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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  April 28, 2021 5:00pm-5:55pm PDT

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good night here. thank you very much for watching "fox news prime time." i'm tammy bruce and i will be back here tomorrow night. tucker carlson is coming up next. thanks, everyone. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> tucker: that evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." about an hour from right now, joe biden will deliver his first address before congress. he will be making his way to the white house in the capital shortly. now the early experts amount to a casserole of cliche. they are designed to calm your suspicions that anything weird or scary might be going on in the country and to reassure you that everything is going to be fine. just fine. in fact, better than i was. in that way, it has the same
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narcotic intent of the bite and campaign itself. remember that? don't worry. we are moderates. we'll make everything normal again. whatever you think of joe biden, that turned out to be one of the greatest lies ever told. in four months, this white house has changed america more quickly and more radically than ever before. they have moved so fast and with such stunning aggression, even people who are paid to keep track of it like us can barely keep up. every change they have forced has moved to the country in the very same direction, away from democracy where every voter has the same power and towards something very different, toward tyranny. most ominous of all, this is the hallmark of tierney. they have not hesitated to use the force of law to punish their political opponent. here's the latest example. at 6:00 a.m. this morning, federal agents raided the home of rudy giuliani. they seized his personal property, including his
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electronic devices, which include all of his digital communications and records. before they did this, the feds notified their allies and democratic party campaign project, the lincoln project. they knew this raid was coming. now you may have thought the lincoln project was done. we told you that, in fact. we believed it was permanently discredited by a child molestation scandal. but it wasn't. the lincoln project is strong sr than ever. of course it is stronger, because the lincoln project is an ally of the white house. so, by definition, they can do whatever they want and they do. but rudy giuliani is not a political ally. in fact, he was the personal attorney of the president. his communications, by the way, the feds are reading right now tonight as we speak. and in the end, that was rudy giuliani 'escort offense, being trump's lawyer.
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having the gall to question what joe biden and his son were doing in ukraine a couple of years ago. they called it something else. but that is what rudy giuliani did. what is interesting is the one electronic device the feds didn't seize, the fbi did not take, was a copy of hunter biden's hard drive from his laptop. he had a copy of that in his apartment. at one point, they picked it up and looked at it but when rudy giuliani told them where it came from, it came from hunter biden, they put it down. it was one thing they didn't want and that is very strange if you think about it the justice department is now telling us that rudy giuliani was somehow involved in tampering with our democracy. russia, by implication was involved. see you would think they would want to examine rudy giuliani's own copy of hunter biden's laptop. why? because hunter biden himself just told us on television that
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that laptop and hard drive could be tied to russian intelligence. all of the photoshopped pictures of hunter biden smoking fake russian crack with those fake russian hookers. so why wouldn't he want his own copy of that? well, you would think they would, because as joe biden told us, during the october debate on tv, joe biden himself believed that rudy giuliani was a pawn of russian intelligence. >> we are in a situation where we have foreign countries trying to interfere in the outcome of our election. his own national security advisor told him that what is happening with his buddy, well, look, i shun it, i will. his buddy, rudy giuliani, he is being used as a russian pond. he is being fed information that is russian, that is not true. >> tucker: all, he is being fed information by russians.
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by russian intelligence, by vladimir putin. as now president of the united states, he claimed in public, you would think that biden's justice department would want all of the evidence he could get from rudy giuliani's apartment. instead they told him that they had a search warrant for all communication between him and among others, a journalist called john solomon. if the name sounds familiar, he often appears in sean hannity's hour, right after this one. at one point, john solomon's reporting uncovered the fact that a key figure in the mueller investigation was in fact an informant for the u.s. government. now, that was an essential fact to know, but robert mueller did not disclose it in his final report. instead, he portrayed the ukrainians as a russian agent. now, that was a lie. it was a lie by omission and that lie help prop up the
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collusion hoax. john solomon exposed that lie and it looks like the biden people haven't forgotten about it. now, the fbi's pretext for investigating him is that he violated something that no one in america had even heard of. foreign agents registration act. it has been up for an awful long time. for 50 years, a total of 7 people face criminal charges for violating it. only one was convicted. in fact, the u.s.'s attorney said that you should warn lobbyists who don't comply, not prosecute them. warned them. it is extremely common in washington. they are treated as civil manners. that all changed when donald trump was elected. it became a tool that the doj ruled against republicans. there have been more prosecutions in the past few years then we have seen in the
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past century. these are process crimes and they have been weaponized against political opponents. particularly of the biden administration. he's got a phd in that subject. you could argue he has never wielded profound political power. but he has been a long time informal advisor of donald trump. in 2019, roger stone was arrested on the grounds that he lied to congress about a subject that honestly no one now and seem to remember. what were the details question if nobody knows. it was that insignificant. and by the way, the context is this. lying to congress? it happens all the time. like roughly every day. and sometimes, it gravely hurt the country. he was a former director of national intelligence. and he lied to congress when he said that the nsa was not spying on millions of americans. the nsa was in violation of our constitutional rights. he committed perjury. no problem. the former cia director lied when he said --
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spying on the legislative branch. he lied about it. another case of perjury. and here's the interesting thing. neither of them were ever prosecuted. in fact, they both got better jobs. you can see them on tv tonight, collecting their paychecks from the network. why did they get off? because they are on the right side. roger stone in contrast, here is what happened to him. >> exclusive footage you are looking at right now from cnn of the fbi arriving at roger stone's residence in fort lauderdale, florida, taking him into custody. they arrived before dawn there, just after 6:00 a.m., a dozen officers were told. >> tucker: acn an exclusive pier well, cnn was tipped off to that raid before it happened. imagine if the department of justice, men with guns who can literally shoot you and get away
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with it, used the american news media for political purposes to hurt you before you are even put on trial. that is corrupt and what you just saw on television, that is one of the most grotesque displays of corrupt justice to happen in this country and in our lifetime. in the end, he had a presidential pardon in the final moments of the trump administration. but the story wasn't over for him. the harassment continued. the biden administration has now announced that they are suing roger stone. he has paid the taxes, not an easy thing when his prosecution left him unable to work, when the judge in the case couldn't even speak in public. he was completely broke. stone paid everything he owed. he was negotiating a settlement. he was negotiating with the government as many do. and then the day after joe biden was inaugurated, the feds pulled out of the negotiation and went after him publicly. roger stone is broke, but guess
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who is doing great these days question what can you guess? hunter biden. and it turns out that hunter biden has tax problems too. you know that from his laptop. it indicated that he may have taken millions of dollars from communist officials in china. the question is, did hunter biden pay taxes on that money? the judge was wondering that too. they had a criminal investigation into hunter biden's taxes. but you haven't heard a lot about that investigation and that's weird. well, maybe it's not so weird because on inauguration day, joe biden needed a new head of the criminal division of the department of justice. that man is called nicholas and that just so happens that he was a law partner of hunter biden's defense attorney for years. funny how that works. the feds have become more aggressive than ever in using the force of law to crush political dissent. in the leaks to the media, for example, the feds announced they were investigating congressman, matt gaetz of florida for the crime of sex trafficking.
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"the new york times" dutifully wrote a piece. that destroyed matt gaetz and took him completely off the map. whatever his flaws may be, matt gaetz is smart. he is articulate, and he is bright. matt gaetz was one of the very few members in the entire congress who bothered to stand up against washington on behalf of his constituents. but you are not hearing from him now because matt gaetz is a sex trafficker. so the question is, who exactly did matt gaetz traffic? we can't answer that question because no charges have been filed. so all that remains is the stigma. the remarkable thing is, and we are almost getting tired of these contrasts, but here is the most visited. it is apparently material on hunter biden's laptop to suggest that hunter biden was involved in the sexual abuse of minors. they have a copy of the laptop. here's the thing. nobody has leaked anything about this to "the new york times" or
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nbc news. hunter biden has not been charged with this, not with abuse. he hasn't been charged with a firearms felony. he lied on a background check. he committed a felony. a federal firearms felony. so is he going to jail? oh, no. hunter biden got a million dollar book contract. and then he got a gig teaching. so, it's good to be the president's son. do you know what it is not good to be? is not good to be a trump voter. that is very clear. watch this partisan federal prosecutor. republicans so much as -- they will be treated like al qaeda. >> we had an inauguration on the 20th. so, i want to ensure, and our office wants to ensure that there is shock and all that we could charge as many people as possible before the 20th. and it works because we saw through media posts that people are afraid to come back to d.c. because they are like if we go
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there, we are going to get charged. we wanted to take out those individuals that essentially were thumbing their noses at the public for what they did. it went okay, that guy is a lunatic. he should not have power. but more importantly, what he just said is the opposite of justice. in a justice system, you punish people for the crimes they have committed equally with everyone else who has committed those crimes. you don't punish some people extra to send a political point or to deter future behavior that might inconvenience a political party. and that is exec and what he did. that is not legal, by the way. a district court judge, christopher cooper just released one man who has been in detention for four months now. that man, a 60-year-old named richard barnett has made the mistake of entering nancy pelosi's office without permission. he didn't burn it down. he didn't hurt anybody. but for that crime, for trespassing, he was beaten by prison guards.
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cooper who is an obama appointee, richard barnett, although you may not like who he voted for, still has rights. and so, barnett was finally released from jail thanks to the judge. but that is not unusual. barnett was one of more than 36 protesters on january 6th who have been held in solitary confinement in a d.c. jail for months now. this is so disproportionate, especially considering people who raped others and committed gun crimes. they actually said something about it. "solitary confinement is cruel and psychologically damaging" said elizabeth warren. elizabeth warren. thank you, elizabeth warren. you may be wrong on everything but you are right on that and bless you for saying that.
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in a functioning democracy, every member of the democratic party will be saying the exact same thing. republicans would be saying it too peer where are the republicans by the way customer what does mitch mcconnell do for a living? they have been silent about this egregious abuse of human rights. in a functional democracy that cared about justice, there would be demands for the immediate release of every nonviolent protester who went to the capitol on january 6th. but there are not, so the white house will likely lock up more people here just today we should tell you, victoria who has been a guest on the show many times, former federal prosecutor, an attorney of 50 years in the district of columbia, had her home raided by federal agents. why? we will tell you when we know. but tolman is a attorney from utah. thank you so much for coming on. this is so scary that this is happening. but let's just focus precisely on the rudy giuliani case.
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they are telling us they raided his home over a fara violation? could that really be true? >> you know, it is reminding me of one thing that stood out when i was in the department of justice. it said that the hallmark of fairness in the administration of justice was consistency. and yet, you cannot find consistency right now, tucker. you highlighted that. in a fair investigation, you when it warrant an investigation, probably not even a criminal charge. but if you did and determined a charge that case, it's pretty ironic that months ago, rudy giuliani and his attorneys reached out and indicated that they were willing to cooperate, answer questions, or provide documents. why wasn't it good enough then but now it is okay because they go in at 6:00 a.m. with a search warrant? >> tucker: there is a law
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that -- it looks to me that watching this parade for the past five years, they are intent on destroying their political opponents using the force of law. is that what you see? >> yeah, it is, tucker, and it is disconcerting, because for the longest time, we've always heard that those in the trenches, they are good people. they are agents that want to root out crime. they are investigators or prosecutors in the doj. but look, the path to corruption is lined with individuals who were just following orders. and here, they go into the home at 6:00 a.m. they could have had material and an interview but apparently turned that down. and then when they are in there, so they have a search warrant that is one of the broadest you can have. it allows you to search anywhere you want in that particular home. because you can find flash drives in any nook and cranny of a home. so, they search everywhere in this home and they find a hard
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drive. and they are told that the hard drive has on it evidence of child porn or evidence of further crimes and they put the hard drive down. not only is it right within the heartland of their search warrant, but i don't know one agent, i have never worked with an agent. they would have taken that statement seriously and they would be analyzing it right now. >> tucker: such a great point. by the way, there is -- >> is a mandatory minimum. >> tucker: yet, it ought to be. i appreciate your coming home and adding that perspective. thank you. we should tell you that former mayor, rudy giuliani will be joining us on this show for his first interview. that will be tomorrow night at 8:00 p.m. eastern peer we hope you join us for that. while, a minute before getting
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back to covering the president's speech, sharing some news about tucker carlson originals. we can tell you that the second episode comes to fox nation tomorrow morning. that means two episodes available. this one is called green energy scams. the focus of it is on the decimation of the last great standing forest on the east coast of the united states. here is a preview of it. ♪ ♪ >> maine is such a beautiful place. has such special characteristics. the fresh air, the fish, the deer. and look at what we are about to do. destroy that.
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this quarter is going to cut right through that habitat and destroy it. >> this is it. >> what we are up against in this state is corporate corruption and political corruption. >> one of the greatest sequester is of carbon we have. >> every equipment, bulldozers, everything has got to be sedated. >> if we don't stop this thing, the whole state of maine will become an ugly place. >> i mean, you can't make this stuff up. >> tucker: the care about the environment so much, why are they destroying it? well, that is the second episode of our documentary series on as of tomorrow morning. our first episode of chicago in crisis. about 1,000 hours of a remarkable and never-before-seen footage. it is actually happening in
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chicago. the stuff is worth it. it is not some product we are selling or getting a percentage of. it's actually good. we hope you'll take a look at as we said, we are awaiting joe biden's address. a lot of violence in american cities, as you know. police officers resigning all over the country. we'll joe biden address that? we'll find out in a minute. they have not yet departed for the capital but the moment he does, we will have them for you. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> tucker: joe biden is about to leave to the capital to deliver his address to congress. we had better take that back soon. but there are some people who don't want to take the vaccine, partly because they have watched joe biden, who is fully vaccinated wearing his mask and they ask themselves what is this about? but it doesn't matter. they have to anyway. we are learning tonight that there are people who are getting fired because they haven't taken the vaccine. fox news, trace gallagher has that occlusive story for us. we are happy to have him. good to see you. >> yeah, you too. houston has 8 hospitals with 26,000 employees and those employees have not been notified they have until june 7th to get
5:27 pm
a covid vaccine or they could be fired. hospital ceo, mark sent an email to staff that reads in part "it is our sacred obligation to do everything possible to keep our patients safe by choosing to be vaccinated, you are leaders. so far most employees are complying but about 10% or 2600 have not and many of them are vowing to fight. a doctor who wants to keep his name out of it told me on the phone that he and many of his colleagues don't yet trust the vaccine and are simply asking the hospital to allow more time for them to be studied here it in a letter to texas senator, ted cruz, quoted here "these houston methodist employees have had a difficult year. they have been understaffed but have stepped into the breach of this pandemic. these same front line heroes are being told to comply or lose their jobs and health care benefits. ted cruz, who has been a big supporter of the vaccine choice has not yet responded to our inquiry. houston methodist says employees
5:28 pm
are welcome to apply for religious or medical exemption but the hospital also acknowledges many of these claims have been denied. so come in just over a month, the choice appears to be the jab or the job. tucker. >> tucker: trace gallagher, thanks so much for that. what a weird story. pretty strange that people who work at a hospital when it want to get the vaccine. i don't know what that's about. well, the race lady over on msnbc took a quick break to reveal something deeply personal about herself on television. now, we don't want to mischaracterize what she said in any way, because of clinical significance, as you will see. so we are want to play the whole clip. here it is. >> doctor, i am vaccinated, joined team pfizer. i took my dog to the park and this was the mask that i wore with a doctor's mask under it and most of the people that i saw that were in the park, the park was packed.
5:29 pm
i would say like 95% of people still had masks on. there were people getting really upset about that. i won't name them. should people be freaking out that some people, like myself who are vaccinated are still wearing masks outdoors customer should we do that? >> tucker: i joined team pfizer. you did question work so, they give you a shot of medicine and suddenly you have sworn allegiance to the creepy -- quite the consumer. you never hear about anyone joining team advil. apparently those guys need to spend more money on marketing. but it was the next part of the clip that had us concerned. i'm fully-vaccinated, she explained and that is why when i went jogging in the park today, i put to call masks over face just to be safe. how is that different from getting a vasectomy and then wearing two condoms.
5:30 pm
not to be vulgar, but that's exactly what it's like. it's a compulsion. it's like washing your hands 37 times before you allow yourself to brush her own hair. freud wrote about that. you just heard joy reid say that 95% of the new yorker she saw yesterday have masks on while they were outside. can that number be real? even if you have two, we have a major problem. this is mass psychosis. thankfully there may be a solution. the people who run the burning man event in nevada just announced that they will not be gathering this year. they are too afraid of covid. that is obviously bad news if you enjoy body painting and interpreted dance on acid. we see that as an opportunity. why not replace it with burning masks. the naked-ist gathering in the desert. no more moist cotton to your
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face. no more struggling to fill your lungs. no more mandatory suffocation. just deep breaths, as many as you want. unrestricted airflow in nature. gulp it down! it's allowed here! and then come on the final night, a pagan ceremony under the stars. the burning of the masks. original bonfire of ppe. liberation. a cleansing of the spirit, a word that by the way means breath in a single blaze, covid neurotics will turn their emotional oppression into heat and ash. at burning masks, they will emerge once again fully human, or the somewhat less uptight and annoying. actually, now that we say it out loud, it doesn't sound entirely crazy. certainly a lot more sane than jogging through the park with two masks on. we've been trying to keep you updated on what is happening to police department's in this country since many have been
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defunded and since all police officers have been attacked as a group. they are resigning. they have been demonized. law enforcement has been demonized by the democratic party and so many are giving up. in the city of seattle, which needs law enforcement, that number is set to hit 100 by the end of next month. jason is a radio host in seattle and he joins us with more of the story. jason, tell us the state of the seattle police department. >> well, the state will be 300 in total since last year, since this defunded movement has taken a hold of the city of seattle. that puts the city of seattle having the lowest deployable police staff since the 1980s, which of course, from that time, we've seen almost a double increase in the population. and of course, with less police and an embracing of a culture of lawlessness that the biden
5:33 pm
administration has taken on and democrats as a whole. we have seen an increase in crime. the 26 year high homicide rate. 2- one in the county. we had an increase in homicide here that report just came out yesterday. this is not an anomaly for seattle either. we are seeing similar results from big cities all across the country. new york, portland, louisville, for example. that's a really good example, because now they are under investigation and there is more on policing. they lost 230 officers in the last 16 months. murders are up 75%. and when you look at the data as to who is being murdered, these are predominately black people who are being murdered. so, when we talk about black lives matter and we have to defund the police, well, you are hurting the black community most. >> tucker: does anyone notice this? the city council of seattle, may year, neighbors, that people are dying.
5:34 pm
elgin are dying. totally innocent people are dying because of what they did. has anyone apologize or try to reverse course? >> there is definitely no reversing course pair what they usually do is deflect. it doubles down into why we need to put even more money in these programs, to replace police officers. of course that makes no sense. that kind of work takes years, if not even decades to see long-term results, meaningful results. and so, what are you going to do in the meantime as crime rates are going up? really, at the end of the day what we are seeing with the biden, administration, they will announce even more investigations like they are doing in louisville. of course, the department of justice and the local activists will have a bigger say in how the police stations operate. so, instead of fully defunding the police, they are going to dismantle it institutionally via the federal government and then rebuild it in the image of these
5:35 pm
progressive viewpoints. it's what happened in seattle. it happened at different police departments. it's going to happen in louisville. >> tucker: you keep waiting in this country for the adults to show up. you can't take our police away and throw people in solitary confinement if they didn't vote for you. to restore some sense of decency to the country. jason come in the meantime, really appreciate your reports. joe biden on his way to the capital right now we have heard. he has a police escort. but the war on police has intensified. heather mcdonald has spent the last 30 years studying data on this question, on policing, on law enforcement. we talked to her for the latest episode of "tucker carlson tonight." it was fantastic. here's part of it. >> you attack an officer, you are not just attacking an individual. that's bad enough. you are attacking the very
5:36 pm
possibility of civilization. this is why people understand this are terrified of her time it happens and why they target officers. because they stand for law and order. and law in order obviously to the left has been a racist echo dog whistle. but it has a perfect legitimate meaning that we will regret when we lose it. the drive-by shootings that the press turns its eyes away from last year, four dozen black children gunned down in their beds in the front yards at barbecues, at birthday parties, sitting in their parent's car. not a single one of those dead black bodies say their names was protested by a black lives matter. they were not covered by cnn. if white kids start getting gunned down in these insane brutal, savage out of control
5:37 pm
drive-by shootings, then we will see cnn and "the new york times" start paying attention to what happens when you demonize the cops. >> tucker: such a smart point. you are saying that the violence will not awaken the country to the threat of cops, but to the threat of criminals. >> right. right. and the fact of the matter is that, i mean, every time you turn on cnn or msnbc now, you get some gripe about how charitable it is to be black and how the whites of the enemy in this country and they are to blame for everything. it's just -- it's not the case. there has to be a serious conversation about the pathological inner-city culture that is creating the problem. and nobody wants to talk about that. so, instead we've got this phantom narrative going on
5:38 pm
about, well, it somehow white people that are to blame. it's interesting. immediately after the riot shooting, i think conservatives were naive enough to think oh, well we know for sure that there was a homicide in progress here. so, everything is going to be fine. >> tucker: a life was saved. >> yeah, and it kept going. so, the degree of excusing and normalizing of black violence is now to the point where it's okay to stab somebody. even that is going to be turned into the white supremacist narrative. >> tucker: so, we talked to heather mcdonald for about an hour and it was an edifying fascinating hour. really a smart person at a deep person. that's on and tucker carlson today. you can expect joe biden to talk
5:39 pm
a lot about the climate emergency, and he will never explain what that is. they will say there is consensus on it. shut up! what is so interesting though, is that as joe biden talks about it, people who voted for joe biden are responding to it. that does not include picking up litter or making the water cleaner. no, that would be too obvious. that would actually help the planet. no, hurting people as a way to help the planet. "vogue" magazine asks whether having children in this country is "environmental vandalism." the magazine published a piece by someone identified as -- he begins this way. "i worried feverishly about the strain on the earth's resources that another western child here the food he ate, the electricity we use, et cetera, et cetera. she is not worried about more children and other faraway foreign countries. that's totally fine. children in our country are the problem. a former member of congress.
5:40 pm
more impressed by that. sean, thanks so much for coming on. i guess what i am so struck by is how they have racialized the environment. like, what is the color of the kid has to do with his effect on the environment? why pollute something that is inherently decent as wanting to save the environment with their creepy evil race politics? >> well, i don't know why they are injecting race into this, tucker. i look at it from my own perspective as a father. it is outrageous how the critical environmental movement has infiltrated from grade school, middle school, high school, college. all these kids, they have disagreement on everything but the one thing every child agrees on is that the climate is going to end and it's going to end soon. that is because parents don't talk to their kids. we don't talk about issues like the environment and debate it and give them another side. they just give them one leftist
5:41 pm
perspective in school. and that's why you get people who are afraid to have kids. you know this. one of the most great joys of life is having a family. it's complicated, right? not always wonderful, but families are what we are made to do and raising kids is rewarding. and to think that we want to tell kids, to have a child is going to be environmental terrorism or what kind of world as a child going to be raised and because we don't have clean water or we can't grow crops? they are scaring the hell out of kids want to have kids of their own. this is more just radical left is and that is running america and ruining the globe. you know this and you talk about it tucker, but you have the environmental movement. it's about change in the political system in the country to socialism. that is what this is being used for. >> tucker: if you preside over a dirty city, it's just, they are telling people that working
5:42 pm
for an investment bank or slaving away in a warehouse for amazon is more meaningful than having children? that's not true! >> and i care about the environment. fly around the world in jets and also private jets by the way. and they also have massive homes. john kerry is the same. i mean, the hypocrisy of this is real. and it just because, again, this is a political movement, not a scientific movement. if we were going to look at science, we learned about the scientific method. you test the hypothesis. you debate. that doesn't happen at all. the science is settled in climate. the science is soon going to be settled with regard to critical race theory. >> tucker: yet, just check the book of science and you will find it. i appreciate your coming on tonight. >> thanks, tucker. >> tucker: so, but i just showed at the capital. how is this going to get covered? here's a clip. "the new york times" just ran a
5:43 pm
story entitled "100 days of vice presidential style." now according to the most important newspaper in the world, kamala harris doesn't want to talk about those. neither does joe biden. of course. they don't even care about close. that's how deep they are pure but lots of people still want to know what they are wearing. all! the rest of us shallow care. a few months ago, "gq," the former magazine weighed in on this. joe biden is more than the savior. he is a true blue style icon too. the magazine noted that ralph lauren designed joe biden's outfit on inauguration day. they are working for joe biden now. our fashion correspondent and a well-dressed handsome man he is. he joins us now. of all the lies in this piece, the one that stuck out was jill biden and the president, kamala harris don't care about their close? what you think you are talking
5:44 pm
to? of course they care about their close. >> welcome but this is what they have to justify. the post modern journalism, tucker, where you write about the fact that close aren't important. but as everybody reads "the new york times" knows come at the same time, people out there, as you say, they care about style. i mean, this is literally the emperor's new clothes. the "gq" story isn't about guys who pose for a shoot as obama, clinton, and al gore did. it's about photo shopping joe biden into close he has never worn. i mean, literally the emperor's new clothes. two a fool, joe biden may look like a guy who spends most of his days sitting in the basement eating tapioca, but to the wise man, he is cary grant. he has an effortless natural
5:45 pm
style. if you look at that picture you just put up of him holding his guitar in the cowboy outfit, in his dreams, he is joan crawford's ex-lover in 1954. he is frolicking in that fantasy land. he is perfectly content. they bring him out and prop him up. he has such style that he wears a mask. two masked guy you were talking about a couple of minutes ago. he wears two coal masks just in case when he is talking -- that is his style. we don't even know whether it is him behind there because he's got such style, so much of it is covered up, it could be one of the look-alikes behind that. democrats are always about the style. jfk, he didn't wear a hat and the hat business collapsed. now we have biden who is
5:46 pm
governing without his marbles. they are always about style, the democrats. and in fact, they've got actually the black hole of style here and they are actually photo shopping him into his style. it is amazing. >> tucker: i hadn't followed the story. just to be clear, that actually happened? he didn't sit for a photo shoot? they just put fake close on his picture? >> well, he said at the all-american makeover of his, but really a breeze. this is, they basically, he hasn't sat for any of these pictures. this is a fantasy photo shoot. >> tucker: so, it really is north korea. that's beyond belief. he shot and 18 in golf this weekend. thank you so much. >> thanks a lot, tucker. >> tucker: so, biden about to come out and talk to the congress. we have seen a lot of change in the first 100 days. he recently formed a commission to study how to practice the pae
5:47 pm
supreme court. biden hasn't spoken against that. jonathan turley joins us tonight to assess the likelihood. professor at george washington university law school. president, thank you so much for coming on. you have said before that you think packing the supreme court is a really radical destructive move. do you think joe biden will say something about it tonight? >> well, that would be a refreshing change. many of us have been waiting for the old joe biden to show up. i have great expectations for biden as president. many of us interacted with him when he was in the senate. i respect him a great deal. he would on occasion bring people back to the center. but we started to see a different joe biden when he refused to actually state his position on packing the court, which was bazaar.
5:48 pm
a lot of people wanted to vote. after becoming president, he created this commission, which is looking at a number of wacky ideas quite frankly. but when a bill was put on the floor, which was raw court packing, he added 4 justices to give a one vote margin into the left of the court. we've heard nothing but silence. and that is a failure of leadership. you know, leadership isn't giving a presidential patina on whatever is popular with the far left of your party. it is getting in front of that crowd and saying, wait, we might want to reform the supreme court. we might ultimately want to gradually expand it. but we won't packet like this. not while i am president. that is called leadership. when he said i am going to make those tough calls, i would like to see him make a couple of those calls tonight. >> tucker: if you want to unify the country. i agree with you completely. nicely-explained. professor, thank you.
5:49 pm
>> thank you. >> tucker: so you are seen kamala harris and the speaker of the house on your screen as they wait for joe biden to arrive. "the washington post" is reporting that biden will "recommit himself to overhauling the immigration and tonight's address. >> come was during the trump administration, gonzalez opposed immigration rates that resulted in deportation. according to him, they don't represent a threat. former director of ice. he knows a job well. thanks so much for coming on here what you make of this apparent point? >> well, i think it is unfortunately, i think he fits right in with the open borders and amnesty movement that dominates this administration. you can see from his record it wasn't just opposing immigration rates. he opposed what was called a
5:50 pm
287g program, which was a program where they identified dangerous criminal aliens that are in jail and work together to deport them. he opposed that. he eliminated that. he also opposed a law that was going to ban -- he opposed that law. allowing illegal alien criminals back into the community as opposed to being deported. it's hard to really justify that policy although the end they are just trying to have as many illegal immigrants in this country for political reasons, for votes and also to encourage people to come across the border. the reason we have the border crisis is because once people get here, they get every right, privilege, and benefit that american citizens get. in fact, illegal immigrants in effect have greater representation in congress and certainly in the white house than american citizens. it is a true disgrace this is
5:51 pm
going on. and again, the people that bear the cost of these policies never get to speak about it. but what is really interesting about this, couple weeks ago employees could not even use the term illegal alien anymore. it is disparaging. they have to use other language. it is ironic because what you were just talking about, the war on cops and the ice agents have borne the brunt of this more so than any other agency. we have a vice president who has compared them to ku klux klan numbers. i wonder if that is in the new guides. or is it just using illegal aliens? this is going to encourage more illegal immigration and it is open borders. >> tucker: for a reason. they are targeting the state of texas to return it to democratic control. they need to wake up and recognize that. but they are going to lose it. >> yeah, it is all about the
5:52 pm
votes. >> tucker: as always. thank you so much. so, the other channel cheer whatever thin administration says peer that will do the same thing tonight. what have they told us? not too much. they are spending a lot of time talking about the fact that -- he is not. he will be teaching at tulane university in new orleans. polarization and public policy impact. they will discuss the current state of the media landscape and how fake news and the economics of the news business impact public policymaking in washington, d.c. she knows quite a bit about this. miranda, hard to believe this is real. couldn't resist getting your take on it.
5:53 pm
>> hi, tucker. it's amazing. we've always known that joe biden has called hunter biden the smartest man he knows. and turns out that wasn't fake news at all because hunter biden is now going to be a professor. and it's quite brilliant of tulane university to decide to get him to teach a class on fake news because no one is more of an expert in fake news than hunter biden. and he is not just an ordinary purveyor of fake news like "new york times" reporters who write that trump supporter's killed someone with a fire extinguisher. he has something extra special because he can turn real news into fake news. like for instance, our story about hunter biden's laptop last year. that was a real story. it was real news.
5:54 pm
and it had emails from hunter biden and from his business partners which showed that joe biden was involved in his influence peddling operation, which was not just real news, but was big news. but somehow, because of hunter biden's special magic quality that he can turn real news into fake news, the rest of the media decided our story was fake news. big media, big tech decided to censor it and to ban our account for a couple of weeks. and you had spooks calling it russian disinformation. it was absolutely genius. >> tucker: and disgusting. and you wonder if hunter biden will mention any of that in his class at tulane. also shocking. >> thanks, tucker. >> tucker: that's it for us. tomorrow night, former mayor, rudy giuliani joins us live to tell us what happened when the fbi raided his home this morning. in the meantime, our coverage of
5:55 pm
joe biden's session continues now with bret baier and martha maccallum. ♪ ♪ the one we are now just minutes away from president biden's speech. it will be followed by a republican response with tim scott. good evening from washington. i'm bret baier. >> martha: good evening, everybody. i martha maccallum. the president is in the capitol building ready to deliver his address to congress. it's a little bit later than usual. usually it's in february or so, but for a number of reasons, it is happening almost at the 100th day of his presidency. >> bret: it is historic. it's different. there are only roughly 200 people present because of covid. they are usually around 1600. it is also


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