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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer Dana Perino  FOX News  April 28, 2021 6:00am-8:00am PDT

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president biden's joint address to congress tonight at 8:55 hosted by martha maccallum and bret baier and senator tim scott will give the republican review and sean hannity on at 11:00. have a great day. >> see you later. >> bill: thank you, guys. 9:00 a.m. in new york. get ready, america. here comes the second act. president biden set to lay out a massive new spending bill with sweeping plans from cradle to college. fundamental question throughout the day and morning, who will pay for it, right? i'm bill hemmer. good morning. >> dana: good morning. >> bill: how are you feeling? >> dana: i'm great. >> bill: i think we'll have a spicy two hours. >> dana: we're in a mood. not a rare mood, just a mood. i'm dana perino. this is "america's newsroom." we expect the president to sell his $2 trillion spending plan including free childcare and paid family leave in his first joint address to congress tonight. >> bill: the white house says he will pay for it by hiking
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taxes on big earners. republicans are slamming that proposal as more big government. >> president biden is very woke. he wants to build a society of safety nets where no one has to take responsibility, where it's always somebody else's fault. where every child gets -- >> you can sum up the first 100 days of this presidency and sum up the speech we'll hear tonight in three words, boring but radical. this is not a moderate agenda. this is not a unity agenda. it is a radical agenda. >> bill: here is what i want from you. i want your wallet, all right? hand it over. you're not getting it back for four years. >> dana: well, you know, there is a big question. it is a huge number. i can't help but think the way the white house is positioning this, right, they are just saying we'll do this and the wealthy will pay for it. when you have populist politics that sounds pretty good to
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people. in practice how are they going to do it, i don't know. is it good policy? shall we ask our first guest? let's bring him in. former speaker of the house newt gingrich. we're thinking all this through this morning. let me show you the american families plan. we had a covid relief, we know what a infrastructure proposal is but now the american families plan with childcare, paid family and medical leave, universal pre-school. how about two free years of community college and making permanent the covid stimulus plan lowering health insurance premium who buy or own coverage. these topics are not new even when you were speaker sometimes these were batted around. what about the policy and the way the white house is proposing it? >> i think the most interesting thing about the speech tonight as a former speaker of the house sat through a number of
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these is they will only have 200 people. this is a room that holds almost 1,000 people and symbolic of kind of the biden presidency. you are going to find out that he can't deliver on these things. they aren't going to get through the congress. and the real pressure won't be about taxes. it will be about killing jobs. you have the kind of tax increases and regulatory increases that biden is asking for you are going to crush this economy as it is just beginning to come out of the whole covid imposed recession. i think that's when americans will start saying wait a second, i'm not very comfortable. secondly, he speaks with a huge increase in inflation coming down the road. whether the price of gasoline or food or housing. we see really big signs of something we haven't seen for a generation and that's a combination of unemployment and a very high inflation rate. this will be an interesting
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speech. they have good speech writers. biden will have practiced. it will come off all right. but in the end he is working down a road which jimmy carter tried and it's a road that doesn't work. that's what you are going to see. >> bill: the american jobs plan 2.65 trillion. call number two. american rescue plan 1.9 trillion. american family's plan. 6.35 trillion dollars. everything i guess is just going to be free. you will get free college and free childcare, who pays for all that is the fundamental question you get but also in this plan apparently if you make $75,000 a year you pay zero in taxes. i don't know how that works under a capitalist system. >> i don't know how it works under a socialist system. countries that have tried this collapse. look at venezuela, look at
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zimbabwe and cuba. you go down a road where there are no incentives, no after-tax opportunity, there is no chance for people to have a better future and all of a sudden people decide why go to work? the government is going to take care of me. you are already seeing this. restaurants are finding it very difficult to find workers because they look at what they are getting in unemployment and the various, now free childcare, free junior college, go down the list and you will find a significant number of people that say that's fine, i'm just not going to work. i think creating a dependency culture is dangerous. >> dana: do you think the republicans can effectively make that case? >> i do because ultimately what you get is a conversation among the american people. exactly what you two were doing a few minutes ago. people sit around the kitchen
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table. look at each other and in a practical real world sense how is this going to work? i think that cuts through all the news media, cuts through all the advertising and presently common sense does, in fact matter. at least it has for 225 years in this country. the common sense will be that you will either be an opportunity society or a dependency society. i thought senator kennedy had it exactly right. i don't think most americans want to live in a dependency society. >> bill: carville nailed it yesterday, a real problem in the democratic party talking about wokeness and communities of color. he said i don't know what a community of color is. i know what a neighborhood is. it's a black, white, brown. when you talk about free education over and over again what are you teaching in these schools? what have we found? critical race theory? is that what we get for it?
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>> look at the disaster in virginia where they have announced they eliminate advanced math because minorities don't do as well or african-americans don't do as well and therefore the way you make sure everybody the equal is you literally take out all the courses that are hard. this is madness. if i were the chinese communists i would love watching american wokeness because it undermines the whole society. that's why you have to say okay, what's this free junior college going to be like? what will it teach? can you get an undergraduate degree in wokeness or a critical race theory? meanwhile the chinese are getting degrees in engineering and science. i don't think we understand how big the crisis is in our educational system. certainly the party of the teachers union is not going to lead the effort to rethink and reform education. so biden will preside over a four year decay of our capabilities to compete in the world. >> bill: let's see what happens
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beginning tomorrow. mr. speaker, thank you for your time. you talked to tim scott this week. he gives the response tonight. you asked a good fundamental questions. have republicans responded with an effective message? >> dana: he will have a chance tonight to frame that. there will be lots of other things the president talks about that senator scott might react to as well if terms of the police reform bill he is working on. we'll talk about that in a moment. i think what biden will talk about is how many women had to leave the workplace in the last year because they had to stay home with their kids and they are going to try to figure this out and maybe they will have to basically credit corporations. a good friend of mine has a business. he has very competitive benefits. they provide three months of paid leave and talking to him this morning is the government going to credit me that? there are so many questions about how it will actually work but overall tonight when most people will be like it sounds like a good idea to me.
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they're not thinking venezuela or cuba. they think the progressive fantasy like scandinavia is the model. >> >> bill: we will see how many watch. complete coverage later tonight president biden's address. brett and martha will be live in washington, d.c. beginning at 8:55 eastern time tonight. >> dana: we're waiting for a judge's decision over whether to release body cam video from the shooting of andrew brown junior in north carolina. that court hearing is set to begin in the next hour. griff jenkins just sat down with the sheriff for an exclusive new interview. good morning, griff. >> good morning. we're one week since the fatal shooting of andrew brown junior when the sheriffs deputies carried out a search and arrest warrant at brown's house resulting in his death. we are just one hour away from the hearing that was set in
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motion by sheriff to get that body cam footage that everyone has been demanding to see released. when i sat down with him a short while ago he says no one wants it out more than him. watch. >> i truly want this video to be released. i in fact requested that the petition be filed to have this video released to the public. transparency is paramount. not only for an agency but for the community as well. it helps us keep that trust. >> and when i asked him about the footage he says he wants all the footage. every inch. not the 20 seconds or so shown to the family. there were more protests last night. for the first time we had multiple arrests made. things didn't get quite out of hand. the sheriff worries what will happen when people see the video. should it show that any of his deputies violated the law whether or not they would be
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held accountable and here is how he responded. >> the sheriffs office we have a high standard. a high standard of accountability and they know that. and they know that whatever situation arises and how they take action in the moment that they will be held accountable. >> the sheriff says that the families' attorney who described it as an execution is inflammatory language and not helping the situation. >> dana: president biden expected to push for police reform in his address tonight. republican congressman byron donalds of florida joins me now. i want to read a couple of tweets from aoc and tlaib. daunte wright killing was not an accident the repeated outcome of indefensible system that grants immunity for state violence and rewards it with growing budgets at the cost of community investment and targets those who question that
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order. tlaib saying it was not an accident. no more policing, incarceration and militarization. it can't be reformed. yet you are part of the legislature as well and police reform is a possibility, right? >> it is a possibility and nobody is going to be listening to aoc or tlaib when it comes to this. what they are talking about is lun see. we have to have a system where people who break the law need to be accountable in that case. what they talk about is insanity. it doesn't work. common sense reforms. things that tim scott proposed last year which was fill bus terd in the senate by the democrats. they seem to forget how they used the filibuster back then. accountability measures need to be put in place but the idea of abolishing and defunding police won't work for our country and
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the inner cities. like somebody who grew up in the inner city. if you don't have police on the streets law abiding citizens suffer. >> dana: brown's son said there was too much violence in black on black crime. >> it is too much violence going on. that's not the key. that will make everything worse. it is too much going on already with black folks doing it to each other, you know what i'm saying? that's not right at all. we need to focus on that if that's the case, you know what i'm saying? violence is not the key. >> dana: can you give me your perspective on that? >> what he said is absolutely correct. one of the biggest things in happens in the wlak community is black on black crime. nobody wants to get on that topic because we're getting focused on the body camera footage or other footage we see from the most heinous interactions between police and
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citizen, unfortunately a black citizen. reality exists that the vast majority of violent crime that occurs against black people in the united states is committed by other black people. the vast majority against white people in the united states is from white people and that's what f.b.i. crime data shows us. if we talk about policing we have to understand what the police actually do. 40 million interactions between law enforcement and citizens. united states every year. but the only thing media ever wants to show us is when things go terribly wrong and the three or four times a year they go terribly wrong. we need a fair and honest conversation. blaming the police for all the ills of america is the wrong way to look at this. >> dana: i hope you'll come back. thank you. >> thank you. >> bill: on that last point lebron james has been quiet since deleting the tweet targeting the police officer who shot a knife wielding attacker in columbus, ohio. it put targets on backs of
6:15 am
police across the country. one police asking for a sit-down to lebron so he can explain his issue. >> if he doesn't feel like it he doesn't have to. if you know you're wrong on an issue you could at least say i got this wrong. i want accountability but this one i got wrong. the reason why i wrote this letter is because, you know, that officer could have been me. >> bill: i would like to see that sit down, wouldn't you? >> dana: i admire someone like him because clearly the politicians are not going to step up and lead on this issue. they'll tweet. but somebody like lapd officer there is willing to put his neck on the line and say i'm willing to go out there and it can't be easy but good for us. >> bill: if men like that came together. they both live in l.a. tensions overseas rising in the persian gulf. u.s. navy fires warning shots
6:16 am
at iranian boats and john kerry's relationship with iran is back in question. k.t. mcfarland joins us next. >> dana: president biden wearing a mask outdoors saying vaccinated americans don't need to wear masks outdoors. >> there is nothing new here. this is not based on science, it is based on politics. it is based on the fact that the far left wants to continue to control your life whether you are vaccinated or not. 100% percent of your home's value. with today's rates near all-time lows and home values at record highs, you can take out $50,000 or more and lower your payments by $600 a month. the newday 100 va loan. only from newday usa.
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6:22 am
night. u.s. military officials say the iranian speed boats ignored verbal warnings to pull back. k.t. mcfarland, former security advisor under president trump with me now. ask about john kerry in a moment. why do you think it's happening now? it seemed to go away for a time. four years, in fact. >> yeah. this is something that happened frequently during the obama administration. didn't happen in the trump administration especially after trump pulled out of the iran nuclear deal and president trump said you do that to my vessel we'll shoot you out of the water. now they're back again. why? it could be two reasons. it could be coming from tehran let's give the americans something to worry about and bargaining leverage for the iran nuclear deal or more likely the iranian
6:23 am
revolutionary guard. the radical pro-terrorist group in the iranian military universe, these guys are trying to pick a fight. they think they can swarm american ships without hitting them. the worry, though, bill is they accidentally collide with each other and then you have an incident that could escalate in the persian gulf between america and iran. >> bill: john kerry said he never told the iranians anything about israeli targets that they were hitting that were occupied by iranians operating out of syria. he denies it. what do you think happened here? >> i don't know. i think we have to get to the bottom of it. this is something that the justice department and the obama administration and the intelligence community persecuted trump and trump's associate, myself included, general flynn presumably undermining obama foreign policy but it is pretty clear
6:24 am
that john kerry, if these conversations happened and he has talked about meeting the iranian foreign minister during the trump administration when kerry was out of office. if he was busy undermining president trump's foreign policy that's a violation in letter and spirit of american legislation. as a private citizen you can't negotiate on behalf of the united states. and what happened during the trump administration we put sanctions and sanctions and sanctions on iran trying to force them to the negotiating table and they would never come. we couldn't figure it out. we now know kerry said he was talking to the iranian leadership and what he was probably telling them is hey, just ride it out, don't worry about trump. he will be gone soon enough. we'll be back in power and then we'll have the good old relationship we used to have. i think that's one of the motivators of the iranians foreign policy right now. >> bill: nice to see you again as well. we'll see where it goes if it goes anywhere.
6:25 am
republicans are calling for investigations. but when you are in a minority party in washington those things don't come so easy. thank you, k.t. we'll see you in person real soon. the whole allegation about biding your time. waiting it out. see what happens with the election. if you could ever prove something like that it would be awful. john kerry denies it. blinken said they were not secrets they were reported in the media. >> dana: he either did or didn't talk about it. both can't be true. do you think biden talks about the iran nuclear deal tonight in his speech? bet he doesn't. >> bill: do you think he mentions iran? >> dana: maybe, i don't know. >> bill: you're probably right. you are probably right. >> dana: i want to ask you questions that require a lot of thought in the middle of a chat. >> bill: we'll get it to a conclusion by 11:00 a.m. eastern. >> dana: north carolina a judge will hear arguments on whether to release the body cam video at the center of the fatal
6:26 am
police shooting that sparked protests across the country. we'll keep a close eye on that. and a republican governor moving to end all mask mandates in his state. where is that? he says the public health emergency is over. it's the tennessee governor bill lee and he is here next.
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>> president biden: the odds of getting or giving the virus to others is very, very low if you are both fully vaccinated and out in the open air. the bottom line is clear, if you are vaccinated, you can do more things, more safely, both outdoors as well as indoors. >> dana: as the biden administration gives new guidance wearing masks outside a handful of states are easing their requirements. my next guest says the focus must now be on recovery. governor bill lee joins us now. you never put in a mask
6:32 am
mandate. going forward what are you asking businesses in your state to do? >> it is time for us to move on, i think. we don't have a crisis anymore. it is a new season and we need to make steps toward that new season and we need to start living in that new season. one of those things -- one of the ways we can do that is acknowledging that look, if you have had a vaccine or access to vaccine and had the opportunity to be vaccinated, then we should not be requiring people to wear masks anymore. if you have been vaccinated you're safe and protected. we need to -- >> dana: the vaccination wanted to show everybody the vaccination rate in tennessee dosed distributed 5.4 million administered to fully vaccinated 23.3 million as i understand it. right about in line with national projections.
6:33 am
are you seeing any slowdown in the willingness of people to try to get a vaccine? >> oh yeah, we've had a slowdown, as most states have seen. for a month now every tennessean is eligible. where we are is that people have had access to this protection. that's what masks are. they're protection. now we have vaccine as a protection and it changes everything. we need to change everything as well. we need to move forward. i've asked our city mayors in the remaining places in tennessee with a mask mandate and any limited business restrictions to remove those restrictions by memorial day. >> dana: do you think some of those businesses are concerned about liability? >> in tennessee we passed liability reform legislation last august to make sure that our businesses are not held liable for infections to
6:34 am
covid-19. we took care of that problem last year. businesses are not liable. why we need to have concerts and conventions and parties and proms and -- >> dana: nashville is one of my favorite places to go. we show video of broadway. what -- tell us what would it be like for a tourist to come to nashville right now? >> well, we're open. our bars are back open. our restaurants are back open. the mayor of nashville has now announced that there will be no further restrictions on any businesses in our community and i'm grateful for that. we had conversation about that and he made that decision. so tennessee is wide open. we are open for moving forward and open for business. we need is finish the mask mandates and we think that's coming off soon. >> dana: i don't know if you saw that governor justice of west virginia, one of the things he was doing to get young people to get vaccinated is offering them a $100 savings bond as incentive. as you said it is slowing.
6:35 am
is that something that you think other governors should think about? >> i think the primary obligation that we have is just to make it available. people need to make a personal choice about vaccines and they will. but once we've made it available and people have the option it's time to get back to normal. >> dana: tonight president biden will give his first joint session of congress speech. is there something that you in particular as a republican governor there citizens of your state that you would like to hear? >> i hope that he does remind america that we're in a new season. i hope he reminds us of the crisis that we have at the border and how desperately we need to address that situation. i hope he speaks a little bit about the unemployment issues and the disparity that we have between the vast number of jobs available and those not working and how to resolve that. i hope he talks about those things tonight. >> dana: we'll be watching along with you. appreciate your time, governor. i will get back to nashville
6:36 am
soon. >> i'm waiting on you. we're open now, so come on. >> bill: keep the bars open, right? >> dana: i love it. there is a place called the listening room. the singer songwriters. the owner is chris. these are great people. if you are going to nashville get restlations and go to the listening room. >> bill: you guys went with the five. you were hung over on the air. i do believe four of the five. >> dana: jesse waters and i were celebrity waiters that night. jesse watters did nothing in terms of the waiting part. he was eating off people's plates. women falling all over them. i got plates stacked up and doing all the work. jesse just sat there but i love him. >> bill: that's jesse, right? i sensed yesterday the reporters at the white house were anxious to fire questions. >> you chose to wear a mask as
6:37 am
you walked out here. what message were you sending by wearing a mask outside alone? >> he took heat for wearing a mask outside making the announcement that americans don't need to wear masks outside. he wears the mask to the microphone and takes it off. another instance of a mixed message from the administration, cdc perhaps. dr. marty makary, fox news contributor. how are you doing? did you think that was unusual yesterday? what did you make of that? >> look, i think it's one thing for public officials to wear masks, good role modeling that masks help but at some point we have to give people something to look forward to. right now a strong message could be sent among those vaccinated among public figures once vaccinated, take off the masks. that's what we should do. >> bill: will he enter congress tonight wearing a mask walking down the aisle? >> he will.
6:38 am
we're asking people to respect local folks at indoor gatherings but i think it is valuable for people to see folks without their mask on right now after vaccination. >> bill: did you hear the cdc director a few months ago talking about impending doom? yesterday there appeared to be a change of tune. call for number three, guys. watch this. >> you know, several weeks ago when i had this feeling of impending doom and i articulated that and i had case rates going up, vaccinations growing but not where we needed to be and deaths continuing to climb. as i look at the curve now it is stabilizing or coming down. >> bill: here we go, right? good news, impending doom no longer. >> look, i respect the doctor. she shows humility that she got it wrong. we knew the infection was circulating in young people then where the case fatality
6:39 am
rate is similar to seasonal flu. if you look at our numbers today we're 1/3 the daily cases of seasonal flu during a mild flu season. what do you call that? is it a public health emergency? if it is, we'll be in a perpetual emergency because more people have tb than coronavirus. we have a distorted perception of risk now. >> dana: you took some heat when you wrote an op-ed a few months ago. we're april 27th and we're close to where you thought we might be. >> most of the country has significant suppression of the infection. herd immunity has kicked n. it is not a finish line. it will continue to linger for decades to come. but at very low levels. right now we're doing terrific with the exception of five states. even those states have numbers go down. michigan is down 30% in the last two weeks. >> bill: let's keep it going
6:40 am
that way. thank you, sir. did you feel when you walked outside yesterday in new york you could remove the mask? you were liberated? >> dana: the news came out before i left. i walked home and came back for the five and i was like i'm not wearing this. i usually didn't anyway outside. also you don't get any looks. nobody was yelling at me, nobody said anything. a lot of other people had masks off and breathing easily. >> bill: it's a new day. >> dana: how about your neighborhood? >> bill: half and half. half and half. >> dana: the upper west side is a little more relaxed. >> bill: i guess it is. >> dana: vice president harris and guatemalan president is talking about their conversation. president biden to reveal a plan to expand the government's role in education to the tune of nearly $2 trillion. what does it mean for woke schools? our panel will weigh in.
6:41 am
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>> dana: new york governor cuomo said the state is looking into its legal options after losing one house seat following the 2020 census. new york was just 89 residents
6:46 am
short of keeping the seat. cuomo blaming the trump administration saying it made undocumented immigrants nervous to come forward and the count could be wrong and other reasons. >> bill: it's trump's fault. >> dana: that's pitiful. >> bill: 89. >> dana: had to hurt. >> bill: used to be able to find 89 people on any street corner in manhattan. not these days. 14 minutes before the hour. president biden later tonight going to push for free education in a speech with 200 billion dollar plan to make two years of pre-school and community college free for americans. republicans warn that move will force taxpayers to fund the push for critical race theory to be taught in classrooms. josh holmes from a podcast and juan williams from "the five". welcome to the program. i think we were born at the wrong time. had we just been delayed a couple decades everything would
6:47 am
be free for us, too, josh, because things are falling from the sky quite nicely now. begin. >> they really are, bill. here is the thing. nothing is free, right? it changes the people who ultimately end up paying for it. i don't know about you, i have a tough time keeping all the trillions being proposed. this one is dumb. higher education is way to expensive in large part because of federal subsidies and loans that have gone to higher education without price controls. the one exception is community colleges, affordable. what daos the biden administration do? back in all kind of federal subsidy without price control. pretty soon community college will look like a four year colleges and subsidized by the american taxpayer and be totally unaffordable. >> bill: what do you get for the education? do you get a woke textbook? do you get the 1619 project?
6:48 am
do you get critical race theory? is that what public schools will get in return? >> no, i think what josh and i were born now i think what we'd get is a certainty that we would be able to afford to get an education at a time when there is more global competition for people who have higher levels of education. so i think this is very much a positive step because if we have more young people who are able to help us boost in terms of not only the classics but also the stem field, science, math, that to me is what is going to push america towards a future that includes innovation and the like. a lot of conservatives say they thought biden would be more moderate and see him as more progressive. on this front i think he is a transformational figure. this is like a combination of new deal and the great society. this is a great new deal at a
6:49 am
time of rising income inequality to say to working families you have a chance. >> bill: josh, are you buying that? >> i'm not buying it at all. i'm with juan in terms of the curriculum. i would love it if we taught people skills that help them succeed in life. that's not the direction we're headed. the prek element. if you are mandating another grade level relying on teachers unions that abandoned our children entirely. or charter schools that juan talked about, a lot of parents around it. people can use it to have their kid go to school where they want. that will be smart. >> bill: carville said wokeness is a problem and we all know it. he went on to talk about faculty lountion where the ideas are born. they use phrases like communities of color. i don't know who speaks like this, carville, i do it his
6:50 am
voice but i can't. i don't know anyone who lives in a community of color. i know lots of white, black, brown people that live in neighborhoods. that's carville, juan. >> i think that's right. it was an interesting piece because he was talking about how democrats can fight against the kind of disinformation that is out there that is often put out in the conservative echo chamber and said democrats don't know how to reach people to talk to their emotions and use language that is very real and not get into -- get caught up in that kind of people of color and all that stuff. but i just want to quickly respond to josh and say i think prek and childcare is really something that's essential and be very popular. i don't think people see it as anything to do with teachers unions or teachers not coming back in the midst of the pandemic. they see it as helping their family. >> bill: we're losing track of the trillions, too.
6:51 am
juan, nice to see you, josh, nice to see you. enjoy the rest tonight. we'll hash it out tomorrow. >> dana: tensions are high in north carolina over the death of andrew brown. a hearing in moments could determine if we'll see the police body cam video plus hunter biden, the professor? the president's son set to teach a class on fake news even after accurate media stories about him were suppressed by big tech. veteran homeowners. the past four years have seen interest rates drop to record lows while home prices have just gone up and up.
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6:57 am
sikadas are coming back. they live most of their lives in the soil and emerge every 17 years, mate, lay eggs and die again. after the spring the next brood emerges in the year 2038. we have these in southwest ohio. >> dana: imagine they get here and think why everybody wearing masks? i've been dreading this day for 17 years. >> bill: how come? >> dana: i hate the noise and they're big and they fall on you and things so 17 years of dread. >> bill: it will be okay. we'll be doing stories on the cicada pizza and coffee. you have been warned. >> dana: more americans are hitting the road and the summer season approaches and vaccination and a strain on
6:58 am
rental car companies. many companies sold off cars when travel tanked during the pandemic and demand is back and drivers are paying much higher prices. phil keating is live in miami. this is a real problem, phil. >> it really is and it means when you and bill come down to visit me in miami i will have to pick you up at the airport. the prices for a rental car will be through the roof. the rental car shortage started in march of last year. the pandemic and people stopped traveling and airports and rental car facilities turned to ghost towns. the rental car agencies sold of hundreds of thousands of their inventory and now thanks to cabin fever as well as getting vaccinated travel is back up and so is demand. that has meant far higher demand for smaller supplies of vehicles. empty rental car lots. hour long lanes to get your car
6:59 am
and very high prices. look at the recent florida prices just to rent a car in west palm beach $399 a day. fort lauderdale, $350 a day. miami $305 a day. florida is one of the worst states. a lot of people are coming to florida during the winter because of the warm weather. if you fly to these cities, no cars were available over the past weekend. daytona beach, key west, panama city, south of fort myers, sarasota, tallahassee and vero beach. travelers in ohio have been renting u haul trucks. >> we think the problem will be with us through the summer. we find the demand is spiking up and car rental companies aren't able to get in vehicles
7:00 am
fast enough. the problem will migrate to the northeast, midwest and other areas of the country as weather warms up. >> he says the top three travel tips if you get a rental car make your reservation early, two, book the pay later date and thirdly sign up for the loyalty programs like if you are a hertz gold member skip the lines and go right to the car. >> dana: we'll use the phil keating loyalty program and have you pick us up. thank you so much. >> uber. >> dana: fox news alert. a court hearing getting underway in the death of andrew brown junior who was killed by sheriff's deputies in north carolina. he will consider request for public release of the video shooting following a serve night of protests. brown's family saw 20 seconds from one camera. he had a fatal shot in the back of the head.
7:01 am
one of his sons calling what he saw an execution. griff jenkins talking to the county sheriff earlier today. >> i truly want this video to be released. i in fact requested that the petition be filed to have the video released to the public. transparency is paramount not only for an agency but the community as well. it helps us keep that trust. >> dana: we'll keep an eye on the hearing later this hour. president biden setting his sights on trillions more of your tax dollars as he gets ready to give his first address before a joint session of congress tonight. welcome to a new hour of "america's newsroom." i'm dana perino. >> bill: i'm bill hemmer. pop quiz. how long does it last tonight? more or less than an hour. >> dana: not much applause, much smaller audience, not a lot of shaking hands. >> bill: more or less than an hour? >> dana: 55 minutes.
7:02 am
>> bill: i say a buck 10. >> dana: we'll see. i guarantee i'm right. >> bill: think so? >> dana: i love to be right. >> bill: the president introducing his latest spending plan that will include free community college and free pre-school and planning to push a massive tax hike to pay for all the new social programs. republicans blasting biden's move to the left and the radical agenda. here is newt gingrich. >> countries that have tried this collapse. look at venezuela, look at zimbabwe and cuba. you go down a road where there are no incentive, no after-tax opportunity no chance for people to have a better future and all of a sudden people decide why go to work? >> bill: gillian turner previewing tonight's speech. >> i hate to let you down my mother is with dana on this one i have to tell you i'm really sorry. a lot of the pomp and
7:03 am
circumstance that normally is attached to a joint session like this is going to be put on ice tonight. the biden administration is taking extra tight covid precautions. yesterday afternoon the president rolled out the brand-new mask mandates but as he did that he took great care to warn the american people he does not think we're out of the woods yet. let's pull out some of the top tier changes we look at tonight. no designated survivor in the event of a catastrophe at the capitol. the audience capped at 200 people and chief justice john roberts will represent the entire judicial branch. so far the white house messaging in terms of what to expect tonight is they're saying the president will go big and bold and for these big transformations to change american's way of life. take a listen. >> the american families plan insure kids across the country and families across the country get four years of additional education. universal pre-k. raising the top tax rates for
7:04 am
1% of americans. >> what you will hear the president say tonight is we have a once in a generation opportunity right now to seize the moment. to make these investments. to really not only create jobs but create jobs for the long haul. >> the big ticket item on the president's agenda for tonight is $200 billion for universal pre-k for 3 and 4-year-olds in america. let's look at the specifics. it will go to 5 million children. the white house says will save families $13,000 a piece. it will prioritize high-need areas and insure the public pre-school is high quality and said they want the make sure that teachers are going to receive higher wages. all told here what we're looking at the biden administration asking congress to spend $6.1 trillion on the american jobs and families plan plus the american workers plan. bill, where i come from that's a lot of money.
7:05 am
>> bill: my microphone wasn't open. you are duly noted. >> i thought you were ignoring me so i just moved along. >> bill: i have a question. dana, are you saying that it's over at 9:55? >> dana: no. you asked me how long he goes tonight. he won't start at 9:00. so i think he goes 55 minutes from 9:08. >> bill: i'm standing by my mark and done by 10:15 eastern time. >> dana: he will be done because i'm right, too. >> i win either way. >> bill: as you were. thank you, gillian. >> dana: katie pavlich editor of town hall. last hour newt gingrich joined us and said china will take change of american wokeness. >> i would love watching
7:06 am
american wokeness because it undermines the whole society. what is this free junior college going to be like? what will it teach? can you get an undergraduate degree in wokeness or critical race theory? the chinese are getting degrees in engineering and science. i don't think we understand how big the crisis is. >> dana: katie, this is going to appeal to a lot of people, though. this idea has been bumping along even in the previous administration there was talk about a way to do childcare but borrow on social security benefits. this is federal taxpayer dollars. >> yeah, dana. when you run the big issues by americans they think they are a great idea. do you believe the federal government should invest in new infrastructure and childcare for working families? the answer is always yes on the first question. when you ask the follow-up question of are you willing to pay x amount of dollars in tax
7:07 am
increases the pay for these programs that limit people's choices and means less money in their pockets for them to make decisions for their own families how to spend their hard earned money and so it's a popular idea on the surface. when you get to the details it presents a lot of problems and that's what will happen here with president joe biden. that's why you see the administration float a number of ideas to try to pay for this thing. joe biden will claim that corporations and rich people will be able to foot the bill for all these trillions of dollars but the math doesn't add up. they will have to tax everybody in some way either directly through an increase in income taxes, taxes on capital gains and, of course, taxes on things like gas mileage as we've heard from pete buttigieg who tried to walk it back once it became unpopular and broke biden's campaign promise not to increase taxes on the middle class or everyday working people. so the big question is how do you pay for it and getting
7:08 am
through that? i want to comment on what newt gingrich said the chinese taking advantage of wokeness in america. he is correct. in virginia you have schools saying they will take away advanced math courses for the sake of equity. do you think the chinese communist party is taking away any kind of math courses when it comes to competing on the global scale? we're doing it for the sake of wokeness. and wokeness really makes everybody kind of turn on themselves and destroy each other and not stand up for their country. we saw this happen with that first meeting between secretary of state anthony blinken and the foreign minister of china in alaska throwing the wokeness argument back at him and saying don't lecture us about human rights and what is happening in china when you have the issues going on in the united states. we have to think broader and long term on. >> dana: i understand the idea of free community college and i could almost see an argument for that but we do have pell grants, that does help.
7:09 am
free for everybody even including the wealthy? i don't know if that will necessarily wash with a lot of people. i also wonder, katie, why can't we improve k-12 education? if you improve that you wouldn't have to do junior and senior year of high school in community college. >> well after the last year of teachers unions refusing to go back to work, they jumped the line on vaccines, people seeing hard earned property taxes going to schools funding this critical race theory and doxxing parents on parents who want to push back on the curriculum. there isn't an appetite to be funding more of what they've seen over the past year in terms of the public school system. you've seen a number of other options pop up for teachers in terms of private school. >> dana: you want to weigh on how long the speech will go tonight from the moment he starts speaking? >> i will say 47 minutes.
7:10 am
>> dana: she went -- we'll do the math on that. >> 9:52 he will be done. >> dana: thanks, katie. tune in tonight. bret baier and martha maccallum will lead our special coverage of president biden's address at 8:55 p.m. eastern. >> bill: 10:00 past the hour. central america with the president of guatemala talking exclusively with fox news why his people are fleeing the country for the u.s. and revealing details about his recent virtual meeting with the vice president, kamala harris. william la jeunesse picks up our story from there. >> the big takeaways from my interview. he says poverty, lack of healthcare, poor education are driving his people north. he did not say violence as many asylum seekers claim. also cartels false promises victimize migrants and wants the u.s. to help prosecute those smugglers.
7:11 am
>> we have asked the u.s. government to declare the coyote a federal crime so that these people can be extradited and seventh ear sentences in the united states. >> the president admits that sustained u.s. aid has not reduced illegal immigration and he wants to change how those millions are delivered letting local nonprofits handle the programs because he says u.s. ngos charge too much and don't deliver. >> we have ngos started hospitals and left them abandoned. they propose roads and haven't finished them or even started them. there is a need to focus on development especially rural development where the largest number of people who are immigrating are concentrated. >> u.s. aid to guatemala 2.8 billion. illegal immigration from there remains near an all time high. 100,000 apprehensions this year. the aid goes to improve government and reduce
7:12 am
corruption, to improve poverty and healthcare and infrastructure. as for unaccompanied children, he wants to streamline family reunification by opening the area at the embassy in guatemala city. ideally all asylum claims would be resolved there before migrants ever arise in the u.s. >> i think it's the right thing to do. if a person feels persecuted they need to apply for asylum here. that application needs to be considered by authorities here and as mandated by international law, to either leave the country or be placed in a third safe country. >> something like that, bill, would reduce pressure at the u.s. border but there are a lot of moving parts to that especially from lawyers here. >> bill: thank you, william. nice to see you in l.a. thanks. >> dana: fox news alert. we're waiting for the start of the court hearing whether body cam video in the fatal shooting of a north carolina man will be released. we'll bring you the judge's
7:13 am
decision when it happens. >> bill: the backlash building against john kerry after he is accused of back room dealing with iran at the expense of israel. what could and should be done? we'll ask a top republican house foreign affairs committee mike mccaul when we come back. >> i was briefing president trump, kerry was briefing zarif on intelligence that related to israeli operations. secretary kerry has an awful lot of explaining to do. if you're a veteran homeowner and need cash for your family, call newday usa. newday lets you borrow 100% of your home's value. the newday 100 va cash out loan lets you take out $50,000 or more. use it to improve your home or put cash in the bank. some of life's most important decisions are made right here at the kitchen table. if you're a veteran and need cash,
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it's the biggest week in television. watchathon week is your chance to finally watch shows you missed for free. now you get to talk about them with your friends, no matter what time it is. say "watchathon" into your voice remote and watch for free >> dana: hunter biden landing a speaking gig at tulane university to talk to students
7:19 am
about fake news. his credentials, the "new york post" wrote about hunter arranging a meeting between his then vice president father and energy firm executive. other news outlets ignored the story and claimed it was false but later turned out to be true with him revealing the feds were investigating his business dealings. that ought to be a interesting lecture. >> bill: we'll see what he has to say. >> dana: we'll see. check this out. >> we new secretary kerry was talking to the iranians. the previous administration was actively telling the iranians the maximum pressure campaign the trump administration put in place you can wait it out. >> bill: former secretary of state mike pompeo saying he is not surprised about this. kerry facing growing calls to resign because of leaked audio
7:20 am
from zarif's foreign min esther saying he gave them intel about israel. mike mccaul. good morning to you. kerry says it never happened. anthony blinken says these were open secrets reported in the media. given that can you prove it? >> well, the facts need to come out. these are serious allegations, very disturbing if the former secretary of state is meeting with the foreign minister of iran who is a foreign adversary of the united states of america behind the scenes at secretary pompeo is negotiating the maximum pressure campaign. we need to open an investigation. the facts need to come out. i don't know if they are true or not. if they are there should be consequences. this appears to be somewhat treasonous to meet with the
7:21 am
enemy and sharing information and intelligence related to israel against iran proxies in syria. we don't know all the facts. rest assured i will find out. >> dana: the state department spokesperson said i would make the broad point if you go back and look at press reporting from the time this was not secret and governments that were involved with speaking to this publicly on the record. the timeline is strange. the recording seemed to maybe happen before that. >> and that's what we need to find out. when did he have these conversations? classified information, dana, i had to sign a form and i take it very seriously as a federal prosecutor. when people divulge classified information they get prosecuted. this is very serious allegations. we'll be meeting with former secretary kerry on other issues but including this one in the near future. >> bill: more to come on that. hope you come back and we'll
7:22 am
discuss it based on your findings. a major speech later tonight. senator kennedy, your republican colleague from louisiana, characterized it the following way. watch here. >> president biden is very woke. what i'm afraid what president biden wants to build, he wants to server the link between work and income. he wants to build a society of safety nets where no one has to take responsibility. it is always somebody else's fault. every child gets a trophy. >> bill: give us a preview of what you expect tonight and perhaps maybe what happens over the next 18 months because i know republicans are getting ready for a mid-term. that's what they have their eye on and many of you said how can you limit the quote, unquote damage politically before then? what is your expectation? >> remember inauguration he said is about unity bringing
7:23 am
both sides together. the first 100 days haven't demonstrated this at all. a very partisan agenda. we did covid bipartisan under the trump administration. then we're looking at a major tax increase. they're talking about this american families package. i don't know all the details other than to say it's a massive tax increase on a pandemic economy at a time where we could least afford it to give away free education and healthcare. when aoc is complimenting the president, really the tail wagging the dog, that tells you that biden is not leading from the center as he promised but rather letting the far left control his agenda and i'm afraid you will see that tonight, bill, with this broad announcement of a major spending and tax package. this will be $6 trillion in the first 100 days if it passes, right? that's more than most gdp's economy in the world.
7:24 am
>> dana: you will be there for the speech tonight? >> i will be as one of 40. i think it's important to show respect to the office and i will be there tonight. >> bill: one of 200. "wall street journal" says he has governed like bernie sanders in a hurry to your point. michael mccaul, thank you for your time today. >> thanks bill and dana. >> dana: fox news alert. we're waiting for a judge in north carolina to rule on the release of the body cam video that we've been telling you about. griff jenkins more on his exclusive interview with the sheriff plus a fox nation investigation uncovers new clues in the disappearance of jimmie hoffa. >> your father said hoffa couldn't fit in a drum >> he couldn't get the legs to bend right and he had to take him out and put him in head first.
7:25 am
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>> dana: fox news alert. a judge in north carolina
7:30 am
expected to rule on publicly releasing body cam video showing the fatal shooting of andrew brown junior the black man killed by sheriff's deputies in north carolina last week as protests continue for a seventh straight night in elizabeth city in defiance of a curfew. former washington, d.c. homicide detective ted williams is standing by with analysis. you had an exclusive interview with the sheriff, tommy wooten, what did he tell you? >> we talked to the sheriff. right now he is inside the courtroom, inside the county courthouse. you see the press outside here gathering monitoring the feed as the county presses to release the body cam footage. the sheriff telling me this morning he doesn't want just the 20 seconds shown to the brown family but all of it. in our interview that we had earlier this morning i pressed the sheriff and said the family says you intentionally withheld portions of that video. here is what he had to say.
7:31 am
>> like i've said before. no one has to worry about this sheriff's office trying to hide anything and, you know, we are not going to do that period. and it's not true. it is completely not true. >> bill: you did not intentionally withhold any part of it to change what they would see? >> there is no part of anything in that video that was changed whatsoever. >> last night protests continue, this time with at least six arrests due to an 8:00 p.m. curfew put into effect. protestors demanding for the video to be released and calling for the resignation of the sheriff. ultimately i asked if the video shows if it shows the deputies violated laws would they be held accountable? >> absolutely every day. i love every deputy that works here and i support them 100%.
7:32 am
with that being said at this sheriff's office we have a high standard of accountability and they know that. and they know that whatever situation arises and how they take action in the moment, that they will be held accountable. >> now we monitor things outside the courthouse things, dana. all that remains between a public disclosure of that video and it being kept from us is a judge's signature. the timeline for release is uncertain. there is a second case that is a media consortium suit trying to get the same release of that same video. thank you. >> bill: want to bring the ted williams former homicide detective. i'm looking at a note where you say in all caps insanity, sheer insanity. what is insane, ted? >> well it's insane that the
7:33 am
state of north carolina has not moved earlier on before a judge, bill, to get this video released. there is a compelling public interest that this video should be released to the public and it should be released right away, i believe. and the reason behind that is -- the insanity of it is if you don't release it the public is left to wonder if you are hiding something. so it is significant and important that this video be released right away, all of the video. >> bill: the judge has some options. he doesn't have to make a decision today. he could. what else could he do? >> the judge could hold his decision and make it down the road and he could decide that the family can see all of the video. he could decide that the public has an interest in this and
7:34 am
that they can see the entire video. or he can decide that it may prejudice an investigation in this case of andrew brown and not permit the release of that video. >> bill: we'll see what he decides. f.b.i. statement, they are involved, right? we get agents will work closely with the u.s. attorney's office for the eastern district of north carolina and the civil rights division at the department of justice to determine whether or not federal laws were violated. as i understand the case, police suspected him of selling drugs and they went to his house and i don't know if he got in the car, was in the car at the time but he was hit four times in his right arm trying to drive away and hit with one bullet in the back of the head. is that the understanding you have, ted? >> that's the understanding that we have gotten from the family. i just believe that we need to reserve -- because there is the rest of the story.
7:35 am
now, some of this we do know. that the deputies went there because they had an arrest and search warrant and that he did try to flee in some form, shape or fashion and he was shot dead. we know those things. but the question that begs for an answer is did he at any time use that car as a weapon? if the car was used as a weapon, let's say perhaps to even run over or hit these deputies, they could take deadly -- use deadly force. there are a lot of questions. we have gotten the family's side of it but now we need the rest of the story and we don't have that at this stage. >> bill: nice to get your reaction on that. thanks. we'll talk again. >> there are tough guys around here, did he tell you?
7:36 am
not afraid of tough guys, are you? i didn't think so. >> dana: that was a clip from the irishman. the disappearance of jimmie hoffa. clues uncovered by fox nation to try to locate the body of the teamsters president. eric shawn has the story. >> i'm standing where it is claimed jimmie hoffa is buried. 1212 feet down encased in a met barrel. this information i'm told is now being pursued by authorities. it is the focus of our fox nation series riddle, the search for james r. hoffa and hoped the new tip will lead to a dig by authorities here. >> so you're saying your father buried jimmie hoffa. >> his name is frank cappola. he said it was his father,
7:37 am
paul, who buried jimmie hoffa after stuffing his body into a 55 gallon metal drum. >> he couldn't fit in the drum feet first. >> hoffa couldn't fit in the drum? >> feet first. he couldn't get the legs to bend height. he had to put him in head first. >> his father owned a garbage dump but his father buried hoffa feet off the dumps. he showed experts the exact spot and we found a buried barrel and came up with large pieces of round buried metal like the big drums he said we would find. >> it's definitely metal. >> we found several round shaped metal objects buried here. some were on top of each other
7:38 am
which fits frank's story exactly. >> this would be the spot. >> the f.b.i. told us as with any missing person investigation the f.b.i. is committed to locating mr. hoffa. throughout the 46 years since he disappeared people have come forward with tips and information. when we were able to develop credible leads from those tips we pursue them and continue to do so until the case is solved. >> it is against the law for fox news to dig here. this land is owned by the state of new jersey department of transportation. frank told me he does hope law enforcement digs and finds out what he was told is under here. sadly, if there is a new dig, he will not live to see it. frank died four months after our interview. he was 63 years old. his legacy could be helping to solve this mystery and perhaps finally gain closure to the hoffa family. in jersey city, back to you. >> dana: fascinating.
7:39 am
>> bill: thank you. now developing out of virginia searching for a suspect in a deadly shooting that killed one and injured five including a 3-month-old baby and president biden heading to georgia tomorrow marking his first 100 days in office. critics are calling it a slap in the face to the business owners who work there. >> what he is trying to do is save face because he caused many, many african-american businesses and others an opportunity to benefit during the major league baseball. so i don't even understand why he is coming here. only pay for what you need? just get a quote at really? i'll check that out. oh yeah. i think i might get a quote. not again! aah, come on rice. do your thing. only pay for what you need.
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>> bill: some of the top stories. policemen in richmond, virginia after a shooting last night. the gunfire killed one person and injured five others including a 3-month-old baby. >> dana: president biden nominating texas sheriff gonzalez or ice director. >> bill: dangerous storms hammering texas, colorado and oklahoma dishing out baseball size hail. at least 10 reported tornadoes. more on these stories and others download the fox news app or scan the code on your screen and go to >> dana: president biden is heading to georgia after
7:45 am
supporting major league baseball's boycott of the state's new election laws set to hold a rally in atlanta tomorrow touting his first 100 days in office. he slammed the states new voting laws as jim crow in the 21st century. jeremy hunt, take a listen to vernon jones on "fox & friends" about this very issue. >> he is coming really to take a tour of a disaster that was not caused by god but was caused by liberals. it is an embarrassment and a slap in the face for us in georgia for him to show his face here. >> dana: he is a governor candidate there. joe biden thinks georgia is a state he would like to keep in the blue column. can this help him do that? >> to put it frankly no. it takes some nerve to call our state every name in the book,
7:46 am
jim crow 2.0, whatever and then advocate for boycotts of the state, lose us millions of dollars in revenue and then have the nerve to show up to celebrate his first 100 days in office. his first 100 days have been a disaster for the state of georgia. i'm a proud georgia native. i love my state. so many memories in georgia. met my wife there and i can tell you that georgia voters in particular, i've worked in several campaigns in the state. georgia voters are very smart. they know the issues and aware of the negative effect of the biden administration has had on the state. if he is going to show up he needs to show up with an apology or don't show up at all. >> dana: is that a sentiment you hear from other folks there in georgia? >> absolutely. people are very much aware that they can -- people are keeping up with politics to know with mlb pulling out. lots of businesses are loosing potential jobs and revenue loss. it was a correct correlation he
7:47 am
was saying on the air advocating against our state. politicians had an understanding you can disagree with elected leader but don't punish the people of the state. he chose politics over the people. especially people who got him elected to office and gave him a senate majority. i find it incredible he comes here to hold a car rally. i would honk him off the stage if it was me. >> dana: stacey abrams, voting rights advocate she calls herself on a 20-city tour talking about this issue all across the country. but in some ways it is because she now says she didn't want mlb to boycott she went on a limb and sawed it off behind her. >> that's exactly right. she is not the only one. other leaders that went out there and basically advocated for the people of georgia to pay a price for political disagreements and then they now trying to walk it back and drafting different statements and everything else. biden if he will show up here
7:48 am
he needs to come out with an explicit apology that he made a major mistake in his first 100 days were not a state of celebration in georgia. >> dana: do you want to make a bet whether that will happen tonight when he visits? >> highly doubtful but i'm a georgia native and giving him a hot tip. that's what i would do if i were him. >> dana: thank you so much. great to see you. >> bill: good attitude. entering a new frontier in the fight against covid. vaccine trials targeting much younger children. some as young as six months old. is that safe? that's coming up. here is harris with a preview of what's coming up on "the faulkner focus". good day to you. >> good day, bill, good to see you. hello, everybody. backlash against a major paper usa today for allowing stacey abrams to change her op-ed that she wrote last month. why? in order to soften her previous support of baseball's all-star
7:49 am
game boycott over georgia's voting law. joe concha will be with me. vogue magazine asking is having a baby is environmental vandalism. i am a mom of two. i committed that crime. stay tuned for "the faulkner focus" at the top of the hour. or more for home improvements or just put it in the bank. the newday100 va cash out loan.
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it's lawn season. let's get to the yard. veteran homeowners, home values are at all-time highs. you could have much more equity than you think! banks can loan you some of it. newday can loan you all of it! the newday100 va cash out loan. >> bill: we get word in june britney spears will testify at a status hearing after the attorney for the pop star requested it on her behalf. spears last spoke to the court during closed door proceedings in may of 2019. this has been an issue. the conservatorship has been in effect since 2008 and an issue with some people ever since. members of the free britney movement -- there is a lot of interest in.
7:55 am
i got stuck in watching that thing. an hour and 10 minutes i can't get back now. >> dana: we'll make sure you lead our coverage. i'll be the assignment editor. drug makers are expanding covid-19 vaccine trials with children as young as 6 months old. that is drr nicole saphier. you are a mom. what do you think about this? >> well dana, you know, this comes on the heels of the drug makers having excellent data in their adolescent trials they reported last month. they expanded the pediatric trials to younger children above the age of 6 months. over 3 million children have tested positive for covid-19. less than 2% resulted in hospitalization and less than 0.03% have resulted in death. over 3,000 children have developed the multi-system inflammatory syndrome a
7:56 am
debilitating and could be fatal disease in children. it is proof we have a safe vaccine for young children. the question as to whether it should be universally recommended is an entirely different conversation. dana, the one thing i really want to see come out of these young pediatric trial, is it able to prevent severe covid-19 in children? does it prevent the misc in children and three, does it cause misc in children? we know at this point we believe misc is a hyper inflammatory autoimmune response to sars covid 2. will the vaccine cause that? these are the things they really need to be careful with and look for in these pediatric trials. >> bill: haven't they started that already? make sense it would already be underway? >> of course this is why they're doing the trials and going very slow. they start out with lower doses. little children are very different than adolescents and adults. adolescents and young adults
7:57 am
have similar immunobiology. not surprising they have extremely high efficacy when it comes to their vaccines. for young children they have to take things different and slowly because covid-19 effects younger children differently than it does adults. >> dana: curious in the fox news poll over the weekend one of the things that stuck out to me was a large percentage, fairly large 22 to 26% of millennials say they don't want to get the vaccine, reluctant to. is that partly because they would be of childbearing age and is there something the manufacturers or government needs to do to try to reassure them? >> there is a lot of reasons. first of all, adolescents and young adults. millennials are driving new cases now. we have vaccinated the elderly and older adults. it saves the most lives and keeps hospitals functioning. what we need to do is start vaccinating the younger adults and adolescents because it keeps viral transmission low and keep the variants from
7:58 am
coming. we need to stop variants from developing so our immunity will stay robust. now when it comes to the people being childbearing age there is a lot of misinformation coming to these vaccines. people are even suggesting that you can shed the vaccine from being around someone or messing with fertility. all the studies thus far aren't showing that whatsoever. what they have shown is covid-19 can affect a pregnant mother as well as the fetus. vaccine efforts are saving lives at this point. there have not been any reported cases of any detriment to the mother or child. >> bill: a friend of ours was presenting nanoand tested positive days before she gave birth to her daughter. everything is cool. baby is great. very healthy several weeks later. but she watched her baby daughter, newborn at 6 months get tested for covid. it's that kind of world sometimes. thanks for coming in today. all right. what's on your mind? >> dana: guess what?
7:59 am
today is not only the biden 100 days, it is our show's 100 days. i think we have a clip from the first show, which is hard to watch. >> bill: do we have to? >> dana: let's watch it. >> bill: all right. >> bill: good morning on the cusp of a new era in american politics and welcome you to the new beginning of "america's newsroom" here on the fox news channel. i'm bill hemmer and sat here for a while. she is -- >> dana: dana perino and i am brand-new. >> bill: you did great there. >> dana: i knew my name. that was the day i was rushing in such a hurry and nervous i put my shoes on the wrong feet and walked all the way to the studio and so uncomfortable. >> bill: i remember that. you toughed it out congratulations. we want the play the clip of this dog. this dog has been trained, right? clearly. >> dana: not for cocaine. >> bill: we want you guys to watch and see what happens here.
8:00 am
>> bread, milk, pasta, eggs, cocaine, just kidding. >> dana: he is like cocaine? >> i don't think it's real. >> dana: i don't know. >> bill: that's a good laugh. have a good day, happy 100. >> dana: we'll see who wins the bet tomorrow. >> harris: fox news alert. president biden apparently is looking to rally liberals in his party as he prepares to unveil another massive spending plan during his joint address to congress tonight. i'm harris faulkner. you are in "the faulkner focus". the president's american families plan would cost taxpayers nearly $2 trillion. including $200 billion for universal pre-school. we'll list some of the things in it now. more than $100 million for free community college for anyone for two years including dreamers, those people brought here as children by their parents illegally in the country and now they are


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