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tv   The Five  FOX News  April 28, 2021 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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was, blessedly quiet. michael collins dead at age 90. we will miss him. and his urge to explore. ♪ ♪ >> jesse: hello, everybody, i'm jesse watters along with dana perino, juan williams, katie pavlich and brian kilmeade. it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." open up your wallet, america, president biden wants trillions more of your tax dollars. four hours from now, biden will be giving his first address before a joint session of congress, the president's american families plan coming with a whopper of a price tag at nearly $2 trillion. including items like free
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universal preschool, two years free community college, 12 weeks of paid family leave and child care assistance. end biden plans to pay for it by raising the top capital gains tax to nearly 40% in giving $80 billion to the irs to boost audits on high earners. republican lawmakers ripping into this spending spree. >> president biden is governing like a drunken sailor, when you talk about the spending, my god, trillions and trillions of dollars in one bill was over $2 trillion, who do you think is going to pay for this? >> the underlying policies are being implemented, this is not a moderate agenda, this is a radical agenda. >> this strategy, so far and it will continue to b, premised on the american people's throat. >> jesse: brian kilmeade we will be watching then i taking notes and trying to get to bed
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early so we can come out and say what he has to say in the morning. brian, this looks like the biggest expansion of the federal government since lyndon johnson's great society which kind i was a mixed track record, what do you see coming down the pipeline tonight? >> brian: if you look at fdr he had to respond to a depression and a war and he had this huge mandate, gets this big election, that the party in power in every way, house and senate, what you just mentioned about the great society, we were a nation fractured, black-and-white bathrooms, the back of the bus, rosa parks, that was a nation screaming for civil rights justice. this is a nation that is about to come screaming out of a pandemic when the tractor was forced at the side of the road for almost a year, now we are going to get on that road and it's clear, we don't need this. we are getting it jammed down our throats, 49% of the country does not pay taxes so the 51% that do are the bad guys and
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ladies and now you're going to have to work twice as hard for less, can you imagine? six out of every $10 that you make is going to the government. for six months you are working for free. congratulations, that's called a recipe for nonproduction and he acts like he's a hero using other peoples money, this irs thing is a big a story to emerge out of this, there's nothing worse than an empowered irs destroying finances in order to crack down and find a way to get billions of dollars for social programs we don't need. >> jesse: yeah, i got audited a few years ago and i'm thinking to myself, i was so nice to donald trump, why it is his irs coming after me like that, it cost me a fortune and i didn't even do anything wrong. dana perino, you brought this the other day, with the trump administration said about $6 trillion last year end biden is on pace already for another
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6 trillion, that's $12 trillion if my math is correct in the course of one year. does it even matter anymore? >> dana: it's interesting because the markets don't seem to think so and i'm paying attention to that and to bryan's point about the irs, independent think tanks have shown that the number that biden's team says will be able to recoup from fraud and going after people is a fraction of what they are saying they're going to be able to get, the other thing that was eye-opening to me it is that in the nbc poll not, every beat he did poll about the job approval and in the nbc poll there was a number that really stood out, biden's four points underwater on taxes and spending so only 45% of people approve of him on taxes and spending, 49% disapprove and his answer to that and his plan tonight is to double down on more taxes and spending. but when you don't have the markets reacting i think that is
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something to look into, there is to go other happened today that can't get swept under the rug, he took a pass on trying to expand medicare which is something bernie sanders really wanted and the second thing is they are not going to go after the pharmaceutical companies like they promised in the campaign, those things are getting swept under the rug, the unity issue i think was dead after the first six hours when he killed the keystone pipeline but the unity message he's been able to secure is amongst the democrats, the progressive left. >> jesse: i think a lot of the wall street titans are probably thinking they can hire a bunch of lobbyists and beat back a lot of the capital gains hike talks. juan williams, this is your typical tax-and-spend, grow the government, make people more dependent, create more programs and tax the wealthy, this is no different than anything any other liberal is trying to do since 1930, am i wrong about
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that? >> juan: i think you're wrong, i think you're speaking like a wealthy man, jesse. the reality is, and i think this is what you will hear from president biden tonight, he's saying, the president is saying to the working class people in this country, he sank to the middle class in this country, it's your turn. you know, we have always taken care of wall street and the fat cats in this country after the recession in '09, those people on wall street walked away with their hands full of money, this time i think biden is saying, we are looking out for you. every day in america. so my sense is that, you know, you look at the earned income tax credit, it's going to be increased, you look at child care and universal pre-k, this helps women who have children get back to work, help with health care costs, help with community college the people can get the skills they need to work, so this is all
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about helping people who are working people in this country and you know, i just want to reiterate dana perino's point, this is rude to any socialist far left agenda, no medicare for all here, no canceling of student debt, no universal basic income, no guaranteed jobs, so none of that in terms of the socialist agenda that you guys want to make this out to be. i just want to say, you may, jesse -- >> jesse: for everybody that works to take care of kids. >> juan: it's not guaranteed jobs for all americans. i just want to reiterate something, something you were talking about, because unlike, unlike the trump tax cut, everything that proposed is paid for and fox poll show most americans support having the big companies pay with higher taxes.
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it's a pro-work agenda. >> jesse: that doesn't mean a thing. all right, katie. >> katie: first of all, 81% of americans including the middle class got a tax cut under president trump, i know that people wanted to lie about that and say they only gave tax cuts to the rich but the vast majority of the country got a tax cut. the road to is paved with good intentions and it's the same thing for the road to socialism. when you add all these different bills, whether it's a green new deal repackaged as infrastructure or this new human infrastructure bill, it all goes back to the leftist idea of expanding the state, expanding the federal government, expanding people's reliability on the federal government which is very difficult then to take back. so while they are offering women free health care, for example, for free child care for example they may not go back to their job because the small business cut their job, great.
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they have "free health care or free child care for their family but they don't have an actual job to pay for the other things and they don't have choices when it comes to what they want to spend their own money on when it comes to child care. and what are we getting from this? democrats have been arguing for decades now, 100 years that the war on poverty is something that we need to win. if we look at the poverty rate when we started the war on poverty of a long, long time ago in the 1940s, the rate is still essentially the same so this is about joe biden breaking another campaign promise, unity was one of them is dana said but the next one is he said specifically, i'm not a socialist. i beat the socialist, in october trying to get moderate voters to vote for him and get him over the finish line. when you have half of the squad saying they are very impressed with joe biden's leftist progressive agenda he's on the road to socialism and it's not a good one for the american people to be on.
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>> jesse: i couldn't agree more, katie. ahead, rudy giuliani's residence rated by federal agents earlier today, we have the breaking news on that next. ♪ ♪
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makes it easy to switch and save hundreds. ♪ ♪ >> juan: rudy giuliani's manhattan apartment rated by federal agents today, fbi agents carrying out a search warrant at the former new york city mayor's
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home, they seized electronic devices, the feds have been focused on giuliani's business dealings in ukraine during the trump presidency, his attorney telling fox news his client "didn't do anything wrong." that lawyer also saying, here again i called, the search warrants involve only one indication of an alleged incident of failure to register as a foreign agent. mayor giuliani is not only denied this allegation but twice in the past two years through his attorney bob costello to demonstrate that it is entirely untrue." and giuliani's son andrew giving the statement. >> speaking as his son and a concerned american, anybody, any american whether you are red or blue should be extremely disturbed by what happened here today, by the continued politicization of the justice department. this is disgusting, this is absolutely absurd, the only piece of evidence they did not
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take saturday was the only piece of incriminating evidence that is in there and it did not belong to my father, it belongs to the current president's son, that's all i have to say. >> juan: kde, as you just heard from andrew giuliani, he is making this out to be a political attack on his dad but mayor giuliani was under investigation before president biden came into office, jen psaki, the press secretary said today there is no politics involved, what do you think? >> katie: well, i would say that the department of justice and the fbi have zero credibility when it comes to pushing back on allegations of political targeting. you remember over team is under the obama administration where president joe biden now was a vice president, they went after conservatives through the irs, the fbi during president trump's
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first run in the white house was using information from hillary clinton's campaign from a foreign spy to open up and to validate investigations against people who are working on the trump campaign so i think they have a valued argument when they say we are very concerned here about political targeting now that joe biden is in charge of the justice department and the other question is, where is equal application of the law here, when they bring up hunter biden, hunter biden openly worked for a ukrainian gas company and never read registered as a foreign agent, he lied on background check forms for a firearm, that's a felony, hasn't been charged or looked into as far as we know so there should be a standard of equality of the law and we've seen the fbi and the doj use their power to go after political opponents of the democrats time and time again. he too so brian, as we all know,
2:18 pm
rudy giuliani was president trump's personal lawyer, this investigation centered on their efforts to dig up dirt, negative information on then-candidate biden, do you anticipate that this signals there are going to be charges filed suit against giuliani? >> brian: a couple things, we are indicating, you can obtain a search warrant unless you, unless investigators persuaded a judge that they had sufficient reason to believe a crime was committed, waking them up at 6:00 in the morning, they think they've got something, what andrew was referring to was a laptop of hunter biden, why is the government not curious about the laptop, this has been a two-year investigation into a laptop that according to "the new york post," is pretty extraordinary, i don't know how long, to study some of those photos and exchange what is going to be interesting, they want to focus on the oligarchs and what he might've done, the
2:19 pm
oligarchs in relation to an investigation for donald trump to find out what joe biden may have been involved with or the biden family within the ukraine so it's back to the future from two years ago, to go after a lawyer as if there is nothing else in new york to go after, rudy giuliani as opposed to the years of the clinton foundation in new york where no one was curious where that money went, if you're on that laptop and you see private communications of the president of the united states if that's something they're going to follow, are they going to go through the main artery and go down the veins in order to go around a bend to go get donald trump? that's what i think the focus is, i think it's all about the former president. >> juan: okay, dana, you have two of giuliani's associates, they have been charged with campaign finance violations, they pled not guilty, they go to trial in october, is this the
2:20 pm
same, this is about not registering a foreign agent, what you make of it? be >> dana: i worked at doj for about a year and one of the things i learned was 101 ways to say "no comment" and i think what happens when you have a situation like this, rudy giuliani needs to have a pretty good lawyer because his initial instinct was to make the statement at 3:00 to his radio show and right before that was to take place they pulled it back and i think that was probably smart because even though you want to try to win a new cycle, you have a good lawyer there that's advising you and i think the process is going to be slow, these wheels turn very slowly and i understand what his son is saying some of the point about hunter biden are also well taken, if he's called up for testimony, i can imagine, unless somebody is leaking something, there will be no comment, probably not from rudy giuliani himself, either.
2:21 pm
>> juan: jesse, when president trump was impeach the first time, it was on the basis of putting pressure on the ukrainian president to get negative information on biden, back on that incident, what do you make of this? >> jesse: i think i speak for everybody on the show when i say this, rudy giuliani is a national treasure. don't disagree, i speak for everyone on the show when i say this, the guy took on the mob, he took on crime, and now democratic prosecutors might want to lock up a 76-year-old icon for a lobbying technicality, where is the raid
2:22 pm
on hunter house? and did rudy giuliani steal any money, did he hurt anybody, did he engage in treason? no, none of that happened. this is something he was talking to the federal prosecutors for months about and they say, we will give you what you want but we are not turning over private communications between rudy and the president. that is attorney-client privilege and that sacred, everybody should respect that so what are the prosecutors do? they just rated the guy's house and you're not disturbed by the pattern that two trump lawyers had their homes rated and the campaign manager had his home rated and another confidant had his own rated? you're not disturbed by that pattern? the fact that democrat prosecutors are waging political warfare for the benefit of the democratic party? just to show purge trump he challenged the system? that should scare everybody,
2:23 pm
juan, this is thin predicate and everybody knows it. >> juan: okay, we hear you, jessie. more to come, president biden now says it's okay for the fully vaccinated to ditch the masks well outdoors but that's still not good enough for some in the media. next on "the five." ♪ ♪
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♪ when the road feels endless ♪ ♪ don't know where your strength is ♪ ♪ it's been so long ♪ ♪ you get a call from a friend to remind you ♪ ♪ that you're not alone ♪ ♪ then you know deep down inside ♪ ♪ it's gonna be all right ♪ ♪ all right ♪♪ ♪ ♪ >> brian: that is of course the cars, it looks like some in the liberal media did not get the memo, unless you are in a crowd, fully vaccinated americans no longer need to wear masks outside, it's the cdc end president biden making that
2:28 pm
announcement yesterday. outdoor transmission is really low but that's still not good enough for some, take a listen to what msnbc's joy reid said. >> i am fully vaccinated, joint team pfizer, i did, this was the mask that i wore and most of the people that i saw that were in the park, i would say like 95% of people still had masks on. >> will they are all crazy and you are torturing yourself, i'm surprised you didn't pass out. while you are talking about masks, it looks like a neanderthal red states are owed a big time apology, places like texas, alabama, very low among this country with coronavirus cases, hospitalizations and deaths. and dana, let's start with you, covid cases in this country right now if you look at hospitalization and cases are
2:29 pm
below the 2016 flu cases, it's more dangerous to have the flu into then 16 then it is to live in 2021 when we act like we've got to go outside and die, when are we going to miss this is over? >> dana: it's remarkable progress and amazing and thank goodness that we have the vaccine and we can do that but the question for you, brian, at what point does somebody like joy reid legitimately be called anti-vax, if you don't believe that the vaccines work, and you think that you still love to wear double masks when you go outside, go for a jog when you're by yourself, doesn't mean you don't think the vaccines work? that label has been plastered on other people but at this point i think it's so ludicrous that you might be able to turn the tables on that. >> brian: katie, i'm not going to call 1-800-dr. fauci, i'm going to call up dana white, you
2:30 pm
know those 14,000 people that showed up saturday night, i am going to call arlington, texas, to the ranger game, i don't see a big surge of cases, do you? >> katie: i went jogging in the park yesterday in a full on plastic hazmat soup with my gas mask because i didn't get the vaccine. i am a human being that needs to breathe oxygen, i am not a plant that breeds carbon dioxide but to your point, brian, i think that the president missed a huge opportunity tonight, they are
2:31 pm
doing the whole thing in the media is not helping because they benefit, apparently. the five building to what katie just said, the cdc told us to go weeks ago and they had to back off, that if you have the vaccine, you can't get it and you can't transfer it, therefore vaccinated people can do whatever the heck they want, they don't have to wait to get permission to walk alone outside. >> juan: everybody knows that, i run in the park without a mask and i'm getting passed by people with double masks, that's humiliating and i don't like it. they are still passing me, liberals are clinging to their masks for psychological reasons that have nothing to do with science if you've been vaccinated, everyone knows what the cdc says very liberals lives lack of meaning. and a purpose under the coronavirus and wearing a mask
2:32 pm
has given liberals lives a purpose, they now in a very superficial and effortless way can plaster our mask on their face and feel like they belong to something. they feel like they are on a mission and they are doing something good by protecting themselves and by protecting other people after they've been vaccinated. number two, liberals are very obedient people, they need control in their lives, their lives are chaotic, they don't have very good lives to begin with, they are seeking control so in the government tells them they need to do something, they complied, they are a very compliant type of person and they will pretty much be easily manipulated into doing whatever an authority figure wants them to do and they won't question that, they will only question the people that question the authority and the third psychological, shy people, many liberals are insecure about themselves and they like disguising their faces from the general public for anxiety
2:33 pm
reasons and they don't want the people to see their countenance and they are going to draw that out as long as possible. >> brian: i cannot wait to read the research paper they gave you those conclusions, jesse. juan, could you tell me why democrats don't want to let go of the pandemic? >> juan: i don't think that's it but i do want to correct one thing, brian, i think we shouldn't rewrite history, when you go back to last fall and states like north dakota, south dakota, even texas to some extent were among the highest rates of v-8 infections back then. now, everybody's come back down and we see it now in some states that look at mission, michigan, look at pennsylvania, these things run in cycles. my larger point here is, you know what? rick carlisle is the coach of the dallas mavericks, he had the
2:34 pm
vaccine, i think he even at one point was sick but he even then got covid again. >> dana: that's only like 4,000 people, out of eight and a half million, or something like that. b3 correct. >> dana: if you have a vaccine and you get it you don't go to the hospital and you don't have symptoms. >> brian: even with one shot. >> dana: you don't die, that's a point. what i'm trying to say to you, in this conversation, you are 100% protect it, that's not true, that's not true, people don't want to get sick. people know the reality and we are trying to get to the point of herd immunity and we are not there yet. >> brian: and you've got to figure in natural immunity, the people that have it, when we are in a recession or a financial crisis, usually leaders want to get us out of it, they don't say, i want to hold onto the recession. now it seems like the president
2:35 pm
wants to hold onto the pandemic and i can't figure out why. i think he's sending the wrong message and i think people are rising up and they have had it because it's infringing on every area of our lives. meanwhile, coming up straight ahead, thanks everyone for playing, the so called region cajun said, the problem for democrats who jesse knows so well but it will his party even listen? ♪ ♪
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2:40 pm
doesn't say this. but they don't want to say it out loud so why are democrats afraid to speak the truth? he says "because they will get clobbered or canceled. we have to speak the way regular people speak, the way voters speak." is wokeness eating the democratic party alive? >> juan: no, it's not eating the democratic party alive, obviously they have control of both houses and the presidency but i think james carville is right, i think that the far left of the democratic party and all of their woke language really alienates a lot of moderate voters not only in the democratic party but people who are on the right and you might have been discontent with president trump and they hear all this stuff anything, this is a little too far for their taste. but i mean, i give james carville big credit for taking on people in his own party and telling them they've got a
2:41 pm
problem, they need to respond to republicans more aggressively and in language that people understand. i wish there were people on the right who are willing to say, we've got a problem with our extreme right, the people who are saying all those awful things before the january 6th riot at the capitol, the people want to put out lies like the cities burned last summer, i think it's important that people who are honest in american politics be able to hold honest discussions without allowing the extremists to set the agenda. >> katie: i think it was clear that a number of republicans across the board came out against what happened on januarg but we will take that for another day. dana, on the issue of council culture this is something people really do think about it and keep quiet their political views because they are worried about losing their jobs over some benign statement they make. >> dana: you think about kitchen table topics, not just economics anymore, it used to be
2:42 pm
something that people on college campuses dealt with but it's actually happening in your high schools and you do junior high schools and you even see that across the board with the supreme court cases coming up with regard to the cheerleader who had the rant on social media and the school went after her and it went all the way to the supreme court. if i were the democrats in the white house right now, would you really want james carville and rahm emanuel to be able to say i told you so? when you lose in 2022? i imagine they would not like to give them that satisfaction but it appears they are headed in that direction. >> katie: the democrats have the house, by one of the slimmest margins in quite some time. >> brian: in the article, we barely one, we almost lost the house and we never should have, we should have lost the senate and the cities did burn if you count chicago, minneapolis, new york, seattle, and portland.
2:43 pm
b3 that's not true. >> brian: the behavior was terrible and he went on to say, keep saying to fund the police and you're going to lose everything in 2022, i wholeheartedly agree, 800,000 cops, then the families and those who like policemen especially the military, there's a lot of people saying, you are hurting me when you say that and i take that personally and i don't blame them. this is also destroying our history, taking down statues and saying elementary schools can't be named after abraham lincoln, with jay leno apologizing for jokes he said in 1988, i think you've got a little far but i digress. before but jesse, do the woke's really care about what james carville thanks? hey, boomer, we are moving on. >> jesse: probably but the guy is from louisiana and help the democrat from arkansas take down an incumbent who just won a war and then helped him win
2:44 pm
reelection, bill clinton talks about kitchen table issues, he didn't talk down to the people he didn't divide the country by race like the next democrat president did, barack obama who said race relations plummeting in this country and racked up democrat losses all over the place and that's what brought in trump because he spoke his mind, wasn't politically correct and that appeal to a lot of people across the political aisle and woke-is partially as a reaction to donald trump. to me, and one is right, this language alienates people. it sounds like a foreign occupying power trying to divide the country into think zones and danger zones and i don't think the democratic party has ever divided this country by race more than they have since the civil war and that's pretty scary and it needs to stop. 's before up next, the climate
2:45 pm
activist coming after our kids, magazine asking if having a baby is environmental vandalism. ♪ ♪
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>> dana: did jesse watters commit an act of environmental vandalism bringing jesse bailey waters junior into the world? is having a baby in 2021 pure environmental vandalism? the author who admits to having a kid yourself, "is it possible to live in ecologically responsible life while adding another person to our overstretched planet, can i get away with it if i just never learned to drive, never get a dog and keep wearing the same three pairs of jeans for the rest of my life? jesse, i will let you defend yourself if you dare. b2 well, if having a baby is committing environmental vandalism you can call me exxonmobil because i think baby jesse is carbon neutral, by the way, he emits a lot but i think what he does emit, we will call
2:50 pm
it compost. i think america should have more babies, dana. we don't want to become japan or the e.u., we just racked up a pretty low birthrate, the lowest it's been since the '30s so americans should go home right now and make a baby because it's a patriotic thing to do, we need to take care -- >> dana: hold on. >> jesse: like katie mentioned, we are going to be retiring soon so we have to beg he might have a big tax based attacks up and take care of those retirees. >> dana: this kind of nonsense has been going on for decades, people keep bringing this up every generation, this is probably click bay, i would imagine. >> juan: i think so because i think it's kind of crazy, day now. just think, you know, when you try to put some substance to this idea, in places like china and india, the government thinks they have too much population because they have water shortages, land scarcity, that's not true here, and we do have a
2:51 pm
declining birthrate. i guess it's just hard for me to understand why you would write this, i just can't agree with it. >> dana: brian kilmeade, what you think? >> brian: one and four of been worried about it because they've been brainwashed, let's not commit to raising our kids on earth, if you see what's happening on mars, we have a drone up there, by the time they are in their teens we can give them a choice, go on mars where there is no pollution, no litter, very little gas or you can stay on earth and be part of the problem. >> dana: katie, she said maybe i just won't get a dog, what's wrong with having a dog? before i know, what's wrong with that? i heard that if you plant a tree for every baby that you have it offsets their carbon emissions so that's a good solution, that you can do but also we may lose the war with china but we may win because the chinese communist party forced all of their people into a one child system and guess what?
2:52 pm
they are having massive, massive problems with our population and growth rate so we may be china after all. >> dana: not only is jesse possibly criminal, he has a big announcement and that's next in "one more thing." ♪ ♪ at qvc, we're celebrating you during our friends and family event. with special deals every day. including 40% off an ever-changing selection of products. savings end soon, only on qvc and . .
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2:57 pm
memoir and part self-help when i say help, i really helped myself by writing this book. these are stories that i haven't even told to people during my paid speaking engagements. and you can buy these books where books are sold. i have always wanted to say that it's like saying coming to a theater near you, it just sounds great. so you can preorder it right now it will be released on july 6th. and i am very excited about this. my mother is excited about it. my sister, who has a ph.d. in english has not written a book. so there you go aliza. [laughter] >> dana: jesse, i think it's great. i love the title. it's going to do so well i'm thrilled for you i hope i get an early copy or i will buy one or two. i know people in wyoming who
2:58 pm
would want this book. congratulations, it looks really good. a couple things i was on the cooper podcast. check out this podcast. it's fun. i got to talk to john cooper and his wife for that cooper stuff they were on their tour bus when i did that. that's good. my friend amy mayo is a singer/song writer. i think she is a good singer. song writer wrote amazing song called amazed which i think you should look up. she wrote a book "talking to the sky." i loved this book. i'm telling you that is some great story-telling also nonfiction, he jesse. and then she did something amazing for me. yesterday i get this big box, i'm trying to open it up. peter is like you ordered a mirror. aimee commissioned her uncle harwood to do this painting of jasper. did he an magnificent job.
2:59 pm
is he based in nashville. can you see his impressive work at gallery 202. i absolutely love it and can't wait to hang it up in my house. thank you kelly and aimee. >> steve: that is amazing portrait. i love it go ahead, juan. >> juan: all right. congrats, are jesse. michael collins the astronaut who commanded the apollo mission to the moon has died at the age of 90. that flight in 1969 was the first time humans landed on the moon. the mission launched at the kennedy space center in florida on july 16th it came back to earth 8 days later splashing down in the pacific. armstrong died in 2012. buzz aldrin is still with us. and he said goodbye to collins today by saying that michael collins will always have the fire to carry us to new heights and to the future. michael collins as he or bitted orbited themoon he could see plh outside the window. he described it as our home,
3:00 pm
everything i know but fragile and strange. michael collins, thank you from all americans, rest in peace. >> jesse: all right. rest in peace. >> dana: i talked to him on one more thing. >> had a baby and killing trees by printing your book out. unbelievable. >> jesse: there is audio addition too, that's it for us. "special report" up next with bret. >> bret: i want to read how you saved the world i really do or i will listen to it. >> jesse: it's not a picture book. you many be proud. >> bret: good evening, welcome to washington. i'm bret baier. president biden is expected to call for massive new spending and huge tax increases to pay for it during his first address to a joint session of congress in about three hours. in advanced excerpts from the white house released just moments ago, the president will say his plan willed a millions of jobs and trillions of dollars in economic growth for years to come. pu


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