exactly. yeah. so when i read this email to be honest, i laughed out loud. because i thought it was so funny that tulane would think hunter biden of all people would have any credibility as an expert on fake news when he is such a big beneficiary of it. i mean, touring the time that he up to the 2020 election, hunter biden, his scandals were often ignored and valid concerns about his business interests were ignored and constantly dismissed bay left leaning media sources. i highly doubt hunter will
4:55 am
mention any of that in his talk but tulane is still giving him this platform to essentially pretend that he is a victim of conservative media coverage when, in fact, he brought these scandals on himself. steve: right. i'm looking at the list of speakers, they all seem to be big professionals in the business and then there is hunter biden. what sort of reaction have you heard or outrage about his visit to tulane. >> you know what? i haven't heard outrage so much as laughter. people don't seem to think that he is somebody to take seriously. across the board people just seem to find it funny. but it seems to be just to be another example of the liberal hypocrisy at campuses like tulane. in the leadership campus tulane having to cancel an anti racism event because students believe the speaker being white is disqualifying and inappropriate. at this time in the future
4:56 am
hunter biden somebody perfectly it speak on media bias expert. steve: are you going to go as a journalist? you could ask him some questions? >> gosh, i wish i could go. i am graduating so unfortunately i won't be allowed. for students who are going i would ask some questions. steve: good luck to you after graduation, rachel. >> thank you so much. thank you for having me. steve: rachel altman for campus reform. she is a correspondent. one more hour to go. look at the lineup. tim scott, steven miller and jon taffer. don't go anywhere. you are watching "fox & friends." ♪ ♪ ..
4:57 am
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5:00 am
two weeks of paid leave, investments in free community college. >> a speech sound birx-year-old if you gave him a credit card with no credit limit. >> our nation is starving for more empty platitudes. >> feel great about being a republican and hopeful about my country. >> disgraced governor andrew cuomo's senior a concealed the number of nursing home deaths. >> how much do you need to get him out?
5:01 am
>> federal investigators of executed a search warrant at rudy giuliani's apartment. >> continued polarization of the justice department. jillian: will cain is having breakfast with friends. >> given all this unemployment, getting stimulus. ainsley: how do you like this administration, you heard the speech last night and tim scott with a rebuttal -- >> you got to feel high-5 like that.
5:02 am
and free health care, that is what america needs a check for. >> the $6 trillion man. and another four and when you look at the spending spree, the proposal is $6 trillion and suggesting $1.2 trillion for the american families plan which he unveiled at the crossroads yesterday, $2.3 trillion for the american jobs plan and one.9 for the american rescue plan was passed with no republican support. the popular ideas of child care and education. the wall street journal, one question is haven't we tried this before? what is head start if not government preschool education and child care, women, infants and children prevent child hunger, food stamps, welfare
5:03 am
checks, childcare subsidies, public housing, these programs and more supposed to end poverty. why is the trillion dollars fail and if they didn't work why do we need more? >> 1 trillion here, 1 trillion there, tax tax tax so washington can spend spend spend and big government we trust. >> joe biden says universal preschool, hundred $9 billion for free college, $205 billion for paid leave, $225 billion for child care assistance. >> the american families plan guarantees four additional years of public education starting as early as we can. how do we pay for my jobs and family plan? i will not oppose any tax
5:04 am
increase on people making less than 400,$000 but it is time for corporate america, the wealthiest one% to pay their fair share. pay your fair share, get rid of the loopholes, $1 million a year and pay lower tax rate on their capital gains. >> if you become a millionaire or billionaire you pay the government more than you bring in your bank account. steve: what is the number? pay your fair share, people totaling up taxes, 60%. is that fair. where does it stop? brian: 49% pay no income tax in the top 10% pay the bulk of it already you want them to pay
5:05 am
more than the bulk. you want additional revenue you look at the big picture. could there be other cuts in spending? we are increasing spending, chris christie wade in last night and it reminds me of something. >> a fashion of conservatism lifted the biden jobs plan creating no new net jobs and cause lower gp pay but my overarching thought is the words of this speech sounded like what you would hear from the 15-year-old if you name a credit card with no credit limit on it, it came from an adult who should know better. >> let's bring in stephen miller.
5:06 am
good morning to you. >> definitely the oldest person i have ever seen give a speech that showed no understanding of how money works. you can't spend $6 trillion and expected not to erode the value of the us dollar. what will it mean? people on fixed incomes, people with retirement accounts, people, small amount of savings, will see the value of those dollars diminished that they worked for their entire lives. ainsley: what were your big take aways? >> my biggest take away is how thoroughly unremarkable a speech was in its actual delivery and the way the speech was written, no memorable lies, no memorable moment, the water cooler talk that whatever emanate from that speech. compare that with donald trump's state of the unions and some of the big moments whether it was big lines like america
5:07 am
will never be a socialist country or whether it was hard pounding moments with the guests he had in the gallery like the soldier and his family, nothing in the speech to uplift or inspire or bring people together. it was just droll, an hour of very droll language but the policies underneath that droll language were breathtaking. brian: when he product the 2017 tax cut, did not pay for itself and it was only for the rich and never came back, what do you think of that? >> the goal of the 2017 tax cuts was to restore jobs in the usa. if you remember before donald trump took office there was talk about something called corporate inversions. basically change their headquarters to another country to get lower taxes and what we
5:08 am
did with the 2017 tax bill was to say if you go overseas you are no longer going to get any benefits. if you come to the united states and bring your factories and jobs to the united states then you're going to get benefits. it was a made in the usa plan, joe biden's tax plan is a big advertisement to move your factory to china. we live in a world in which any company can move anywhere just like a company can leave new york and go to florida, california to texas, joe biden's tax plan will send jobs to foreign countries. steve: he did talk a lot about china. he did not talk much about immigration. the speech was an hour long and it was almost an hour mark in when he did talk about immigration but he didn't talk about security at the southern border. listen to this. >> for more than 30 years
5:09 am
politicians talked about immigration reform and we have done nothing about it. time to fix it. on day one of my presidency i kept my commitments on comprehensive immigration bill to the united states congress. if you need secure passage because it has money for high-tech border security, if you believe in a pathway to citizenship, or 11 million undocumented folks the vast majority are here overstaying visas, pass it. if you want to solve a problem i sent a bill to take a close look at it. brian: the president of the united states, kamala harris looking at the root causes of the migration crisis at the southern border but didn't really going to that, more about citizenship than the disaster down south. >> other than finishing off the pandemic the border crisis is the single biggest issue in the
5:10 am
country today. we had another month according to the washington post of record-breaking illegal crossings and found there is more getting in completely undetected. if you listen to those remarks what really strikes me is the sheer recklessness of saying in the middle of the border crisis that his top priority is legalizing people who came here illegally and also which i thought was really strange giving citizenship to people for overstaying their visas. imagine a message that tends to everyone trying to get a visa for 3 months or 6 months or 9 months, if it expires, stay here to become a us citizen. i can't imagine a commander-in-chief responsible for our laws and administering our borders, not to reach across the aisle, let's secure the border but give citizenship to lawbreakers. it was a weak moment --
5:11 am
brian: if you want border security, pass it. they have to be honored, the wall fencing that is not set up would pay to destroy or store, if you want to do something, to finish the 450 miles if you put $1.5 billion into the next budget, 650 out of it. that puts pressure on republicans to do something. >> it is no border security, there's anti-ice provisions. he missed a huge opportunity to reach across the aisle, donald trump'ses on criminal justice reform and paid family leave. the moment to reach across the aisle, let's fund the border wall. a huge missed opportunity, and having been behind the scenes i can promise you in the biden
5:12 am
white house they made a tactical decision to bury immigration at the end, they don't want people talking about it, for republicans to do the opposite and keep talking about it. ainsley: you would find fascinating stories and catchy lines, you did hear that in the rebuttal from senator tim scott. he was impressive, the only black republican senator. everyone in south carolina is proud of him and supports him. he is elevating himself, the best speech he has ever given. his catchy lines were he said we got to live in the greatest country on earth, where my grandfather in his 94 years saw his family go from cotton to congress in one lifetime. the best future won't come from washington schemes or socialist
5:13 am
dreams. also talking about the bipartisan covid packages and the line common sense found common ground, told stories about growing up and sharing a bedroom with his mom and brother and had to move into their grandparents house when his mom got divorced. talk about how she prayed for him and so grateful for his relationship with christ and it was so uplifting. he said president biden promised us unity. listen to this. >> president biden promised you a specific kind of leadership. he promised to unite a nation to lower the temperature to govern for all americans no matter how we voted. this was the pitch. you just heard it again but our nation is starving for more than empty platitudes. we need policies and progress that brings us closer together, 3 months in the actions of the president and his party are pulling us further and further apart. ainsley: we are completely
5:14 am
divided country. either you love to the president's are you completely disagree with him. >> i will say this. senator tim scott's speech, you have what a speech is supposed to be. it has narrative flow, structure, lyricism to it. leaves you thinking the next day. i don't understand how joe biden with a huge team of speechwriters could give over an hour speech that had nothing that stays with you in the whole entire speech, and extra months to work on it. they delayed this, the latest it has been in modern history and didn't come up with anything and i will tell you what that does, the agenda doesn't have anything to propel it forward. it will hurt biden's ability to get these bills passed when you can't wrap it in language or stories that will inspire and uplift people. on this most important point,
5:15 am
joe biden campaigned as a moderate. the media totally falsely portrayed him as a centrist. joe biden's speech could have been written by alexandria ocasio cortez. he didn't have anything in it to appeal to middle-of-the-road voters. the pure matter of political strategy. >> tim scott coming up with us live at 8:40 and his speech was well constructed, well delivered. >> >> jillian has more. >> a standoff at a north carolina home, and the canine deputy was hurt. and the gunmen inside the home,
5:16 am
and before reportedly killing himself. and and in new york city, investigation in ukraine, and the rate is called political. >> in the polarization of the justice department. this can happen to any american. >> at 8:00 pm eastern. a possible side effect from the covid vaccine could mean you already had the virus. a new study says some recipients may experience swollen lymph nodes after receiving. at which researchers say is a common side effect among those
5:17 am
who already had the virus. the study has not been peer-reviewed but 4% of those who battled the infection reported swollen lymph nodes after vaccination. this just in. new york city could see a full reopening on july 1st which mayor bill deblasio announcing minutes ago restaurants, stores, offices, theaters and sports stadiums can open at 100% capacity. they can return to classrooms in september. that is your headline. i am sure -- >> don't know what it means that new york opened up. and they told the cops? they have been defunded and the wild west on the streets. if you are coming back to new york were thinking about coming here. deblasio does nothing to fix it. >> they were not at 100%. >> it is a big break.
5:18 am
>> one thing bill deblasio did say is governor cuomo should resign. everything that has happened thus far. brian: he should have resigned months ago which he is great at. coming up straight ahead thousands of businesses nationwide but john tapper wants to rescue bars in las vegas which he will join us with his advice to owners working to come back from the pandemic. before discovering nexium 24hr to treat her frequent heartburn, marie could only imagine enjoying freshly squeezed orange juice. now no fruit is forbidden. nexium 24hr stops acid before it starts for all-day, all-night protection.
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be change our future will not come from washington themed socialist dreams which will come from you, the american people where, size family from cotton to congress in one lifetime. i am more than hopeful but confident, the finest hour. ainsley: to senator tim scott outlining his hopes for america's future in his rebuttal following president biden's first address to congress. what do americans watch battisti last night think? will cain is talking to customers at pilot point, texas. >> i love what tim scott said, a beautiful american story but refusing to bend to the will of the washington post, quote,
5:24 am
fact check that his life story wasn't real, good for him not running away from the mom or aggressive tactics of the, quote, fact checkers. what do you think of the speech last night? let's ask them. joe biden talks about unity last night. that is one of the problems of the campaign, do you see are we moving towards unity? >> i don't think so. it is one thing to say it but another one to do it and so far in my opinion, everything for democrats have wanted that is what he has done, whether or not republicans have been on board with it or not angie in order to be unified you've got to work together and in order to work together the hatred has to go away. ashley: risen from wisconsin for 40 years.
5:25 am
if looking for unity, why do you need executive orders? >> i don't understand in the hundred days he signed over 80 executive orders that is a sign of let's get together and work it out. it is the wrong message. i feel sad our country is going the direction that it is and it shouldn't be this way. ashley: a lifelong development, technically in pilot point but this is aubrey, texas. you've been in business for a long time, that is the cost. >> someone has got to pay for it. you can't turn on the printing press and everything is wonderful, there comes a payday sometimes.
5:26 am
ashley: in the 80s interest rates were one%. where will this money go? pilot point and aubrey, texas. >> someone has got to pay for it. thanks so much. we will talk to john tapper as he works to rescue bars in las vegas and download the fox bit super 6 apps and play for a chance to win 10,$000, predict 6 outcomes topics range from entertainment are free to play so download the super 6 apps now. an made of doing what's right, not what's easy. so when a hailstorm hit, usaa reached out before he could even inspect the damage. that's how you do it right. usaa insurance is made just the way martin's family needs it with hassle-free claims, he got paid before his neighbor even got started.
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or if you plan to or recently received a vaccine. ♪ nothing is everything ♪ now is the time to ask your dermatologist about skyrizi. jillian: back with headlines, people by the brooklyn center police department fear returning home following the protest over daunte wright's death. they say their children are traumatized by clashes between police and protesters and their families no longer feel safe. many are calling for the city to put more protections in place. west virginia becomes the latest state to ban transgender athletes from competing in
5:31 am
female sports and it applies to middle and high school as well as colleges. governor jim justice putting pen to paper despite warnings from some lawmakers that the ncaa could retaliate by not holding college tournaments. in florida a similar transgender bill is heading to governor rhonda santos's desk. this is not a videogame. what you are watching is video of the u.s. army's enhanced night vision goggles, the second infantry division showing off the new tech in a live fire exercise, they get rid of the green glow and also come with augmented reality capabilities that allow troops to see through the sites of their weapons without putting their i up to it. brian: president biden touting reopening progress in a joint address to congress. >> after 100 days of rescue and renewal america is ready for
5:32 am
takeoff in my view. you are working again, dreaming again. there is no quit in america. none. brian: what about staying home because you are paying me so much but the work to recover is personal. and in-laws vegas, the latest season on bar rescue. >> you guys are thinking things are great because you leave with money in your pocket like your actions behind the bar causing his failures. this pandemic you have busted your ass. sometimes as an owner you treat them like family but they are not. brian: john half her joins us to talk about it. bar rescue, perfect time to join us, your 8 season but this is different because we are coming out of the pandemic and you watch las vegas close, many thought perhaps for good
5:33 am
because of what was happening. what did you find for this new season? >> >> this season of bar rescue to be revealed the family devastation, individual devastation. there is one episode we show up and 3 days earlier the family lost their house. they had nothing, four young children sleeping in a wouldn't borrow above the restaurant. those are the kinds of failure and disaster we are dealing with this season. las vegas had the highest unemployment rate, 35%, the city was boarded up, hospitality based. this season is very personal to me getting the city going again and we didn't rescue the billion-dollar bars and casinos. these are local operations survey employees so it was an important season.
5:34 am
brian: one of the themes was now we are open we can't get employees. why was that? why are restaurant owners having so much trouble getting employees? >> the unemployment benefits are causing people to stay home rather than come back to work not only on bar rescue but companies across the country are struggling with this. the dilemma i think about is the government has said that july 4th we will be back in business again but they extended these benefits to september and i don't want to stop anyone from getting benefits they need but it is time to get back to work and to think we are opening the economy again but not bringing employees back to drive the opening of that economy. brian: you are trying to settle people down and save them and show compassion. i want to bring in two soundbites from two business owners who were on with us and tell us if you can really to this.
5:35 am
they are talking about trying to get on their feet again but can't get people. >> i am closing one location two days a week, the other location one day weekend to give them time off. >> pretty much saying at a job like that they are hired to start today and get to point we are getting flooded but we want to give them the surge they expect when they walk in the door. brian: all people with bars big and small, does that sound familiar? >> it is what everybody is saying. 14 months work close, finally you get a chance to open again, you buy the food, beverages, clean the place up and invest marketing dollars and can't get the employees back to serve your guests. it is a serious problem and we have to look at rectification of it quickly.
5:36 am
brian: it is one of the few shows you can watch with the whole family but this season is much as we want people to watch it is important for people to understand season 8 of bar rescue matters to america. stay in vegas, tried to revive vegas the only way you can, by helping out your expertise, starts at 10:00 eastern, would you see bar rescue nonstop on the paramount network, thanks, so glad you did this season. >> good to see you. brian: we've got to get back to work. we looked at the 2021 nfl draft tonight. we will tackle with players you should watch for but first senator tim scott will join us after his rebuttal to president biden's first address to congress.
5:37 am
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5:41 am
danger after just 100 days i can report to the nation america is on the move again. crisis to opportunity, setbacks into strength. >> thanks to operation warp speed at the trump administration our family has safe and effective vaccines. job openings are rebounding. why we feel so divided? anxious? >> this will be the first time the response has upstaged the president? tim scott should be running for president. ainsley: let's bring in tim scott, good morning, senator. >> how are you? ainsley: so proud of you, so
5:42 am
many in south carolina just adore you and love your passion for this country, it was so uplifting, so compassionate and many people are talking now. do you think you will ever run for president? >> i have said it often. i'm not ready for the presidency of my homeowners association, thinking about the highest office in the land, i want to be reelected as south carolina's junior senator. a blessing to live in a state where the possibility of redemption is real and my life, story of getting it wrong and getting it right, so many american kids need to understand that this is the place and you may be the person that can do the greatest things you ever imagined. brian: i had an explanation where you came from, where you are and where you want the country to go. that's very different than what we are hearing from the white house. here is kamala harris, the vice
5:43 am
president. >> senator sims concert last night that america is not a racist country. do you agree with that and what do you make of his warning against fighting dissemination with more discrimination? >> i don't think america is a racist country but we have to speak truth about the history of racism in our country and its existence today and the greatest threat to our national security is the mystic terrorism manifested by white supremacists. these are issues we must confront and it does not help to heal our country to unify us as a people to ignore the reality of that and we have so much more in common than what separates us and to unify the country but not without speaking truth. brian: are you not speaking truth? >> the response to my speech on the left was for me to mention the intolerance so often comes from the left with words like
5:44 am
uncle tom and the n-word being used against me by the left and last night what was trending on social media was uncle tim and they doubled down on this concept of liberal oppression. it is starting in 2021 those who speak about ending discrimination want to end it by more discrimination. look at covid tactics, the covid package itself discriminated against white farmers. why we had the pickford settlements in the early 90s a black farmers would be treated fairly by the federal government, now we are going to reverse that and discriminate against white farmers. did we not learn the lesson the first time around? it has been an amazing morning with so many good people calling, they have doubled down they are not going to attack my policies the literally attacking the color of my skin. you cannot step out of your
5:45 am
lane according to the liberal elite left, one of the reasons you can help us by going to, i'm voting for lindsey graham without question. we are in for the fight of our nation. steve: what lane are you talking about and how did it make you feel when you saw that topic trending on twitter? >> upsetting certainly but so disappointing those people who want to be respected and given the opportunity to live their lives anyway they want to don't want the same thing for you and me. what they want for us is to stay in a little small corner and not go against the tide they think is america. there america and my america aren't the same america if they think discriminating is the fastest way to end discrimination. we learned lessons from our past and we should. racism and discrimination are still real but it is being pushed further and further into a smaller corner in our nation.
5:46 am
that is great news we should celebrate progress being made by black folks and white folks working together, hispanics and asians coming together. if you want to be any american the doors wide open, to add value to who we are, to not be part of destructive conversations that the little individuals. i agree with the vice president on one thing. the internal struggle we see in our nation oftentimes led by the left is a problem, a problem we can solve together. the american family is bigger than that, we should act like it. brian: is black lives matter helping or hurting the coming together of the country? >> the foundation of black lives matter, the communist paradigm is problematic, no doubt a lot matters, in law enforcement conversation
5:47 am
focusing on black lives versus what you experienced, that is a healthy dbase but what is not healthy, it is not healthy for us to assume every white officer is looking for every black person to violate civil rights or to engage in conversation where reality is thrown out the window, the we've not made progress. all you have to do is look at the statistics from 2000, 2010, 2020, you see a trend in the right direction but actually, you're getting healthy and better as relates to these confrontations. pushing body cameras, more information to look at and it is stunning sometimes but the truth is we have fewer incidents than 10 or 20 years ago so we're moving in the right direction. should we move faster? of course we should. are we moving quickly in the right direction? i think so. ainsley: you wrote that bill to fund body cameras, in the shooting we are able to see the transparency from these police
5:48 am
departments and democrats blocked the bill for police reform after breonna taylor, george floyd, meeting with george floyd's family, i'm sure they will appreciate that. what will you talk to them about? >> i had the good fortune to meet with 20 family members to discuss the tension in relationship between law enforcement and communities of color. in a remarkable meeting i wish we had cameras, i wish we have seen the empathy from donald trump towards the family of the response and respect from the family but what i hope to accomplish today is the same thing i accomplished after the walter scott shooting, to sit down and listen, listen to what the family wants to talk about, listen to the proposals, suggestions that reinforce
5:49 am
common sense and finally go back to the drawing board taking all that information to hard. our most vulnerable communities to have character driven officers we can demonize law enforcement looking for gold, looking for a solution. it is a line that is bad for the community, bad for officers. we can find common ground on other parts of the legislation. brian: the washington post had this headline, tim scott often talks about his grandfather and cotton. there's more to that tail. what exactly was the fact checker trying to check regarding your personal history? >> an african-american man born in 1921 would never have picked cotton. his grandfather owned land
5:50 am
meant we were privileged, why my mother grew up on the project in public housing, i have no idea. here's what he was trying to do, trying to discredit my story, trying to discredit my grandfather and my mother and myself for one reason because it doesn't fit the narrative that in america, possible for people who look like me to rise to this position. the truth is we have so many hundreds of thousands of examples of people, and african-americans, by education, education and strong work ethic. it is true today is why i am sitting here. god has blessed to deliver america and a strong mother and opportunities that oftentimes came from people who didn't look like me. that makes america the most remarkable country in the world. we go from the inside out, not by outside in. brian: great job last night.
5:51 am
jillian: number one draft pick, tonight the draft, trevor lawrence from the great state of south carolina. thanks for being on the show. >> so many did that. brian: they are married to him forever. thanks. stepping aside, a preview of the nfl draft coming up. but first let's check in with bill hammer. >> reporter: good morning, great lineup coming up. the future was revealed, karl rove, mike pompeo, general david petraeus on the future for afghanistan, all that in 9 minutes. we will see you.
5:52 am
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is back with quick headlines, space x want to 60 or starling satellite into orbit. >> 3, 2, one, 0, ignition, left off. god save the michael collins. >> it sent several satellite into place to provide high-speed internet access to
5:56 am
people around the world. they partnered with google, it will boost sales during the pandemic. brian: thank you very much. steve: a big day for football as the 2021 nfl draft kicks off in cleveland. what possible moves can we expect? college football analyst in cleveland. it has been an irregular kind of year and a different nfl draft. >> most of us are excited because it is a return to normalcy, may be not 100% but
5:57 am
somewhat and it was completely virtual and being in cleveland they expect thousands of fans to be live at the event. people will be pleasantly survived with the energy and fan support in cleveland. steve: the number one quarterback has a lot of interest. >> trevor lawrence from clemson, wire to wire but two years ago when he first call came to clemson sporting a national championship as a freshman people knew he would be the number one pick and he will be the number one pick tonight. as many of us would say he is a generational talent as far back as we've seen, peyton manning, john elway and that type of rarefied air. he will go to jacksonville with urban wire and was with us on fox and that is when the in
5:58 am
tree, to the jets, at number 3, a large choice, the small college quarterback, number 3. steve: let's talk about your defense give players. >> michael parsons, a phenomenal player, the dallas cowboys, the first that have a large defensive need, the tenth pick in the draft. we may go that long until we see a defensive player like the parsons might be that guy and watch out for cornerback from alabama, a guy who is a surefire all-pro type of guy. steve: let's talk about your safest pick. you tip your hand on the number one safest pick. >> trevor lawrence is the number one safest pick but a tight end from florida is a bit of a tight end, maybe ever. i know that is some hyperbole
5:59 am
but kyle pitts is his name, a phenomenal player that could be impactful for any organization. atlanta at number 4 may select kyle pitt in that offense. looks like one of the best in the national football league. >> any idea? >> the larger more in the first round, but a lot of people in nfl circles, rising up, so much for a larger more, sleeper in this. steve: you got up early to give us the preview, thank you very much. we will have a good day because your radio show is coming up 6 minutes from now. brian: that will be a stunning move by san francisco. over the next 3 hours, the democratic perspective about
6:00 am
how last night went, senator lindsey graham on how he felt tim scott did and what they are looking for in rudy giuliani's apartment at 6 in the morning yesterday for 2 hours. that is coming up. hopefully you are up. .


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