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tv   Hannity  FOX News  April 28, 2021 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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eastern, i will see you tomorrow. >> continuing coverage all night long, it starts with hannity. we are going to take a full moon shot >> it is now officially in the books, anything but unifying. before we go to the very dull, weak, frail joe, a star emerged tonight. what i've about senator tim scott -- i've been friends with them for a long time, he delivered an extremely powerful, thoughtful, incredible response. at the star by far of the state is senator tim scott. take a look. >> from colleges to corporations to our culture, people are making money and getting power
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by pretending we haven't made any progress at all. by doubling down on the division's we've worked so hard to heal. you know this stuff is wrong. hear me clearly. america is not a racist country. we are all in this together, if we get to live in the greatest country on earth. at the country where my grandfather in his daddy for years saw his family go from cotton to congress in one lifetime. >> cotton to congress in one lifetime. hey joe, take note. that's how you unify the country and lead. coming up, we will have a lot more of senator scott's little big remarks. he will join us of this program tomorrow night, plus full reaction and analysis of the joe socialist speech, breakdown of his multitrillion dollar wish
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list that he's referring to as an investment. we will also get a do report from new york, new york, created deadly covid cobra, it's far worse than anybody ever thought. we have those details. we will also address the breaking news surrounding rudy giuliani and satan we have a dual system of justice in this country, equal justice, equal application of laws, and it seems to be a think of the past. first, it's not totally clear that the very weak couple of very frail, cognitively struggling joe biden really seems to have a grasp of the real state of our union. but he was able to slowly get through a speech grafted by his advisors, and i'm sure practice for weeks. at the getting of his remarks, he thanked himself for the 220 million covid-19 vaccinations. it may be little unifying message to operation warp speed
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at donald trump, just a thought, joe. just a nod or something. a medical community, medical researchers, scientists that developed it, it wasn't you. to take a anyway. >> president biden: after i promised we would get 100 million covid vaccines into people's arms and 100 days. we will have provided 220 million covid shots of those days. thanks to all the help of all of you. today, 90% of americans now live within 5 miles of the vaccination site. everyone over the age of 16, everyone is now eligible to get vaccinated right now, right away. go get vaccinated, america. go and get the vaccination. >> sean: president unity, joe biden, you could've just said, thank you president trump, operation warp speed was a tremendous success.
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by the way, this needs to be said. all of the people in that group dull back room has been vaccinated. there were first in line back in december. do we not have an explanation, why can't that will be full? why is everyone still wearing masks? why is there the extreme social distancing of -- are these not legitimate questions? joe biden, lawmakers, they've been lecturing us, encouraging us, telling us that we all need to get vaccinated for months. they told us to follow the science, and that the vaccines were incredibly effective. why then, relate double-double basking social distancing after getting the vaccine. what kind of messages that something? how does that encourage americans who might be hesitant to get a vaccine? tonight, shortly after congratulating himself on his great covid response, joe
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quickly moved to address the concerns of what is his radical socialist base, outlining his very own green new deal, including a fully clean green power grid, environmental renovations and 500,000 charging stations for electric cars that beckons haven't shown much interest in. apparently, massive new government subsidies for wind turbines and other forms of green energy. take a look. >> president biden: for me, i think climate change, i think jobs. american jobs plan will put engineers and construction workers to build more energy efficient buildings homes. there simply no reason why blades can't be built in pittsburgh rather than beijing.
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no reason. none. there's no reason why americans -- american workers can't leave the world in production of electric vehicles and batteries. there's no reason. >> sean: no reason not to put them in your backyard. how much into staying for it? biden's green infrastructure investment plan alone because $2.3 trillion. i got to a social welfare plan having his new covid spending package, and were talking about over $6 trillion in new spending. you covered the american people, you will be covering that tab. it don't take my word for it, listen to joe. >> president biden: how do we pay for my jobs and family plan? i made it clear we could do it without increasing the deficit. let's start with what i will not do. it will not impose any tax increase on people making less
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then $400,000. it's time for corporate america, and the wealthiest 1% of americans to pair their fair trade. >> we an answer. the way, we can do this without raising the deficit. probably the biggest lie from joe biden ever, may be up there with, the wind blew joe over three times as he was climbing the stairs. that's really saying something. he is screwed it up again. also couples, small businesses, corporations, which they passed because on to you. the cost of energy goes up, you pay for it -- you feel in your home and cooling in your home.
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by the way, anyone who makes any income through capital gains, that's going to go from 23 to 43%. even then, that's not going to be enough. mark my words, everyone that pays taxes will be forced to pay for these massive spending bills. i say it over and over again, corporations don't pay taxes. they will pass the tax loss to you, and you will pay more for goods and services and energy, all at the same time. you will pay for it, let's be clear. america does not have a revenue problem or to the pandemic after the trump tax cuts, the federal government took in more tax revenue after the tax cuts than ever before in history. we don't have a revenue problem, we have a government spending problem, and joe wants to make it far worse on human hormone and steroids, frankly, the way he eats going forward. this might even include single-payer medicare for all.
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in fact, after calling obamacare a big bleak big deal. at the keep your dr. plan, save money. the one where millions lost their doctors, million lost their plans, we are all paying more. joe biden wants you to know that the health care system is broken. you broke it, joe. a few months after trashing president trump's plan to lower prescription drug prices, he is now bowing to lower prescription drug prices. ultimately, this theme of his speech was coming out, class warfare, divide the country, redistribution with every cliche you would expect, every bumper sticker, every slogan you could possibly vaccinated. a socialist wish list. what biden presented tonight was the failed ideology philosophy of socialism. at that site. and now, america has a choice.
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america is at a crossroads. socialism, which will fail, or freedom and capitalism which would work. you have a leftist, authoritarianism, statism, or freedom and capitalism. america, you will get to decide. we are at a crossroads. 2022 it's a date began to decide the future of this great republic. once again, it makes you wonder who's inside dominic in charge of the democratic party. according to a report, state governors are now increasingly frustrated that both biden and kamala harris routinely skip the weekly conference calls that are -- used to be coordinating the countries covid-19 response. in his absence, he appointed governor cuomo, really? two lead our covid-19 conference
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calls question like the one who signed the executive action, the catastrophic policy that forced elderly patients infected with covid-19 back into long-term care facilities which led to massive outbreaks and death among new york's most vulnerable population. at the same andrew cuomo who is now under federal investigation for covering up the death toll. tonight, according to an explosive report from the liberal "new york times" the cover-up is even worse than we thought. according to the piece, they spent months hiding the true death toll numbers from the general public, even the state health officials. the actions coincide with the period which mr. cuomo is writing a book on the pandemic with assistance from his top aide.
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i don't know if i'd hold my breath. he is jo's right-hand man in the fight against covid-19. here with reaction, and by the way, biden's joint address to congress. a senator cruz, before we get to the socialist utopian authority today. we have to talk about your calling, our friend, senator tim scott. >> i think he did a terrific job. he someone who understands firsthand that what the american free enterprise system is all about is the ability to rise from nothing to achieve the american dream. as tim pointed out, the extraordinary journey that is grandfather's going from cotton to congress in one lifetime, in 94 years -- it really embodies who we are as a nation. >> sean: let me get into this.
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if you want to cough, feel free. we'll take you off the screen. i think america is at a crossroads. i would argue we've had in our lifetime three waves of conservatism, reagan, the contract with america, and the american america great again america first agenda. all things we agree on. in every case, those policy was worked. the history of socialism, you know well. it's one of failure, unfulfilled promises, more poverty, and a question of how much freedom you give to the government in the name of false promises. >> look, i think the speech tonight, you could sum up three words. boring, but radical. the speech by design was calm and dulcet tones. i challenge you to remember a single line from the it was
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monotone the chamber was nearly empty, and that really has characterized the first hundred days of joe biden, he's tried to say nothing notable, tried to tweet nothing notable. and he's made the political decisions that many people were tired of the drama of the previous four years, and they wanted something calm. he is deliberately being boring, but the substance of what he saying it is radical. it is the most radical 100 days in any president in a hot dominic history. it makes barack obama look mild and moderate purity look at joe biden tonight, he said, we are raising taxes, every tax. if you pay taxes in america, your taxes are going up. if he said they're going to raise individual income taxes, corporate income taxes, taxes on small businesses, capital gains taxes, and raise the death tax.
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every taxes going up to the tune of trillions of dollars. a look at what joe biden didn't say tonight. he didn't say we are opening up small businesses, he didn't say were getting people back to work. he didn't say were getting kids back in school, completely missing from his remarks tonight was the outrage that more the half of the kids in america are not in school. he provided zero solution to the crisis of the border that he caused, he pretended it didn't exist. this was all about trillions of dollars of spending, massive job killing regulations, trillions of dollars in taxes, and it was an unapologetic partisan speech. there wasn't even the tiniest fig leaf of an outreach to the other side. 100 days ago he gave his inauguration, we talked about unity, common ground, all that was gone today. it tonight: this was an agenda that was set by
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elizabeth warren, bernie sanders, and aoc. it was the radicals of socialist. he also talked about the corrupt politicians asked, the federal takeover of election to keep democrats in power forever, and he didn't once reject the radical democratic plan we saw tupac the u.s. supreme court with liberals. it was a frightening speech, and masquerading in really boring toads. >> d.c. stated all these radical things. democratic senator was up for reelection in 2022, mark kelly said, what i didn't hear tonight was plan to address the immediate crisis of the border. i'll continue to hold this administration accountable, that sounds like a senator toomey that's afraid of at the coming election. that's what i hear.
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>> mark kelly has voted identically to bernie sanders. in contrast, the other democrat from arizona, it showed some real courage. if they are the only democrat standing between ending the filibuster, making d.c. estate, packing the courts, corrupt politicians act, and mark kelly hasn't shown a fraction of the guts that kyrsten sinema has shown or joe manchin has shown. i got to tell you, sean. the most radical line tonight is when joe biden said, we the people is the government. no, joe, you seriously misunderstand the constitution. we the people are not the government. we are not a country of dictators, it's the people who are in charge of government, whose liberty you are stripping way. it showed the arrogance of the
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hard left that they think -- he is the state is what he said, and he is we the people. i mean, holy cow, that was radical. that's where today's democrats are. >> we appreciate you being with us. joe biden speech delay, i own spending on radicalism, as senator cruz pointed out, he had some curious things to say about election reform. watch this. >> president biden: congress should pass hr one and the john lewis act. the country supports it. congress should act now. >> house minority leader kevin mccarthy, congressman, i would compare the new georgia law that joe refers to as jim crow 2.0 -- he has now served at the state of delaware -- the last time i
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checked was 952 years. he never lifted a finger to reform. and make more accessible voting in his state of delaware. or as joe calls it, his state. my question is, they have 17 early voting days in georgia. they have none in delaware. both states require voter i.d. there is no drop boxes in the state of delaware. it how come he's not calling his own state, and why didn't he lift a finger to fix delaware's voting laws to make it more accessible? >> he never even read the bill before he tells people, who are the big losers of that? all of the small businesses that were in georgia. i'm actually going to be there monday talking to the small businesses about that. the part that made the most history tonight, this will be the first time the response has upstaged with the president.
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people are going to start talking tomorrow that tim scott should be running for president. can you imagine him on the debate stage versus joe biden? it's not even close. the most compelling story about the exceptionalism of america. when he tells that story of his grandfather, who has is to grandsons at his kitchen table every day, the newspaper in front of him -- only years later did he find out his grandfather couldn't read, but wanted a better life for his grandson because he knew is that what america meant. he wanted him involved in the current events. now he's the first ever black american to be elected to congress and the senate. >> i'm looking at this agenda. only five or six seats that separate the majority that nancy pelosi has. she's not really the speaker anyway. i would say it's a conseil cortez
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i ask you, everything that's happening, can they get this through congress meaning the house and senate? the republicans have the power. they have 50 u.s. senators. if they hold the line, and they walk out, and they don't allow a form to start, none of these radical ideas could get past. it will stop there. do have confidence admit romney, lisa murkowski, and guys like ben sasse. i don't. >> if we all hold the line together, we can. there's a fine line for them to make it appear to most interesting tonight, ernie sanders -- i asked the senator, did you ever think you would be more conservative than the president? think about how far they've come. >> sean: what did he say? >> he looked at me and laughed. but he understood what i was
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saying. think about what the democrats have done. at the demonized work so americans would dependent on government. we're like, did we hear this right? the president said we the people is government? i was shocked as we sat there. all the american people need to wake up. the most concerning to me is, think about how much money he spending. if you looked at what we spent in the new deal, that's about 5.6% of the gdp. this is five times larger. anybody out there, i don't care what he says about taxes, about how much money you make, everybody in america is looking at getting their taxes increased. everybody who has not been born yet is going to be hurting. this is something we have to stop. >> this notion that corporations pay taxes, it's a total lie, congressman. all of the screen new deal spending, okay.
8:23 pm
that means every american is going to pay more when they fill up their gas tank, cool their home, they're going to retrofit everything. i see nothing but an unmitigated disaster. but the family out of the total cost of this, it's trillions and trillions of dollars that get us nowhere. we've been down this road, it's called solyndra. wyatt doubled down on stupid? >> he wants control of your life. he's going to control how much meat you can eat. can you imagine that? think of this, if he really wanted to unite us, why didn't he congratulate operation warp speed, all of the americans who worked on that? he was able to take that before he was ever sworn in. the idea of the goal of 100 million, we already had that goal prior and were going to meet. >> sean: can i ask a question? i watched an eye, i see the room as only 200 people are there.
8:24 pm
i'm looking -- you've had access as a congressman to the vaccine since december, everybody's had a chance to get vaccinated, everybody is masked up, social distancing. the american people have been told, believe the sites. okay, get vaccinated, being lectured every day by everybody. everyone got the vaccine. is there something we weren't told that the vaccine may be you don't have confidence and because if you had competence in it why wasn't the room full, and why was everyone wearing a mask and social distancing still? >> because this is what the speaker wants. if we were in the senate, you don't have to wear a mask. i asked the doctor, he said they have different traditions. want to know something very interesting? they handed out a mask to every member. you know once planted on the front of that mask? it made in china. they handed u.s. congress, every single member, a mask that said
8:25 pm
made in china. to me, the one thing that nancy pelosi -- >> sean: courtesy of the virus that came from china. >> it's the same thing, biden's policy, it's made in china. he wanted to tell us how tough he was -- i've seen no toughness. i've been to more than ten of these, that was the most depressing, unexciting -- it was kind of a monday in the moment. you're sitting there, and are almost depressed as an american coming want want to be excited about this number regardless who's party, whose president is standing there, it's all or president. the idea of what he gave, it wasn't instilling us to believe in the exceptionalism of this country. it wasn't a moment in time where he got to turn on the television i saw tim scott, that's the america i wanted to follow. that's the america the children know that we will --
8:26 pm
>> sean: thank you. as i sat at the start of the program, a star was bored tonight. it tim scott from the great state of south carolina, take a look. >> our best future will not come from washington schemes or socialist dreams. it will come for review cub at the american people. a black, hispanic, white, asian. republican and democrat, brave pleats on spacers and black neighbors. we are not adversaries. >> sean: joining us now for reaction, senator lindsey graham. of. he's not really start born tonight, we both know for a long time he's a star. every time he's on my radio show, he'll be on tomorrow night a lot, only denis mcdonough video and talk about how he is the more popular senator from the great state of south carolina
8:27 pm
>> [laughs] let me tell you, you got a lock to work with if you want to make fun of me. here's the deal, tim scott is one of the smartest people i've ever met. he has a genuine, good heart, very principled, and what do you and i know, the country's automates. he made conservativism proud. he claimed to the american people with a smile on his face that there's an alternative to biden's america. it joe biden scared the hell out of me tonight. he looked week as commander in chief, and embraced socialism. he made me feel great about being republican, proud to be from south carolina, and hopeful about the country. he became public enemy number one tonight. to check out the internet, and see what the liberals are saying about tim scott. vote tim is his website. they're going to crush the sky
8:28 pm
if they can. and jamie harrison, my opponent who raised $132 million is now the democratic national committee chairman. he's going after tim and a big way tonight. if you want to help him, go to vote tim, and to get what you can come in because the enemy of tim scott are going to do the same tonight. we need to have tim's back like you had my back. he said for a real challenge. as we don't count me. he's an amazing the times we been on the program we've been looking forward to 2022, republicans are a few seats away from taking back the house. if you want to talk about bellwether for 20 of 24, you have to look at the senatorial map of 2022. barta, georgia, north carolina,
8:29 pm
and new hampshire, wisconsin, ohio, and errors appear something interesting was said by the great senator, democrat kelly arizona on biden's speech. what i didn't hear was a plan to address the immediate crisis at the border. i'll continue holding them accountable to deliver them the resources. to me, i don't think that senator kelly from arizona would've said that if he wasn't up for reelection. what can i say? i'm cynical. >> all i can say is, if you watch your show, you will learn a lot about the politics in general. why does mark kelly much of the fact that joe biden didn't talk about solving the border crisis? because joe biden is the crisis. the root cause of the run on the border is not leave northern triangle countries. they are no better or no worse than the work under -- they are better because of trouble.
8:30 pm
at the bottom line is, joe biden instituted catch and release. if you come to america, you get released in the country. you never show up to your court date. he is gone back to catch and release. mark kelly knows, unless you change and reform, it's never ending. the reason why he never mentioned it is because the left won't let him mention it. at the root cause of immigration chaos is joe biden. >> everything now has different meaning than when we are use to. infrastructure means child care, infrastructure means redistribution, infrastructure is a green new deal. if you got $2 trillion emergency relief that was anything but emergency relief. now i've got this new $4 trillion plus that they're going to spend on these other biological policies. i don't know, i don't think you need a degree from mit or
8:31 pm
harvard to figure out that those numbers don't add up. joe biden said he's going to be able to do it without creating a deficit. senator -- i got an iphone like everybody else, it has a calculator on it, i can do the simple math. he pretty much come if we confiscated the wealth of every rich person, which we are getting pretty close to, we still wouldn't balance the budget, would we? >> no. what joe biden did tonight was introduced to the largest power grab in american history. >> sean: he didn't talk about court packing, didn't talk about any of the legislative filibuster, and didn't about d.c. statehood, didn't talk about what's really radically going on in terms of the power grab. even though he said there in the campaign, he sported none of these things. i saw a we could joe biden tonight, a double joe biden, not the guy you knew years ago.
8:32 pm
>> really, i saw a socialist tonight. a man who embraced socialism. to save american families, we're going to grow the government. at the bottom line, infrastructure is about climate change but it's not about roads and bridges. he talks about russia and china in terms that were on very big to me. it do you think after listening to joe biden tonight that anybody at the kremlin is worried? do you think the chinese have any fear in them after hearing the speech tonight? he was incoherent on foreign policy. he talked about leaving afghanistan as if there is no consequence. he turned down the sound to military advice. if this is the same joe biden that allowed isis to come back by leaving iraq. after tonight, he made barack obama look like ronald reagan. use the business, there's a better way, tim scott embodies
8:33 pm
that way. he did not only himself proud, but he did conservatism proud. >> sean: thanks, great night for south carolina. i will say that. we did see the weak, frail, double joe biden, once more gun control on top of every other radical point of view. to take a look. >> we need more senate republican to close the loopholes to -- we need a ban on assault weapons with high-capacity magazines. it don't tell me it can't be done, we've done it before and it worked. were not changing the constitution, are being reasonable. i think is not a democratic or republican issue, it's an american issue. >> sean: republican congressman, i wish she would run for senate in ohio, jim jordan is with us. and nobody ever listens to my advice. i just get turned down all the
8:34 pm
time. mark meadows agrees with me, by the way, you are outnumbered here. so we've talked about the power grab, talked about the radical socialism, i wrote a book before the election, i released it this year, "live free or die, america on the break." at chapter four, socialism, the history of failure. we'll start with you mark meadows, any form or manifestation, you get the same results. unfulfilled promises, more poverty,and how much freedom yop first false security from the government. >> was unremarkable, uninspiring, and unworkable vision for america we saw tonight. you're right, a socialist agenda, it was all about big government. a big government was supposed to take care of your day care, your job, your health care, your
8:35 pm
retirement, and ultimately, what we see is the big government was the answer for everything tonight. we'd expect this kind of speech coming out of havana, cuba, not out of washington, d.c. >> sean: well said. at the same people that are making all of these -- we are going to take care of your education, everything, guaranteed jobs, guaranteed health care, guaranteed food, guaranteed -- jim jordan, i'll ask you this. is that the same group of people that can't keep up law and order in their states that they run for decades? the same people that bankrupted social security and medicare? is at the same group of people that said, keep your dr. plan and save money? none of those promises were being kept. why are people trusting of the promises of security. >> the same people have already spent $2 trillion, getting ready to spend $2 trillion more, getting ready to pack the
8:36 pm
united states supreme court, and getting ready to do all these crazy left-wing things. the big take away for me would be the lack of energy in the chamber. i sent to someone, this is socialism presented in slow motion. we know they are moving fast, but the presentation, there is no energy at all. you contrast that to a little over a year ago when we are in that chamber and president trump honored rush limbaugh in the speech he gave. did that to me was a real contest that came here. they don't want to talk about all the things they've done 100 days, all the things they've done and what they want to do now. the only time immigration came up was when biden talked about talking about amnesty. i'm not sure we bargained for all of this. >> sean: i'll ask you guys come and we were told everybody get vaccinated. everyone in that room, everyone in congress has had a shot of the vaccine since late december. they've all been vaccinated, or had the choice. why not fill the room, why is
8:37 pm
everybody wearing a mask? that we get back to normal life, weren't we told life would return to normal? >> it's all about keeping us away from freedom spirited jim jordan talked about that in the hearing with dr. fauci not too long ago. this is the democrats vision for america. in the congressional chamber tonight, symbolizes what they're already talking about. empty churches, empty schools, empty workplaces, they believe that this is a return to normal. the outcome of the science doesn't even back it up. if they don't even follow their own cdc guidelines tonight. if this was all a political statement. if the american people have had enough, it's time for kids to be back in school, and for people to be back in their churches, and everybody go back to work. joe biden doesn't get that. vaccinated, does that mean masks and social distancing in
8:38 pm
perpetuity? >> it means it's exactly right. we need our first amendment liberties back. early in his speech, president biden said we need to choose truth over fear. at the image from the chamber was exactly the opposite, as mark just laid out. americans are tired of having their first amendment liberties assaulted and attacked like to have been for years. just sit back and let america's live three, not under the socialist vision that the biden administration has. >> sean: i need to come up with a name for the tag team of jordan and meadows. i got to figure this out. i'll come up with something. inc. you guys, both grade when we come back, kayleigh mcenany, steve miller, they will have reactions to biden's radical address. speaking of leo 2.0 terrell he's coming up, too. that's straight ahead. ou'll find the brands you love, and love the ones you get to discover.
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♪ ♪ >> sean: tonight, we saw a very weak, frail biden trying to hide his destructive socialist power grab with bumper stickers and slogans, and cliches. it tim scott, he called them out, exposed biden's lies one by one. in joining us with reactions to tonight's speech, kayleigh mcenany, former white house senior advisor, stephen miller. it was good line post speech, not particularly the biggest fan of lately, chris christie. it was like a 15-year-old with a credit card. i kind of made me chuckle. >> joe biden has met with historians to try to make himself fdr. one notable difference that rich lowry points out, he had a 200 seat majority, joe biden has a limited majority since the final two years. it credit card he may try to make himself fdr, but he doesn't
8:44 pm
have the mandate to lead. i've just got to say, to hear tim scott say, america is not a racist country -- that is what the american public wants to hear. original sin is not the end of our story, redemption is. that inspiring messages the future of our party, what a contrast tonight. >> joe biden's friend, the former klansman he partnered with to stop the integration of schools because he didn't want schools to become racial jungles -- he outcome it took lyndon johnson that she was one who relied on republicans historically speaking. steve miller, you played a role in crafting the beaches, state of the union in president trump. it they were good parts of the speech by america. it sounded right like donald trump, never ending wars -- we got to get out of them. that sounded a lot like donald trump. a prescription drug places being lowered, that sounded like
8:45 pm
donald trump. maybe he learned a thing or two. i'm >> there is no doubt that he has copied a few of president trump's lines. i'll tell you what you can't copy, his charisma. boy, that was a dull, lifeless, boring speech. my lord, i don't think i've ever in the life side it -- >> it's like he's a corpse. it's unwatchable. >> i have never seen such extreme it dominic ideas married to such a completely dry text. i mean, just from a pure writing standpoint, this wasn't a speech. this was a laundry list. a series of bullet points right in order. nothing was stitching it together, no big idea. compare that to a year ago, president trump's speech with all the excitement and enthusiasm and energy, patriotism, optimism -- this
8:46 pm
speech was literally like watching paint dry on the side of an old house. >> sean: and then you watch the dash i call it the biden shuffle. the little baby steps he takes as he walks, little elbows, looks like it's an effort. it doesn't seem to be a vitality and how he approaches this. it's the hardest job in the world, kaylee. this is somebody who doesn't have a high energy level. >> he ended his speech by saying, thank you for your patience. that's hardly the way you want to end your first address to congress. my friend and former colleague stephen miller, got to say, that last state of the union was one of the most well-written state of the unions, well delivered state of the unions i've ever heard of. it's about the american people, and to watch american heroes stand up all across that room is
8:47 pm
president trump acknowledge them. it was a beautiful speech, and you got none of that tonight. well done, stephen miller. he has a future as a speechwriter. >> america is at a crossroads, 2022 is everything, stephen. >> don't be fooled by the boring, lifeless, insufferable language. look at the ideas behind it. you've saw an agenda for open borders, defunding police, and the largest big government spending pitch in u.s. history. >> sean: well said, thank you both created directly ahead, more divisive racial rhetoric from biden. larry elder, leo 2.0 terrell my straight ahead. ♪ ♪
8:48 pm
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♪ ♪ >> sean: joe biden tonight, once again claiming america has
8:52 pm
systemic racism. but of course, he's taking no responsibility for his disastrous record on the issue of race. one of the few people that tell you the truth about it, let's compare that to what rising republican star, tim scott, had to say. >> last year, after the death of breonna taylor and george floyd, i built an even bigger police reform proposal. my democratic colleagues blocked it. i extended an olive branch, i offered amendments, but democrats used the filibuster to block the debate from even happening. my friends across the aisle seem to want the issues more than they wanted the solutions. but i'm still working, i'm hopeful that this will be different. >> sean: here with reactions, fox news contributor and civil rights attorney, leo too pointed zero terrel, along with radio talk show host, larry one point oh elder. we have a big disagreement, leo.
8:53 pm
you gave an a- to tim scott, wrong professor, a+. what did you go to harvard to grade? >> that exceeds me, the only reason why i gave him an a-, it wasn't long enough. it he could've gone on. it was a perfect speech. it was excellent. >> sean: you should've said that. >> i'm explaining right now, tim scott showed figure, energy, and was a truth teller. i've been on every one of these box programs, and your program. systemic discrimination does not exist, it does not exist. you have tim scott basically debunk all of the lies being told by the left. he said very clearly, america is not a racist country. he told the truth. tim scott should be the senate minority leader effective tomorrow. he is the leader, he is a shining star within the republican party.
8:54 pm
one final point, he made it very clear -- democrats do not want to get rid of the race issue. they love it. what tim scott said, they would rather have the issue than the solution, exactly. they want to cascade it tim scott is a truth teller, and you sought tonight. >> sean: and larry elder. to speak of the democrats of course need to have the race card. without the race card, they can't win. he was exactly right, they want this issue, they don't want it to go away. it's a bogus issue -- not only is it bogus, getting people killed. it's called the ferguson effect. cops are pulling back for being accused of racism, bad guys know it, young black men are not klein because they are taught by our so-called leaders that the police are out to get you. why should they comply? a stop that would otherwise be fairly routine become stuck on one because of the systemic racism live.
8:55 pm
was i asleep when obama got elected and reelected? the percentage of eligible blacks exceeded the percentage of eligible whites for the first time in american history? in 1958 when the question was asked if you would vote for a black president, 58% yes. it's what the media does for ratings. >> sean: by the way, i don't see larry 1.0's hat, leo. you're supposed to give larry the hat. where is he? you oh larry a -- >> at systemic racism! >> sean: i want to see it. we have an announcement on "hannity" when we get back, straight ahead.
8:56 pm
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9:00 pm
that is, though, all the time we are left for this late addition of "hannity." we will never be the media mob. we are always independent. lots more to talk about cuomo, the reaction to the night, and of course, rudy giuliani. let's not your heart be troubled. the news continues. laura ingraham of light. what time is a question mark oh, it's day. >> i don't know. i've no idea. but who is buying? >> ketones and water -- >> you are doing a good focus group, right? >> we are doing a big town hall, unless you think five governors form a focus group. we are doing a town hall. >> ron desantis is going to be in front of it? >> way the whole crew. kate reynolds is going to be here for my way. so dissent is obviously. pete ricketts britts was going to be a great event. we are looking forward to it.


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