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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  April 28, 2021 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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that is, though, all the time we are left for this late addition of "hannity." we will never be the media mob. we are always independent. lots more to talk about cuomo, the reaction to the night, and of course, rudy giuliani. let's not your heart be troubled. the news continues. laura ingraham of light. what time is a question mark oh, it's day. >> i don't know. i've no idea. but who is buying? >> ketones and water -- >> you are doing a good focus group, right? >> we are doing a big town hall, unless you think five governors form a focus group. we are doing a town hall. >> ron desantis is going to be in front of it? >> way the whole crew. kate reynolds is going to be here for my way. so dissent is obviously. pete ricketts britts was going to be a great event. we are looking forward to it. we are getting set up here.
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the whole crew is here. >> if you like the chamber tonight, i guess even if everybody is vaccinated, you still have to wear your mask. you can't go to the place. i thought we would be safe if avenue and got vaccinated. what happened to that argument? >> no, we are actually bubble wrapping our audience here tomorrow. >> you're going to bubbler at the governor's? >> yet. you can fit all of them. we're going to bounce off of each other all night long. but hannity, we're going to pick it up where you left off it. and we going to go home at like 1:30 in the morning. i am laura ingraham, this is the the ingraham angle. live from orlando tonight. i'm going to tell you more about what will happen tomorrow here a bit later. at first, you get it, it's my response to biden's congressional address. now to hear but until late america is just completely plagued by emergency. >> no one nation can deal with
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all the crises of our time. pendant inks, climate crisis, systemic racism and are -- gun violence has become an epidemic. insurrection was an excellent central crisis. a test of whether our democracy could survive. but the struggle is far from over. >> of course, biden left out the only real crisis in our country faces right now. the one at our border. crisis of course he created. he fueled. and now he just totally ignoring. but have no fear because biden is not going to let all of those pretend crises go to waste. >> after just 100 days, i can report to the nation america is on the move again. the possibility, crisis is an opportunity. setbacks and the strength, you can stop now. we are to great inflection point in history.
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we have to do more than just build back better. we had to build back better. >> in other words, biden sees all of our emergencies as opportunities to remake the country into something none of us recognize. and it's going to be the america that you know and love. and the policies that made this country strong and wealthy? biden is just going to kill them all. >> 650 people increase their wealth by more than $1 trillion during this pandemic. and they are now worth more than $4 trillion. my fellow americans, trickle down, trickle down economics has never worked. >> okay. if that's the case, mr. president, why are americans so much wealthier than pretty much every other country? it big government approach to economics actually worked, the european and canadian model would be much with you than our model. but as you can see from this
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chart, they are not. but. of course facts don't matter. they've never met it should biden or the left, which is why they're just going to come for your wallet. >> it's time for corporate america and the wealthiest 1% of americans to just begin to pay their fair share. just their fair share. i think you should be able to come a billionaire or a millionaire, but pay your fair share. >> it's insanity to ask hardworking americans, no how to much, they money they make to give more to a bunch of bureaucrats in washington. if anything, we should be looking to cut government and get americans more of the money that they make and stay in their own pockets. now, biden pointed that our economic system is fatally flawed, and needs to be replaced by again, european model that has historically performed much worse than her own. but here's the thing we already know.
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our policies work. they have already been tried. like low taxes, limited regulation, border enforcement, tight labor markets, and an america first trade and foreign policy. now, we all know we have systems in place from 2017 until 2020 and it worked like a charm. so the only reason you have any economic problems today is because democrats and insisted on lockdown ventures which they are now taking their sweet time to unwind. in fact, americans are doing very well in those parts of the country where they have their traditional freedoms back. the idea that we would imitate europe or go direct to the days of jimmy carter is simply inane. it's nuts. that's why conservative needs to reject his claim that her countries in crisis at all. these only exist in the minds of leftists ideologues who hate america anyways. when our economy grows, the left just pushes for higher tax.
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when our industry is booming, the left claims it's a climate crisis. when law and order is being enforced, the left just sees systemic racism. they are only happy when americans are downtrodden and miserable and apologizing. the g.o.p. should ignore all this talk of crisis and just point to the obvious fact that places that implement our policy are doing fine. we're going to talk to some of those governors tomorrow. at every opportunity, republicans should talk up the success stories in their own communities and they should emphasize that we are not going to emulate people who hate this country and whose policy can never work. and remember this, biden is assuming that all those suburban eyes and all those moderates who voted for him that they want higher taxes and bigger government. well, and 2022, we are going to find out if he is right. joining me now is mack, jesse kelly, was that jesse kelly show
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and podcast and how many dylan parents of loretta turner and ceo at the center for american liberty. matt, the crowd and the chamber was socially distant. biden was distant from i guess reality. so your reaction to tonight. speak out yet. i will i was shocked at is he as been politics and so long and it was so boilerplate. this was just one left this policy after the other. nothing that was unique to joe biden. no way in which he wants to unify. this was blue america's presidents going through the mantras that's a thing. and look at tim scott. he just spoke to a camera, no audience. he won the night overwhelmingly. >> when we watch this tonight and you saw biden get up there. i think a lot of people think he can't get through an hour-long speech. but he delivered the speech. i mean, he did his little whisper thing for effect. what he the speech.
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and it was a grandfatherly tone in places, but the policies are radical changes from what worked before. speak out yes. i agree, lord. what was really jarring about the speech right out of the box was the imagery of him standing there with the two ladies behind him wearing masks. that's completely unscientific. so that's a lie. and then you get into them taking credit for operation warp speed on not mentioning that president trump is the one who lets him get vaccinated while president trump was still in office. that was a lie. and then he segued without droning, slow, grandfatherly tone that kind of trailed off into slurring towards the end. but it was filled with a series of shocking, radical proposals that are completely divorced from reality. they are never going to pass as such. $6.1 trillion i think is the calculus that i saw you on this. that's not what a middle america wants. and he's completely out of touch with what americans are suffering right now. people are suffering. in california, i can tell you,
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and another blue states, it is a dire situation. but most of america is looking for hope, is looking for positivity, is looking for the type of message that tim scott delivered tonight. and president biden just delivered a bucket list of far left progressive policies and a very negative -- that only made her so the ophthalmic enemy salivate when they heard it. >> i wonder if aoc is so happy about it after she heard him tonight. he is also pushed for a federal makeover of our election laws. >> if we truly want to restore america, we need to protect the sacred right to vote. it is being attacked. congress can pass hr one and then john lewis voting rank and send it to my desk right away. the country supports it. congress should act now. >> well, jesse, that is a lie. our country supports voter i.d.
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and smart voter integrity programs like george's, but they have printed it as something very different. but that would change elections forever if we take over elections for the state. >> well, but republicans don't win another election prayed i don't think republicans win and other national lecture and if hr one passes. but what to she said it which it was a great point, none of the stuff it's going to pass. maybe infrastructure passes. i guess i could see that's passing. but the pro act, hr one, amnesty, the gun control, all these things are dead in the water, so i don't understand what the point of all of this was. this is just to fire up your base because you didn't gain any points with middle america tonight. that's for sure. i not to be shallow about her, but it was so boring. i understand the president is not there to entertain us, but who actually besides those of us who were suckers for punishment like we are, who actually sat through an hour of that thing tonight. i just wanted with her's
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original watching this and go to sleep. >> and for that reason, biden lied like he did about the trump tax cuts. watch. >> big tax cut of 2017. remember, he was supposed to pay for itself. that was how it was sold. and generate a vast growth. and instead investing into research and development, he poured billions of dollars into the pockets of ceos. >> matt, he's living out the part about median household income shooting up more than $6,000 and it went through the roof for 401(k) growth, investor and consumer optimism. those were all riding high right before the pandemic. but that was conveniently left out. >> yeah, that is right. and remember that corrected a negative course for generations. so the trump policies actually helped the men and women work hard for a living. and as far as the corporate tax
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rate is concerned, remember, it was several points outside -- it was like the highest rate in the world, which is one of the reasons why america was not a competitive place to have manufacturing jobs. when joe biden says he wants american companies and ceos to pay their fair share, what he is really saying is that we should have less jobs here in america. but i will say, because of the stupid wokeness of so many of the ceos, i think a lot of republicans are going to sit on their hands when they put these tax increases through on reconciliation, which only needs 50 votes. >> yeah, so it only needs 50 votes. and we've heard a lot about when trump was a president, all these companies were pro-trump. but watching this other networks tonight truly look like state run media. i mean, biden walked on water. he was turning water into wine. i mean, it was every miracle
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that ever it was done and the bible biden might as well done tonight. this was cnn's chief political analysts, gloria. >> said the tide had already turned on covid-19 when biden became president. and of course everybody understands that operation warp speed happens under joe biden, by getting vaccines into arms was abide in operation. >> what is she talking about? they were laughing at trump when he said they were going to have the vaccine by the fall. they laughed at him. i think including couch he and his own way. >> absolutely. and joe biden mocked and has well. and in fact, every member of congress sitting in that room knew that they got the vaccine in their arms either during the trump administration or very shortly thereafter because of president trump. gloria porter did apologize later in the segment for that and correct yourself, but none of the people on the screen
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there knew differently or corrected her in real time. so this is like north korea style media where everybody is just laughing up with the fearless leader is saying and not contradicting. but the people are home at smarter than that. but to address his points, if they bothered to watch it, it was so boring and painful, but people are smarter than that. and americans are looking at the idea of sending their kids to the state run schools at the age of three. who is the american constituent who wants more of that woke nonsense on their children? i don't think so. so it's not going to fly. >> if they are not and dropped today and enough from age five through age eight, why don't we just give the children write up of the empirical cord still attached to the government run schools. unbelievable. you mentioned biden's gun push. i want to play this bogus claim by him on the gun violence. >> pass universal best ground
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checks. the ban on assault weapons and high-capacity magazines that hold 100 rounds. we can be fired off in seconds. we beat the unwary. mass shootings and gun violence declined. check out the report. but it's in the 2000s, the law expired. we have seen daily bloodshed sense. >> jesse, this is provably false. i doj funded study back in 2004 already debunked to. i think we talked about the so many times in the show. i haven't seen the fact-checkers out tonight at all. they've only fact-checked trump every time trump breeds there is another fact-checked article on "the washington post." thoughts on that? >> will everything -- everything he said was wrong including 100 round magazines? laura, i've been treating weapons my whole life. i think i have to get my hands on one of those things because i never actually seen one of those before. but again, it's another thing that is not going to pass.
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i think the democrats aren't as much trouble as a party -- as the party and power could be. i don't think joe biden has very much longer and is health is going to seem out. people like joe biden. kamala harris has a likability of typhoid fever, and she's probably going to need his party going into the term and they are talking gun control. i think they are in serious trouble. >> matt, jesse, army, great to see all of you. thanks for being with us so late. and as mentioned at the top, biden said the word crisis nearly a dozen times tonight. but he didn't use that word to describe what is happening at our southern border. in fact, he is laying out the welcome mat for the illegals. >> congress needs to pass legislation this year to finally secure protection for dreamers. the young people that only know america as their home. protection for immigrants who are here on temporary protective status and came from countries
9:17 pm
but set by man-made and natural made violence. as well as the farmworkers who put food on our tables. >> joining me now live from the u.s.-mexico border is tom homan, former acting nice director, tom, is this the ultimate incentive for a never ending flow of minors across our borders? >> yes. he stood on that stage and double down on its premises. if you don't think that has driven up these numbers, he created this crisis. we talked about it before. he knows a great crisis. he's been through before. he knows how to stop them. he has done just the opposite. he is throwing out our border security. he sold out his country and this is by design for this is with open borders looks like. >> tom, don't you think this is all purposeful neglect push mark i mean, if they thought that covid was truly the crisis that
9:18 pm
biden made it out to be tonight at this point with all of the vaccines and out there and people have artie been an infected so forth. they would shut this border down tomorrow if they really thought it was -- but everything we are learning about according to this "new york times" reporting today -- are being released into our community by dhs. we are being told that we are not going to be able to fly if we don't have a vaccine. migrants who have a positive covid test are transferred to a shelter operated by the city. others spend a night or two at the respite center and then board plane or buses to the destinations around the united states. so tom's americans have to wear a mask outside, while vaccinated still but covered positive illegals can do whatever the hell they well please. that sounds fair. >> exactly. he is not taking covid seriously. he is talking up title 42. title 42 said we keep people out
9:19 pm
there during the pandemic. now is -- along with families. and look. it's not just dhs releasing positive covid people, but all these million dollar half a billion dollar centers they are building, the welcome centers they are building, they are into dated kobe cases. so thousands of covid cases are building be released. some forget they have a thousand hideaways a day and who knows how many people of these are affected with covid. we know they are carrying opiates. many single adults are crossing the border and not getting arrested and after two years signing up for an amnesty promised that joe biden made. he is throwing gas on an open fire and he knows it. >> you know it is bad, tom, when the arizona democrat, senator mark kelly, was kind of calling out to fight little bit tonight on the issue of the border saying he is going to continue the demand for the
9:20 pm
resources and the enforcement necessary to fix this problem that he sees. and arizonans do not like this. texans don't like this. and i think when the rest of the country really sees what is going on and they are just beginning to see it, they are really not going to like it. so this is a terrible issue for biden, which is why he didn't want to talk about it tonight. tom, thank you, great to see her. and was biden's message for every american to get vaccinated then contradicted by the covid standard that's dominated the house for tonight? dr. jay bhattacharya is here tonight. and speaking of which, what was i like to be inside the chamber? saint or bill hagerty of tennessee us in a moment me for a flare-up? enough, crohn's! for adults with moderate to severe crohn's or ulcerative colitis... stelara® can provide relief and is the only approved medication to reduce inflammation on and below the surface of the intestine in uc. you, getting on that flight? back off, uc! stelara® may increase your risk of infections, some serious, and cancer.
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♪ ♪ >> everyone over the age of 16, everyone, is now eligible to get vaccinated right now right away. go get vaccinated, america. go and get the vaccination. they are available. >> laura: i love how he does that thing with this neck. telling americans to get vaccinated while our vaccinated political leaders look like a bunch of money foul mommies in a crypt in there. it's not a winning message. i don't think it's very convincing for joining me now,
9:26 pm
dr. jay auto char. professor of medicine at stanford dr. bhattachary, wouldn't this message be more successful if everybody inside the chamber was mask less at this point? they are all immunized. >> i just don't get it. i don't understand the devotion to masques. i mean, starting with dr. redfield, the former cdc director, saying that the masts are more effective than vaccines. just a few months ago. and now we have the entire sort of folks sitting in that hall so many of them wearing masks even though every single one of them have been vexing to them months ago from president biden on down. it really sends the wrong message. the vaccines are really effective. incredibly effective. they are very, very, very, very unlikely to get covid if they didn't wear a mask or they don't wear a mask. it absolutely no different that population. i think it's a mistake. >> laura: biden said some interesting things about kids returning to school.
9:27 pm
doctor, watch. >> parents seeing smiles on those kids' faces who are able to go back to school because teachers and the school bus drivers in the cafeteria workers have been vaccinated. >> laura: except a lot of kids who have been in school because they've given governors who made the right decisions. but parents aren't actually seeing their kids smile because they are being forced to wear masks on the playgrounds, when they're playing sports, dr. botticelli , why would kids have to wear masks if teachers and school workers are all being vaccinated? i keep asking these basic questions. am i missing something here? >> no you are not. there is no good reason for children to be wearing a mask. it doesn't make sense for young children it actually harms their development. i think it doesn't make sense. since so many teachers have been vaccinated. in sweden, they have had school through the entire epidemic with
9:28 pm
no child deaths or very, very few child deaths from covid and the teachers themselves have had covid results that are better than the average through the entire epidemic for the vaccine. now they have the vaccine and so many teachers have been vaccinated, staff members who have been vaccinated. take the mask off. you're just hurting them for no set purpose. >> laura: the issue of children, who have almost infinitesimally small chance of ever getting sick from covid, now the concern for a lot of parents is such children are going to be forced to be vaccinated in order to go to school at very young ages. and this is something that dr. fauci address today. watch. >> kilts will ultimately wind up getting vaccinated. high school kids will likely get vaccinated if we get into the fold turn and children of any age will likely need to be vaccinated by the time we get to the end of the year. when children are out in the community, when you have 30, 40, 50,000 new infections per day,
9:29 pm
they are more at risk of getting infected. >> laura: at risk of getting infected. spreading the disease. dr. bhattachary, what is going on with this push to get little children vaccinated? >> i mean, there's so many things wrong with what he said there. so first of all, we haven't tested the vaccines on children paid we have no idea with the results are going to show. he is prejudging the results before acing them. that's just irresponsible for a medical professional to do that. second, children don't spread the tease very efficiently. we know that from a full host of studies. it's exhaustively documented to any news i've heard so don't really understand why he's trying to spread fear and that. hildred, when they are infected, they actually don't get very sick. the number of child deaths from covid last year was less than the flu. more kids die last year from the flu in the united states then died of covid. the harm from covid to children, thank god, is way less than the
9:30 pm
harm to older people who were thousand times more likely to die if they get covid. speak >> laura: somatically, children requiring children to be vaccinated before they can return to school which is still an experimental drug, you would say no? >> yeah. i think -- use those doses instead -- send it to india where a lot of older people are dying because they don't have the vaccines. send it to south america where the vaccine is needed in the older population. every vaccine that we use in children basically it's like taking the life away from someone else abroad who is older and needs it. >> laura: are right, great to see you. thank you. so what was it like in the house chamber's the night with all the fake masks kabuki theater from the democrats paid my next guest is here to tell us. tennessee's attic on bill
9:31 pm
haggerty joins us now. senator, was it a different mood and the room for biden speech. note tearing up. what was it like? >> it was one of the most dull speeches that i've ever seen. and that dullness was enhanced by the fact that they had everybody spaced socially distance, messed up. you know everybody in that hall was vaccinated. and laura, everybody was vaccinated forward and reason. because of operation warp speed that president trump put in place. >> laura: you have been hitting the issue of china. so powerfully both in op-ed and in various addresses that you have given, senator. joe biden seemed to try to convey that he is going to be tough on china. he is going to hold them accountable. but do you really hold out hope that that is what is going to happen, especially with climate change negotiations are being
9:32 pm
led by john kerry. >> laura, you've been the leader on this for years. i will say this. president biden hasn't started out so great. he comes in and the first thing he does is kill the keystone xl pipeline paid what you think that oil is going to go question mike it's going to go from canada straight to china now. he is -- they are laughing all the way to the bank on that one. he is killed fossil fuel in this arena in terms of killing any type of policing on federal lands. again, trying to do a away our energy independence at a time when we try and only coming finally accomplish it. he setting us up for the paris climate accord. again, giving great advantage of china while burning our economy. so i think getting hooked up on china is so far has been nothing but a matter of words paid we have seen deeds that are absolutely contrary to that. >> laura: now, biden has been a little guilty of some plagiarizing in the past and senator, he was back at it again tonight. >> there is simply no reason why
9:33 pm
the blades for wind turbines can't be built in pittsburgh instead of beijing. there is no reason why american workers can't lead to the world and production of electric vehicles and batteries. >> all the events mints in the american job plan will be guided by one principal. buy american. >> laura: that's a total rip-off. a total rip-off in tron. but again, back to the china deal, when china says john, carrie is going to say how high. >> you are absolutely right. i think john kerry is the last person we should be sending to our most strategic adversary to negotiate. this is not a good sign for america. spew an art. great to see you tonight. thanks so much. and i'm next, seen and unseen analysis of the speech and the overwrought sycophantic media coverage of it. raymond arroyo is here, next
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>> laura: it is time for a special "seen and unseen." and for joining me that, on sides for the first time in a long while, raymond arroyo. >> happy to be back. >> laura: before the address to congress, the media, they could only talk about one thing. >> visually, there will be to go woman behind the president during the speech. the vice president and the house speaker. that is a first. >> want to see history tonight? just like bind the president during his first speech. >> alumina color and a woman speaker. it weird how it just happened. and it's noncontroversial or remarkable anymore. >> it's pretty exciting and it is wonderful to make history. >> laura, more mass than ever in the chamber, historic. more people vaccinated in a joint session of congress, historic. but this is a strong theme and the biden presidency. we stayed over and over again.
9:40 pm
would joe biden, his team always tries to distract with someone or something else for tonight, laura, it was the ladies flanking him. but the truth is, joe biden is the unpresident. they made the decision to limit the audience even though congress was fully vaccinated as people outside all evening. so why didn't -- you know why the reason they decided to keep the numbers down. so he wouldn't have to play to half a room of republican opposition. this is a biden save space. but when the energy is the slow, even historic pelosi was getting sleepy during the speech. >> i am worried about you yawning watching at this point. >> laura: she looks like she was starting to not enough. but if you listen to the media, arraignments, biden tonight was essentially just reagan 3.0. >> it's really beautiful. it is beautiful. he's developing a kind of positive populism. >> i thought it was a remarkable
9:41 pm
speech. how comfortable -- he loves being home. >> after four years of a monotone shouts, it was bracing to hear a speech delivered at times by a whisper. his use of voice modulation was rather extraordinary. >> voice modulation. that is called low vocal energy. i don't know what speech these people were hearing. but this biden address may have been the most embarrassing and septuagenarian performance in prime time since getting close to worked the oscars. would you be the judge. speak up it's making a difference. you don't know when you go home. i believe the overwhelming reason that propelled us to where we got in the 20th century. we did that in the last piece of legislation we passed. we expanded tax credit for every child in the family.
9:42 pm
up to $3,000 per child. if they are under six years of age. excuse me, over six years of age. i want to be very blunt about it. i had -- attempt was to make sure. after 20 years of value, valor, and sacrifice -- >> laura, the articulation aside, i didn't know what he was saying throughout the address. >> laura: and he goes like this. >> yet. he is out of breath. that's what happens when you gets really old. you wheeze. i will tell you though, there is a superpower emerging here. he doesn't like rado. he doesn't look stream in the lease. his frailty helps him. at one point he said america is on the move again. only joe biden can make america sound like a metamucil lab. but with the spending. six trillion dollars paid we only spent 4 trillion in all of
9:43 pm
2019 spewing we have a star of this government this week in washington, d.c. we have the start of the beast of our tax dollars and stop the propagandizing of our children and everything else. >> you see why they keep them under wraps. tonight was a perfect example of why -- camelot and the cabinet leading the way and many of these policies and biden is still in the basement. >> laura: god love you. our eyes, raymond. great to see you. and what a position. biden declaring this country systemically ray says while republican tim scott replies declaratively america is not a racist nation. reactions, next. for 35 years. i'm a mother of four-- always busy. i was starting to feel a little foggy. just didn't feel like things were as sharp as i knew they once were. i heard about prevagen and then i started taking it about two years now.
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♪ ♪ >> we have all seen the injustice system -- now is our opportunity to make some real progress but my fellow americans, we have to come together to rebuild trust between law enforcement and the people they serve. root out systemic racism in our criminal justice system. >> laura: systemic racism. something you would hear china saying. who would talk about the country they lead in such an ugly tone.
9:49 pm
here's bend brandon tatum, former police officer and author beaten black and blue. being all a cop in america under siege. brandon, why does the modern left want to take us back on the issue of race. and that is what we got out a biden tonight. >> well, they have no other alternative. they have no solutions. they have no way of getting people to vote for them outside of fearing them into voting for them. it is carmen to incredible to me when i watch his speech and i see how joe biden said nothing productive about black people. he didn't have any legislation, no bills, he talked about asians, he talked about lgbtq. he said all of these things. he didn't i don't even know if he said the word african-american people. so these people are complete frauds in my personal opinion as they represent themselves as being the party of the people. spewing carol, i want to ask you this question. i may have asked you this before but i just haven't -- i can't
9:50 pm
get my head wrapped around this question. how do we expect to lead other countries around the world, have them listen to us, when our own president repeatedly says he is leading a racist nation? like, how are we possibly going to get other countries to do anything we want if we are that's rods in a nation in the first place? >> well, we can't. and i have to tell you that i have a visceral reaction when he made the statements about george floyd. and it was just so designed to manipulate people. and anything he was saying would actually accomplish the opposite. because if the george floyd legislation passed the house, if it were to become law, it would hurt every police officer in america because it would remove the qualified immunity that they get and it would make it much harder for them to enforce the law. and then all the talk about
9:51 pm
systemic racism and racial equity. and he implied that if america did what was right for black americans, and i guess took its knee off of their necks, that they would prosper. and when i think they are doing is they are trying to cover forr all the failed policies of the democratic party, those policies have never helped black or poor people. and so they want people to focus on systemic racism as the cause rather than the factor that that they've never delivered anything for blacks. and so i watch that speech -- i watch the speech, but i really became just triggered when he started talking about race. >> laura: i don't want to trigger carol swain, no way. i don't want to do that. brandon, senator scott hammered the whole critical race theory issue that is infecting our schools and just destroying education. rotten from the inside out.
9:52 pm
take a look. >> 100 years ago, kids inside classrooms were taught the color of their skin was their most important characteristic. today, kids are being taught that the color of their skin defines them again. and if you look a certain way, they are an oppressor. people are making money and gaining power by pretending we haven't made any progress at all. by doubling down on the division we have worked so hard to heal. >> laura: brandon, i know you had some issue with tim scott's remarks, but i know you thought those comments were strong. >> i thought he made some incredible comments that were great. i think they were right on time. i think they were exactly with the american people needed here. we do need strong rhetoric to combat some of this left us maniacs who are out here trying to destroy our kids. i have children that are in school here dive us on that is in school and every day i'm wondering what are they going to try to say to them next and do i have to go to that school and act out because i'm not putting up with it peered i'm not
9:53 pm
letting them brainwash my child into thinking that we live in a hateful, evil country when they should be teaching them how to be educated, teach him how to progress in america, how to live the american dream. the only thing that i would criticize tim scott on, which i love him to death, is that after he made the statement, he decided that he wanted to go and attribute some type of a law or pass a bill associated with george floyd. the man was a criminal. among his whole life. i mean, he was robbing people and doing home invasions. i don't think that we should be going down the path of giving any credence to a man that unfortunately died at the hands of an officer that did wrong. i don't think we should meet them in the middle on that. we should stand our ground. if we're going to do anything, let's do a bill about david doran. let's a bill to support law enforcement in this country. and let's go meet their families. that's one thing that i would add to the discussion with with tim scott. overall, i thought it was a decent speech. >> laura: carolyn brenda, thank you so much, both of you, for staying up tonight.
9:54 pm
when we come back, final thoughts about what is happening to mount tonight, but mike right here.
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>> i know you notice something different about tonight's show. prince of all, i got raymond here with me, hasn't happened in a long time, and we are getting a really by 10:00 a.m. it's going to feature florida governor ron desantis, texas governor greg abbott, and nebraska governor pete ricketts for the entire hour. of course the immigration issue, and they will be giving their first reaction to tonight's radical address from joe biden and his effort to back him up, all of your cash and indoctrinate your kids.
10:00 pm
make sure you dvr us if you can't watch it live, but watch it live. what else are you doing? that's all the time we have tonight. at kristin fisher on the fox news in 19 take it all from and we will see you back in orlando tomorrow night. >> welcome to "fox news at night in washington. i'm kristin fisher in for a shannon bream tonight. and breaking tonight, president biden making his first major address to congress playing out big plans to reshape america. meanwhile tim scott receiving high marks tonight for his delivery of republican response. >> today


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