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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  April 28, 2021 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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and strange. michael collins, thank you from all americans, rest in peace. >> jesse: all right. rest in peace. >> dana: i talked to him on one more thing. >> had a baby and killing trees by printing your book out. unbelievable. >> jesse: there is audio addition too, that's it for us. "special report" up next with bret. >> bret: i want to read how you saved the world i really do or i will listen to it. >> jesse: it's not a picture book. you many be proud. >> bret: good evening, welcome to washington. i'm bret baier. president biden is expected to call for massive new spending and huge tax increases to pay for it during his first address to a joint session of congress in about three hours. in advanced excerpts from the white house released just moments ago, the president will say his plan willed a millions of jobs and trillions of dollars in economic growth for years to come.
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republicans will counter with the g.o.p.'s only black senator, south carolina's tim scott who is expected to call for pragmatic infrastructure plans that are paid for and incentives that don't hurt businesses. we have fox team coverage tonight. jennifer griffin at the pentagon looks at what the president is dealing with on the foreign policy front and may talk about tonight. jackie heinrich at the capitol previews what senator scott is likely to say but we begin with peter doocy and what we are learning about the president's live from the north lawn. >> tonight's speech is going to take a different tone than the inaugural where the president warned of a dark winter ahead because those excerpts tell us is he going to say after 100 days i can report to the nation america is on the move again turning peril into possibility. crisis into opportunity, setback into strength. now we know that he plans to try to back that big talk up by making the government a lot bigger. >> now is the time to be bold.
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>> so more progressive proposals are coming from a president who told network anchors today, quote, i mean we talk about, you know, can you unite the party? well, i united the democratic party and no one thought it could happen and pretty damn quickly. the president will try to appeal to american families tonight offering them more than a trillion dollars worth of new government programs, including billions worth of free universal preschool, community college tuition and child care. >> these are bold investments to the 2 st century. >> plus $800 billion worth of new tax breaks. >> right now you are much more likely to be audited by the irs. if you live in the mississippi delta than if you live on park avenue. president biden thinks that's not fair. >> all paid for with new taxes on the rich. >> well, you are talking about is raising the top rates, the top tax rates for 1% of americans. 1%. >> republicans don't see the american families plan as fitting with american tradition. >> the biden administration is
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trying to turn us into europe, social welfare economy rather than the vibrant economy that we had pre-pandemic. >> senator bernie sanders pled with biden to announce tonight that he is expanding medicaid and lowering drug prices and that's not happening. but, sanders is apparently not the only lawmaker biden isn't listening to. >> the biden administration seems to have given up on selling actual unity in favor of cat nip to their liberal base covered with a hefty coat of false advertising. >> president biden is privately protesting he doesn't have reliable partners on the right saying, quote: we need a republican party and we need -- we need another party, whatever you call it, that's unified, not completely splintered and fearful of one another. but white house officials had reportedly been meeting with g.o.p. lawmakers about possible counter proposals or other ways to pay for all of this in secret. something the white house isn't ready to talk about on tv. >> well, i don't think it would be helpful to them if i called
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them out. >> tonight we expect to hear the president celebrate his first 100 days and outpacing vaccination follows but the pandemic is just one of the four crises this president has said has long said face this country. so listen tonight to see how much time he gives to talking about what he has already done addressing the other three. the economy, racial justice issues, and climate change. bret? >> bret: peter doocy live on the north lawn, peter, thanks. as mentioned south carolina republican senator tim scott will deliver that response. he is expected to argue the president's proposals are just too extreme. and he will say america's best future won't come from washington schemes or socialist dreams. here is congressional correspondent jackie heinrich. >> republicans, democrats, people all over the country have been very kind and encouraging. thank god for there is unity in our diversity. >> republican senator tim scott is expected to make the case that democrat plans are too
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radical, expensive, and harmful to economic growth. but he will do it through his own story of the american dream. a black man, who grew up poor in a single parent household, and struggled in school, scott represents the same minority and underserved communities democrats prioritize with sweeping legislative overhauls. but scott has said before conservatives free market principles are the fastest way to change. >> under president trump's economy, we literally saw the lowest unemployment rate in the african-american community ever recorded in the history of the country. [chanting] >> in the sensitive climate of the post trump presidency, the g.o.p. has also been keen to engage with and counter the democratic approach to racial issues and scott has set the tone. >> racism and discrimination is a real part of our nation. our nation, however, is not racist. there is a difference. there is a huge difference. >> but scott's biggest challenge will be threading the needle as
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both opponent and demaker as he leads a bipartisan push on police reform. he has earned respect from democratic colleagues senator cory booker calling scott a good faith actor. republicans expect he will find a balance calls for bipartisanship ring hollow as democrats try to use their time in the majority to the fullest. >> his voice, his attitude is one of optimism. it is a voice of unity, which is exactly something that the democrats have turned their back on. >> and we just received part of senator scott's speech. it reads, in part, thanks to operation warp speed and the trump administration, our country is flooded with safe and effective vaccines, thanks to our bipartisan work last year, job openings are rebounding so why do we feel so divided and anxious? a nation with so much cause for hope should not feel so heavy laden. scott's speech will immediately follow president biden.
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bret? >> bret: jacqui heinrich live on the hill. thanks. things are less clear for what the president may say about foreign policy. but there are major concerns with china, taiwan, russia and iran. we have brought some of those to you here on the show. national security correspondent jennifer griffin has that part of the story tonight from the pentagon. >> fleets of chinese fighter jets armed with electronic warfare technology have ramped up efforts to test taiwan as well as the u.s. military. >> i think the chinese are looking at us as if we are some sort of declining power. i think that's a bad estimation on their part. i would not under estimate the american people. the american worker, the american system. the american ability to innovate and the american military. >> the president's top military adviser chairman of the joint chiefs general mark millie outlined the flash points that pose the greatest challenge to this administration a u.s. navy destroyer has been shadowing a chinese aircraft carrier east of taiwan for weeks after chinese military aircraft conducted
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their largest show of force to date using more than two dozen warplanes, including bombers, to test taiwan's reaction time. >> they are not our superiors. i want to make that clear right now. but their goal is to be superior to the united states military. >> china's top foreign affairs policymaker recently declared the u.s., quote: does not have the qualification to speak to china from a position of strength. another flash point for biden, iran's revolutionary guard corps seems intent on baiting the u.s. to react militarily, hoping, some say, to derail negotiations over iran's nuclear program and also push the u.s. out of the middle east, making the u.s. embassy in baghdad a target once again. the u.s. has deployed nuclear capable bombers in hundreds of special operations troops to the middle east as it prepares to withdraw from afghanistan to be on stand by in case the u.s. has to shoot its way out. >> it does concern me. but i would say if we have concerns about the physical
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security of the embassy, the united states will take whatever measures are necessary to ensure the safety of our diplomats. >> iran and china recently signed a 25-year cooperation agreement. tonight, president biden will focus on domestic issues, but, as we know, it is the unexpected foreign entanglements that can derail a president's agenda. bret? >> bret: jennifer griffin live at the pentagon. let's bring in our panel early tonight harold ford, mollie hemingway, senior editor at "the federalist" and trey gowdy former congressman from south carolina. mollie, as you look at the potential of what is already signed and what's proposed, you have the american rescue plan at $1.9 trillion. american jobs plan $2.65 trillion. american families plan $1.8 trillion. there you have 6.35 trillion, with a t, that would potentially, if passed go out in
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an environment where the economy seems to be picking up steam. thoughts on tonight's speech? >> when you give a state of the union or an address like this, it's frequently something that politicians will lie or they will exaggerate but somewhat constrained by the facts on the ground. even 100 days in joe biden doesn't have a great set of facts for tonight. i just re-watched president trump's speech last year that was a speech that was very optimistic, that talked about the blue collar boom, wage growth for african-americans, young people, women, energy independence, factories coming back, foreign policy successes, people thought trump was going to lead to nuclear annihilation instead peace was breaking out all over and we were conquering our enemies, the strike on absolutely and baghdadi and general optimism about america. america being back for average people, not for d.c. and not for the media elite average people. almost seems like it came from a different country. just 100 days in, joe biden has
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had embarrassing foreign policy gaffes like we just referenced with china, with russia, with iran. he continued president trump's warp speed but we are still having children not in school. the economy, for people who are average americans, is not doing well, you know, it's doing fine if you are elite. and he is proposing some real economy crushing ideas in terms of dragging the economy down. so, unless is he using a completely alternate set of facts, he is somewhat constrained by just the bad news that we have in the country right now. >> bret: harold, years ago, bill clinton gave a state of the union address. i believe it was 1996. and said the era of big government is over. that would not be fitting to what this speech is tonight. and it may be kicking up again the era of big government is back. thanks for having me. the era of big government needs
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to come back. when he gives a state of the union has to be positive, has to lay out a vision. here's where we are. infection rates, hospitalization rates, death rates are down. vaccinations are at 3 million a day. we're going to be able to reopen our economy. sure, there's a little friction and tension in the system with conspiracy theorists and others making arguments but we are making progress. as we move forward we have to ensure that we are prepared for anything that comes our way. i think this president is going to lay out a plan, whether it's china or new covid, the investments he is choosing and intending to make will enable us to get past the mindless tribal politics and find a path that not only unleashes the ability to create bipartisan solutions but ensure that we can compete and win against any foe be it china or a new covid. that's what i look to hear tonight and that's what i anticipate hearing tonight. >> bret: harold talks about mindless tribal politics. there is politics here and democrats so far have been able to herd the cats and be able to
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stay on one page as far as how the administration sees it and what they want to get done quickly. "the washington post" ashley parker writes so far republicans have struggled in their attempts to vilify president biden or paint him as out-of-touch, big government socialist, a move by senator ted cruz to depict biden boring but radical fell flat. all from the same sheet of music here. in response? >> you wouldn't think so based on the reporting coming out of their retreat in florida. but, republicans should take hope for this reason. i mean, joe biden is doing what they tell you to do in politics, which is talk reasonably but actually legislate and govern as a progressive. but he talks reasonably. the net result is going to be he may be fine in two years but because of court packing and because of this social infrastructure and because of other initiatives h.r. 1, he is
3:14 pm
going to lose the house. so congratulations, people really like you, but they don't like the house and you are going to lose the house and whatever you want to do you are not going to be able to do for the remainder of your time oas president that's the tradeoff he has. >> bret: mollie, we mentioned tim scott in his response we mentioned couple excerpts. before covid we had the most exclusive economy in my lifetime that happened because republicans focused on students expanding for all americans. we passed opportunity zones, criminal justice reform, political funding for historically black colleges and universities for the first time ever. we fought the drug epidemic, rebuilt our military, cut taxes for working families and single moms like mine. he says our best future won't come from washington schemes or socialist dreams. it will come from you, the american people. it's often tough to too a response to any state of the union or joint address. tonight is a little different in the covid situation. but that's part of the message he will give. >> mollie: it's tough but tim scott is somebody people are very interested. in they are exiled to hear from
3:15 pm
him. it relates to what i was saying he was the benefit of good facts. when republicans were running things or when trump was running things, things were doing very well. contrary to what the media claim about joe biden he is actually more divisive, statistically speaking, than even donald trump was. he is a polarizing figure. his agenda has been radical or cnn called it radical moderation or moderate radicalism. it's not popular with the american people there are crises on the border. there is spending. he thinks the country industry a racist distopic hell hole people don't like to hear this. he is governing like he has a majority that he clearly doesn't have. this is a problem in the real world even if the media are doing as much to help him as they did to tear down donald trump. >> bret: quickly, harold, i doubt we will hear the three words racist, distopic hell hole, in this speech you think it's going to be optimistic tone going forward? >> harold: joe biden's entire political career has been predicated on bringing people
3:16 pm
together, finding compromise. some will argue that the first bill the covid relief bill was something he did alone with just democrats and that's probably right. he campaigned on that. the next phase of his presidency, trey is right, the next of his presidency is heavily finding compromise. what better rebuttal for the white house to have tim scott an honorable decent person who is ready to help lead on police accountability reform. i look forward to both of their speeches tonight. >> bret: all right. we will hear them here. panel, we will see you in just a bit to talk about what to expect from president biden on immigration tonight and the facts on the ground. up next, federal agents raid the home of former new york mayor and presidential adviser and lawyer rudy giuliani. we will tell you what they may have been looking for. ♪ ♪ finding new routes to reach your customers, and new ways for them to reach you... is what business is all about. it's what the united states postal service has always been about. so as your business changes,
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♪ ♪ >> bret: federal agents this morning raided the home of former new york mayor and presidential lawyer rudy giuliani. the lawyer for giuliani today called it legal thuggery. correspondent david lee miller is in new york tonight with the very latest. good evening, david lee. >> good evening, bret. the raid here at giuliani's home began at about 6:00 this morning and lasted for about two hours. according to giuliani's attorney, seven fbi agents took with them various electronics,
3:21 pm
including a laptop and cell phones. giuliani was home at the time of the raid and he is still believed to be inside his apartment. the investigation has been in the works for months, but the pace quickened under the biden administration. giuliani's son andrew spoke briefly with reporters calling the raid politically motivated. >> our justice department should be independent of politics. enough is enough, ladies and gentlemen. we cannot stand for this anymore. and, again, if this can happen to the president's lawyer, this can happen to any one of us. >> giuliani's attorney robert costello says the search warrant was in connection with to giulianiens work in ukraine and alleged violation of the foreign agent's registration act. that act makes it a crime to lobby the u.s. on behalf of a foreign government without registering at the justice department. he says giuliani had ample opportunity to get rid of the items that were confiscated but he kept them because he did nothing wrong. in a written statement, he compared giuliani's treatment to
3:22 pm
that of the president's son hunter biden. he says, in part, quote, you have not seen the home of hunter biden raided by the fbi with search warrants. this behavior of the justice department, enabled by compliant media, running roughshod over the constitutional rights of anybody involved in or legally defending former president donald j. trump is becoming the rule rather than the exception. and as is customary in this type of case, the attorney general, as well as the fbi director were aware of the raid but they did not order it. u.s. officials are not commenting on the ongoing investigation. bret? >> bret: david lee miller in new york. david lee, thank you. we are learning new information tonight about just how far aides to new york democratic governor andrew cuomo reportedly went to conceal nursing home deaths statistics during the pandemic. correspondent bryan llenas has been on this story from the beginning has the new details tonight. good evening, bryan. >> bret, good evening, the accusation all along has been
3:23 pm
that governor andrew cuomo's administration purposefully covered up the true covid-19 nursing home death toll from the public because of fear of political consequences and because the governor was in the midst of securing a nearly $4 million book deal at the time last summer. tonight, the "new york times" reports cuomo's top aides began working to down play the state's nursing home death toll last spring, taking extraordinary measures to subvert the state's health department like preventing a scientific paper that incorporated the true nursing home death data from plusing. for months they kept an audit of the deaths numbers from being made public. and aides even blocked two health department letters drafted for state lawmakers from ever being sent. governor cuomo's administration is reportedly under investigation by the fbi and the u.s. attorney in brooklyn for purposefully withholding nursing home deaths data from the department of justice. cuomo's top aides reportedly
3:24 pm
omitted more than 3,000 nursing home covid-19 deaths from a july department of health report saying they could not verify how many residents died at hospitals. despite the fact that we know they were collecting this data since april of 2020. an attorney representing cuomo's office denied this was a cover-up telling fox news the whole brouhaha here is overblown to the point where there are cynical suggestions offered for the plain and simple truth that the chamber wanted only to release accurate information that they believed was totally unassailable. the new york state assembly is currently in the midst of impeachment investigation of cuomo. tonight, new york state republicans are calling that impeachment investigation a sham saying there is more than enough evidence right now to impeach him. they're also pointing to multiple scandals including the multiple allegations of sexual sexualharassment.
3:25 pm
ron kim in new york says that all those people standing with the governor at these press conferences over the last couple of weeks are enforcing this kind of behavior, bret? >> bret: bryan llenas in new york. bryan, thank you. the justice department is bringing federal hate crimes charges in the death of a black man fatally shot as he was running through a south georgia neighborhood. police say travis mcmichael, his father gregory, and a third man are now charged with one count of interference with civil rights and attempted kidnapping. 25-year-old ahmad arbery was killed in february by three close range shotgun blasts after the men pursued him in a pickup truck. the three already face state murder charges. a attorney for travis mcmichael expressed disappointment with today's federal charges. up next polster frank luntz speaks with voters from around the country about what they want to hear from president biden tonight. >> i need to know specifically a road map of what our nation is going to look like post covid.
3:26 pm
>> how do we get back to real normal, not the new normal. >> bret: first fox affiliates around the country covering tonight. minneapolis juror who cast one of the unanimous votes to convict the white former minneapolis police officer derek chauvin of killing george floyd says deliberations were primarily spent trying to convince one person who was uncertain about part of the jury instructions. brandon mitchell is the first juror that deliberated in derek chauvin's trial that talked publicly about his experience. he felt like deliberations, quote: should have been 20 minutes. fox 8 in new orleans as tulane university invites hunter biden to be a guest speaker as part of a course called media polarization and public policy impacts. the write-up says he will discuss, quote: fake news. and this is a live look at john f. kennedy international airport. one of the big stories being covered there by fox 5 in new york tonight a man is caught at the airport allegedly trying to
3:27 pm
smuggle in 35 live finches from gianna stuffed inside plastic hair cure curlers. the birds are used in high stakes singing contests popular in brooklyn and queens. that's tonight's live look outside the beltway from "special report." we will be right back. ♪ i like the bird ♪ only fly away ♪ i don't know where my soul is ♪ i don't know where my home is ♪ and baby, all i need for you ♪
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♪ >> bret: updating a story we brought you last night. justices on the u.s. supreme court weighing options tonight following a hearing that could impact 50 million public high school students it has to do with freedom of speech and where that does and does not apply. here is correspondent david spunt. >> a high school cheerleader's f bomb ladened rant on snapchat made its way before the u.s. supreme court. for more than 90 minutes the nine justices listened to arguments about the limits of free speech off school property. >> i didn't specifically target anyone. >> during arguments the justices mixed across the political spectrum. seemingly divided over what schools can do to control disruptive speech including whether brandy levy's off campus
3:32 pm
post which justice kavanaugh likened to blowing off steam, deserves discipline. >> maybe what bothers me when i read all of this is that it didn't seem like the punishment was tailored to the offense. >> my goodness every school in the country would be doing nothing but punishing. >> but other justices worried of free speech free for all would hurt school efforts to stop harassment or cyber bullying. >> no matter how disruptive a particular speech is to the school, it has no choice but to tolerate that. >> it might be that student speech that occurs outside of school is sometimes going to cause fundamental problems, disruption of the school's learning environment. >> in 1969, the u.s. supreme court created rules for the kinds of restrictions schools can impose on school grounds. tinker v. des moines involved students who wore black arm bands to silently protest the vietnam war. the court said that students do
3:33 pm
not lose their first amendment rights when they enter school property. >> it helped me like exexpressing my feelings, i don't know, i express them online. i feel like it's easier to express them online than it is to tell your parents. >> this case is about much more than a snapchat post with the f word on it the judge's final decision will have a blanket effect across the entire country. that final ruling, bret, expected to come at the end of june or early july at the latest. bret? >> bret: david spunt outside the supreme court, david, thanks. stocks were down today. the dow lost 165. the s&p 500 fell 4. the nasdaq dropped 39. louisiana's john bel edwards is the first democratic governor to partially lift a statewide mask mandate. edwards is limiting the face covering requirement to schools public and specific locations. the cdc says more than 98 million americans are now fully vaccinated. the u.s. has recorded almost
3:34 pm
32 million cases of covid-19 with about 570,000 deaths. covid just one of the many topics people want to hear about tonight from president biden. let's bring in polster frank luntz who has been talking to voters around the country. frank, this is a diverse group that you talk to about a bunch of different topics but what do they want to hear from president biden? >> it's not only diverse but also divided. in fact, it was shocking to me just how different the responses were not just between republican and democrat but between voters of color and the white population. i don't know how the president is going to unify when the priorities are different. strategies are different. even when they are talking about the same issue, they approach it so differently that it's going to be very hard to thread this needle this evening. >> bret: let's listen to top issues from your group here. >> grocery prices are increasing
3:35 pm
and gas prices are increasing and how are we going to combat inflation as we are throwing money that we don't have everywhere? >> what's going on at the border because that is something that he didn't, you know, very oblivious about. >> fatal police shootings of unarmed black people. >> because? >> because i am a mother of a black son and i am african-american and i am tired and i'm tired of feeling hopeless and helpless. >> bret: so a variety of responses there. >> a variety but pretty passionate and the responses that we are getting everyone has a point of view and everyone expects their point of view to be heard. the problem, bret, is that people want to speak but not many people are listening and i think that -- i don't remember a time in my lifetime people more divided than they are right now. >> bret: this is young people, too. 21 to 9. you have got a part here about kind of looking into the crystal
3:36 pm
ball for covid. take a listen. >> i need to know specifically a road map of what our nation is going to look like, you know, post covid. >> i feel like that is still the number one factor that we are all facing. i would like to understand how do we get back to real normal, not the new normal. >> bret: are people confused? are they with the administration and the pitch that they have made so far? >> it depends whether you voted for joe biden or not, quite frankly. and the issue really is what's the light at the end of the tunnel, can they stop wearing masks and social distancings. if they have a light of the end of the tunnel they are with the president. if they don't have a light at the end of the tunnel frankly they went cooperate and they are frustrated. >> bret: very quickly, frank, what's your to president biden. is your main focus optimism?
3:37 pm
>> my main focus is what he talks about which is unity. bipartisanship. give the republicans some credit. give donald trump credit for the vaccine and talk about how you got it out to the people. in the end, if we solve covid, we solve some of the challenges. if we fail to solve covid, we're going to have a really, really bad year. >> bret: frank luntz, as always. thank you. up next, why residents of guatemala are flocking to the u.s. clogging the southern border. we will hear from that country's president. and as we go to break, apollo 11 astronaut michael collins has died. collins was part of historic three-man crew. he did not reach the surface, instead flying the command module in lunar aren't. collins' family says he died of cancer. michael collins was 90.
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smuggling with targeted financial and travel sanctions and other measures against traffickers. it announced the plan dubbed operation sentinel tuesday. the administration also says arrest at courthouses will be more limited than they were under' president trump. the justice department has repealed a trump policy cutting off hundreds of millions of dollars in grants to sanctuary cities. that limit cooperation with federal immigration authorities. we're learning new details tonight about why immigrants are flocking to the u.s. from one central american nation. news correspondent william la jeunesse gets some thoughts tonight from the president of guatemala following his virtual meeting with vice president harris. [horns] >> immigrants from guatemala, 100,000 crossed the u.s. border this year driven north, says the president, by poverty. >> when people don't have security, no education, no healthcare, and no work, these are the conditions that give rise to irregular migration.
3:43 pm
>> president giammattei wants the president to open office dedicated to reuniting children with parents and prequalified for u.s. asylum. >> do you believe that asylum seekers should be required to claim asylum in guatemala not in the united states? >> if a person feels persecuted, they need to apply for asylum here. that application needs to be considered by authorities here and as mandated by international law to either leave the country or be placed in a third safe country. >> it is my honor to be with you, mr. president. >> vice president harris met virtually monday with the president of guatemala before a planned visit in june. the u.s. invested 2.8 billion guatemala the last two decades yet it hasn't reduced migration. aid would go further he says if funneled through local nonprofits not u.s. ngos we have had ngos that started
3:44 pm
hospitals and left them aabandoned. proposed roads and haven't finished or even started them. >> prosecute smugglers. >> we have asked the u.s. government to declare the coyote a federal crime so that these people can be extradited and serve very severe sentences in the united states. >> u.s. aid may or may not reduce illegal immigration but those who do make it here send money home. $12 million annually in remittances or 15% of g.d.p. bret? >> bret: william, thank you. up next, the panel returns to discuss what we just heard about the immigration surge and what lies ahead tonight on that topic. but, first, beyond our borders tonight. saudi arabia's crown prince is defending his domestic policies and the thinking behind his push to transform the kingdom economically and socially. mohammed bin sell selmon iran. the biden administration are on agreement most issues of mutual
3:45 pm
concern. seven italians convicted of left wing domestic terrorist crime in the 1970s and 1980s are arrested at their homes in france. the arrests follow negotiations and agreements between italy and france after decades during which paris refused to act on arrest warrants for convicted left wing terrorists. just a couple of the other stories beyond our borders tonight. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪
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♪ >> i've asked her, the vp today, because she is the most qualified person to do it, to lead our efforts with mexico in the northern triangle. >> the president has asked secretary mayorkas to address what is going on at the border. i have been asked to lead the issue of dealing with root causes in the northern triangle. >> the president has said vice president harris is in charge of the border. vice president harris said she was not in charge of the border. nobody seems to be in charge. >> is this a crisis at the border? >> look, i don't think we need to sit here and put new labels on what we have already conveyed is challenging. what we have conveyed as a top priority for the president. >> bret: well, it will be a topic talked about tonight we are told in a speech to the
3:50 pm
joint address to congress. our latest fox polls a couple of interesting questions the president's job approval is roughly 54% overall. when you ask the question about border security and immigration it's upside down 35, 34% approve and there you see disapprove. u.s. border security compared to two years ago better 5%, worse 46%. in that question. and how much is the increase of migrants on the border due to president biden being elected? completely or mostly 56%. 38% and 18%. and there you see the rest of it back with the panel. harold, mollie and trey. trey, your thoughts as we head into the speech tonight? >> trey: bret, it sounded to me like the guatemalan president is tougher on immigration than biden or harris. he thinks they ought to apply for asylum in guatemala. one of the questions that i hope that she will ask is why are costa rica and panama doing so well and what can guatemala do other than ask the united states
3:51 pm
for money to get that country more on a costa rica, panama track as opposed to nicaragua or honduras? >> bret: if there were things that were working, harold, that were tied to the trump administration, in the policy, you know, pantheon of immigration, would the biden administration say we're going to keep this because it's working? do you think? we haven't seen that yet. they have kind of undone, they have been undoing a lot of that. >> harold: well, i have to think and hope and pray that they would. i will say that president biden has followed president trump's lead on both afghanistan and china with the approach that the former president took. look, i was struck -- i agree with trey. i think you have to look at examples in areas where things are working and how do you apply them to where they are not. i was struck by the guatemalan president saying over the last two decades $3 billion had been
3:52 pm
invested to help stabilize there and to no avail i think the report said. think about it, we have spent more than $3 trillion in iraq and afghanistan alone the last two decades and seen some results that are positive in large part and doesn't include what we have spent in other parts of the region. and we should have spent that money. the question remains to beg are we doing enough in our own hemisphere to stabilize it? i don't know the answer to that question fully, but my hunch is we are not. and i hope that vice president harris, that this is a big part of her focus as well doing what has worked before, figuring out where things are working, as trey said, and figuring out more we can be doing and doing it in a targeted and smart way. >> bret: mollie, we have talked a lot about president biden as opposed to candidate biden and the difference, the contrast there. this question is not specifically about progressives' look on immigration but here is congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez about the biden administration. >> president biden has definitely exceeded expectations
3:53 pm
that progressives have. you know, i will be frank. i think a lot of us expected a much more conservative administration. the active invitation and willingness and collaboration with progressives in his first 100 days are almost hundred days has been very impressive. >> bret: and on the immigration issue as well. mollie? >> mollie: well, when joe biden was inaugurated, he claimed he wanted his brand to be about unity and the media just lapped that up and said that there is a reason why cortez -- ocasio-cortez speaks so highly of him because he has been a very divisive and far left in his governance. when it comes to the border, he is actually being very consistent. he said throughout the campaign that he wanted to throw open the borders and he has done that. it's one thing when you neglect a border but what biden has done is actually taken a system that was working pretty well and gone out of his way to tear it down. but i think harold ford is right
3:54 pm
that a lot of this does deal with nation building. is he wrong that we should have donation building instead of actually learned how to fight and win wars in afghanistan and iraq. there is some nation building that needs to happen to the south of our border where we have corrupt countries. mexico is 40% controlled by cartels. guatemala the president there just admitted these aren't actually asylum seekers which we actually call them they are actually economic migrants. there are things you have this type of crisis at our southern border and it flairs up every few years we should be helping prevent that in the long term rather than doing endless wars elsewhere. >> bret: panel, stand by if you would. when we come back, tomorrow's headlines tonight. ♪ ♪ can be a real challenge. that's why i use the freestyle libre 14 day system. with a painless, onesecond scan i can check my glucose without fingersticks. now i'm managing my diabetes better and i've lowered my a1c from 8.2 to 6.7.
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3:59 pm
agreed with me on something. big ten, acc, bit coin poised to be big winners in the nfl draft. how long before any player wants to be paid in bit coin? >> bret: great question. trey? >> tim scott shows the republican party and the rest of america that our politics can be better. >> bret: all right. mollie? >> the cdc is now recommending that you wear a seat belt even when you are outside of your car. i took that from the babylon beacon which is a satirical site because there is nothing you can do but mark this guidance coming from the cdc and anthony fauci. >> bret: good one to end on. panel, thank you. tomorrow on "special report," how china is using american chip technology to advance its own military. we will bring you that story. please join martha maccallum and me and just a couple of hours, right here on fox news channel for live coverage of president biden's first address to a joint session of congress. plus, the republican response by
4:00 pm
south carolina senator tim scott. a lot of great folks on board for analysis to tee it up and to review what the president said and senator scott says tonight. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for the "special report." fair, balanced, not afraid. "fox news primetime" hosted by tammy bruce this week starts right now. >> tammy: thank you, bret. i'm going to put on my seat belt now. good evening, everyone, and welcome to "fox news primetime." ♪ ♪ i'm tammy bruce. now, in just a little under two hours, president joe biden will deliver his first address to a joint session of congress in a speech that will likely be filled with the usual political platitudes, more phony calls for unity, and faint please to work across the aisle, along with round after ground of a democratic applause in the gallery, but there is also a lot that joe biden is not going to tell you tonight, a lots that biden is going to avoid, and a


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