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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  April 29, 2021 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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the nation america is on the move again. when i think climate change i think jobs. jobs. jobs. it is time for corporate america, the wealthiest one% of americans to begin to pay their fair share. no one nation can deal with all the crises of our time. >> there is no wall high enough to keep the virus out. we have to come together to rebuild trust between law enforcement and the people they serve. it is never ever a good bet to bet against america and it still isn't. >> president biden laying out
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his big government agenda in his first joint address to congress. you are watching "fox and friends first" on thursday morning. todd: in just one hour he talks about his $1.2 trillion progressive plan, gun control, police reform and a lot more. >> as he double down on his message of unity republican senator tim scott said the administration is pushing the nation farther apart. . to wrap up a big night is richardson live from washington. >> it was a unifying message of resilience, resolve and hope for a presentation of radical tax and spend agenda that crushes economic opportunity. is typical around here democrats and republicans have two different views of president biden's address to a joint session of congress where he also touted his administration's work in addressing covid 19 and efforts to vaccinate millions of americans. >> we are marshaling every federal resource, we've gotten
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vaccines to 40,000 pharmacies, 700 community health centers, we are setting up community vaccination sites developing mobile units for hard-to-reach communities. >> the president also sold a major expansion of federal programs in his now rolled out $6 trillion in new proposals, last night he unveiled the american families plan which would spend $1.8 trillion on childcare, education and health, that follows $2 trillion proposed for infrastructure and a series of other provisions and $1.9 trillion pandemic and economic plan biden has already signed into law. to pay for some of this, tax increases on those earning more than 400,$000 a year. >> it is time for corporate america and the wealthiest one% to pay their fair share. >> not looking to punish anybody. but i will not add a tax burden to middle-class in this country.
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they are already paying enough. >> on foreign-policy president biden said the united states welcomes competition with china but russian actions will have consequences and he defended his decision to withdraw american forces from afghanistan later this year. back home he wants police reform and new gun measures. >> to join the overwhelming majority of democrats to close loopholes requiring background check purchases. a ban on assault weapons and high-capacity magazines and don't tell me it can't be done. >> south carolina senator tim scott delivered the republican response, he called for schools to be open, says biden's agenda is further dividing the country as our initiatives on the local level. >> today kids are being taught that the color of their skin defines them again. america is not a racist country.
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it is backwards to fight discrimination with different types of discrimination. >> got knocked democrats for blocking his police reform amendments last year, still working on the issue it is hopeful lawmakers can reach a compromise. >> house minority leader kevin mccarthy has been to 10 of these presidential addresses but he says this is the first time the rebuttal outdid the speech. >> this will be the first time the response has upstaged the president. >> you want to be excited regardless whose party, and the idea of what he gave wasn't uniting us, believing in exceptionalism of this country, the we could compete. it wasn't a moment in time when i got to turn on the television i saw tim scott, that's the
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america i want, that will win the next century. >> sean hannity says america has a choice to make and we will have to make it in 2022. >> now america has a choice. america is at a crossroads, socialism which will fail or freedom and capitalism which would work. leftists, authoritarianism, state or freedom and capitalism. america, you will get to decide, we are at a crossroads, 2022 is the night you decide the future of this great republic. jillian: we heard a lot about the spending planned, taxpayers on the hook for trillions of dollars. >> fox news alert, a standoff at a north carolina home has come to end. one deputy shot and killed. another heard. >> ashley strohmeyer joins us with the breaking update. >> 13 hours standoff lasted and report saying the shooter has died in an apparent suicide. now police have yet to release
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an official statement but local reports say a memorial is growing outside the sheriffs office to commemorate deputy that was killed identified as sergeant chris ward, the second deputy hurts, trapped inside the home with the shooter for hours and as of now no one knows what his condition is. the standoff began when two deputies were delivering a welfare check at home at 10 am when shots rang out and they jumped into action, people who lived nearby were evacuated or put on alert. >> an officer shot. >> all residents remain in your home with doors and windows closed. >> reporter: the shooter targeted his parents. >> at first we thought it was a teenager. it was an older gentleman.
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he killed his mother and father today. deputies responded to a welfare check, ambushed him. >> reporter: the parking lot was turned into a command center. law enforcement flooded that area. 3 ambulances, a medical helicopter and a dozen emergency vehicles responded. more than 15 law enforcement agencies were called to assist with that situation. >> another fox news alert, firefighters hurt badly, and intense fire outside los angeles. authorities calling the north fire saying it spread to 650 acres threatening homes in the valencia area. that area often prone to wildfires, mandatory evacuation of day after firefighters made progress with 25% containment. and clear how it started. >> treating covid 19 from home may be ready by the end of the
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year. pfizer's ceo said it has been interesting since march and is showing promise. approved the pill would be taken orally at the first sign of illness. the medicine uses the same technology as hiv and hepatitis c to stop the virus from replicating. >> west virginia governor jim justice bans transgender athletes from competing in female sports was it applies to middle and high school as well as colleges. the governor putting pen to paper display warnings from some lawmakers that the ncaa could retaliate by not holding college tournaments in west virginia. in florida similar bill headed to governor ron desantis's desk. >> scary moments in st. louis, philly star bryce harper it in the face by a 97 mile-per-hour fastball during last night's game against the cardinals, taken to the hospital for a ct scan. he posted this on instagram. >> we are all good.
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>> too bad. jennifer cabrera apologized after the game saying the throw got away from him. you said it. >> did it hit another batter right after? your killing my guy, arguing. harper is lucky. jillian: it is 9 minutes after the hour, the media slamming senator tim scott's republican rebuttal. >> reporter: speech delivered from a planet where facts don't matter which is where the current republican party resides. >> joe concha is here to sound off. >> plus no pancakes, celebrity turned away from ihop. we will tell you why coming up. cell phone repair. did you know liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need? just get a quote at really? i'll check that out. oh yeah. i think i might get a quote.
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metro police department at the breaking point is supposed to recruit new offices to make up for a 200 plus deficit in manpower. retired police officer and fraternal order of police pio david muffler says morale keep sinking to new lows. thanks for being here, appreciate it. let's go at and look at the numbers, the violence on the rise, you can see april of 2020 compared to april of 2021, 84% increase in nonfatal shootings, 74% increase in homicides, tell me what it has been like this past year for men and women in blue who are out on the streets? >> very difficult, we are dealing with a tremendous increase in violent crime and for the last year, for the most part men and women that wear the uniform who have been protecting
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the public and protecting downtown, protecting personal property, businesses and people downtown to work or whatever they might be doing it has been a tremendous effort on their part to ensure that life go on here in louisville somewhat like it was in the past. >> the louisville police department among many other police department in this country having major staffing issues, 190 cops left in 2020, 43 left in 2021, 255 cops short of authorized strength. tell me what dues into seeing numbers like this which is unbelievable and why do you think morale is so low. what is it down to? >> we are critical point as far as manpower. at some point we are not going to operate properly.
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the number you read off is a number that has been in place for almost 18 years, merger of city and county government and we have grown tremendously and we are still 200 plus offices below that number, the ability of our officers to man the street, to make the calls, respond to emergencies, getting to a critical point, you have to remember we have sergeants and lieutenants and majors that every single one of the vacancies is at the officer level, those are folks that would be in the patrol car riding the street, interacting with the public and responding to calls for service and those are were those occur. >> how long would it take to rebound in those numbers? those numbers are tough to look at and i imagine recruitment is very difficult to not like you are going to regain those positions overnight. >> exactly and if we could
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recruit and hire numbers at their maximum we could train approximately 48 officers and perhaps maybe put 3 of those, the last class we had we attempted to do that and it was 15 officers who graduated in the police academy. it is going to take years to rebound at the rate we are going right now. tremendously difficult. >> the attorney general announced an investigation into the police department there, they are opening a civil investigation to determine whether the police department engages in a pattern or practice of violations of federal law. look what the president had to say. >> we have to come together to rebuild trust between law enforcement and the people they serve. to root out systemic racism in the criminal justice system and enact police reform in georgia
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floyd's name the past the house already. >> the president acknowledged most police officers are out there doing the job are good and have good intentions. your overall response to the narrative around police department and the investigations going on in multiple of them. >> i would say most does a disservice. a tremendously high a lot of police officers on the street today are doing the right thing for the right reason and serving the community. at a level the highest we've seen especially at the time we are in right now. i would like to acknowledge that and as with any job or work environment you will have misconduct and we try to take care of those things which we have officers who are in prison because of things they've done on this job that are against the law. and we try to make sure we do that, all themselves to a high standard and i don't think it is
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fair to put officers, every officer under the same microscope, but we absolutely welcome the doj and hopefully we can show the public that the leadership we've had for years that we've been trying to bring attention to to know available unfortunately. >> great insight and it is not fair to put anybody under the cerebral regardless what the topic is. thanks for joining us thanks for all you've done for your community. >> to lead the media largely praising president biden's first address to congress but does he deserve it? joe concha have a take on the speech, he is probably pretty fired up this morning, joining us next. r essential expenses in retirement. have the right financial professional show you how... this is what an annuity can do. if these beautiful idaho potato recipes are just side dishes,
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>> it is really beautiful. beautiful. >> remarkable speech. >> after four years a mono sound shout, it was bracing to hear speech delivered at times by a whisper. >> the liberal media showering president biden with praise after his address to congress after 100 days in office. jillian: media opinion columnist for the hill joe concha. what are your take aways? >> let's do some fact checks. you have president biden saying secretary blinken i spent a lot of time with president xi traveling 17,000 miles with him, that never happened. he also said the attack on january 6th on the capitol was
2:23 am
the worst attack on our democracy since the civil war. i'm certain the pearl harbor and 9/11 were a bit more of an attack on our democracy particularly those who lost loved ones 20 years ago in 9/11, new york, pennsylvania and washington that was particularly insulting. as for the optics they were very odd because here you had president biden, he walks in with a mask, gets up to the podium and takes off the mask but behind him as speaker of the house nancy pelosi and the vice president, kamala harris still wearing masks even though the cdc says even though you are fully vaccinated you can take the mask off at that point even in an indoor setting so that was virtue signaling. you had nora o'donnell, quote, biden offered a broad bold plan to not only build back america but build america back better with trillions of dollars in new
2:24 am
spending. lester holt said he seemed relaxed and confident and it is clear he is picking things that are popular, big price tags the popular. if i had $6 trillion more on top of what i was allowed to spend i can sound great during a state of the union address to the joint session of congress by laying out things to spend money on to make your life better and never explain how to pay for it besides tax the rich. >> not a thought provoking critique by any member of the media to the biden speech but a much tougher tone on senator tim scott's rebuttal, cnn and msnbc trashing it, take a listen. >> a speech delivered from a planet where facts don't matter which is where the current republican party resides. >> it is ordinarily partisan speech for tim scott. >> this is standard. >> america is not a racist country, there is no racism here. not sure what the purpose of this was. >> where do folks like nicole
2:25 am
wallace, republican as much as i'm starting center for the next, saying his views on race, call it what it is, isn't that literally the unconscious bias that lives all the time in front of our eyes? >> the gallup poll that came out a couple months ago that said 84% of the american people feel the media bears the blame for divide in this country, you saw the analysis, tom -- tim scott given optimistic speech saying america is not racist. that is optimism but the business model of the ms nbcs and cnns is to continue cysto racism or imply that it is everywhere particularly in the police force and without it they don't have much in terms of how to attract those on the left.
2:26 am
what we got last night is what you would expect, high praise for biden and tim scott getting killed, he was gracious and classy members of the senate. >> unbelievable the criticism he received, i don't want to read on the air because it doesn't do anyone any good to read comments that are so divisive but on twitter this morning it is disheartening to see. i'm pretty sure the senator knows his own background and history, right? >> you would think so. the washington post apparently didn't feel that way, did affect check saying tim scott in terms of his ancestry didn't have hit as bad as other blacks in the past and that was universally panned and tim scott brought that up last night but the implication was tim scott was put out because he's a token, somebody who wasn't really representative of the republican party. he's the first black senator, very viable presidential candidate in 2024.
2:27 am
you could make a good argument. he is an up and coming star the same way barack obama was when he gave the democratic convention in 2014 at speech and that launched his career at that point. todd: the first black republican senator should be allotted, not dragged through the mud. it is always great insight. >> good luck with the next. i know you will do great. todd: the president promising jobs. what about the thousands of jobs he erased by canceling the keystone pipeline? a pipeline worker reacts next. >> download the fox super 6 apps and play for a chance to win 10,$000. just predict 6 outcomes on the super 6 quiz show. topics range from entertainment and it is free to play, download the super 6 apps now. ♪♪
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>> jobs. jobs. jobs. this plan is going to help those families and create jobs for caregivers with better wages and better benefits continuing the cycle of growth. todd: president biden says the american jobs plan will create millions of good paying jobs but many american workers waiting for jobs they were promised when the president killed the keystone xl pipeline permit. father of 3 lynn allen joins me with his thoughts. great to see you as always. you heard the president, what is your reaction? >> that was the most boring speech i've ever seen. all he wants to do is spend money, he did not mention nothing about oil and gas which is the power pusher of the world and where most of your good high
2:32 am
paying jobs are, that is what moves everything. i have seen nothing last night, i was watching all of it. i wanted to fall asleep. that was a joke. this man can't put two words to gather and he had no vision for america besides one thing and that is & money and molded to do of it, free this. you have to work for it and millions of workers are going to go to work but they are going to have nothing for us. our families. todd: at the risk of putting you to sleep again here's more from the speech last night. >> i know some of you at home
2:33 am
are wondering whether these jobs are for you. the american jobs plan is a blue collar blueprint to build america. wall street didn't build this country. the middle class built the country and unions built the middle class. todd: i want to be tactful. i do not want to imply you are long in the tooth or old but how realistic is it at this stage of your career and your life to go back to school, to get the training needed for green job that hopefully will be created? >> i'm not going. you call me what it is. i'm too long in the tooth. i'm not going back to school. i worked all my life for the trade that i do and many thousands of people who are not going to do it.
2:34 am
we have worked all of our lives and somebody to tell me to change up, no, i am not going to change up. how about they go change up. we want to work, that is the thing. we want to work, we don't want to go back to school, we are not elementary kids, we want to go to work and this administration is america last. donald trump had it going on. it was good and i am so -- >> somebody on the left will say that is a red state flyover guy saying he doesn't need education. let me be the first to say i went to college, law school, i am done, i paid my dues. you shouldn't have to go back either. you worked hard, developed a career, we appreciate you coming
2:35 am
on the show, letting real people know what is really going on out there. >> god bless america. jillian: the justice department planning to indict derek chauvin and 3 other asked offices on civil rights charges in the death of george floyd. the charges in addition to the state's case against the former officers, they planned to arrest chauvin and the courthouse of not found guilty on all charges at his trial last week. strong storm sweeping through middle tennessee overnight. meteorologists say a possible tornado touchdown, high winds knocked out power leaving 900 people on the dark. he joins us live with the latest forecast. >> >> portions of the south, very
2:36 am
defined frontal boundary. and the heat like that means we are fueling storms, and and the triangle reported on the ground over the last 24 hours. we will continue to watch this line of storms. flash flood watches and warnings. future cast brings a sweeping across the southeast from mississippi to sweet home alabama, georgia later today. we see a large area here where a chance for severe weather as we get into this afternoon and we will watch this. jillian: if you say sweet home alabama i prefer you swing it. >> sweet home alabama. todd: we didn't ask for that, we were good.
2:37 am
adam, thanks. the top prospects making 2 rounds one tonight in cleveland and the big guy, charlotte, and the first overall pick. hopeful, and if you're eagle does that, i cannot face youth you don't get to smith. i love him, i love him so much, please, don't miss this up. >> i've never seen this much emotion from you.
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and and is having children environmental vandalism. that is next.
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day kids are being taught the color of their skin defines them again. america is not a racist country. backwards to fight discrimination with different types of discrimination. jillian: senator tim scott take the opportunity to respond to a major newspaper and its fact checking. todd: senator tim scott here with that sore. >> reporter: he was on rebuttal yesterday, deliver the republican vision in america and
2:42 am
rejected president biden's big government spending plan. he delved into his personal family history which has been put under the microscope after the washington post published an article last week titled tim scott often talks about his grandfather in cotton. there is more to that tale is the piece suggests senator scott's ancestors are wealthier because they were landowners. senator scott responding, last night. >> a national newspaper suggested his family's poverty was actually privilege. believe me i know firsthand our healing is not finished. jillian: after the washington post published the piece, responded to a request for comment from fox news saying the fact checker piece acknowledges
2:43 am
senators and scott may not have known his full family history of the historical records regarding lives are often scanned. officials -- official records to scott's official remarks and writings about his grandfather. he will be on "fox and friends" later this morning and you can hear more from him in the 8:00 hour. todd: that is not an apology, that is a horrible walk back is anything but i digress. produces shot me with a horse tranquilizer. having a child is environmental vandalism. >> for good reason. usually having a baby is seen as a wonderful thing celebrated by all but a british columnist just asked a question is having a baby in 2021 pure environmental vandalism? she goes on to say before i got pregnant i worried about the
2:44 am
strain on the earth's resources and other western child would add. the electricity would use before he even starts sitting up. my child would have contributed more to climate change than his counterparts in south sudan, you don't want to raise your kid in india, they would live the way we live if they could. have a kid, all the kids you want and teach them to be environmentally -- there you have it. todd: will not be invited. jillian: a wonderful person who cares about the environment. >> i understand not recognizing that. jillian: one of the richest
2:45 am
celebrities in the world, the eyehop employee feels like a clown and posted avoids of the moment, she told adam sandler seen right here, a 30-minute wait for a table and he left because the weight was too long so posted that footage saying please come back to ihop. pulling the celebrity card, 30 minutes was too long. >> up and coming indie actor. >> we want to pull it together when we come back. when it comes to autism, finding the right words can be tough. finding understanding doesn't have to be. we can create a kinder, more inclusive world for the millions of people on the autism spectrum.
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watchathon week is your chance to finally watch shows you missed for free. now you get to talk about them with your friends, no matter what time it is. say "watchathon" into your voice remote and watch for free change president biden given a
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joint address to congress overnight saying america is on the move again. jillian: will cain is in texas to see how folks are reacting to the president's remarks last night. can't hear us. >> reporter: back in texas, we are talking to folks about what they thought about joe biden's joint session of congress, did they hear what they wanted to hear? it is an awesome place but what a wonderful texas diner. it might have a little bit of bias. what stood out to me was first of all january 6th, the biggest attack on our democracy since world war ii. there might be a few other large moments, the big jobs plan,
2:50 am
let's tell the truth, joe biden's method let's by american. is the government the best place to begin job creation or the private sector? may be small businesses across america, the best way to get america on its feet. as i go through the country visiting small businesses i see the same message, if you want to work we are ready to hire you. these places are understaffed. in talladega, alabama to springfield, missouri, can't get people to come out, the sign here says, awaiting them at home. the economy is ready to go. are we ready to put people back to earth? back to you. jillian: true professional, the way he hears the show, he contends it on.
2:51 am
todd: congressman andy biggs joins us next. genuine idaho potatoes not just a side dish anymore. always look for the grown in idaho seal.
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todd: despite a limited crowd in attendance during president biden's first aaddress to congress. our next guest one of the i few guests there in person. jillian: congressman andy biggs joins us with his take on the
2:55 am
speech. thank you for being here. >> thanks, jillian. good to be with you. jillian: could you give us color what it was like to be there before you break down the nuts and bolts of the speech because there were very few people able to be there. >> very different than last year when president trump came in and the energy was palpable in that room. last night because there were just a handful of us, really, 200, you just didn't have that same feel that same energy that same excitement that we had the year before and then, you know, two very different speakers and president trump is very dynamic and exciting and president biden was more methodical and not as dramatic or energetic. it was quite interesting that way. look, i had a whole row to myself. jillian: oh my gosh. [laughter] >> and so when he says hope over fear nothing quite says we are not going to be afraid anymore like basically evacuating the
2:56 am
house floor and keeping just a few of us in there. todd: before we get into what you did not like in the speech was there anything you did like in the speech? >> yeah, actually, i thought some of the stuff he did was right on the money. i mean, when he started talking about ending forever wars and getting us out of afghanistan; i think that was good. i'm in total agreement with that when he started talking about we have to be competitive with china and when he started talking about we need to buy american and support america, i thought those things on a narrative messaging point, that was right on the money; however, his policy statements affiliated with those things dubious whether he was sincere about those statements that i think 90% of americans agree with. jillian: you know something that a lot of people didn't necessarily like is that he didn't address the border crisis and i don't know -- you are shaking your head as if you
2:57 am
agree. i want to pull up this for people to take a look at at home this. is from senator mark kelly who is a democrat from arizona saying, quote: what i didn't hear tonight was a plan to address the immediate crisis at theward. i will continue holding this administration accountable to deliver the resources and staffing necessary for a humane orderly process as we work to fix our immigration system. your thoughts on what he had to say, senator kelly had to say and your overall thoughts on the fact that the president didn't address this? >> well, first, with senator kelly's statement, he con flights two issues that are very different. he says he wants to work on fixing the immigration system. okay. that's fine. we can work on that. but, that's actually separate from the border issue overwhelmingly large and senator kelly missed the point there and missing in action as much as president biden was last night in his speech. that speech i had hoped that
2:58 am
president biden would talk about policies that worked like the remain in mexico policy. the agreements with the northern triangle states. the border fencing that was working so well and can be completed. already have the funding for that i was actually i had predicted he wouldn't say anything because that is the worst crisis that america is facing today. he mentioned so many other crises. but that is really the worst crisis that we have to get a handle on and i was sorely disappointed that the president had not -- did not take that on in his speech last night. todd: congressman, in the minute we have remaining president biden spent most of that address pitching that $1.8 trillion american jobs plan, promising that the middle class will not pay for it. isn't that misleading though? aren't we all going to pay for this in some way? >> absolutely, we sure are. look, you can't throw $6 trillion in spending out the
2:59 am
door as quickly as they want to do in our income, our revenue, even with the small but not small but the tax increases they are proposing, we don't just have the money for that not only are our taxes going go up. they are going to have to go up across the board probably if you are going to impose that don't forget all the programs that they have got that are going -- they are going to start taking care of kids at age 3. they are going to give them free college. he's going to give you free healthcare and expand medicare to more people. all of those things are expensive and what does the government do to get money? they raise revenue through taxation. that's what's going to have to happen. it's misleading totally but that's where he is. jillian: real quickly, 10 seconds before our show ends what did you think of senator scott's rebuttal. >> i thought he did a great job. i give him 100 percent. jillian: congressman andy biggs, thank you very much for joining us. we really appreciate your time. >> thank you.
3:00 am
jillian: and senator tim scott will join "fox & friends" live later this morning. todd: so excited to hear what he has to say. the fact that he can make a speech like that be who he is and get dragged through the mud unconscionable. jillian: see you back here tomorrow morning. "fox & friends" starts right now. have a good day. >> tonight, i come to talk about rebuilding the nation. revitalizing our democracy. >> our best future will not come from washington schemes and socialist dreams. it will come from you. >> federal investigators have executed a search warrant at rudy giuliani's apartment. >> this is disgusting. and it's the continued politicization of the justice department. >> according to report cover-up is worse than we thought. >> his aides stopped the state health department from plusing the real nursing home data. >> when are kids going to be able to take off those masks. >> they are unvaccinated for that reason they are more at risk. >> children don't spread


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